Avril Lavigne & Wilmer Valderrama might be hooking up

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne can’t keep it in her pants. After spending most of this year drinking, drugging and screwing anything with two legs who was not her husband, Avril and Deryck Whibley finally officially split last month. Since then, the most consistent rumor has been that Avril is somehow romantically entangled with Brandon “Greasy Bear” Davis. They’ve allegedly been friends for a while, and maybe even lovers, and reports indicated that Brandon was the one to convince Avril to finally leave Deryck.

Well, I don’t know what happened between Avril and Brandon, but now Life & Style Magazine is reporting that Avril has been hooking up with none other than Wilmer Valderrama, who famously dated Lindsay Lohan back when she was slightly wholesome (but still living at the Chateau Marmont at 17). Out of the frying pan and into the fire! Wilmer and Avril were seen flirting with each other a few nights ago, and love could be in the air:

She filed for divorce from Deryck Whibley just last month, but Avril Lavigne has already found a new man: Lindsay Lohan’s ex, Wilmer Valderrama.

“They have been friends since working together on Fast Food Nation in 2005, but things heated up last month,” an insider tells Life & Style. “One of their first dates was Oct. 29 at Nobu in West Hollywood.”

Avril, 25, and Wilmer, 29, took things public at LA club Wonderland last Saturday.

“She had her hand on his knee and they were whispering in each other’s ear, laughing,” says a witness. “They even closed the club, sneaking out just after 2.”

[From Life & Style]

In some ways, I don’t see it. Wilmer has a reputation for loving the jailbait, you know? And he seems to like girls who are really inexperienced sexually. And Avril is no wilting virgin – she’s quite the party girl. I’d imagine she’s gotten passed around like bad weed. But… in some universe, I could totally see it. Wilmer doesn’t have a lot going on, and Avril is some kind of C-list prize, I guess. And it sort of makes sense if they’ve known each other for years. I’m still hoping she’s with Brandon Davis, though. I think they deserve each other.

Here’s Avril at a photoshoot in L.A. on November 4th. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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  1. nAynAy says:

    It’s seem she has become quite ‘active’ since her divorce.

  2. Firestarter says:

    I thought she was with the heir to the Dole pineapple fortune a few weeks ago.

    Then she was also supposed to be dating greasy bear.

    I call bs on this story, because there is no mention of her having been with the Dole guy and she was definitely dating him last month.

    Life and Style is a bunch of crap.

  3. Corina says:

    She is so up Wilmer’s ally! He also dated Mandy Moore so I guess he’s going for the teen queen trifecta or something.

  4. e says:

    Only Mandy Moore is actually likable! These two are the perfect combo of douche.

  5. jessica says:

    HAHAHAHAHA that douche and avril?? Umm are u kidding me?? shes too hot.too rich..too famous for him..and i really do like him..its just that avril is way too good for him

  6. BitterBetty says:

    I totally forgot Wilmer Valderrama existed.

  7. gracie says:

    Who HASN’T Wilmer hooked up with? That list would be quite a bit shorter.

  8. lucy2 says:

    Well, I suppose that was bound to happen sooner or later.
    I think a lot of these D-listers hook up with other D-listers, hoping to grow exponentially famous, but really…it’s just gross.

  9. Rio says:

    A vague tangent, but GOD, it makes me feel SO OLD to remember reading about LiLo at 17, hooking up with Wilder at Chateau Marmont (does anyone else want to see that as ‘Chateau Marmot’? I would totally stay in Chateau Marmot). I’m 10 months older than her and I feel 10 years.

  10. Legend says:

    Why do any of these fameous women hook up with this name dropping hasbeen?

  11. Jim says:

    I don’t buy a word of this, there is no pictures, no proof, anyone can say Avril is dating someone, but there is no reliable evidence that Avril has dated anyone mentioned in this article. Prove to me Avril has moved on with some tangible evidence. Rumors are just that, they are rumors without out proof.

  12. viper says:

    How uninteresting, Im just glad the two little people never procreated.

  13. Jazz says:

    Ewww, imagine all the STD’s swarming around in that D list mess.

  14. Kar says:

    Sorry, but I just don’t believe this rumor, how about producing a photo to prove this claim, otherwise it is just a rumor.

  15. Dee says:

    It is pretty crazy just how big this story about Avril and Wilmer has gotten, and there is not a single photo of them even being together, and you know what I bet you they are not even seeing each other, if you disagree, try and prove me wrong if you can.