Details of the alleged David Copperfield rape, victim has DNA evidence

TMZ has documents from David Copperfield’s act that include detailed, asanine instructions to his staff on how to pull women from the audience that he hand picked for his act backstage afterwards so they can be profiled. Women he wants to use for his own sick ego fulfillment are called “Scorpions” and the paperwork even has instructions as to how boyfriends and husbands should be placated and delayed while the women are targeted for Copperfield’s later use.

What’s particularly sad about this is how deceptive and systematic it is. The National Enquirer has quotes from friends and family of the young woman who accused Copperfield of raping her in the Bahamas. While some people may say that she should have known better than to go unaccompanied, Copperfield set the stage for the alleged attack by inviting the woman, her family and boyfriend out to dinner with him when he was in her home city of Seattle.

The victim was just 21 and aspired for a career in modeling. Copperfield told her that she was coming to the Bahamas to go to a big industry party he was having where she would make contacts. He also told her that his villa was full when she asked if her boyfriend could come along. The details of how Copperfield targeted the woman are consistent with the documents that instruct his staff on how to handle the volunteers he picks out of the audience:

The woman first met Copperfield when she and her family attended his show in the state of Washington.

“A member of his staff zeroed in on her,” disclosed a family friend. “She was put in special seats, and David called her on stage as part of his act. Afterwards, he spoke with her backstage, took down her name and e-mail address…

Copperfield began to e-mail her almost immediately,” the family friend revealed. “He invited her and her family, along with her boyfriend, out to dinner in Seattle and talked about how he could help her modeling career.”

The master illusionist invited the woman to attend a party at his Bahamas retreat in late July, where she could network with people in the entertainment industry, say sources.

The friend added more details that have been relayed to the FBI: “She asked if her boyfriend could come along (to the Bahamas), but was told his private enclave is restricted to 24 guests and it was already going to be full.”

She arrive on July 28 and was shocked there were no other guests. “From the moment she entered his house, she got the eerie feeling that hidden cameras were following her,” disclosed the friend.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, November 12, 2007]

The woman then says she was brutally raped, and that she was punched and held down by Copperfield and told that she “really wanted [it].”

And, contrary to earlier reports, the woman did get a rape kit done. She took photos of the scene with her cellphone camera and she didn’t shower before she returned to Seattle the following day. She had the rape kit performed at a hospital in Seattle, so it does sound like there’s enough evidence for a trial. She also was wired by the FBI two months afterwards in a sting to get Copperfield, and it’s not clear what information they obtained, but I hope they got enough to nail the bastard:

Her story of the alleged attack is the centerpiece of the FBI’s investigative file, and it is dramatic and haunting. Her friend revealed the details exclusively to The Enquirer: “She says she tried to fight him off, but he ripped off her dress. She remembers Copperfield telling her: ‘Don’t play coy with me, you know you really wanted this! You wouldn’t have flown all the way down here if you didn’t!”

“He pinned her arms on the bed, but she tried her best to fight back and was left with bruises after he struck her. She thinks it was all captured on video.”

But the victim did not see video camera and cannot be sure videos exist.

Her stepbrother confirmed the brutal details of the alleged attack to The Enquirer. “He punched her and ripped off her clothes. She tried to fight him off but couldn’t”

The woman says that she used her cell phone camera to take pictures of the scene after she was attacked. She did not shower, and when she returned to Seattle the next day, she was taken by her mother to Harborview Medical Center where staff used a “rape kid” to gather possible evidence.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, November 12, 2007]

I read a comment either here or on another blog, I can’t find it again at this point, that Copperfield is now headed for a career at county fairs and small venues, if he’s even allowed to continue working his magic act. I hope he also goes to jail for an extended period of time. There seems to be enough evidence to prove that he committed this crime and that it was brutal and premeditated. If there are more victims as expected, they will hopefully speak out about what happened to them, as hard as it is to come forward.

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