Tony Parker sues X17 for story about alleged affair with model

Eva Longoria’s husband has issued a second stronger rebuttal that he never cheated on his wife with French model Alexandra Paressant. Paressant told her story to paparazzi photo agency X17 in which she claims to have had sex with basketball player Tony Parker at hotels while he was away from his new wife. To corroborate her story she offered four text messages supposedly from Parker in which he asked her in French to meet him. She also added the detail that she was friends with Parker on MySpace, which made her story look false to me, because that’s pretty weak evidence and why would you say that unless you were desperate? A video of the preening model repeating her claim also made her seem less than sincere.

Tony Parker’s first statement didn’t deny the woman’s claim and simply said “I love my wife. She’s the best thing in my life, and I have never been happier.” Perhaps realizing his oversight, he issued another statement through his lawyer that explicitly denied even knowing Paressant, and gave hints of litigation to come:

“Tony adamantly and unconditionally denies ever having laid eyes on this woman, let alone having had an affair with her,” says the attorney, Stanton “Larry” Stein. “The allegations of the supposed affair are entirely false and fabricated.”

Stein went on to say he would “pursue all legal remedies against those making such false accusations.

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Late yesterday the news came out that Parker is suing X17 for $20 million for reporting Paressant’s story. I read through the lawsuit papers available on TMZ and Parker’s lawyers’ main complaint seems to be that not only are the claims by Parressant totally false, but that X17 refused to issue a retraction, correction or even acknowledge their statements that her story was false when they were told repeatedly.

They also note that X17 really didn’t do any homework to verify or disprove her claims and that “By intentional and reckless conduct, Defendant caused substantial harm to Plaintiff, in complete disregard of the truth and of even journalistic integrity.”

They also seem quite miffed that the articles are still available with such flimsy evidence as the supposed text messages and a flight itinerary to San Antonio from France, and that Tony’s rep’s statements were never mentioned in the posts.

It’s sounding more and more like this story is a complete fabrication, but if there’s any truth to it it’s sure to come out in the lawsuit. This is the same woman who was sued by Brazilian soccer player Rhinaldo for telling British rag The Sun that he was having sex with her most nights of the World Cup in which he performed miserably and lost. Maybe X17 could have avoided this if they would have checked her out a little more carefully and/or first published a retraction when Tony’s camp denied the story.

Eva and Tony are shown leaving LA for a weekend break on 12/14/07, thanks to Splash News.

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