Brangelina’s family photos in Venice “staged like a military operation”


When we were all sitting around yesterday playing the new game “Guess the Mystery Jolie-Pitt Child” (I still say it’s Fax Cannes Jolie-Pitt, by the way), it looks like we were all being played. Played, I tell you. Because we were doing exactly what The Gerbils Wanted. The Gerbils wanted us to look at cute photos of the Jolie-Pitt family out and about in Venice because those photos just add to the collective delusion that Brad and Angelina are still together. Because they’re not!!! Because it’s all a huge conspiracy to discredit all of the sources saying that they’re no more, so they show up together all the time, and then the jokes is on us, right? Whatever. I can’t keep up with the logic of all of it. There is no logic. But that that doesn’t stop Page Six from trying to discredit The Gerbils:


Those happy family photo ops in Venice are being staged “like a military operation” to quash reports that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are splitting, sources said. The pair, who have vehemently denied a rift, have been seen daily as a family unit in the romantic Italian city, where Jolie is filming “The Tourist” with Johnny Depp.

A spy said, “They are usually very shy about being photographed, but now they’re making a point of being seen in public as a happy family unit. They’re making a statement. They want the world to know the reports are wrong and they are strong.”

[From Page Six]

You know who has consistently used that phrasing – “like a military operation”? Ian Halperin. My guess is that Halperin is Page Six’s “spy”. That being said, I would imagine the only way to do anything with six children is have everything run like a military operation. I have no idea how Brad and Angelina aren’t wandering around, covered in feathers and jam and cookie dust, wondering whether they lost the Empress Zahara in Cambodia or Pakistan.


Jolie-Pitts in Venice on February 18 2010. Credit: Also, on February 16, credit: STLA/Fame Pictures.

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  1. KIKI says:

    I think Jennifer Aniston planted that in page 6. She did it right after she photo shopped Angies lizard neck.

  2. tess says:

    kaiser, you’re absolutely right. my husband and i “only” have four children and it has to be run like a military operation, especially during the naps and nappy years!

  3. Mave says:

    She is phoney and mental. She says they never pay attention to tabloids PLEASE! She can’t stand to be looked at in poor light. She wants to be known as the woman who loves the way she looks as she ages and then get secret plastic surgery, and a woman who loves tons of children and then only takes one or two out at a time. The rest of the time others are raising them. I bet they barely see them when they are behind closed doors…nannies! No wonder she wants 10 she doesn’t have to raise them.

  4. mollyb says:

    I just don’t get what their motiviation would be to “pretend” they are still together. Why not just break up and be done with it, if that is indeed what is going on? For the record, I don’t think they are breaking up–I would just like to know that the tabloids pretend their motivation is.

  5. andrea says:

    ok, maybe it’s staged, maybe it’s not, maybe they broke up, maybe they didn’t – they’re celebs, any sort of f*ckery is possible – however, let’s not get toooo breathless over how they manage six kids w/o being covered in feathers and jam – they’re zillionaires. they dont work several months of the year. they have loads of help. im much more impressed with the “civilian” with four kids.

  6. monkey says:

    the other day i was talking to my mom who mentioned the last hollywood family that went crazy with the adoptions – mia & woody. i was like, would that be cake or what if they lasted until the empress turned 20 and then BAM, she marries brad. sick, twisted, page six, national enquirer cake, i tell you.

  7. PJ says:

    A week or two ago we were discussing what actions the J-P’s would take to counter all the split rumors going around. The Venice photoshoot was the answer!

  8. lucy2 says:

    Ditto, andrea. Just in those pics alone, there are 2 other adults out with them. Makes it a lot easier, plus I doubt they have to do all the other stuff that comes with having so many kids – laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc.
    They seem like good parents (aside from the kids never being able to settle into a school for more than a few months) but I always have to chuckle a little when they’re depicted as superhuman for having so many kids, because they have a lot of help most people don’t. This is true of all celebs, not just the JPs, but I rarely see anyone else so lauded for parenting.

    A happy family photoshoot does often following negative rumors about them. Could be coincidence, or not. Who knows?

  9. Steve says:

    Wow, when did Angelina start going to Britney’s hairdresser for extensions??? That hair is really ROUGH looking.

  10. gg says:

    Good grief, we had three kids and to keep order everything had to be a military operation. If you’re disorganized with six kids it’s nothing but chaos.

  11. Madelyn Rose says:

    Brangelina remind me of the famous quote Warren Beatty said about Madonna in Truth or Dare:

    “She doesn’t live off camera.”

    Why would they stage photo ops? To generate interest, to perpetuate the Brand that they are, that has made them even richer than they were before the creation of Branglina. Why did Rock Hudson marry a woman? Why do actors and actresses call the paps to get the shots they wan the public to see? Because it makes them more famous, and more money. I don’t see why it’s so hard to believe that Hollywood folks manipulate the public via staged photos and press. They might be together, maybe not. The real story behind these two is probably more interesting and juicy than any of us can guess!

  12. Rose says:

    An ‘unnamed source’, oh boy…

  13. cee says:

    Halperin is still trying to sell his lousy, lying book and you are right he does supply lies and negatives to any rag that will buy. Brad and Angie are together for life.

  14. wow says:

    It’s their same old M.O. Whenever they lose awards or there is talk of them splitting, they bring out their trump cards… outting with their kids. It’s routine now. There’s no way they want to be known as not working out in the end because they wouldn’t be able to accept all of the “I told you so’s” or learning that not everyone think they are the epitome of a loving couple *rolls eyes*. They come across as being way to vain and into their couple image to ever split publicly. The “show” must go on. ;-)

  15. Maritza says:

    Now they can’t go out anywhere with their kids because it’s all a military operation? Ridiculous!

  16. ell says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Halperin is the spy. He’s full of shit.

  17. Anak says:

    The loose hair is disguising that horrible brand (till the next botox secsion). The operation “we are very happy” is in progress …

  18. Beth says:

    I haven’t been but from what I know and from what others have said, Venice, Italy isn’t a place where you could travel without being noticed. There aren’t back roads or entrances to avoid the paps. Everything is pretty much out in the open. I don’t understand why people say every single time they are photographed it’s a publicity stunt. They are some of the least photographed celebrities. Yes I said that. Blogs may run a story on them everyday but usually they run old photos. On many websites a day doesn’t pass without new photos of Britney Spears, the Afflecks, the Cruises, Gwen Stefani, etc and nobody says anything. But the Jolie-Pitts get icecream and they are called evil and manipulators eventhough they haven’t been photographed in weeks? The family has to be photographed sometime.

    Personally, I think that Brad and Angelina leave pretty normal lives. They travel for movies, have a staff, and live in mansions. How is that different from 99% of celebrities? They are probably really boring especially compared to the tabloid stories. Every week there are breakup rumors. So it would be impossible for the kids not to be seen.

  19. Icecat says:

    A spy said, “They are usually very shy about being photographed, but now they’re making a point of being seen in public as a happy family unit. They’re making a statement. They want the world to know the reports are wrong and they are strong.”

    Am I the only one who disagree’s with this statement?? They are photographed all of the freaken time. Ugg. Together or not, I could care less. I just hope that they are happy, and the children grow up to be happy healthy adults..

  20. Cheyenne says:

    Sounds like typical Lyin’ Ian to me. And the NY Post is one of the Murdoch shitrags that posted that NOTW rumor the day it circulated. Sounds like the tabloids are scared to plant any more breakup rumors because of the NOTW lawsuit so now they resort to innuendo. Same ole same ole.

    Halperin’s book is still tanking. Now they are selling it in the supermarket.

  21. Blitz says:

    I think Halperin merely inserted himself into this equation. As I mentioned The NYT did a well researched expose on them and were pretty clear that they DO stage many shots. Celebs do this all the time now. It’s not really beyond imagination that they would do this to counter bad press. But also to create a brand and it’s not only w the kids. For example Charlize Theron is also a UN representative, along with many other celebs. But in all these years, how many staged “pretty” shots are there of THEM among the worlds suffering? The shots are clearly set up and don’t really tell the horrific stories. The focus is on THEM looking “sympathetic” and “concerned”. If they weren’t doing this stuff, you would rarely see them on these trips OR their children. You’ll notice when they want to fly under the radar, they do.

    But Ian really only moved in on this story after the fact. He’s a bottom feeder. His only contribution to stories is sensationalist fabrication. Nothing more than a self promoter with no sources. As others have mentioned, he didn’t even know that MJ had a drug problem! It says it all.

  22. LEM says:

    WHO IS THE OTHER CHILD?! that cannot be one of the twins… far too big. and shiloh has bright blonde hair… this is driving me insane.

  23. Solveig says:

    “”"Taking care”"” of 6 kids when you can get help from nannies isn’t such a big deal, and we know that they have nannies at home.
    That means that when we see them taking a stroll with 6 babies and no nannies it’s a PO.
    Is it a big deal? No, it isn’t ’cause every hollyweird act this way.

  24. Cheyenne says:

    @LPM: LOL that was Shiloh. She has a missing tooth and her hair is getting darker.

  25. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I feel like my eyes will roll right out of my head sometime reading this site. LOL However, we saw them arriving in Venice, tons of celebrities are photographed arriving in areas…nothing they can do about that, also when they have been in Venice they have taken their children to get gelato. There are pictures of Angelina doing so a few years ago when Brad was promoting Burn After Reading and they went to the Venice Film Festival. I gotta say you have to be a sad human to actually think two mega rich, attractive, intelligent people care whats written about them by people they could buy and sell. Brad and Angie are just living their life.

  26. Xena says:

    That nytimes expose was a hack job. Don’t cite that as proof.

  27. Jillian says:

    I agree with Cheyenne that this is Shiloh pictured. The missing tooth, the same face, it has to be her. My daughter is around the same age and her hair is very light blonde on the ends, but the new hair growth at the roots is darker.

    Looks like someone got ahold of some scissors too.

  28. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Yea the so called “mystery child” is Shiloh and her hair does seem shorter. LOL She must have asked for a haircut or was like my niece and did it herself.

  29. lauram says:


    If they’re in venice for The Tourist, isn’t Johnny Depp and family there too? Why aren’t there any photos of him?

    It seems naive to think they wouldn’t welcome these ‘candid’ family pictures of them after all the rumours lately. All stars court possitive press, and they are no different.

    I love all the charity work and the kids sure are cute, but this is the same woman who was pictured breastfeeding on a magazine cover, and the man who took/shared the pictures- shy they ain’t.

  30. Bek says:

    So let me get this straight:
    1. It’s paranoia to believe that they set up photo-ops, but it’s perfectly rational to believe that ALL negative press is generated by Ian Halperin.
    2. The New York Times is a “hack job” that can’t be trusted, however, pictures always tell the truth. Unless of course they seem to show an unhappy couple.
    3. Tabloids are always lying about Brangie. Thus, the stories about Tiger Woods and Chris Brown and the Madge/Guy and John and Kate G. divorces aren’t true, either. Can’t be.
    4. Any poor picture of Angie is sure to be photoshopped by a deranged Jen fan.
    5. Celebrities NEVER play like they’re together. There are no examples of this in history. And there are no reasons (career, image, children, money) to do so.

    Wow. Like I’ve said before, the entertainment on this site is better than anything in cinema.

  31. kim says:

    OT Brad and Angie are not on any of the tabloids this week and have ony been on one- Lies and Style since lawsuit threat. Any thoughts? Oh yeah Ian the idiot is definetelty the source for this BS

  32. bite me says:

    actualy deep and his finally have not arrived yet and deep also took pictures of vanessa breastfedding for amagazine

  33. skibunny says:

    The kids are so cute especially the one with the animal hat.
    I’m not sure what all the fuss is about this couple. They just look like a family going for a boat ride.

  34. Blitz says:

    A hack job? The NY TImes was certainly NOT a hack job. The chief editor of marketing confirmed Barnes had 3 solid sources. Even after Barnes was taken to task by “People,” he stood his ground, and guess what? Things play out just as he said it would. The story remains online as written. All you need to do is compare with other big stars like Depp & De Niro to see that it’s possible to fly under the radar most of the time. It’s obvious anyway. Unless you really believe the twins were held captive in a fort for about a year and never went outside.

  35. bite me says:

    wonder where Barnes work now

  36. juiceinla says:

    Dayum, prior to this I only associated “Gerbil Conspiracy” with Richard Gere….

    oh come on- you ALL were thinking it!

  37. Alex says:

    @Bek: the bottom line is that you don’t know them personally enough to say that these photos are staged or not. And, the tabloids, and Ian Halperin are not reliable sources. Sometimes they are right, but if you put up enough bs, something will eventually stick. Photos aren’t solid evidence of anything, either. You can take a number of bad photos of someone and then make up a story line to go with it.

    BOTTOM LINE–YOU DON’T KNOW THEM personally. So, to assume that they are or are not lying about the state of their relationship shows a vested interest that goes WAY beyond playful gossip. I think a number of people have crossed that line way far back. They are the same people obssessively posting the same shit about them over and over. Makes me wonder what they do for a living, if anything?

    The truth is–they are OUT with their kids. They are not hurting you personally. WHY DO YOU CARE SO DAMN MUCH? Seriously.

  38. lucy2 says:

    @Lauram, I agree with your post completely.

    Regarding the mystery child who is pretty clearly Shiloh, the comcast homepage actually has the photo with “Know JP steps out” with it. LOL.

    @Beth – as someone who’s gotten lost in Venice a few times, I remember there being a lot of little back alleys and out of the way spots. But if paparazzi are following you, it would be hard to avoid them.

  39. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    One would be forgiven for thinking Brad and Angelina are the ONLY celebrities in Hollywood with careers and image to handle. Not to mention with a large family that travels all the time. Do they care about their image? Of course they do, they’re celebrities! But that doesn’t mean they’re constantly strategising their every move for commercial and public benefit. Most of the time, they are just out with their kids, living their lives.

    It’s pretty sad the obsession with this couple. And the fact that some people are just ready to swallow anything remotely negative about them, just because they are who they are. Good grief.

  40. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Barnes still works for the NY Times.

  41. daisyfly says:

    As a mother with 4 kids I can say this with complete conviction: if you DON’T run things like a drill sergeant while out, you become the kind of parent everyone wants to murder.

  42. Wholesome1 says:

    I’m from a BIG family- if you want to get anything done you have to run it like a military operation. No harm, no foul to the Brange. They strike me as a smart, busy, middle-aged couple dedicated to their passel of young ‘uns.

  43. lauram says:

    BiteMe I said “All stars court possitive press”, I was only using the Depp reference to show that some some big(ger) stars aren’t photographed as much. I don’t dislike ‘The Brange’, I just think they’re overexposed, and that they’re more than a little responsible for that.

    Also Depp didn’t take those pics, and I’ve yet to see the original magazine showing the images. Maybe they were stolen. Feel free to prove me wrong.

    And Brooks Barnes? He still works for the NYT, sorry.

  44. Kim says:

    Blitz, Clark Hoyt the public editor of the NyTimes debunked most of the info in the Brook Barnes article Google “Clark Hoyt Angelina Jolie”and click on first article. As for the tabloids ,the tabloids have claimed that Dr,. Phil, Rachael Ray and Oprah Winfrey have broke up w/ their spouses at least a dozen times over the last 4-5 years yet they are all still together. Just because the tabloids are right 20% of the times don’t make them reliable. Hell several celeb couples were seperated for months yet the tabloids had no clue until they announced such as Susan and Tim, Noah Wylie and Tracy,Charlize and Stuart are some examples.

  45. bite me says:

    doubt those images were stolen…Isn’t funny how starting a family can white wash SOME people… Johnny boy used to be a real healraiser… if i remember that NYT piece correctly, it was more of a backhanded compliment to Jolie, while other stars hired PR people, Jolie is managing her image on her own.

  46. Kim says:

    The pics were taken by Francois Marie Banier he also took pics of Johnny w/ Lily Rose and pics of Johnny w/ Kate Moss. He refers to JD as his ‘brother” in 12/06 VF.

  47. LolaBella says:

    Say what you will about Brad and Angie, but there is no denying that this is one beautiful family.

  48. Blitz says:

    Yes and critics of the Times thought if was shameful that an chief editor inexplicably asked a respected journalist like Barnes to give up his sources. AFTER they were confirmed by yet another editor. The guy just didn’t want to deal with rumpus over a celebrity couple and said as much. Nonetheless the “People Mag” part which was the part in question (it was only one aspect of the story) played out just as Barnes said it would, so it’s neither here nor there. And the story remains as it was originally written, with the “People” segment in tact. “People” had to kick up some dirt and kiss arse to save face, as there was obviously a leak.

  49. M says:

    First This story is by “New York Post”. Brangelina sued “News of the world”. Both are owned by Rupert Murdoch.

    Second walking outside their house doesn’t mean they are staging something .This family can’t win can they? If they don’t go out they in trouble in their relationship. If they do go out they’re publicity whores If they take out all the kids it’s staged photo-op. If they only take out a couple it’s favoritism, or something is wrong with one of the kids.
    To me seems more likely that they are trying to raise their family with a good balance of privacy and public outings.
    They can’t raise these children like hermits they have to go out with them to help prepare the kids for the circus that sometimes surrounds them so that they aren’t traumatized or terrorized because of the chaos that the paps create when they are out. And you all need to remember that the paps get a pic for the mags, blogs and tv have something most of the time NEGATIVE to say about them.

  50. dee says:

    They move around freely in Europe. The law in Europe requires the paparazzi to keep a certain distance. I think they feel safer going out with their kids there.

    Everytime they have been seen with the twins, it’s been overseas.

  51. Kim says:

    A true journalist shouldn’t have a problem w/ “dealing with the rumpus of a celebrity couple”imo. But we can agree to disagree on this one gotta go Have a nice weekend.

  52. the other mel says:

    Fax Cannes Jolie-Pitt?? Kaiser, I think I love you.

  53. Mia says:

    I’ve been to Venice. The streets aren’t big enough for the paps & the Brangelina brood, hence the majority of shots being pictures from the water. I’m sure 1 cameraman could get in close, but not the hoard that usually follows them. I’m jealous as hell, though. All that gelato and the water taxis! I want to go back now.

  54. Mimi says:

    REALLY this family CAN NOT walk around the city that they will stay the next fews months without every magazine tv show analyzing their every move? How is a PO when they are walking with their kids showing them the new place that they gonna stay? How does their relationship affect anyone but them? They can’t win no matter what they do. Strange is that Page Six didn’t get a so called body language expert to analyze each family members moves and why one kid choose a different flavor of ice cream one of each other, why Brad didn’t pick a ice cream…must be because the kids seems genuine happy and the “expert” would have to state the OBVIOUS that the family is INDEED HAPPY.
    They should go to the White House and be hired as economist expert because the way they keep helping your economy with this crises is impressive :-) HAAHAH!

    Cant they just be a family out having fun with their kids like any of us do every day. The kids are brought out MOST OF THE TIME when they are OUT of the country. And nannies, bodyguards and any ADDITIONAL help are HIRED for a reason that is to HELP.
    Anyone here if got lucky and win in the lottery tomorrow will have people to make the life easier. Don’t act like we have to hate them because we don’t get photos of the kids with nannies or because their parents actually like to go out with the kids and make them have a good day and like to be together.

  55. Megan says:

    Her skin looks great, but her hair is looking something kinda ROUGH.

  56. princess pea says:

    To the “Brange can’t win” crowd:

    What, exactly, would constitute a “win”? I’m curious because it’s a refrain that pops up a lot in their threads… So, in an ideal world, how would it go?

  57. ThunderC*nt says:

    Love her big black sunglasses. They’re just the right size for her face.

  58. June says:

    Brad and Angelina are having a great time, enjoying themselves and loving every minute of it. That drives the haters crazy every time. This couple is never supposed to be happy and the kids are supposed to be miserable,too.

  59. Pandora says:

    I know everyone thinks it’s Shiloh – but if you look at the pics of her the day earlier on the ice-cream trip – she’s much bigger – albeit very similar – it’s got to be one of the twins – there is a huge resemblance to Shiloh and they ARE 19 months old now…they wouldn’t be looking like little babies…

  60. Mairead says:

    Why does it matter? – we get to see photos of our Benevolent Empress and her super-cool minions, that is a good thing!

    Unfortunately the payoff is looking at a scruffy billy goat in a wooly hat. Hey ho.

  61. kathy says:

    Shy about being photographed? When have they ever been shy about being photographed. We seen pics of them and the kids practically every single day, from coming out of Lee’s Art Supplies in New York, to whatever that football game was they went to. SHY ABOUT BEING PHOTOGRAPHED. Pish! He’s got to come up with something better than that!

  62. Mimi says:

    Really we see pics of their kids every day? GOOGLE is your friend but common sense and facts is obviously NOT.
    These are the LAST photographed KIDS in Hollywood given the status of their parents and the importance that the media give to any news about them even in my country.
    We can not say that they are photographed every day when the media claim that they have brought because we didn’t see they together for a month and the constant stupid questions about the twins (WHERE ARE THE TWINS????) because of twins aren’t see in the first pics of the family. And since when a couple can not kiss and be affectioned with each other at sports events? This privilege are just for common people like you and me? Because we don’t have the amount of money and fame?… Yeah right your logic is absurd and your hate state of mind is shining like many others on this tread.

  63. Chana says:

    I think the fact that they aren’t photographed a lot is pretty much proof that they stage their pap attacks.

    Some celebrities are photographed daily; paps are probably assigned to them and follow them as they go about their daily routine.

    Brangelina don’t seem to have a daily routine. Of if they do, the paps aren’t hip to it yet.

    The very few times you see Brangelina is when they are with their children or when they want people to see them, i.e. at the Superbowl, dining out together.

  64. Shannon says:

    I would say there is something to the staged photo ops. There never seems to be a bad photograph of either of them and if the ‘razzi were really stalking like they used to with camo-fatigues and whatnot there would be a lot more bad photos then normal. Actually, the photo of Angie’s neck looks like it was taken from far away, so maybe they have an approved bunch of photogs with them who get close up pictures. Also, considering how stalked they were in the beginning and considering the interest they have is still considerable, I’m surprised we are not still reading about camo-stalking ‘razzi.

    To be honest, I wouldn’t put it past the couple to “manage” their image. Considering they have six children who will one day grow up and read about their exploits then it makes sense they would manage their image. Why wouldn’t they if they love their children and want them to have a happy self image about themselves? It makes sense to me and I certainly would do it if I were them.

    I don’t know if they’re breaking up, but I think anything is possible in Hollywood, which is why I think the images could be staged.

  65. Amy says:

    Envy.Many people are envious of these people,how else would most postings be so negative. Jolie is known all over the world as the rich and beautiful woman that sits down on the dirt floor with impoverished women.I like her.

  66. Ana says:

    Or maybe they were just tired of trying to hide.
    I love her sunglasses!

  67. lisa says:

    It is Shiloh.. really crazy that people think that is an 19 month old baby. There are pics of Knox taken either today or yesterday with his mommy and daddy. OBVIOUSLY that pic was not of him.

    I don’t get the comment that we have seen pisc of them everyday. If you notice most of the stories of a break up was because we had not seen them much at all. i think the celebs that are seen EVERYDAY. get a pass. they are according to some just living their lives. But pics of Brad and Angie out and about have a huge conspiracy angle. hmm double standard. Johnny Depp is not there for several reasons. He is promoting Alice in Wonderland. Angie will film in Paris first. They probably went to Venice early to do pre-production work. Plus get the family settled. I just think that the speculation about them is unfair mainly because it is not applied to the other celebs that are seen on a daily basis. I won’t name names.. but please I can make a photo album with pics of some celeb kids.

    As some have commented. No matter what they do there will be a negative spin.

    Someone said something about Depp and his family. Well truth is their is not that huge an interest in Johnny and his family. I have seen thread on this site on Depp and they barely get 20+ comments. there are well over 60+ about the Jolie-Pitts.. by the beginning of next week it will be more. So there in lies the dig. People may claim to not like them or be tired of them, but the constant comments and clicks on topics about them are higher then most other celebs. Plus most fans such as myself are not buying the rag mags. could not pay me to. I only purchase the legit actual interviews. And I know most fans feel the same way. So who is feeding the beast. Who is buy that crap. Non fans. They are eating up any and every negative story. So if you don’t like them stop reading about them.and stop feeding the beast.

    I like this couple a great deal. Always will

  68. No One says:

    Damn you! Damn you! Coke out of the nose does not feel good. Curse you and your “I have no idea how Brad and Angelina aren’t wandering around, covered in feathers and jam and cookie dust, wondering whether they lost the Empress Zahara in Cambodia or Pakistan.” line! Evil trixy blogger. ouch.

  69. fake or not, I enjoyed them photos. Shiloh is the best. :)

  70. Solveig says:

    February 19th, 2010 at 10:49 pm

    Envy.Many people are envious of these people,how else would most postings be so negative. Jolie is known all over the world as the rich and beautiful woman that sits down on the dirt floor with impoverished women.I like her.


    Sorry, but ROTFL & LMAO and so on!

    You can also add:
    “she put her hand over Lazarus’ head and said: ‘Lazarus get up!, come out of you grave!’
    And from the cave Lazarus came walking out. He was wrapped up with strips of linen and a cloth around his face.
    Angelina said, ‘Take off the grave clothes and let him go.’
    After this, many of the human beings believed in Angelina”

  71. Kylie says:

    Oh its the same old bloody dribble.
    Im so bored of this story now.
    Isn’t everyone else?

  72. Dhavy says:

    that unnamed source was Jennifer Anniston LOL

  73. Maleficent says:

    Ever notice how the same people say teh same thing on every single Angelina/Brad post? We know, we get it, now tell us something we don’t know!

  74. Guest says:

    You have to understand why Brad loves LA and wants to stay there. Rarely pictures of the family in LA. They seem to be able to come and go as they please most of the time. Plus the big yard for the kids to play in, the kids go to school unharrassed. Can you imagine 6 kids in a “mansion” for three months with no yard and paps watching you through the windows. Brad must feel like a caged animal. No wonder he likes the booze so much. I also think that when Johnny hits town no one will know and no pictures will be taken. Interesting. As for Johnny he doesn’t get many threads or attention because he doesn’t play the paps and press game. For example if Johnny released pictures of his family to people, if Johnny went to a public place (like the super bowl) and kissed and carried on in public, etc. Johnny would get hundreds of posts.

    Also I didn’t used to think that Brange photos were stagged until the Japan airport twins debut. After that I think that most of the photos are staged. The Brange control pretty much everything they want and when they don’t want pictures they don’t have them. What is sad is that I really think when they got together they didn’t care much what the press reported or what people thought. That has changed recently. They seem very aware of what is being written and play with the press. The Super Bowl performance by the Brange was really something. If you want tabloid coverage that is a sure way to get it. If Gwen and Chris, George and his latest peice were to do that it would be all over the tabloids the next week.
    They really should stop playing this game for children’s sake.

  75. Kim says:

    If they are staging photo ops than they need to stage one w/ all the kids.There hasn’t been a photo w/ all 8 and that might as well include the bulldog

  76. DD says:

    I still don’t see a resemblance to Shiloh. I’m surprised she looks so different from one day to the next. Zahara is too adorable.

  77. Beth says:

    I laughed out loud about the photographed everyday comment. For February I could probably count on one hand the number of times they’ve been photographed. Also saying that since they aren’t photographed that often means that they setup photographs is just as laughable. It would be impossible for any celebrity to never have their picture taken.

  78. Cheyenne says:

    Kaiser: Don’t know if you’re aware of it, but the NY Post, along with NOTW and many of the media outlets that ran NOTW’s bullshit story, are owned by Rupert Murdoch. Lyin’ Ian is one of their “trusted sources”. Just giving you a heads-up.

  79. Lucy says:

    It is all staged, any blind man can tell. I wonder how they live with themselves knowing their lives are staged for the cameras. Glad that some media houses are ignoring their staged outings.

  80. bite me says:

    theres pictures of vanessa Depp baby mama out in LA with her kids this weekend wonder if those were staged too. :eyeroll:

  81. Cheyenne says:

    @bite me: Every photo of the J-Ps is staged, dontcha know? :roll:

    Here is Jon Voight in Venice with Brad, Angie and the kids.

    I can just imagine Her Imperial Highness (Z) charming the bejesus out of Grandpa. :)

  82. Kim says:

    Guest, Brad has said numerous times he prefers France and Nola to LA. He talked about loving France in RS. AJ is working on a film that’s why they are in Venice, just like when Brad was working on BAR in NY and they stayed at the Waldorf.As for the Japanese airport pics ever pasenger has to walk thru the airport to get to customs there is no VIP entrance. But you keep believing the tabloids instead of Brad and Angie in their interviews.