People Mag: Do the Duggars have too many kids?


Just days after People Magazine was one of the few media outlets to premiere photos of the Duggars’ newest baby (their 19th), People decided to put the Duggars on their cover with the headline: “Duggars Under Fire: How Many Kids Are Too Many?” While I see the point of People’s cover story, and I understand why the question is being asked, and why it’s newsworthy, I do find the whole thing uncomfortable.

While I can’t personally understand that lifestyle, with all of those children, with no birth control, having babies because of a staunchly conservative Christian belief system, I also think it’s their choice. From what I understand, the Duggars aren’t taking government assistance to support their children, so at that level it’s none of my business, because I’m not paying for it. And if that’s their choice, than so be it. Their choice is as sacrosanct as my choice to not have that lifestyle, and to make my own decisions for myself about how, when and where I choose to be a mother.

Part of the reason I think People Magazine put them on the cover is because the Duggars say they want to have even more children. Jim Bob is 44 years old, and Michelle is 43. Would they be able to conceive naturally? Perhaps. If they weren’t able to conceive naturally, would they go in for fertility treatments or in vitro? I doubt it – wouldn’t that be deemed “unnatural” by their faith? Or would the ends justify the means in that world, if it helped bring another life into this world?

I don’t really know. But my guess is that a lot of people will be talking about this cover story.

People Magazine cover courtesy of CoverAwards.

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  1. Dorothy says:

    People Mag: Do the Duggars have too many kids?

    I think the logical answer here is YES!!!!

    When you have that many kids the older kids have a huge part in caring for the young ones and lose out on their own childhood!

  2. Dorothy says:

    Oh and if they really want more kids why can’t they adopt? lots of children in foster care need loving homes.

  3. Tess says:

    Yes, yes, yes, none of our business for all the reasons Kaiser lists.

    But, come on. Kids need time and personal attention. And by now, her uterus must be the size of of a small city. Give it a rest.

  4. Ursula says:

    Isn’t she too exhausted to even make love? To each their own. I guess people just wanted another controversy and steer clear of the usual.

  5. Carey says:

    Although their lifestyle makes me feel uncomfortable, when I watch this show with my daughter I am always amazed at the serenity and love the whole family shows. I may not agree with their choices, but they are supporting themselves, raising loving, respectable, compassionate children…they’re doing a lot better than many of us.

  6. Phowie says:

    I guess if they can’t fit all their kids on the cover of Peep-hole magazine then they have too many.

  7. snowball says:

    Dorothy, maybe because they’ve had no need to adopt. They’ve proven they’re fertile on their own. Adoptions cost a fortune, perhaps a fortune better spent on raising a happy, healthy family?

    As for the younger kids missing out on childhood because they’re caring for their siblings, have you ever watched their show? This family is borderline Amish sometimes, the older kids are amazingly, willingly responsible and apparently hold the same values as their parents, which shouldn’t be surprising.

    Do they have too many kids? That’s up to them. Is it too many for me to even contemplate? Hell yes. My one was plenty. But this is their choice, one they apparently believe strongly in.

    Like Kaiser said, the government (us) isn’t supporting them in any way, so who are we to judge?

  8. Kelaa Khaa says:

    The Duggars, if they truly have a love of God in their hearts should adopt some kids from Haiti, or as Dorothy suggested, adopt some of the poor souls in foster homes who need forever families. This couple is the human equivalent to a puppy mill.

  9. UrbanRube says:

    I can’t imagine what this is doing to Michelle’s body. And I can’t imagine how they’re going to get those children educated past high school. I don’t have any words of judgment for them–I just don’t get it.

  10. lucy2 says:

    Certainly their choice and they do financially support the kids. But YES, it’s my opinion that they do have too many kids. I agree with Dorothy, if they want to continue expanding their family, there are foster kids who need homes.

  11. snowball says:

    Isn’t the “well, if they want kids, they have a responsibility to adopt needy kids in foster homes,” something we usually see thrown out at the Brange?

    They can breed on their own. They don’t seem to want to adopt. They’re managing just fine as they are, 40+ isn’t unheard of to get pregnant again. It’s Michelle Duggar’s uterus, she can do what she wants with it. Their kids are undoubtedly going to qualify for scholarships, grants and loans for college, and they’ll be just like the rest of us, working a job during school to pay for the extras.

    Puppy mill? Have you seen those places? That’s a really unfair comparison.

    If People had a woman on the cover with the headline, “Is ** having too many abortions?” would that be preferable? Are we dictating to other women when, how and why they can have their own kids when they’ve proven they can provide for them on their own?

  12. DD says:

    I imagine the children feel like cattle, there’s too many of them for mommy and daddy to keep track of.

  13. Rosalee says:

    a few decades ago that would not have been the question. The pill only came into existence within the past 50 years. My father came from a family of 14 – a healthy, close loving family, I was lucky to have a large pool of adorably funny aunts and uncles. I have so many cousins I lost count, our family reunion last year was amazing. My grandparents did not have government assistance and each of my aunts and uncles were loved and nurtured..a different value system is not abnormal. The Duggars are wonderful parents it is more than evident in the behaviour of that large beautiful group of kids.

  14. naye in VA says:

    If you watch the show they seem like very attentive and loving parents and they do take time out with all of their kids, maybe not individually, but i feel like these kids get more than enough love, probably lots more than many kids in small families. Lets be real there are plenty of selfish people out there who dont give their ONE kid any attention. I think the Duggars are a bit left-field, but the all seem to have great hearts and are doing the very best for their family so i cant knock them

    my concern is the last baby was a risk, becuase she has had so many. I think she can still have more though. Shes healthy and my mother had my baby brother at close to 46 years old.

    i dont think they have to adopt just becuase they want kids. at what point do you feel its okay to tell a family to stop having kids and adopt. 3 kids? 4 kids? 8? 12? newsflash!!! THEY DONT USE BIRTH CONTROL. ITS AGAINST THEIR BELIEFS. TELLING THEM TO ADOPT IS LIKE TELLING THEM TO STOP HAVING SEX!!!

  15. naye in VA says:


  16. tiki says:

    i really appreciate kaiser’s attitude that it is the DUGGARS’ choice as to how many children they have since they are not imposing on the american tax payer to help support their choice. i continue to be amazed by those people who scream choice then get all huffy when someone chooses an option that they personally wouldn’t. good for kaiser for being consistent. could i adequately care for 19 children? heck no. i raised five and some people thought that was too many. my response was always, ‘what do you care how many i have if i’m not asking you to support them?’ the same answer applies in this situation. some people do a crappy job with one. others do an outstanding job with ten. so be it.

  17. TG says:

    Until I see their tax returns I am not buying all this independently wealthy crap they are heaping at us. I’m not saying they are on welfare, but if I could call my home a church and qualify as a tax write-off that would help a lot. If you have church at home how can your kids truly question anything? These kids can’t truly know what they want unless they are given options.

  18. Ellen Smith says:

    Don’t any of you watch the show? These people will never send their kids to college (especially the girls). They are breeders-in-training. All they need is to marry them off (young) so they can start breeding. And of course they’re happy – IGNORANCE is bliss! I truly feel sorry for these kids – their home schooling was not on par with standard public schooling (which isn’t great, I acknowledge), and they live sheltered, narrow lives. Have these kids ever met a gay person, a Jew, or an atheist? Doubtful.

  19. nana says:

    the official kids factory of the world.

  20. cedar falls says:

    I’m fine with the Duggar parents exercising THEIR personal choice, but I’m not sure they’re giving their older kids any in having to care for their younger siblings. Of course, the children may love that responsibility – and the eldest is now a parent too – but I still get that little niggle.

  21. rreedy says:

    They seem like nice people but they have a HOBBY: having kids.

  22. Obvious says:

    By traditional standards they have too many. however they are paying everything on their own without government assistance and those are healthy well adjusted children who learn responsibility (shocker ppl)

    i admire this family.

  23. Frenchie says:

    I find the way “People” is phrasing the question interesting. It’s not about if they have too many kids, but almost like if they would ask which one of the kids shouldn’t be there. So they put themself on the Duggard side (and by the way make sure to keep the premiere on the photos). It looks like a question the Duggard could ask in return to people saying they have too many kids.

  24. Alecto says:

    I think it’s their business and their decision. They had these children long before any television show came along or even the thought of one. They are raising better mannered and respectful children than I can manage with my 2. I wish I were as happy as them.

  25. buenavissta says:

    I won’t step into the morality/choice debate. They seem like loving parents and they have their right to choose, just like me. However, I thought I heard that her doctor warned her against further pregnancies for health reasons. If you’re going to breed all these people, wouldn’t you want to be around to watch them (all) grow up? I think they have a responsibility to ensure that they stay healthy enough to raise each and every baby they’ve made.

  26. *Lee* says:

    Wow, how incredibly offensive. It’s nobody’s business how many children this family has, as long as they aren’t on government assistance.

  27. Tazina says:

    The girls will be married off with no college education and start having babies. The oldest boy just got married and there’s one baby there already. It’s kind of creepy in a way how they seem to live to procreate. Even if Michelle keeps having special needs children, she is capable of producing another half dozen or so until menopause gets in the way. I know it’s their deal but this is just overkill.

  28. heb says:

    No I don’t think they’d try invitro–that isn’t an “act of god”. If it was then they’d be open to abortion too (both scientific interferences with nature).

    I also support the Duggars as long as they can afford that many children, and with the TLC show they sure as hell can.

    Josie’s premature birth was caused by the close proximity in pregnancies, NOT by the sheer number of children she’s had.

    I think Jim Bob will probably be pretty suprised to see People betrayed them like this.

  29. TG says:

    Isn’t all medical treatment a scientific interference with nature?

  30. temeneos says:

    I just want to address a comment about adoption above.

    Adoption does not need to cost a fortune. State adoption is reasonable and in my state you recieve a stipend while fostering and there is a program called adoption aftercare where your family receives money every month to help defray the costs for raising your child if you need help.

    I have adopted 3 children, it cost less than $500 out of pocket through the state.

    Private and international adoption is another issue. The court costs are not that great, it’s the “fees” for the people involved which are very high.

  31. ering says:

    I think this question became more relevant with this last baby because she is so premature. She should still be in utero. Her health is going to be a constant worry and challenge. You would think this would be a game-changer but apparently not.

  32. TG says:

    Do they have health insurance for all those kids? That must cost a fortune? If they don’t who is paying for little Josie in the NICU?

  33. mary jones says:

    They are disgusting. I am suprised this woman’s uterus hasn’t run away screaming. She is to old to keep having kids. Gross someone tie her down and sterilize her.

  34. melissa says:

    During my third c section, I had some bleeding complications and had to be put out so my doctor could complete the operation properly. The last thing I heard the doctor say was, “We may need to remove your uterus”. While I am glad that my uterus stayed where it belonged…I have NO intention of using it to grow another baby. I believe this was my body’s way of saying, that’s all folks. Let’s hope the Duggars can make a decision based on the facts they have.

  35. Shelly says:

    Ellen, I agree with you that the kids will never be offered scholarships or probably even attend college. While the number of children they have is up to them, if they don’t want to be critized, they shouldn’t have put themselves on TV for the entire world to see. I think they’re the biggest hypocrites. They scream religion, no TV for the kids except when the new season of their show airs and then it’s at someone else’s house, etc, but they’re making all kinds of $$$$$$$ by putting them ON TV.

    Also, I’m just floored that they exposed Little Josie to all the germs, taking her out of the NICU to be photographed. Wasn’t it last week that the headlines read “Duggars Premiere Josie” or something like that. Yep, all for the additional $$$$$$.

    I feel sorry for the kids. I hope they don’t add more to the bunch seeing how they’re lucky that little Josie lived, and could still face some serious problems down the road.

  36. ashley says:

    i just feel sorry for those girls who really have to “buddy up” and watch the younger kids. I wonder who Michelle will stick Josie with.

  37. Zoe says:

    Every child deserves a family where they can individually be prioritized. Even with Jon & Kate’s 8 kids, they seemed discontented with not having alone time with their parents, I can’t imagine how that’s possible when you have 19 and growing. The other children also need to not be made parents at young ages having to take care of their siblings, this is bound to affect them negatively. The TV show only depicts so much, trust me there’s a backstory here, just as there certainly was with Jon and Kate. What the editing room allows you to see isn’t what’s truly happening, as anyone knows reality TV is far from reality. This family can’t possibly be all that healthy, as evidenced by them all being on television in the first place.

  38. clear as day says:

    TOO MANY KIDS? The whole point is that they aren’t deciding for themselves the number of kids to have. They are leaving it up to God. We may disagree with this approach but it’s their choice.

    It’s their religion. Their convictions. Their life.

    Glass house. Rocks. All that.

  39. prettytarheelfan says:

    Timenos, not only are there many adoption options that are reasonable, many employers like mine will provide adoption reimbursement up to 10k! My husband and I have considered adoption-not because we are unable (that we know of) but just because I feel so strongly that people who had loving childhoods should give back to those who don’t have loving childhoods.

    On topic, the Duggars are raising a loving family. Do I want 19 kids? Nope. Do I want my last child to, in the immortal style of Stewie Griffin, to be able to stroll out twirling a cane? No way. But this family has to make that decision for themselves. On another note, I think there should be a point when those on government assistance are told: No more, or your funding goes away. But that’s another story, for another day.

  40. Trillion says:

    Well, I’m glad it was “God’s choice” for me to only have one child! Whew! Thanks God!

  41. Shelly says:

    To clear as day – if the Duggars don’t want to hear the comments, etc, they shouldn’t put themselves out there on TV. Yes, absolutely it’s their choice to have 30 kids if they so desire, but with us watching the show, it’s our right to comment.

  42. Chicken Tetrazzini says:

    As long as I am not paying for them, then I don’t care how many kids they have. And them not going to college is not necessarily a bad thing, since (non-technical or non-hard science) college is really just indoctrination in how to hate America. It sounds insane and paranoid, but there have been many books written on the subject, and having gone myself and seen it, I certainly wouldn’t want my kids to go to college for any type of liberal arts type degree. So I can’t hate on them for that either!

    The best book I’ve read on the subject is “One Party Classroom” by David Horowitz, if y’all are curious :)

  43. Annabelle says:

    I personally dislike that they have so many kids, but they have a stable nuclear family and are doing it without welfare

  44. mel says:

    The family seems to be stable and the kids seem to grounded. If they want to have 40 kids, who am I to judge.

  45. prettytarheelfan says:

    I do kind of wonder what their carbon footprint looks like…and what it will look like in 20 years if all of these children follow the same mindset. I don’t watch the show-do they use disposable diapers? That alone could have a huge environmental impact.

  46. MsTriste says:

    Wouldn’t it be reasonable for them to think that this premature baby is a sign from God that they need to stop?

    Hopefully even if they do keep trying (since they say they “try” every day), I for one hope that her 43 year old reproductive system will hinder their attempts. I don’t know the chances of getting pregnant at that age, but I think it’s pretty low. Thank God.

  47. Ashley says:

    Team Shelly. I agree with you.

  48. Keirelle says:

    I know I am not the popular vote, but honestly, why does it matter what they chose to do with their lives? All of their children seem very happy. I just watched a repeat of the new season premiere and all the kids seemed so happy about their newest sister.They all seem like really good kids. As for them choosing to have more children.. don’t think they are choosing so much as just letting what happens happen on it’s own. Who are we to judge? They obviously are great parents if they can have such well behaved and sweet kids- mean, I know people with just one or two and their kids are like spawn of satan because the parents have zero control. Leave the Duggars alone, they are doing just fine. And for the record, preemies can happen to any one- I was one myself, 29 years ago and born only 1.5 weeks later then what little Josie was, and it is possible that we will be fine and that we were preemies jut because, no outside reasons for it- my mother was only 23, so it happens, age regardless.

  49. Codzilla says:

    “I certainly wouldn’t want my kids to go to college for any type of liberal arts type degree. So I can’t hate on them for that either!”

    As a mother (with a degree in English) of two boys, I would never underestimate their intelligence by attempting to dictate their academic pursuits. I know it sounds crazy, but I actually want them to be happy, not forced into a field that Mommy thinks is best.

  50. SageAdvice says:

    While it is their choice and all, I still have a right to disagree with their lifestyle and express concern that their children are ignorant little sprites who are happy in their ignorance.

    Edit: I have to say that I was a happy kid and a happy person too, until I learned a lot about the world at large. I think they are all happy because they are ridiculously sheltered.

  51. Whatever says:

    It is interesting that Jon and Kate got raked over the coals for pimping out the kids on TV, but its ok for the Duggars, even when they use their fragile baby for photo ops and their TV show. Sad. Personally, I’m waiting for the tell all book one of these kids is bound to write one day. I’ll preorder that one on Amazon, definitely!

  52. Samantha says:

    The only problem I see with them having all these kids is the fact that they pawn young kids off on the older kids. Obviously they can’t handle all of these kids, or else they wouldn’t be forcing these older children to play mommy/daddy to a younger one. Its just sick, let these kids be kids. You can teach your child how to be good parents in more ways than thrusting them into that position so young. Its gross. If they could manage to take care of their flock on their own, I would be all for it. Whatever works. But they can’t, and it pisses me off that she see’s nothing wrong with keeping the baby factory open for business when they can’t even raise the dough themselves. /endrant

  53. snapdragon says:

    well, when you are only famous for having so many kids then, yes, i would say you have too many.

  54. Just a Poster says:

    You know.. I have 3 kids and they all did a number on my body. Having 3,758 kids.. I can’t even imagine.

    Has anyone told this family that it is a va-jay-jay and not a clown car??

  55. As a person deeply concerned with both cognitive psychology, and social psychology – I’d say “yes”. They ought to consider what they are doing to their children.

    To say nothing of that family’s carbon footprint. Hoarding that many natural resources to raise a child army ought to be considered a sin – not unlike Pride, or Gluttony.

  56. L says:

    Please don’t get me started on the Duggar’s lack of proper education. They make home schooling look terrible. Honestly, is there anyway that 2 non-college grads can effectively teach kids pre-k through 12th grade? Esp when the dad is 100% not involved in the formal education process?

    And while @chickenT might be afraid of a liberal arts background, these kids aren’t going to be doing any of the hard sciences either (which are also accused by the paranoid of fostering a ‘godless agenda’, but that’s another rant) For one, the Duggar’s don’t “believe” in Algebra. Don’t think they need it, when most people use some form of algebraic reasoning even if they don’t realize it. Plus, they don’t teach them the hard sciences because their religion teaches them not to. God created everything, God does this and God does that-so learning about it isn’t needed and is to be feared. Never mind the fact, that I’ve never seen reading anything other than the bible encouraged on the show. None of those kids would ever qualify for any kind of tech/non-tech/higher ed simply because they don’t have the basic requirements.

    I don’t care about how many kids they have, my grandparents had 18 back on the farm, and they did just fine. Of course, half of them went to college and got a decent education. If they weren’t on the show, these kids would be living off of mom and dad into adulthood.

  57. Lucy says:

    Stupid question time – after that many children isn’t her uterus not capable of a full nine months of gestation? For some reason I always thought that after a larger number of children (5+) having children became more of a risk to the baby’s health. If this is the case, and with their last baby being born SO prematurely – should they not take into account that they could be bringing another baby into the world with possibly serious developmental defects due to premature birth? Sure, it’s a risk that numerous expecting parents face but if this family knows the statistics (if I’m on the right track) aren’t they being less saintly?

  58. singerinwhite says:

    As long as The Duggars don’t push their beliefs onto others and myself – I don’t really care what they do with their lives. Telling them to stop doing what they genuinely feel is the right thing to do is akin to banning abortion. We can’t tell Michelle Duggar what to do with her own body just like Sarah Palin can’t tell me what to do with mine. It’s inherently wrong. If Michelle wants to use it to pop out 19 kids and counting, so be it. She just better make sure she doesn’t tell other women like myself to do the same, because THEN there’s trouble.

    But I think the Duggars should step back and take a look at the well being of the children they already have before considering to make child # 20.

  59. EMV says:

    Whatever happend to freedom of choice? They can live their lives like they choose fit, just like the rest of us. I think that they have too many children, but it’s not my place to judge them and condemn them. I just wouldn’t want that many myself. To each his own and even better if I don’t have to pay for their kids with my federal tax dollars.

  60. gg says:

    I wonder if there can ever be a reply on these people without the words ‘clown car’ and ‘va-jay-jay’. write some new jokes at least.

  61. Dorothy says:

    What if it is not God that gives baby but science? Does God give the crack whore babies too? Just to watch them die in intensive care because they have low birth weight and have a drug addiction? God is just an excuse that stupid people use to do dumb things. IMO

  62. Ron says:

    They can do whatever they want, but the simple answer is yes. And we reward them with a tv show for their f**kery. Barf.

  63. amanda says:

    I would LOVE to know how they will be paying the NICU bills for the preemie baby. My daughter was in the NICU for 3 weeks, and the portion not covered by my health insurance came to $48,000. What kind of insurance do they have?? I know they claim they don’t take government assistance, but are the children on government health care (i.e. medicaid)?

    A mother having children at an advanced age, plus now with the the pre-existing condition of preeclampsia (of which the most significant factor for developing is having had preeclampsia in a previous pregnancy), plus the complications of her numerous c-sections… it is incredibly risky and the medical bills could be sky high for each and every subsequent pregnancy (not to mention the astronomical costs that must be associated with this pregnancy).

    So, I want to know how the medical bills are being paid? I can barely make the payments on the medical bills I incurred when having my daughter, and we cannot afford to have anymore children until it is paid off. What if it were to happen to us again, another child in the NICU? We would have double the bills.

    Unfortunately for me, unlike the Duggars I don’t have a reality show to perhaps help cover costs, and I don’t qualify for government assistance or government health care for my child.

    For the Duggar’s to continue having children knowing the increasing risk factors for Michelle’s subsequent pregnancies is a drain on our society, and it’s an unfair burdan on our health care system. It’s also just plain not fair to the average working person just trying to get by and pay the health care costs for their one child. So many resources going to ONE family, and so few resources available for so many others.

  64. bella says:

    @ Heb –

    Interesting point you make about in-vitro not being “of God”…what about medical intervention for the preemie they just had? That’s not “of God” either, but I don’t see them turning THAT down!

  65. bella says:

    And no one (as far as I’ve read) has even broached the subject of the Duggars’ carbon footprint and the impact on the environment.

  66. Cheyenne says:

    As long as they are self-sufficient and not imposing or depending on anyone else, how can anyone ask that question?

    However, if they expect their older children to be responsible for looking after the younger ones, I see a very large problem. It’s irresponsible of the parents to make more children for the older ones to help care for.

  67. ,,,, says:

    @ bella – prettytarheel mentioned their carbon footprint, comment #45 I believe.

  68. hatsumomo says:

    First off, I lov ethis family. I do. Really do. The kids seem well adjusted, educated, and cared for. Better than some kids who mommies can ‘bear’ only two and have to schedule play dates with other kids they don’t like so Mommy can go get her weekly mani/pedi and bitch about her stressful life. And yes, I’m talking about the majority of American mothers who fit this category and cant handle the responsibility they put them selves in. A little jealous much?
    And to Kelaa Khaa, have you ever even seen a puppy mill? A real life one? are you even aware how gruesome they are? Because if not, then you sound like a fricking idiot for the comparison.
    And for the vast other posters who keep screaming about the kids, Wont someone think of the kids! Oh my God, they’re so abused and demented for having responsibilities and babysitting, are you also not aware of the ramification of children who grow ill-adjusted to the real world and expect mommy and daddy to fix their problems because they’re used to it? Its a real issue plaguing teens and young people today. They’re so used to not having to work, do chores, or anything because parents have that mindset of ‘oh I cant bear to see my child do something he/she doesnt like to do, I’ll just make life a carefree picnic until they are older then send them out in the world unprepared’. Case in piont:
    and also:

  69. hatsumomo says:

    Basically, for those who are to thick to see it, if you really insist on your child never having to,god forbid, do a chore or help around the house, then relly, dont be surprised when they grow up really fucked-up. Its been proven.

    and for those, Bella, crying about the goddamn environment, I take it you dont drive, use disposable anythings( diapers, pads, tampons, plastics) and live cleaner than the Amish? I think not if you can sit around on your ass and bitch on a internet site. Meaning you have a computer. Meaning you are just as wasteful as they are. So really, to blame the Duggars for world pollution just makes you seem stupider than I hope-to-God you’re not.

  70. hatsumomo says:

    And i do apologize if my comments seem a tad bit harsh. This just really infuriates me to no end when complete strangers try to shove their holier than thou crap on someone. And really bad parenting advice.

  71. kelbear says:

    I really hope at least a couple of the kids realize that outside of their home……the world is waiting for them to enjoy it. I hope at least one moves many states away, lives a completely different life, meets an awesome person and has a different marriage unlike their parents.

  72. Larissa says:

    sorry, they are breeders, not parents! period.

  73. cprincess says:

    Look-I wouldnt want 19 kids and yes a conservative christian lifestyle is not my thing but apparently the whole family is supported without government assistance and no credit -they dont even use the state school system-so its none of my or anyone elses business what they do…
    The children are being raised to be show love and compassion and to be of service to others and theres a whole lot of people who could benefit from some of their philosophy.
    I find them fascinating and even I(a total cynic) find it soothing to watch them-they also dont ram their beliefs down others throats which some of the evengelicals could take a tip from!

  74. jeanne says:

    To all the people saying, “freedom of choice” would you believe the same thing if your tax dollars were supporting them- as they would be if they didn’t have their tv show?

    I don’t believe you can really parent this number of children successfully and I feel sorry for this family.

  75. Gistine says:

    I friggin hate these nutjobs.

  76. TG says:

    Hatsumomo you make a good point about chores and I completely agree with you, but creating babies so the kids can have the chore of caring for a baby is not a good way IMO. Let them do chores that are constructive why create a baby just so you can give your other child a job to do? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

  77. Chicken Tetrazzini says:

    Hey Codzilla, I never said that I would prevent my child from doing what they want in life, even if I disagree. However if they wanted a liberal arts degree, they can pay for it themselves.


    Just because I think a liberal arts degree is useless does not mean I am afraid of it. I don’t care what others choose to waste their money on, but I don’t need a piece of paper to prove anything to anyone. But hey, if having that paper makes you feel superior to those who don’t, great. Good for you. But you can take your condescending attitude and shove it. Why even waste your time on a Philistine like me anyway? I’m obviously too scared of book lernin and too ignorant to even understand you…right? Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go drool and stare at the wall. Good day.

  78. moo says:

    YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES. I was going for 19 YES’S, but lost track….

  79. prettytarheelfan says:

    In defense of Bella’s environmental question, I broached the carbon footprint question as well. My reasons: We just started trying for our first child. I am planning to use cloth diapers after the research I’ve done into the impact disposable diapers from one child have…and my husband and I carpool whenever possible, use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic, and try to at least be aware of the impact we’re having. We’re not Amish, by anyone’s standards, but we do want to minimize our “churn and burn” effects. Why is that negative?

  80. Sillygal says:

    The BIG problem I have with this family is that the children aren’t allowed a normal childhood.

    Each child gets paired up with a younger sibling. Their job is to dress them, feed them, bathe them, etc.

    Also the all the girls spend their time cooking, baking, sewing the family clothes. It’s very sexist

  81. Geez says:

    It’s a vagina, not a clown car. She and her whole family should be fixed before they repopulate Arkansas with a cult.

  82. Goodforthem says:

    I don’t think it’s anyone’s place to say if the Duggar’s have too many children. The children are cared for, paid for, loved, respectful and productive.

    If you want to start deciding who can and can’t have children or how many would you like us to decide for you first?

    As for adoption, it’s a wonderful thing. At some point maybe the Duggar’s will adopt but with all the natural children why would they even address this.

    When they ask you for money then you get to give your input – until then they can do as they please.

  83. Keirelle says:

    @TG: I am pretty sure they don’t make the babies just so their other kids can have a chore. It is their religion to not use birth control. Why do people insist on judging this? It’s their life..not yours.

    @Hatsumomo: *applause* I wholeheartedly agree.

  84. shutyourpieholeprincess says:

    “Have these kids ever met a gay person, a Jew, or an atheist? Doubtful.”

    Well they made an appearance on Say Yes to the Dress, so they have definitely met a gay and some Jews. :D

    But, yes, I do personally find their lifestyle odd. I also have to admit while I don’t want to pass judgment, I would like that to be reciprocal from their end.

    Someone said something about them considering their home a church and getting tax exempt status. That can’t be true, can it?

    “When they ask you for money then you get to give your input – until then they can do as they please. ”

    Well they have put themselves in the public eye and are making a profit from that, so I actually think we can weigh in with our opinions anytime we want. I am curious if their show and lifestyle is encouraging other people who cannot afford to take care of their children without public assistance to breed child armies.

  85. ktmonster says:

    While it does seem excessive to have so many children, I do hold out hope that some of them will branch out to lead more “normal” lives. If you are regular viewers of the show, Jim Bob’s family has many members who do not subscribe to the Duggar’s lifestyle (their cousin who is frequently on the show is an example of this). The family members who do not necessarily follow their beliefs are still welcome members of their household and provide a good example for the Duggar children…

  86. Courtney says:

    As for the carbon footprint, having that many family members in one house, transported in one vehicle, wearing all hand-me-downs probably equals out to way less waste than anyone else!! They do not wear makeup, buy new clothing, or anything that isn’t second hand for that matter, they built their house themselves piece by piece, they have a farm, they buy in bulk. Nothing bothers me more than this hippy bullshit. “think of the environment!!” well think of your emissions as a one or two child family. Guaranteed per person their family is probably less than 1/3 the cost and environmental strain of one of your family members. You should be ragging on celebrities with private jets, not this family doing a better job than you. They do a great job of raising their children, and teaching them responsibility, love, compassion for others. Not one of those children had anything bad to say about having a new sibling. Think about that. If they are the ones that are burdened and so overwhelmed, don’t you think they would be the ones complaining?
    From where I sit, the only ignorant people are the ones making insane comments here.
    And as for the woman saying that they are burdening the healthcare system. Who are you to put a price on a human life? You should be ashamed. The duggars are not the reason you cannot afford to have more children. Your lifestyle is the reason. If you gave up the personal luxuries that they have for their families sake you would be just fine. When’s the last time you’ve been to a second hand store lady?

  87. Drew says:

    Let’s face it: CHILD ABUSE. A parent can’t handle more than 1-3 kids, so having 19 in a modern society really calls for a mental evaluation. Those kids raise each other, which isn’t exactly what the law allows.

  88. shutyourpieholeprincess says:


    Well, just because the kids didn’t complain about yet another sibling doesn’t mean they are happy about it. I mean, they’re been completely indoctrinated into their parents’ belief system and, since they don’t go to public or even private schools, probably don’t have much of a concept of free will or a world outside their own. It does come off as more of a cult than a family in some ways.


    “The duggars are not the reason you cannot afford to have more children. Your lifestyle is the reason.”

    Right, and by her “lifestyle” you mean not having her own tv show?

  89. Kara Barg says:

    Do they have too many children? Um, yeah…they do. This is not an issue of whether they can afford to have them vs. getting government assistance, it’s about OVERPOPULATING the Earth. As it is, we are overcrowded, our resources dwindling. Being responsible means NOT pushing out child after child when we’re at a point where food is becoming scarce. And, where do we house all these humans? What are we willing to give up? As it is, some of the world’s most beautiful rain forests, wet lands, etc., are being decimated to make room for food crops. If they can afford to have that many children, they can afford to adopt. The Duggar’s are being very irresponsible. What would their God say?

  90. prettytarheelfan says:

    We should certainly be aware of the impact the entertainment industry is having as a whole. Travolta, Cruise, and all those producers and directors with their own private jets and the impact “Disposable Lifestyles” have is definitely an issue. Each individual is only responsible for their own behavior and responsible choices in their lives.
    That being said, the Duggars have used 90,000 diapers and do 200 loads of laundry a month. Even with hand-me-downs, please don’t tell me their carbon footprint is a third of mine.

  91. Courtney says:

    no I meant about the sacrifices they made before the tv show came along. They had what, 16 of those children before TLC picked them up? And Good on them for not letting the increased income change their family values. All they seem to have changed is the ability to do more family activities and give their children more opportunities, they are still the same family they were before the cameras came along. Thank goodness for her being a great role model for her family.
    I was responding to the comment of the woman blaming the duggars for the “drain on the healthcare” being the reason she cannot afford to have more children. Obviously not the case, they have no more affect on the cost of healthcare than any other premature birth.

  92. HomeschoolMama says:

    Now, how about a cover that says “TOO MANY ABORTIONS!” After all, it would only be fair to criticize those who kill multiple children via abortion, when you criticize people who bring into the world and love multiple children.

  93. The Bobster says:

    Well, someone has to make up for all the fashion accessories the celebutards are bringing home from Africa.

    It seems that this site is full of mind-numbed zombies who think it’s ok to have a bunch of kids, as long as they’re low-IQ third-world kids that will be destined to live in poverty.

    As for the “clown car” joke, babies do not gestate in the vagina; it’s merely a portal.

    Go, Duggars!

  94. ER says:

    Drew – You are so narrow minded. Wow! You don’t know how many children parents can handle. It differs from one family to the next.

    And tell me where in the law it says that older siblings can’t help care for younger ones?

  95. hatsumomo says:

    shutyourpieh(ole?), So basically your saying that the Duggars had a conspiracy for a realty TV show starting in ’84 and had 15 children since ’88 to bring in ratings for a show 20 years later and support their kids from that? So whats your excuse for the last 20 years before their show? I mean, the show didnt start until ’08, what do you say supported their family till then? Because it sounds a little far fetched, like those who believe the Presidency of Obama was a conspiracy 49 years in the making for a illegal immigrant to overthrow the government and turn it into a guerrilla country! Oh wait, you prolly believe that too!

  96. Shaina says:

    If “God” didn’t want us to have birth control services, “he” wouldn’t have put them on the planet. God didn’t choose for them to have these children, the Duggars did.

    Cost to the children– who knows.
    Cost the government– at least up to 19 college scholarships? (That’s 6-9 typical families’ worth.)

    Really, it’s their choice. But I hate seeing them– or anyone else– act like it was “God’s will.” Ya put Tab A in Slot B and get a prize, that was your CHOICE. Duh.

  97. madam ex says:

    @KEELA, well said, a pure human puppy mill, just a bit better taken care of.
    Outrageous, this world is so overpopulated already, and to have that many kids because of religion is just fucking ridiculous and utterly disgusting, they should of ripped her uterus out.

  98. YouCanCallMeBianca says:

    They may not be on government assistance, but each of those children uses resources. Resources that are getting to be harder and harder to scare up, world wide. Having 19 kids in a time when there are approaching 7 billion people on the planet, is horrifically shortsighted and selfish.

  99. Ling says:

    Haven’t they as good as said that their sex life is happy, ergo they have tons of kids?

    That. Is not. Right.

    You can’t trade orgasms for a new child. You just can’t That’s horrible.

    Also: I can’t wait until, one by one, these kids have mental breakdowns and elope with “bad boys”. Just like the Von Trapp kids (the real ones, not the movie ones).

  100. Courtney says:

    “They may not be on government assistance, but each of those children uses resources. Resources that are getting to be harder and harder to scare up, world wide. Having 19 kids in a time when there are approaching 7 billion people on the planet, is horrifically shortsighted and selfish. ”
    more hippy propaganda. First of all they live in the US, not China. And this is not a dictatorship. Who is to say the family with one child is more entitled to using up resources than the family with 19. The way they live is alot greener than many families with 1 or 2 or even no children. They have 19 people in a large-ish house. Drive around some main cities and knock on some doors of comparable houses. Guess how many people will be in them, using up just as much resources to keep them heated and cooled etc. Guess how many vehicles will be in the driveway.
    You are clearly an idiot if you think the Duggars are single handedly causing Global Warming.
    And as for a puppy mill, what a horrific comparison between a loving mother who has given her entire life, body and soul to caring for her children, and heartless breeders who forcefully inseminate puppies who are then chained up in cages and forced to procreate again and again with bare minimum food and appalling conditions, no vet care, and they are basically tortured all for personal financial gain of the breeder. How can you even live with yourself, you are a disgusting person.

  101. Dani says:

    When I saw the preview for the episode where Michelle has the new baby and her husband says something like “this is fixing to change our lives forever”, I literally yelled out, “maybe you will STOP having children”. Don’t get me wrong, I hope their new baby grows stronger and has no lasting medical problems, but clearly they have learned nothing from this scary situation. I feel like any rational person would acknowledge that this might be a sign that maybe it’s time to stop having children. You have 18 healthy children at home, and you are 43 years old…why are you still going?

    I also see people making comments about giving children responsibility because that makes them well-adjusted adults. I agree. Give them chores, make them get a part time job, but they have no business raising a family when it was not their decision to keep having kids. Oh yeah, they look happy when mom announces she is pregnant again, but what are they going to do? Fight back? Riiiight…

    I also don’t buy that whole “it’s up to God” thing. If you are having unprotected sex, you are more likely to get pregnant because that’s just science. Everyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows that.

  102. Patti says:

    I happen to believe that there is not a single issue on this planet which could not be greatly alleviated nor entirely eliminated if only there were fewer of us.
    Why do we even know who these people are? Because they are on television.
    And what do people on television do?
    They act, that’s what.
    Why presume that we really know anything at all about them?
    My opinion? There is nothing admirable about pimping children on TV in the name of any god.

  103. ruru says:

    Yes, they do. The world is overpopulated enough, resources are exhausted, animals are dying from pollution and disappearing habitats etc. etc. People should keep this in mind and give up their dream of having 10+ kids and settle for 2-3.

  104. Courtney says:

    those children have already done more for this planet than any of you have in your lives. They volunteer, any trips they go on are rescue missions by the church to help people, they are active in their community and are making a difference in peoples lives and the world. I’d like to see what your bitching about people having more kids than you has done for the environment.
    Who are you to tell ANYONE to give up their dreams. Especially when they are doing such a great job of raising them.
    And premature/challenging births can happen to anyone in any pregnancy whether it be #1 or #6 or #19.

  105. Karen says:

    @ Chicken Tetrazini – Angry much? Someone needs to take a chill pill.

  106. Darian Zam says:

    These Duggar people make me sick. Seriously, just thinking about it makes me feel nauseous.

  107. SG says:

    I’m sure this probably sounds stupid, but I still don’t get how they can afford to take care of all those kids (and their house, bills, etc). Especially if they’re not receiving any help from the government?

    I’ve never even seen the show, but I’m just thinking about how much my parents had to work to support / care for my siblings and me (and there are 3 of us)… 19 just seems so impossible!

  108. Kara Barg says:

    I’m starting to think that @Courtney is a spokesperson for the Duggars…

    Do they have a right to have children, yes. Should they have more children, NO.

    It isn’t only China that is populated, the Earth as a whole is. There are more people living in the U.S. than ever before. When you factor in people living longer plus more children being born, then you have more people.

    Ask yourself, “Where are we going to house them? How are we going to feed them? Where is the food going to come from?” More people means less resources. We humans have become parasites of the earth. When I think of how many kids are without homes, and yet these people (though they have a right) pop out one kid after another, it’s sickening. IF they have enough money to house their brew, then why NOT take on a few that already exist and need homes. This isn’t a “Hippy” issue, it’s a moral one. The facts are simple, we are running out of space to house, we are running out of space to grow food, we can’t keep up with our meat resources…

    …but yes, by ALL means let’s keep having more kids. [note the hint of sarcasm]

    Again I ask, what would they’re god say.

  109. hatsumomo says:

    ok, Ruru, Patti and youcancallme…if you are going to go to one extreme in the name of saving our planet and you seriously cant stand the idea of too many people, then the perfect solution for you….start killing people! Lots and lots of them! Just think, for every person you wipe out, that’s one less to use up our precious resources! And personally fund abortions for anyone and everyone who wants one! And I’m sure it will ease your conscience that YOU are doing your part to fight overpopulation!

    (and if you think this sounds absurd, just go back and reread your posts!)

  110. Ruffian9 says:

    @CTetrazini – Chill. Holy crap.

    Courtney; The majority of us posting here have grown up. We’re having a (granted, somewhat haphazard) debate over differences of opinion. That’s what grown-ups do. Also, how on earth do you know what any of us has done ‘for the planet’? Scale it back a bit.

    #92 – Far and away the most ignorant post here.

    Finally; I don’t watch the show (not sure I even get it with just basic cable in Ontario), because I find the premise appalling. I would like to think, however, that these kids will all have opportunities for continued education and meaningful, rewarding work. That said, I’m not holding my breath.

  111. Dee says:

    They are disgraceful. A doctor advised her it could be dangerous-does she think nothing of having all those young children have no mother? And handing off those babies to be cared for by the older kids is reprehensible.

  112. karen says:

    I think the reason people are aghast is because they’re at the point where they are endangering the health of their children. They’ve had enough kids. Why put more at risk? It’s not fair to the potential future kids.

  113. bgky says:

    I feel as if the Duggars use the large family of 19 kids as a platform to tell the world about their belief in Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us in John 3:16 that, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, THAT WHOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM WILL NOT PERISH, BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE.” Their show reaches millions and they hope that they can inspire others to live for Him.

  114. Maritza says:

    I think they truly believe they will have as many as God wants them to have, I doubt they will adopt.I’ve watched their show and they are a very lovely and beautiful family with good moral values.

  115. skeptical says:

    i wonder about how the narrow experiences of growing up so sheltered and reading on that family’s interpretation of the bible constricts the girls’ choices. are they really aware of any viewpoint other than the one they had drilled into them by their parents? i see sexism on that show.. the girls have very little formal education and are basically being prepped to be breeders like their mother.

    without options, there is no choice. are those girls even aware of the ability to lead a very happy and satisfying life without popping out a child army? do they know that that doesn’t have to be their life?

  116. Anastasia says:

    Adopting is against the beliefs of the guy whose teachings they follow.

    Their kids don’t even get high school algebra. They don’t have any high school science. They learned out of workbooks, the end. The girls aren’t educated past being literate (they are supposed to do the same thing their mom did) and the boys are not allowed to go to college because it would mean being with/living with outsiders. That is forbidden.

    If someone had 19 cats, Animal Control would take them away. They’d be called an animal hoarder. But these people have 19 CHILDREN (WAY WAY more work and responsibility than cats!) and hey, it’s ok, that’s their choice?

    That’s crazy.

    They have an extremely authoritarian patriarchal belief system that only remotely resembles Jesus’ teachings. Females are controlled.

    They delcared their home a “church” and pay ZERO taxes. On anything. Everything is a write-off. Then imagine claiming that many dependents on your taxes. Whew! And nowdays, they’re making a mint from TLC, exploiting their family every chance they get.

    They are sickening. They will have babies until Michelle Duggar dies.

  117. Anastasia says:

    #109 (can’t see the name): then why does Jim Bob give out pics of his huge family instead of Bibles at their public appearances?

    He’s a con artist. It’s all about “ooo look how many children I can father.”

    It’s not about God.

  118. L says:

    @chickenT Actually I was just quoting you about college directly, since you said “it sounds insane and paranoid” and also something about college turning people against america. Which frankly,as you said, is kinda paranoid-but that’s your opinion of the higher education system and you’re entitled to it.

    I don’t care how anyone decides to raise their children-it’s their lives and just like everyone else that can live it as they see fit. But when the Duggars don’t provide their children a solid well rounded education (honestly, the Duggar kids NEVER read, all of their homeschooling is done on the computer now-cause one type of learning modality is TOTALLY effective, and they pretty much skip anything post junior high math and science)then it’s going to frustrate me and I’ll say so. It doesn’t make anyone better to have that ‘piece of paper’, but the Duggars pretty much purposefully shutting off their children from any kind of higher education because it scares them or it’s not ‘christian’ is just reckless behavior.

  119. nana says:

    mrs duggar is always a mess everytime i see her on tv. hair unkept and look unwashed. i think she should take care of herself first as a good example to her girls before busy popping babies out like a bread factory and tossing them off on the older children for them to raise and change diapers. yes, its none of our business to mind on how they should live their lives but we can criticize them on how many is many like how people criticize brangelina for having many adopted kids.

    duggars are good people no doubt but they are no different from gosellin, henes who want fame and money out of reality show. and i dont like this woman michelle. she does not want people to mind their lives but she cant keep herself from minding others business. that thing when after delivered her 18th, she hit the street to protest a gas station/convenience store wanting a liquor license. And that made Michelle’s neighbors quite ticked off!

  120. yae says:

    They could have had 2-3 of their own children.

    And they could have given 15-16 lonely orphans a great home.

    Very sad they so snobby that they love only their own DNA.

  121. yae says:


    Think the Duggars could inspire people to share?

    Oh wait, too late…..their own DNA ate all the food & used all the toilet paper. (darn).

  122. Ana says:

    I doubt they will try fertility treatments. Michelle has said before that she never knows when this child will be the last.

    But I do wonder, how they afford the care for the premie. Doesn’t Medicaid pay for most premie’s health care? I think that Jon and Kate got Medicaid for their 8 premies. I do wonder if they are accepting the help.

    Someone asked if they use disposable diapers- I have seen the show and yes they do. During an ice storm a producer (or something) had to get them some and another time I saw Michelle carrying some.

    Shouldn’t we be asking this about Octomom? Ha.

  123. goonie says:

    their life becomes our buisness when you see them everywhere, on tv, magazines, ect. its exactly what they want, attention, why else would they be documenting all of this. so here i am giving them attention, i think they have too many kids. its obvious that we can’t tell them exactly how many kids their allowed to have, but i can’t help but feel bad for their older kids. how long have they had to take care of their younger siblings? now josh has his own kid plus more siblings, when does it all end? and people who say they all get enough attention from michelle and jim are kidding themselves. its hard enough to give 3 or 4 kids equal attention, so 19- forget it. i understand that they have strict religious values, but they just seem like a very extreme case.

  124. Wresa says:

    I hate this “it’s up to God” crap. So what, God controls your every move right down to the direction your semen shoots in? Isn’t that a tad PARANOID?

  125. Merriweather says:

    The baby was premature because Michelle had a gallbladder attack that needed treatment–not because her uterus is tired. Jeez. You idiots. A woman’s body is MADE to have children from puberty until menopause–that’s a lot of years. Before the pill, most women had a lot of children.

    As for all you morons talking about carbon footprints–what do you think you’re doing to the environment with the bc pill? I bet you eat all organic, but don’t give a second thought to the cancer causing wildlife sterilizing pill. Hypocritical much?

  126. helene says:

    Please, please, please tell me that no doc, even crazy Octo’s crazy doc, or one who’s even crazier, would consider proving IVF, or any other type of knock-up assistance, to a 43 year old woman who already has 19 children.

  127. betsy says:

    I wonder how come we don’t see the older girls working at an ice cream shop like Michelle was at 17, where she met Jim Bob, 19? The older girls never seem to be given the chance to get outside jobs or date, why is that? There parents aren’t giving them the choices they chose for themselves, perhaps that it is selfish right there. I don’t know. No wonder Michelle said she is grateful for all the older girls being born in the front, gaggle of boys sandwiched in the middle and the crop of girls at the end. The youngest will be there to help care for the elderly Ma and Pa. The rest will have to go out and support the huge family, reality shows aren’t forever.
    I wish you all could see the post on the TLC/Duggar blog about the home schooled, religious parents’ son that wanted to go to college. His sister encouraged him to write on all their behalves, bros and sisters. Seems he has to take all these high school courses because he didn’t get it in his home schooling so he can go on to college. He wanted ppl to know that the kids want something different at times and being schooled at home wasn’t working, (at least for him). Maybe the Duggar kids want something different besides raising their siblings, starring on a reality show? You can almost feel their discomfort when Michelle announces she is pregnant yet again.
    “Jim Bob, you sure do know how to keep a series going!” TLC crew member.

  128. Merriweather says:

    No way would the Duggars use IVF as it is gravely immoral.

  129. oh hey says:

    Chicken Tet. If you have the attitude that you feel people who have a “piece of paper” think they’re better than you, you’re the one who’s insecure in their own intelligence. And your insecurities are no one else’s problems but your own.

    College isn’t for everyone, but some people do work work, both in the classroom and in jobs to pay for tuition, to get that “piece of paper” that you’re so disdainful about.

    Get you head out of anti-intellectual ass and read a few books (and I don’t mean ones from Oprah’s book club either).

    Courtney, who are you to judge other people’s opinion. Whether or not these children or “well adjusted” is a matter of opinion, especially when religion is involved. I don’t care how much volunteer work they’ve done. No one had to pay for the travel.

    I may be wrong, but didn’t Mr. Duggar hold a political office at one time? Doesn’t that mean that he and his family get their health care paid for by the state, even if no longer holds the office? That may not be welfare (to not use the “polite” term of government assistance), but is that not taxpayer money?

    Even if they aren’t getting any kind of federal aid, don’t think they aren’t making money off of advertiser, who’s products are bought by the viewers, or not getting paid by the network. They’re getting money from the public one way or the other.

    Please don’t compare these people to the Amish. The Amish aren’t famewhores on reality tv show.

  130. MeowMix says:

    Truth is, no one should have any say over the number of children the Duggars have. Even if they were on welfare — while that would be incredibly irresponsible — it’s still not up for anyone to mandate.

    Our liberties are getting so lost — like the people who insist that CBS should air a pro-choice ad “to show an opposing viewpoint.” I’m pro-choice and I couldn’t care less who gets what ad on there. Not everything has to be fair or quid pro quo, but thanks to left-wing thinking, it’s beginning to seem like it’s mainstream to think so.

  131. Lia says:

    Of course they have too many children. The world is already over-populated, and this couple’s selfishness and silliness is about as unchristian-like as you can get towards their fellow inhabitants of this planet.

  132. violet says:

    I think it’s funny that over and over people keep mentioning that as long as they are not paying for them via government assistance, they can have all the kids they want. Well hate to tell you this, but your wrong. We’re all paying for them. There show is on a cable station, so everytime you pay your comcast, direct, dish and other cable companies, your contributing to the money fund of those kids. And just like with welfare, each kid they have increases their profits, because the ratings go through the roof. Don’t let this backdoor approach fool you. Some of you out there own at least one of those kids.

  133. VentureSister says:

    I’m sorry but I can’t applaud or even support someone with such archaic and selfish views. I happen to believe in social responsibility. Having that many children when natural resources are increasingly scarce is the most appallingly selfish act imaginable and I really don’t understand people who defend it. Sure, they don’t live off the state but they are trying damn hard to get there. It displays a view that nothing else matter except US US US and all our beautiful children. Starving children is Africa? F**k em, they aren’t getting any of my support because it’s all going to my NINETEEN CHILDREN. I won’t stop them from having children, but I would gladly tell them to their faces just what I think of them. Call me a socialist, but you can’t have it all your own way and show absolutely no concern for the world at large.

  134. prettytarheelfan says:

    Keep paying your Comcast bill, please. It puts the roof over my head. :)

    90k diapers and 200 loads of laundry a month. I feel I must repeat those stats to people who think there is less environmental impact from having 19 children than from my Fusion, 3 loads of laundry a week, and recyling and use of reusable grocery bags, coffee cups, etc.

    Now what does the pill have to do my carbon footprint? I’m seriously asking, even though I’m not on the pill and haven’t been for several years. Please provide links, this is a new one for me and I’m genuinely curious.

  135. dewinter says:

    I find it amazing that people are so judgemental of this family. It’s not like they’re Octomom here… they clearly love their children and work very hard to maintain a caring and healthy environment for them. Kaiser, you’re completely right in everything you have said.

    People who are fertile should not have to adopt to justify having the size of family that they want. Perhaps they will once they can no longer reproduce, but for now, what on earth is wrong with them having their own children?

    Also, I think that this notion that their children are some how robbed of their childhood demonstrates how selfish our generation truly is – what is wrong iwth caring for your siblings and watching out for your family members?

    In response to Kaiser’s question about fertility treatments… I don’t know about their faith, but in the Catholic faith it is looked down upon as life is supposed to be naturally created (I’m not taking a side on this comment, just letting you know).

  136. AC says:

    they don’t take government assistance to support their family but they kind of do. Mr. Duggar used to work for the government so the entire family is covered by government health insurance.

    My biggest problem with them is that they reject birth control and want to do what’s gods will etc. but if you have to have your cervix sewn shut to carry your babies to term and then your 19th child is born prematurely… maybe it’s gods will that you STOP.

  137. River says:

    I don’t care that they can supposedly afford their kids themselves (and I highly doubt they don’t get major tax breaks for something-or-other). Truth is, even just 50 years ago, infant and child mortality was much higher than it is now with so many advancements in even preventative medicine alone.
    So, crazy child-hoarders like these folks are adding to the surplus population (lauding old-fashioned values) while using new medicine to protect their brood? This is not a means to equalize their contribution to the surplus population!

    While I might not pay for these crazies through my taxes (still don’t believe they don’t get assistance), I *am* paying for it from the environmental consequences they’re leaving due to the extra carbon footprints of two people leaving 19 crazy breeders in their places. This is disgusting, irresponsible, and shows a complete lack of understanding about the challenges this planet is facing when we stretch the human population to its max. I am insulted by these horribly naive, uneducated, and selfish people.

  138. As a feminist, I’m inclined to let people do whatever the hell they want with their vagina.

    As a humanist, though, I can’t stand to see these kids suffer sub-par education and cognitive development – it’s a recipe for living in ignorance. Though some would argue ignorance is bliss, I feel strongly that every child deserves the right to express themselves – being stifled in such a way impacts not only their family, but their community.

    Finally, as an environmentalist, I’m floored by these people hoarding natural resources. I once heard that the best thing you can do for the environment is adopt. I try to understand the reasoning behind overpopulating (“multiply and be fruitful”), but it isn’t very Christian to hoard resources and exclude other children.

    @ Hatsumo – as you so aggressively asked – I don’t drive (haven’t for 10 years), I compost religiously (I even started a compost pile/education program at work), I buy second hand, and I’m a vegetarian (and I have been for 10 years). Even though I’m conscientious about my habits, I know I still have a considerable carbon footprint – still it is much less than the average person, and certainly far less than a family of over 20. Your assertions are asinine – you are presenting false dilemmas and ad hominem attacks. Kindly contribute something of value to the conversation and stop attacking other people for their opinions.

  139. BEEBEEC says:

    Calling all movie producers and writers.. The Duggers can remake Ma and Pa Kettle movies for like dirt cheap.

  140. River says:

    And just as a side note, since I’ve just read all of the comments–

    So what if their family isn’t generating a lot of resource waste now? When it’s 19+ households of multiple children each in 20 years, it’s going to be a heck of a lot more than my hypothetical one child. But I personally believe that couples should only produce, at maximum, two children to take their places in the next generation, instead of adding substantially to the population problem.
    We need an epidemic to cut our numbers already. Take a look at the bubonic plague and how it impacted the economies of Europe in the Middle Ages, folks…

  141. clarity says:

    It’s not lovemaking, it’s a simple cumdump. He just jacks off into her gaping maw. It’s gross, and yet another reason god-believers should be exiled.

  142. Keirelle says:

    “Starving children is Africa? F**k em, they aren’t getting any of my support because it’s all going to my NINETEEN CHILDREN. Call me a socialist, but you can’t have it all your own way and show absolutely no concern for the world at large. ”

    Um, seriously?? Do you realize what this family does for the world?? They are constantly going to other countries to help people that need it, besides buying tons of used things and recycling and what have you. This is a hell of a lot more then pretty much every person in North America right now on average. Perhaps you should know what you are talking about before you start spouting off such untrue, ridiculous things.

  143. Anastasia says:

    If even a fraction of their kids have even a fraction of the number of kids they did, they will have over 300 grandchildren.

    They will have nearly 5000 great-grandchildren.

    And they will have something close to 20,000 great-grandchildren. Population is exponential, people.

    Their environmental impact now is, of course, huge. Especially compared to my family of mom, dad and kid.

    But just think a tiny bit further down the line and their carbon footprint reaches absolutely ridiculous levels–the same carbon footprint as a medium sized town. From two people.

    That’s completely irresponsible. You think they care? Ha! It’s all about THEM.

  144. laura says:

    if these people take things so literally, and doesnt the bible ask for people to be good stewards of earth?, instead of breeding like flies and using up resources. and individualism is obviously not in their vocabulary. poor children, they didnt ask for all that responsibility. why dont you raise your own children michelle?

  145. Jess says:

    What horrifies me about this situation is the fact that the babies they continue to produce will be the ones that suffer. The latest one will very likely experience some severe developmental delays and disabilities. The parents are not going to be able to provide the child with enough attention in order to help them work on these delays or disabilities to an adequate extent. It is the same thing that bothers me about Octomom. It is just selfish to allow your children to suffer because you want a whole bunch of kids. If Michelle continues to get pregnant, the next one could have down syndrome or something even more serious as a result of her advancing age. How will she then care for this child? In addition to this, the other children must suffer from the lack of individualized attention.

  146. violet says:

    #142 I would like to know what they do for the world that’s not funded by TLC? Could you please explain to me where all the money they get from the show goes…not to donations in other countries I bet. I would say that Jim Bob’s hairspray fund eats up more than they probably tite to their own church. Let’s be real, these people make a ton of money from being on that show. When’s the last time you ever saw Jim Bob going off to work? And the wife is always knocked up so she’s not working outside of the home. None of the older teenagers work. And don’t say Anna & Josh, I don’t know anyone who has their own house within the first year of marriage at their age. And they ain’t selling that many cars. I understand the house was the parents, but how nice to have rich parents that can give you a house. Wonder if they’ll be able to do that for the other 19? Guess will have to wait and see how the show’s ratings (more babies) go. Please, they have to go and do certain activities so that the show won’t become boring. No one wants to watch a bunch of kids just running around the house. And it’s all on TLC’s dime.

  147. We should try to control birth rate otherwise it will cause very harm in future.

  148. Henry Butler says:

    Kind of ironic when you think about it, but probably the only “alone time” mom and dad get while rearing this small community is in the bedroom (wonder how much noise they make? I wonder if the young’ns eavesdrop?) They probably do. But one of them needs to STRONGLY consider doing a little something with the suffix “-ectomy”. Just a thought.

  149. Auntie Maim says:

    I’m waiting for the headlines one day when one of the many middle children goes apeshit and slaughters the whole brood (prove me wrong, but the Duggars are an angsty powderkeg waiting to explode.)

  150. shutyourpieholeprincess says:

    @hatsumomo “And i do apologize if my comments seem a tad bit harsh. This just really infuriates me to no end when complete strangers try to shove their holier than thou crap on someone.”

    Don’t worry. It’s pretty obvious from your responses that you don’t understand what anyone is saying and that you only know how to respond with hyperbole and invective. I’m sure no one is taking you seriously, so apologies really aren’t necessary.

  151. sonja says:

    first off, i am compleatly disgusted that People magizine chose that as the front page. who are we to say how many kids they are aloud to have? if you have ever watched the show, the kids are well behaved(by todays standards) polite, and seem to love having so many siblings to play with. alot of kids grow up as an only child, and are lonely and wish they had someone to play with. they kids get plenty of attention from their parents, and seem well adjusted and just plain happy. I dont see it a crime that the older kids help with the younger kids, there is absolutly nothing wrong with it. i am one of only 4 kids, and i still, to this day, care for my younger brothers when my parents can not. how is this any different? and who are we to say that the older girls will never go to college? im sure they will have the choice. its their life, not their parents. its stupid to think that they dont have a choice. they are old enough to decide, and if they choice to be stay at home moms, so be it. you people act like the kids have no say or decition in their lives, and they do. if they didnt, they would act out, like any child or teen would!! sure, it would be better in the long run if they had more social interaction, but its their families decition and beliefs on how they raise them. we have no room to say how many children they have, as long as they can support them and give them as good of a life as possible, and they do a FAR better job than most families with few children do. i pray that baby josie’s health improves and she can go home and be with all of her brothers and sisters. will michelle have more kids? who knows. maybe, maybe not. its not our right to say.

  152. LostJunkie says:

    “if you have ever watched the show, the kids are well behaved(by todays standards) polite, and seem to love having so many siblings”

    Yes – because TV would NEVER put a slant on things to make it look the way they want!!! Seriously – the network puts forth the story they want..if it’s a happy family, then we will only see those clips. This family could be as messed up as Jon and Kate and we would NEVER know it. Until they decide to air those clips.

    And it’s true – it’s their business how many kids they put out. A womans body was not really meant for 19 kids though, that is a fact. I can’t imagine how they pay for that many kids though, they never really tell us what the Dad does for a living but I imagine he’s not a CEO.

  153. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Madame Ex, thank you. And by the puppy mill comment I meant is that breeders in puppy mills breed certain breeds of dogs, and that is what the Duggars seem to be doing – they think they are a gift of God and are breeding a breed of children. And their children are being put in a mental cage by not being allowed to go to school and have an education and a wordly experience that gives you the real education on how to navigate life. The older ones exist to care for the younger ones. I wonder if any of the children have read The Catcher in the Rye?

  154. MsTriste says:

    First of all, I think it would be nice to know how they can keep having daily sex with each other after all these years. They should write a book on it. I mean, it’s one thing when you’re in the beginning of a relationship, but after that long, frequency tends to wane. I’d personally like to know how a couple who has been together for two decades can keep it up like that.

    Perhaps he (or maybe even she) has a sex addiction, and because of their religious beliefs they do not use birth control.

    So them saying that they may have more children makes sense in that they will continue to rock it daily, and she may get pregnant again.

    While someone who does not have their religious beliefs (such as myself) might see this current medical problem as a sign (from God? from our own bodies?) that it’s time to stop, that maybe it’s time to have the tubes tied, that’s not option for them. Unfortunately.

    And I think it’s unfortunate for several reasons. I agree that there is such a thing as too many children. I don’t think it’s possible to raise that many children on his income alone. The money has to come from somewhere else, from a TV show, from their community, from their local government, from corporate sponsors, all of which means we are picking up some part of their costs.

    Another reason is that there is no way each child is getting enough attention from their parents. Especially if they spend part of every day attempting to procreate/fulfilling their need for sex.

    And now they’re coming home with a child who no doubt will have special needs. How will they have the time to care for this one, along with the other 18? Which child will be assigned to care for Josie?

    While I agree that the decision to have children is up to them, I do think we have every right to criticize that decision.

    With over 150 responses to this topic, obviously many people feel very strongly one way or another. The bottom line, I think, is that yes it’s their choice, but it’s the wrong choice.

  155. CB Rawks says:

    If we put those kids in therapy we would find out how *stable* they actually are. But being raised in a delusional homebrand religion as they are, I’ll bet they don’t believe in getting help of any kind.

  156. anon says:

    The Duggars are crazy, but my big issue is with the title of the People article. Why is the grammar in this magazine so bad?

  157. rev.spike says:

    Saying the Duggars have too many kids is like them saying you have too few. Last time I checked, this was a free country.

    If someone is raising well adjusted, productive citizens, then they ought to be allowed to do so without undue criticism.

    Point of fact: I am yet to hear the Duggars slam anyone else for their way of life. If I were them, I would have walked off Joy Beher’s set for one. They are gracious and kind people.

  158. truthfulness says:

    To everyone who is saying that this baby will have special needs because she is a preemie is wrong, not all babies that are preemies have special needs…I was born 3 months early and I’m perfectly fine at 21 years old.

  159. b2000 says:

    On the one hand, I admire them for following their beliefs. And they do have a right to as many children as they can produce, I suppose. I don’t think it is a good idea for the planet, but then, neither are Hummers, and those are legal too.

    On the other hand, the whole house of cards could come crashing down in a hurry if the mom dies in childbirth. Or if they have a child with severe special needs that they cannot meet with their current resources. Homeschooling can work if all the kids are typical and healthy, but could they handle a severely autistic child? A child with CP? Can you expect older siblings to take over in those situations?

    I also have a hard time squaring their Christian values with their need to exploit their kids on TV. They may say it’s all about evangelization, but it looks like a lot of publicity seeking to me. I believe the Bible says something about not blowing a trumpet to announce your good deeds in the marketplace…

  160. Julie says:

    The Duggars have gotten used to the money & the media attention and will keep trying to have kids for money & attention until she cannot concieve or a child dies at birth.Some women keep adopting orphans due to inability to satisfy maternal instincts by having a biological child but never satisfied so they keep on getting kids as long as the money keeps coming for the kids via social services or reality tv focusing on a bunch of religious nuts having their own cult for money and a taste of fame.That must be more important to the Duggars than if a tiny baby actually lives a normal life due to birth complications caused by moms health problems almost killing her child they pretend to love.If Josie dies it is moms fault for intentionally getting pregnant over & over again in her middle aged years.Blame the parents for looking away from the god they use to pray to and now bow & scrape to the camera’s.

  161. K?M says:

    Each to their own.At least they have love,and each other. But,The Duggars don’t live in the real world.They have created a fictional universe based on their biblical beliefs.Faith in God is wonderful,but they have taken it too far.These poor kids have to take care of each other!They should be ashamed of themselves,literally!!!These kids are deprived of all things that are LIFE….Its not just about GOD.These are not biblical times.They live in a un~natural,institutional,cult like family. I think they will have more babies for the MONEY & FAME !!!!

  162. It is quite useful.Thanks very much for sharing.

  163. Beth says:

    They are truly disgusting. The older children have no life, taking care of their younger siblings.
    If the parents cannot care for their children THEMSELVES without burdening and forcing their other children into childcare/nanny slavery, then there are TOO MANY children.
    It is ridiculous and stupid. I hope their show gets pulled off the air.

  164. Dawne Dy says:

    Great site. Thanks! see you be back here soon.

  165. mel27 says:

    They are doing a great job raising happy, responsible children. I think many one to two child latch-key families could learn about what raising a happy family really consists of.

    And, really? So many of you are worried about the “carbon footprint” left by having such a large family. PLEASE.

    Good job, Duggars! Keep up the good work and thank you for your examples.

  166. zao says:

    Its for attention. The mom kicks out kids every year…SHE and HE wanted them but dump the daycare/cleanup/feeding on the older kids…talk about selfish. Gee I would like to have a new car, make someone else pay for it because I want it. When you have this many kids, something has got to go, each and every child does NOT get the attention they need. What happens if the father dies??? Who is going to support those kids??? Gee let me guess.

  167. Julianne Gulliksen says:

    So sorry to hear about Crush! Feel better! Now I know what patter to use for the next baby sweater!

  168. Mrs. C says:

    I am SORRY, but all you people saying, “this has nothing to do with us, it’s not our right to tell them what they can and can’t do.” You could not be MORE wrong.
    Let me give you a few FACTS. These are not “made-up numbers”, or mere opinion, they are, FACT, UNDISPUTABLE.
    There are 7 BILLION people in the world RIGHT now. RIGHT NOW, there are people starving, NOT because they are simply in a 3rd world country, but because, SHOCK – we do not produce ENOUGH food at any ONE point in time to feed them all.
    “But we can make more!” you say?
    We’re running out of ROOM.
    We’re running out of resources.
    Do a quick search, look up the terrifing, horrible facts. The facts that most people plug their ears and go, “La-la-la-I can’t HEAR YOU!!!” at.
    Nasa and NOVA-(funded and seen through PBS, which harbors Christian values) and several other world-reknown scientific organizations predict that by 2050, the world population will be 9 Billion people. They ALL say, that at that point we will officially have TOO MANY PEOPLE on the Earth to FEED.
    Think about that for a second. Appreciate it. REALLY listen to the information I’m offering.
    I’m not here to cause turmoil. I don’t get my kicks from causing others pain. But this is REAL information. Real information that frankly keeps ME up at night.
    People keep treating how many kids they have as some personal private matter that no one else should ever intrude upon or say anything about, but the TRUTH is, ladies and gentleman, those days are OVER.
    There ARE too many of us. The Earth is NOT infinite. It’s resources are NOT infinite. We ARE running out of room. FAST. And people need to WAKE UP and smell the coffee before it’s too late.
    The Duggars DO have too many children. WAY too many. It IS selfish. Do you have any idea how terrifying it is to someone like ME to turn on the TV and see them sponsoring a family with almost 20 children when we’re over-capacity ALREADY? I want to CRY, and shake her, and say, “Please, PLEASE stop! Please, I’m begging you! Stop! You can adopt! There are MILLIONS of children already HERE! Already waiting to be loved! You don’t have to do this! I know you LOVE children! That’s FINE! But please, think of our planet! Please!”
    Who wants to listen?
    Want to spend 20 minutes trying to disprove everything I’ve said so you can feel justfied? Fine.
    I don’t get my kicks from hurting people, like I said.
    But this family, they SCARE me. That’s MY opinion.