Elin Woods may be calling off the divorce

Tiger Woods announces he will take an indefinite break from golf
The latest report coming from People actually made me kind of sick to my stomach. Apparently, Elin Nordegren is seriously thinking about staying married to her now-infamous womanizer husband, Tiger Woods, because she doesn’t want their children to be raised in a broken home. Yep, that’s right – she’s trying to save her marriage for the sake of the kids.

Elin Nordegren is hoping to save her marriage to Tiger Woods because she doesn’t want to raise their two children without a father.

“Elin wants a solid family life,” a Florida source tells PEOPLE. “She was a child of divorce and felt her dad slighted her. She absolutely does not want that to happen to Sam and Charlie. So she wants to keep her family together even if she and Tiger live together as friends instead of lovers.”

During the past week, Nordegren, 30, reportedly visited her husband at the Gentle Path sexual addiction clinic in Hattiesburg, Miss., where he has been getting treatment.

During the middle of the six-week counseling session, a patient’s spouse is invited to visit for about a week, according to a former patient of the alcohol addiction section of the Hattiesburg clinic.

“This is the rough part where the patient has to admit to his wife that he [cheated],” the former patient tells PEOPLE.

Tiger Wants to Stay Married

Woods, according to a Florida insider, also wants to hold onto his family and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Tiger wants to go back to being a golf star with major endorsements,” the insider tells PEOPLE. “He wants his clients, who have kids of their own, to think he is a good family man. He had hoped all along that his wife’s initial furor would die down so they could discuss the situation and behave rationally.”

Adds the insider, “Keeping the family together is very important to Tiger so he is doing whatever it takes to keep Elin from leaving him and taking the kids.” (Sam is 2, and Charlie is 11 months.)

If Nordegren does decides to continue the marriage, she would likely put on a happy face, take care of children and continue taking courses at Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla., while Woods would go back to playing golf and fulfilling his endorsement contracts, according to the insider

“Elin is as smart as a whip and a wonderful, caring mother,” the insider says. “She is a special kid, well educated and capable. But she could be lonely forever.”

[From People]

Because Tiger’s such a great dad, right? Not only did he cheat on their mother while she was carrying both of them, he was so distracted by chasing skanks throughout their young lives that he hardly had any time for them. And you know, if the marriage, children, endorsements, and opinions of other golfers mean so much to Tiger, maybe he should have thought of all that before he started whoring around behind his wife’s back. But forget all that – Elin doesn’t want them to be stigmatized by a divorce and is even willing to live together with Tiger as friends in order to keep the home together.

It makes me sad that Elin is willing to put her own personal happiness and dignity aside in this situation. It may seem like she is doing her children a favor in the short term, but I can’t imagine her being happy in a loveless marital arrangement for long. It doesn’t seem fair to me that Elin should be the one making concessions here after being wronged so publicly. Maybe Tiger is telling her all the right things, fresh from his s*x rehab, but does anyone really think he can change?

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  1. SammyHammy says:

    I wouldn’t take him back, but everyone has to make the choices that they feel are right for themselves. I just don’t know how they could rebuild trust after that sort of betrayal.

  2. Dorothy says:

    I think that the kids are more messed up if the parents stay together in an unhappy marriage!

  3. ogechi says:

    To God be thy glory. An obvious good news.

  4. Vanessa says:

    This makes me sad. She would stay with him as “friends,” aka run around with all your skanky ho’s dear and we’ll pretend for the next 18 years we have a real family.?????!?!

    Poor Woman. I think she is really blinded by what happened to her as a kid. She is young and beautiful and supposely not stupid, so she should dump him and I am sure she will find another guy and could build a healthy family life for these kids with him.

    I would love to believe he will change, but I doubt it’s truly possible.

  5. lio says:

    Maybe sex is not that important for her. Maybe aside from sex, they have a great relationship, who knows?

  6. Dorothy says:

    Lio, i think he texted that Rachel Uchatel that he loved her, to me, that is the deal breaker. Also the lies, all the lies….

  7. Bonfire Beach says:

    Whatever happened to staying together because of love? Neither of them mention love, especially Tiger who is most concerned with money & endorsements.

    The notion of keeping a family together as a whole is noble BUT what good is a family unit as a whole if there is no love? As if the kids won’t sense the tension between Elin & Tiger that undoubtedly will be there.

    I think most anyone would choose a loving family with a single parent over a family with both a mother and father who don’t love each other.

  8. Roma says:

    In my minds, being a good mother would mean leaving him and teaching your children to have a sense of self respect.

  9. Icecat says:

    I am a product of a loveless marriage. I don’t think I turned out normal. I have major issues with all my relationships. My mother said she stayed married for us kids. Well for our whole childhoods all we wanted our mother to do was divorce him. Ironic I guess.

    She needs to dump him and take the money!

  10. Jimmy says:

    Good for them. I hope it’s a 12-step program and Tiger is actually turning his will and his life over to the care of God. If that’s the case–miraculous things are bound to happen. Lots of people’s lives spin out of control and they hit a bottom, albeit not as public as the Woods, and good things come from it. They can recover. Lets face it, the world is a better place with Tiger playing golf. It will be weird for awhile at home and in public, for all of us, but humility is a big part of addiction recovery–and this should afford it in boatloads. if his wife and children can support him and love him, why shouldn’t we.

  11. snowball says:

    Well, since People has stooped to the level of Star Magazine lately, I can’t say I really believe their reporting.

    Elin is stupid if she trusts him again and he’s stupid if he’s making promises that he’ll never cheat again. Unless he gets his balls chopped off, I wouldn’t believe him.

    Once a scuzzy cheater, always one. And if Elin is dumb enough to take him back for the sake of the kids’ having an unbroken family, she’s brainless. Yeah, because he’s such a good dad, disrespecting their mother the way he did. Kids know when their parents’ marriage isn’t right.

    If this is true, then maybe they deserve each other.

  12. luci tomlin says:

    If Tiger had cancer or any other debilitating disease would he be supported? Tigers Father, I am sure with the best of intentions, keep tight rein on him and prevented him from having the freedom to make his own choices. I believe if he had, Tiger would not be in this position!

    Sexual addiction is real! It is destructive and debilitating! I hope his wife realizes that most of Tigers
    rehab and subsequent healing depends on
    her. For the RIGHT reasons, because she loves him! NO other reason.
    that and

  13. Mike Hatton says:

    give tiger a break. 1st of all tiger has enough money with only a couple of endorsements and interest on the money he would probably make $60,000,000 a year. He wants his family back including Elin let’s pray for him root for him or what ever positive we can do. If Elin didn’t love him she would never have come after him with a golf club.

  14. Dave says:

    I’m the first to argue that we are who we are because of who we’ve been. I don’t think less of Tiger for who he is. I mean, after all, it’s not like he wasn’t out in the open for all to see! The fact is people around him chose to be blind to his behavior.

    Perhaps they can have a long, happy marriage…after a very long period of time to repair the damage Tiger did to Elin’s trust in him.

    I have survived a marriage after my partner cheated on me. Not easy. Not quick. But no one said it would be. But we have a wonderful relationship and a loving home. But I’ll admit I thank god my life wasn’t as public as Elin and Tiger’s has been. The added stress and pressure must be maddening.

  15. kathleen says:

    For the life of me I can’t understand why she would stay because she doesn’t want her children to feel slighted. So she’s ok with teaching her kids what relationships are and the example of what a marriage is ? BOY..AS IF THAT I don’t get it. Mom and Dad are friends and have different bed partners? Kids aren’t stupid.He’s already robbed those kids of a family.He’s sick. They would be better off living next door to each other so the kids have their parents and the parents getting into healthy relationships. If he’s getting better this would be the test to see what he would subject his kids to.

  16. tina says:

    I could maybe forgive 1 affair… but this man cheated during both pregnancies,and with 14 women, no less!! and she allowed it, theres no way she didn’t know what was going on.now they r both getting a big dose of there own Karma!! she’s gonna look like a fool in the court of public opinion and he’ll be getting high fived the rest of his life!!

  17. Kris says:

    Elin, dump the _sshole!! He has a holier than thou attitude!

  18. Carol Friel says:

    I think she really does love him and it can work if they want it too. Go for it Ellen!

  19. princess pea says:

    Bah. Maybe he wants his family back… or maybe he never cared that much about them in the first place, who knows? I’m pretty certain that he wants his good clean reputation back, though.

    I don’t like the idea of Elin staying. I think it would be a real blow to her happiness and self-esteem. More than that, though, I hate that she’s showing Sam that a woman should put up with this crap. Kids aren’t completely oblivious.

  20. Barbara says:

    My parents stayed together in an unhappy marriage for 43 years until he finally married the women he was having an affair with for 25 years. Let me tell you about the damage they did staying together.
    2 drug/alchol using daughters who I can’t even write the things they did.
    1 son Hell’s angel who raised 2 dysfunctional children, who beat his wife.
    One unhappy wife, who at 83 will die one day..thank god with dementia and can’t remember all the beatings she took from this man, the man she vowed to stay with “for the good of the children”.
    Two words “children know”

  21. Darlene Neuman says:

    All of this is none of our business. It is totally personal and should be kept that way. All of the commenter s that lead such perfect lives should be greatful and keep their mouths shut! No one is without sin! Get off it and leave the Woods’ alone to live their lives.
    We need Tiger back on the golf course without the heckling from you guys. But then, of course, you don’t excel in anything but big mouths and judgmental character.

  22. kathleen says:

    I can’t for the life of me see where she doesn’t want her children to feel slighted by their father like she did. Yet she is ok with possibly showing them and teaching them what a relationship is between a husband and wife…(living as friends..now that’s REAL HEALTHY lets see these kids as adults..thanks for giving our society the possibility of more disfunction}I understand he’s sick,but he already broke his commitment as a father and husband. An afair is poor jugement and may be forgiven and worked through yet his actions are beyound one affair and trying to work through. His addiction has a much different impac on the marriage then if it had been drugs or alcohol.Live close to each other but for god shakes give yourself a chance at a good relationship and showing your kids what a relationship is and how a marriage deserves respect. If he’s really getting better let him set his own example of a relationship. Kids aren’t stupid..they’ll figure it out if they stay together. If nothing eles they deserve a healthy enviorment.

  23. Lisa says:

    Sounds like they both want their old lives back. Sorry, but wishin’ won’t make it so.
    If Elin goes back to that relationship, she’s as sick a he is. I can appreciate her pain and concerns for her children, but sacrificing herself is not the answer. I don’t know how it would ever be possible to get past lies, disrespect and humiliation of this magnitude. Sponsors and fans have long memories, too.
    Staying together “for the sake of the kids” will not do them any favors–just
    warp their sense of what constitutes a healthy relationship.

  24. girlscout says:

    I was under the impression that Tiger wanted a divorce first and that he was packing to leave Elin …. What about the skiers, scubba diving young males in Elin’s life before and after she married TW? Does anyone know about this? Is she squeeky clean?

  25. Hugh says:

    Who are we to decide what course of action they take in their marriage. It is their life, their decision to make, and is none of our business.

  26. Peanut says:

    You can tell the sources are from Tiger’s camp because they were “waiting for the furor to die down and for Elin to start acting rationally”. Ummm… I think it seems pretty rational to be PISSED when you find out your husband has multiple mistresses on the side. Divorce seems pretty rational too, but that’s just my opinion.

  27. Jaki says:

    I never herd her say she was getting a divorce. The media was calling for a divorce. The media chose to persecute him. I’m sure Elin is glad Tiger stopped her from going to jail for the beat down she gave him with that golf club. What they decide is their personal business. I’m thankful Tiger does not beat on Elin. We don’t know what she is thinking. Tiger could have paid her off like he did the mistress. We don’t know.

  28. SpnshIs says:

    The blessing is that the affairs have been discovered while they’re still in a relatively “young” marriage. If Tiger and Elin really devote themselves to saving their marriage, have willing hearts, and get the proper counseling, they can emerge from this trouble much stronger than before. And it can be done before there is any damage to their children. I’m hopeful for all of them.

  29. Cheryl Owens says:

    Sometimes we have to do things for the good of the whole and not just the good of the individual. I don’t think their decisions should be our business as to whether we are disappointed or not. I think it would be best for her to be with their children’s father. It makes a world of difference for children to have a stable home relationship. I’ve seen both ways happen somewhere in my family. I believe if they want to work this out, they should. No one should berate them for trying to keep it together. After all . . . what God hath joined together, let no man put asunder. God bless them. I hope they work this through. When they grow old, they will be glad they did. As for what the children will learn from this if they stay together, they will learn to forgive others and love them – that’s what they will learn.

  30. maryetta says:

    I’d take that man for every dime he had and never look back.

  31. jim c says:

    you are all such fools! you play the holyer than thou, and judge this man for his sins, and forget your own sins are seen by god himself!you think by pointing your finger at him, god will forgive your sins! lol. you are sadly misstaken!!!!!!!!!! mat-ch.7 vers 1 thru7. you might read this some time if you come down from your high horse! you are condeming yourselfs to be judged for the same thing you are judging him for!AND YOU WILL PAY THE UTTERMOST PRICE FOR YOUR SELF RIGHTIOUS JUDGMENTS AGAINST OTHERS! remember, we are all sinners ,and we have all sinned.(SOME MORE AND WORST THAN OTHERS.

  32. jonnie lahatte says:

    i think its great that his wife is giving him a chance. if it works out, fine, if not, then at least she can look back and say she tried. i hope it works. there are no guarantees in any relationship.

  33. Maricia12 says:

    Who is to say if Elin is giving up her personal happiness and dignity? That is for her alone to decide. If she wants to give her husband another chance and he is willing to work on his marriage then the more power to them. He has already shown us he can overcome any problems in his professional life, why can’t he do that in his personal life? Yes, he has apparently had many affairs but how many sexual partners have men and women had before they got married, multiple for many. Did that make them less desireable to their mates? Apparently not, because they married them anyway. Even though infidelity does not speak highly to commitment in marriage, it does not have to be the ultimate deal breaker. Forgivness can be easier, forgetting and trust will take much longer. Only Woods and his wife have the answers that are right for them, not public opinion.

  34. Tim says:

    Does it really matter to you or me what these people do…..all gossip…and we eat it up…we love it…the more scandleous it is…the more we gobble it up and the media who writes, pictures, and sells this information ( if you wanna call it that ) makes millions. While all this frenzy is going on…we tend to form opinions as to how WE would handle this situation,,,some good…some, oh well, not worth mentioning but in the end…..does it really matter……????

  35. princess pea says:

    What the heck are all you people who don’t like gossip doing HERE? True, it’s their business, and our opinions have no bearing on their life… but this is a GOSSIP SITE. It’s what we do.

  36. Crmscotch says:

    I can’t see anything good coming out of Tiger and Elin staying together. Elin needs to think about the affect this is having on her children,even though they are at a young age children should be taught to respect each other. Elin will never be able to trust Tiger and with good reason. He betrayed her not once but many times. He is in rehab. a few days and all of a sudden he is changed I don’t think so.

  37. jim says:

    ok–what about the marriages that have a death of one of the partners?? The kids get raised ok there, most of the time..I think Tiger (cheetah) is a jerk and a cheater and always will be. If Elin keeps him, he can go bragging on that point,, I say dump the jerk, give him visiting rights and see what happens. They can always remarry!!

  38. MsTriste says:

    To answer your question, hell no, I don’t think he’ll change. He’ll try, but fail.

  39. Vixen says:

    From personal experience with a man who catastrophically damaged our marriage with repeated lying and compulsive gambling, I can tell you it’s nearly impossible to re-establish trust once broken. We had 3 little ones and I very much wanted to reconcile with this man ‘for the sake of the children’ just like Tiger’s wife, thought I would take him back with unconditional love and forgiveness and all would be well..I just wanted everything to be normal again too. Well, he repeated his deception and I ended up divorcing him. The anger supressed during and after all that was MUCH bigger than I thought, and counseling only pointed out just how seriously damaged our relationship was. Once the initial forgiveness phase passed, the true realization of lost trust set in, and I knew nothing would be the same. It’s been 12 years since we divorced and good thing because he not only relapsed but then replaced gambling with other addictions. I hope Erin makes the best decision for her family but also for herself. Back on the pro tour, there will be ample opportunities for Tiger to relapse, and Erin’s ability to trust him will be tested over and over. The fighting that will ensue should something happen will be so NOT ‘good for the kids. Good luck.

  40. egorho says:

    They will NEVER be happy together. I really think she’s stay for the perks of being Mrs. Tiger Woods. With 300 million she CAN have a normal life but she wouldn’t be MRS. TW anymore if they divorce. No yacht, no exposure, no perks, all of that is gone. Still if I were she I would get out and get on with my own life and find someone who loves me and who I love too. These two do not love each other. YOu don’t cheat on those you love and you do beat those you love. THAT is disfunction.

  41. girlscout says:

    Happy that Tiger is not physically beating on Elin. But I will be so GLAD WHEN HE STARTS GOLFING AGAIN. I LOVE HIS GOLFING STYLE.

  42. girlscout says:

    Happy that Tiger is not physically beating on Elin. But I will be so GLAD WHEN HE STARTS GOLFING AGAIN. I LOVE HIS GOLFING STYLE.

  43. Nancy says:

    I’m not sure, but I thought I also read that Tiger might have a problem with prescription painkillers, which we know could contribute to the poor choices he apparently made. Let’s give him a chance. Everyone who tries to make amends deserves foregiveness. It’s actually a personal problem between him and his family. I was ashamed of him but being imperfect myself, I would like to give him another chance.

  44. kath says:

    OMFG!! Cheating or even having an affair with one woman is bad enough but this guy had a whore in every city across this country – loved them all at one time or another and had many of them thinking each was the only one!! Elin wants him back? How can that be – she must deserve better??!!

  45. Stephie says:

    Maybe when you’re rich and blinded by all those dollar signs you lose your mind and scruples and ability to think rationally. Why else would a so-called “intelligent” woman stay with a man who cheated on her with so many women, and ALL of it was public? Even if she loves him, some acts of disrespect and humiliation (never mind the health risks) are beyond forgivable. She’s either stupid, or blinded by $$,$$$,$$$,$$$.$$ In any case, she’ll be very well off so she can afford a live-in shrink.

  46. don catozza says:

    at least she is showing the christian values by forgiving tiger and giving him a second chance if even for the childrens sake. everyone deserves a second chance and tiger has done so much good that to condemn him for ever is ridiculus.you would think he killed someone or bilked people out of millions.get off the mans back and let him rebuild his life

  47. Phowie says:

    Elin, take some advice. Never let the same dog bite you twice. Or in this case, Tiger.

  48. Novaraen says:

    Tiger always looks soooo miserable in pictures with his wife. With all those mistresses, he must have been VERY miserable.

  49. ogechi says:


    Please help me tell them.

  50. Suzanne says:

    You can hate what a person does but still love the person. I hope she does show forgiveness and that this young couple can go on and learn from their mistakes and raise their beautiful family in peace.

  51. Mary says:

    I for one am pleased that Tiger and Elin are willing to work things out. Who knows that they won’t end up having a good marriage. I have friends who have split up, then gone back together and had stronger marriages. I think it is time for the press to back off and let them have their privacy to work things out between the two of them.

  52. Aquamarie says:

    it is easy enough for us to say “Divorce him!” or “Work it out” because we don’t have to live with the consequences. What really irks me about this is the nerve of the people outside of the Nordegren-Woods family who think they are entitled to weigh in and take issue with Elin’s decisions.

  53. Fred Thomas says:

    Recorded history reveals many with a claimed celebrity status, including Presidents, Senators, and the rich and powerful have affairs. Tiger is not the only PGA player guilty of cheating. This is their business. All you busy-bodies wanting Elin to catch the bus on Mondays to “go to work with you”, she says “NO”. This is a family matter. Mind your business.

  54. DeeDee says:

    No child should ever be made responsable for holding the family together. I think any woman that says she is staying in for the kids is selfsih and afraid and is only doing for themselves. What benefit does a child get from a diaruptive chaotic home. They would rather see someone stand up strong, set an example. Mind boggeling.

  55. Vicky DeVall says:

    This time golf club —- next time GUN sure let the kids see that. Leave and don’t look back.

  56. Lori says:

    Staying for the sake of the kids will never work, instead of them getting through what has already happened the hurt and pain will continue for them watching a loveless marriage until Elin finally leaves him

  57. princess pea says:

    @ don catozza – Here’s the thing. I’m not Christian, so I don’t set much stock in demonstrations of Christian values. I care about people more than the rules in an old book.
    Also, he had a second chance. I think her name was Jaymee? Then he had a 3rd, 4th, 5th … 14th chance. Over and over, he chose to betray his vows. Very Christian indeed.
    Really, “Tiger has done so much good”? You mean how he can hit a little ball with a stick? I’m not saying condemn him forever, but maybe 7 months wouldn’t be too much. That would only work out to 2 weeks per mistress.

  58. Sudini says:

    I really hope this isn’t true. Anyone who supports keeping a person in your life who treats you this badly is absolutely OUT of their mind, or just plain stupid. It sends such a bad message, and it’s tantamount to supporting an abusive relationship (emotionally and mentally, if not physically).
    You shouldn’t be willing to sell your soul just for the sake of “keeping the marriage together”. I think a lot of people get confused and think unconditional love should be applied to spouses and/or significant others, when in fact it’s very unhealthy to do that. Unconditional love should be reserved for children, (and in my opinion, pets ;) . But marriage is predicated upon boundaries and mutual respect, and if that respect isn’t reciprocated, it’s time to get out.

  59. Steven says:

    Face it: Without Tiger in the field, golf is not exciting! Tiger is GOOD for golf! Even the pro’s miss him out there playing. As a husband, only time will tell. As a father. He loves his kids! Only “TIME” heals all wounds. He might have had 14 mistresses but he didn’t do what Kobe did and Kobe went back to basketball and fans love him.

  60. rod says:

    Don’t believe every minute detail you read! Tiger could have easily had Elin arrested for assault and battery and domestic violence, which is why the investigation took so long to wrap up. I feel bad for Elin because she’s been humiliated, but she also loves him. i feel bad for tiger too, because sexual addiction is a real mental sickness. They’ll have to do a lot of soul searching, no rash decision, and do what’s best for the kids and themselves

  61. Shanan says:

    I know if I was Tiger’s wife, I would be Devistated by everything he has done. But it takes a Strong and Loving Woman to try and do what’s Best for her children, somehow forgive, not just for him, but for her own sanity!! Then to help him through this. We don’t walk in their shoes. Don’t people with Addictions and who trying to get well..deserve a second chance? He did horrible things. He lied and Cheated! But he is human and we all have flaws. If anything..we should be trying to show Love and support towards her and him. Do we really want another person in this world to commit suicide because they thought things were hopeless? That with hard work, they don’t deserve the Gift of becomming a better person and overcomming their demons! What better Story to tell your children…that yea..your Dad made some terrible decisons and hurt me Very badly at one time in our marriage, but your mom and Dad loved you so much that they Overcame those hurts and learned what Real Love & Forgiveness is about? Just my opinion =}

  62. chewchilla says:

    Wow!! what if the tables were turned here. Elin was having 9 affairs. You this Tiger would take her back? NOT! Elin divorce this serial cheater.

  63. carolyn says:

    I don’t know why anyone would look down on her for trying to keep her family together. Maybe he is really remorseful and if she can forgive him then why not give it a try. They will have to live together as friends at first and rebuild some trust. It can be done. There are children involved its not about who is wrong and who is right.

  64. jorat says:

    In a way it could be harder on him if they do stay together… If he leaves her and moves on thats it. If they stay together he will have to listen to her remind him constantly of what he did wrong for the rest of his life.

  65. Donald says:

    Everybody deserves a second chance and I am surprised that anybody would believe what they read about this couple. Only they know how much or how little they love each other. Children need both parents whether they stay together or not. No harm in letting them try to work it out. Nobody has a right to judge them. Anyone with half a brain would know what he did was not out of love. I am glad he is getting help. Golf is not the same without him.

  66. I wish Tiger and Elin to stay together for the sake of their children.
    There is a Chinese saying that runs like this: “If there is a problem, there is a counterpart solution”.
    I still believe in the saying: “To err is human, to forgive is divine”.


  67. J.Wess says:

    It will happen again; and it will be much worse the second time. Loving your spouse can be a curse if they have no idea what love is. Get out before he hurts you and your children worse!!

  68. Alan Feingold says:

    As sure as a Leopard cannot change it’s spots, neither can a Tiger change it’s stripes! Elin’s concern about the children growing up without the presence of a father in the home is only one side of the coin. Children in a “sham marriage” home will soon know of the sad truth, and the continuation of that will cause them possibly more damage than the absence of a father! Let her start a new life, in a fresher environment, for herself and especially for the kids!

  69. B. Stevens says:

    It’s about the money………… stupid!

  70. Harry says:

    Did anyone stop to consider how Tigers life was at home? I don’t care what anyone does you do not have the right to hit that person in the face with a golf club. This could have resulted in death of that person and them where would she have been? In Jail—Kid’s with out parents. Is this the type person he had to live with….when you are treated bad at home you will stray.

  71. Ally says:

    Divorce can be stigmatizing, but not as much as your father being a cheating skank and a punch line.

    Looks to me like Elin Woods already lived pretty much like a single mom as it was.

    I can only imagine that this is the realization of one of those financial-punishment plans in exchange for a temporary PR reconstructed family that we heard about in the first weeks of the scandal.

    I still don’t think most of those sponsorships will be coming back, though. Maybe Ambien.

  72. Julie says:

    since everyone has an opinion, here’s mine: my first thought is for her to divorce him and take him for every penny she can get. he’s obviously more concerned with his endorsements and money right now. then i think, wait, what if she stays with him and makes him pay (in one way or another–think the ‘kobe ring’), for the rest of his miserable life, make him grovel like the dog that he is? none of us knows what elin’s life is, or has been, like. if the cheating was known, how do we know she doesn’t have someone too? BUT,…..since there are children involved, i think she needs to show them that women deserve respect, and if their own father isn’t capable of doing that, then she should pack up her babies and leave. i agree with posters who have said they knew when a marriage was not right; that is very true. and more damage can be done to kids that way, than by leaving because they grow up thinking that is normal. i am totally and thoroughly disgusted with him for doing what he did………while all the time pretending he was this great guy. you can’t live two lives!

  73. Sudini says:

    @Harry (and any other people in support of Tiger)- Please stop trying to excuse this sorry excuse for a man. He treated his wife and kids with the utmost disrespect. This we know. He’s a total failure as a man.

  74. Dingdongdaddy says:

    Let’s not forget that one of the most successful “career inspired marriages” of all time, was that between President Franklin Roosevelt and Eleanor.
    He cheated early in the marriage, yet they were still able to successfully raise five kids.
    It can be done !

  75. sivad says:

    These children are at an age that they most likely will not be tramatised by the divorce of their parents. A loveless marriage has little chance of success. If they divorce later, when the kids are older, they will be much more negatively affected than if they had divorced when the kids were young. Besides, what kind of impact will living in a house with your parents when they obviously don’t love each other. Talk about screwed up!!! That’s setting the groundworks for these two kids having major relationship issues when they grow up.

  76. Frank Fulco, Jr. says:

    The real victims, Golf and all the folks, that depend on it for a living, not to mention the fans. Have you noticed the “no-names”, that are winning the golf tournaments right now and the 4 spectators that were watching the Bob Hope Classic? Elin go back to Sweden with the kids and let Tiger get back to saving the sport he made and then destroyed and all those beautiful white women, that will do anything for money.

  77. rose says:

    Noone knows for sure how many women TW cheated with. I certainly do not believe all these hos that crawled out of the gutter…some yes, some are just trying to make a quick buck.

    Elin suffered greatly when her parents divorced when she was five. Her son is only 10 months. Her daughter is only two. If her life with TW was happy before she found out about the cheating, and she wants to tey, bless her! She is teaching her kids the power of forgiveness. Who knows what TW has forgiven her?! For one, he probably lied to keep her out of jail!

  78. David says:

    They should get divorced.
    Then sometime down the line, they can fall in love again and re-marry each other. She would save her self esteem and he would show that he can change. And for heaven’s sake, don’t let this happen again. Everyone is watching.

  79. Jo Ann says:

    People can and do change. I am glad there is a chance Tiger and Elin will get back together. It will take a lot of hard work but it will be worth it. Ask any kid if they want their parents to separate. Most children love their mom and dad no matter what. Try God’s help it works.

  80. david greene says:

    The glue that holds a marriage together is the commitment that it is forever!!

    I hope Tiger can overcome his addiction to sex and be a great father and a wonderful husband.

    But like being good at golf takes practice he needs to practice being a good husband and father.

  81. David says:

    Did you hear the one about the grandparents who got divorced? People asked them why they waited so long? They said that they wanted to wait until the children had grown up and passed away.

  82. eric says:

    Why not give the marriage a shot. I guarantee no one on this message board is even remotely famous or in a high profile position.Hes done things you people cant even concieve of with his mind and body .so he lost himself in his ego and forgot about what was important(wow the guys human).I love people who immediateley look to crucify someone without walking a day in their shoes.I wish them the best God Bless

  83. sharon says:

    There is not ONE man who can turn down a pussy cat if that pussy cat sets in his lap!

  84. Steve_Miller_Band says:

    a famous song, by the steve miller band,

    “Take the Money and Run”.

    she’ll find another MAN…

    beleeeeee dat.

  85. Tray says:

    Once a cheater always a cheater. Glory be to God my ass. She should dump his cheating ass. She deserves better. He couldn’t have been spending all that much time with his kids anyway. She’s lucky he didn’t give her AIDS. It’s not worth the risk to give him another chance.

  86. Grady says:

    It’s none of our business what the Woods do or not do.

    Repeat: It’s none of our business.

  87. ambrose says:

    It’ their marriage let them deal with it. I can’t go on without knowing everyones personal matters. Worry about your own life.

  88. Suncatcher says:

    If Elin and Tiger will be ‘just friends’ what happens if Elin wants to date someone? That might be a bit confusing for the kids – and their bio dad… Just a thought.

  89. It is well known that we must forgive people who hurt us if we ever expect to be forgiven for our own personal or otherwise wrongdoings. There is a sacred promise of this and guaranteed results to be satisfactory to all concerned. Welcome back to the great game of golf!!!

  90. Tazina says:

    He’s been doing a lot of begging lately and vowing to her he will clean up his act. She was weak because she does love him so agreed to give the marriage a second chance. She hates what he did but she still loves the person. They will be back together and I think Tiger will change. His cheating days are over and even if he wanted to, he’d never get away with it a second time, too many eyes on him this time.

  91. Susan says:

    Doesn’t anyone FORGIVE anymore. He’s trying to change, when it comes to family we should be more forgiving.

  92. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Unfortunately, when a couple stays together “for the children”, they are leading by example, that a marriage doesn’t need love, trust, committment, and respect. I believe Tiger learned this with his parents’ marriage and this is what he knows to do. Before I get a barrage of hate posts, let me say that Tiger KNOWS what is right and what is wrong. He KNOWS that you are not SUPPOSED to cheat on your wife. He KNOWS that he put his wife (and both of their unborn children)’s lives at risk with the possibility of STD’s. He KNOWS all that. What he needs to do is LIVE IT! JUST LIVE IT, TIGER!

    My parents stayed together for us kids and I think my Mom would have much rather have been alone than to deal with the ‘other woman’, but she was brought up in a very strict Catholic family, and you make your bed, you lay in it. Divorce is not an option, bla bla bla. My Mom died thinking that my Dad actually LEFT his skank for good. My Dad married the skank not long after she died. No matter how old we get, we still remember the hurt in our parents’ eyes from betrayal.

    I believe Tiger’s kids are going to see the ‘marriage’ their parents have and think it’s the norm. I don’t know, but I think it’s HER decision and no matter what all of us think, say, and post, it still remains her decision. I only hope that she can find the peace to be happy. She owes it to herself, and the ONE LIFE she gets to live. God bless them all, that they make make the decisions for all their right reasons, whatever they may be.

  93. Chuck says:

    So many times I saw Woods on the course cussin’ more than a drunkin’sailor cause he missed a shot. I mean down and dirty cussin’ with never an oh ‘Sorry’ to those within earshot. (that alone csused me to raise an eyebrow about character) Bottom line is all that goody two shoes crap is just that, crap. Hell, I’m more of a role model than he will ever be and all I’ve done is give what I can to the less fortunate. As for Elin, if she is as bright as discribed than she should head for the hills and not listen to his promise that he will do her right. He’s had what, six weeks to get a story together that will cause her to melt and then ONCE again he will come out smellin’ like one of his ho’s and be on top. Literally!!!!!

  94. IF TIGER CAN BE CALLED BAD, the extramarital women, the people running him down, and wicked reporters, in my opinion, can be said to be ten times worse than he is. Tiger had enough things in his mind to fragment his thinking. He also had prescription drugs which altered his thinking. He got lost. Elin whacked him with a golf club and brought him back to reality. We need to think about saving our country and healing. I feel critical people who align themselves with tear down Tiger people, are people who ultimately are under American status. Tiger is in our American family and we need to focus on healing for him as well as our country. They are trying to heal their wounds. The golf club probably cured him anyway. End of story.

  95. Marilyn says:

    The children will be better living with a single Mom and with two parents that are not together as a loving family.

    They are smart and can sense the tension that will inevitably be in the home.

    I keep seeing that lovely photo of Tiger and Elin with their daughter and new baby. Now I see that he was cheating on Elin before, during her pregnancy and after. He has no respect for her.

    Better off without him, than with him.

  96. Marilyn says:

    Tigers women are all prostitutes in my book. They all knew he was married, all knew Elin was pregnant. All took money. YES Prostitutes, even if they like to call themselves ‘escourts’.

  97. Alex says:

    I think TW is a lot more mentally ill than most people, and even his wife, realize. To conduct himself the way he did and lie to cover it up requires a deeply separated psyche. Most, normal, well-adjusted people couldn’t do it-nor would they want to. Much of his problem is subconscious and six weeks in a rehab will barely scratch the surface. Don’t let his money and his golf skills fool you. This sneaky little narcissist has big problems.

  98. Hobbes73 says:

    Hmmmm. If the children grow up with all that tension between their mother and father that will be worse! Can you imagine? She will never deep down forgive him for what he did and may exhibit negative behavior toward him throughout their marriage. The kids will pick up on this and may end up hating her because of her bitterness? Best to move on and marry into a happy marriage!

  99. TJ says:

    Are you kidding me. If everyone would leave these two alone there lives would be theirs tow live. As it is now, all the STUFF going around just makes it worse for the Woods. Let them get on with their lives PLEASE.

  100. Bruce says:

    Its all about the money. Think Jackie and John.

  101. Chesapecten says:

    Won’t she gain a lot under the prenup by remaining married to him for a few more years? He, in turn, will try to get his endorsements back by cleaning his skirts in public. What’s to wonder about here? Both parties likely were self-seeking and obsessively ambitious long before the present kerfuffle.

  102. NicoleB says:

    Hello people wake up!!!! Elin isn’t hurt or distraught or any of that jazz…she new about Tiger long before she got married…I feel absolutely no sympathy for her NONE…she is staying with him so can collect more money in the long run…She going to make it seem like she is the dutiful wife and mother and sacrificed herself for the good of her family…yeah right. Please don’t be so naive to believe she is staying for the kids…she is staying for the money…I know many of you are going to think that I am totally off base with this but come on you mean to tell me Elin knew nothing NOTHING of course she did Tiger got sloppy and therefore she had to make it seem like she was in the dark…I’m on to her…and please believe that Tiger is trash on top of trash but I am not falling for this manipulative BS about the kids…it’s not like the kids can talk there lives wouldn’t change they’re gonna be fine…hell if anything it’s worse to stay b/c no one needs to bare witness to two people that don’t love each other…I am sooo over this SHYTE

  103. Nigel says:

    Tiger, keep your head down, wait for the storm to blow over, then move on to greener pastures.

  104. Cinderella says:

    How will she ever be happy with that man? Trading dignity to be very rich. Sad.

    How about getting your life back and being somewhat rich? I’ll never understand.

  105. Daisy says:

    She will try and make the marriage work, but after awahile, it will get old. She will tire of him, always questioning and wondering where he really is. If she lives with him as a friend and for the sake of the kids, that will grow old too. He will go out and whore around with all kinds of women and then come home to her, just to see the kids? Naaaaaaaa, that won’t last. Tiger, for someone that had so much, you now have so little. Your head wasn’t in the right place!

  106. alulubug says:

    I don’t know either of them so I can’t comment on their true, honest situation with each other. However, I do think she is doing a great disservice to her children by staying with that dog. He willnot change and your children will witness a very DYSFUNCTION family dynamic. Great, they will grow up thinking that all families are loveless etc. Elin, take your money and run. Run, run, far away!!

  107. Clementine says:

    It’s their lives. They can do what they want. It’s THEIR CHOICE. Then just leave them alone. Who knows? Maybe he will change. If he doesn’t then they will have to live with it.

  108. Jill says:

    This is the best news that I have heard since the story broke, everyong should have left this alone for Tiger and Elin to work this out. All we should worry about is when Tiger is coming back to golf, that is why we watch, and if he doesn’t miss the Masters all will be forgotten, if he misses the Masters it will be a fotenote forever to why he missed a major(not in Tigers best interest). Lets pray he comes back soon and we can cheer him on to more great victories. Tiger we all wish you all the best for you and your family.

  109. tigerfan says:

    Come on Tiger . Prove to the world that you can . Elin is on your side. Imagine the insperation to other famely out there.

    Show us the way. Who’s in better position to teach to they childrens.

    The best golfer we never knowned.

  110. jerry says:

    My Dad cheated on my Mom over a period of years.My Mom did not know for most of that time.After the collapse of his house of cards my Mom and Dad split in a very bitter divorce which lasted for years. The time they stayed together was just as bad if not worse than the time were apart. I was damaged but at least eventually I learned the truth…relationships are difficult at best and an unhappy,lonely parent makes for a lousy parent. How is that a good example for a child?

  111. dave says:

    Tiger ‘s parents stayed together and look at the positive values that he got from that .

  112. Raven says:

    She could have a solid family life–just not with him.

  113. grandprix says:

    think that she shoud think that she is showing the kids that it is ok to dneat on you and you will take him or her back that is a dumb of her and how in the hell would think that you could trust them so she think this is the best way to show how to teach kids

  114. Nicki B says:

    Not sure what to say here… but it’s THEIR marraigge! They were the ones to take vows and say “For better or worse.” If they divorce, it’s also THEIR decision. I hope the best for the Woods family.

  115. henry says:

    was not going to respond…. but its none of our F-ing business…. I wish them luck!

  116. Dash says:

    I am a little saddened to hear that Elin is considering staying in the marriage for the sake of the kids. I am not condemning or judging her but completely mystified by this decision which to me is foolish and damaging for the children. I was raised in a single parent home by my mother and I thank God my mom had the sense God gave her to end a marriage that was loveless and destructive. She showed my sister & I the true meaning of love by leaving my Dad who cheated & drank. The two of us turned out okay. I hope Elin thinks long & hard about what she is teaching her children with this decision. Using your children as a crutch to hang onto a man & a sham marriage never turns out well for all parties involved (this includes the children). Elin get out & move on with your life. Spare your children anymore dysfunction!!!!

  117. Hugh says:

    It is their decision and theirs only, our opinion carries no water and therefore we should keep those opinions to ourselves.

  118. John in Portland says:

    I think that this plan could work, if they both agree to the “friend” terms. My ex and I are great friends, who live within walking distance to each other. We have a healthy relationship of being friends, even though there was reasons to divorce. We did so, but because of our son we set aside the immature behaviors that come from “hurt” and “feelings” and all that. We suffered those things, but we decided to not let it rule our lives. We were friends before and we managed to stay friends after. And our son loves us. He loves the family we have, but he recognizes two different people and houses. But we behave, work together to raise him, and act like adults.

    If Tiger and Elin can do that, even in the same house together, then their kids will benefit. If not, then I agree with a lot of other postings, divorce and move away from each other. It will not work if maturity is not exercised.

  119. Pat Gillin says:

    Staying married for the sake of the kids is a mistake. They will have the example of a loveless marriage to base their idea of being married on. Stay together only if you can work things out. The children will be better off if you can not make it work and separate. People that stay together for the sake of their children do more harm than good. I know because I am one of those children.

  120. Jack McQueen says:

    Sex addiction rehab? Nobody finds this ridiculous and funny? Puh-leez. Is everyone on mind altering drugs where anything goes? This guy is a Cheetah not a Tiger. He’ll change when he’s too old to get it up. Then there’s viagra for real fake love. It’s over for him. James Woods has a better chance.

  121. Violent home says:

    Tiger should be a man and get away from his violent wife. Abusers do not change and a sad home life can distract him from excelling at doing his profession well.

  122. Todd says:

    Lets face it, Tiger strayed because Elin is boring in the sack. Don’ let her fool you with the “keep my family together” stuff. She’s all about the cash.

  123. SAYWHAT says:

    There is a saying: If you tell the lie enough times and you get a few people to believe you. You can then take that number and convince the doubters that you’re telling the truth.





  124. jay747 says:

    if tiger remains married and doesn’t truly permanently change his ways it will be found out eventually by the papparazzi. he needs more than luck

  125. Connie says:

    I think Tiger is the BIGGEST SOB!!! He is a disgusting PIG!!! Dump his sorry

  126. William says:

    Sorry, 6 weeks in rehab isn’t going to do anything. To live with the facts of the matter, is what does matter. She could certainly find a better man that will cherish her and love the kids. To live the life this column suggests she may entertain would be a mistake. She is a young woman who deserved better. This wasn’t one fling, or even two. Evidentally, he texted the other woman promises of his love only hours before the blowup. Someone needs to talk some sense into her, if indeed, she is considering an arrangement.

  127. Forgiven says:

    Not every mending of a marriage end up with disfunctional children.
    So many are putting their life experiences into the Woods family.
    The children are not old to know what is happening now,and if Tiger truly transforms and be the model husband and father, by the time the children reach 10-12 years, every negative words written would be a shock to them.

    Those who have never learn to forgive, please do so to those who have hurt you and find peace with God.

  128. Ha! says:

    It must be pretty hard being a feminist, clumsily juggling your notions of what the wronged wife should do with your principle that women should be able to do whatever they want to do, for whatever their reasons are. Or do you not think the latter? Huh!

  129. Irene says:

    What does it mean keep the family together, but being FRIENDS???? I really do not understand it. Does it mean that he will continue to play (not golf of course), and she? she is a young woman, what about the natural needs? Does she think that children are so naive and won’t see behind the curtain? It is NOT right. Children will be more scrutinized with this arrangement.

  130. James Bryant says:

    Tiger, Tiger, burning bright,
    Hits a golf ball out of sight
    Has a lovely wife at home,
    Goes and leaves her all alone
    Now he’s in a major fight
    Cos of what he does at night
    Like the ladies so they say,
    Wants to look around and play
    Likes the boobs and likes the tushes,
    Puts his balls too near the bushes
    Have no pity for the Brat
    Arrogance is where he’s at
    He’s sure going to need some luck
    Then again………..

  131. mik says:

    Why? She’s still young and beautiful. She has a chance to find someone who will adore her and appreciate her. So sad. No one deserves the mental abuse, neglect and risk of AIDS and std’s that tiger has given this young lady.
    I thought perhaps that she knew all along he was a cheater (he’s had SO many partners) but I was hoping she’d have some dignity and get out now that the public knows every single detail.

  132. DERICK E says:

    i think people should respect the family,s wishes, whatever their decision is and not pour salt n their open wounds. give the family time to heal.

  133. Elaine O says:

    She also must think about whatever sexually transmitted disease he may have brought home to her from these many women…

  134. Sincerity says:

    If this is true, I applaud Elin for making an attempt to save her marriage. I’m quite sure that Tiger realizes that trying to “have your cake and eat it to” comes with a very high price tag. If he is actually sincere about changing; then more power to him; however, if this is only a “damage control” tactic, he’ll backslide and she’ll end up divorcing him anyway. Only time will tell. I only wish them the best!!!

  135. LaurenLovesDogs says:

    I don’t want to say I could understand one affair…maybe I could or maybe I couldn’t – but 14+?? Honestly though, the deal breaker for me would have been telling another woman he loved her and that our marriage was a sham – and the coup de grace: screwing women in our HOME, in our bed (surrounded by wedding pictures) and just down the hall, the rooms where our children sleep. Yeah, help him through rehab for the next best years of your life, then he still is screwing around. I say, show your children self-respect and get out of there. Of course, keep civil and open to the dad while making choices that benefit the kids. Tiger freakin’ disgusts me. He didn’t just ruin his life…

  136. James W says:

    If she is willing to forgive him, who are we to judge.Let them work their problems out. the public needs to stay out of it.

  137. JR says:

    He’s pure scum! Screwing and having sex with whores for years? What a damn scumbag dirtbag. I lost all respect for the moron. Throw the bastard to the sewer and take half his money. He has no self respect left and he’s the laughing stock of the year. No one to blame but him. Total loser scum.

  138. Rachel says:

    LOL! You go girl! Duh She is staying as a punishment for embarrasing her. If she left there would be a long line of women fighting to take her place before he had time to change the sheets. She is money hungry like the rest of the world. If he was broke people would find it easier to forgive him or accept him. But because he is infamous and his celebrity is entertainment she has to be the hurt and angry wife. Now she is the supportive wife. He wnt to rehab for 10 minutes like a time out and she came to “particpate” in his treatment. I believe he is not healed but the rules have changed – she will be on every business trip from now on and micromanaging the accounts and statements. Obviously he is not very good at hiding this – I mean easy to get a disposable phone for the skanks. Duh – you are a billionaire- can you say track phone. He did make the right choices in botty calls – he gave them nothing for years of freaky sex on demand – best bargain in town – you go Tiger. He is a golf pro not a HERO- just a man stop persecuting him like he was really a saint. I forgive you- I wont forget but I forgive you Tiger.

  139. Ana says:

    OMG, Every time I see a picture of Tiger and Elin together, Tiger looks like he’s MISERABLE. Take notice. He doen’t look exhausted, he looks like he’s just meserable, like they just had a fight. It’s so clear he is not happy with her. He can’t even pretend to smile. Start to notice the pics. You’ll see.

  140. margie says:

    This just boils down to money and not so much having a stable home. Cannot believe she is thinking along those lines when he has slept with half the country. Sure he will change!!!!!!!!!!

  141. Bil says:

    If I was Ellen I would be wondering why Tiger would want to keep the marriage alive. If it were only for his golfing status, money and endorsements I would be more concerned about my children and own life, because if there is no love, what would stop him from getting rid of her once and for all so he could have his freedom to do what ever he wants and have his children also to raise the way he wants to.

  142. dxxy4u says:

    If all what you all are saying is true, when did Tiger have time to win a “Tiger Slam”, and become the #1 golfer, that it will be years before anyone come near him? Huh? The way you all are ranting, Tiger had his “man shaft” in his hands more that his “club shaft”.

  143. pat9639 says:

    First of all I was not a Tiger Woods fan ever since I was at Medinah CC during the practice round a couple of years ago when he just walked past kids wanting his autograph without even giving them a smile or nod. He was an arogant, pompiss asshole from that point on. But now to this point. Tiger Woods Cheeted, BFD. Does anyone think he is the first person to do this? Think about what he said to all of these women, ” I Love You” or something to this nature. Well let’s get real people, someone your with make this kind of statement while he of she is laying naked together. What are they suppose to say, “I love you tonight, but I have to see my wife or husband tomorrow”. Come on, the fact the he cheated is not being condoned but, he always went home. He never embarrassed his family or flaunted his infidelity’s. Only because he’s in the public eye he is being castrated. Elin is not staying in this marraige for the money, no matter what she’ll have enough to live life like a Diva forever. If they really love each other this will pass & life will go on. The only thing that Tiger has to remember, is that he was caught, if down the road Elin ever fools around, it could happen, Tiger has to take it a work it out. That could be harder than what he’s going through now. As for the 14 women he has had affairs with, they knew what they were getting into, they lost.

  144. attang says:


  145. Trixie says:

    Forget Tiger. By staying with him, she has made herself unavailable for when the right man comes into her life.

  146. Judy says:

    As a single mom who has raised my 5 children virtually alone for the past 27 years, I can see where staying in a loveless marriage could be an option. I however, was the product of an abusive spouse. I had to get a divorce in order to survive. I hope the “Woods” will be successful in raising their children as a couple. It is far better for eveyone involved….after having lived it.

  147. Ken says:

    Looking at the reported details of the prenup, you don’t think she knew about this before they got married? She knew what he was all about (IMO) before marriage. It only came out because someone was about to make it public. Who sets a prenup that will pay if she stays in the marriage for a number of years? I really believe she went into this marriage knowing 100% about his addiction. Not saying I agree with it, but think about it.

  148. Diann says:

    I know what both are feeling and I KNOW the emotions and feelings without the self-control of the Holy Spirit will drive him to do the same sins. He is judged so harshly because He judged His own father for doing the same to his own mother. When we judge, it is guaranteed that we will be judged even more harshly. If he comes fully to the Lord Jesus Christ and repents for judging his dad (though it was wrong what his dad did), then he will be able to forgive himself for doing what he hated so much in his dad. Only by the power of Jesus Christ do we experience freedom from the sins that so easily beset us. He is the way, the truth and the life. There is a marriage ministry that can not only help him and her experience emotional healing, but be able to truly be happy and have a truly good marriage. joelandkathy.com have experienced what Tiger and his wife have experienced. Tiger looks miserable right now, but if they get the help from Jesus Christ through this ministry they both can learn to trust each other knowing Jesus will never leave them nor forsake them. By the power of God Tiger can stop doing the sin he literally hates about himself.

  149. cathy says:

    Hasnt anyone ever heard about FORGIVNESS??????? ya know maybe she wasnt the best wife to be with either… somthing must of driven him to these other women…. you dont know what goes on behind closed doors.. IT TAKES 2 for no matter what happens good or bad.

  150. T Mentz says:

    Things have a way of working out but not always the way someone wants. Some things are for sure.
    Once it’s done, you can;t undo it.
    Once it’s said, you can;t unsay it.
    Once it’s written, you can;t unwrite it.
    Once you live it, you have to live with the consequences. Chances are neither of them can.
    Sad, sad thing to do to a wife by Tiger or any husband. I hope the lifeless women he used can sleep well at night and good luck to Elin. When it’s over, she will know.

  151. June says:

    It’s nobody’s business but theirs!

  152. Blaine Chrisscross says:

    Hey my Aunt and Uncle did the same thing. They stayed together for the sake of their three children. All three children are grown up today and three of the most screwed up people you’d ever meet. One of them screwed my mother, his own aunt out of thousands of dollars because he just couldn’t care less about anyone. GOOD IDEA MRS WOODS! We’ll call you Tiger’s “Ho numero uno”!

  153. Em says:

    I guess where I think I lost it was when all the “rumors” have said how he was really in love with Rachel and she was the only one for him. If I knew my husband said that to another women it would be over because he would never really be with me – he would alway be with her and wanting her when he is with me. Tiger will not change. It will happen again. He led two lives. Having an affair with 1 is one thing 12 – just plain cheating.

  154. Roger Hawthorne says:

    If all you damn idiots would leave theis couple alone,they could regain some of what they lost.This is an issue that you people shoud keep your big noses out of.Even though she’ll never forget what he done,she can surely FORGIVE HIM> throgh GOD all things are possible.So we should be PRAYING For them,not critizing.So let it go. NOONE CARES WHAT YOU IDIOTS THINK

  155. SAYWHAT says:

    What I find so funny is that the media all but ignored John Edwards and his affair. Yet, gain pleasure in feeding the minds of people with what they claim is alledged.

    The moral to all of this is, gossip does go down a lot easier than the truth. Especially the gossip you created.

    When is the media going to put some of you folks back into your rooms. It seems as if they only let you out when they want to attacked a particular individual.

    I think some of you folks need a lot more help than Tiger.

  156. George says:

    I think Tiger and Elin can get past this. I don’t think Tiger’s infidelities meant that he didn’t/doesn’t love Elin. I think that Tiger suffered from his fame in the same way that Michael Jackson suffered from his: he never had a chance to grow up outside of the limelight; never had a chance to date the way that most people do. In fact, I would say that Tiger’s affairs with 14 women, whom he obviously did not care about, is much less of a transgression than if he had an affair with someone he fell in love with who lived down the street. The fact that he had sex with so many women clearly indicates that he was searching for something that was missing in his life. Not to blame Elin, but clearly there was something wrong in their relationship, and she had to know that they were not as close as a loving couple should be. Now that Tiger is in rehab and they have both suffered such a publc humiliation, maybe he and Elin can solve his problem and become closer than ever. If they stay together just as friends “for the sake of the children”, that’s pretty dumb. It might work, in the sense that their children will have parents who are together, but the children will be damaged by never witnessing what a loving relationship between parents should be. Having said that, I think two people who go through something as traumatic as this and get past it can have a stronger and more loving marriage than ever. Sometimes adversity can bring two people closer together. If they both want to work it out, the public would be doing them a terrible disservice if they don’t support them. Let them work it out!

  157. wctw says:

    If the staying together is for a lover relationship rather than friends, then it looks more healthy… Hard to imagine such a young couple can survive for lon gwith a sexless relationship… If starting off being friends once Tiger finished SA still sounded logical because it might need the time to re-build trust….but after a while, how long can we assume will last for a sexless spouse relationship for a young couple !

  158. simone says:

    Just come to think about it….”living together as friends instead of lover relationship” is quite a private and confidential item of which possibly only Tiger and Elin will know (and who would like to disclose such thing to outsiders)…so how come outsiders can know of such intrinsic arrangement ??? Really, think about it, will Tiger and Elin feel it boastful to disclose such arrangement out, probably not, so how on earth this information is leaked out ??? Is this fabricated by tabloid/media like what they did in fabricating the wave of divorce e-news…

  159. Jag says:

    Elin, please read:

    Sexual addiction is a life-long battle. Tiger will never be “cured.” Relapse is typically part of addiction, so you will never be able to trust where he’s been and with whom.

    Divorce doesn’t have to be a bad word. It’s better to be happy apart, than strained while together. Your kids will thank you for divorcing him when they’re old enough to realize what kind of person he is.

    You’re better on your own and then, if you want later on, you can find someone who is worth you and your children. Tiger isn’t. Take his money and make a good life for yourself and your children.