Kate Moss gets wasted at GQ awards, storms out after joke about her

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Kate Moss is really outdoing herself. After her 2005 cocaine scandal, you’d think she’d have toned down the partying. Not so much. If anything she’s letting loose more than ever – or we’re just all more aware of it. Last night Kate embarrassed the living daylights out of herself at the GQ Awards in London. The host, James Nesbitt, made a little joke implying he’d had sex with Kate after she presented an award to Lily Allen and had just left the stage. And it was really raunchy too. So filthy I can’t believe I’m going to quote it here: “‘’Kate Moss has still got it. Well, she should do, I gave it to her just before she came on stage.’” I know, what a filthy perv! Kate, being the calm, rational person she is, reaction with a cool and level head. And by that I mean she freaked the hell out and truly embarrassed herself.

It was meant to be harmless, but a cheeky joke from the presenter at an awards ceremony last night led to Kate Moss throwing one almighty tantrum. The supermodel stormed out of the GQ Awards in true diva style after host James Nesbitt cheekily implied to the audience he’d had intimate relations with her. Minutes later she was seem flouncing out of the backstage interview room and barging past Lily Allen, uttering: ‘He’s so****ing rude,’ before adding that she would ‘never come to one of these ****ing award ceremonies again’.

Unfortunately for the 35-year-old her exit was caught on camera by a television crew who were filming rap star Dizzee Rascal and Lily at the time. Lily, who Kate had earlier presented the Woman of the Year trophy to, could only manage a nervous giggle as her friend headed for the exit. An irate Moss was then seen re-emerging and demanding someone find her lipstick which she had mislaid in her temper.

The dramatic scenes were sparked after Kate and Lily left the stage and Nesbitt then told the audience: ‘Kate Moss has still got it. Well, she should do, I gave it to her just before she came on stage.’ After some muted laughter from the awards show guests, he added: ‘What? I’m talking about my telephone number.’ As she left London’s Royal Opera House, she was pictured being bundled into a taxi, propped up by rocker boyfriend Jamie Hince.

… It paved the way for what turned out to be an embarrassing night, which saw her launch herself into an impromptu pole-dance at the back of the Royal Opera House after arriving late for the event…As she wrapped her slender figure around a column at the venue, she danced to the music and slipped off her black satin jacket, which caught on her wrist and dragged on the floor. While doing her routine her Alexander McQueen mini dress rode up and she narrowly avoided flashing her underwear.
When she joined Lily in the winner’s room to celebrate the singer picking up the Woman of the Year trophy, she looked like she would rather be elsewhere. Clearly having sat though 20 winners collecting their awards and making their acceptance speeches had proved rather tiresome for the mother-of-one. Earlier she admitted ‘being terrible at these things’ before presenting Lily with her award on stage. As Lily smiled for photographers clutching her trophy, Kate leaned on the backdrop and let her head roll back.

[From the Daily Mail]

I usually don’t say this about them, but the Daily Mail has done quite the epic bit of reporting in terms of Kate’s embarrassing past. The whole article is ridiculously long and filled with so many anecdotes about her inappropriate behavior, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I have to give her credit for this: Kate’s interesting. I know that sounds like a really blah comment, but think how dull she seemed when she was at the height of her fame. All those bones and vacant eyes. I’m sure none of these problems are new, but she sure isn’t bothering to hide them at all and it’s all sort of spectacular in its sadness.

I know this seems like sort of a leap, but has anyone ever thought about discussing… you know… rehab with Kate? Shock! I don’t think it could hurt things much. Though to be fair, Kate doesn’t seem to think she’s got any sort of problem, so it’d probably be a waste of time. She can keep stumbling around awards shows angrily looking for her lipstick. I’m sure she’ll stumble back onto the runway eventually.

Here’s Kate and Jamie Hince leaving the GQ Men Of The Year Awards in London last night. Images thanks to WENN.com .

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  1. Firestarter says:

    I see, we can let Khadafi in to this country, but Kate Moss is more of a threat because she did/does coke?!

  2. Cinderella says:

    She left a tube of lipstick behind? Yeah, right. She probably carries a dozen of them. Unless this one was “special”.

  3. Misty_ says:

    I’ve been following Kate’s career for years and I think the press should give her a break, especially the trashy, misogynistic Daily Mail (always nitpicking female bodies and slut-shaming young girls). The whole “tantrum” was overestimated. Kate was annoyed and she wanted to leave as quickly as possible. Big freaking deal. Lily Allen in the same award, in 2008, did much worse, mouthing off the goddamn Elton John.
    I hate that people always jump to point out Kate’s flaws but never talk about the good things. She’s been in the cover of 5 September issues in 2009 (Vogue UK, Vogue Russia, W, AnOther and V), she did Longchamp, Just Cavalli, Rimmel, YSL Parisienne and the campaigns for her Topshop collection and her fragrance Vintage. Kate has been around for nearly 20 years, she’s been the subject of art objects (statues and paintings), biographies and documentaries. She’s the second or third best paid model in the world and she turned into an intelligent business mogul. The woman is a freaking fashion legend, possibly the most accomplished model of the past 15/10 years. The press should leave her alone, instead of coming up with the same bullshit to knock her down.

  4. gg says:

    Drunk and coked celebs that have been papped for years usually at some point begin thinking the world is their friend’s living room, where they can storm around acting bratty and slutty and not have repercussions. Especially when they age and they’re still doing it. Some people just can’t control themselves.

  5. Nikki says:

    Kate is next Anna Nicole Smith. She will end up dead if she doesn’t sober up. I feel sorry for her child.

  6. Oenix says:

    It was equally crude for the host to imply having sexual relations with her. She should have walked back in, SLAP HIM real HARD, storm off into a waiting limo and disappear for the rest of the night!!!

  7. piedlourde says:

    Oh, James Nesbitt, the things I’d do to you…

  8. wtf says:

    Sex joke? It was a cocaine joke you idiots.

  9. yup says:

    yes #9, i know! the joke is a bit funnier if you actually understand it…

  10. Praise St. Angie! says:

    her accomplishments in the modeling world hardly outweigh her “flaws”.

    if, to counteract her “flaws”, she did humanitarian work or something similar, I think more people would overlook said flaws, but she seems to prefer partying/getting smashed and showing off her tits while on vacation.

    I, too, feel most sorry for her daughter.

  11. barneslr says:

    What troubles me the most is that she is actually raising a child. She’s setting such a fine example for the girl.

  12. iris says:

    Who didn’t give to her in Great Britain?

    Elton John.

  13. No Respect for Celebs says:

    It appears celebrities get no respect. Awards shows do go too far on personal attacks just to make a “funny joke”, get creative and joke about something else and try not hurt people’s feelings. Whether you like Kate or not, no one deserves Direct public humiliation, attacked and be expected to have a cool head about it, it is way too personal no wonder celebrities are all on drugs, we treat them like they have no feelings. There are way too many potty mouthed comedians, they should pull their creativity and joke about other things.

  14. Mairead says:

    No Respect – James Nesbittt is a bone fide celebrity in his own right. He’s not a comedian, but an actor (a film he did with Liam Neeson is on limited release in the US at the moment), with no little talent.

    I’ve met “Jimmeh” and he is indeed very gregarious and charming. He’s also a notorious womaniser, so I’ve no doubt he and Kate might have gotten together. But it’s very ungallant to suggest it. Hey, I said he was charming, I never said he was classy.

  15. Allison says:

    her nanny takes care of her kid virtually all the time. She ought to be ashamed of herself, she is a terrible mother.

  16. drakeula says:

    misty_: very well said. i concur wholeheartedly. i love kate, flaws and all.

  17. Penny says:

    It was funny and just a joke. Why cant any one just laugh anymore. She should be glad they even mentioned her at all. I can not respect anyone that would let a joke cause them to rush off and leave and throw such a hissy. What would she do if something really bad had happened? Lighten up and Chill out.

  18. Cecil says:

    She has been deeply unhappy all the way back to when she andJ. Depp split.Loo at Wynona..another. Hope she pull;s it togther for er daughter.She has definately los her personal grace she once had. Hope for a turnaround.