Gwyneth Paltrow: fraud trainer Tracy Anderson got my sagging ass into shape

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Oh, now this is interesting! Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop newsletter this week is all about “the Tracy Anderson Method” of fitness. For a quick recap, Tracy Anderson is the fitness “guru” who gave Madonna her gristle, and gave Gwyneth and many others a regime of drastic calorie-cutting and three-hour daily workouts. Anderson is also a noted fraud, having defrauded investors and clients out of thousands of dollars throughout her career. The last time we heard about her, Madonna had just fired her under suspicious circumstances.

Anyway, Goopy is standing by her fraudster, probably because Gwyneth claims it was Tracy who helped her shed her “formerly sagging ass”. Oh, Goop! So obscene! Anyway, Goop just puts up her little letter to us and a video of Tracy’s workout (note: below is a different video, with Gwyneth and Tracy, and it‘s not the same as the one of the GOOP site), then calls on testimonials from people like Courtney Cox, Kristen Davis (the Sex and the City star, not the New York madam), and Donna Karan, amongst others. Full GOOP newsletter here.

Tracy Anderson Method
Many of you may already know of my passion for the Tracy Anderson Method and my investment in it. She has kicked my formerly sagging ass into shape and I will be forever grateful. This week, Tracy shares with us a little arm series that I did everyday preparing for Iron Man and that I take on the road. She just made it home-made style for me, lo fi. But it’s good. Especially for the batwing problem. Also, some of her dedicated clients talk about why they love her as much as I do. She has some brand new DVD’s that I have been doing in my hotel room on location and which I highly recommend.
Love, Gwyneth

[From GOOP]

Interesting, isn’t it? It’s like Gwyneth thinks that just because Tracy’s workout might work (and honestly, how could drastically cutting calories and working out for three hours a day NOT WORK?), we should totally gloss over the fraud, the lies, and the bullsh-t. Whatever.

In other Goopy news, Page Six had an interesting little item about Gwyneth’s diva act while she’s filming in Nashville:

Gwyneth Paltrow has moved into the Icon, a luxury building in Nashville, while filming “Love Don’t Let Me Down.” But her rep denied claims of diva behavior. A source had told us that the production laid out more than $100,000 for renovations to a penthouse for Paltrow, hubby Chris Martin and their kids, Apple and Moses, and that Gwynnie brought along two bodyguards, two nannies, a chef and a personal trainer.

But Paltrow’s rep emphatically denied any renovations were done and, “She is not traveling with a personal chef or trainer. Her children are with her for half of the four-week shoot and she has a nanny and one security person with them while she is working.”

[From Page Six]

Eh. I’ll believe part of Goopy’s denial and part of the original story. I bet Gwyneth is a monster diva when she travels, just because she seems like a snotty diva in general. But I doubt she made the hotel do thousands of dollars of renovations and stuff like that.

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  1. smith says:

    I got a tan just looking at the glow of Tracy Anderson’s face.

    I’m roasting marshmallows over the pic of Tracy Anderson’s face.

    I’ve positioned several mirrors around the room and am using the reflections of Tracy Anderson’s face to light my home.

    I’m going to get some coffee now. Actually if I position my tablet monitor horizontally I can heat up yesterday’s leftovers on top of Tracy Anderson’s face …

    I’m out.

  2. Victoria says:

    Get OVER yourself Gwyneth!

  3. Amy says:

    poor Goopy! Living at the Icon?? I live in Nashville. The Icon is not swanky at all. Also- not a Hotel! It’s a newish high-rise condo in the Gulch. It’s a bit tacky and way overpriced if anything. They’ve had troubles selling the units. I’m suprised they didn’t just rent a house in Belle Meade around the park.

  4. andrea says:

    girlfriend has the bod of a little boy. if im going to work out a million hours a week and only eat tree bark, its not going to be so that i can look like GP, no cans and no booty. she’s just not a sexy woman.

  5. Mihaela says:

    Says Gwyneth: “I work freakin’ hard. It’s no accident…” I bet she said: “it’s no accident that I look this good” :) ). girl…

  6. lola lola says:

    It’s easy to look like GP. Just eat lettuce and water and you’ll be twins! If I’m going to work out for a few hours a day, I’d better see some muscle or it’s back to the couch and the box of chocolates for me.

  7. dee says:

    LOL@ Tracy Anderson. She has to be the biggest joke in the personal training industry. Its funny how she takes credit for celebs bodies, all of them had great bodies before meeting her and of course anyone working out 2 hrs a day 6 days a week is going to see a difference. I personally think her workouts are a waste of time. Any workout that takes longer than an hour to achieve results is a time waster. Funny part about Tracy Anderson is she has no formal training or education in the fitness industry. She lucked into her persona by knowing celebrities and working out with them.

  8. Risa says:

    SMITH!!!! hahaha… I was thinking along those lines as well!LMFAO!

  9. Dolkite says:

    Is that a tumor sticking out of Tracy’s back? Reminds me of that Soul Asylum video where Claire Danes has two bumps on her back that turn into angel wings.

  10. Attagirl says:

    Are Goopy and Gristle still BFFs? Haven’t seen them together in quite a while….are your smutty senses tingling?

  11. Squirrel says:

    Crazy, all the stuff one can get up to if one does not have a real job (cooking for pleasure, travelling without budget, working out for vanity, and then telling mere mortals how it’s done..). Really wish she would add a chapter on how to snag multi-million – dollar film roles. Now that would be a useful one!

    Also crazy how that poor little black dress is hanging off the fake orange cliffs that constitute Ms. Anderson’s apparent proof of femininity. With safety pins under the arms to boot!

  12. snapdragon says:

    oh fishsticks – here’s the scoop: the rest of us plebians have actual jobs, and we don’t have nannies, housekeepers, personal trainers, etc. we don’t have time to work out 12-14 hours a week. please don’t make me explain this to you again.

  13. dee says:

    where did GP’s nickname of “fishsticks’ stem from? Ive seen that on D-listed too but I dont know what started it.

  14. ccoop says:

    Ted Casablanca was the one who started calling Gwynnie Fishstick (because he considered her “stiff” and “frigid”). But then he did a sudden 180 and started liking her, and Fishstick was heard no more.

    Tracy has serious overflowing boobage. Not attractive, especially on someone in the fitness game.

  15. Kim says:

    Anyone who works out 6 days a week would be in awesome shape regardless of whose program (if any) they were using.

  16. crazydaisy says:

    @ smith – rotfl

    apple and moses. come on! ’nuff said.

  17. dee says:

    thanks ccoop.

    and i agree, she has some major bra overhang issues going on..yuk

  18. canadianchick says:

    Hheeehee Smith, thanks for the chuckle.

    Goopy Fishsticks BWAHAHHA, a karmic nickname for naming her poor kids Apple and Moses

  19. ThunderC*nt says:

    Everyone knows Anderson is a bulemic and thief. Remember her gyms with Gwyneth? That failed but this is Gwyneth trying to recoop that money she invested. Gwen is hoping as the economy improves she can still profit off of those gyms. She knows Tracey is a fraud but then again, so is she. Makes sense. Google Anderson bulemic.

  20. Emily says:

    LMAO @smith! Man, Anderson is F-U-G-L-Y! And is it really so hard for a size zero woman to find a dress that isn’t too small for her??

  21. Malorie says:

    I´m a trainer. All this “Anderson” is saying are dangerous lies. LIKE THAT (what I´m seeing in the video) I could train hours and hours without getting tired (or seing benefit or improvement). It depends on the time and money you have to waste.

    “No woman should lift more than 3 lbs” …Ha-ha, right!

  22. Raven says:

    Gwyneth looks beautiful in that photo–she’s looking more like her mother.

    Gwyneth’s nickname “fishsticks” came from before her marriage and children. Look back at some of her old films, Great Expectations, for example. She was eating a macrobiotic diet and she was really skinny, like a toothpick. She has a nude scene in that film and she really is skin and bones. She apparently changed her diet after she got pregnant and was probably just out of shape. I doubt that she lost a lot of weight with this trainer, other than pregnancy weight. She looks pretty normal to me, especially compared to her younger years. She’s probably 15-20 pounds heavier than she was then.

  23. Spanxx says:

    Well Gwynnie, if looking like Joni Mitchell’s twin is what you were going for… it’s working.

  24. Leek says:

    I find it refreshing to see she may not be Madonna’s lap dog after all. I was wrong.

  25. ThunderC*nt says:

    Gwyneth hates Tracy, just trying to get money back, Google it. A poor Gwyneth can’t win, ugly, self. husband and kids.

  26. you’ll only lose ££££’s not lbs following this exercise regime lol

  27. nina says:

    The Tracey Anderson method really is great for toning and its actually much harder than it looks. I did it a few months ago when visiting California. I would join her gym but its far too expensive

  28. dizzle says:

    Gwen’s rep denied that they renovated a house for her while filming? Lies! She did a whole spread on it for goop:

    Also, google ‘tracy anderson fraud’ and you will read horrible, horrible things about that psycho.