Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen get Juniors line with JCPenney

In case the Olsen twins hadn’t already achieved world domination – or at least fashion world domination – they’re one step closer. The girls, who already have two well-respected lines, “The Row,” and “Elizabeth & James,” are stepping down into the mid-priced market. The Row is carried by stores like Bergdorf Goodman, and Elizabeth & James is a little more affordable but still out of reach for most of the teen crowd. Never ones to pass a good marketing opportunity by, the girls approached JC Penney with the idea for a $20 – $50 line called Olsenboye, and Penneys jumped at the idea. Along with some cupcake-based viral marketing.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are expanding their fashion reach. The sisters, entertainers and marketers almost since their infancy who last week became members of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, have signed a deal with J.C. Penney Co. Inc. to launch Olsenboye, a junior brand that will be exclusive to the chain.

The collection will have a major rollout, set for 600 Penney’s stores in February. But the company aims to generate curiosity among teens well before the launch with what amounts to a new marketing approach for the retailer built around previews, limited offerings and digital, guerrilla and viral marketing tactics.

The effort kicks off Monday with an Olsenboye truck cruising around New York selling merchandise and giving out cupcakes, balloons and pins, and empty racks in 50 high-profile stores will be covered in Olsenboye shrouds. Beginning Nov. 6, Olsenboye will be available on and in those 50 stores, including the Manhattan flagship, for a limited time.

There also will be a teaser video for the preview collection on featuring teen characters. For the full launch in the spring, there will be broadcast spots, magazine print ads and direct-mail pieces. There also will be an interactive digital campaign on, Penney’s teen Facebook page and Twitter.

[From Women’s Wear Daily]

Mary-Kate and Ashley did have a fashion line with a very low price point for Walmart, but they don’t seem to be putting much into that anymore. Several internet sources cite the line as dead, but on Walmart’s website they’re still carrying a few items with the girls’ names attached, including cosmetics and lamps. No clothing though, and the lamps go for up to $232 – quite pricey in Walmart terms.

From the preview outfits on WWD’s site, I’m not a huge fan, but it seems in line with what the youngsters are wearing these days. I love the clothing from Elizabeth and James and The Row, but they’re way beyond my budget. That said, Olsenboye is a completely different look altogether, so it’s not like I’d think, “Well, I can’t afford this Olsen line so maybe I’ll try this other one instead.” I’m surprised Mary-Kate and Ashley have gone so long without focusing on their tween/teen market base. It makes sense that as adults they want to spend more of their time on their high priced lines, but they were ignoring a huge demographic of potential buyers when they phased out their Walmart line. It’s a smart move to say the least. And no one turns away free cupcakes. Well, except the Olsen twins.

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  1. RAMONA says:

    You know every time I see these girls their smiles get creepier and creepier…and whats up with the ghoulish eye makeup?? Don’t they ever look in a mirror before going out in public?

    Oh well, I guess it goes well with the Halloween season….

  2. Sakota says:

    Someone should tell them that the excessive makeup, disheveled hair, and all else makes them look like skeevy hookers and utterly ridiculous.

    As for their ‘line’ I do not htink htey stay up all night working on sewing, drawing, and what not.

  3. Green Is Good says:

    Trolls in Drag face. Not hot.

  4. Raven says:

    Look at those two. If you saw them in a mall parking lot, you’d think, just another pair of skanks. They so need makeovers. Cute kids, ugly adults.

  5. Firestarter says:

    Danny Bonaduce was not wrong when he said years ago that they were going to grow into some very peculiar looking adults. They have definitely done that.

  6. princess pea says:

    I don’t understand Olsen-hate. They certainly didn’t CHOOSE the spotlight as tiny babies, and were pimped to the extreme by their parents all through childhood. Now, as young women, they successfully operate two designer labels and enjoy their many riches without flashing their ladybits or passing out on TMZ. They chose business and fashion over movies and tv. What’s the problem?

    Also, I think they’re cute. They were awkward teens, but I really do find them lovely young ladies.

  7. Diana says:

    Ashley and Mary-Kate were lovely girls and now they’ve grown up into interesting and quite mature young ladies. They successfully run a business. I like them!

  8. gistine says:

    Dang! Its been awhile since I seen Ann and Nancy Wilson! Barracuda!

  9. ilovemine says:

    I love them, it’s so good to see something positive come out of young Hollywood for a change. They’re beautiful, smart, self-made millionaires.

  10. Nancy, who does not approveher? She may be sloppy…But she’s still the covergirl!