Courtney Love tweets gross, disturbing photos of herself (SFW)


Courtney Love has protected her tweets. You know, her Twitter account. I didn’t know one could do that – make it so only a few people could read your insane/hilarious/sad/ridiculous crack tweets, but apparently you can and Courtney did. Note: Lindsay Lohan, you need to do this. Anyway, somehow a bunch of people got ahold of Courtney’s tweets and her twit-pics. You know what’s coming…

Huffington Post was one of many media outlets with these photos that Courtney posted of herself yesterday. She’s showing off her new tattoos, I think? Except they don’t look like tattoos. It looks like a really sad, gross woman just stamped herself with a kid’s ink-and-stamp kit. One even looks like a mugshot. Ugh. Oh, here’s more from The Daily Mail:

Having lost custody of her teenage daughter, Courtney Love might be expected to tone down her wild behaviour and perform the role of modern mother. But the widow of Kurt Cobain is never predictable – and it wasn’t her estrangement from daughter Frances Bean that made her grimace yesterday, it was a trip to the tattoo parlour.

The widow of Kurt Cobain increased her collection of body art with a series of flower tattoos on her arms, breasts, chest and back.

She posted photos of the process on her Twitter page, as she sat in the studio chair.

The pictures show a semi-naked Love covering her modesty with one hand as she displays two flowers on her right shoulder, one on her right breast, more on her chest and one on her left arm. The tattooist can also be seen working on her back.

Love is make-up free in the shots, with messy hair and dark shadows under her eyes.
Love’s 17-year-old daughter was placed under the temporary guardianship of her grandmother, Wendy O’Connor, and his sister, Kimberly Dawn Cobain, in December, giving rise to speculation that she had had a drug relapse.

Love’s lawyer insists his former drug addict client is completely ‘clean’, but the reasons behind the change of custody are not clear, but that it was teenager Frances decision.

And it doesn’t appear that the two are likely to be reconciled soon. Love later took to her Facebook page to express her annoyance at her only child.

She wrote: ‘I hate to sound cold but any kid of mine who pulls this s**t has lost her position… she was deceptive, she lied and she’s lying to herself… My daughter is not always honest.’

The former Hole singer is currently promoting her new solo album Nobody’s Daughter.
That title might appear ironic but is actually a reference to her own difficult upbringing.

A social-services report details the eight different institutions where she was held in care between 1978 and 1980.

In recent months, Love has been criticised for rambling online postings that have attacked a former bandmate and other.

[From The Daily Mail]

Oh, yes. Courtney is “completely clean.” In other news, she’s also mother of the year, right? The thought always comes to me when I’m looking at what appears to be a strung-out, whacked-out-of-her-mind Courtney Love – is she really on drugs, or is this a mental illness? I thought the same thing when I looked at photos of Casey Johnson before her death – and I really don’t know in Courtney’s case. The extensive plastic surgery definitely doesn’t help her look any less jacked.

Courtney Love’s twit-pics courtesy of HuffPo.

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  1. Anna says:

    Poor Frances, I’m not a prude but I’d be so embarassed if my mum were to crack-tweet like this. Jeezus.

  2. Firestarter says:

    What the hell is going on in that last picture?

    You know what disturbs me more than these pictures or her weird Tweets? The fact that Ed Norton, who I used to love, was engaged to this train wreck. That makes me question HIS sanity more than hers.

  3. princess pea says:

    Check your dictionary, Daily Mail. That title might appear ironic but is actually a reference to her own difficult upbringing.
    It’s actually more ironic that it’s supposed to be about herself. The fact that she didn’t do this on purpose, but it mirrors her own life… that’s irony. God, even Alanis understood it better.

  4. kermit says:

    These pics should not be for public viewing since Courtney protected her tweets. But, she did put them out there, it’s the risk you take. Along with Amy Winehouse and others she’s considered to have borderline personality disorder and is in very bad shape. She’s estranged from her daughter, sadly a necessary thing.

  5. Jillian says:

    She looks horrible now. Just used up and wasted away.

    I was so in love with her circa 1998. Sigh.

  6. oxa says:

    The chick is crying out for help and needs to go to rehab. Dr Drew do you have room for her?

  7. ccoop says:

    There is no such thing as privacy on the internet, protected tweets or not. Fact of life.

    Poor Frances Bean.

  8. SolitaryAngel says:

    I just Googled pictures of her from the 1990s and WOW–she used to look so normal! I saw some from before all the plastic surgeries and didn’t really believe it WAS her. I feel sorry for Frances Bean.

  9. lastwordlinda says:

    I think she has a mental illness and that the drugs she took/takes are a result of having the illness, not the other way around. And that’s just sad.

  10. LolaBella says:

    I want to say something snarky, but looking at Courtney in these pics all I can come up with is ‘Little Girl Lost’.

    Yes, I know she is an adult, yadda yadda, yadda, but she obviously has problems in addition to the drugs and needs to get help for them.

    I feel for Frances Bean and everything she must have gone through with Courtney for a parent.

  11. pickelhaube says:

    I think she’s mentally ill and needs help. Too bad she will never get it, even though she can afford it. Makes me sad for those who cannot afford help and would do anything to get it. I hope Frances will be OK…she is the innocent in all of this, and I cannot imagine having this lunatic as a mother. Poor thing, I just want to swoop her up and bring her down here to FL and mother her to death!

  12. Kitten says:

    Feel bad for her . She worked at a strip cub one day with me . The club I worked at fired her for being too messed up on drugs . She was nodding out and couldn’t get on stage . The next time I saw her was on curt cobains arm on tv . It must be horrible to have your husband kill himself . Her father was not kind to her either ( from what I read ) . She had a promiseng acting career and blu it . I hope she gets some help . I would not be suprized if she killed herself .

  13. snapdragon says:

    my sympathy for courtney disappeared when she started publicly attacking her own 16 year old daughter.

  14. Sumodo says:

    Frances should never look back.

  15. Kiki says:

    Why do her tattoos look infected? Her skin is pink around the flowers – or maybe it’s supposed to look like that??

  16. LolaBella says:

    @Kiki:she just had the tatts done. The skin is inflamed, raised and red due to the tattooing process.

  17. Kiki says:

    @Lolabella – thanks for the info. That makes sense! : )

  18. DoMaJoReMc says:

    What in the hell is wrong with her left eye? It, too, looks red and swollen. Sorry to say, but I think “kitten” is right about the life expectancy of this human train-wreck. Lindsay Lohan…take notice!

    While I hate to see children seperated from their mothers, I think Frances is FAR better off now, and should NEVER go back to Courtney.

  19. CB Rawks says:

    She should have made them a pretty colour at least, because right now they look like welts or burns.
    No, if they were purple or blue they would look like some disease. Forget it.

  20. Jen says:

    The Daily Mail really needs to hire new writers. Ouch! My soul had died just a little more after reading that (and not solely due to the subject matter).

  21. lola lola says:

    Wow, that’s a gorgeous bra. I thought she was broke?

  22. MooMooMooMooMoo. says:

    I just feel sad for her. Parents didn’t love her, left her in institutions for most of her life and she’s mentally ill. She doesn’t know how to be a good mother, it’s a sad situation. And for Frances too, it goes without saying.. glad she has some sane family though. I’m just really grateful to have the parents I have after seeing all of this unfold.

  23. knotstu says:

    I love getting ink.
    Hurts ….don’t it !
    But nothing could hurt more than the death of her loved one.
    May God keep you and hold you courtney.

  24. guest says:

    the j simp pics are way more disturbing than these…lol.

  25. Sunflower says:

    I think she looks ok.. I thought the tatoos were cute.

  26. ligeia says:

    she def looked far worse in the past, i’d say this is an improvement. at least she isn’t wearing 2 lbs of horrible makeup.

  27. Maria says:

    DoMaJoReMc compared Courtney Love to Lindsay Lohan, made comment regarding their life expectancies, but what’s funny to know is that Lindsay and Love are both Cancers.. Cancers are prone to outbursts and mood swings, the men are more quiet than the women.. Cancer women sometimes seem to be somewhere either halfway between displaying a crazy/tough hard-shelled crab bravado or something like a chaotic fragile vulnerability at times..
    The cancer women can shout or come out tough and ballsy but there’s a sensitive side to them..
    Courtney Love has always been a bit suspicious of drug activity though.. She definately had some kind of childhood, everybody does, but as a Cancer who had some drug use and stripping then lost her husband, some of her “antics” are probably not far from abnormal..

  28. Carmen says:

    Durrrr…cannot most of you figure it out?? She posted these pics because she was showing off her new tats. THAT’S WHY THEY LOOK PINK AROUND THEM. DUH! The third pic is probably of the tattoo artist doing work. I am surprised that most of you that posted didn’t figure that

    Anyways, Courtney might be bi-polar or effected from years of doing drugs. She is eccentric but I am not going to sit and judge someone. BTW, cute tats. ;)

  29. D says:

    How are these pictures disturbing? They’re pictures of her tattoos. If I got tattooed, I’d tweet a picture. I don’t get it.