Cops found (child) bite & (old) bruises on Jayden after Britney’s freakout


The latest news in Britney Spears saga is the revelation that police found a bite mark and several bruises on her youngest son (and hostage victim) Jayden James. US Weekly reports that when police came to Britney’s house on January 3rd, they found at least one bite mark and several bruises on Jayden James. US also reports that Britney never locked herself in the bathroom, she simply closed the door and refused to come out. That’s a lot different than locking yourself and your child in a “hostage situation.” I can sort of see how she could think closing the door to be alone with her kid isn’t as big a deal as it ended up being. It just depends on who you are it the situation.

According to a source, the LAPD report of the incident, which ended with Spears being transported to a nearby hospital for psychiatric evaluation, says that when officers arrived that evening Spears responded by yelling at them to get out of her house. Police outside the home peered through a window and saw Spears cradling Jayden in a bathroom and observed that he was not in any immediate danger.

The source says that, though at first police threatened to break down the bathroom door, they soon learned that the door was in fact not locked and the officers were able to open the door and enter the bathroom.

After observing the bite mark and bruises on the child, police were then told by Federline’s bodyguard, who had been at the home to pick up the kids, that the injuries were on Jayden before the child had even arrived at Spears’ home earlier in the day, and that his older brother, Sean Preston, had actually bit him.

[From US Weekly]

Celebitchy and I had a conversation about whether it’s normal for kids that age to bite. As I don’t have children, I’ll rely on her opinion, which is that it’s common, and kids can go through phases where they do it as an act of aggression or in an attempt to get attention. It seems like it’s a normal behavioral issue that parents have to deal with in toddlers. Hopefully it’s not something that happens for an extended period of time, as human bites are supposedly the most dangerous. Little kids will get into accidents. Unfortunately Sean Preston sustained a head injury in his infancy and barely avoided being dropped by Britney in public. So it does make me a little wary, given Brit’s history, but kids are going to hit and misbehave no matter what, so a certain amount is to be expected. And I would imagine that two little boys that are so close in age and both under three years old are going to be an extreme challenge for even the most doting parent. There’s a chance Brit may be a slightly more successful parent once her boys get further away from the “terrible twos.”

What I like about this story is that I think it’s actually very fair and not sensationalized. They point out that Britney didn’t lock herself in the bathroom, that K-Fed’s bodyguard didn’t take advantage of the situation and explained that the “injuries” had been there before the kids were at Britney’s, and that when they saw her in the bathroom she was cradling Jayden. Somehow I can understand how – in her not “all together there” mind – what she did wasn’t a big deal, and escalated in a way I would guess she never expected. I’m not defending her, but I can kind of see it a little more clearly.

Shar Jackson, K-Fed’s first ex-wife with whom he has two children, says that both Sean Preston and Jayden James are doing really well.

“The boys are good, that’s the only thing I know,” she told yesterday at the GBK Productions gifting suite in Beverly Hills. Jackson has two kids, daughter Kori, 5, and son Kaleb, 3, with Federline. (Jackson was pregnant with Kaleb when Federline left her for Spears.) “The kids get together all the time — they’re adorable,” she added. “They’re cutie-patooties!”

[From Us Weekly]

Shar Jones doesn’t say a whole lot to the press (considering how much she probably could share) – it seems like she might end up being a really good influence in the boys’ lives. Hopefully their home situation will become a little more stable soon.

Picture note by Jaybird: Here’s Britney after her car got a flat tire on Monday. You know how your mom always told you to wear clean underwear in case you had to go to the emergency room? Adult version: wear a bra in case you get a flat tire. Images thanks to WENN.

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