Enquirer: Who’s gay in Hollywood?

I love this issue of the National Enquirer. I wish all Enquirer covers were “Who’s Gay?” stories. I love it not because there’s so much new information, or that the Enquirer got some kind of scoop, but because it’s so inappropriate. First – Who’s gay? Who cares? Second – lawsuit, much? Just by putting so many high-profile celebrities together and simply asking aloud “Gay much?” is getting into some tricky legal territory.

Still, I’m not going to let those concerns ruin a perfectly good “Who’s Gay” cover story. Let’s check out the highlights:

*Zac Efron : According to the Enquirer, there are “gay questions” mainly about how Efron “prances” in High School Musical, and how much makeup he wears. The Enquirer puts these two sentences together for “who’s gay” effect: “Zac has long dated co-star Vanessa Hudgens, but some believe the relationship was arranged to throw a damper on the gay hoopla. It’s recently been reported that the two are on the outs.” Oh, yes. Gay hoopla indeed!

*Selma Blair : She could be gay because she kissed Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions, and because her marriage to Ahmet Zappa fell apart. But, the Enquirer notes that Sarah Michelle Gellar is “happily married,” so…?

*Courtney Love : The Enquirer calls Love’s sex life “bi-and-bi” and details several of Love’s public kisses with women. I think Love identifies herself as bisexual, yes?

*Lance Armstrong : Lance might be gay, in the Enquirer’s opinion, because he has a close, sweaty friendship with Matthew McConaughey, based on wearing matching outfits and working up a sweat together. But, the Enquirer admits that Lance does have a history with ladies, so whatever.

*Tommy Lee : He might be gay because he and friend Dave Navarro kissed. Once. Apparently, Tommy also said in an interview once that a male friend tried to seduce him, but “maybe if he was really good looking I may have slightly considered it. But he was not my type.” Tommy Lee, perhaps you’d like to meet Zac Efron?

*Sienna Miller : Because she kissed a woman named Helen McCrory once… but I’m pretty sure Sienna just loves d-ck.

*Anderson Cooper: Probably because he and his boyfriend have been photographed together?

*Ryan Seacrest: He can’t be gay because he dated Teri Hatcher for two seconds, right?

*Colin Farrell: The Enquirer thinks Colin could be gay because he shot a gay sex scene once (in A Home At the End of the World) and because he kissed a dude once. Oh, and because Colin loves the gay community (probably because his brother’s gay, just my opinion) and Colin actively participates in interviews with gay media, like The Advocate. But we all know Colin likes the ladies.

*Joely Richardson : Once again, The Enquirer’s reasoning is because Joely played gay for a role, this time in Nip/Tuck. However, I kind of wonder about Joely. She might be a lesbian, for all we know. She plays her personal life close to the vest.

*Hugh Jackman : Because he loves to sing and dance and be fabulous. But he’s married with kids! And he loves gay people! Jackman said in an interview: “I’d be happy to go and deny [the gay rumors], because I am not. But by denying it, I’m saying there is something shameful about it, and there isn’t anything shameful.” I think Hugh just loves to sing and dance, personally.

*Kevin Spacey : The Spacey rumors revolve around his close relationship to his mom, and his strong ties to the gay community. Oh, and he claims he got “mugged” in a gay cruising area of London.

*Alex Trebeck : I’ve heard these rumors before, and I actually thought there was something to them, but the Enquirer points out that Trebek is something of a ladies’ man, and he’s been married twice. To women!

*Tyra Banks & Kimora Lee Simmons : Because they were joking around and claiming that if they were both single, they’d totally hit it. And apparently – and this was so shocking to me – Tyra is surrounded by gay guys on America’s Next Top Model. It’s gay by association again.

*Adam Lambert : Because he came out of the closet.

*Neil Patrick Harris: Because he came out of the closet.

*Megan Fox : Because she pretends to be bisexual to get attention.

*Vin Diesel : This is another rumor I always thought had some truth. The Enquirer says Vin Diesel claimed he preferred to “date in Europe” because they know about the “code of silence”. But, he fathered a child with his girlfriend, so meh.

*Cher : More gay-by-association. Cher loves her gay fans, does interviews in gay media, and doesn’t judge any lifestyle.

* Kirstie Alley : The Enquirer thinks she’s gay because she’s overweight and because she hasn’t been in a relationship in years. I think that just means she’s got some sh-t she needs to work out, but whatever. Oh, but she is a Scientologist, and we know how they feel about gay people.

*Barry Manilow : Did you know Barry used to be married? It was the 1960s. Since then, he’s never come out of the closet, but he seems to have lots of young, buff men that hang around him.

*Pink: She gets gay rumors, I think, because she’s not all jacked up and girly. But I buy her relationship with Carey Hart, so meh.

*Drew Barrymore: Because she’s given lots of interviews where she’s talked about how much she loves women’s bodies. And she kisses her girlfriends. And she’s Drew, and she’s probably dated women.

*Jamie Foxx : Apparently the gay rumors about Jamie (that I’ve never really heard) stem from one scorned woman who spread it around that Jamie liked men. But, Jamie has one daughter for sure, and probably another baby around here somewhere.

*Dale Earnhardt Jr. : I had no idea, but apparently Earnhardt has a big gay following, and he gives shout-outs to his gay fans. And he lives alone. Oh, and he calls his candy bar “Big Mo”. For real.

*Kate Moss : Lots of rumors about threesomes and orgies doesn’t make someone gay!

*Robert Pattinson: The Enquirer seems to think Sparkles may be gay because he once said he was as a joke. Oh, and because he played gay for a role. And probably the accent and the prettiness doesn’t help either.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, January 11, 2009]

That’s everybody on the Enquirer’s list. Can you believe they didn’t include any of the gossip about Tom Cruise, Will Smith, John Travolta, Jada Pinkett Smith, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jake Gyllenhaal or George Clooney? Was the Enquirer scared about hitting some of the big names? Probably. It will still be interesting to see if anyone says anything about this cover story.

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  1. bella says:

    With all the cr@p I’ve read about George Clooney, they didn’t include him on their list?! Wha? And, I’m sorry, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Matt Damon was gay. And they left off the Gyllenhaal? After all the “Reese was his beard” talk? lol

  2. Firestarter says:

    Who cares who is gay in Hollywood? Everyone is usually accused of being gay at some point.

  3. Tess says:

    Come on folks….let’s just admit it….everyone’s interested.

  4. CandyKay says:

    Spacey was photographed cuddling a young man in a Los Angeles park, so I think he’s out of the “maybe” category.

    I think Pink has been pretty open about being bisexual, as well. And Drew had a well-publicized relationship with Jane Pratt, the former “Jane” and “Sassy” editor in the 1990s.

  5. Firestarter says:

    @Tess- No, not everyone.

  6. LolaBella says:

    Here’s my take on this…it piques my interest a bit, but whether these men are gay or straight, they are REALISTICALLY UNATTAINABLE, so it really makes no difference to me.

    I can continue to fantasize about the actors I like…cause in my dreams they do what I WANT them to do. LOL!

    When I decided to take a self-imposed ‘man sabbatical’ people made assumptions that I was gay; people are just going to speculate JUST BECAUSE!

    Would I be a bit surprised if some of those mentioned are gay? Yes. will I be devastated? No.

  7. nikki says:

    Hugh Jackman is gay :
    -because he loves to sing and dance
    -because John Palermo lives with Jackman and his family
    -because his wife looks like Jackman’s mum -and mostly because he was in Kylie Minogue’s concert in NY with male friends DANCING&SINGING in VIP area!

  8. embertine says:

    A friend of mine works in the London theatre community, and says that Spacey is openly gay, just doesn’t talk about his private life in interviews. Good on him, I wish more celebs handled their personal business with such grace.

  9. Essie says:

    I think Cruise was not on this list because he has won a couple of suits from people who have said in print that he is gay. Even the NatEnq is not stupid enough to say that about Cruise. Also, nobody will care much about this list because none of the people on it are important enough for most people to care.

  10. diva says:

    Who cares if they are gay? They should all have the right to stay in the closet.

  11. Sunnyjyl says:

    I feel a whole lot better about the salacious looks Kevin Spacey gave that teenaged girl, in American Beauty’ (not to mention the sleeping with her part). At the time I thought no one could act that well. Apparently, HE can.

  12. LolaBella says:

    @ Sunnyjyl: Hence the Best Actor Oscar he won for that role! He was convincing to the point where he had us as the viewers totally uncomfortable *shudder*.
    Loved this movie as it also starred Chris Cooper one of the most underrated actors of our time, IMO.

  13. Sigh. says:

    Some of these people on this list I suspect are just FREAKY, not…particular about who they do with what or what they do with who.

    They’ve probably kissed a barn yard animal or two in their VERY promiscuous (some times drug and drink-ridden)stages, as well. Tommy Lee, Courtney Love, Colin Farrell, etc.

    But the list is far from ground-breaking.

  14. Green is Good says:

    Dale Earnhardt Jr.? Being in NASCAR, you can be damn sure it’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell”.

  15. Vibius says:

    What about Rob Schneider? Rob Schneider pays migrant workers from Home Depot to come to his house and choke him.

  16. Tia says:

    More like WHO ISN’T GAY in hollywood!! Nowadays, who gives a shi**? It isn’t like it used to be, infact people who aren’t gay now want to be known as gay.. funny how times change. They left out a whole shi**load of celebs who are bi.

  17. bella says:

    @ Vibius –

    lol! just saw that “Family Guy” last night!

  18. LolaBella says:

    Tom Cruise’s lawyer contacting Birdie in 4..3..2… LOL!

  19. Popcorny says:

    I don’t mind saying/admitting I’m interested. It’s abberant stuff. Especially when some of these entertainers exude a whole different persona on camera. Some folks perceive/strongly identify the actors/actresses to their respective roles. So, it can be a head-turner.
    Also, for some, it can be disappointing (for their fantasies) that the actor/actress “plays for the other team”.

  20. Gracie says:

    @Sunnyjyl: In ‘American Beauty’ Kevin’s character did not actually sleep with the girl.

  21. Lisa says:

    What about Leonardo Dicaprio who also did a gay movie scene as poet Rimbaud and has a very close relationships with Lukas Haas and Toby McGuire.

    And Have you seen Ben Barnes in Dorian Grey, when he jumps back and throws his arms up, definitely gay. He is very handsome though.

  22. mollination says:

    lame sauce! Almost as lame as saying “lame sauce”.

    First of all – does Ryan Seacrest work for the Engquirer or something? How did they just bypass the gayest of the gay because of one faux girlfriend? They’re called beards!

    I love all this “oh but he was married”. Um, yeah. So was my extremely gay friend. And he has like, 6 kids!

    And as for all the experimental tommy-lee-rockstar-kissing nonsense, that’s because they’re on drugs or in a very liberal place and can do that crap. Doesn’t make em gay. Just openminded, and extremely hot.

  23. Kate says:

    Kevin Spacey being gay is old news,

    Jonathan Rhys Myers looked very gay in the movie Matchpoint, then Scarlett Johanssen told a story how he was hitting in her and gushing about her shoes at the same time, which she found to be very strange, Not strange, It was gay.

    Stanley Tucci also strikes me as a gay man.

  24. Tess says:


    Hmmmmm. You just reminded me that I saw Stanley Tucci cook one of his favorite dishes on the Martha Stewart Show years ago, as his mother looked on adoringly.

    I thought it was all very sweet at the time. But, now I see it from another possible perspective.

    Very Interesting. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.*

    *According to Jerry Seinfeld.

  25. LolaBella says:

    I adore Stanley Tucci (watched him in The Devil Wears Prada again last night) and although he plays a gay man very well I never thought that he was gay IRL. Sad fact – his wife died from cancer last year.

    ‘Gird Your Loins’! Sorry, just had to get that out. :-)

  26. juiceinla says:

    For me, “Whose Gay” covers fall a far, far fifth in line behind (Pardon the pun)

    1. Cellulite Extravaganzas
    2. Bathing suit bodies

    not sure why I felt the need to go “allcaps there”.

  27. Macca says:

    And, I’m sorry, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Matt Damon was gay.

    Yeah what with the wife, 2 kids and stepdaughter. Screams gay to me! *rolls eyes*. For crying out loud people! George Clooney yes. I heard some rumours here in Europe. Matt Damon? WTF? Because he is bessie mates with Ben Affleck?

  28. Macca says:

    By the way. Spacey is gay yes. Openly out here in London and no one cares.

  29. Firestarter says:

    Just because someone is married with children doesn’t mean they cannot be gay.


  30. Shelly says:

    Yeah, Macca, no way Damon could be gay since he’s married and all. Wouldn’t be the first (and I’m sure not the last) to “hide” behind a wife and kids. Anyway –

    And Vin Diesel – OMG – say it isn’t so but you really never see him with a female. Doesn’t matter to me, the man is still smokin hot!

  31. An23tom says:

    Tom Cruise is married and has a child.
    That doesn’t make him straight.

    Rock Hudson was married too and you know he was still gay.

    And there are planty of BI about Matt Damon. Apparantly he developed different interest after he split from Winona Ryder. And his family guy image seemed to have worked good for his career.

  32. Artsy says:

    Kevin Spacey, out in London? Are you kidding? He’s always denied being gay and he still does. And then FYI http://bit.ly/XzlJ5

  33. Firestarter says:

    @Macca- Maybe it’s a London thing, because he has never been out in the open here. If he were, no one would care here either. Artsy is right, he has always denied being gay, and while that is his business, it isn’t exactly a well guarded secret that would shock the folks in the USA.

  34. Emily says:

    @Vibius, you just made my morning!

    I get the gay vibe of Efron. I’ve seen his prance in HSM, and it’s pretty much the gayest thing I’ve ever seen. Drew’s openly said she’s bi, has she not?

    Anyhoo, what’s with all the actors being called gay cause they had a gay role once or twice. It’s called acting! Jesus. If we go by what roles people play, Neil Patrick Harris must be the biggest womanizer in existence!

  35. bluecat says:

    Colin Farrell Gay? Why because he has played gay roles and his brother is gay ? Why can you catch gay now? Is it contagious or something? If Colin Farrell is gay then i am going to be the first woman pope ?! lol

  36. snowball says:

    I need to get the rules straight (no pun):

    *If you’ve been married, you’re probably gay
    *If you have kids, you’re probably gay
    *If you’ve ever played gay in a movie, you’re probably gay
    *If you sing or dance, you’re probably gay
    *If you’re supportive of gay rights, you’re probably mostly gay
    *If you’ve ever laid lips on someone of the opposite sex, you’re probably bi or gay
    *If you haven’t dated in a while, you’re probably gay
    *If you’re a guy and you’ve got some pretty eyes or something, you’re probably gay
    *If you’re a woman who likes the tomboy look, you’re probably bi or gay
    *If you love your mom, you’re probably gay
    *If she loves you just as much, you’re probably both gay
    *If you’re related to a gay person, you better watch out, there’s a gay gene in you and you’re probably a closeted, unhappy gay who spends all your time breeding and popping out babies

    *Mix and match any of the above and you are totally, totally gay

    None of this applies to those who’ve come out as gay or bi.

    Sometimes the Enquirer is right, some weeks must be slower than others, because this is tripe. They should have called Perez in, he’s the Queen of Unwanted Outings.

    I’d rather see some recycled Best and Worst Dressed than this.

  37. Everyone that has contributed to this list is clearly gay.

  38. girl says:

    @Emily: I am laughing remembering him in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle playing himself.


    I loved him in that.

  39. Shay says:

    *Jamie Foxx : Apparently the gay rumors about Jamie (that I’ve never really heard) stem from one scorned woman who spread it around that Jamie liked men. But, Jamie has one daughter for sure, and probably another baby around here somewhere.


    The Jamie Fox gay thing is a big topic on “black” blogs. Kinda on the level of Tom Cruise is gay stories on mass media blogs. The story about a lady being mad at him is a new one.

  40. Emily says:

    @snowball, eight of those apply to me and I’m gay. Your rules are right!!

  41. ! says:

    Gee, I guess there’s no such thing as bisexual in Hollywood. *eyeroll*

  42. Goddess711 says:

    There’s an interesting Blind about an actor who’s wife died suddenly last year and he’s now batting for the other team. Some were suspecting Liam Neeson, some Stanley Tucci.
    There’s been a lot of rumours about Hugh Jackman and his wife both/each being gay and are married to be a front for each other.
    Vin Diesle’s girlfriend popped out his kid last year or the year before.

  43. Legend says:

    *Sienna Miller : Because she kissed a woman named Helen McCrory once… but I’m pretty sure Sienna just loves d-ck.

    Married dick.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Curious, didn’t hear any comment regarding Robert Pattinson. It seems that there’s no Twilight (Tightlipped) fans comments, LOL!

  45. Jamie F says:

    Jamie LOVEs men…he has even posted pics of himself in a happy situaton on selected gay sites…not a rumour but fact.

    Jamie Foxx gay-ness is also a topic in white blogs google Awful Truth and Dlisted.

  46. PigskinMama says:

    Just some food for thought–What about Simon Cowell? Susan Boyle? Drew Barrymore? Justin Timberlake? Hilary Swank?

  47. Tad McCawley says:

    Barry Manilow – GAY
    Kevin Spacey – GAY
    Anderson Cooper – GAY

    I always thought Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest were gay…but have not confirmed it.

    I SO want Zac Efron to be gay…but don’t have a clue.

  48. LaVera says:

    I can’t say that I agree with the gay life sytle choice. But would it not be nice if we could just enjoy an actors work and not have to know so much about their lives. I have always worked in public and Thank God I am not followed around revealing every detail of my life. Such as your a bad mother because you took your child to the dentist and they had a cavity. Enough is enough lets build bigger closets and put more public figures in. Not just gays but all those little details that no body should care about and it isn’t news. Who cares if you buy Starbucks or McDonalds coffee, who cares if you gain 10 pounds or loss 10 pounds The world is falling apart and this is the best we can do.

  49. Anonymous says:

    While you’re mentioning big names, how about Hugh Grant and Leonardo DiCaprio huh??

  50. EF Hutton says:

    John Travolta is a whore. He’s been banned from AT LEAST one hotel because of his flagrant sexual advances toward the male staff.

  51. Eglgh says:

    LaVera, being gay is not a ‘lifestyle choice’.

    For goodness sake, do some research. You don’t ‘choose’ to select a lifestyle that is either at the very least, mild ridicule to being beaten to death. Do you chose to be black? Then that’s how gay people are gay. They don’t chose it, it just is.

    • autumnleaves says:

      no, being black is never he same as being gay. I really wish gays and their apologists, who may be white, to STOP comparing homosexuality to the color of my skin. Statements like that are the reason why there is a divide between blacks and gays. I find it offensive and insulting. Blacks are born with their skin color and outside the few that have passed for white, the majority of blacks are born with EVERYTHING that comes with being black in this world. and that will never be on the same level as being gay.

      Pick another group like Jews, Chinese, Arab, Mexican, Spanish, whatever, but STOP comparing gayness with black.

  52. Christopher says:

    In regards to Hugh Jackman, after knowing him since he was a young bloke before he was famous I can tell you as a gay man he is far from gay. I only wished he was. Happily married and straight.

    And it is tue one can be married and be gay. I was married twice and all for convenience so people except those close did not know I was. Would have f….. up my career otherwise.

  53. reidh says:

    Hey, J.Edgar Hoover was phuckin gay. It does not mean one is good, its just about how you get off. its dysfunctional in the Darwinian scheme of things, and its definitely a no-no in the Fundamentalist scheme of things. Better, if your gay, to be Bhuddist. There is no major religion, or philosophy which embraces a gay lifestyle. It is contrary to good business. It is the quintessential example of the Law of Diminishing Returns. I reccomend all gay people unite to adopt unwanted children and raise them to change world, if they think they can.


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  56. Gay Actors says:

    There are so many gay actors in hollywood. Some are opened and some hide. But its so strange when our favorite actors commit that they are gay.

  57. Herman King says:

    Was Trigger gay? He certainly adored Roy Rogers.

  58. schecter says:

    it doesnt require critical thinking to conclude that MOST of these actors/actresses do their share of acting off screen as they do on. a lot do it better off screen. consider the definition of LAVENDER MARRIAGE, leonardo di caprio, keanu reeves, usher, travolta, and a new addition; kristen stewart. facts indeed.

  59. My Darling Pinkett says:

    Lol. I think some of those people aren’t gay, and the excuses the magazine comes up with are just ridiculous.

  60. My Darling Pinkett says:

    I can’t see Tom Cruise or Travolta ever coming out. I don’t know if they are gay or not, but you can’t help but wonder since they’ve been dogged by rumors for years. Kevin Spacey is definitely gay. And no mention of Kristen Stewart? A lot of folks think she’s a lesbian. By that I mean a lot of lesbians get gay vibes from her. That says something. She is a bit masculine, but idk. And she does look happier when she’s around women. Just sayin…It’ll be a great day when KStew and RPatz come out of the closet and thousands of teenaged girls die of shock.

  61. mateo says:

    You can never believe the enquierer because it is filled with absolute lies. Most of the people on this list are straight and a small amount are bi. Zac efron has a girl, Megan’s fox is married and has a step son(with a MAN), pink is married and has a baby, drew Barrymore has a boyfriend,, and i could list so many more wrong things about this. And also just because a girl kisses another female definitely does not mean that they are lesbians it just means they want to get attention or they are crazy. And how do you know someone is gay or not? You are not their friend or family member, so leave all the celeberties alone. Let them have a life. It is you poperazzi’s that should get a life. So eat that low life’s!

  62. bill forsyth says:

    Some people ,even famouspeople,do not think it right to speak endlessly about their intimate private lives for a host of different reasons ,shame or fear not always being the reason ,you only have the right to know of someones sexuality if they are oppressing you or planning to marry you.