Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds’ marriage has lasted one year

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson leaving the gym in NYC

There’s so much I don’t get about Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson’s marriage. For one, how did they manage to keep it together for a year? Oh, this is their one-year wedding anniversary, by the way. Congratulations, ScarJo and Ryan! One year ago, Ryan and Scarlett exchanged vows at a Canadian eco-resort, and then Ryan went fishing on their honeymoon. While Scarlett did her nails or whatever. Nice honeymoon, eh?

Neither of them talks much about their marriage, with Ryan usually taking pains to talk about how he won’t talk about their marriage. On the rare occasions Scar says something about their union, it’s usually totally bland, like her interview in Glamour where she said, “I never really thought about getting married — it just kind of happened. You hope that a relationship makes you better, that you learn things about yourself.…I feel more confident to explore things within myself that I hadn’t thought about in the past.” The past few months, there has been some speculation here and there that they’re having some big problems - some say Ryan is very jealous of the attention Scar gets from fanboys. Other sources claim that Ryan is ready to start a family while Scar just wants to focus on her career.

Ryan and Scar are so paranoid about keeping their marriage “private” that they refuse to walk the red carpet for each other’s events. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have the same kind of deal, and I tend to think Scar and Ryan are copying. We seriously have never seen Scar and Ryan both decked out in their finest on a red carpet together, we’ve only gotten the occasional paparazzi shot of the two of them. Yesterday was one of those rare occasions. They were photographed at one point holding hands as they left a New York gym, but in the rest of the pictures they look like two strangers barely acknowledging each other. You also have to squint pretty hard to figure out that it’s Scarlett, because I mistook them both for the Unabomber. I know, I know. They probably weren’t happy to be pap’d, and that’s why they both look grumpy. But doesn’t it seem like neither of them wants to be with the other?

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson leaving the gym in NYC

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds seen walking to the gym in Midtown Manhattan carrying water bottles one day after their 1 year wedding anniversary

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds seen walking to the gym in Midtown Manhattan carrying water bottles one day after their 1 year wedding anniversary

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  1. viper says:

    Oh yeah they really look like their having problems i mean its so bad he’s actually holding her water bottle.

  2. Carolyn J. says:

    I’m perfectly OK with them not turning into Brad & Angie. Let them have their private lives.

  3. Katyusha says:

    That picture (3rd one down) with the dog peeing in the background is priceless!!

  4. viper says:

    LMFAO! I was gonna say that!

  5. Tia C says:

    I don’t really understand what their hang-up is about being photographed together. Seems really randomly neurotic.

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Tia, I don’t get it either. it’s one thing if you’re trying to hide the fact that you’re dating or “together”, but they’re freakin MARRIED and everyone knows it.

  7. barneslr says:

    These two seem to think that the world is endlessly fascinated with them. I think they have an overblown sense of their own level of celebrity.

  8. Annie says:

    @Katyusha: I agree!!! I can’t stop laughing.

  9. hatsumomo says:

    How can you not be all over the person you love the most? When me and my man are in public or out, we are joined at the hip or by hand Every. Single. Time. And we kiss a lot. No matter where we are at. No matter who sees us. We are one of those lovey dovey couples that my single friend says she just wants to punch in the face when she sees us being sappy. But really, I ask, how can you not be that way?

  10. Kolby says:

    I still don’t get this couple.

  11. Ash says:

    rofl, I didn’t notice the dog taking a leak until I read it. HAHA he took away their thunder in that pic.

  12. ela says:

    @hatsumomo: but you and your lovely husband are not in front of annoying paparazzis ready to sell your pics.

    They are not parading their relationship and I respect them for keeping their relationship so private.

  13. Mari says:

    I think the purpose of their whole marriage was because they both wanted stability in their lives. Ryan rebounded rather quickly from an engagement (Alanis) to marriage with Scarlett. *Truth be told I didn’t even know they were dating. He was most likely at the point in his life where he wanted to be a husband and have someone to call wifey, and when it didn’t work out with AM, he quickly found a replacement, SJ. Rarely do marriages like this work since they are not based on actual substance but rather the need for comfort from someone in a similar situation. But, on the occasion they do, as the good book reads (the other good book, He’s Just Not That Into You),they are the *exception.
    Still don’t get the need to not be seen with eachother. I was starting to think they were the same person, you know, like Clark Kent and Superman. I was like, *Ryan is really Scarlett on stilts!

  14. hatsumomo says:

    but hey, if you want to take pics of me in public, go right on ahead! I doubt anyone would pay for ‘em!

  15. eva says:

    its funny that people think they know this couple’s life…

    I love their private relationship but they shouldn’t live their lives according to the paps, if they want to hold hands they just should.

  16. Obvious says:

    I like them, I’d love to see them on the red carpet together though. They are an insanely good looking couple and I wish them all the best.

    What they don’t seem to understand is the paps hound them because there are no pictures of them. Let us see you guys together and happy occasionally and watch the rumors die the paps go away.

  17. Jen says:

    Seriously? They’re not slobbering all over each other in public so they must not want to be together? Give me a break. My husband and I don’t make out like teenagers in public, either, but we’re very much in love. Couples don’t have to shout their love from the rooftops for it to be strong and true. Leave Scarlett and Ryan alone already.

  18. Dingles says:

    I was good friends with a couple who were always parading their Love That Has Never Been Loved Before at every opportunity. Holding hands, kissing, pet names, the whole thing. The woman cheated on him less than two years into the marriage and they’re now divorcing.

    Just sayin.’

  19. Best of British says:

    Dingles, I agree with what you’re saying. The whole PDA stuff is fine and dandy, but at the end of the day, most relationships dont keep up the lovey dovey momentum because the novelty eventually wears off and you slip in to a nice little comfort zone where you are still touchy feely but nowhere near as much as you used to be. Doesnt mean you dont love each other any more or want to be together, it just means the relationship has reached another level of maturity.

  20. jennifer says:

    October 1st, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    These two seem to think that the world is endlessly fascinated with them. I think they have an overblown sense of their own level of celebrity.

    This. And no, not because they won’t flaunt their relationship for the paps, I get that vibe from them in general. Get over yourselves, you silly twats (them, not anyone here ;) )

  21. Buzzaroo says:

    Is she really short or is he really tall?

  22. BitterBetty says:

    I don’t get this couple either, but, I respect their conscious decision to keep their marriage as irrelevant as possible to the rags.

  23. Ally says:

    I’m just glad that gender relations have reached the point where male starlets marry super successful, talented women for the money and career boost. (Not that he wouldn’t have been into Johansson otherwise, but he did pop the question to the most high-profile and succesful of the women he’s dated.)

    He’s a career-hungry gold-digger is what I’m saying. And he’s mad that people know it, as evidenced by his lousy personality.

  24. Nancy Stephens says:

    SJ is a promiscuous man-stealing whore- it’s a good thing RR is talking adoption because any babies he has w/his whore of a wife will probably be diseased-just like SJ herself!