Julia Roberts dumps the muumuu & goes for a fabulous black gown


Fortunately, on yesterday’s WTF-is-Julia-Roberts-wearing post, very few of you yelled at me. Thank you. It was a terrible outfit, and Julia should have rethought the whole thing. But now that I’m taking that outfit with the whole scope of her promotional duties in Rome, I’m thinking that Julia wanted the one-two punch of wearing something so hideous that when she wore this fabulous dress, we would all be paying attention. Because I kind of love this black gown that Julia wore to the Eat, Pray, Love Rome premiere last night. Is it matronly? Sure, a little bit. But it makes her look like a movie star, and it compliments her tall figure so well. Also: she doesn’t look pregnant anymore. I told you, she’s not pregnant, she just has horrible style and an unwillingness to dress for her body type – most of the time.

Of course, she is kind of hiding her belly in most of these shots. Do I have to rethink my “that’s not a baby bump, y’all” stance? I tried to throw in some shots where she’s kind of in profile to see if she has a bump… it could be. Or it could be a pasta belly. Or it could be a “I’ve had three kids and I hate Spanx, bitches” belly. It could also just be the way she carries herself – like a truck driver. Shoulders back, people. Also note this – no major media outlet is doing any kind of Bump Watch with Julia – I really don’t think she’s knocked up. I think it’s pasta and the truck driver stance. Also: her hair still sucks.





Julia in Rome on Sept. 16, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. dingle says:

    looks like a doily from my granny’s dresser.

  2. Gemini says:

    Kaiser…are you being ironic? That gown is funeral ready, O. K.!!!

  3. RHONYC says:

    yo, is she pregnant again?!

  4. mamalama says:

    I honestly don’t know which is worse – that muumuu or this…lace-covered sack of ish. Plus, the bracelets are totally wrong with this dress, given the sleeve length, and maybe some earrings would be nice. Although, really, there’s no helping this dress. Good Lord, I could come up with a better look at Target…you know, age-appropriate, decade-appropriate, etc.

  5. Super Sleuth says:

    I think she looks pregnant in this dress. Either that, or I’m with you Kaiser, she ate her way through Italy. The fit is horrible.

  6. Jean says:

    The dress looks like “classy” lingerie for the sexually active woman + 70.

  7. Heather says:

    What a terrible dress.

  8. alejandro says:

    Bout to say she dresses so much older then she is. She’s in her 40s not 70s.

  9. WYIJM says:

    Um. That is not a good dress.

  10. annaloo says:

    Meh… glad to see her back, and I’ve always loved her confidence, but when I see my celebs on the red carpet, I want them to BRING IT.

    I’m not picking up what she’s putting down.

  11. Praise St. Angie! says:

    sorry, I don’t like this one, either.

    it looks cheap. it also looks like something they’d sell at JC Penney during cotillion season.

    also, it’s ill-fitting. unless it’s intentional “camouflage”, the way the fabric gathers at her midsection looks like the dress for made for someone with a longer torso.

  12. Kaiser says:

    It looks good for her. At least it’s not a muumuu with a tacky belt, yo.

  13. PsychicEyes says:

    The crazy chick is pregnant. She’s not fat and she’s just manipulating the media. She looks about 4-1/2 months. I sense it is a boy.

  14. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Even Helen Mirren thinks that dress is too old-ladyish. The dress is pretty, but definitely grandmother-of-the-bride.

  15. Stronzilla says:

    Man, whatever she’s got going on she does need to improve the posture. I vote pregnant, the presence of HCG in the body makes the eyes shine and gives her that glow. Plus, she’s smiling so wide her face is about to split and that’s not cuz she’s happy to be doing PR for a film.

  16. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Sorry, but I have to disagree, that dress is ugly, and it is not the least bit flattering on her. It looks terribly cheap.

  17. jen says:

    She looks very matronly. “We love you Miss Hannigan!”

  18. Rachel says:

    That dress is beyond hideous. Even for her.

  19. Malorie says:

    Trying to copy Penelope when she was wearing this dress:


    Trying to look 4-1/2 months pregnant…

    She´s trying to make Javi believe that she is Penelope!!!

    (I was just joking, but I REALLY hate the woman)

  20. Jackson says:

    Oh my word, nooooo! This dress is beyond ‘matronly!’ I will take that thing she had on the other day over this unfortunate gown any day of the week. At least the other one didn’t age her 20 years and make her look like her girdle was too tight. It looks like a cross between a funeral dress and a grandmother of the bride gown. Just terrible.

  21. Granger says:

    Maybe she admires Betty White’s career comeback so much, she’s decided to start dressing like an 88-year-old woman to see if it works for her, too.

  22. Cam says:

    Oh no, Kaiser… that dress is NOT fabulous. It makes her look older and, as Praise St. Angie! said, it’s ill-fitting. I think I prefer the muumuu, and that’s saying something, at least she could wear it around her house.

    And no, she’s not pregnant; it’s just the pasta doing its work.
    (Btw… THE HAIR! totally not helping)

  23. K-MAC says:

    I want the muumuu! This is dress is ok (not a big fan of lace). She is beautiful and wears it well, but when will this woman begin to dress like the star that she is? This is Hollywood! Have fun! Throw down some big glamor! JEEZ

  24. Brittney says:

    I’m so confused. This article has got to be sarcastic. This dress manages to somehow make her look both 75 and pregnant.

  25. BethL says:

    I think the lace makes the dress look matronly. I guess Julia doesn’t have a stylist because it looked like she put her hair up on the way to the premier. Not pregnant just a 40+ old woman who gave birth and isn’t psycho about her weight.

  26. N says:

    Even if you hate the dress (which I do), Julia looks so much better than the outfit yesterday and it seems Kaiser was comparing her general appearance between the two – i.e. when stores shut down for you to shop and dresses are send over to you and you have them tailored for your body, how is it possible you end up wearing that sack yesterday that doesn’t even fit her body? At least this dress fits….even if the cut and material are all wrong.

    That said, you all crack me up (dingle, jean, fabulous start to my morning, thank you for the laugh). I don’t care that much about celebrity gossip, but I log on to read your comments! You guys are awesome……

  27. She in Chi says:

    I must respectfully disagree. She looks like she’s going to an AARP convention.

  28. victoria says:

    she looks really really DUMPY in that thing. no one getting their photo taking by hundreds of people should ever think they are above spanx.

  29. Jess says:

    Wow – I think this is worse than yesterday’s outfit. She looks old and pregnant!

  30. Just a Poster says:

    Her makeup looks great..

    Okay gang I have to throw this out there.. I wonder if she is preggers again? After her last few outfits I started to wonder.

  31. Crash2GO2 says:

    Well if she’s not pregnant, she certainly has the ability to put the pasta right on her belly and not so much anywhere else.

    She really does look awful. LOL

  32. Bella Mosley says:

    If she isn’t pregnant that dress will certainly guarantee she won’t be!

  33. Team Bethenny says:

    That is an ugly, old-lady dress.

    And how did Bardem’s head get so huge?

  34. mercy says:

    I’d say she’s pregnant … or she has gained weight and it has all gone straight to her mid-section, which has stretched back out in memory of her pregnancy from the twins.

  35. Sunshine says:

    Gawd – this dress is not nice on her – shows her gut, rolls and flabby hangy boobs

  36. bb says:

    She sure is looking pregnant. She doesn’t seem to have gained anywhere except the belly. It could also just be bad posture though. I look 3-4 months pregnant if I hunch over but I’ve got a completely flat tummy if I stand up straight!

    That dress looks dated…and not in any good, retro sort of way.

  37. bizzy says:

    no … no. that dress is the evening wear version of the muumuu. it’s not better, it’s just more formal.

    like. her body’s perfectly decent, and god knows she can pay whatever it takes to dress to her best advantage. it’s like she honestly doesn’t know what shapes would flatter her. if she has a stylist, i’m shocked.

  38. lucy2 says:

    Better than some of her stuff, but I still don’t like it. It’s very unflattering and does look matronly.

  39. cat says:

    Horrible dress and person, if she was pregnant don’t you think she would have let it leak out to take away Penelope’s announcement this week. I think she just has gained some weight from being in her 40’s and having 3 kids which is fine, but buy some spanx and hire a stylist and stop touching on my Javier.

  40. LondonLady says:

    she has great legs, she should have worn the same dress knee length

  41. danielle says:

    Hideous. A grandmother of the bride dress.

  42. phlyfiremama says:

    Ooof. All that fame & money, and still no taste in clothes. She is 1 of the most famous actresses in the world, and this is the best she could come up with?That dress is awful. Sorry, Kaiser, I think you called this one all wrong. Its no better than yesterday.

  43. skibunny says:

    How old is she? Maybe she’s got menopausal bloat. That would explain her dress. My guess is she’s pregnant. Either way the dress is hideous.

  44. Jeannified says:

    Is Javier yawning while she’s trying to talk to him in that first picture?! Too funny!

    Love Richard jenkins too…I think that;’s his name…the dad from “Six Feet Under.” Great actor!

  45. dj says:

    It looks like she just doesn’t give a crap about what she wears. I don’t know if this is confidence or arrogance but I’m pretty much over her. If she’s in a movie I’m just not interested anymore. She bores me.

  46. Lisa St. says:

    I thought she looked pregnant yesterday, so pregnant I vote.. as for the dress, it is sooooo hideous. I hate it!

  47. nnn says:

    I don’t understand her. She has a long legged silouhette that would fit any great dress and she chose this ???

  48. Anti-icon says:

    that gown….her fashion misses are legendary, and she keeps ’em coming on this promo tour. The ONLY time in my memory that she really brought the style was the vintage b&w gown she wore to collect her Oscar.

    Julia Roberts is a fashion don’t.

  49. iKat says:

    Wow… I love Julia Roberts, but that is pretty awful.

  50. Kiska says:

    She looks very matronly in that dress. It is not flattering at all. She looks like she is ready for a full-on Sicilian funeral.

  51. Raven says:

    I don’t like the dress. It makes her look very matronly.

  52. Kim says:

    There are bikini shots of JR in Hawaii this month her stomach is flat google it

  53. OC lady says:

    I bet she’s not pregnant–she’s just Julia Roberts–who can’t dress for shit and has no mirrors in her house.

    The fact that she has terrible taste in clothing just makes her really endearing to me. It makes me want to dress her. I can find better clothes for her at my local mall.

  54. hmm says:

    She looks incredibly wide in that unfortunate dress.

  55. candygirl says:

    I agree. . this dress is a big fat dumparoo–looks like mother of the bride attire–totally ages her even more and is just hideous. Sometimes when you get into your 40’s you get a fat pooch just on your tummy, and everything else stays thin–you end up looking pregnant. I know this because I am 41 yrs old and all of a sudden, my non-pregnant tummy is totally pooched out and I feel like humpty dumpy.

  56. bellebeesting says:

    Dreadful dress. Somebody needs a stylist.

  57. Lisa says:

    Oh Kaiser, did you call it fabulous because you wanted people to yell at you this time?

  58. Jeri says:

    Big improvement from yesterday.

    But face it, Julia is matronly now, regardless of what she wears.

    Munchies too much??!!

  59. a says:

    my favorite comment from the horses mouth is that she has not had plastic surgery — I guess breast implants don’t count in Julia’s book. I recently saw photo of her at beach and you could see the ridges from teh implants — tsk tsk — nothing against plastic surgery but I do have issue with someone who makes a point in saying they have not had it —

    This dress reminded me of her fakers — they aren’t big ones, but they are definitely not real ones

  60. cprincess says:

    Dress is terrible-shes a huge pain in the ass and if she is knocked up like who cares????

  61. hellen says:

    Ugly dress alert. And WTF is all that sloppy bunched-up midsection look she’s got going on?? She is either pregnant (and not just a little bit) or she has gained a serious innertube. Her posture looks more like that of a pregnant woman with a backache.

    Did she say she’d gained 10 lbs by eating spaghetti during the film? Hmm.

  62. original kate says:

    i hate the way she always hangs on every man in sight. she reminds me of the girl in high school who would tell you your boyfriend was a loser and then hook up with him as soon as you dumped him.

  63. LolaBella says:

    Matronly is definitely the right word to describe this dress!

    The fit is horrible (too tight in the upper arms and across the waist) and it doesn’t help that she has very bad posture.

    She looked better in the muumuu from yesterday.

  64. jemshoes says:

    Pretty Woman pretty badly dressed! 🙂

  65. Holly says:

    I think her face and her hair look really beautiful, but that dress makes her look so dumpy!