New clip of Michael Jackson performing is lit in creepy blue light

A new clip has been released of the upcoming DVD of concert footage from Michael Jackson’s ill-fated tour This is It. We saw in an earlier video of Jackson rehearsing, released shortly after his death, that he still had the moves. In this video of Jackson singing “Human Nature” a capella you can tell that he still had his trademark voice. The video is lit in a kind of a washed out blue light and even after watching it a few times it still makes my heart leap and my stomach flip a little. There’s something very ghoulish about it, and I think it’s the lighting coupled with the kind of exaggerated jerky movements that Michael is making. He also looks so tiny and frail up close. Of course there’s also the knowledge that Michael doesn’t live much longer than a few weeks after this footage, whenever it was taken.

In the earlier video, Jackson looked alive and kicking and in this one he looks stick thin and kind of ominous. At the end of the video, though, we see Jackson lit normally and it kind of takes away the super creepy effect of the blue light. This is nice, up close footage but couldn’t producers have picked something a little less scary-looking than this? Am I the only one that finds it off-putting?

The jerky hand movement that Jackson is making is part of a new dance move he was developing called the penguin.

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  1. audrey says:

    oooooh, no. you are not the only one.. those jerky movements are creepy.

  2. Firestarter says:

    It was great to hear that his voice was still in great form, even if his mind wasn’t.

    IMO, sad that he is dead, but to tell you the truth, I just think it is morbid to show these things (not you, but in general). I guess it is no different than watching his old videos, but something about these outakes from his rehersals just creep me out.

    Also, is it just me, or are his hands HUGE?

  3. Diane says:

    With 100 hours to choose from in an editing room, and the goal to present MJ in the best possible way to sell, I question the entire production.

    It’s not on my list = )

    I’m not looking to the family to release autopsy info. This was a sad man in poor condition.

  4. audrey says:

    Also, it looks like he only has empty eye sockets.. no eyes..

    I now have so much pity for him in his later years..

  5. Lizzard says:

    I’m not watching the video yet, but just the pictures alone: his face looks like an xray of a skull or something.

    Very weird and creepy, very Halloween decoration scaryish.

  6. MD says:

    What picture or video of Michael Jackson from the past 20 years hasn’t looked creepy?

  7. Goddess711 says:

    Creepy? He looks like Jack Skellington in this!

  8. Kikker says:

    He looks very thin here, like a dancing skeleton

  9. Green Is Good says:

    There’s no denying he was still in excellent voice, but there was no way he was going to be able to do the 50(?!) shows he got locked into.

  10. RubyKaur says:

    Creepy, just plain creepy.

  11. Zoe says:

    If this was any other entertainer, the blue light wouldn’t be “creepy”. I think it’s great. I can’t wait to see this concert, I am SO over the MJ bashing. The man is dead, not to mention he was a human being. Everyone get over it.

  12. Emily says:

    I honestly thought it was a picture of the Joker before I read the caption. Creepy indeed!

  13. Sparring Sparrow says:

    I don’t think it’s creepy at all. I also don’t think he moves like he’s anywhere close to 50 years old. And his voice is as perfect as ever.

  14. Andrea says:

    agreed, if this was anyone else, you wouldnt think a frigging blue light was creepy. the guy has always, always been rail thin. and incredibly talented. so how ’bout get off his back already and appreciate what a talent he was.

  15. Sarah says:

    No, not creepy at all to me. His voice still sounds effortlessly great and the ‘jerky movements’ just look like he’s working out the dance routine to the song (which he is).

  16. Sue says:

    I think he died of embarrassment after learning that the “new” dance he was introducing to the world was that wacky arm movement.

  17. MissingMichael says:

    Michael’s story has to be one of the saddest in this generation. I often wonder what his kids went through/are going through. Maybe I don’t want to know. There is a site, which I think is very sweet, where people can send messages of love and support to his kids. and there’s ones for her brothers too. Just so sad. And yeah, he looks terrible physically but as for his moves he was only rehearsing after all.

  18. Shane says:

    That light isn’t new. They used the same blue light during his 1992. Here I’ll find it.

    Same look.

  19. Dave says:

    I don’t understand why this man is so revered now that he’s dead. Six months ago the very same man was considered a creepy, questionable weirdo. It’s sad that he’s dead but I still think of him as a drug-addicted lunatic, not the greatest human being to ever live.

  20. nikki says:

    dave, michael was not a drug addict…he wanted sleep and he was never a lunatic, half of the stories written about him are totally false. it’s sad that so many people believe them. no one said he was the greatest human ever to live but he was one of the most talented and most generous person the world has seen

    he’s really special

  21. Goddess711 says:

    He’s dead because he was an addict. A 50 year old addict with enough functioning faculties to know the efect his addiction could and did have. Nobody made him get multiple surgeries or sign some contract for 50 multimillion dollar gigs. Nobody made him adopt 3 kids that he ditched when he OD’d. He wasn’t a genius, and he wasn’t stupid in the “no brain” sense. He had more opportunities for a great life than anyone reading this blog and he blew ‘em. He was self-indulgent and an addict and he’s dead because of it. Get over it.

  22. Dave says:

    Goddess711: Exactly right. And it’s not like we has drinking or even doing heroin. The guy was abusing ANESTHESIA for Pete’s sake. If that isn’t hard-core drug abuse, I don’t know what is.

  23. Mel says:

    All i wanna say is that i dont really care about the bullshit people say about michael jackson, He was the king of pop and as madonna said he was also a hero and basically just a king!
    I love him so much!
    His fans meant the world to him!
    He worked hard for what he got in his life and he earned every little bit of fame! .. He loved his career and making his fans happy, He felt the most love on stage, He said in his book that if he could sleep on stage he would!. Thats really sweet!
    May your soul rest in peace.
    I love you babaa xxxx

  24. Linda Baird says:

    It is important to understand the difference between illicit drug addiction and medically mediated drug addiction. Michael was an extraordinarily talented but tortured man. He was NOT a doctor, but was introduced to drug addiction by doctors behaving criminally – the profession he turned to for help. It is crystal clear he was not the usual Michael Jackson thin, but skeletally thin and in urgent need of medical care administered by doctors who actually knew how to behave professionally – seems they are in short supply in the USA.

  25. Monique says:

    Michael Jackson was one of the kindest people to walk the planet. His family, on the other hand, excluding Janet (b/c she had talent and could take care of herself) are a bunch of leeches (especially La Toya-just give her a dollar and she’ll say anything).

    Here’s hoping he finds in death the peace and serenity he never knew in life.

    You won’t be forgotten, MJ! Truly the KING OF ALL MUSIC…

  26. Google Morphine Lyrics says:

    Blue light is probably not the most flattering choice for someone with porcelain white skin. What color would work better though and still give the right ambiance for this song? Pink? Too froofy. Orange? Too sun-shiney.

    BTW, people, MJ repeatedly said himself that, after his Pepsi accident, he continually struggled with a dependence on prescription pain medication (see his 1993 address from Neverland). He was an addict. That’s not a moral judgment, just a fact. It’s equally stupid to insist he wasn’t an addict as it is to imply that his being an addict made him a worthless person whose premature death isn’t a sad and terrible thing. Addiction is a serious health problem, not a moral failing. Compassion and treatment for addicts I says!

    Not feeling that penguin move though.

  27. sherifaerie says:

    google morphine lyrics–AMEN AND HALLELUJAH!! my thoughts entirely.