Megan ‘I fiercely guard my privacy’ Fox’s wedding pictures

Both Entertainment Tonight and People Magazine have photos of Megan Fox’s “private” wedding and she looks beautiful and very content as she makes it official with her long term boyfriend, Brian Austin Green. Given how many very clear photos we’ve seen of her honeymoon and now her ceremony I have to wonder how private she wanted it to be. It looks like someone negotiated a deal to make sure they got the maximum cash and publicity out of their special day – which just happened to coincide with the spectacular failure of their latest movie. I’m not saying that Megan fox timed it like that or anything, but it looks suspicious is all. Here’s People’s report:

Yes, she wore a white wedding dress – and it was Armani!

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were married in an intimate, sunset ceremony June 24 on the beach in Hawaii, with the actor’s son, Kassius, 8, their only witness.

The actress, 24, walked down the sandy aisle to meet her groom outside the Four Seasons in Ka’upulehu, and they were wed by a local kahuna, a Hawaiian priest. Kassius (whose mother is Green’s ex, Vanessa Marcil) was also the groom’s best man, and sported a jade bracelet blessed with ocean water.

Fox’s Armani Privé gown featured a 16-ft. train. Her husband also wore an all-white Emporio Armani ensemble for the ceremony.

“They were beyond happy, and they seemed so comfortable,” a friend of the couple’s tells PEOPLE. “They decided a long time ago that they belonged with each other.”

[From People]

A lot of people were wondering why Megan and Brian had so many damn security guards at their wedding. Star reported that there were more security than guests, of which there were about six. Maybe they were trying to make sure that only officially sanctioned photographers got their shots.

Congratulations to Brian and Megan, and I guess I don’t blame them for playing the game and getting paid for their wedding pictures. It would have been refreshing, though, if a celebrity who claimed to “fiercely guard” her privacy actually did for once. She contradicts herself in so many other ways that I guess I’m not surprised she ultimately sold out her privacy for some money and fame. She’ll surely have an excuse for it, though, like she’s a victim of our celebrity culture and had no other recourse. I should stop being such a bitch. Brian’s son Kassius is so sweet and the ceremony looks very meaningful to them. Not all of the millions of people they chose to share it with will feel the same.






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  1. Raven says:

    So was this her Plan B after being fired from the film? Apparently Green doesn’t care that he’s the consolation prize.

  2. Bonfire Beach says:

    BAG really looks like he loves her. I hope she’s not playing him. @Raven – you’re so right. He is the consolation prize.

  3. viper says:

    Why for the love of God does she feel she needs to share such things? A walking contradiction and flat out liar. Nobody cares about her anymore her Hex flop proved just how little people think of her. TAKE THE HINT ALREADY Farce you’re NOT WANTED, disappear.

  4. lena says:

    So she shared a few photos from her wedding…what’s the big deal? I think it’s worse when celebs sell their freakin baby photos and then beg for privacy.

  5. Pix says:

    I think she looks gorgeous. Who cares what she’s said in the past – girlfriend needs a paycheck. I’m not gonna judge her for getting her’s while she’s still somewhat relevant.

  6. Sarah says:

    I really don’t like her as a person but she really does look absolutely beautiful in these.

  7. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Granted, I thought 90210 was for the birds so I don’t know how much I’m ‘supposed’ to hate him, but why am I ‘supposed’ to hate him? Don’t hasbeens deserve love? Does her status as the ‘It Girl’ who kind of never was render her ‘too good’ for him? Did he beat up a cat or lure away the ungrateful town’s boys with the power of his music, only to seal them up in a lime cave?

  8. a says:

    she looks like katie price in that last photo!

  9. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Gee Viper, I guess because some people are interested.

    She is doing nothing different than any other celeb has done with wedding and baby photos.

  10. jeannified says:

    So staged. I mean…they got married, but I don’t know that it will mean that much to her, ultimately.

  11. Steeze says:

    ouh pretty. i hope shes happy.

    i dont know why but i feel bad for her. maybe because i think all the stupid comments and things shes done in the past are just proof of how insecure and uncomfortable she is in her own skin… or i could just be analyzing too much!

  12. Constance says:

    This is her image turn around-bet. She wants to start being a “real dramatic” actress (gag) and this is her way to come off as a “grow-up.” You know… So she can finally get jobs that show her “range.”

    I think she should have kept with the single slutty still image gigs she had going for her.

  13. benny says:

    I hate to say it (because she bugs the crap out of me), but those are nice pictures, and it seems like they had beautiful low-key wedding.

  14. kelbear says:

    I agree, I also cannot stand her but she does look really great in the photos and they look happy.

  15. Jover says:

    Agree 100 per cent viper – my college age son and his friends who are up on pop culture came home from college and none showed any interest in Megafarse or that Jonah hex crap – she’s done as there’s so many hotter babes out there that have a smidgen of a personality and an intellect. Megafarse has to be one of the most vacant unintelligent starlets – even for starlets – to come around in a long time. Did she really believe that with no acting skills or redeeming qualities she would catch on. She’s done Next.

  16. Di says:


  17. Obvious says:

    I understand selling the baby pics and then asking for privacy. many big celebs are stalked until that first picture is out. by getting it out here they keep people form doing that. if I was a celeb i’d do it then use that money to start baby’s bank account or college fund.

    wedding pictures however….meh. tho she did look pretty and it looked like a beautiful low key ceremony.

  18. Persistent Cat says:

    Kassius???? Really?

  19. Sophie says:

    I normally can’t stand the woman, but she does look beautiful and really happy in the pictures.

  20. Cinderella says:

    The timing is interesting.

  21. OC lady says:

    Maybe this is her way of coping w/the film flop? At least I got married! But she looks happy and the pics are pretty.

    And, a lot of celebs sell their wedding pics: Tom Cruise, J Lo, Brad and Jen, etc. It’s almost standard to sell your wedding pics and then talk about being such a private person who hates the paparazzi. Celebs are funny that way.

  22. Conando says:

    What’s the big deal? Lots of celeb couples have private ceremonies and release photos afterwards.

  23. Beth says:

    I understand selling baby pictures because the baby is permanent. The paps will hound parents for a photo. Releasing/selling a photo would ease the frenzy for awhile since it’s not the first. Whereas a wedding is a few hours and over. There’s no invasion of privacy after the fact.

  24. Rosanna says:

    look fiercely guarding one’s privacy means that one is in charge of it. I’m happy for her that the news didn’t leak, and she decided who to sell the pics to. Stop hating, girl. You definitely have a problem with curvy, blue-eyed, dark-haired pretty women.

  25. viper says:

    A natural blonde, manly skinny, tiny TINY eyes, injected lip bootlegged beauty.

    Personally and please confuse me as a lesbian because I really like looking at Rosie and scarletJo and angelina jolie. Fox has never been somebody I looked at without squinting with discust. She just has a redneck trailor park look to her no matter what sort of brand she wears.

    I also find it funny how she pleads about enducation and budget cuts in schools yet she’s prancing around in all sorts of dresses, jeans, and make up that literally cost more that 5 grand ( you cant help noticing when those annoying pop ups about ‘get this look’ ) and lets not mention the obnoxiously elevated shoes( issues about her height? ) that are ridiculously priced. I mean good GOD i get she can afford it but seriously you dont win people over when you wear an outfit of 1000+ dollars then ask people to part with their hard eanrt cash and do somthing.

  26. Katie says:

    @ viper

    Geez get off her back. She looks beautiful in her wedding pics.

    ummm, a lot of celebs (especially women) are given clothes and shoes because it’s free advertisement for the designer or store. Also, acknowledging the importance of education and school budget cuts while dressed up is no different from when Angelina goes trotting around talking about a charity wearing stuff any normal person could not afford.

    Also, the last i heard, Scarlett Johansson did not sound any smarter than Megan Fox.

  27. Camille says:

    I agree with Constance.
    This girl is trying HARD to change her image.

  28. nnn says:

    I am surprised that none of Brian nor Megan’s parents or brother or sister were there.

    It’s sad for a wedding. I would have thought that most women would have wanted to have their father leading them even if it’s a private one. After all, relatives and family are part of what is private.

  29. coucou says:

    That little boy is PRECIOUS…

    They will have some gorgeous kids, too…

    I hope they make it…

  30. Why go to all the trouble of a secret, private wedding if you are going to release photos and/or video of the event? No paps got shots of them. No guests blabbed. They could have kept it private but no, the need to be the centre of attention and the focus won.
    The timing of the wedding is suss. If it was planned to be a low key, private beach wedding – why the big dress? I think they planned a big wedding and when she lost the Transformers gig and Hex bombed, they needed some good PR hence the wedding. And they had time to run off and do it as neither of them is working. If she had not been let go from Transformers, there is no way she could have planned and attended her own wedding as she would have been on set filming. It looks a bit desperate and sad, doesn’t it? The need to stay in the limelight. All the pap honeymoon shots have been sanctioned by the two. Thankfully the kid wasn’t whored out in the pap shots after the wedding.

  31. XYZ says:

    Who cares?

  32. viper says:

    @ Katie

    Jolie gives HALF her income to chairty and she isnt well known for her style choices in her own words: I wear boring black mainly because I’m not very creative and black just matches everything. I prefer flat boots over heels and I’ve always thought of myself as a mupet faced skinny girl.

    she even admited to having implant for Tomb raider ” The first one those werent mind, the second though yeah those are mine. ” As for her weddings…she wore a pair of jeans to her first, leather pants at her second.

    Brads the one that paid a million on a wedding. But at least THAt was a real wedding, with people they loved and who loved them. UNlike this one which is by far depressing and lonely looking.
    AND the photos that were taken were never released except for shots of pap from a helicopter.

    Scarlet does her own charity work and what she makes out of her mango line she donates. Her wardrobe is Nike most of the time when she’s out and about. She actually does live a private life, I dont recall seeing her a ryans wedding photos.

  33. She is just SO beautiful. Marry me instead!! :-)

  34. I don’t blame you for posting the film and the pictures. But it is a pretty sad comment on our times that a supposedly fiercely guarded private event, held in the most private of locations, is still fully captured on film.