Liv Tyler spotted out on a date with notorious player Zach Braff

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The lovely Liv Tyler may be moving on after her painful divorce from British musician Royston Langdon last year. She told Wonderland magazine in an interview published in February that she was still going through a hard time but had a lot of support from friends. “It takes a long time, but you do kind of wake up one day and you just feel a little tiny bit better… There’s nothing worse than heartache, being lovesick.”

According to The National Enquirer, Tyler has a potential new boyfriend in indie actor Zach Braff. Tyler, 32, and Braff, 34, were spotted out on a date looking cozy. If it turns into more for them we’re sure to hear more about it:

“Liv was emotionally drained after breaking up with Royston, and she decided to wait a while before dating again,” said the friend. “But Zach makes her laugh and hasn’t pressured Liv into a serious commitment. He’s got her believing in romance again.”

The couple enjoyed a cozy dinner on Nov. 14 at Vinoteca wine bar in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles.

“Zach had his arm wrapped around her and was whispering in her ear,” said an eyewitness. “It was very touchy-feely. It was definitely a romantic night out for them.”

While Liv, 32, is thrilled with her new relationship, close pals have cautioned her about Zach’s love-’em and leave-’em reputation…

“Liv swears Zach is a sweetheart, but her friends have serious reservations and have told her so,” added the friend.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, December 14, 2009]

From what I heard Braff was really awful to Mandy Moore when they were together, and he’s said to be a total player. Gawker even banned stalker reports of him in 2007 because he was all over NY hitting on various women like the semi-famous leech that he is. Tyler seems like a sensitive, vulnerable person and I hope that she listens to her friends and plays the field instead of falling for Braff. The least she could do would be to Google the guy and find out for herself that he’s not to be trusted.

Liv Tyler is shown on 9/22/09. Credit: WENN. Zach Braff is shown outside a club on 11/13/09. Credit: SCJ/Fame Pictures. Liv is also shown out shopping on 11/13 and outside the salon on 11/30. Credit: WENN

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  1. Schnauzers!!!! says:

    Love Liv…hope Braff has grown up if it truly is “something”.

  2. Firestarter says:

    I don’t know what it is about him but I don’t like him at all.

  3. Velvet_Julie says:

    I don’t understand how this guy gets to be “a player”. He’s not a big celebrity (some people know him, yeah, but it’s not like he’s making 15 million for film), he’s not good looking and he’s famously a jerk. What can attract a girl, especially a beautiful one, like Liv, to him?
    I don’t understand women. :)

  4. snowball says:

    Liv looks so pretty, whatever she’s doing, it’s working on her.

    Zach Braff is a low-rent Ray Romano-looking creepy guy.

    I don’t see these two riding off into relationship land.

  5. westender says:

    Maybe the photo was taken at a bad angle, but I find Zach Braff very unattractive. Liv Tyler on the other hand looks beautiful as ever. Like a previous poster said: “what does she see in him?”

  6. Kittypants says:

    I don’t get the attraction with Zach Braff either, I’d rather be whacked repeatedly in the face with a wet fish than have him dribbling in my ear all evening. Liv could do a hell of a lot better than this twat.

  7. snowball says:

    @kittypants – lmao, I just choked on my coffee and it went up my nose.

  8. Kittypants says:

    @snowball – Haha! No lasting damage I hope..

  9. Obvious says:

    sometimes it’s not the looks. i dated a guy who really wasn’t very attractive but he could make laugh like no one else and made me feel amazing. that made him the most handsome man in the world.

  10. Sumodo says:

    The girl needs a few laughs. Let her live a little.

  11. nj says:

    I too, have hurt myself in reaction to Kittypants, but I could not agree with her more. The fish in the face is by far preferable.

  12. lucy2 says:

    I don’t find him attractive at ALL, or have ever thought he was all that talented or funny. I too don’t understand it – he had one show that I did like but that struggles endlessly to find any audience, and one movie that was OK. How does he get so much action? It defies the laws of nature.
    I’ve always thought she was very pretty and seemed sweet. If she’s just out to have fun, good for her, but I would hope she wouldn’t look for anything serious with this guy.

  13. gg says:

    I question her choice of men. Sensitive women like she is, who are also famous and beautiful, have very difficult lives. They never know who is just using them as a conquest or to further their careers.

  14. Dolkite says:

    Yuck…Id rather see her date the old dude in the Crazy video who waggles his tongue at her than this guy…he looks like a MAD maazine caricature.

    Damn…she was really hot in that video…

  15. Popcorny says:

    Scrubs is hilarious, so I can see why the ladies go for him. Liv Tyler comes across as boring, bland and, if without her good coloring, horse-headed homely with an overbite.
    She doesn’t seem too sharp but does seem nice and gentle, so I feel sorta mean saying that about her.
    So, what my point’d be is opposite of most others here -I don’t see what he sees in her.

  16. kimberly says:

    his dick must be as big as his dick-like attitude.

  17. lrm says:

    oh,i think he’s hilarious-garden state was great-he wrote and directed,as well as starred in it. bonus points.

    i had never heard he was a d*ck.
    man,i should just assume that any actor/actress whose work i like/respect,is an a*s. that way,no surprises.

    she on the other hand,i have t agree-is not that attractive,except for the good coloring part. however,she does seem kind and there’s no need to trash her. so. done.

  18. Sudini says:

    Aww, Liv looks great! Love me some Liv.
    I have a feeling Zach is just the kind of guy who can make the girls laugh until their pants fall off. Truly funny guys are an aphrode..aphrodesi…they make your pants fall off.

  19. sg says:

    He looks a bit like porn-king rapist joe francis so somehow it doesn’t surprise me. Liv looks gorgeous in that picture.

  20. NicoleAM says:

    I too have been attracted to someone whom others thought was less than “handsome.” He’s got a pretty good career, but if the rumors are true than she needs to ditch him fast. I’ve always loved Liv. And she still looks stunning!