Hooker Ashley Dupre gets relationship advice column in NY Post

Eliot Spitzer’s hooker, Ashely Dupre, has a new weekly column in the NY Post in which she dispenses love advice. Because Ashley Dupre, allegedly 24, has a wealth of experience to draw on as a committed wife and mother – or just spreading her legs for cash – whatever. Ashley overreaches immensely by telling us all that children can drive a wedge in a relationship and that we need to stroke our husband’s… egos. It’s implied that if we don’t do so they’ll end up calling in a professional. The Post even lets Ashlee put in some titillating details about how she bought a vibrator and got all hot from the instructional video.

Are there telltale signs a man isn’t happy in his marriage? — J. Marshall, 37, East Village

Guys are primal. They’re proud and need to be treated like they’re proud and special.

Girlfriends do that for the most part. But I think that wives with children have so much pressure on them, the natural thing is for the kids to take priority. The husband feels secondary and in one form or another may seek out that required special attention outside the marriage.

Guys are so easy to please and I don’t just mean sexually. We all need to feel loved and appreciated. Ask yourself, when was the last time you did something to make your husband feel loved, special and appreciated . . . and if you can’t remember, then that’s your sign right there.

The children are a product of your love for each other. Your relationship should always be priority. Always. Remember, happy parents usually means happy children.

My girlfriend says she doesn’t like porn. Is she lying? — David K, 36, TriBeCa

Some women don’t like porn and some love it. I’m not big into it myself. But I must say, I was buying the Liberator [sex aid] and I was watching the demonstration video for all the different positions and I was thinking about my boyfriend at the time, and it got me super turned on . . . just thinking about him and us, and exploring all the different positions on this thing.

Try sending her an e-mail of a soft-porn clip and say “I can’t wait to do this to you tonight.” And see what she says.

[From The NY Post]

This is the same girl who recently said “When you sleep with a married man, you’re helping him stay married” and repeatedly compared prostitution to dating. I’m not sure why she’s being considered some kind of relationship expert, but that’s probably not the point. She’s getting publicity for the Post, much like the time she appeared topless on the cover.

The post really is a cheap rag, isn’t it? Gawker wonders who Dupre slept with to get the job and points us to this tweet by Post writer Justin Rocket Silverman, “I met Ashley Dupre on Friday. Total sweetheart. Super cute too. Obviously.” Yeah, and she really knows how to make a relationship work. Just listen to the trite pearls of wisdom she comes up with. “It’s the little things that married people sometimes forget. Like spending romantic alone time together. I think sometimes you get so wrapped up in the kids, you put your relationship second by default and that’s definitely not healthy for the relationship.” Never heard that one before.

Asley Dupre at a fashion show in New York on February 13, 2009. Credit: WENN. Also, photo of Ashley in New York on July 23, 2007.

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  1. audrey says:

    Jesus. What is the world coming to? Why on earth do folks want to read something by this hooker? All one has to do now is something lascivious and bam! you get a high-profile (some-what in this case) job in the media. It’s sickening.

  2. wow says:

    My name. And my name, again.

    She sure knows how to make lemonade out of her lemons.

    Hmm. I don’t know what I think on this one. It sort of reminded me of when Monica Lewinsky couldn’t find work after the whole Clinton thing,and then she started her own handbag collection and started to work for her self. If I recall correctly she even hosted a reality show about chosing men based on their personality instead of looks and money.

    I guess my point is that, even though she was involved in a scandalous affair, she is now trying to make money in a legitimate way. I don’t mind that, but for some reason I can still see it as a way of “cashing in” on the prositute affair thing. But if no one else will hire her, I can see why she would.

  3. ~M says:

    You have to be kidding me, right?!

    Yup. The Mayans were right. The world WILL end in 2012.

  4. lilred says:

    OMG ,what the hell. This has to be a joke.

  5. Firestarter says:

    *rushing to write her a letter for some much needed advice*

  6. Sigh. says:

    She’s not writing this stuff!

    She’s a walking, talking free ad for hooking, and mention of anything else insightful or even well-thought out is probably some middle-aged “editor” dude sent in to clean it up, raise the language to a 6th grade level, and correct her spelling.

    EDIT: Does anyone else thinks she looks like Jennifer Saunders of the British comedy duo French & Saunders?

  7. bella says:

    What next, “Meet my dermatologist, the leper”?

  8. e. says:

    wow, the last year seems to have been very rough on her looks. that’s sort of the bright side in all of this… yes there are beautiful twats out there that will sleep with your man, but it won’t take long until they look like the bottom of a shoe and then who will want them? is that a bright side? and can I say ‘twat’ on here?

  9. fizXgirl314 says:

    lol ~M… one can only hope… I think god should just burn it all down and start over from scratch :/

  10. ~M says:

    #9: I started having suspicions if that is not actually a good idea, after I saw Lady Gaga for the first time! ;)

  11. birdie says:

    What does a prostitute have to say about normal relationships? Economic transactions don’t have anything to do with most people’s love lives…

  12. Iggles says:

    The children are a product of your love for each other. Your relationship should always be priority. Always. Remember, happy parents usually means happy children.

    Um, I know this girl gets a lot of hate, but I don’t think getting relationship advice from her is all that crazy. Ever heard, those that can’t do teach? (I think she’s right on this point)

    Those on the outside have a better understanding out the system then those caught up in the middle of it. Which is why outsiders can provide the most accurate critiques of flaws in the system. The best critique of Capitalism ever written was by Karl Mark, the father of Communism. And it’s why those without privilege can spot it from a mile away (say, white privilege is often invisible to whites but very clear to racial minorities).

    I don’t condone what she did by any means. However, I don’t think she’s giving terrible advice either.

  13. Wench. says:

    “What does a prostitute have to say about normal relationships?”

    Prostitutes aren’t bionic people. I live in the UK, I don’t know this girl – she could be heinous. Her opinions aren’t invalid just because of her profession. She’s open (no puns!) to an incredibly wide range of people and ideologies. She wasn’t just having sex with people, she was probably listening to a lot of relationships highs and lows. She’s got some good experience.

    Also, and shoot me, I wholeheartedly side with her on the fact that for some to see a prostitute, is salvaging a relationship. People put too much emphasis on straight laced vanilla monogamy. It doesn’t work for us all.

  14. Dontbstupid says:

    The NY Post is garbage, not even suitable for cleaning dog-doot off your shoes.

  15. ligeia says:

    they’re probably doing it for publicity. wonder how many people actually get that newspaper to see what “the hooker” has to say or to mock and bash her.

  16. LolaBella says:

    So Spitzer loses everything and the hooker he hired gets ‘rewarded’ due to her notoriety?? WTH?

  17. loldongs says:

    Society is thoroughly debauched anyhow.

    It makes sense in a messed up way, who better to give advice for living in a screwed up society than a hooker?

  18. Moore says:

    “My name. And my name, again.” lol!

    I wouldn’t take advice from her and couldn’t care less if she fades into the background.

  19. Ethel says:

    ???WHY??? Does she even have a steady lasting relationship with a man or a woman?

  20. Tess says:

    Years ago, a wonderful writer and thinker named Gertrude Himmelfarb (I’m not kidding, that was her name) wrote about the end of shame and the disasterous effects its demise would have on society.

    Well, here we are folks. No shame.

  21. Sudini says:

    This is so in keeping with the vile rag that is the NY Post. God, they’re just so gross.

  22. Feebee says:

    ha ha ha… it’s not “relationship” advice she’s doling out.

  23. snowball says:

    She’s Dr. Phil, only sluttier, trashier and with no morals at all.

    It’s nice that she knows a lot of cliches, because I’m pretty sure that’s going to be all her column will contain. Oh, and sex toy talk.

  24. Sincerity says:

    I don’t condone prostitution; however, I’m not mad at her! You go, Ashley Dupree! Eliot Spitzer was responsible for his own downfall — not this woman. She’s just trying to make a “legitimate” living the best way she can. There’s no crime in that. Times are pretty hard for companies that specialize in print media because of the Internet. Who knows, with a little more polish, she may become as popular as Dear Abby and Ann Landers. If you don’t like what she has to say, just don’t read the New York Post.

  25. n says:

    what a rag. Kind of a suitable place for someone like her.

  26. Steve says:

    Ridiculous. A great way of encouraging more home-wrecking sluts to come out and tell their “stories.” The today show has already had 2 of Tiger’s sluts on, what could possibly be next???

  27. Mirdeb says:

    Congratulations Ashley for extending your fifteen minutes…

  28. yae says:

    No, there isn’t a COLLECTIVE effort to destroy the American public.

    More old men who see American women as just “animals”, making sure there are plenty of horny female teens and college kids for their taking.

  29. ViktoryGin says:

    @ Iggles

    I must concur. As much as I am disdainful of these opportunistic slags, the fact is that prostitutes are privy to all of the weaknesses and insecuritites of these men that their wives never see. Strippers as well. Not only do they sell sex, but they’re quack therapists and lapdogs as well. They sometimes know husbands better than their wives and that scares the shit out of women. Ironic, that the wifes are often the last to what is going on with these men because many men find it easier to compartmentalize and drown their grievances in rented twat.

    With that said, if this chick were an ageing, retired lady of easy virtue who was dispensing this kind of advice, than I would have slightly less issue with it because at least she and the mag wouldn’t be trying to immediately capitalize off of the salaciousness of fucking the priveleged. It’s still deploratory, however. By this cheap move it’s as if we are attempting to celebrate prostitution, when it is an abnegating, exploitative institution for both sexes. Prostitution will always exist, so it’s going to have its place, as do the women; but that place is not in print media dispensing advice. Go back to your rented hotel suite or…crack den…and lecture all you want.

  30. DD says:

    I can’t hate on hookers, they are not homewreckers, she didn’t have a relationship with him. He was seeking to pay someone for *** and noone can stop that. That is different than starting a personal affair with a married man. Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, it’s never going away and that’s not her fault. You can’t blame a hooker for a man who seeks their service.

  31. Chris says:

    Well fortunately for all of us the NY Post is not a news paper

  32. lizzy says:

    I see whores and homewreckers are the posts new target audience, she definately is perfect for that job at least.

  33. Sylvia's mother says:

    What an ugly whore.
    Sick world, that she can even show her face.

  34. I don’t agree with her life style AT ALL! but if you stop thinking that she is just a prostitute and read some of her advice you might be surprise to know some of the things she writes are right on the money. Sorry but its true!!

  35. Give me a break people! says:

    People honestly nobody thinks any woman whould ever do that and for me it’s not because I’m judging it,it’s dangerous and every woman is better but y’all act like prostitutes aren’t human beings FIRST.Anyone who has done that is not in a good place in their life so why rip them down even more,HONESTLY Why can’t people empower others instead and be happy she’s using her brain now and will be making moneuy on her feet instead of her back. It’s like you got these battle axes on line who want to put her in her place.Do you really think she ever felt good about herelf in the first place? The reality is if she was selling her body she was never in a good place.COMPASSION people,and she owes nothing,idiot should have had compassion for his wife!
    As far as the homewrecker digs go I’m so over people saying this. THE FRIGGIN guy called HER!!!! He made the choice to cheat on his dam wife. I swear the woman will ALWAYS get the scarlett letter.

  36. Carey says:

    Dear NY POST, Why not hire a professional to write the love column, like a doctor, a psychiatrist or a therapist? Why would I listen to a Hooker for relationship advise? What has she learned by opening her legs for money?! And she wants to give mothers advise for their children, if any good mother takes her advise they are dumb. What is it, take ashley’s advise for your kids and they can become high profile hookers also! Woot, morons.