Madonna is helping Sean Penn through his divorce


Would you want to live in a world where Sean Penn and Madonna were hooking up again? Or worse, actually had feelings for each other? I know, I shudder at the thought. Each of them are sort of volatile in their own way. And while I’m too young to remember their marriage, the very idea of it sure sounds like a bad one to me. But according to In Touch, that’s exactly what’s about to happen. You see, Madonna is now single. Sean Penn is now single. So naturally, they’re going to get it on. It is a statistical inevitability.

Now that Sean Penn’s wife, Robin Wright, has decided to divorce him once and for all, the actor has turned to a familiar face for comfort — ex-wife Madonna! A friend says Madonna, 51, and Sean, 49, have stayed in touch since having cocktails last November at New York’s Greenwich Hotel and have helped each other through their respective splits (she divorced Guy Ritchie in 2008). And though she is casually dating Jesus Luz, “Madonna still considers Sean her soulmate,” her friend reveals. “It’s highly possible that she and Sean will somehow get back together now that they’ll both be divorced.” The volatile pair were married from 1985-1989.

[From In Touch]

Here’s the thing: while a potential relationship strikes me as a disaster waiting to happen, it could also be perfect. I mean if you think of the worst things that are said about Madonna and the worst things that are said about Sean, they’re pretty similar. In a way, they deserve each other. As punishment for being controlling, overbearing, manipulative… I could keep going. But I think since their marriage they’ve each gravitated towards submissive partners that they could dominate and control. That certainly wouldn’t be the case if they were to date each other again.

And while I ride In Touch for taking some big leaps with their reporting, Madge and Sean are definitely still friendly. Remember that story about him texting her after he kissed co-star James Franco in “Milk”? “‘I just popped my cherry kissing a guy. I thought of you. I don’t know why.’” If that doesn’t say “permanent love bond,” I don’t know what does.
Madonna and Sean Penn

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  1. photo jojo says:

    “…And while I’m too young to remember their marriage…”

    Oh crap. I’m old.

  2. Lenore says:

    “‘I just popped my cherry kissing a guy. I thought of you. I don’t know why.’”

    Yeah, if my ex texted me to say, “I kissed a bloke today and it reminded me of you” I’d totally think that was a sign he was holding a torch and not, you know, an insulting way to hint “by the way, I always meant to tell you, you need to wax”.

  3. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I think Madonna loved him so much because he probably wouldn’t put up with her shit, and called her on it when necessary.

    lordy, think of the tabloid fodder these two would produce if they DID get back together.

    Edit: yes, photo jojo, that made ME feel old, too. :(

  4. anna says:

    Oh that would make my YEAR if they got back together.

  5. Firestarter says:

    Too young to remember their marriage? Lord, I guess I need to sign up for AARP and Medicare!

    Hand me my prune juice!

  6. danielle says:

    That would propel me into smut heaven if they got back together!

  7. Kevin says:

    It would be interesting in that I always wondered what would happen when 2 black holes ran into each other.

  8. TaylorB says:

    I would love, love, love it if they got back together. Mainly because between them and Brangelina ‘news’ it might be enough to knock Speidi off the tabloid covers forever.

  9. Debbie says:

    Firestarter, I guess you can pass me the prune juice! I remember the wedding!Cliffs, helicopters flying around, pics of them jogging together, short marriage…

  10. Iggles says:

    While I’m too young to remember their marriage, thanks to the internets I do remember reading about how he once sneaked into her house at night and help her captive for 2 or 3 days. Oh, and according to the police report he also forced her to perform a “humiliating sex act”.

    Yea, this is a guy to marry again…

  11. Megan says:


  12. rottenkitty says:


    The missionary position.

  13. TaylorB says:


    Meagan, That may be one of lifes little mysteries best left unsolved.

  14. Sassy says:

    I think she truly loved him above all the other men. If they get back together, good for her. Then maybe she can stay away from kids that are young enough to be her children.

  15. Trillion says:

    I’d forgotten how hot they once were.

  16. Just a Poster says:

    “…And while I’m too young to remember their marriage…”


    Guess you can tell that I am old enough to remember their marriage..

  17. Sani says:

    I hope they get back together even though Madonna need young men to make her appear to be young.

  18. Vee says:

    I love classic Madonna rather than the 51 year old lady who now pretends to be her.

  19. LL says:

    I had completely forgotten what she looked like before she had the end of her nose lifted.

  20. Lauren says:

    I vaguely remember their marriage, and I recently watched Truth or Dare on VHS, (from a thrift store) and Madonna said her true love was Sean Penn! (T or Dare was filmed after their divorce). Sean is a fine actor/douche, and I don’t think he would ever be faithful to anyone.

  21. lizzy says:

    That would not be fun to watch. I didn’t like watching it the first time around (pass the prune juice) and I don’t want to see it again.

  22. JackieSA says:

    Im also old enough to remember their wedding, Sean tying Mads up and beating her etc etc! I just love them both!

  23. SixxKitty says:

    That would be so good! Them reuniting, the first marriage was a rollercoaster with knives and duct tape. Oh this would make me sooo happy! If they do, they will steal every inch of column! Lindsey would never be heard of again!
    Although we would have to listen to Megan talk about identifing with her and wantiing to kiss her *sigh*

  24. barneslr says:

    But didn’t she just say a week or two ago that the child she is dating is the “love of her life?”

    Fickle, fickle, fickle.

    And I remember that train wreck of a marriage too. Now dammit, where’s my Geritol?

  25. jelodi97 says:

    “…And while I’m too young to remember their marriage…”

    Why don’t you just shut your fat face. And get off my lawn! [shakes cane vigorously]

    Madonna and Sean. Gasoline and Huge Book of Matches.

  26. nanster says:

    I needed to find my reading classes to see this article about Madonna and Sean Penn, and now that I have, I read the line, “…And while I’m too young to remember their marriage…” All I have to say is, Bartender, a prune juice cocktail for one! (Unless some of you other old fogeys on here would care to join me here at the ALF!) ;)

  27. cara says:

    man I hope these two get back together. I don’t think love like theirs ever dissolves. And hey, now SHE can beat the bitch… wouldn’t be like he didn’t have it coming.

    *** and yes, I do remember when these two were married…..I know, it’s shows my antiquity!!! sad, just sad

  28. Ally says:

    This tells you how dumb Madonna is, that even with age, she still confuses abuse for passion.

    Anyway, drunkface Penn likes ‘em young. He may send pervy texts to his ex, but he’ll do the deed with younger starlets (who are crazy enough to consent… shudder).

  29. ursaline says:

    I think he enjoys sharing ‘pervy moments’ with her as a good friend, but I wonder just how fast that would burn back out if they tried to rekindle.

  30. Trashaddict says:

    May they get together like 2 bombs colliding, the explosion would be wondrous and hopefully cause mutual annihilation. Not to mention leaving Robin Wright free to move on with her life.

  31. raven says:

    I remember that marriage, but had forgotten that it lasted so long. I was thinking maybe 6 months. That is an incredible photo of him. Too bad he’s such a horse’s ass.

    I think they are just friends. Some people know that they shouldn’t be together as a couple and Madonna is not stupid, esp. after the physical abuse. I think he appreciates and supports her now, but she’d rather be appreciated and supported than beat up. So they’ll stay friends only.

  32. Snoopchew says:

    I was in the wedding party. Anyone got an extra pair of depends??
    As a matter of fact, if I were 230 years younger, Sean would be in serious trouble!

  33. diane says:

    if you are too young to remember their marriage, you should have passed up this always irritates me when a journalist takes a dislike to a celebrity and has an opportunity to give their personal opinion..the reader now questions if this is fact…the public does not need to hear your feelings about two human beings you do not even know….

  34. Donna Hauser says:

    Sorry, but I think it would be utterly dramatic and romantic if they found their way back to eachother…I wish a few of my EX’s would find their way back to me for a more mature relationship..can’t Madoona and Sean ?