Oprah scores Rielle Hunter’s first television interview


Oh, God. I guess I knew this was coming at some point, but it still sucks that this came to pass. The National Enquirer reported (first!) that Rielle Hunter had agreed to do her first sit-down television interview with Oprah. Ugh. Apparently, Oprah was all up on Rielle’s grill, and Oprah wanted some big scandalous interview for May sweeps. The last (and only) time Rielle has sat down for any kind of interview during the multiyear John Edwards drama was last month, when she gave an exclusive to GQ magazine. Many people didn’t even pay attention to all of the crazy sh-t coming out of Rielle’s mouth because they were too busy being revolted by all of the crazy photos (included in this post) of a half-naked Rielle writhing around on her daughter’s bed. Basically: Rielle makes very poor choices about how she projects herself, so this Oprah interview is probably going to be epic:

Oprah Winfrey has nabbed John Edwards’ mistress for her first TV interview!

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER can exclusively report that Rielle Hunter has decided to give Oprah access to her Charlotte, NC home for a TV interview that will air during May sweeps.

“Rielle is super excited to have Oprah come into her home,” an insider told The ENQUIRER exclusively.

“She’s excited about giving her account of how she met John, how the affair began and what’s in store for her future. Rielle also wants to clear the air about the GQ photos – she’s basically doing it to get the truth out and tell her side of the story.”

Rielle has been in talks with ABC’s Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer but thought Oprah was “more spiritual and would get her,” according to the insider.

The source also reveals that John Edwards encouraged Rielle to go on Oprah just like he encouraged her to do the GQ interview.

“John wants the world to see Rielle in a different light, not like the home wrecker she’s been portrayed,” added the insider.

As The ENQUIRER has reported previously an indictment is expected soon for Edwards, the former Chapel Hill heartthrob, after a Federal grand jury investigation into misuse of Presidential campaign funds to buy a conspiracy of silence.

[From The National Enquirer]

Gawker comes close to slamming Oprah for enshrining Rielle with “glossy respectability” by allowing Rielle to be interviewed on such a huge show. I kind of get it from Oprah’s perspective, though – Rielle is a “get” and Oprah is just doing her job. And I expect Oprah will get on her high horse throughout the interview and ask a lot of questions like “Did you ever feel like you were hurting poor Elizabeth Edwards?” To which Rielle will probably go off on how Elizabeth is the devil, like Rielle already did in GQ. Also, this is a way for Oprah to show off her cred as the go-to interviewer – Rielle already had a “source” relationship to Barbara Walters, so it’s surprising to me that Walters didn’t get the first television interview. I bet Babs is pissed.

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  1. Rianna says:

    A very strange woman. And I don’t understand why Oprah would want to interview her. Her main audience are stay-at-home mothers like Elizabeth with husbands who work so she unless she is trying to stir the pot, it is a little strange for her to interview this lady at all.

  2. nycmom10024 says:

    If Reille were smart she would back out now because this won’t be pretty. I think Oprah will go on the attack. Oprah knows who her audience is and she is very smart. This will be very ugly.

  3. Pix says:

    I can’t wait to see this interview. Rielle is batsh!t crazy and I can’t imagine that she can pull it together for anyone, least of all Oprah. This is a good fit and makes sense.

  4. Risa says:

    “John wants the world to see Rielle in a different light, not like the home wrecker she’s been portrayed,”

    She isn’t being portayed wrongly though- because that is precisely what she is. This whole situation makes me sick, and the fact that she thinks she has any right to publicize it and make herself seem anything else BUT a homewrecker is completely bat-$hit crazy.

  5. Madelyn Rose says:

    I will definitely DVR this episode! Rielle will give an interesting, crazy, no-holds-barred interview. At least it will be more interesting than these celebrities who sit down and have well crafted responses from their PR teams. What is the point with those interviews? Rielle will just say what she feels, which is assured to be crazy as all get out!

  6. scout says:

    I have mixed feelings….my first reaction was to wonder why Oprah would lower herself to entertain this disgusting woman…then I read nycmom1002′s comment and thought that it would be cool to see her taken down by Oprah on national television! Oprah isn’t anyone’s fool and has very strong sentiments about virtually everything. If she hates what this creep has done like the rest of us, and she uses the power she has via her talk show to show her up for what she is…well, that would be very cool! So, is it a trap for Ms. RH or is Oprah just wanting to score ratings at any expense – even her own value system? I am starting to lean heavily toward the latter. I may even watch that episode – not normal for me to do!

  7. girl says:

    I understand why O would want to do this. This guy was almost our VP and really could have realistically been the Dem candidate during the last general election.

    I am very curious to see this actually.

  8. Lala11_7 says:

    What I don’t “get” is when people get on here and say…”why would this site pick up this story”…or “why would Oprah have this woman on her show”….

    CB & Oprah do what they do…because…IT’S SENSATIONAL GOSSIP!!! That’s…what…they…do!!!

    I guess “O” ISN’T losing her “stuff” like everybody THOUGHT she was…

  9. YT says:

    Would Oprah do a tawdry, sensationalistic show for ratings? You bet! In a heartbeat! That’s how her show started, and though she once stated she disliked such shows but they were necessary in order to get ratings and stay on the air, she has managed to continue to sprinkle them in over the years. I’m not a fan, and I don’t watch her show, though I occasionally get glimpses when flipping channels.

    Yeah, I bet Babs is pissed.

  10. cfox says:

    Edwards encouraged her to do Oprah – just as he encouraged her to do the GQ interview? Rielle, honey, don’t look now but I don’t think Johnny is your friend.

  11. lola lola says:

    Wow. Oprah really scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Who’s next? StinkBomb McGhee?

  12. Leek says:

    Oprah’s as much of a pig as Rielle.

  13. Erin says:

    this will be amazing. This woman is so deluded that she thinks Oprah ISN’T doing this to tear her apart and get ratings. Oprah’s entire audience is comprised of women who can relate to Elizabeth Edwards and I doubt she will forget that while interviewing Rielle.

  14. wow says:

    I totally see why Oprah would want to interview her, she’s a hot topic right now and it will bring ratings. It’s the same reason the others tried to get her on their show.

    I just hope she doesn’t bust out with her version of sexy poses while she’s on Oprah’s stage talking about her Johnny. It didn’t work the last time, so I hope she tries something new.

  15. bite me says:

    Oprah has no room to be judging anyone, considering some of the shit she has done

  16. Sarah says:

    We need to stop giving these mistresses attention. Instead of having anything to contribute to the world they are getting recognition for being homewrecking whores. Not cool.

  17. Feebee says:

    Just in case I hadn’t lost enough respect for Oprah.

  18. Sudini says:

    @Sarah – ITA! Not cool at all. No more rewarding these lowlifes please. Oprah totally failed with booking this interview.

  19. Carrie says:

    I’m going to reserve judgment until I see it, but I really do believe that Oprah is going to go on the attack. Oprah is pretty savvy about who she endorses, and I can’t see her putting the “Oprah stamp of approval” on the home wrecker the nation hates. She won’t alienate her audience like that.

    On a side note, part of me wonders if this isn’t just laying the groundwork for the interview EVERYONE wants, which is Sandra Bullock. As in, Oprah has this mistress on and rips her a new one, showing that she is always on the side of the wronged wife, and giving her something else to sell to Sandra’s people: see how much I hate cheaters, this is a great show for Sandy to tell her side, etc.

  20. princess pea says:

    I hope Oprah tears into her, but I worry that it will be another fluffy pat on the back interview. She can interview tough, but mostly she doesn’t. Neither does Babs, anymore, for that matter.

    I’d rather see Rielle interviewed by someone who isn’t likely to treat her with kid gloves, but I don’t even know who that would be anymore. There is no news, just PR.

    @ Sarah – Totally agree. Sure, we’re all curious because scandal does that to people, but in the long run what we’re doing is rewarding and glamorizing these women for despicable actions. It’s gross.

  21. Huma says:

    Baba Wawa can suck it. I despise her and Diane Sawyer and their bullsh-t ‘journalism.’ Somehow Oprah seems fitting. She does socially conscious shows, she does housewifey shows, she does medical stories shows, and occasionally she does totally gossippy shows. Whatever brings in the numbers!

  22. cara says:

    i don’t know much about this story but i do know that too many creepy-ass people are making headlines and getting top interviews ect. for what?
    aren’t there anymore decent people they can interview or gossip about?you know,people that haven’t cheated,doesn’t have kinky sex..i guess that would be too boring for some people

  23. Kim says:

    I think she is a whore, she knew the man was married and went after him anyway, you are suppose to be a mother show a little class and remember pictures are worth a 1,000 words and one day your daughter will see these.Payback is a bit*h….My husbands x-wife was the same way left her husband and child for another married man!!!!! no respect for this trash.

  24. Jeri says:

    Rielle’s name used to be Laurie (or something like that) but she evidently thought Rielle was classier. PRESENTATION.

    This was in one of the articles.

  25. BReed says:

    I will read all about it here: can’t stomach Okrah AND the mistress. May get a lot of viewers, but the show will sink to a low level in the morals department. We know how high O’s moral standards seem to be.

  26. AbbeyRoad says:

    That picture still gets me. Look how Kermit and Barney are screaming for help.

  27. daisyfly says:

    Remember that movie on Lifetime (pick one – they’re all correct) where the girl dates the married man and then goes psycho?

    Rielle is that girl. Only no Lifetime movie ever put that girl on Oprah.

    Stay classy, Oprah.

  28. Lady D says:

    We MUST stop rewarding this trashy behaviour. These actions are one of those fabled slippery slopes. What’s going to happen next? We start denigrating good behaviour?

  29. the other mel says:

    This is a step down for Oprah.

  30. bellaluna says:

    So, is Rielle going to be half-clothed, doing the interview in her daughter’s bed, like she did with her GQ pix? Poor Kermit and Barney and crew!

  31. Guest says:

    It is horrible that this is taking place. Has anyone else noticed that having an affair makes you “somebody” lately. The press needs to ignore these women.

  32. Ruffian9 says:

    Feebee:April 6th, 2010 at 11:12 am -
    Just in case I hadn’t lost enough respect for Oprah.


  33. Madchen says:

    @AbbeyRoad — LOL. Elisabeth Hasselbeck said about Rielle, “She should apologize to Dora!” Probably the only thing she ever said that I agree with.

  34. Alex says:

    What next Oprah interviews Tiger jump offs?

  35. Anti-icon says:

    This confirms why I felt Oprah should retire….she has never done a show on Scientology, but didn’t hesitate to do one on Mormons, which was….awkward. Nothing new or informative can be drawn from this sensational stort, in my opinion. Why give this upscale trailor trash her day on TV? I don’t get it. I don’t like it. Oprah, you aren’t doing America any favors here. (But, yes, of course I’ll watch…..he he.)

  36. Jayne Palmer says:

    I am so glad Oprah interviewed her. She is of low intellect, responding with psycho babble about boundaries and claiming to be an authentic person. Our sins are visited upon our children – wait until her daughter is on the receiving end of a cheating husband leaving innocent children to wonder where is the truth in commiting to a family? Thank goodness the Edwards children have the beautiful, loving Elizabeth.

  37. Liz says:

    Ruffian I lost respect last week w/ Octomom and MoniQue molesting brother.

  38. post a note says:

    Rielle Hunter is out in left field. Her mind seems clouded by love. What she said on Oprah didn’t make sense. This interview has showed that she is exactly what she thinks she’s not. As Tina Turner sings “Whats love got to do with it”. Rielle knows what goes around, comes around. I think she needs mental help.