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Celebitchy Archives: Divorces
Al Reynolds, Star Jones' husband, visits a divorce lawyer

It turns out that gig with HGTV may not work out for Star Jones, because they deny having any plans to hire her, and so do Fox News and CNN, two other networks she claimed to be in talks with. Now that Star is talk show poison, her husband, Al Reynolds, seems to have decided there's no reason to continue his sham marriage. He was spotted at the NY office of a high profile divorce attorney:

Last week Al Reynolds visited the offices of the divorce law firm Blank Rome LLP in New York's Chrysler building. MediaTakeOut.com spoke exclusively with a building employee who first noticed Star's soon-to-be-ex. According to the witness, "Al walked up to the security desk and signed in to visit [one of the Blank Rome's divorce lawyers] Stanford Lotwin."

Mr. Lotwin is one of the most prominent divorce attorney's in New York. He worked on the high-profile divorces of Howard Stern, Donald Trump, Geraldo Rivera and Diana Ross.

After remaining upstairs for nearly two hours, Al tried to quietly sneak out of the building. But before he could leave, the witness tells MediaTakeOut.com, "I walked up to him and said 'Al, is that you', and Al ran out of the building - almost knocking over a pregnant woman."

For Star Jones, this news couldn't come at a worse time. Ever since she was fired from the popular morning show The View, the daytime diva has been having trouble finding a new job. According to one insider, Star's publicists have been telling everyone that would listen that she has a job offer from HGTV and that she's interviewing with FOX News and CNN. But all three networks have vehemently denied having any plans that include the former lawyer. In fact, one representative for FOX News told MediaTakeOut.com that the network "has no interest in working with Star."

Once big gay Al divorces her, Star could channel her anger and become a homophobic conservative. That might help her land a gig on FOX. She could spread her unique brand of vile across the airways. Hatred is a smidgeon more believable coming from a minority. That's how Michelle Malkin got famous.

When doing my three minutes worth of research for this post, I came across the website for Star Jones and Al Reynold's wedding, dated Fall, 2004. They commit a couple cardinal sins of web design with a stupid Flash entry page and making people enter their e-mail address to access content (I entered "biggayal@hotmail.com" This worked fine).

Regardless it's clear they protest too much. I couldn't read through all the glurge about their relationship because it kind of made me sick to my stomach. Here are some choice quotes made hysterical by this latest news:

We take marriage very seriously. We believe that marriage should be a blessed state of commitment, fidelity and love through God. Because of our love of Christ and our commitment to follow his teachings, we know that our marriage will have a sturdy foundation built upon the Word of God.

We know that our love will be sustained through faith in the promises of Christ and the prayers and support of friends and family.

God may be powerful and all, but He can't make a gay person straight, no matter how much they hype their wedding with a formerly obese talk show host.

Posted to Breakups | Divorces | Star Jones

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Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's divorce is final

We weren't holding our breath, but we were kind of hoping Nick and Jessica would get back together. Jessica wore her wedding ring around her neck for a while, and Nick told Rolling Stone that he still loved his wife of two years, but ultimately Jessica's immaturity and Nick's wild oats won out and now the two are officially divorced. The divorce was made final on June 30. No word yet as to the settlement amount. Jessica's dad tried to low-ball Nick into accepting a $1.5 million settlement, while Nick is said to have asked for a more realistic $8 million that he lowered to $5 million.

Nick is dating MTV VJ Vanessa Minnillo while Jessica may be with her co-star in the upcoming film "Employee of the Month," comedian Dane Cook. Cook was involved with someone else at the time of filming, but is now single and said to be getting cosy with Jessica.

This is sad news for Nick and Jessica fans, and should serve as a warning to all women who try to hold out before marriage and then get married young because they can't wait.

Here is Jessica in NY on 6/28. She's wearing the deadly long jeans/platform sandals combo that caused Britney's near baby-drop. Nick Lachey is shown performing a private concert for Q-100 listeners on 6/29.

Posted to Divorces | Hillary Swank | Jessica Simpson | Nick Lachey | Vanessa Minnillo

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Charlie Sheen's new girlfriend, Brooke Wolofsky

Charlie Sheen, 40, is dating 28-year-old real estate investor Brooke Wolofsky. Sheen brought Wolofsky as his date to the 2006 Butterfly Ball in Los Angeles this weekend. His publicist confirmed their relationship:

The actor, who has reportedly been looking for love on the Internet since splitting from Richards at the beginning of 2006, showed off new girlfriend Brooke Wolofsky at the 2006 Butterfly Ball in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Sheen's new woman is a 28-year-old real estate investor.

The actor's publicist, Stan Rosenfeld, has confirmed his client is dating Wolofsky, adding, "They make a very happy couple."

That's good for Sheen, and hopefully it will last for him. Now that his ex Denise Richards has shown what an attention whore she is I don't like her at all, and am kind of siding with him in the divorce.

Richards defended the fact that she's dating and possibly engaged to BonJovi guitarist Richie Sambora, saying that Heather Locklear wasn't really her best friend and that you can't help it when you fall in love:

Denise says that her new relationship was the "last thing I was looking for," adding, "it's true when they say things happen when you least expect it."

She confesses that dealing with the rumors hasn't been easy. "The thing with Heather, that's been hard ... you know you can't help who you fall for and that friendship, unfortunately, was done and wasn't salvageable."

She says, "People have gone on. ... Would you date your best [friend's husband]? You know she wasn't my best friend. She was a close friend in the last couple of years -- I hadn't known her my whole life [like] people [are] portraying this."

She finishes, "[It's] been tough having people think that I'm such a crappy friend -- because if we were friends I wouldn't be in this situation."

On rumors that she and Richie got together before their respective marriages were kaput, Denise says, "I get why people have been hurt in this situation -- you know, it's not good but it is what it is." But she stresses that both her and Richie's former relationships were over before they got together: "We didn't meddle in marriages and anything like that ... I wish everyone in this whole ugly situation the best and at the end of the day, it's not just two couples, there's children involved. And that's what's hard. My girls can't read these tabloids. Their daughter (Richie and Heather's) can. So that's hard too."

She's full of shit and that's lousy to say "oh, I wasn't that close to Heather anyway." She shouldn't go on so much about it, and just looks as desperate as she did when she dressed like a slutty majorette to perform with the PussyCat Dolls.

Here are Sheen and Wolofsky. She looks like a decent person and we'll have to see how it turns out. If she has some of the same problems with Charlie that Denise did, we'll rethink our opinion of him. He's not a saint, but he's probably not as bad as Denise makes out.

Posted to Charlie Sheen | Denise Richards | Divorces | Hookups

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Heather Mills in TWO more porn books; denies she was a hooker (NSFW)

Heather Mills, of course, had to open her big mouth to deny that she was a high paid hooker back in the 80s and early 90s, as was reported in convincing detail yesterday in The News of the World.

Mills says she's going to sue News of the World, uh, when her divorce is final. Yeah, right. She's just threatening legal action to make it look like the story's false, but she won't take it to court because she can't prove it's not true. (I was thinking of writing "because she doesn't have a leg to stand on," and then I realized that would have been cruel. It's just a common expression that came to mind and was quickly dismissed.)

Now TWO more books have come out showing Heather nude and simulating sex . We can't wait to hear how she's going to address these pictures, because you know she's going to say something stupid trying to defend herself:

TWO more graphic publications featuring Lady Heather Mills McCartney emerged yesterday — threatening to widen her rift with husband Sir Paul.

The ex-model posed for hard core porn pictures in an X-rated US booklet crammed with snaps of sex scenes.

In the 1988 book, titled Sexual Secrets, she is seen performing a sex act, indulging in bondage and simulating full sex...

The sleeve of Sexual Secrets calls it a “photographic journey” through “exotic love acts”. The book contains no words...

Meanwhile last night it emerged that Heather — who split from Macca last month after four married years — was also pictured in a top-shelf French magazine.

It is thought she appeared in a number of graphic poses.

Last night rocker Sir Paul, 63 was bracing himself for the latest revelations. A pal said: “This will be yet another bombshell for him.

“Heather always insisted her modelling past just included a sex guide. But Paul’s since been made aware just how pornographic some pictures are. He has always thought the Press were out to get her and exaggerating her colourful past — but now he just isn’t sure. He’s not sure how much he can believe what she’s saying — even about her alleged past as a hooker.

“They’re still talking as they have to think about their two-year-old daughter Beatrice. But the conversations aren’t as amicable as they were.”

Some readers think McCartney is funding the research into Heather's raunchy past in order to avoid losing a significant portion of his estate in the divorce. This seems like the most plausible explanation to us. The papers are saying how surprised and devastated he is by all this, which sounds a bit too put-on for our taste. Reader Millie thinks that the British press might just be out for blood now that the divorce is underway. Either way, Heather needs to shut up and hide out until this passes over. She's coming off as an even less sympathetic character.

Here are Heather and Paul on the celebrity edition of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." He looks quite uncomfortable, and it is said that Heather forced him to do the show. She leans away from Paul and her body language is telling.

That video is part one of three.
Part two of "Who wants to be a Millionaire" with Paul and Heather
Part three of "Who wants to be a Millionaire" with Paul and Heather

And here are the raunchy pictures.

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Nick Lachey with Vanessa Minnillo again; probably dumped Kim Kardashian

Nick Lachey hooked up with MTV VJ and former fling Vanessa Minnillo in Atlantic City after meeting up with her at a club on Sunday night. They left together and things must have heated up quickly for the pair, because they were then spotted in Mexico together according to PerezHilton:

Nick & Vanessa are giving love a second chance and they're getting steamy!

Not only did they get freaky at the Borgota Hotel this weekend but they also just took a romantic getaway together to an exclusive resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

It is difficult to tell whether they were in Mexico first and planned to meet up at the club, or if they met in Atlantic City and promptly jetted off to the vacation spot. Either way, it looks like they're back together and that this means curtains for Nick's relationship with stylist Kim Kardashian.

Kardashian, who was linked to Nick after a romantic movie date on May 24th, has been seen out shopping and attending events with Paris Hilton. Her friendship with the flightly self-centered heiress couldn't have helped her relationship with Lachey, whose friends thought Kardshian's status as an outsider from the usual Hollywood circle was part of what made her attractive to Lachey. Kardashian's gorgeous looks couldn't have hurt, either.

This is also bad news for poor Jessica Simpson. She seems to have come to terms with the fact that it's over between her and Nick, because she may have approved of his relationship with Kardashian. Jessica reportedly sent her best friend and ex-assistant Cacee Cobb to check out Kardashian for her, and Cacee is said to have called Kim "nice." Nick and Jessica's divorce may be final on June 17th, and it looks like Nick is moving on with style.

Here is Lachey promoting his album at Lucky Strike lanes in Chicago on June 12th and at the Borgata Hotel Casino fight weekend after party on June 11th. He is shown with Tyson Beckford. The poor quality inset images are of Minnillo and Lachey in Cabo San Lucas.

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Heather Mills was a high class hooker who loved the ladies (NSFW)

Heather Mills was a well paid hooker who participated in orgies and had gay and straight sex, according to sworn statements from two people who worked with her and revealed information verified by Britain's News of the World. Mills didn't just sell her body once or twice to pay the electric bill - she worked as a prostitute for years:

In an investigation spanning Europe and the Middle East we have tracked down the former high-class hooker who partnered her for an orgy in London's Dorchester Hotel—and later became convinced that Heather's bisexual games weren't just an act for her kinky clients.

In sworn affidavits we have evidence from the private secretary who paid Heather for pleasuring his billionaire master.

And we have testimony from Denise Hewitt, the ex-wife of the heir to the Berkeley Homes empire, that she joined Heather for lesbian games and group sex when they were both London prostitutes.

We can identify the madam who booked many of Heather's rich and famous clients for a 20 per cent fee.

And we reveal that Heather's vice trade wasn't simply a moment of madness in her life. It went on for years.

Her secret sex games with international arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi took place in Spain's Marbella and at the Lanesborough, Hilton, Dorchester and Grosvenor House hotels in London's Mayfair.

She was paid amounts totalling £2,000 in sterling plus another 8,000 US dollars—currently about £4,400. But this was just a fraction of a secret fortune she amassed.

Heather earned a further £1,000 for a foursome with two other escort girls and an Arab prince at the Dorchester on London's Park Lane.

A former escort girl named Petrina Montrose, who joined Heather for the Dorchester hotel orgy, told the News of the World: "Heather was a familiar face in our business.

"I worked with her when we were both hired for a party thrown by an Arab prince at the Dorchester."

The 37-year-old, who now lives in Essex, said that she and Heather had been booked by a girl named Ros Ashley who also modelled swimwear under the single professional name ‘Ashley'.

Petrina continued: "It was a really lavish affair. There was a buffet of Lebanese food and Ashley was already there with a group of about six working girls, including Heather.

"The prince was tall and greasy and I wanted to leave but I knew that to get my money I'd have to have sex with anyone in the room who picked me. Still, Heather was bubbling over with enthusiasm.

"All the girls separated and, after a while, a blonde girl opened the prince's bedroom door and beckoned me in. The prince was lying naked on the bed with his legs apart.

"The blonde girl lay on the bed between his legs, then I saw that Heather was already in there too. She was naked on the bed, kneeling next to the prince's midriff. I took off my clothes and joined everyone on the bed. I knelt facing Heather and we performed oral sex on the prince. Then all four of us played together on the bed before the blonde girl who called me in had full sex with him.

"When we'd finished, Heather made no attempt to put her clothes on. Instead she started parading naked around the room, trying to impress the prince even more. At the end, Ashley paid us £1,000 each."

Heather's sex trade is also detailed by Abdul Khoury, who was Adnan Khashoggi's private secretary from 1977 until last year.

Mr Khoury, who now lives in the Lebanon, has a great memory for detail. In precise language he told us: "I was responsible for organising all Mr Khashoggi's arrangements, including meetings, travel and his social diary.

"One of my duties was to look after Mr Khashoggi's guests, which would include looking after vice girls who were invited to see him. One was Heather Mills, who I know had sex with him on a number of occasions in return for money....

"Sometimes Mr Khashoggi would make comments to me about the girls he paid to have sex with him.

"In Heather's case I remember his remark that she had soft skin. And she was very athletic in bed. Mr Khashoggi was always very pleased with Heather's performance."

But Joanna wasn't. It later became clear to those in Khashoggi's circle of women that when all three of them were in the bedroom Heather had ‘tried it on' with Joanna and suggested lesbian sex—and that it was much more than a performance for the arms dealer's benefit.

Petrina Montrose recalled: "I was told that Heather has come on to a girl in a threesome and that the girl was upset. It's completely out of order for one prostitute to make a lesbian approach to another unless it's been discussed beforehand.

"But Heather seemed as interested in the sexual side of things—even lesbian sex—as well making money."


The prince's secretary goes on to reveal more specifics involving group sex and trysts Mills had with the prince over several years, with the latest being in the early 90s.

This is incredible, and it looks like News of the World did their homework and isn't just making this up. Before Mills and McCartney separated, I remember reading gossip that claimed that Mills used to entertain rich Middle Eastern men, but it didn't get into such raunchy specifics.

Mills is not going to escape this explosive news, and she better lay low for a while. Of course she can always claim to have been working as a sex therapist at the time - that defense seemed to have been quite effective with her porny picture book.

She's going to get creamed in the divorce settlement with Paul McCartney now, and will be lucky if she comes away with a paltry few million to live on. She's going to have to deal with the embarassment from this scandal for the rest of her life.

Pictures [via]

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Kevin Federline signs up for a sh*tload of credit cards

Yes, I know I already talked about these people today, but this is big news - it means that K-Fed realizes that his cash flow is about to be seriously restricted, and is resorting to a backup plan of living beyond his means like an average mallrat wannabe rapper from the 'burbs:

Kevin Federline has reportedly been signing up for as many credit cards as possible in an attempt to cash in on wife Britney Spears’ wealth before the pair allegedly split.

The fledgling rapper is said to have been spotted in a Malibu shopping mall picking up endless credit card applications forms - further fuelling rumours the couple are heading for the divorce courts.

Federline has also reportedly told friends he is planning to borrow as much cash as he can and then leave his unsuspecting spouse - who is pregnant with their second child - having to pay half of it back.

A source told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: "He realised without Britney he has hardly any money coming in to sustain his flash lifestyle.

"So he is planning for the future and figures Britney will pick up the bill anyway when the divorce comes through because they will have to split everything - including debts."

Ok, so Kevin has a somewhat smarter plan - he hopes to stick Britney with the bill during the divorce. That means the big D-Day is coming, people!

Of course Kevin is said to be jealous of gorgeous helpful Perry, who is getting a lot more positive press as Britney's bodyguard than K-Fed ever did as her deadbeat husband. He must be reading TMZ like the rest of us, because he can't get jealous of Perry in person since he's never been seen with him. He aso hasn't been photographed with Britney in over two months.

Here are some scans from Star courtesy of BreatheHeavy.com. You can read Star's article about Perry that's similar to news we've already posted. He's a great guy and is changing Sean Preston's diapers, helping Britney around the house, and generally pissing off absent Kevin.

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Heather Mills got it on with the guy she posed with in the porny "Lovers Guide"

Heather Mills says that sex book she posed for in the 80s wasn't hardcore porn at all - it was just an innocent "Lover's Guide" meant to help frigid Germans better connect with their significant others.

It seems like the poses in the book are effective, because the guy she's pictured with says he made sweet love to her afterwards:

LADY Mucca’s partner in porn is set to tell the world they had passionate sex over and over again after the cameras stopped clicking.

The curly-haired male model is hoping to bag thousands of pounds by selling his story of how he did it for real with Heather Mills.

His move will heap yet more shame on Sir Paul McCartney’s estranged wife — mother of his two-year-old daughter Beatrice.

Yesterday it emerged her divorce settlement from the former Beatle could be slashed.

Lawyers for 63-year-old Paul are bound to cite her pornographic past as grounds for his payout — until now estimated at £200million — to be reduced.

Heather, 38, suffered a THIRD knock as it was revealed top shelf men’s magazines are preparing to publish some of the filthiest images from her photo shoot with the male model.

There's also no way that book is just a how-to manual, since there is no text in it that would add even a smidgeon of legitimacy to Mills' claim.

The Sun asked everyday people to review it for uh, educational content, and they were unanimous that it's porn:

Shown pages of the German book, called The Joys of Love, catering worker Madeline Johnson said: “It’s just too rude to be a guide — the pictures show everything.” Madeline, 30, of Clapton, East London, added: “It would have some sort of text if it was meant to be educational. It’s definitely porn.”

Journalist Ruth Lumley, 26, of Brighton, said: “Blimey, I’ve never come across a ‘sex education’ book that has whipped cream in it.”

Facilities manager John Bertram, 52, of Manchester, said: “It would need more text and less in the way of edible undies and thongs. In this situation Heather is definitely a porn star.”

Printer Andrew Love, 42, of Basildon, Essex, declared the book “fairly hard core”.

And engineer Stuart Lye, 31, of Chingford, Essex, said: “After ten pages it’s clear you’re not going to learn much with all these whips and things.”

The more details we learn, the more it seems like the leak of these dirty pictures is definitely beneficial to Sir Paul, even if he didn't get joint custody of his daughter.

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Heather Mills gains full custody of her daughter

Heather Mills McCartney denies that the porny pictures of her that came out this week are hardcore, stating instead that they were for a German "lover's guide" to help couples spice up their relationship:

A letter sent to The Sun editor Rebekah Wade reads, "This photo shoot, undertaken approximately 20 years ago, was for the purpose of a 'lover's guide' to caring relationships and instructive sex in the same way as are many other books on the market.

"The photo shoot was not pornographic or for the purposes of gratification of the viewer."

She can't deny that it's her or that she's performing simulated sexual acts for the camera. It's a clever defense that shouldn't do much to stem the embarassment from the photos. She can always add this to the nasty "Fact vs. Fiction" section of her website for posterity.

McCartney is said to be "devastated" by the explicit pictures of Mills that were published in The Sun, and may have discussed them with Mills on Monday:

"This has come as a real shock to Paul and those around him. He is beside himself over the whole thing."

"His priority is making sure his daughter Beatrice's best interests are looked after."

Meanwhile one of Heather's friends said that she was advised against having a baby due to medical limitations and that she only had two and a half year-old Beatrice to please Paul.

Despite fleeing to Yugoslavia recently without her child, Mills has gained full custody of her daugher, with visitation rights for McCartney.

Heather plans to appear on Larry King Live to give her story about the breakup. We can't wait.

We also wonder if her "Life Balance" book will be released next month as scheduled. Releasing a preachy self help book during her high profile divorce won't make her a hypocrite or anything.

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Is there any hope for Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's relationship?

Jessica Simpson has been seen out looking unhappy and disheveled, and people suggested that she's been seeing a therapist. Jessica has admitted to psychotherapy in the past, making it likely that she's getting professional help during a difficult divorce.

When she was photographed leaving a medical clinic on May 29th she may have been seeing a doctor, not a psychiatrist as was suggested. A source told Britain's OK magazine that Simpson underwent testing for a stomach ulcer. There is no word as to whether she suffered from an ulcer or was treated for it.

As Jessica and Nick get closer to reaching a settlement in their divorce Life and Style is reporting that Jessica has been calling Nick for long conversations late at night. She's been known to drink and dial, so this could be true:

"There's definitely a closeness that's developed recently," a friend of the couple tells Life & Style. "Things that used to burn them up, like who cheated and why, aren't that big of a deal anymore," another insider tells the weekly magazine.

The report claims that the pair are no longer fighting but spending late nights chatting on the phone and having tearful bedroom confessions about what went wrong.

L&S even consults Robert Butterworth a psychologist that tells the magazine that these types of last minute doubts are common. "People often file for divorce in a moment of anger then start remembering the good times as the reality of life without the other person sinks in, Butterworth tells the magazine.

The divorce could be final in just two weeks.

Nick and Jessica have gone back and forth trying to reach a divorce settlement, with Jessica most recently offering Nick an insulting $1.5 million, which he declined. He is entitled to half her earnings during their three year marriage, and she is said to have made $30 million last year.

If this report is true about Nick and Jessica talking frequently, Nick must realize that Jessica is letting her father Joe run the show as usual and is not responsible for trying to low-ball the divorce settlement.

Nick has moved on to a gorgeous new brunette, Kim Kardashian, while Jessica is single after being dumped by Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine. We think Nick feels for Jessica but that he's not going to get back together with her.

Here's Simpson at the CFDA fashion awards in NY last night. She seems happier, and it may be because she's hanging out with her hairdresser, Ken Paves, who is visible is in the background. She looks a lot like Eva Mendes with her hair up like that.

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Heather Mills McCartney's porn past (mildly NSFW)

Heather Mills McCartney, 38, is estranged from her husband Paul McCartney, 63, due in part to her jealousy over his extreme fame. She was a "model" before she met him, and gained notoriety after losing her leg in a road accident in 1993.

Britain's The Sun has dug up porny pictures of Mills that were published in a German book:

The ex-model was snapped in a string of lurid scenes for a hard core German book.

Many of the images are too explicit to print in a family newspaper.

One shot shows Heather naked and smothered in baby oil as she performs a sex act on a nude male porn star. The curly-haired man is then photographed performing an act on her with the help of a sex toy...

In other scenes, Heather and the man appear to have sex and perform sex acts while watching themselves in a mirror. And in yet more, Heather ends up naked during a game of strip poker.


A friend of mine thinks that these photos were released by Paul McCartney's people in an effort to discredit Mills before her high profile divorce is underway. We just think The Sun is crafy and wants to sell papers.

Heather is said to have fled to Yugoslavia to escape the press after news of her split with Paul McCartney. She was said to be planning a return to modeling, but we bet that will be put on hold now that these pictures have come out.

Here are some more pictures. You can get topless versions on The Sun's website. They look pretty tame, but suitably embarassing and scandal-worthy.

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Britney meets with divorce lawyers

Britney Spears has supposedly met with divorce lawyers in an attempt to rid herself of the parasite that is Kevin Federline. Star Magazine is set to report Friday that she's finally going to pull the plug on her marriage:

The magazine will have an article in this Friday's edition that cites friends of the couple that will reveal that her marriage really fell apart on Mother’s Day, her first as a mom, when Kevin chose to spend the occasion with Shar Jackson, the mother of this other two children.

Four days later, Britney made her now infamous trip to New York with Sean Preston. And Kevin, who has been living with friends since Brit threw him out, didn’t even know his wife was out of town.

Star will also reveal that the mag has learned that after Kevin and Britney were married in 2004, he managed to convince her to revise her original prenup offer. The 60-page contract in which Britney originally paid Kevin a $500/week salary as a “production assistant” was eventually rewritten by Mr. Britney Spears’s lawyers.

Sources tell the magazine all of his demands were eventually agreed to – thus insuring Kevin a bigger slice of his wife’s pie.

It sucks for Britney that the divorce will be expensive for her, but at least she's getting her identity back and is ready to finally move on.

A similar story came out in the beginning of the month, claiming that Britney had already met with her lawyers and had papers drawn up to surprise Kevin with.

When is Britney going to announce her divorce already?

Here is Kevin a new photospread for Item Magazine. You can read his stupid interview if you're interested.

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Jessica Simpson offers Nick Lachey an insulting $1.5 million divorce settlement

Jessica Simpson has reportedly offered Nick Lachey a laughable $1.5 million to settle their divorce amicably. She is said to have made $30 million last year alone, and Nick is legally entitled to half of her earnings during their marriage of over three years. It sounds like Jessica's father is pressuring her to try to get Nick to settle cheaply:

Multiple sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ that Simpson has offered Lachey less than $1.5 million to settle the division of property. Under California law, Lachey would be entitled to half of what the couple earned during their marriage. The Associated Press reports that in 2004 alone, Simpson raked in $30 million.

We're told that Simpson's reps believe that Lachey will fold because he does not want to make it appear that he is after her money. They also know that Lachey is still in love with his estranged wife and believe he does not have the stomach to square off with her in court.

Indeed, sources have confirmed to TMZ that Joe Simpson, Jessica's dad, has called Nick, urging him to take the settlement so the two can "end as friends." And other friends and reps of Jessica have contacted Nick, trying to pressure him into a settlement.

Sources say Nick will not ask for spousal support, but that he's not stupid enough to settle for such a low amount. Two weeks ago he was said to be seeking a relatively low $8 million settlement in an effort to get his hands on some quick cash and avoid losing his property. The National Enquirer reported that Nick lowered his settlement request to $5 million hoping that would be a reasonable sum for Jessica.

It seems like Nick is being reasonable and Jessica is being pressured by her family as usual to low-ball the settlement. TMZ quotes Jessica:

In 2004 Jessica said, "If anything were to happen to me and Nick, I've had a great life with him and he would deserve half of everything I have."

Her daddy must not agree.

Meanwhile Jessica may have lost her best friend, hairdresser Ken Paves, to her scheming sister. She lost her other best friend, her assistant Cacee Cobb, less than a month ago. She has been seen out shopping unkempt and alone, and bought up a bunch of "Team Jessica" shirts at an LA Boutique. She is also said to be seeing a therapist to help cope wtih the depression from her divorce and to come to terms with her identity.

Nick, however, has a hot new girlfriend and a successful new album.

Here's Jessica wearing Ugg-ly boots on a hot day in Hollywood. [via]

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Denise Richards wants to clean out Charlie Sheen

Denise Richard's divorce lawyer has filed papers requesting that Charlie Sheen's pension funds be considered part of the couple's joint assets. Denise isn't just content to smear Sheen and take half of his money, she wants to ruin his retirement too:

In a May 18 court filing, Richards asked that Sheen's pension funds be made part of the proceedings -- a legal maneuver indicating that Richards plans to go after Sheen's retirement money, in addition to the rest of his assets. Richards also has asked the court for custody of their children, as well as alimony from Sheen.

Though no dollar amounts were included in the court filing -- that will come later -- Richards names four of Sheen's pension plans, including the Screen Actors Guild Producers Pension Plan.

That's cold! Denise is going for the jugular in this divorce.

She's an ambitious woman, that's for sure. After Richie Sambora announced that he was single while at a Bon Jovi gig in Germany she had her publicist deny that that had broken up and promptly rushed to his side. Her desperate measures seem to have worked, judging from these pictures of these two at the seaside in Italy. [via]

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Nick Lachey wants a quick divorce and an $8 million settlement

Nick Lachey is said to want a quick divorce from Jessica Simpson, and is asking for an $8 million settlement that will help him get out of debt and keep his property:

Nick Lachey is demanding $8 million from Jessica Simpson in exchange for ending their marriage quickly reports The National Enquirer.

Nick fears he's facing financial ruin — unless Jessica bails him out with a quickie divorce settlement!

Insiders say he's so desperate for dough, he's willing to take a 40/60 split of the couple's assets — instead of California's customary 50/50 deal — if Jessica signs off soon on their three-year marriage.

"Nick is so worried that he's asked his lawyer to set up an emergency meeting with Jessica's attorney for some time this month to resolve this quickly" revealed an insider.

"Jessica's stalling because she knows that the lawsuits filed against her could prove to be a problem."

Sources say if Nick doesn't strike the settlement deal soon he may lose both his $5 million Bel Air mansion, plus the $3.5 million condo he's now building in Vegas.

Star Magazine speculates that Nick may want out of the marriage quickly so that he'll be free to date Jessica's ex-assistant Cacee Cobb.

There doesn't seem to be much truth in reports that Nick and Cacee are an item, though. They were seen talking for a 1/2 hour at a club, but they're old friends. People quotes a source that denies that they're an item, and we're inclined to agree.

Nick recently said the he can't imagine not getting married again, but that just seems to be the type of guy he is, and he probably doesn't have anyone in mind. He was said to have flirted with plenty of women at his CD release party.

It seems like Nick's push to divorce Jessica is all about money.

Here is Jessica in NY on May 12th, [via]

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Britney's secret plans to divorce Kevin!

In the "please let this be true" department is a story that Britney is so unhappy in her marriage to Kevin Federline that she wants a divorce.

From Life and Style via The Scoop comes news that she threw out his booze and wants to surpise him with divorce papers:

How serious are Britney Spears’ marital woes?

So serious, according to one report, that she’s met with her family and lawyer — but not hubby Kevin Federline — and the topic of divorce came up.

“Brit’s been very unhappy, and I think she needs to find some peace,” a source told Life & Style Weekly. “Once the Spears family gets its game plan together, the idea is to spring a divorce on Kev without warning.”

Spears’ rep denies that there are problems with the marriage, but an insider told the mag that Spears was so angry with her partying hubby that she threw out all his liquor.

“She’s not going to let him make her feel like a guest in her own home anymore,” the insider said. “The new rules include no smoking or drinking, since secondhand smoke is bad for the kids.””

That rocks! Britney seems to have found her strength again with recent public appearances for her perfume line and on Letterman, and it looks like she's not going to take any more crap from Kevin.

She would be much better off raising two kids on her own than having to put up with him. Britney was said to be furious when Sean Preston fell off the couch while K-Fed was supposed to be watching him, and that may have helped her realize how useless her husband is.

Meanwhile Kevin is quoted as saying that he wants out of the relationship, too:

He allegedly said of his ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson: “I left her when she was knocked up. If I can work out something money- wise with Britney, I’m gone.”

Britney recently refused to fund any more expensive trips to Vegas for K-Fed and his friends, showing that she's finally ready to put her foot down.

It looks like the end for these two, and we can't wait! Go Britney.

Here she is outside of the Late Show studio yesterday.

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Heather Locklear vs. Denise Richards: it's on!

You've probably heard that Denise Richards and Heather Locklear had a falling out over the fact that Denise is dating Heather's ex, Richie Sambora.

It turns out that they were best friends and lived right next door to each other LA. They also shared an on-screen girl-on-girl kiss in Locklear's show Spin City

Heather told Denise she was dead to her after learning of Denise's affair with her estranged husband:

Not surprisingly, the affair does not please Locklear, who views it as betrayal. In fact, when Denise went with a friend to a Bon Jovi (featuring Sambora) concert and after-party on March 3 in L.A., a source tells Star: "Heather went crazy when she learned her best friend had gone to the party. She told Denise she was a traitor who had betrayed their friendship."

She reportedly even went so far as to ask if Richards and Sambora were having an affair, and Denise — who hadn't slept with him yet — was too stunned to answer, prompting Locklear to proclaim, according to a source, "Well, I think you've answered the question. I never want to see you again."

She reportedly concluded, "You no longer exist to me. It's like you've died."

Meow! Locklear can be as much as a bitch as the characters she portrays. Locklear suprised Sambora with divorce papers this February after 11 years of marriage. She is said to have discovered an e-mail sent to Sambora by a former assistant who enclosed nude pictures of herself. Locklear may be dating David Spade now, but there's not a lot of evidence and Spade denies the relationship.

Denise Richards filed for divorce from Charlie Sheen in March after a tumultuous relationship. She alleges that Sheen threatened to kill her and was addicted to gambling, pain pills, and porn.

It looks like Richards and Sambora are pretty happy swapping partners with their neighbors. Too bad Locklear is so bitter about it. Pictures [via]

Update: Denise Richards urged Heather Locklear to file for divorce! No wonder she's so pissed!

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Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's secret dinner

Nick came off so thoughtful and was quite flattering to Jessica in his interview with Rolling Stone. The fact that he refused to dish any dirt on Jessica and her crazy family led Rolling Stone to double-cross Nick and sell the story without his permission to Us Weekly.

Nick and Jessica had a little meeting at Jessica's house to discuss his Rolling Stone interview:

The same week Nick Lachey’s bombshell interview on his split from Jessica Simpson ran in Rolling Stone, he dropped by her new mansion for the pair’s first post-breakup “date.” Sources say Simpson wanted to talk to Lachey about his loose-lipped ways. Says a Simpson pal, “They promised each other they wouldn’t kiss-and-tell.” Meanwhile, a friend of the former boy-bander says Lachey agreed to the meeting out of consideration for Simpson’s well-being: “When you see someone pretending to be happy, but you know they aren’t really happy, you get concerned. He can’t help but worry about her.”

How did the night turn out? For details on the dinner and the real story behind Jessica wearing her wedding ring again, check out this week’s issue of Us.

Jessica has been seen wearing her wedding ring around her neck to remind her of happier times, and Nick said in his Rolling Stone interview that he still loves his estranged wife. We think they split up because Jessica was too immature to handle the relationship. Are they going to get back together?They both seem to love each other, so maybe they'll give it another chance.

Here are two pictures from Jessica's upcoming film, "Employee of the Month," and some candids of her shopping for antiques in Hollywood. [via]

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Gillian Anderson and her husband have split

Actress Gillian Anderson and her husband of 16 months, documentary filmmaker Julian Ozanne, have broken up. They announced their pending divorce:

"Gillian Anderson and her husband, Julian Ozanne, are saddened to announce that their marriage is at an end and they are in the process of separating," read the statement released by Schillings Law Firm late Friday. "At this difficult time they request that their privacy is respected. There will be no further comment."

Anderson, 37, and Ozanne, 42, a Kenya-born photojournalist, married at a friend's beach house on Lamu's Shelly Island, just off the Kenyan coast, on Dec. 29, 2004.

They had lived in London with Anderson's daughter from a previous marriage, 11-year-old Piper.

It's sad that it didn't work out for them. We took a while to report this as we were looking for these pictures of Anderson out with Ozanne last month. Thanks to "Hollywood Whore 2005" on the JJB board for finding them so quickly for us.

We think that Anderson has a drinking problem and that may have contributed to her marital problems. She looks wasted in these pictures with her soon-to-be ex husband, and she also seemed drunk at a public appearance at the end of March.

Anderson suffered from drunken air rage in January, and reportedly told a man to pay more attention his wife who was struggling to take care of his son. She also fell down the stairs in her home two years ago, injuring her back. The accident took place in the middle of the night, and who falls down the stairs in the middle of the night when they're sober?

Here are Anderson and Ozanne in happier times.

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Charlie Sheen to launch a line of children's clothing

Charlie Sheen is involved in an incredibly stupid business venture: he launched a line of children's clothing this weekend!

People magazine has been granted exclusive coverage of tomorrow’s LA launch party for Charlie Sheen’s new line of children’s clothes, Sheen Kids (seriously). Which means they’re obligated to cheerfully give the event space in the magazine, no matter what Sheen’s personal drama may be.

Unfortunately for Sheen, the clothing line was in the works from some time, and announced over two months ago. The launch couldn't come at a worse time for him, because the allegations in his wife's divorce deposition are explosive.

The divorce statement from Denise Richards acquired by The Smoking Gun is pretty incredible and well worth the time to read. Richards says that Sheen:

  • Wanted Richards to abort their first child
  • Became enraged when he learned that his first baby would be a girl
  • Accused Richards of poisoning their daughter Sam when she switched from breastfeeding to formula after a month
  • Also accused Richards of poisoning Sam when she took the baby to get vaccinated
  • Was addicted to painkillers including Xanax and Ativan
  • Told Richards to wait while she was experiencing bleeding during her second pregnancy so that he could watch a basketball game.
  • Conducted bets while Richards was giving birth to their second child, and refused to pick her and the baby up from the hospital
  • Visited gay and straight porn sites with underage-looking participants.
  • Looked for sex online and e-mailed at least 30 people pictures of his erect penis.
  • Pushed Richards while she was holding their baby, and threatened to kill her while his two daughters watched.

    It just goes on.

    Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards were married in June 2002, and first announced their divorce in March, 2005 when Richards was six months pregnant with their second child. They reconciled in the fall of 2005, but announced that they were divorcing again in March of this year. They have two daughters, Sam, 2, and Lola, 9 months.

    It's bad news for Sheen's new clothing line that his divorce details are now public, but it's rather suspect that he's involved in children's clothing if the allegations by his ex-wife are true.

    Update: pictures from the Sheen Kids launch party. Charlie Sheen has of course denied Richards' allegations. And Denise Richards is now dating Richie Sambora.

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