Kate Major to sue Jon Gosselin for breach of cocktail napkin contract

Yesterday Radar Online published a handwritten contract between Jon Gosselin and his summer fling of 12 days, former Star reporter Kate Major. In it, Jon promised Major a job as his personal assistant while Major pledged to field all media requests for the former reality star. As many of you pointed out, the scrawled writing and crossed-out words made it look more like a drunken scribble on a cocktail napkin than any kind of binding agreement.

I thought that Major might use the note against Jon in TLC’s suit against him for breach of his reality show contract. Major has been deposed as a witness in the case, along with another ex girlfriend of Jon’s and his former BFF, Michael Lohan. While Major might chose to bring up the note as evidence in court, she also has other plans for it. She tells Radar that she plans to sue Jon Gosselin for breach of contract. Good luck with that, considering that Major also broke her part of the “contract” that promised not to “comment publicly about our relationship.” She went to at least three different television outlets with her pitiful tale of being used and discarded by Jon Gosselin. It looks like she can’t find another job and is still fixated on how Jon wronged her:

Jon Gosselin’s embarrassingly public blunders are hitting him right where it counts – the wallet.

RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively that the reality dad’s former fling, Kate Major, has retained an attorney and is moving forward with plans to sue him for breach of contract.

“Kate called me and has retained my services regarding a possible breach of contract between herself and Jon Gosselin,” Major’s attorney, Ben Pietra, confirmed to RadarOnline.com exclusively. “We are keeping our legal options open, but if a breach of contract has occurred, we will be moving forward with a lawsuit.”

As RadarOnline.com reported exclusively earlier Wednesday, Gosselin and Major signed a secret handwritten agreement back in June, in which Kate agreed to work for Jon as his personal assistant, earning a percentage from his accounts and pledging not to talk to the media about their relationship.

That document is likely to be the centerpiece of the new litigation against Jon, who is already facing a breach of contract action from TLC.

“Kate 2.0 and Jon spent a weekend in a hotel where they drew up the contract,” a well-placed source told RadarOnline.com. Kate had just resigned from her position as an entertainment magazine reporter, and according to the source, “Jon told her he would match the salary she was making at the magazine if she came to work for him as his personal employee.”

The source added: “Jon drafted the agreement and they both signed it.”

Now Major wants payback for the time she says she wasted waiting for Gosselin to make good on his promises.

Along with breach of contract, an insider tells RadarOnline.com that the 26-year-old also plans to sue for fraud and loss of wages.

[From Radar]

This girl was reportedly 26 over the summer, which is young, but too old for Jon and old enough to know better. (She looks at least 30 to me, but there’s some hard living and too much eyeliner aging her.) If you quit your job for a married guy with another girlfriend who you dated for less than two weeks, then you should face the consequences of inevitably being unemployed. A handwritten note isn’t a binding contract, and I doubt she’ll even move forward with this lawsuit. If she does, it will just mean more legal bills for Jon though, so more power to her I guess. This whole situation descended into circus territory months ago and not much would surprise me at this point.


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  1. Meghan says:

    Hmmm, so does this mean that when my ex-fiance wrote me a note and we made a “contract” to never cheat, never break up, never fight, for him to buy me crab legs once a month, etc….and since he cheated on me, we broke up, and I did NOT get my crab legs, etc….that I have a case?!!!!

    Luckily for me, I was thinkin smart when I signed it and used a hyphen of our last names, so it isn’t binding for meeeee!!!

    Seriously, suing Jon is not going to make up for the fact that you had an extreme lapse in judgement and dated him for a whopping 2 weeks. What is she going to get out of it anyway? Some Ed Hardy gear? Kate (Gosselin) and TLC are going to take him for all he’s worth, and I would hope that anything he has after that would go for caring for his children (key word is hope!), so she needs to just drop this, and move on with her life.

  2. Firestarter says:

    If I had a nickel for all the cocktail napkin contracts I’ve signed………

  3. LolaBella says:

    This woman has no self-respect.

  4. kelly says:

    Actually, who says it can’t be a binding contract? The means by which it was written (by hand) or the medium on which it was written (napkin) aren’t relevant. Stranger contracts have been upheld in court.

    This explains why she quit her job so quickly, which never really made sense at the time. Yes, I admit she’s a dolt (Jon Gosselin? Eww.), but smart enough to recognize when a better gravy train was rolling by. And smart enough to get him to put it in writing.

  5. Jazz says:

    When will this bitch just go away??!!

  6. javelin says:

    If she wants to sue Jon for robbing her of any and all dignity she might as well get his kids on board and make it a class action suit.

  7. Popcorny says:

    Oh the humanity!
    A civil war of douche-bags … not exactly 2012, but a prelude.
    I’m talking about TLC’s case (and it’s epic cast of losers) more so than this tripe’s gripe above.
    Her suit will yield her nothing but more mockery … you cannot possibly bring John down any lower, not a penny can or will be had and she has less celebrity appeal than of a podunk convenient-store clerk.
    Finally, John’s story begins to appeal to me … the humiliating and public downfall I always wished for him and his “talents”.

  8. CB Rawks says:

    That’s so deeply embarrassing, I’m stunned she is telling anyone about it.

  9. Kerri says:

    The napkin contract can be binding. But one must always bear in mind the intention of the parties agreeing to it and signing. You would also have to consider the state of mind of each individual at the time of the making of the contract.

    If she can prove that this was legitimate and not the result of a drunken stupor well go for it.

    Sadly she needs to stand in line for a jab at Jon and odds are he will be bankrupt after TLC, Kate and Hailey are through with him.

  10. flourpot says:

    Is there a fund for Meghan to get her crablegs? I’d like to donate. Poor thing, not getting your crablegs. That’s just wrong. The bastard. <3

  11. bella says:

    Not saying it’s a rock-solid contract, but it does go towards establishing a pattern Jon has of not honouring his contracts: his marriage; his children; TLC; the Michael Lohan debacle; and now this. Just goes to show he can’t handle any level commitment, no matter how trivial it may seem to us.

  12. mollination says:

    “cocktail napkin-contracts” is my phrase of the day. this crap is hysterical.

  13. QB says:

    Didn’t spielbergh had a napking prenup and it was thrown out.

    Did the contract had a time limit to when she was going to get a job? Becuase if it did not then she was the one that broke the contract.
    Was he drunk?

  14. Bonnie says:

    LOL! Steven Spielberg and his ex-wife Amy Irving had written up a pre-nup on a napkin but it was never filed legally. When they divorced the napkin was not considered a legal document so Mr. Spielberg had to pay Amy the money based on California law. Translation: It became one of THE most expensive divorces in Hollywood history. This story is well known knowledge in Hollywood divorces.

    If napkins aren’t considered legal pre-nup documents in divorce cases then I can’t see how it’s legal in broken promise documents.

    This woman is an idiot. She worked for a tabloid! Someone that works at a tabloid whining about dishonesty! That in itself makes her dumber than a box of rocks and the biggest joke of this story! But I guess that understand why she doesn’t care how she looks in this mess… I mean she worked for a tabloid, that in itself proves morals never existed in her OWN life.