‘Lost: The Final Season’ is going to be epic

2010 Winter TCA Tour - Day 4

F-ck me, Josh Holloway looks good enough to eat. Those dimples are going to make me go insane. How in the world was this man not a star before Lost? Seriously? Why do we put up with the Taylor Lautners and Josh Duhamels of the world when there’s a guy out there who looks like this? Sigh… I’m in love.

2010 Winter TCA Tour - Day 4

Anyway, I’m putting up these photos (which are more than a week old, my apologies) of Josh and Evangeline Lilly, Emilie de Ravin and Daniel Dae Kim because Lost: The Final Season premieres in, like, days! Like, if you wanted to count down by hour, you seriously could. I’m so thrilled about this, I don’t even mind that it’s scheduled for the same time slot as NCIS! Mark Harmon is great and all, but I cannot deny the Josh Holloway and Naveen Andrews magical island hotness. Lost’s premiere is one of the most anticipated events of the year decade century! Or whatever.

2010 Winter TCA Tour - Day 4

Considering how highly anticipated this event, this must-see-tv, this history being written, it’s kind of strange that we literally know nothing about what is going to happen on the premiere episode, or the season as a whole. I’ve read some half-assed spoilers here and there, stuff about this character being killed off or that one blah blah, but nothing is ever verified, and one of the reasons Losties love the series is because no character is too precious to avoid death, destruction or heartbreak. They’ve killed off fan-favorites before (R.I.P. Charlie) – and God knows, the original construct of the first episode was for Matthew Fox to die! Still, I hope it’s not Naveen Andrews or Josh Holloway. I would be heartbroken. Anyway, the in-house Lostie at Entertainment Weekly has written a massive, mega-opus describing various theories for how the final season could play out. I read about four pages and then I had to stop myself because I was going to geek out too hard and bust something. Here you go – enjoy!


In addition to the theories, EW also put Lost’s Final Season on their cover this week, and they scored an interview with the two co-creators of Lost, and EW put up an excerpt:

With Lost’s last season premiere just days away (Tuesday, Feb. 2 at 9 p.m. on ABC, to be precise), EW’s own Jeff “Doc” Jensen has been going a little crazy with anticipation. Fortunately he’s channeled all that energy into something productive: Theorizing!

Not only does he have his own thoughts about how it’s all going to end, this week Doc Jensen also went straight to the source — Lost’s exec producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse — to get some key intel on what fans can expect in the sixth and final season.

Given that there are so many lingering questions to be answered in just 16 episodes, Cuse and Lindelof say the plan is to do what they’ve always done: tell their story their way.

“We’re writing the show for ourselves,” says Cuse. “It would be a terrible mistake to change the methodology that has sustained the show for this long.” Lindelof refers to Lost’s most despised duo to drive home the point: “Find the person who hates Nikki and Paulo the most, and I guarantee you that Carlton and I are still flagellating ourselves for that idea. The fact that we are 10 times harder on ourselves than anybody else makes us feel like the show is in the right hands.”

That said, Lindelof is still feeling butterflies about the impending premiere: “I wish it was already here. The audience may hate it. The audience may not hate it. But at least they will finally see it, and when they do, it will be a relief.”

The duo also offered teasers about Lost’s most pressing questions — Is John Locke really dead? Who are Jacob and the Man in Black? Will Kate choose Jack or Sawyer? — though they’re coy when asked if fans will ever learn what the Island really is.

As for Lost’s central hero and resident “fixer,” Jack Shephard, the question of whether he’ll achieve the redemption he so desperately seeks will be a core theme for season six.

Explains Cuse, “This notion of predeterminism is something we’re very actively exploring this season. Is redemption possible? Is redemption possible for all of them? Is redemption possible for some of them? What does redemption look like?”

[From EW]

You know who no one is mentioning anymore? Desmond. I actually adored the Desmond character, and I loved his love story. It would such a shame if he wasn’t around at all in the final season. My greatest fear is that the last episodes are going to be dominated by Jack and Kate’s bullsh-t. They’re generally considered the two “leads” of the ensemble, and they are the weakest links, in my opinion. Oh, and Jack and Kate belong together. Two self-absorbed, asinine, belligerent a-holes belong together. Leave Sawyer either with Juliet… or mourning her.

Anyway, who’s with me? I’m initiating the countdown now!

EW cover courtesy of CoverAwards.

2010 Winter TCA Tour - Day 4

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  1. JulieNewmar says:

    @ Kaiser…Sweet Baby Jebus.. First Jon Hamm and now Josh Holloway! You’re trying to kill me right.

  2. Sumodo says:

    Wow! New choppers for Josh Holloway. About time! I used to cringe every time I saw his teeth. These veneers look a little too perfect, but he’s planning beyond “Lost,” right?

  3. AlaskaJoey says:

    Sweet baby Jesus indeed! Between Josh, Daniel Dae Kim, Naveen Andrews (even with his gross nails) and Henry Ian Cusick, this is the best looking cast on TV.

    In complete agreement – Kate and Jack were the worst part of the series. And Evangeline Lilly is just a crappy actress. But at least I could tell Matthew Fox was trying.

    I will be in a fetal position with a carton of ice cream during the series finale.

  4. Just a Poster says:

    oh my! I am so weak in the knees after seeing Josh. *swoon&

  5. adleisia says:

    mmmm… Josh Holloway.

    (the countdown is at 5 days, by the way. Not that it’s written on my calendar or anything.)

  6. Bodhi says:

    ME!! I’m with you!! I.can.not.wait. SQUEE!

    I LOVE Desmond & I hope they can come up with some way to work him in again

  7. lucy2 says:

    Love the boys of Lost! I’m amazed that Josh Holloway wasn’t a bigger star before too, or that he hasn’t been doing a ton of movies during hiatus.
    I cannot wait for the show to return! Best show ever.

    I’ve always thought the women on that show were beautiful too – Elizabeth Mitchell especially, but Evangeline Lilly too – has anyone seen her new cosmetic ads with Eva Longoria? Standing side by side with Evangeline is not flattering to Eva!

    Desmond: LOVE him. Rewatching Season 2 at the moment, and he looks a little goofy, but now I think he’s hot! Plus he and Penny are so great together.

  8. Kaiser says:

    One of my big fears is that Naveen is going to be pretty much gone after one or two episodes. I love the actor, and I really love the Sayid character.

    I don’t think they’re going to do anything too horrible to Sawyer though. Although I’m starting to think Juliet isn’t going to be around.

  9. Stephie says:

    Absolutely can’t wait to see the final season! Love this show.

  10. Bonfire Beach says:

    Mmmmm, Josh Holloway – always loved him. I hope we see plenty of him after Lost.

    Unfortunately, I don’t watch Lost anymore. I invested way too much of myself in it the first 3 seasons and got lost myself trying to keep up with it. I will eventually re-watch the whole series someday.

  11. irishserra says:

    I’m a fan of all of the “Lost” boys, myself. Even Hurley! He has merited his own brand of adorable. Just wanna go squeeze his wry sarcastic little cheeks when I see him.

  12. Katalina76 says:

    Keep that annoying twit Kate away from Sawyer!!! I’m still hoping for a Sawyer and Juliet reunion. They were sooooo good together. Kate can suck it. I’ve been wishing for her death since the 2nd episode.

  13. Kolby says:

    I keep telling myself I’ll stop watching the night they kill off Sawyer, Sayid or Desmond, but who am I kidding? I’ve made it this far. If one of them dies before the end I’ll just have to keep watching through my tears. God, this show is so great.

    Oh, and I’ve got a countdown clock on my FB profile. Nerdgasm!

  14. lastwordlinda says:

    I once rented the first two seasons on DVD and quit watching halfway through the second season. I just couldn’t see the appeal. And the fat guy should have lost some weight by now. He’s stranded on an island for crying out loud. Too much of a stretch for me. Maybe, when the finale comes out I will watch that and be more curious about what came before. But I doubt it.

  15. Gwen says:

    Mmmmm… he really is a very, very sexy man :D

    I hope they don’t kill him off. Not only is he very sexy, he’s also one of the best actors on the show, not to mention one of the most interesting characters. I’ve had enough of Kate and Jack.

  16. lucy2 says:

    @lastwordlinda – SOOOO much has happened that I would think the finale probably wouldn’t make much sense if you haven’t watched the whole thing. I watched it all several times and still get confused!

  17. Jeane says:

    LOL AlaskaJoey, all this time I thought for some reason that Henry Ian Cusick was the guy who played Ben!
    When you wrote “…and Henry Ian Cusick” I was like ..um really? Ben? To each their own I guess…
    Then I figured, no that can’t be right, maybe he’s not who I think he is.
    I gotte tell you I’m kinda relieved. People who fancy Ben are just… weird.

  18. AlaskaJoey says:

    If you guys haven’t seen the YouTube video of the Long Island Italian family acting out the first 5 seasons of Lost, please search it out – are we allowed to post Youtube links here? It’s seriously hilarious.

  19. wow says:

    Oooh, the sexiness that is Sawyer/Josh. Yum.

    It’s nice to see this cast again.

  20. MsTriste says:

    I too love Josh! And thanks for not posting pix of Matthew Fox – can’t stand his character.

    I live near where they film, and was in line behind Jorge Garcia at the health food store. He looks smaller in real life (not as rotund). He was with a very small woman. They bought cotton candy and were eating it at the checkout, didn’t like it so left it with the cashier, who gave it to me. I ate Hurley’s cotton candy!

  21. Akasha says:

    May I just say : WOW!!! I’ve never seen Lost, never got into it but had I known I could’ve been seeing this guy this whole time….damn! You’re right those dimples could drive a gal insane!!! I feel like sticking my tongue in them and licking him all over! yummy!!

    (which is weird since I usually prefer my men dark and brooding!)

  22. Solveig says:

    Can’t find the fascination with Holloway right know, but he was really beautiful during the first season.
    My favourite is Desmond and I too am really concerned about his sudden vanishing on Lost. I mean, the last time we see him is when he’s in the hopsital and it really looks like a curtain is falling off his story, sad…
    The other character I REALLY love is Ben, ok, he is ugly as hell even for me, but I love him.
    The most beautiful is Jacob, Mark Pellegrino is a heavenly creature… those eyes!

  23. Solveig says:

    Ps: Emilie De Ravin is a massive spoiler… =(

  24. lucy2 says:

    @MsTriste, I am so jealous! I vacationed in Hawaii and did get to see a few of the Lost sites, but didn’t see any of the cast (they weren’t filming at the time). Very jealous you live in such a beautiful place!

  25. Carrie says:

    I’m most anxious to see the reunion between Jin and Sun.

    I LOVED when Penny and Desmond finally found each other, and I’m going to be very upset if I don’t get another heartstrings moment.

  26. Nicole says:

    OMG Josh Holloway is so hot! Naveen Andrews is pretty yummy too. Loved his appearance in Grindhouse: Planet Terror!

  27. Tess says:

    Jeff Bridges has been my boyfriend for years. My husband, good sport that he is, accepted the situation.

    But I may have to engage in some delicate relationship rejiggering to accommodate Josh’s undeniable charms.

  28. CB Rawks says:

    Is it suddenly going to get good?

  29. Kristin says:

    Well, the reason we never saw Josh Holloway before LOST (he was in a B horror movie), was because he was a real estate agent. He applied for his license and got it SIX DAYS before his LOST audition.
    I would buy any house from him, even in this market haha

  30. anna says:

    Oh yes! Jon Hamm, Josh Holloway…if you post Alex Skarsgaard, I will have a GREAT weekend.

  31. ronnie says:

    Just make sure Sawyer is still going for the janitor look with those Dharma coveralls and I’m totally in. Love, love, love Sawyer & Sayid. I wish Jack would just shut the eff up already.

    Oh man, I’m so excited!

  32. Bella says:

    Hmmm, Josh Holloway is a dream <3 Just look at that face… can’t get enough of him!!

  33. Ashley says:

    “F-ck me, Josh Holloway looks good enough to eat.”

    Best. Words. Ever.

  34. kathy says:

    Josh indeed looks fantastic in those photos… :)
    BTW – “Desmond” will very much be seen in this final season. Ian even has another Des-centric episode..which will be #11. The producers recently said in the EW article that “Des will play a big role in the final season.”
    Needless to say, that news make this HIC fangirl a very happy lady indeed!

    Just 4 days now everybody!

  35. Ellen says:

    Kaiser, I’m with you! Agreed abt Naveen Andrews and Josh H. Agreed also abt Kate and Jack. And I’m sure you know abt the sexual harassment suit entangling the actor who plays Desmond….

  36. jayem says:

    @AlaskaJoey – Those nails are exactly why I don’t find Naveen attractive. Something about long nails on a guy REALLY grosses me out.

    But, Josh… Holy Christ on a cracker!!