Us Weekly: Heidi Montag addicted to painkillers, fame


As you can imagine, the other tabloids look pretty foolish this week in the wake of Sandra Bullock’s big “I have a baby, peeps” announcement. Well, I did like In Touch’s Kim Kardashian story this week, but this Us Weekly story is just foolish. I mean, sure, we all like to mock the dumb Hills people. Heidi Montag is more plastic than flesh and blood. Audrina is cock-eyed. Kristen Cavallari seems somewhat normal, but she’s probably a major pill too. Sigh… maybe we should just do a countdown to irrelevance.

Anyway, Us Weekly released part of their cover story on why the ladies of The Hills are being “destroyed by fame”. Heidi is being “destroyed” because, according to Us Weekly’s sources, she’s addicted to painkillers. It makes sense, actually:

Sources on the set of The Hills fear that Heidi Pratt is developing a dangerous addiction to painkillers — months after her recovery from plastic surgery.

“She’s a shell of her former self,” a show insider tells the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands today. (A rep for the reality star, 23, tells Us, “This is completely ridiculous.”)

Indeed, Heidi and her husband, Spencer, have developed increasingly weird behavior. While their 2008 elopement to Mexico was done with a knowing wink, they’re recently “crossed over to this bizarre place,” the source says.

Case in point: Heidi only agreed to get 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day last November “because she knew it would be a huge story,” an insider says. (Laments pal Jason Wahler to Us, “I knew her when she was normal.”)

“They are addicted to the fame,” the source says. “As The Hills winds down and people start to care less, they are desperate to get back that high.”

Pals say they’ve always had a thirst for fame — especially Spencer, who declared shortly after The Hills premiered in 2006, “I’m going to date those girls and blow that show up.” (Before pursuing Heidi, he also went after Audrina Patridge.)

Says a source who knew Heidi then, “She was spellbound. If it weren’t for him, she’d be a mom in the suburbs.”

To find out how Heidi and Spencer blew through hundreds of thousands of dollars in recent months, how Spencer has gotten violent and lost control with his family and how they’re trying to compete against the Kardashians and Jersey Shore cast, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands now.

[From Us Weekly]

I’ll buy that Heidi and Spencer are both totally “bizarre” in real life. I imagine Spencer jerking off to his crystal collection, while Heidi stares at herself in the mirror, occasionally poking her dead, immovable face. Then Heidi turns to Spencer and asks, “Do you think I’m pretty yet?” And Spencer replies: “Not in front of my crystal friends, baby.” And then Heidi pops another pill and looks in the mirror. It’s all very Valley of the Dolls in my mind. With crystals.

UPDATE: Hollyscoop is reporting that Heidi & Spencer are in the process of getting the go-ahead for their own special reality show that will show a “behind-the-scenes look at their lives”. It doesn’t look like the show is for sure going to air, though. No one has purchased it.

Heidi Montag shows off her new beach body in a self-designed bikini

Heidi Montag Poses With Balls, and Spencer Pratt

Us Weekly cover courtesy of Us Weekly online.

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  1. Dina says:

    America has got like a milion serial killers.. Why can’t these bitches meet one of them?

    One love kuchkuch :$

  2. katya32 says:

    Sad, gross and irrelevant. I hereby refuse to read anything more about any of these idiots!

  3. lucy2 says:

    I think their “countdown to irrelevance” (love it) began the moment this collection of no-talent nitwits got on TV.

  4. Majosha says:

    Is there anyone in Hollywood who ISN’T addicted to painkillers?

  5. Melanie says:

    God, her face is just so unfortunate. I would make that plastic surgeon take me to court if he wanted money for that. I would just point to my face and say “Your Honor, I give you exibit A”.

  6. original kate says:

    for god’s sake, don’t point out the cellulite on her thighs…she’ll find some barely-legal plastic surgeon to chop off her legs.

  7. DoMaJoReMc says:

    HEY! I thought there was a moratorium (sp?) on these two?????????????????

  8. lastwordlinda says:

    Who is she and why does anyone care?

  9. Squirrel says:

    Still think the leg – shot is photoshopped. She would never have left the house if her leg looked like that and her other leg looks just fine.

    Saw this before-after though and realised she actually already had implants way before this whole make-me-barbie phase… And she will have bla-bla’ed about doing it for self confidence and so on before that too. No implants in the world will make up for the self confidence this girl lacks.

    Absolutely crazy what she looked like a few years ago and today!

  10. Snarf says:

    Ooooh CELLULITE!!! Spencer, quit her ass now! Heidi, better schedule some lipo!

    Also can someone please explain to me what the hell is wrong with Audrina Patridge’s eyes? It’s creepy.

  11. moe says:

    Im guessing this pain killer addiction is another sympathy/publicity stunt.
    and Im soo sick of the pic of her in that bikini, its very painful to the eyes..ouch

  12. GatsbyGal says:

    Maybe Heidi and Spencer will join one of those crazy kool-aid cults and end up dead.

  13. Maritza says:

    If they are unbearable now, imagine if they do get their own show? I just can’t stand these two, they are so fake and shallow!

  14. ForestW says:

    Heidi looks like the ugly version of Rocky Dennis.
    She looks so old!! She would have been so cute and young if she didn’t play with her face.
    I am wondering if I should join the celebrity death pool. I would put money on her dying in a year in the chair of a plastic surgeon.

  15. Kim says:

    I just wrote yesterday on this site that i think Heidi is addicted to the pain killers. She slurs her words and looks high as a kite all the time. She obviously has n addictive, over the top, personality. She is addicted to fame, painkillers, pot and who knows what else.

    The new addiction is fame by any means. Look at all the people in tabloids every week who are famous for nothing but being infamous: go on a cheesy reality show or put out a sex tape and you can get famous. I wouldnt be able to sleep at night or look at myself in the mirror but these girls seems proud of their “acoomplishments” of nothing?! really pathetic and kind of sad.

  16. lola lola says:

    What of their lives is left ‘behind the scenes”? Nobody cares!

  17. Katija says:

    I will buy a steak and a Grey Goose martini for any blogger who can get to the bottom of why Ceiling Eyes has ceiling eyes!!! :-)

  18. Katie from Boston says:


    If you got to the link below and scroll to the bottom, it explains what’s up with Audrina’s “ceiling eyes”.

    I’d like my steak cooked medium with some bearnaise sauce. I’ll skip the vodka and take a nice shiraz.

  19. Camille says:

    Man they sure chose the worst pics of any of the celebs on that magazine cover didn’t they. *ALL* of the people on that cover look unattractive, even KC doesn’t look good and she is pretty!

  20. girl says:

    Maybe her plastic surgeon was running a 2 for 1 special on wall-eyed pairs and her eyes match her boobs?

    Bad boob jobs often look wall-eyed. It’s creepy.

  21. Bee says:

    Does anyone else think she looks like Mufasa from the lion king in the bikini pic?

  22. twisty says:

    I feel bad for her. It’s weird but she seems so sad and so screwed up. I think she needs a real friend, and she’s not ever gonna find one in LA, so this nonsense will continue. Poor little thing, I cannot imagine hating yourself so much that you basically mutilate yourself into a freak. I wish she’d come here, I’d love to have a chance to talk to her for a few minutes.

  23. Jaxx says:

    I had never seen her on TV, only pictures of her. Saw her interviewed recently on some show and had no idea she had this awful nasally icky voice. No matter how gorgeous she thinks she is she will still have that awful, awful voice.

  24. Melanie says:

    This is what I think is going on with her:
    Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) (previously known as Dysmorphophobia[1] is sometimes referred to as body dysmorphia or dysmorphic syndrome[2]) is a (psychological) Somatoform disorder in which the affected person is excessively concerned about and preoccupied by a perceived defect in his or her physical features (body image). Depending on the individual case, BDD may either be a somatoform disorder or part of an eating disorder or both: BDD always includes a debilitating or excessive fear of judgement by others, as is seen with social anxiety, social phobia and some OCD problems; or alternately may be a part of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and compulsive overeating. Although the term “body dysmorphic disorder” itself describes only those excessive social acceptance fears that relate to one’s personal body image. Depending on the individual it may or may not also be part of one of these wider or related syndromes.

  25. New Nork says:

    “Heidi Montag or Mannequin” and “Heidi Montag or Barbie” just brilliant!

  26. Caz says:

    Heidi could go and get a job at Madame Toussauds(?), all she has to do is stick a pole in her butt and just stand there like a stunned mullet.

  27. LemonLimee says:

    Man, I feel bad for her. So insecure. Reminds me of a Michael Jackson sort, & look at that. They are both virgos! Lol.. But really, it’s quite sad. She was so cute & young looking before. Now she’s paid to have herself age 20 years. Makes no sense!