Justin Bieber insanity sends 8 people to hospital in Australia


For some reason, this site doesn’t do much Justin Bieber coverage, thank God. CB and I don’t really care about The Bieb, but we’re not invested in making fun of him either. After all, he is just a kid, and so far he hasn’t done anything really good or really bad that would earn him praise or scorn. He’s just sort of… there. But I will make fun of his crazy fans. The Bieb’s fan base makes Twihards look like reasonable, functioning members of society. And they’re not just really young kids either – some of them are honest-to-goodness teenagers, who should be listening to The Rolling Stones or Lady Gaga at this point. Hell, I would even be happy if the teenagers were listening to death metal… anything but The Bieb.

Anyway, The Bieb was scheduled to do a show in Sydney, Australia. The tweens and teens camped out, waiting for a whiff of Le Bieb. When they got the scent or something, and the girls “swarmed” and “surged”. Sounds like a military operation, doesn’t it? Here’s more:

Thousands of frenzied teenagers, who spent the night camped out by Sydney Harbour awaiting a concert by pop star Justin Bieber, surged toward the venue Monday morning, sending at least eight girls to the hospital and injuring several more.

Police canceled the performance after the swarm, which may have begun when rumors spread that the 16-year-old Canadian heartthrob had arrived early. In the crush, at least 10 girls fainted, and paramedics had to pull them out of the crowd, according to Australia’s Network Seven. Of the eight sent to the hospital, one fractured her knee cap, though most had hyperventilated.

“We were expecting this to be the biggest concert we ever had, but we just couldn’t have foreseen this scale,” said Grant Denyer, the weather presenter for Network Seven’s Sunrise program, which was planning to broadcast the open-air concert.

Police said the station was well prepared, but that the frenzy of 5,000 fans got out of control.

“They wouldn’t listen to our directions, so hence they left us with no option,” Deputy Commissioner Dave Owens told reporters, adding it was a concern that so many youngsters were out at night without their parents.

Monica Caruana, 14, said the commotion started when the venue opened early.

“The doors were meant to open at 5, but they opened at 3 for some reason and everyone bolted,” she said, adding that one of her friends was “knocked out” in the chaos. The singer was meant to take the stage just before 8 a.m.

Jessica Whatmore said she feared she would be trampled in all the pushing and shoving.
“I couldn’t wait to get out of there,” said the 13-year-old.

After the cancellation, many of the girls went to Network Seven’s studios, where they caught a glimpse of Bieber through a window before he performed his hit “Baby” on the stage there.

[From HuffPo]

Seriously, this is about girls going crazy for THE BIEB. Not Clive Owen. Not Josh Holloway. Not Jon “The” Hamm. The Bieb. These bitches are crazy. And you know in one year’s time, they are all going to be so embarrassed that they went crazy for him. It’s totally the way I feel about my love for Richard Marx.

Nevermind. Richard Marx still rules!

The Bieb in Australia on April 25, 2010. Credit: INFphoto.com.

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  1. Kolby says:

    Dear me, the poor child needs to see a barber. Immediately.

  2. Alarmjaguar says:

    Oh Richard Marx, that takes me back:)

  3. The Bobster says:

    What drug is this girly boy taking to delay puberty? Or is he a castralto?

  4. MARKY MARK says:

    I thought it was Samantha Ronson in the photos

  5. Shannon says:

    Oh crap, I thought we were safe from Justin Bieber here. I do think he’s a nice kid and he hasn’t let the celebrity get to his head though. That’s nice to see.

  6. sarajane says:

    “Bieber eat your SOUL!!!!!”

    *shudder* I’m sure he’s a nice enough boy but this kid can pull some serious scary face.

  7. Lizzard says:

    Who is this kid? Why is he famous? Is he another person looking for their 15 minutes or is he actually talented? I see his picture all over and don’t get his appeal. His hair looks like Shane’s from The L Word, I’m not sure if he was going for the look on purpose but good God that bang needs to see a barber pronto!

  8. jover says:

    The world really is coming to an end; there are many things to go insane over; the Bieb is definitely not one. How long can this go on?

  9. carrie says:

    it’s the clue he is dangerous !

  10. Dingles says:

    Has anyone told this kid that he’s white? I’ve seen one of his videos, and I don’t think he knows.

  11. Lilias says:

    I think that hair is a wig-I was on some other website and they had a “Justin Bieber for Old People” story and I figured out who he was. He had a shaved head up until very recently. Makes me think the uniformity of that hideous mop can’t be real and must be a wig.

    I could be wrong.

    Does this kid have some kind of testosterone inhibiting body issue? He literally looks and acts like a little boy. Like a 10 year old. Flailing about. Ick.

  12. englishbreakfast says:

    usually i cant turn on my 12 year old self but even she can’t see what all the fuss is about. i do operate under the theory though that young girls tend to be attracted to feminine looking young boys as almost a building block in to having sexual feelings because it is less intimidating then say, a tattoo covered rocker. i realize that there is always the token ‘bad boy’ in girl groups but they usually get the attention of the older fans.

  13. ligeia says:

    he reminds me of this one guy in my class, always smiley, same hair and always has a harem of dumb giggly girls follow him around. i think he might just be his long lost older brother, ha.

  14. gee_gee says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head, englishbreakfast.

    I am trying to remember why I ever thought Prince was sexy. He was always more feminine than me. But at least he was risque. This kid (and I’m sure he’s a very nice kid) is a muppet. There is no threat of sex there. What happens to him when puberty hits?

  15. wif says:

    We should all just be thankful that the accident wasn’t worse. Remember back in the early 80′s when 11 people got trampled to death at a Who concert? I don’t know why concert promoters still haven’t learned their lesson.

  16. Belle Epoch says:

    Did anyone see him with Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live? Makes fun of all the old ladies who are hot for the Bieb (ewwwwww!). It’s available at:


    Best line: “I don’t know whether I want to marry him or put him in a stroller and push him around the mall”

  17. buckley says:

    16…shouldn’t he be more…manly at this point?

  18. moi says:

    I’m so glad I’m not a teenaged girl anymore.

  19. Naye in VA says:

    Seriously one brush with death trying to see someone famous is enough to cure all those stupid girls.

    I remember going to the club for a Lil Wayne concert (my first) and standing for three hours being pushed up against a sweaty old man (idk why he was there) my feet KILLING me and being able to hold up my purse and swaeter without my hands.

    Before he came out my hair and makeup had melted, my white shirt had unidentified black stains on his the sole of my heel was broken, i had a drink thrown on me and i almost got into two fights. and when it was all over i got Wayne to look at me. As i hopped the barrier and walked out of the crowd.

    Im not pressed to see anyone anymore. I avoid crowds like the plauge. Im afraid of long lines at wal-mart. i seriously dont get the draw to celebs

  20. hohoberiberi says:

    i told you, the world is ending.

  21. Aitch says:

    I am curious that there is any interest in him outside the USA……

  22. Snarf says:

    Beider may just be a kid, but he’s maaking adult sized money (and apparently developing an ego to match) I say bring it on and make fun.

  23. sarajane says:

    @Aitch: Yep, there was some big stampede in Oz (maybe this weekend?) over this kid. Perez had some crap about it this morning. :|

  24. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Three words: Non-Threatening Boys.

    That’s the name of the fictitious magazine that heavily featured Lisa Simpson’s seemingly erstwhile crush, the adolescent dreamboat named ‘Corey’.

    Oh, the Corey Hotline:

    ‘Hi, this is Corey. I hope that you and I can get married someday.’

    ‘Hi. What’s in the news today? Hmm…’ (halting)’…Canada stalls…on trade…pact.’

    ‘Here are some words that rhyme with Corey: stor(e)y, allegory, Montessori…’

    Basically, you can peddle any crap if its testicles haven’t descended yet and you can get a three-chord format under its fists. It’s a whisper as old as time. At least this time the bait is a little more age appropriate. Kind of creepy when the guy on stage who wants you to be his ‘baby’ is cooing the results of his prostate exam between verses. Also, I hear there’s some prison pallor poster boy from England who uses his non-existent superpowers to impregnate women of a certain age. Volatile stuff.

    @Dingles: I know his hometown well, it has more swans, malt shops, gazebos, Presbyterian churches and Shakespeare than you can shake a Falstaff at. I know that the Stratford Festival is all for updating the classics in order to appeal to a more ‘X-Treme’ and ‘In Your Face’ demographic, but I’m not sure what imitated Ebonics and blow-out hairdos are supposed to bring to ‘Measure for Measure’. I come from a town that’s close enough to Stratford to share an accent with it. I don’t sound close to what you hear this little guy’s handlers forcing him to do at all–and I’m black! Oh, well.

  25. hairball says:

    He looks eight years old. Are people f*cking idiots??

  26. mandyfan says:

    I agree with all your choices of men they SHOULD be going crazy over. Clive Owen, Josh Holloway, Jon Hamm–put any of those men in my neighborhood and I am DEFINITELY showing up 3 hours early…Maybe not. Guarantee me a private meeting, dinner, maybe some dessert…then you’ve got yourself a stampede-worthy offer.

  27. abbizmal says:

    Once again, someone said it first, The Bobster took the words right out of my mouth. He looks 11 or 12.

  28. Emily says:

    Meh, it’s Sydney. Teenagers in Melbourne have more sense. Please don’t anyone ruin my delusion for me!

  29. texasmom says:

    englishbreakfast and jomamma are spot-on. It is really funny to see his videos, what jumps out at me is not that he is a white guy with a bunch of black rappers but that he is a LITTLE KID supposedly hanging out with a bunch of “street”-looking MEN! When I meet a set of adult male black rappers that actually take to the street with little-miss-blow-dried then I will have seen everything that is possible in this universe. It’s all about implausible teen girl fantasies: a scary-tough-grown-up situation with a completely safe boy who looks like Hillary Swank! Now we’re living!

  30. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Hilary Swank and Sam Ronson? I’m cracking up. And I don’t really have to feel bad about it the way that I felt bad about wondering what Andre Agassi (shaved Britney Spears) was doing to that minivan. That was a shame laugh, this is a fun little chuckle.

  31. Mistral says:

    I agree with Jo Mama that the boy has picked up the “talk” of his handlers/producers/promoters in the States–Usher and friends. I think this kid is talented, though. He’s a cute little kid.

    I think it is refreshing that the teen girls are listening to his non-threatening music and having a crush on his boy-next-door self, because kids are becoming sexualized too early these days. The crap they listen to and dance to isn’t really appropriate. They don’t need to be “licking” anyone “like a lollipop”, nor do they need to have crushes on adult men with 10 children by 10 different women.

  32. My2Cents says:

    Im am so over this little fella.
    Can you imagine the ego he is going to have in 10 years. YUCK!

  33. n says:

    leave him alone, he seems like a nice kid, much less annoying than those disney kids

  34. fizXgirl314 says:

    wtf is wrong with the world?

  35. abby says:

    He seems to already have a HUGE ego. I don’t get the hair. Whenever I see a kid with hair like that, I just want to mess up their hair!

  36. saywat says:

    I can’t look at his face without having goose bump…so creepy. And that hair style is so damn ugly.

  37. Jazz says:

    ‘Here are some words that rhyme with Corey: stor(e)y, allegory, Montessori…’

    I remember that episode! I knew this total p***k called Corey once that I used to call Corey Allegory. I’d forgotten all about that til just now.

    Back on topic, this kid looks like Perez Hilton’s love child.

  38. Your innerself says:

    Crazy about Justin BIEBER?
    He’s GAY! Come on get over it! That why girl disgust him…

  39. Tadeu says:

    Esse muleke é muito foda mesmo, por isso no brazil as mina amam ele

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