Johnny Depp, shirtless, GQ’s “Most Stylish Man”


Johnny Depp! Shirtless! On the cover of the February issue of GQ. Now, I don’t want to be shanked by CB or any other Depp-loonies, but I thought HuffPo was joking when they labeled this cover “Johnny Depp”. It doesn’t even look like him. Not how he’s been looking lately. I thought it was some kind of Depp look-alike placeholder on the cover, honestly. But apparently, it’s him. GQ made him their cover boy because he’s been chosen as the most stylish man in the world. Depp can add this honor to his banquet of awards from the past year, including his People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive for 2009, Entertainment Weekly’s Entertainer of the Decade, and his People’s Choice Star of the Decade.

This honor comes with a slideshow on GQ’s site of the most stylish men of the past century. They don’t label them as “from the past century” but I noticed that Genghis Khan didn’t make it, so I saying “century”. As for Depp’s inclusion and victory as most stylish… really? I mean, I like his style, he’s quirky and fun and sexy, but I don’t think of him as the most stylish man. But maybe I’m alone.

He does look good shirtless though. Mmm…

GQ cover courtesy of Huffington Post.

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  1. Firestarter says:

    Well, I think it does look like him, and I personally like the cover.

    You don’t see him smile like that often, so maybe that is what is so different about the way he looks.

    At any rate: Yumm!

  2. teri says:

    Angelina is doing a movie with him soon, yeah. Brad was on the list too and he’s mighty sexy as well.

  3. Megan says:

    How the hell is this guy 46… he hasn’t got a wrinkle on him.

  4. pixiegirl says:

    Not loving that picture.

  5. *Lee* says:

    I guess it depends on the way you look at it. In a sense, he is very stylish. He doesn’t look like everyone else, he carries himself well, no matter what clothes he has on. I don’t think he dresses badly, his style suits him.

    Slightly off topic, the story about him defending Roman Polanski put me off him a little. It doesn’t change all the other cool things about him, but there’s just that little less excitement, you know?

  6. Firestarter says:

    @Lee- When was he defending Polanski? Link please?!

  7. Solveig says:

    This picture is old, about two or three years, correct me if I’m wrong.
    Who cares? I’d love that serbian statue too just because it’s supposed to portray Johnny.

  8. *Lee* says:

    I’m not saying he’s on a Roman Polanski march or anything. It just puts me off a bit that he would even reference it in in anything positive at all.

  9. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “I guess it depends on the way you look at it. In a sense, he is very stylish. He doesn’t look like everyone else, he carries himself well, no matter what clothes he has on. I don’t think he dresses badly, his style suits him.”

    well said, Lee. I totally agree. he’s not stylish in the traditional sense, but he sure does have his own SENSE of style, and carries it very well.

    Agree with Firestarter…YUM sums it up for me, too.

  10. lucy2 says:

    I very much like that he does his own thing and I can see where they were going with it, but I guess it all depends on what “most stylish” means. Is it who is most unique, or who do all the other guys want to be like?
    Brad Pitt, when dressed up is stylish, but the rest of the time he kinda looks like a hobo. LeBron always looks good, and Clint definitely has his look. I don’t see enough of DDL or Jay Z to know, and as for RP…I can’t get past the hair or the whole Twilight thing.

  11. *Lee* says:

    Firestarter; I put up links, but it’s taking awhile for them to show up.

  12. Lola says:

    I think he looks different too but can’t put my finger on why but wonder that he doesn’t have any wrinkles. Bet he just had work done.

  13. Rose says:

    I used to think he was a fairly cool guy, but his rape apologist stance has put me off him in a big way.

  14. juiceinla says:

    Once again I agree with Lucy2- about Brad Pitt. (“hobo” comment is priceless). For me what makes Johnny so Haut, is that even when entrenched in his dirty scruffy look, I think he’s adorable. (important only becaues because I do not like dirty smelly boys)

    And that damn smile! ALL CHARM, and that my friends (as Lee has also suggested) is style!

    I will be sad if he is backing Roman Polanski though…

  15. Praise St. Angie! says:

    oh, dear…my opinion of Depp just plummeted after seeing that interview.

    Polanski’s “not a predator” because he’s not “out in the street doing horrible things”?

    and not a predator because he has a wife and kids?!

  16. princess pea says:

    Looks like him to me, just making a face we don’t see a lot. Mmmm Johnny. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

    Wait, where was I? Oh yeah. I do think it’s funny that he’s the MOST STYLISH, so of course he’s pictured in no clothes. Stylish, non?

  17. Brooke says:

    Agreed, Johnny Depp is the king of quirky, DGAF style. He reminds me of an article I recently read wherein the author used the word ‘chic’ not as an adjective, but as a noun – something you either have or don’t have. It isn’t applicable to an outfit or a label, it’s closer to joie de vivre – which may itself be the genesis of chic, coupled with self-assuredness – so many can learn to be well-dressed but not have chic.

    It doesn’t seem to matter what Depp wears, it’s how he wears it; he could be stylish in pajama pants. Depp has chic in spades.

  18. Firestarter says:

    @Lee- Thank you for providing the links. Like Praise, my opinion of him has gone from love to disgust!

    *gives Johnny giant side eye and thump on the head*

    Johnny, just because Roman is a father and husband and 75, doesn’t mean he was not and is not still a predator.

    Man, how can Johnny be one of those apologists! If Polanski had done this to Depp’s daughter, I bet he would be singing a different tune!

  19. Novaraen says:

    Oh wow….what a smile. Would love to see that directed at me personally. ;-)

  20. Solveig says:

    He’s quite delusional.
    Ok, “why now?”, after 40 years since Polanski’s escape from US. It’s a question that makes sense.
    But that doesn’t mean that Polanski doesn’t have to face justice for once in his life.
    Sometimes a crime is excusable just because the criminal is an artist.
    No news about it.
    The only thing I can say in favor of Johnny is that he’s just replied to a question, he hasn’t issued a free will statement in some magazine.

  21. snowball says:

    Is Johnny hispanic? Vanessa better watch out, it’s not Angie she needs to worry about, it’s Madge.

    Bad, bad picture.

    Seriously, Tom Brady? Arnie Palmer? Andre 3000? Pete Doherty? Beck? I must be missing something. I wouldn’t call any of them particularly stylish.

    No Daniel Craig? He makes every best-dressed list and totally changed the Bond image.

  22. Maritza says:

    People love him because he is such a nice sweet guy but I honestly don’t think of him as stylish. I think he mixes and matches any old thing he has from his closet. He does have his own personal style just like Mickey Rourke does, it works for them.

  23. Linda says:

    It has been widely reported that he quit smoking. I wonder if the picture is old.

  24. lucy2 says:

    That makes me very, very sad if he is a Polanski supporter. I honestly don’t understand what sort of mindset allows someone to disregard what he did. And I don’t know why the people who know and/or admire his work can’t still do so but ALSO accept that he committed a terrible crime and fled justice.

  25. Lee says:

    Totally off-topic, but it appears there is another Lee here, again. This one (above) is *Lee*, but it is too similar, so I think I’m going to finally have to change my handle. Henceforth I’ll be “Wee Freckles”. Now, back to your regularly scheduled comments…

  26. kermit says:

    Remember what I said before. He seems like a good person but that could be an illusion. A lot of what appeals about someone is when we don’t know a lot about them. Any real relationship, the onion is peeled, and there’s a real person to deal with. There are always warts. In terms of style, there’s lots of stylish people I see in the world. There are folks that mostly pull it off and Johnny seems to be one of them. As for the no wrinkles, photoshop.

  27. LolaBella says:

    Loved the genuine smile on the cover shot and his unapologetic personal non-conformist personal style in general.

    However, as much as I love Johnny,it pained me to listen to him calmly defend Roman Polanski. He may as well have signed the damn petition. Damn.

  28. Stephie says:

    He’s cute and a good actor (in what I’ve seen him in) but I don’t see him as the “greatest” anything. Not seeing what the big deal it.

  29. Jenna says:

    That picture they are using for Johnny for his cover on GQ is an old one. But he’s still yum all over. This man I’d have to leave Alexander and Jefferey Dean behind for… Maybe Alexander.

  30. nnn says:

    Many in France were defending Polanski…a disgarce.

    Among them, Johnny Depp, Monica Belluci and so many others.

    As for that cover, I personnaly don’t like his physique. His body seems too juvenile for my taste, no adult muscles definiton whatsoever and i don’t like his sense of fashion at all, wether in red carpet or just in everyday clothes.

  31. You Go Girl says:

    Lucky, Lucky Vanessa!
    Dear Lord he’s hot x

  32. You Go Girl says:

    funny you mention polanski….depp was also a very close friend of hunter s.thomson.
    hunter was rumored to be the man behind the camera for the underground snuff movies and movies for the elite pedophiles, with horrific content. they say he was shot. but he was murdered like they all are, when they have served their purpose for the elite machine.
    when people mention predator….in hollywood terms…the casting couch also involves children people. why so many cutters, druggies…makauley culkin, l.lohan, b.spears, s.gomez, m.carey, backstreet boys and other boy bands. what you think these people are druggies by choice? they have been passed around by repulsive, predatory producers, casting agents etc, to get where they are. just look at the f****ed up individuals in hollywood, child stars, do a bit of research and do not be so surprised. the dina lohans, and lyns spears’s of these kids, know and only care about the money. they sold their kids long ago!

  33. Catherine says:

    I truly enjoy his movies and I find him fascinating. His smile is infectious and gorgeous.

  34. sasa says:

    His “brother and inspiration” Emir Kusturica was recently interviewed by a Croatian reporter who is known for sometimes belting out provocative questions. Well, on questions about why was he drinking whiskey with Slobodan Milosevic while Sarajevo was under occupation he first tried to exclaim that S.M. wasn’t a war criminal (!) and when the reporter kept pressing on he just lost it, terminated the interview and didn’t let the reporters leave his estate unless they handed him the tape. Later he famously gave it back. He is apparently a good director (as is Depp an actor) but I find them both to be pretentious in an “arty” kind of way. The fact that he seems humble is just a tribute to his acting. I used to love him also, now not so much.

  35. bella says:

    I’d do him! Stylish? In his own way. Chic? Absolutely. Comfortable in his own skin? Totally. Sexy? Without a doubt.

  36. snapdragon says:

    mmmm….love me some johnny depp.

  37. kermit says:

    You go girl: Selena Gomez a cutter? I heard her best friend for awhile, D Lovato may be, but not Gomez. I’m a big fan of S. Gomez and love the charitable work she does in the world and see her as a very positive example of a teen in Hollywood. I definitely agree with your other points about Hollywood’s treatment of child “stars” often with their parent’s complicity. Relevance: Johnny Depp was a cutter. Overall, I think he’s turned out well.

  38. Shane says:

    Hot cover, but I wish he would stop smoking so much.

  39. ogechi says:

    ”I guess it depends on the way you look at it. In a sense, he is very stylish. He doesn’t look like everyone else, he carries himself well, no matter what clothes he has on. I don’t think he dresses badly, his style suits him.”

    @Lee: my thoughts really.

  40. Jasmin says:

    That picture is from a photoshoot around 10 years ago, 99 I think… From what I read, Patrick Demarchelier took it. I don’t get why they put it on the cover, he doesn’t look like this anymore at all.

    If you check his arm you’ll notice his Jack-tatoo is missing, he got that after the first “Pirates”-movie. The Lily-Rose-tatoo, for his daughter, on his chest (over the heart) also isn’t there.

    Oh well… Shirtless probably sells better. Kind of funny that he’s not really wearing anything on a cover that names him most stylish…

    Edit: Here’s a link to the interview the photos were initially taken for with two more pics:

    P.S.: From what I heard last, he quit smoking about 2 or 3 years ago… Seemed like a bit of a health nut the last time I saw an interview, talking about yoga and stuff like that.

    Anyway, end of report =D It’s no wonder most people go “Wow! He doesn’t age at all! Doesn’t look older than 40!” when they use pictures where he’s 37 or something. This is not the first time a mag did it, but whatever, eyecandy is eyecandy, right?

  41. gloaming says:

    What’s up with his eyebrows in the other pics?
    I think that’s why he doesn’t look so great….

  42. shun says:

    it’s really him, it’s just an old picture ! It’s a bit weird for GQ to use this picture… making money easily I guess …

  43. Jazz says:

    How the hell did Sparkles end up on this list? Dude doesn’t even look like he washes his hair!

  44. *Lee* says:

    I’ve always liked Johnny Depp, I think he deserves just about any award he gets. I’m hoping any comments he made were just him trying to be diplomatic maybe? Hoping.

  45. It’s interesting that the one accessory he almost always has is some kind of pendant necklace. I wonder where he gets them all?