Wynonna Judd criticizes Taylor Swift’s CMA award

2009 CMA Awards - Show

Someone always seems intent on crapping on Taylor Swift’s big wins. This time, playing the role of Kanye West we have country singer Wynonna Judd. Judd told USA Today that Taylor’s win at the Country Music Association Awards was “too much, too soon.” Judd, by the way, hasn’t won any CMA awards since going solo seventeen years ago.

On Wednesday, Taylor Swift became the youngest artist ever to win the Country Music Association Awards’ top honor: Entertainer of the Year.

But Wynonna Judd doesn’t think Swift, 19, is ready for such a top honor.

“You want my honest comment? It’s too much too soon,” the singer told USA Today before the show. “Time is God’s way of keeping everything from happening at once. It’s just too much of a good thing too soon.”

Judd, 45, added: “My thing is, being a home-school mom, I want kids to earn it, and I think some time … ’cause mom and I rode in a car for the first year of our career to visit radio stations. There was a making of the star, there was a rising up, and the fans went with us.

“Now it’s over coffee breaks, the success, almost,” she added. “You have to play catch up … It’s like the girl who wins an Oscar and she’s under 20. What do you do from here?”

[From Us Weekly]

Honestly I think if anyone deserves – and can handle – success at such a young age, it’s Taylor Swift. She has repeatedly shown herself to have more maturity and grace than performers much older than her. And frankly, I don’t think Wynonna knows a lot about how hard Taylor worked when she was starting out. And she still has the reputation of being a hard worker and consummate professional. Taylor just started at it younger, but from what I read that’s because she had such an intense desire to sing. That’s nothing to knock her for.

I hate to say it because it seems like such an obvious conclusion to come to, but this really does strike me as the ugly green monster rearing its head. Wynonna was huge in country music when she was in the Judds, and while she’s certainly been successful since then, it hasn’t been to the same degree. She’s also had a lot of drama and heartache in her life, from dealing with her food addiction to having to divorce her second husband after he was “indicted on three counts of aggravated sexual assault and battery against a minor under the age of 13” in 2007.

And while I don’t like to say things implying that older women are inherently jealous of younger women, Wynonna is 45 and Taylor’s 19. Wynonna isn’t retired but she’s sort of… low key in her career. Taylor’s is just getting started. Hell, I’m envious. But I think it’s more appropriate to wish her continued success, rather than imply she’s got nowhere to go from here.

43rd Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals

The 43rd Annual CMA Awards - Show

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  1. kim says:

    Taylor Swift = Debbie Gibson blond teenage singer /songwriters. In 10 years VH1 special WEHT Taylor Swift

  2. audrey says:

    mmm.. i kind of agree with her.. I think Taylor is graceful and charming, but Entertainer of the Year is a stretch.. Also, my sister works in the music biz in Nashville and says her dad basically bought her career for her, so I question how much struggle went into her career.. Riding around in a car playing country radio shows is not easy.

    • Jenna says:

      Your sister sounds like a jealous whiner, too.

    • john says:

      her dad did buy her career. I work in the biz as well. It costs millions to put a song on radio. Everyone with money connections does it. No one works their way up and talent is meaningless in nashville. Walk into most bars and watch girls taylors age tearing it up, so much talent and incredible vocal ability, yet it means nothing. Google payola, its been like this for ages. Very sad.

    • john says:

      her dad did buy her career. I work in the biz as well. It costs millions to put a song on radio. Everyone with money connections does it. No one works their way up and talent is meaningless in nashville. Walk into most bars and watch girls taylors age tearing it up, so much talent and incredible vocal ability, yet it means nothing. Google payola, its been like this for ages.

    • john says:

      her dad did buy her career. I work in the biz as well. It costs millions to put a song on air. No one works their way up and talent is meaningless in nashville. Walk into most bars and watch girls taylors age tearing it up, so much talent and incredible vocal ability, yet it means nothing. Google payola, its been like this for ages.

    • john says:

      her dad did buy her career. I work in the biz as well. It costs millions to put a song on air. No one works their way up and talent is meaningless in nashville. Walk into most bars and watch girls taylors age tearing it up, so much talent and incredible vocal ability,Google payola, its been like this for ages.

  3. Tia C says:

    Don’t mean to be overly hatin, cuz I have nothing against the Judds, but I have to say – is it just me, or does Wynonna totally look like a great big tranny in these pix?

  4. peachpie says:

    OMG – I saw these two women on tv last night and Wy looks like a fat dude in drag and the mothers face looks like shiny plastic. Wy is a has been and she is irrelevant and so is anything she says.
    Suck it up Wy and realize, your so over.

  5. Baho says:

    Boy, somebody’s seen Coal Miner’s Daughter one too many times.

    Winona’s hating. It’s one thing for some dickweed like Kanye to spout-off (does he have Tourette’s? ADHD? No offense to those with that condition, really.) but that coming from a “sister” of the grand old, tried and true sisterhood of country music, is revolting.

    All I can hope for is Dolly taking off her heels and rolling up her sleeves and sayin’ “That just ain’t right…”

  6. KateNonymous says:

    I like Taylor Swift, but I think Wynonna is partly right; time should play more of a role here.

    That said, this sounds an awful lot of “She didn’t grow up like me, so she doesn’t deserve it.” I’m not sure that’s really solid ground to stand on.

  7. Kaye says:

    Good lord, how much make up are those women wearing?

  8. Beth says:

    It’s really easy to dismiss Wynonna as jealous but I think it’s more about making it in the music business. I’m sure Taylor works hard but she didn’t have to struggle for years to get a record deal, work crummy jobs to make ends meet, etc. She didn’t have the hardships that older musicians lived through. I think that was Wynonna’s point. The same thing happened with Carrie Underwood. I’m sure she works hard but she won a highly visible contest. She didn’t work for a music deal or struggle for fans. If I remember correctly she had only one or two singles out from her first cd and won country vocalist. A lot of people, especially older artists, didn’t like that someone so new given so much attention and awards.

  9. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Sounds like sour grapes to me.

    And yes, Tia C, she looks like a tranny mess with too too too too much spray tan.

  10. Firestarter says:

    Jesus, can’t anyone let this girl alone? There is next year for others to win awards.

    People always have to bitch about someone else’s success. People always have to say it wasn’t earned, didn’t deserve it, effed a music exec to get ahead, blah, blah blah.

    Bottom line: She won. End of story.

    Like her, hate her, she is a young success and a seemily nice person. Sad people cannot be happy for that and keep their negative comments to themselves.

    She is the Entetainer of the Year, not entertainer of forever. Someone else will be there next year, so people need to calm down.

    Let the girl have her moment.

  11. Baho says:

    @Tia C: My thoughts exactly. I didn’t know Trannys came corn-pone too. Learn something new everyday.

  12. irl500girl says:

    She desreved it. She was quite the entertainer this past year. She’s showed up on CSI an doing bits on lots of shows, performing in all the other award shows, hosting SNL. She’s very popular with young and old listeners. Ya’ hear her songs on top 40 and country radio so she’s a cross over sensation. She writes her own songs unlike so many these days.
    And top it off she’s a charming, good hearted gal.
    I say good for her and congrats!

  13. Sigh. says:

    I see where Wynonna is coming from —
    look at LeAnn Rimes. She became real famous, really young, and NOW what is she KNOWN for?

    She didn’t say she she wasn’t deserving – she said it was TOO SOON.

    Maybe she’s unfairly lumping her in a group that did not handle their sudden fame/wealth at a young age well, but I think she means it in a cautionay way, not out of jealousy.

    Having said that, she looks like a polish sausage with that hair/skin/make up.

  14. Kevin says:

    Travis Tritt did the same thing to Billy Ray Cyrus when Billy Ray had his 1 good album and won his award. Nothing but jealousy to see here folks, move along. Audrey, who exactly did her father give the money to? Paying money may get a track played, but if it is no good then it will go away. Taylor wrote, played musical instruments and sang on her album. That is talented. As far as paying her dues, the award’s names are all ended with “of the year”, not “of her lifetime”. And yes, Winona is jealous and the lowest rung in her own family after her little sister and her Mom. She does resemble the dude from Brawny paper towels.

  15. ohmy39 says:

    Wionna Judd – sore loser
    We have no idea what we happen in the future. If Taylor has peaked I hope that she saves enough money and has the attitude to cruise through the rest of life in comofort.

  16. Ron says:

    There is some truth to this. Mira Sorvino, Marisa Tomei, Tatum O’Neal, all won Oscars very young and have had ok careers, but it wasn’t an indication of great work to come.

  17. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Tia C, she looks like a great big ORANGE tranny.

    come on, guys, it was Entertainer of the YEAR, not of ALL TIME, nor was it a lifetime achievement award.

    it was an award for what she’s done THIS YEAR. now, I don’t follow country music at all, so I don’t know if she was truly the best that this year had to offer, but it’s not like she was being judged for her entire career, just this year.

    so, in my opinion, age shouldn’t matter at all when it comes to this award. it should be based on how successful your records are, how successful your touring is, etc…for THE PAST YEAR, not for all time.

  18. Erin says:

    I tend to think she shouldn’t have gotten all those awards because she can’t sing for crap and her music is terrible. That said, she seems like a nice girl.

  19. Jillian says:

    She’s the same color as an Oompa Loompa.

  20. gg says:

    Whatever, Chief Orangetranny. Smells like straight up jealousy to me. Awards go that way sometimes. She’s probably still upset about Kellie Pickler and Carrie Underwood’s careers too.

  21. taylor who? says:

    Frankly, I’m surprised anyone had the nerve to criticize Taylor Swift, since, from the moment she appeared she could do no wrong. I do not like her…there is something haughty and entitled about her and the stink they made over the Kanye dis was ridiculous. She is a 19 year old country singer not the queen of england or perhaps i missed the etiquette lesson for the MTV awards? isn’t there always some commotion on that awards show? Her response to Kayne was not gracious or even embarrassed. She stared him down like he was beneath her. then when Beyonce gave her the chance to give her acceptance speech, she still had her nose out of joint. Someone posted above that her father bought her career for her…that would explain the revulsion I’m feeling. Just what the world needs… another spoiled brat with no manners.

  22. hatsumomo says:

    Oh Lord, where do I start? Look at Wynonna! Im sure everyone knows by now I have a spot in my heart for red heads. I even love Phoebe Price! But really, When was the last time this woman looked in the mirror? And that shit tan orange is doing her no favors for her jaw line. Cringe. Her momma should have told her something before letting her go out like that. I hope that tan was part a beauty regime before the awards show, cause I cant bear to think she rocks that look every day. And she looks like she thinned her nose a little too much…. Whatevs. My man loves a red head too said he always carried a flame for Reba, in her early days…

  23. stinabelle says:

    @ Tia C, yes, yes, omg yes.

    I don’t see a problem with Taylor winning Entertainer of the Year. Times have changed. The internet can make it so that someone is an overnight sensation without even recording an album.

  24. audrey says:

    @ Kevin – I did not say she is not talented. Talent these days is unfortunately only a small part of becoming successful. Do you know how much $ it takes to hire kick-ass managers, record an album, to hire publicists, etc? Money goes a long ass way. Lots of poor people (like the judds at the time) did not have that boost. Talent, yes, but had to work like hell to gain attention. That was my point.. And no, I don’t hate Taylor, I thought she handled herself beautifully with the Kanye mess. All I’m saying is she had advantages most others didn’t.

  25. danielle says:

    I’ve always loved Wynona’s voice.

  26. Rosalee says:


    “Chief Orangetranny” where did that come from..?

  27. Iggles says:

    “Now it’s over coffee breaks, the success, almost,” she added. “You have to play catch up … It’s like the girl who wins an Oscar and she’s under 20. What do you do from here?”

    Um… SHE’S RIGHT! Sometimes you have to call a spade, a spade!

    Every actor wants to win an actor because it’s recognition of the hard work they put into their careers. If you win one right out the gate, then what do you have to work towards?

    Today there are people with instant success who quickly lose their fame/status because it was built on air — nothing substantial. Without a foundation it’s easy to know someone down.

  28. MymaJane says:

    Look, the music industry is had changed greatly since Wy got started. To blame Taylor for it is just stupid. I’m sorry she feels that Taylor didn’t deserve the award, but she just needs to get over it and get on with her life. She does sound a bit jealous…maybe she should work it all out in therapy.

  29. RobN says:

    It’s not a lifetime achievement award; it’s entertainer of THIS year and it’d be hard to argue she wasn’t the biggest thing in country music this year. Wynona needs to get relevant again before mouthing off.

  30. Kevin says:

    @ Audrey. So what! That has nothing to do with Taylor. Nobody said your life was going to be easy. So it’s Taylor’s fault that Winona wasn’t luckier? My belief is the best guitar player in the world is probably sitting on his/her porch, strumming away, undiscovered. The world of being an entertainer is unpredictable, uncertain, and certainly not guaranteed.

  31. audrey says:

    @ Kevin – no shit, sherlock.

  32. Kevin says:

    Sorry Audrey. Sure sounded like you didn’t know what you were talking about. I’m done responding to you. See you at the Special Olympics. (not there is anything wrong with that champ)

  33. logan says:

    These two women (wynonna and her Mother) are just tooooo much everything. Too much makeup, too much surgery, too much tan and way too much to say. Let the girl have her day.

  34. hmm says:

    It is somewhat disappointing that the essence of what Wynonna was said is lost as people pile up to talk about her looks and to somehow make her into a jealous woman. I know it’s popular to love Taylor Swift but she isn’t a great singer and she doesn’t deserve it because Kanye stole her moment. Wynonna just said on the record what most people in Nashville believe and are already saying privately.

  35. velvet elvis says:

    This wasn’t some kind of lifetime achievement award built on years and years and a huge body of work…it’s an award given to the one who put in the work THIS year…and Taylor certainly went above and beyond. Her songs (written by herself) are playing on every radio station…she’s been touring with various other artists…making appearances on television…she’s everywhere. Why do people gotta be haters? Why can’t they let her enjoy her well deserved success??

  36. Mairead says:

    I see where Wynonna is coming from, and whilst it’s wonderful to get recognition for hard work, it does set the bar remarkably high for Taylor in the future and could wind up putting undue pressure on her. The “difficult second album” syndrome, if you will.

    But really – what the hell is with the colour of Wynonna’s skin? Is she using that Lindsay Lohan woodstain or something? And gg – I know you’re not going to let her get away with that cheap-looking hairdye on her head! ;)

  37. ronnie says:

    So even though Taylor is hugely popular and has worked hard to get to where she is, she shouldn’t be recognized because of her age? That argument doesn’t hold water with me. Are they supposed to give out awards based solely on how long someone has been working in the business?

  38. stacy says:

    I watched a behind the scenes special on Taylor Swift the other day. That girl works her ass off. For her Fearless tour she designed the stage, she makes every executive decision about her shows and music, writes all her own songs, orchestrates the band in rehersal, etc, etc. She deserves every award coming to her! Screw Tranny Judd.

  39. audrey says:

    @ Kevin – Sorry honey. I’m not attending the Special Olympics. You have yerself a good time now, ya hear?!!

    ps – that’s a comment only an ignorant jerk would make, by the way. your colors are showing.

  40. moi says:

    winona judd scares the sh*t out of me.

  41. lucy2 says:

    I like Taylor and I think she has a lot of talent, and though I agree her voice isn’t the best, it’s nice enough. She’s had the biggest year of anyone else there, and not just in albums, but concerts, appearances, and just general visibility. I don’t even follow country and I’ve heard a lot of her songs, and liked many of them.

    I guess it’s too much to ask for Wynona to have been more gracious about it? Said something like “I would have chosen so-and-so, but congrats to Taylor, she’s had a good year”?
    I know the Judds have gotten a lot of mileage out of their sob story, as many other musicians and actors have done. Kudos on their decades of success and all, but just because someone didn’t have to suffer through doesn’t make them any less talented or deserving.

  42. Jane says:

    If you’re good enough, you’re old enough. Taylor had the drive and ambition to make something of herself from a very young age and she’s got a hell of talent.

  43. bros says:

    she is dead on although she looks like a burnt plastic lego head.

    taylor cant even sing for real. she sounds terrible live.

  44. Firestarter says:

    Love how people are so full of hate at a 19 yr old girl winning a few awards!

    I could see the big deal if she were a druggie, swinging on a stripper pole and showing dispespect to everyone around her, but she is sweet, wholesome and has talent. Pick on someone deserving of it not some girl that will be old news in a few months. Who was more deserving of the awards? It would appear that many people have spoken as to her entertainment value as she has quite a large following and her cd is selling very well.

  45. Phrodo says:

    C’mon people, wake up and smell the bubble gum. Taylor’s music career began because of her parents. Sure, she can write a few lines on her Big Chief note pad and play simple G, C, and D chords, but she cannot sing live worth the crap. True singer-songwriters have names like Shawn Colvin, Lucy Kaplansky, Patty Griffin, Patty Larkin, and Sandra McCracken.

  46. audrey says:

    @ Phrodo – Amen! Especially Patty Griffin.. what a voice! Also, Gillian Welch and Julie Miller..

  47. For Sooth? says:

    Jaybird, Jaybird. You are so wrong on this stance. If you have a discerning ear at all and you watched the CMAs last night you would have heard Taylor give a piss poor performance on both of her songs. SHE BLEW CHUNKS. I know now that her singing performance on SNL was a fluke because prior to that I had seen three live performances, different venues, where she couldn’t sing on key to save her life. Maturity, ajrd work, and grace aside, this girl does not deserve the accolades she is getting for singing. It is a business decision to get the tween’s money. If you heard Reba and Carrie and Martina and Faith sing, actually stand there and sing, you would have heard the ginormous contrast. They can actually sing in tune. Taylor managed to sing the last quarter of her first song in tune and then she just blew the hell out of her second song. It was good she had the crowd around her and singing over her at times, it was that painful to listen to.

    Wynonna is actually being kind when she states that she thinks Taylor is not “ready”. What I’m sure she wants to say is that Taylor embarrasses country music every time she is allowed to take the stage and sing so off key. Naomi and Wynonna are known for their harmony and there is a reason for that. It took years of work and practice. Taylor needs a flotilla of work and practice before she is at their level of singing. I don’t fault her stage ability but her singing, forget about it. Really, please forget about it.

  48. perplexed says:

    I must be late to the party, but could someone please explain the comments about TS’s parents ‘buying her career’?

  49. country fan says:

    ……but she can’t sing!…her guitar performace was terrible…she was flat and off key…..AND SHE IS NOT TRUE COUNTRY!!….new catagory..Bubble Gum Country Pop….. That’s where she belongs…. Hank and Johnny are turning over in their graves! How can the same show honor Barbara Mandrell into the Hall of Fame and call Taylor the COUNTRY music performer of the year? Crazy….oh wait, that was another wonderful COUNTRY performer….Tayor find your place in music….it is NOT COUNTRY!!!

  50. Blondie says:

    It’s so aggravating that every time someone has an opinion about popular artists they are jealous or hating. When it comes to Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Rihanna, etc…you can’t say anything other “They are awesome…I live for them.” without being considered a “hater”. Wynonna Judd may be an entertainer but she’s also a human being and is entitled to her opinion. I agree, too much too soon can be disastrous. Lindsay, Britney, hell-the cast of Different Strokes are all prime examples of that. She’s not wishing ill will on her, she’s just stating her personal opinion. We still practice free speech in this country,right?

    By the way, bringing up her eating addiction, her divorce, and her ex-husbands crimes…NOT COOL and PETTY!

  51. Daisy says:

    All the people that say Taylor isnt talanted need to open their minds and actually listen to her work.Not the real popular songs,but all of them as a whole.This girl has major talant.She has been writing songs for other singers for a long time.I dont think her daddy paid for that.

  52. You Go Girl says:

    She is kinda right.
    But at the same time, I am glad that Taylor got the awards, she has done so well, she is such a good influence, she seems a lovely natured girl and she got to say thank you to everybody in the audience, for not coming up and taking over her speech!!!
    What a classic man.
    I am taking my little girl to see her in Australia early 2010, my girl cannot wait, knows everything off by heart, so happy for her!

  53. Blondie says:

    I agree with Country Fan. I’m not a country fan but I totally agree that Taylor Swift is not country.

  54. Ron says:

    If you can get beyond the makeup and hair color, did anyone notice the corpse colored panty hose??

  55. wow says:

    When someone gains success in any field, you are going to have those who don’t feel your success is desserved. That’s just part of life. It’s like on that show “The City” (I can NOT believe I’m using a non-reality show as an example, but whatever).

    On the last fake-episode, one of the ELLE editors criticized the Head of PR as to why she wasn’t more helpful towards the little socialite girl. The PR girl felt offended and didn’t see why the editor wants her to hold the other girls hand and walk her through everything because after all, nobody helped her out when she first started out.

    That’s sort of how I think Wynona is here. She’s saying that in her time, she had to go about it a different way and to her, it seemslike Taylor didn’t have to work as hard as she did before recieving the kin of success she’s getting. But its like someone posted earlier, times and the industry itself has changed. We didn’t have the internet, itunes and blogs and such back when they were coming up. A lot of those things are what helps Taylor and her talent to reach out to more people more quickly.

    I don’t fault Wynona for voicing her opinion. But it just plays more into the nonsense that successful women can’t genuinely be happy for other successful women.

  56. Obvious says:

    I’m ecstatic for Taylor on her win, she’s had a great year and she works hard and has a great reputation. However, that being said Entertainer of the year probably should have gone to a more experienced artist. I only agree with Wynonna’s comment about the Oscar winning child (Anna am I right?)

    However Taylor’s level of maturity is far beyond her years, so if any youngster was going to win it i’m glad it was Taylor.

  57. ccoop says:

    Wynonna – the new face of Bitter Orange.

  58. original kate says:

    why is wynonna dressed like an extra from “purple rain?”

  59. irishserra says:

    Wynonna needs to realize that things are done much differently than they were when she was trying to get into the biz. Besides, where has she been? Hasn’t she noticed that talent means nothing anymore?

  60. la chica says:

    love me some Taylor but i gotta admit that the big-boned tranny has a point.

  61. gg says:

    :lol: at original kate and ccoop!

    I’m totally on the team Taylor bus now. Too many people are attacking her for no reason. She’s just a girl in a sparkly dress doing girl songs, and people are liking it. And she’s not a stone cold slut, which I’m sick of.

  62. Kylie says:

    I think Taylor is refreshing. She has class and seems to be a sweet girl. Leave her alone all you haters. Jeez she is only 19 and she is not partying it up like some other girls we see.

    Go pick on someone your own size Wyonna..

  63. lola lola says:

    Wy is totally right. If Kanye hadn’t done his stupid deed she wouldn’t have gotten 1/2 of the attention she got at the CMAs.

  64. Countrylover says:

    I agree with Winona but maybe not for the same reason. Taylor just cannot sing. She proved that last night on TV. She is a good songwriter, I will give her that. I think it is a stretch to call her a “Country” singer. She appeals more to teenage girls – those are the ones buying her concert tickets and CDs.

  65. Samantha says:

    There haven’t been any “real” country songs in a long long time…

    That being said, yes country has gone “pop”. Its Country Pop, or Pop Country, or Counpoptry, or Copopuntry or etc etc. So by those standards, she totally deserved the award. ENTERTAINER of the year – She is EVERYWHERE, and apparently she is doing a damn good job of entertaining as she always sells out shows. So yeah, she deserved it.

  66. Colt says:

    Wynonna is AMAZING. She is the only one who had the guts to say it. Wy is a real artist…Taylor needs to be on the Disney channel.

  67. Colt says:

    WYNONNA is beautiful! She is unique and Taylor is boring. Anyone who has any depth can see that there is not much substance from Taylor. People like Wynonna, Reba, Zac Brown Band, Miranda Lambert and George Strait are what music is all about. Taylor is a commercial success but does that make you anything more than a canvas twisted into a cute picture for the dull masses?!

  68. Beatific says:

    I have to agree w/ Wynonna Judd: Swift’s success has come too early. She’s a sweet little girl, but she doesn’t have a lot of life experience to use as fodder for songwriting. Plus her guitar playing is weak AND her lyrics are…well, they’re the lyrics of a 19 year old girl who lives with her mom and dad.

    With regards to the article above, it contains a factual error. The statement”Taylor just started at it younger,” is wrong. Judd began her career at 15, while Swift was 16. Granted Judd’s success was not instantaneous (record deal at 19), but she has shown longevity.

  69. poochielips says:

    Countrylover I TOTALLY agree with you. Taylor may be a good songwriter, but for Heaven’s sake little girl, let somebody who can actually sing sing your songs. She has NO talent whatsoever when it comes to vocals. She has age on her side & as far as concert sales & cd sales go, it’s to the kiddies, & ALL of her songs are about little teenage issues. Mature adults want to hear good country music coming from the REAL “talented” artists that were in that room last night, not the little teenie bopper that sings nothing relevant to us. Maybe she should take some of her money & sink it into some much needed voice lessons.

  70. NFLer says:

    Lady looks like a dude. Have steroids invaded country music. She looks like a WWF reject.

  71. vibius says:

    How does a Christmas tree farmer buy a Nashville career? Plus shes probably pissed that someone who was born a few years after she started is a CD or 2 away from passing them top 20 wise and has already passed them in sales.

    Shes just bitter.

  72. Skylar says:

    this is a little off topic… but I watched her live performance on the CMAs and have seen some other youtube clips and her voice often goes a little flat. I would say this is pretty common with a lot of pop (and even some country) stars, but I think her manager should remedy this and have her sing live with AutoTune to back her up. I actually adore Taylor and respect her as a star but she needs a WHOLE LOT more vocal training.

  73. maggie says:

    I think w Judd- is jealous- she wasnt that much older
    when she started out- its because T is talented, beautiful- funny , great body- business woman- who writes great music- Are we going to now start hating her for all the things that make us love her- Especially coming from another woman- W needs to follow Taylors example and go right her bitchy middle aged
    whining into a country song- We all get our chance to
    be young and on fire- why do people forget how wonderful it is, and how short lived it is ?

  74. John says:

    Taylor is so fake. I can’t believe how she talked about her relationship with Joe Jonas to get attention to sell her album. She even dissed Joe on SNL. She brings the Kanye issue up all the time, even though he apologized for it. A really gracious person eventually lets it go and doesn’t keep mentioning it. I’m Jewish and she recently posed with a guy wearing a Swastiska on his shirt. She never explained why she did that, and didn’t bother to apologize, either. So she’s far from perfect herself. She has help in the songwriting department, and Taylor is an awful singer.

  75. For Sooth? says:

    Open your ears people. SNL was a fluke. Naomi would never have let Wynonna near a stage or a record deal if she sang like Taylor did last night. Taylor wasn’t just bad, she was really, really bad. She was laughably bad. Wy was not being a hater or being jealous, she was assessing, with equinamity and experience, what she was hearing from Taylor last night, and I might add, in almost all of Taylor’s live performances. That leads me to believe that the auto tone is in high demand when she is in the studio and there are a lot of people who are aware of her short comings in the singing department and yet foist her on the paying public. Oh, but I forgot, according to most of the posters here cuteness, sweetness, and over saturation trumps talent.

    Take some singing lessons Taylor if you want staying power and respect from your fellow country performers. People will only forgive you so much before they catch on to the game. Brittney in Australia is a case in point.

  76. Missy says:

    How in the HELL is this orange tranny related to the delectable Ashley Judd?! How is it possible?!?! OMG.

  77. Firestarter says:

    @Missy- Have you seen Ashley Judd lately? She isn’t orange, but she is not looking that hot herself.

  78. audrey says:

    I think Auto-tunes is a crime. If you need it singing live, you shouldn’t be up there singing live.

  79. Daisy says:

    Colt,you are confused.You have a right to your opinion,but Wynonna is beautiful and taylor is boring?No substance?Taylor is not dull,she is very talanted.Although you could be as old as my grandfather,in that case you stuiped comments would make more sense…Ugly Wynonna is just a bitter,jealous old hag

  80. Jag says:

    It’s 2009, not the years when Wynonna was starting out. Things are different now, and fame, and sometimes the fall from fame, is much faster now.

    I used to like her. Now her publicly begrudging such an obviously sweet girl has changed my opinion of her. Grow up, Wynonna, and let Taylor have her moments in the spotlight, just like you did at one time.

  81. Daisy says:

    By the way,Taylors cdhas been on the top 20 for 50 weeks,50!The next longest is 20,so dont say she isnt doing her thing,she has beat everyone in sales,and the cd is good.If it wasnt it wouldnt be selling so well

  82. Fire says:

    I wonder why people think she doesn’t deserve that award because she didn’t struggle for years and live out of her van or something. What the f*ck does that prove? Here are some stats I just found:

    *According to Nielsen SoundScan, Swift is the highest-selling artist of 2008 in the United States with combined sales of more than four million albums.

    *Fearless has topped the Billboard 200 in 11 non-consecutive weeks,a feat no album has spent more time at number one since 1999-2000.

    *With combined singles from her two albums, she is the female artist with the most top 40 hits this decade.

    I think she has dignity and grace (no pole dancing at the Teen Choice awards nor does she flash her pantyless privates) and is a good role model for young women. She writes her own songs, and plays instruments, unlike some other “artists” out there. And she’s been doing this since she was 10, playing at local festivals and fairs.

    So, it seems like she has put in some time, is not an overnight one-hit wonder, and yeah, it’s not Entertainer of the Decade. Lighten up folks. Also, it seems like she is a good person who gives back – “in 2007, Swift launched a campaign to protect children from online predators.”

    One more thing – just to compare to another young artist – Britney won Female Artist of the Year in 1999, when she was 18. Anybody say she didn’t put her time in back then? And I think Taylor sells more songs because they are good vice using her body or sex to sell her music.

    Sorry for the rant….

  83. Huma says:

    Ugh. I despise the way that Taylor’s been infantalized during this whole thing, because she’s truly a classy, smart, strong woman in her own right and this ‘oh, poor sweet Taylor, she deserves the world with a picket fence’ bullshit is a disservice to her.

    But honestly?

    Sit down and shut up. Just leave it all alone if it doesn’t concern you. No matter how happy she is that she won all these awards or whatever it was that she won, she’ll still remember that some country legend spat on it, and even an apology won’t fix that. Just shut your mouth before you cause some damage that can’t very well be undone.


  84. Chris says:

    What a complete outrage..shes a songwriter yes, but a country singer deserving of entertainer or the year? Hell no. I’m 19 myself and was raised on guys like Alan jackson, travis tritt, sammy kershaw and many more. Peoples whos life, heart and soul were country music. Taylor on the other hand is more pop to me. And to say she was sincere when she accepted eoty is a joke, she just won the biggest award in country music and still took another shot at kanye during that acceptance speech..extremely inmature and makes me realize why she wrote a song called 15. The cma’s basically shafted true country singers as they do every year, no wonder people like alan, jones and toby keith dont come anymore. Yea shes got a lot of country fans most of which are teenage girls and im sure tons come to her show, but to say she was deserving when kenny chesney was in the same category? A singer whos shows are so big that most are held in football arenas now and still sell out. Now thats an entertainer and thats what country is all about.

  85. Fire says:

    @Chris – how many times does he need to win that award? 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008. That’s great for him – why not give it to someone else without it being an “outrage”? Why not give him Entertainer of the Decade or something like that? Winning that award 4 times is awesome and should merit a Lifetime or “of the Decade” award.

    I just looked at a couple of things. Right now, Swift has 2 albums on the Billboard Top country albums list. Fearless is #2 and Taylor Swift (which was put out THREE years ago) is #13. Kenny’s Greatest Hits album is at #21. His other album (Lucky Ole Sun – released last year) isn’t even in the top 40 anymore.

    Another fact – that album for Kenny produced 2 top 10 songs, versus Taylor’s 5 top 10 songs.

  86. daddymac says:

    So the mindset is that it happened too fast? Better too fast than never at all. The girl is talented. Not the greatest voice, but as a song writer, she is pretty darn good. Also a good performer. And who care is she got some breaks because her Father “bought” her way into the industry. That only works if you have talent, otherwise every rich kid in the world would be making records and winning awards!

  87. WTF?!? says:

    Jealous much, WHYnonna? It may be too much, too soon, but if TS is a flash in the pan, time will tell. This year she was the best entertainer, next year maybe she won’t be. Get over yourself.

  88. cuppycake says:

    Can Taylor Swift have ONE award without anyone raining on her parade?

  89. Mairead says:

    *says nothing about the legions of teengage girls and boys that made Garth Brooks a bleedin’ SUPERSTAR” 15 years ago on the basis of one annoying song*

    Back when I was a nipper there was a truism that said that teenage girls buy singles, that give singers the money and the coveted No.1. Grownups bought the albums that gave the artist longevity. Now, we don’t have singles and albums in the same way – but I doubt that things have changed much, with teenagers often just downloading one or two songs, whilst everyone else buys the album. So the odd grownup is likely to have bought her two albums to keep them in the Top 40.

    But what do I know? I don’t think I’ve ever heard any of her songs and never even watched the infamous one she got the MTV award for.

  90. Who Cares says:

    I probably have a soft spot for her ever since the Kanye D-bag incident, but I think GO TAYLOR!! She’s talented, popular and has conducted herself with dignity and class that would be admirable with someone twice her age.

    Why shouldn’t she win entertainer of the year just because she’s young? It’s not like it’s a lifetime achievement award.

  91. Siobhan says:

    I like Taylor, but I have to agree with Wynnona. Did Taylor really deserve to win Entertainer of the Year from the CMAs? I understand she is a crossover artist and I have heard and loved her songs and videos. I’m sure Taylor is a nice young woman with good values, but look at LeAnne Rimes. She’s not known for her music anymore, but for wrecking two homes in her personal life, and not that long ago she was country music’s It Girl, and was compared to legenday contry singers. I hope Taylor doesn’t end up in a similar situation in a decade. Some have said that Wynonna’s comment was about jealously, I have to disagree. Back in the day, musicians had to play clubs, weddings, fairs, etc. to bulid an audience. Now days you can be Carrie Underwood and win AI and get a record deal, or be on some reality show, and all of a sudden be famous, be in magazines, on talk shows for having no talent, for exapmle the Hills, and City. I feel that Wynonna had valid point. Not everyone will grow up to be Jodie Foster or Ron Howard or Anna Paquin.

  92. Lee S. says:

    If the saying “People show their true colors during crisis” is true, then Taylor Swift REALLY acts her age.

    Try not to pay attention to celeb gossip, but wouldn’t have know she’d been dating a Jonas Brother if she’d kept her mouth shut about their breakup. She publicly bashed him like a bitter ex in a nasty divorce.

    And now after accepting his apology and sayin’ she doesn’t want to talk about him in interviews, she takes another swipe at Kanye during the acceptance of her biggest award to date?

    Maturity and grace, don’t think so.

  93. Daisy says:

    bullsh*t Lee s. She was on snl.she was trying to be funny.she usually dosnt talk about dumb joe,but most people knew that.Give me a break,she can talk about Kanye all she wants.and she has never spoke out the way she should have.she is a 19 year old girl.if she is acting her age,than what does the rest of hollywood act like?You say you dont listen to hollywood gossip,dont comment on it

  94. Seriously? says:

    Honestly. Are we arguing about this? Whether you like Taylor Swift or not, you have to look at facts.
    1) Her entire tour sold out in 30 minutes.
    2)Her album, out one year ago, has already sold almost ten million copies. Her first album, sold more than ten million.
    3)She sold out Madison Square Garden in one minute.
    4)She was in charge of everything that went into her tour. Stage design, coreographing dances, everything.
    5)She has written every song off of the “Fearless” album and platinum album, other than “Untouchable” which she covered.
    6)When fearless platinum came out on itunes, she held six out of the top ten spots for any genre.
    7) She became the first country artist to win at the VMA’s.
    Now, nineteen or not, those are amazing accomplishments. I think when this much talent and determination is involved, looking at age is pointless.

    I think she deserved it, simply because she’s had the best year out of the other nominees. This show was not fan voted, it was decided by “supervisors” or whatever you want to call them. And I think they know who deserves it better than we do.

    And for those of you saying that this came too easily, nothing about making it in music is easy. Especially when you’re so young.

  95. Seriously? says:

    I failed to mention that she hosted SNL and was the musical guest. On the same night.

  96. rosie says:

    oh jealousy is a green eyed monster.

  97. Josh says:

    Taylor won because she WAS the entertainer of the year. Who in that category had a bigger year than her? No one. Last year, she sold more records than any other artist in the country (over 4 million albumbs). She won because she deserved it. Congrats to her.

  98. havieesa says:

    Back in the day, musicians had to play clubs, weddings, fairs, etc. to bulid an audience. Now days you can be Carrie Underwood and win AI and get a record deal, or be on some reality show, and all of a sudden be famous, be in magazines, on talk shows for having no talent……………..end quote========

    I disagree with what you said about Carrie Underwood. Not many people can be Carrie Underwood and WIN Amer-Idol.
    In fact I’m not even sure TaylorSwift could have gone through that entire AI Process and won, because she does not have the voice that Carrie Underwood has.
    That said, I like Taylor Swift and think she is a talented young lady, but Carrie Underwood has the better voice.
    Also if you see Carrie Underwood’s history you will see that she is a young woman who was singing in the Choir, singing at State Fairs as a four year old, she was in State Fair after state fair, and pageant after pageant.
    Carrie went to University and got her degree in Journalism despite money rolling in from her new found fame.

    I think Carrie Underwood is quite respected in the music industry.

    Taylor Swift is a lovely young lady too, and I like her music, but I think she is getting a lot of play off of the Kanye West incident. I DON’T like that (her people or handler’s) are having her “play that up” in her tv appearances, because she doesn’t need to do that.
    I still think it would be classier to leave it alone. Kanye went through a lot losing his mother, he is Young too, that was a hard thing and it’s obvious he is having emotional problems, dealing with it. I don’t think what he did concerning Taylor was right, but I wish her people would stop making her play this up. I don’t find making fun of his distress, funny.

  99. Why does Taylor Swift have to struggle to win any award or success? The girl is talented and somebody recognized it and the public loved it. Was she to say when she started to get famous or before “Oh no I’m not going to become famous until I’m 27 because it is obvious I don’t have the talent until then, I’m going to work smokey bars and bowling alleys.”

    Her talent was recognized early and if the Judds had been recognized as having talent early I think they would have welcomed it. What good has their talent done for them with it coming at an older age?

    How long did Milie Cyrus struggle? She got a TV show and got famous from that. Should she not have gotten a TV show until she was much older.

    So is Wynona saying that nobody’s talent should be recognized until they are in their mid twenties or olde?

  100. lisa says:

    wynonna is a fat ugly jealous bitch.i agree she needs a make over bad.that ugly hair color makes her look that much more like an amazon.i dont like to be mean but she asked for it by belittling taylor.

  101. Tinsley says:

    Ok first of all can I just say all of you people (both Wynonna haters and Taylor Swift haters) are rude and mean. Some of you saying that Taylor Swift’s music is bad and saying she’s a spoiled brat. Seriously? She just won Entertainer of the YEAR, let the girl have her moment whether you think she is good or bad (to you). Plus she did have a really good year and a lot of young fans that began listening to country becuase of her. If you were that age you would most likely be singing along to her songs as well. Secondly, all that stuff about Wynonna -relax- all she said was that it was a bit too soon for the nineteen year old to get that big an award and she did apologize for it. There is no need to call her fat, ugly, or anything else that I saw thoroughly repeated on these blogs. She did not look her best tonight and her comment did cone off as rude and insulting but I’m sure it did not come from as jealousy. She is a great country singer then and now. She will still be performing and she still holds on to a load of fans so she is far from over. Please leave these ladies (and some others I saw getting bashed on here) alone and keep your impertinent comments to yourself. They BOTH deserve the respect they get.

  102. For Sooth? says:

    Taylor Swift would have been out in the try outs for American Idol because she would not have been able to use Auto-tune. Her talent lies in writing teen angst songs and organization. Yes she has stage presence but she does not, I repeat, does not have the chops WITHOUT AUTO-TUNE!!! Anyone criticizing her for her singing is so very, very well within their rights and would be standing on ground that is so firm it would be granite.

  103. Joe says:

    lisa said : “i dont like to be mean but she asked for it by belittling taylor.”
    You may not “like to be mean” but you sure as hell are good at it. Your comments were juvenile and totally uncalled for. What Wynonna said wasn’t mean or hateful as your words certainly were. Grow up. Wynonna has paid her dues and is a major talent. And she is something Taylor swift will never be..an incredible vocalist. Taylor Swift is just a pop singer…and an average one at that.

  104. Zoja says:

    I don’t care what Wynonna looks like. I don’t care what she wears or if she wants to look tan. She can sing like no other. You go girl sing it Wy..!! and she can say anything she wants to. She sounds good enough to criticize anyone and back it up.

  105. Mandy Mason says:

    I am a Country Music Artist here in Nashville and I have heard many good things about Taylor and her family from many musicians that have worked with Taylor. It has been said that this is a very kind family and Taylor is a great representative for Country Music. She makes Nashville look great! The bottom line is, people around the world love her music and that is that. Much continued success Taylor!!

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