“Dakota Fanning’s questionable photo shoot” links


Dakota Fanning does a questionable photo shoot for Italian Vogue. [A Socialite Life]
Mena Suvari and her ridiculous, hideous back & neck tattoo. [The Blemish]
Tila Tequila crack tweets about adopting from Russia. Poor Russia. [Dlisted]
Meet Tavi, the teenage fashion critic at NY Fashion Week. [Go Fug Yourself]
Cameron Diaz‘s nip-slip. (clutches pearls, gasps) [Egotastic]
Leo DiCaprio loves his mommy. [I’m Not Obsessed]
Suckfest Valentine‘s Day made more than $50 million. Julia Roberts will take credit for it, you know. [Pajiba]
Kiefer Sutherland is being hospitalized. Pray for Kiefer! [PopEater]
Penelope Cruz wears something other than a black halter. [LaineyGossip]
Madge, Jesus & Lourdes are at Carnival! [Starpulse]
Pamela Anderson doesn‘t look terrible here. [Hollywood Rag]
One of those naked Snooki photos. [Yeeah]
Edie Falco says her kid looks like Chucky. Um… [The Frisky]
Jennifer Aniston thinks Gerard Butler is “the one.” [Celebslam]
John Mayer has been offered a job writing pr0n. [Bitten and Bound]

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  1. irishserra says:

    It is hard to watch child stars grow up. Because you’ve seen them in shows, movies and magazines throughout their childhoods, you tend to lay claim to them and take offense easily when they do things you don’t deem appropriate.

    I’d crap myself if my daughter was photographed like this, but then I too want to keep my daughter 5 forever! ;o)

  2. Dorothy says:

    Actually think they are pretty harmless! If not for the eyebrows (WTF?) I would think she looked good.

  3. pixiegirl says:

    Well, I think the pics borderline. But agreed Dorothy, WTF is with the eyebrows? Maybe they’re meant to disguise her/make her look crazy?

  4. lucy2 says:

    The eyebrows are weird, I don’t know why they did that to her.
    Maybe I’m missing something, but the photos didn’t look all that bad? Compared to some of the teen stars’ photos we’ve seen, I didn’t notice anything terribly inappropriate.
    She seems very grounded and normal for as successful as she’s been, and as long as she doesn’t push the limits in the next few years, I think she’ll do great and make a good transition from child actor to just actor.

  5. oc says:

    I almost didn’t recognize her but, as folks above have said, she wasn’t posing in an overtly provocative way and the clothes weren’t ho-ish. The eyebrows are what are most concerning.

  6. Squirrel says:

    What is going on lately? She’s made to look like mini-Madonna, while the ‘real’ Madonna is being styled to look like Sophia Loren… who is actually woman enough to just be herself.

  7. LolaBella says:

    I think the pics are quirky and fun; the only thing questionable are those hideous franken-brows!

    She looks girly and cute in all of the pics; completely covered and not dressed like a certain 9 year old wearing leopard-print and fishnets. Just saying.

  8. ien says:

    i think the pics of dakota are pretty & i don’t understand whats “questionable” about them?
    it’s not like shes naked draped under a sheet, or laying in between her dad’s legs or pole dancing on stage.

  9. Cheyenne says:

    I wouldn’t call her eyebrows a matter of concern. It’s makeup. Soap and water will take it right off.

  10. here we go says:

    I thought the pics were cute. Not sure about the eyebrows, but I wonder if it’s a nod to 1930′s actress, Joan Crawford. That’s who I thought of when I saw them.

  11. Trillion says:

    I like the photos ans even the styling and don’t find them questionable in taste. I remember Brooke Shields doing things much much more sexual at a much younger age. (I don’t blame her though, just all the other adults around her at the time)

  12. Sunnyjyl says:

    I love this photo shoot of her. It looks funky and fun.

  13. Amy says:

    she looks like madonna.. the dress…they eyebrows.

  14. Maleficent says:

    Questinable?! Uh, mmkay.

  15. Emily says:

    I like the photos. Apart from the eyebrows. Oh, the eyebrows. It’s way too early in the morning to be confronted with those things. What the hell was the makeup artist thinking???

  16. Sumodo1 says:

    Actually, the photos are fresh and age appropriate. Did you know that her birth name is Hannah Dakota Fanning? You don’t think the Disney people knew that and named Miley Cyrus…oh, nevermind!

  17. snapdragon says:

    why did i click on the link to snookie? gah!

  18. Kate says:

    I’m with (almost) everyone else… not seeing how those are at all questionable. It’s not like they’re sexy or provocative, just fresh and cute.

  19. The Bobster says:

    Give her a bad cigar and a greasepaint moustache and you’ve got Groucho Marx.

  20. Kaye says:

    I like the photos also, but she looks like she’s popping out of somebody’s handbag in the first one.

  21. Bete says:

    Wow, Tavi. Another hideous looking fashion critic on the rise.

  22. Essie says:

    I think the photoshoot of Dakota is questionable for people because we are used to seeing her acting and dressing like a nice teen and these photos seem to just pop up out of nowhere!! I don’t personally find them offensive but I hope these are just a one-off thing and Dakota is not all of a sudden turning 25 and acting out!!

    Re: “Valentines Day” . . . of course Julia Roberts will try to take credit for the movie being a hit but we all know her last two films were major bombs so that won’t work!!

  23. Me says:

    What on earth is questionable about these photos? She looks amazing, I like the brows.

  24. orion70 says:

    Not offensive, but probably questionable not due to the eyebrows, but the bra-ish top and tongue thing.

  25. SIENNA says:

    Yea actually i think these photos are getting us ready for her transition to adulthood or next photoshoot.
    they’re playing it safe right now with the oversize plain bra, the jacket with the heels and the shawl over dress. the combination looks quirky n cute.
    but later on in her career i wouldnt be surprised if they introduced a much smaller bra, no jacket, no shawl.
    transition from cute to sexy.

  26. scarlett says:

    i think she looks adorable & sexy & classy.
    she isn’t showing any of her parts or suggesting anything unseemly.

    those eyebrows are fresh, does no one around here read fashion mags lol;)

  27. lolo says:

    Dakota is a beautiful girl! I’m jealous!

  28. Peach says:

    She’s 17 right? So mere months away from being okayed to be represented as a sexual object?
    Meh. I’ve seen worse make-up/clothing at high schools.
    And I know it’s crazy but I like the eyebrows. They look strong on her really delicate face. I like the contrast.

  29. mel says:

    I think the photos of her are just fine. Yes she’s growing up and yes she’s about to turn into an adult. Did we think she would stay a child forever?

  30. Leek says:

    I love the pictures of her! They are fun and the eyebrows are really cute. They are dark and heavy with her delicate pretty face and icey blue eyes. Love, love, love. She is a child star who it’s safe to say so far so good. Stay that way, please!

  31. Najee says:

    I like the pictures. There is nothing questionable about them at all. I agree with Peach. Teens wear less clothing in high school, sometimes even middle school. I love Dakota. She has her head on straight and doesn’t seem to be affected by the Hollywood machine. Its nice to see her in a magazine, especially Vogue Italia.

  32. Eh. Nothing questionable about them photos. I actually really like them.

  33. shelb says:

    its completely inappropriate to have a 15 year old looking like that, trampy clothes and her tongue out like that. Its overtly sexual.