Madonna & Jesus Luz are still together, even though she’s totally bored


Well, it seems the reports might have been wrong! Not only has Madonna made a $1.5 million investment in special, Brazilian “youthful” coconut water, she’s also continuing to make a significant investment in Jesus Luz’s sweet nectar of youth. Gatecrasher reports that the rumors of a Jesus-Madge split - spread earlier this week – are false. Because apparently, Jesus and Madge were all over each other in London earlier this week. Who knows?

Back off, cougars of the world –Jesus Luz remains Madonna’s man.

Despite rumors the Material Mom had dumped her Brazilian boy toy, we hear the two appeared very much together at the London premiere party for “A Single Man” on Monday night.

“They were all over each other and were even kissing in front of everyone,” a spy on the other side of the pond dishes of the duo, who snuck into the famed Harry’s Bar around 11 p.m. “They looked like they were still very much an item,” although the snitch added that while Jesus snuck out right before the party ended, Madonna stayed until the venue closed.

“Tom Ford was there, and she looked like she wanted to talk to him before she left for the evening,” the source says. “But there’s no doubt she and Jesus were at the party together.”
Madge even buried the hatchet for the evening: She was also spotted chatting with her ex, Guy Ritchie.

While the Queen of Pop may not be single, that doesn’t mean she can’t mingle: We hear she also enjoyed herself in NYC on Wednesday night — having a great time but certainly not stepping out on her man.

“She came into SL with a huge entourage of guys, but it looked very friendly,” a snitch dishes. “At first, she was blocked off by security, but as the night went on she was having such a good time that she was out dancing like everyone else.”

The 51-year-old still knows how to party: Our spy says that she even had a dance-off with the members of her posse, which included Knicks player Danilo Gallinari.

“They made a huge circle, and Madonna looked like she was competing with [“The Hurt Locker’s”] Anthony Mackie and Jeremy Renner. Madonna looked really happy and like she was having a good time, but any attention she got from the men was definitely platonic.”

Well thank God — err, Jesus — for that!

[From Gatecrasher]

Yeah, I could see this. I think Jesus and Madge will break up when she’s ready to break up, and not a minute before. I tend to think of Jesus as Madge’s employee more than anything else – and he wouldn’t “dump” her without giving his two weeks notice.

However, In Touch Weekly does claim that there is trouble in Madge-and-Jesus-ville. Apparently, Madge is quite “bored” with Jesus, and she’s “distancing herself from him” because she’s “rekindled a friendship with her ex-husband Sean Penn.” Which has been my theory for a little while – that Madge’s next “boyfriend” will be a rekindled relationship with Sean Penn. We know he’s a repeat offender, at least in love. Anyway, Madge is “physically attracted to Jesus, but that is pretty much about it now… she’s already hinting that her relationship with him is coming to an end, but she’ll keep him as a friend.” I think “keep him as a friend” = payroll.



Photos of Madonna and Jesus Luz from their infamous 2009 W Magazine photo shoot, courtesy of W Magazine and The Hollywood Gossip.

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  1. Nadia says:

    That kiss looks so sterile and fake.

  2. Nancy says:

    I hope she dumps this little boy and hooks up with a real man like Sean Penn.

  3. lastwordlinda says:

    I was eating cinnamon toast when I started to read this. And enjoying it as the butter dripped off the toast and I licked the sweet bits of sugar and cinnamon from my lips. Then I saw the pictures and vomited a little in my mouth. It doesn’t taste so good coming back the other way.

  4. tiki says:

    yikes. m looks like she’s sucking the life out of j in the kissing photo. if you have any breath left, run, j, run.

  5. ering says:

    You failed to point out the best part of this story–the danceoff between Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, and Madonna.

  6. meme says:

    oh no jeremy renner dancing with vadge? don’t ruin my fantasies JR!

  7. Jill says:

    Yes, they’re gross, but can we have just one post minus the ‘threw up in my mouth’ comment. So old.

  8. fizXgirl314 says:

    something does not look right in that kiss… she looks like she’s eating him :/

  9. QB says:

    Who cares?! Lets talk about the before and after of the LV ads , OMG she looks like the mother of the after version in the before ones.

  10. C-DUB says:

    There needs to be more dance-offs and less fighting.

  11. lastwordlinda says:

    fuck off Jill. That wasn’t the point.

  12. Larissa says:

    yes, she is bored …that´s why she is travelling to Rio within the next few days.

    why when it comes about certain people are tabloids taken seriously ffs?

  13. ccoop says:

    “They were all over each other and were even kissing in front of everyone,”

    Okay, THAT action tells you everything you need to know. They’re over.

  14. Bete says:

    She will never hook up with a ‘real man’ because she is the dominant partner in every relationship she has been in. The patterns are obvious. When she was married to Penn and Ritchie, their careers nosedived. The moment they divorce, it’s a different story.
    In this case, Jesus is all about his looks. He’s not creative. He just stands around like a piece of meat, so her presence doesn’t affect him so much. If he was a business person, an actor or director, his career wouldn’t get off the ground.
    I disagree about the part referring to Madonna keeping Jesus on the payroll.
    Madonna is far too stingy for that. He gets modeling work and is paid via modeling. She doesn’t pay for anything. Even her luxury accessories are freebies. Madonna doesn’t just have a gym honed tight ass. She is a tight ass.
    I can only imagine how embarrassed her daughter feels.

  15. Thew says:

    You know your cool when your in your 50′s and you French

  16. jenny says:

    why does everyone care?? looks like they are both having fun and I cant help but wonder if this was a man with a younger woman would there even be so much discussion??

  17. Madisyn says:

    Penn is not going back to Madonna! She is WAY too old for him, he likes the 20 something model type. Madonna would not take Penn back either because he’s as much as a control freak as she is.

  18. Dhavy says:

    Why is anyone surprised about the before and after pictures, she is 50 after all. Besides that, if I was a 25 yr old man, I’ll date Madge too, but why do we care who she dates or doesn’t date?

  19. CB Rawks says:

    That revolting kiss photo makes me feel ill.

  20. ogechi says:

    kai!!! that kiss is not true…puke