“Jennifer Lopez doesn’t look awful in ‘The Back-Up Plan’” links

Jennifer Lopez doesn‘t look awful in The Back-Up Plan. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
Happy 47th birthday, Ralph Fiennes! [Crazy Days and Nights]
Eli Roth talks about his bloody chest waxing. He turns me on. [Agent Bedhead]
Michelle Williams in an unflattering bikini in Hawaii. She looks nice, though. [The Superficial]
Carrie Underwood shows off her gigantic engagement ring. [Evil Beet]
T.I. moves from the big house to a half-way house. Free T.I.!!! [Bossip]
Nicole Richie goes jewelry shopping. [Pop Sugar]
Speidi has the worst book of the year. Sounds about right. [Lightly Salted]
Jessica Simpson goes shopping with her mom. [ICYDK]
Sparkles Pattinson‘s American accent is pretty good in Remember Me. [Moviefone]
It should be illegal to put “Simon Baker” and “Down Under” in the same sentence. [PopBytes]
Star Magazine‘sStars Without Makeup” cover is scary. [CoverAwards]

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16 Responses to ““Jennifer Lopez doesn’t look awful in ‘The Back-Up Plan’” links”

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  1. EB says:

    Seriously? That movie looks horrible, and no, Jennifer Lopez does not look good in it – she can’t act her way out of a paper bag.

  2. Miss Thang says:

    I laughed out loud more than once. :)
    This one makes my list.

  3. macaquinha says:

    who is that guy???? his gorgeous and the movie seems funny

  4. Susette says:

    That reminds me…This site really needs more Simon Baker. Now I’ll go back to my daydream of being down under with him. :)

  5. stinabelle says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with photos of celebrities with no makeup. On one hand, the changes are frightening. On the other hand, they’re reassuring.

  6. viper says:

    You know this rem indes me of a day when we were doing rounds in the Pediatric ward and there was a woman giving birth and suddenly she yelled ‘ GET IT OUT !!! in teh room we just walked by and most of our faces esspeically the women were O_p to O_O! Me I was trying not to laugh. I was thinking of the timing rather than the actual situation. Because just befgore she yelled one of the women in our groupo were wondering what it would be like to give birth. She looked like a ghost after that.

  7. KLO says:

    This J. Lopez movie has exactly the same plot as a sitcom i saw some years ago. it was a sweet sitcom, think the movie’s gonna be good :)

    The male lead looks really good ;)

  8. hannah says:

    jennifer aniston looks perfect without makeup in that photo…there is hardly any difference…as for the rest, some people really do need makeup to look good, others are just making funny faces…jennifer garner for one.

  9. Praise St. Angie! says:

    EB, I’m with you. I really thought that looked terrible. granted, it’s two minutes of a 90+ min movie, but still…

    regarding the Star “stars without make up” pictures…Aniston is wearing make up! It’s not dramatic, granted but she clearly has on eyeliner , and something (powder/light foundation/blush) on her face.

  10. lucy2 says:

    JLo’s movie actually looks…kind of OK, for a romcom. The guy looks good, and JLo seems a bit more toned down than her usual overacting self. Though the plot sounds a bit close to Baby Mama.

    Stars without makeup…Kim K needs to send her makeup artist a big thank you, because she does not look good without it. And Jen Aniston owes Star Mag a thank you for putting such a nice pic up, when they clearly did not give the same courtesy to some of the other women!

  11. Ben says:

    The guy looks really good.. JLo does not look so nice in this movie.

  12. Kimberly says:

    god I love Eli Roth ! he’s so damn hot .

  13. Chuck says:

    Alex O’Loughlin was already hot while being a vampire in “Moonlight”. No he is absolutely gorgeous!! Mmmm

  14. diva says:

    It makes sense now why Jessica was trying to bail out her makeup artist, she does a fantastic job. This movie plot sounds too far fetched to work.

  15. 88Modesty88 says:

    I’m with Chuck (well, not WITH Chuck): Alex O’Loughlin is hot stuff!
    Too bad it’s Lola he’s sharing the screen with…

  16. posterboy says:

    Why would she look awful? She’s very pretty, I think she looks great.