Michael Douglas’ son sentenced to five years for drug trafficking

Michael Douglas and his ex-wife Diandra Douglas leave a Manhattan federal court after the sentencing of their son Cameron Douglas in New York
Michael Douglas oldest son, Cameron, 31, was sentenced in Manhattan yesterday to five years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute drugs and heroin possession. Cameron is the only child of Douglas and his first wife, Diandra Luker, who he was with from 1977-2000 before he married Catherine Zeta-Jones. Last July, Cameron was busted selling about a pound and a half of methamphetamine, valued at $18,000, to an undercover DEA agent at a NY hotel. The bust was part of a sting operation and it came out that Cameron was also selling drugs through the mail and shipping them cross country, which is a federal offense.

Cameron has been in federal prison since last August, having screwed himself out of house arrest at a posh upper east side townhouse when his girlfriend was busted trying to slip him heroin in the battery chamber of an electric toothbrush.

Cameron’s dad, his step mom Catherine Zeta-Jones, and his famous grandfather, Kirk Douglas, all wrote letters to the judge pleading for leniency. There were 37 letters of support for Cameron in total. It may have worked. Earlier reports had Cameron facing a minimum ten year sentence, but he was reportedly cooperative and somehow able to get a lesser sentence.

A judge sentenced Michael Douglas’ son to five years in prison Tuesday for dealing methamphetamine from a trendy Manhattan hotel, calling it his “last chance to make it.”

U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman announced the sentence after hearing 31-year-old Cameron Douglas ask for mercy as his Academy Award-winning father and mother, Diandra, listened behind him in a packed courtroom.

“I’d like to apologize to my family and my loved ones for putting them through this nightmare of my making,” Douglas said.

The Hollywood scion and admitted heroin addict also was ordered to forfeit $300,000. A pre-sentence report listed his net worth as $500,000.

As they left federal court in Manhattan, Michael Douglas and his ex-wife had to fight through a writhing mass of photographers to reach a waiting SUV.

Federal agents arrested Douglas last summer at the Hotel Gansevoort in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Prosecutors alleged that he was the middleman in a scheme to smuggle large amounts of meth from California to New York, sometimes using overnight mail.

Early in a sentencing hearing that stretched more than an hour, the judge described how Douglas had abused drugs since age 13 and noted that he had been sober in prison since last August, his longest drug-free stint since his teenage years.

He noted that he had read at least 37 letters of support from family – including his film legend grandfather, Kirk, stepmother Catherine Zeta-Jones and NBA executive Pat Riley – friends and supporters who “believe he has finally bottomed out in terms of his addiction and may be ready to turn his life around.”

But Berman also expressed doubt Douglas would turn his back on drugs after pleading guilty in January to conspiracy to distribute drugs.

“In my estimation, that will be a very difficult chore,” he said. “I think this case and this sentencing may well be his last chance to make it.”

The conspiracy charge carried a mandatory 10 years in prison, but the judge said the government had agreed that Douglas qualified for a lesser sentence. It had been revealed at a pretrial hearing that Douglas had tried to cooperate.

The defense had requested that Douglas be sentenced to time served or, at most, 3 1/2 years in prison.

When given a chance to speak, Douglas said he was blind to the opportunities to overcome his addiction earlier in life.

“As a result, I squandered a lot of them,” he said. “If I should be so fortunate as to have another chance, I will never squander that opportunity.”

[From The Huffington Post]

So Cameron was facing a minimum ten years in prison and he only got five. Five years sounds pretty light for shipping meth across country and getting busted using drugs while on house arrest. He probably got off much easier due to his famous family and high paid attorneys, but Cameron will still have to do hard time. I don’t feel for this kid. He’ll get out of prison and have a huge support system and plenty of money to fall back on, unlike most convicted felons. For some people, all the opportunities in the world don’t make a difference until it’s almost too late.

Cameron Douglas Sentenced to Five Years in Prison!

Cameron Douglas Sentenced to Five Years in Prison!

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  1. bellaluna says:

    I really like Michael Douglas, I really do. But if this was my kid (or any other non-famous person’s kid), he’d have gotten 10 years.

    And saying he’s been sober since August, which is when he was thrown in actual prison (because his gf was sneaking him heroine in a battery-powered toothbrush) seems kind of counter-productive to me.

  2. canadianchick says:

    Celebrity justice strikes again. Cam won’t stay clean in prison-there are tons of drugs in there, and since he knows the justice system and his celeb family will enable him, he will keep doing this.

  3. Dorothy says:

    I know it is wrong, but I totally think Cameron is HOT!!!!

  4. kate says:

    CELEBRITY JUSTICE!!!! Well, in prison being slapped on the wrist might get him whipped by street justice!

  5. Snarf says:

    Some, web sites are saying it’s a harsh sentence.

  6. Green Is Good says:

    A regular Joe would have done the full 10 year stretch.

  7. Exiled says:

    He was selling drugs through the mail and only got 5 yrs… really?? WOW!!

  8. Bodhi says:

    5 years in a federal prison is no small thing. That is some hard effing time. (I think he is cute too)

  9. Roma says:

    @Dorothy: I had the same thought too! I’m glad that I’ve found company for my shameful tinglings.

  10. Tess says:

    I think he looks like he’s suffering from a mild case of doofusitis. So pale and doughy.

    That said, the poor kid, probably grew up with too much of everything available to him, except the family structure and support he craved.

    Possibly prison will be good for him. Both Dr. Drew and Danny Bonnaduce say that it can be an addict’s best way to actually clean up. We’ll see. But he got himself into the fix he’s in and it would be good for him to deal with it.

  11. Pont Neuf says:

    The truth is, he doesn’t deserve any compassion – especially because his sentence has been particularly lenient thanks to his family connections, which is outrageous. This is not a poor man from a degraded area who never had any opportunities, and has to sell illegal substances or steal in order to survive. This is a spoiled, lazy, useless, incompetent son of a b*tch who doesn’t want to work, and sells drugs out of sheer self-indulgence and crapulence.

    There’s only one word for this: unforgivable.

    His father’s family are extremely wealthy, and so are his mother’s family. With a little effort on his part, he could have studied in the best schools and universities, become a productive member of society and done good for everyone, especially the poor. Instead, he chose to sell drugs and, when he had to pay the consequences for his actions, his powerful and famous relatives came to the rescue… Nice!

    On a side note, he looks like a cross between an old chicken and an owl. The sheer ugliness of his grandfather’s genes cannot be beaten by any amount of beauty. I don’t see the attractive anywhere. Which makes him ugly, lazy and a drug dealer. What a keeper!

  12. embertine says:

    Well done, Michael and family. Pleading for leniency has obviously done so much good for your son in the past, which is why he is still a drug dealer.

    Perhaps if you hadn’t tried to shield him from the consequences of his actions his whole life he wouldn’t be such a ****-up now.

  13. GatsbyGal says:

    This turtle-faced idiot’s getting less than he deserves. Then again, ten bucks says he’ll get busted trying to move product while in prison or will either get out and just keep selling drugs and get caught again.

  14. Anti-icon says:

    I feel so sorry for his mother, Diandra. Don’t know anything about her (art curator?), but she’s been through a lot with her ex and her only child. I hope SHE has a support system. As for the criminal, if it were a middle class man, the hammer would have come DOWN on a full ten years. These drug crimes and sentencing needs to be corrected.

  15. Taya says:

    Green Is Good..
    ” A regular Joe would have done the full 10 year stretch.”

    Or maybe even 30. How many people are serving life for the same crime? The minimum sentence is 10 and that means that other charges could be put on as well to even have a longer sentence, in most cases. Cameron should of have gotten at least 20. Time for selling drugs through the mail and then sneaking drugs under house arrest. Famous families never do ‘real’ time. His daddy and grandpa got him this deal. I do not have any sympathy for this useless loser or his family of enablers.

  16. DeE says:

    @ Pont Neuf……..YOU SAID IT!!!!!!

  17. Eden says:

    @ Pont neuf:
    I was starting to swing in the direction of “maybe he’s kind of hot” after looking at this particular picture and then I read your “cross between an old chicken and an owl” comparison and realized you are totally right…not just a chicken, an old chicken. HA.
    He’s got a little thing going on with his style, some swagger maybe… but now it’s ruined with the animal imagery.
    Thanks for the laugh..:)

  18. Cheyenne says:

    If you can’t do the time, don’t commit the crime.

  19. Sunnyjyl says:

    Diandra’s shoes are a little too flashy for a sentencing hearing. I would have gone with a wedge heal.

    OK, seriously, wouldn’t anyone try to get their kid less time if they could swing it? Of course, I would like to see less time for people taking the drugs over guys like this who are peddling. I’m conflicted. As a mom I get it. As a law abiding citizen I don’t.

  20. Relli says:

    @Pont Neuf, You took the words right out of my head.

    I read some of the letter samples on Gawker and the one that struck me the most was from his grandfather and how he has dream of him becoming a great actor. I have never seen him in anything so I cannot comment on his “skills.” I just have a hard time believing anyone would really want to see him in anything.

  21. Mentok the Mind Taker says:

    Amen, Pont Neuf!

    Is anyone else as sick of the entitlement problem in this country? Liberty and justice for all — my @ss!

    The Douglases. Want to know where it comes from? Read Kirk’s bio. Yeah, he’s a real piece of work. It might explain where the rest of his clan gets it.

    And what’s the point of a “minimum” sentence if the judge can reduce it even less? I wonder what his reward was.


  22. lucy2 says:

    Pont Neuf, I’m in agreement. This guy has had every opportunity handed to him, and could have done whatever he wanted in life with his family’s money and connections.
    I’m not surprised he ended up a drug addict from an early age, but there’s a big difference between being an addict and being a dealer, especially the way he was dealing. No sympathy for him from me.

  23. cedar falls says:

    I expect everyone here either has tried a drug or has close friends who think a quick snort/puff/pill is harmless. Take that attitude and imagine you’re Cameron Douglas – you’ve got the whole spectrum of narcotics at your disposal, the money to buy as many of them as you want, and a shallow, empty existence that needs to be filled with something. It’s not going to take too long before you’re hooked on something, and by then it’s an incredibly hard habit to break. Human beings are weak!

  24. Argotsboy says:

    Why do posters write @ all the time? Surely writing Pont Neuf as a few have done is enough. Have those others done so much interweb damage to themselves that they have not twigged that writing @ is a longer form!

    Meanwhile The Ex-Mrs Douglas looks better than the Ex-Mr Douglas!

  25. Lee says:

    It’s funny how “minimum sentence of 10 years” is translated for the rich and famous. George Orwell anyone? All people are equal, but some are more equal than others…Disgusting.

  26. bubbles says:

    @pont neuf
    Bravo, that should be published in the federal prison newspaper.

  27. eggy weggs says:


    I know parents generally do everything they can to protect their children — including using their privilege to get their little fuggos out of jail time anyone with less money or more skin pigmentation would have gotten. Perhaps a little preventative protection would have helped li’l Cammie.

  28. Roma says:

    Argotsboy, because @ triggers that it’s a direct response to someone.

    Sites like Gawker (and their affiliations) used to do that with all their replies to people, until they started stacking them as conversations. It’s also helpful for people who are just skimming to see if anyone responded to them.

    But just for you, I didn’t @ you.

  29. Jag says:

    Hollywood justice strikes again. Almost makes me wish I had gone into acting and become famous. But then again, I don’t drive under the influence, peddle or use drugs, attack people or steal from others, so I wouldn’t need celebrity justice anyway.

    Makes me sick the way those judges suck up to celebrities. I wish we could hold all judges accountable for their verdicts.

  30. Kelly-Michelle says:

    5 years = son of rich white man
    15 years = son of poor black man

  31. Jeri says:

    Hard to understand the “Minimum” being reduced as others have mentioned.

    Also, I thing the “@” is overused, seems redundant.

  32. Raven says:

    I doubt that he has any skills for the entertainment arena or we’d have seen them by now. All that money and no talent gives you a lot of time on your hands and few options, most of them not good. It is unfortunate that his father and his mother were so busy playing around when he was growing up that it never occurred to them to encourage him in another direction, as someone said, more formal study and an occupation in a nonentertainment field.

    Sadly, I doubt that his parents get it even now. He’ll eventually be released into a moneyed environment with still no talent or skills. Frankly, prison and a forced exile from his enabling family, is probably the best thing for him. If he has any smarts, he’ll devote himself to learning new productive skills. If he’s not that bright and also short-sighted, he’ll maybe make it through, but probably not much longer after that.

  33. Camille says:

    Add me to the list- well said Pont Neuf! You said everything perfectly, couldn’t agree with you more.

  34. nnn says:

    Drug dealer = Death dealer.

    No forgiveness ever for those sons of a b*tch !

    This one is the worst of the kind : rich lazy man born wirth a silver spoon in the mouth whose chosen job is to destroy other lives while he had 1,000,000 more opportunities than the average guy to live the best life could offer.

  35. i seriously take good care about my teeth… i never want looking all strange having just a small amount of teeth when i get old…

  36. Gary says:

    You people know nothing. I want to come at you from two years in the future of these writings to let you know you are morons. 10 year sentence, your only gonna do half the time anyway with good behavior and whatnot. Also he rolled over on two seperate bigger dealers than himself. His 5 years in prison will be worse than anybody else’s 10. Who did he hurt? I haven’t heard of one single victim that has been harmed in all this except himself. U.S.A = highest number incarcerated for drugs in the world.