“Would Don Draper approve of Jon Hamm’s beard?” links

Premiere Screening Of Before I Forget - After Party

Jon Hamm‘s beard: fug or fab? My take? Mm… Hamm. [Go Fug Yourself]
That “Pants on the Ground” junk. [The Blemish]
Rest in peace, Teddy Pendergrass. [D-Listed]
Some minor Lost spoilers from Josh “Mm… Dimples” Holloway. [I’m Not Obsessed]
Conan O‘Brien love: “I‘m With Coco” popping up everywhere. [PopEater]
John Mayer “borrowed” his lame jokes from Tracy Morgan. [LaineyGossip]
Lady Gaga will host a Gay Rights Gala. [Starpulse]
Shaquille O‘Neal’s mistress is suing. [Hollywood Rag]
Rachel McAdams needs to fire her stylist, part 69832. [Yeeah]
Scarlett Johansson‘s boobs are not under attack. [Egotastic]
A good blind item: Nicole & Keith? [The Frisky]
Michelle Obama shows off her new bob. [Jezebel]
More homoeroticism from the Sherlock Holmes media tour. [A Socialite Life]
Am I the only one who never liked Bryce Dallas Howard? [Pajiba]
Alexis Arquette, Ben Dover. [Celebslam]

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13 Responses to ““Would Don Draper approve of Jon Hamm’s beard?” links”

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  1. Firestarter says:

    Now if you have to have a beard, that is how one should look.


  2. Sumodo says:

    Jon Hamm needs a trim. Moving on: Pajiba’s rant on that film calls out Bryce Dallas Howard’s character as one of Tennessee Williams’s least-likable heroines, like “Brick.” Heroines? Paul Newman played Brick, an alcoholic ex-football player, in the movie version of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” So, don’t go to Pajiba if you want movie reviews.

  3. LolaBella says:

    I have never seen a single episode of Mad Men, but I’m totally feeling the Jon Hamm hotness vibe.

    I’m so with Coco; added the pic to my Blog to show my support for Conando.

    @Kaiser you are not alone in your dislike of BDH, can’t stand her. She’s an overrated actress in my opinion (Lady In The Water and Spiderman)

    RIP, Teddy Pendergrass *leaves thread humming ‘Turn Out The Lights’*

  4. lucy2 says:

    I’m with Coco too!

    Rarely a fan of beards, but I don’t know, somehow Jon Hamm seems to pull it off just fine.

  5. Madelyn Rose says:

    Heck yeah, John Hamm looks sexy in anything…including a beard. It’s kind of manly and beastly…

  6. Hautie says:

    I also do not understand how Bryce Howard has manage to land the parts she has either. Terrible actress in general. Then there is that smugness she has about being a “great” actress that annoys me even more.

  7. Camille says:

    DD might approve, but I don’t. Yuck. I’d rather see a big, messy goatee over hair that is covering up the face. Mountain man gone wrong. Yuck.

  8. Newyorking says:

    Soooo hot, even with the beard. Damn. Sigh…..

  9. BitterBetty says:

    Bryce Dallas Howard’s daddy bought her career in Hollywood. unfortunately, her last name, limited acting skills and eating disorder only got her so far – hence the whole twilight fiasco. I agree she reeks of entitlement.

  10. Baghag says:

    He looks like Billy Mays…

  11. Firestarter says:

    NO HE DOESN’T! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. jayem says:

    LMFAO @Firestarter. Sorry, honey. Yes he does!!

  13. Firestarter says:

    @Jayem- NO,NO,NO.! I am not listening to this blasphemy LALALALALALALALALALALA!