Gisele Bundchen says sunscreen is poison


“Mother Superior” Gisele Bundchen’s sanctimony is well known. She’s said that breastfeeding should be a worldwide law, she’s bragged about giving birth at home without medication and she’s said that women who gain weight while they’re pregnant treat their bodies like “garbage disposals.” Like supermodel Miranda Kerr before her, Bundchen has an organic skincare line and has made some ignorant comments about it. Gisele recently drew the ire of dermatologists, doctors and melanoma sufferers by calling sunscreen poison. She claimed she never wears it and only goes out in the sun before 8:00 am. There are plenty of candid bikini photos of this woman that suggest otherwise.

Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful. Rather, people attack Gisele Bundchen, 30, for the controversial things she says.

The supermodel’s latest gaffe: claiming she doesn’t use sun tan lotions because all of the chemicals they contain.

“I cannot put this poison on my skin,” Bundchen — who has appeared in ad campaigns for Nivea Sun products — said at the launch of her own organic skin care range, according to the UK’s Daily Mail. “I do not use anything synthetic.”

Instead, the leggy beauty says she protects herself from sun damage by only exposing herself to rays before 8 A.M.

However, cancer experts have been quick to question Bundchen’s expertise on the matter.

“Sunscreen prevents damage to the skin and is of fundamental importance for the prevention of cancer,” said Dolival Loao, head of dermatology at Brazil’s National Cancer Institute. “This is not any poison, when a public person makes a statement like this, it creates confusion.”

[From US Weekly]

I don’t know why I’m bothering, but I’ll concede that some commercial sunscreen contains ingredients that can be considered harmful and even toxic. However, when pitted against the very real dangers of sun exposure, the risk from synthetic ingredients in sunscreen is minor. Plus there are very safe, organic, effective sunscreens with all natural ingredients for people who are concerned about chemicals in the products they put on their skin. (Here’s a list of safe and effective sunscreens from the Environmental Working Group. Their Skin Deep cosmetic safety website has more on the importance of sunscreen.)

Here’s are photos of Gisele at the beach this October, obviously after 8:00 am, with her son Benjamin, who is naked apart from a baseball cap. I guess we can assume she didn’t put any sunscreen on her baby, who she claims has been potty trained since he was six months old. This woman who lets her baby go out at the beach naked without sunscreen thinks it should be a crime to feed babies formula. Dumb and self righteous don’t even begin to describe her.

Update: Gisele has tried to clarify her statement. She calls this a “misunderstanding” and says “I do use sunblock but also I try my best not to be exposed to the sun when it is too strong… I definitely know the importance of using sunscreen and I try to look for more natural options.”

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  1. liz says:


  2. brin says:

    She’s a slow learner, doesn’t she realize every time she opens her mouth, something stupid comes out?

  3. bondbabe says:

    You ignorant, pompous idiot!!!! Come talk to me after you look like a wrinkled leather handbag with melanoma.

    Better yet, just keep your trap shut and continue to be a brown coat hanger. Gah—this woman!

  4. LittleFATMe says:

    This biatch is retarded. She opens her mouth and it hurts my soul. Stupid.

  5. Jacq says:

    There’s a bit of a food baby in that first pic. DO YOU HEAR ME, GISELE?! You look like a NORMAL person! *gasp*
    She looks a little burned…

  6. e says:

    Who is she to speak about that???

  7. Blaster says:

    I’m going to have fun reading the comments on this thread when I get out of class this afternoon 😀

  8. Angel says:

    She has absolutely no waist. I would rather be fat than looking like her.

  9. Arianna says:

    this makes me furious for that kid!!
    as a redhead i would literally combust without sunscreen to protect me.

    i’m getting sick of celebrities, all of them.

  10. Jack Ketch says:

    She is actually right … sunscreens prevent your skin from absorbing the Vitamin D that the sun makes your skin produce. You need at least 20 minutes a day of full sun exposure to as much of your body as possible. Some of the chemicals in sunscreens cause cancer. Read the ingredients, people, and Google them. Yes, too much sun is bad, but you do need it, and the Vitamin D it makes your skin produce. In fact, a lot of skin lotions and creams are carcinogenic. Do your homework, Kaiser.

  11. vickie says:

    she reminds me of a praying mantis.

  12. Attagirl says:

    My Canadian, fair-skinned mother (now 88) was born and raised in Mexico. Because of so much intense sun exposure at a young age when there was no such thing as sunscreen, she has had significant numbers of skin cancers removed from her face, neck and hands. Not a nice process and it’s left scars. So Giselle, quit your stupid pontificating, and you should be fined for taking your baby out in the tropical sun with nothing on, not even sunscreen. Oh, and while we’re at it, do you also not believe in sunglasses? My mother also suffers from severe cataracts from sun damage to her eyes.

  13. spinner says:

    I know a number of people who feel the same way. This is a big deal in some conspiracy theorist circles.Their point being that the sun is essential for health & this is just all a ploy to sell products. In other words…we are just being reduced to consumers. I see their point. Not sure if I agree.

  14. Megan says:

    Were we expecting supermodels to be smart all of a sudden?

  15. maggiegrace says:

    You don’t know jack, Jack.

  16. Whatever says:

    I don’t know why I’m bothering, but I’ll concede that some commercial sunscreen contains ingredients that can be considered harmful and even toxic.

    Yeah, Gisele is a bitch, but this is a very real danger that people need to understand. The retinol in sunscreens will actually INCREASE your risk of skin cancer because it accelerates the sun’s affect on the skin. So if you are at risk and use a sunscreen with retinol (which most contain) you are actually more likely to get cancer sooner. Think about it, when precription retinols are given, the label says to AVOID the sun, yet they put it in sunscreen as an antiaging ingredient. The other ingredient to watch is oxybenzone, which is a hormone disrupter.

    Rather than trashing Gisele, we should ask why in the hell the FDA has allowed this to continue when they have known since 1978. It pisses me off that I’ve been pouring that crap on my kids for years thinking I was protecting them. People need to read labels and shop at health food stores for sunscreen and maybe demand that the FDA start acting like a consumer protection organization!

  17. sapphire says:

    Melanoma IS cancer- along with the slightly less deadly forms of skin malignancies. And 20 minutes doesn’t equal the sunburn we see above. Imagine the effects of a second degree burn, administered repeatedly over years.

  18. MrsOdie2 says:

    So wear a hat and sit under an umbrella, moron. And certainly put one on your baby.

    She’s a model. Why is she allowed to speak?

  19. QUEST says:

    I think she had too much sun for that day. 🙂

  20. Deedee says:

    I am going to have to agree with Giselle, though it pains me to do so – There are so many toxic ingredients put into lotions, and into sunscreens especially…and your skin is your largest organ, sucking all those toxins into your system.

    That said, young children should be protected from too much sun exposure, and there are many, many UV ray protection clothing options that children can wear for beach time.

  21. hairball says:

    @Whatever: Agree

    Thanks for putting the links for safe sunscreen Celebitchy. I live in California and put sunscreen on every day. It does cross my mind about it because I have heard this before.

  22. wonderwoman21 says:

    Eh Gisele isn’t all that in looks department, she’s a model because she has an extremely angular face not because she’s a thing of great beauty. And her body is meh, looking like old jerky with depleted muscle mass.

  23. Cheyenne says:

    She’ll change her mind too late when she gets a raging case of melanoma.

    She potty-trained her baby at six months? Yeah right. Who is she kidding?

  24. Rita says:

    Can’t imagine having lunch with her and Goopy?

  25. Kim says:

    Ehh, Gisele is know for her bony ass, not flawless skin. She has always verged on leathery to me. I’m not surprised she has no idea how to keep her skin healthy.

  26. Delta Juliet says:

    That baby is so stinkin’ cute.

    That’s all I’m going to say.

  27. Debra says:

    She has a real PR problem that could be solved by not speaking to anyone but Tom.

  28. Jaded says:

    I’m fair-skinned and have suffered some very bad burns in my life where I’ve actually blistered. Sunscreen has been my savior and with the number of safe, chemical-free products on the market, there’s no excuse for not using it on a baby. PERIOD. There’s no conspiracy theory, you have to take care of your skin. I get enough sun without using screen to get my natural vitamin D, and take a supplement daily, but if I know I’m going to be out in the sun, especially down south, for a couple of hours I slather it on.

  29. S_____ says:

    Hate me now:
    We use sunscreen as little as possible too. We try to play in the shade. We use Badger brand in the sun. She might be a hypocrite but at least she’s thinking.

    Environmental Working Group also calls out a lot of the bs about sunscreen.

  30. Claude Yoola says:

    The gentleman called Jack who posted above is correct. Preventing cellular damage caused by too much sun is a matter of moderation and balance just as with everything else in life. We can’t survive without the sun’s rays and our bodies cannot produce Vitamin D without the sun. This is why daily Vitamin D3 supplementation is recommended for folks living in the northern hemisphere where it is much more difficult to get the required 20 minutes of daily exposure. The sun is not the enemy that the media (with corporate backing of course) has made it out to be. Far from it.

    Sunscreen does indeed contain toxic chemicals. Even just the preservatives therein, which are used in all commercially prepared cosmetics are very controversial. However, it is still a good idea to cover up or use sunscreen once one has received their full 20 minutes of sunshine on arms and legs at least. If one is to be out in the full sun for longer than that especially for outdoor workers or sportspeople, then on balance sunscreen does provide protection if one can’t or won’t cover up. For babies, the same applies. Let them have a little sunshine and then preferably cover them with clothing and hats rather than sunscreen. If that’s not possible then sunscreen is the next best choice.

    Having said that, Ms. Bundchen does seem to have an unfortunate way with words. She is essentially correct but unnecessarily inflammatory in her assertions, it seems.

  31. Vi says:

    oh god i can’t believe she won’t put sunscreen on her baby. i mean i’m all for mothers raising babies their own way but that’s just stupid and dangerous.
    and @jackketch, no one said anything about not needing any sun at all, but going out in hot sunny weather with no sunscreen on is just beyond stupid.

  32. francesca says:

    You should not put anything on your skin that you would not be willing to drink or eat. Use natural sunscreens or cover up with actual clothing. But do not pour chemicals all over your entire body on a regular basis. It doesn’t just evaporate. You are drinking it through your skin and your liver and other organs have to process it. That is much more scary to me than skin cancer.

  33. H26 says:

    California Baby, you’ll find it on the skin deep website as one of the best, you can by it Target. It’s more expensive but I’d rather do that than put the other “kids” brands on which have all the retinol in them. All natural, created by a mom and I love their bath stuff and skin lotion. It really helped my kids who have very fair and sensitive skin.

  34. k says:

    @ JAck KEtch,

    It is true that some sunscreens are correlated with cancer when they react with sunlight, and that most commercial brands have toxic chemicals, and that we need to absorb some sunlight every day.

    However, those people who have very fair skin, or who are highly sensitive to even natural cosmetic products have no choice but to avoid the sun, especially if it is strong. Vitamin D can be absorbed through food sources, which is how Nordic populations cope with the lack of sunlight. And, as Kaiser already mentioned, the EWG lists some “safer” sunscreen alternatives.

  35. HotPockets says:

    I see where she is coming from. Sunscreen does contain a large amount of carcinogens, which are cancer causing agents themselves, so what’s worse? Sunscreen or burning?

    Makeup has a large amount of carcinogens as well, so does face wash! Everything we use on our skin and body isn’t good for it, hell, what about scented tampons? Those are horrible for your vaginal lining and cause infections, but yet stores still sell them!

    The FDA is evil and not concerned about the publics general well being and health, just look at us!

  36. Tif says:

    I love Giselle and what she said is the truth. Buy sunscreen with natural elements in it.

  37. Isabel says:

    Yeah, and Aspirin causes heart attacks.


  38. Ginevra says:

    Giselle is an idiot but I do want to agree that most sunscreens are not as safe as one would think. Not only do they contain “toxic chemicals” but most do not protect against UVB rays, which are what cause cancer.

    There ARE safer brands out there, however. Definitely check the EWG sunscreen guide. I use Badger and I love it.

  39. hairball says:

    @Celebitchy: What brand of sunscreen do you use that you like for ‘non-chemical’? I’m trying to figure out what to get.

  40. jc126 says:

    She often speaks too over-the-top, exaggerating, but a lot of those sunscreen ingredients aren’t good. Not to mention most manufacturers put the cheap chemicals in instead of the physical blocks like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. It’s a tough balance. We DO need some sun, but some of us, such as me, burn to a crisp easily. I try to get some sun on my face and hands in the early morning; I use zinc oxide-based sunscreens otherwise. It’s tough, I’m probably still not getting enough Vitamin D, especially living in Boston.

  41. WhiteNoise says:

    Maybe she needs to work on her phrasing a bit but whatever, the internet’s there for people to do their own fact-checking on issues like this. I certainly don’t rely on celebs/models for health advice and I’d be alarmed if anyone else does either so to be getting all outraged at her seems a bit OTT. It’s not as if she’s saying you must do as I do or forcing anyone to follow her example.

    And she looks absolutely gorgeous in these pics, easily one of the best model bodies around, long, lean and fabulous.

  42. Lyla says:

    @Jack. I do agree with you on some points but disagree on others. Yes, with all the research out there that shows too much sun exposure can cause cancer, parents are now lathering their kids up with sunscreen that can absolutely prevent the absorption of vitamin d.
    I do think though that suncreen is just like any medication in the sense that you need to weigh the pros and cons. A lot of times, the benefits of sunscreen outweigh the risks. Take birth control for example. Birth control can cause strokes, cancer, etc. That doesn’t stop millions of women from taking it and most do not have any issues. I think people just need to be well informed about all the possible side effects and then make a choice.
    I know I must be the only person in the world to think this, but I’ve always considered Gisele to be unattractive. Granted, her body is ok but her face is sooo gross. She looks like a tranny to me.

  43. Claude Yoola says:

    It’s not a conspiracy CB but unfortunately we can’t rely on commercial and industrial interests to protect consumers. Even iron-clad, rigorously conducted studies by respected institutions have been and continue to be shown to have been corrupted by those with an agenda. It is not a matter of corporate fat cats sitting around cackling with glee as they attempt to think up new and fabulous ways to hurt us for profit. It can even come down to one weak (greedy, needful or vulnerable person, despite their best intentions perhaps)link in a chain of humans starting at the scientific process and then all the way to marketing. Marketing has always involved fearmongering in one form or another, which is of course, why it works.

    In any case, the only thing we can do that I can see, is to conduct our own research as best we can, use the common sense we all have and do our best to look out for our own health. Remaining calm and reasonable goes a long way towards that end (as you manage to do even in this format, for which you deserve kudos BTW)but unfortunately a celebrity like Ms. Bundchen has the ears of many more people than we do, here in this format.

    Edit: This was a reply to CB’s later post, wherein it was stated something along the lines that consumers are not the victims of a conspiracy. That post seems to have disappeared now, so apologies for any confusion.

  44. original kate says:

    “the leggy beauty says she protects herself from sun damage by only exposing herself to rays before 8 A.M.”

    7:47 am? safe. 8:03 am? cancer.

    good god, she’s dumb.

  45. Jeannified says:

    Most of the time I don’t use sun screen either, and I am out in the sun all of the time. I admit that I worry, because I live in San Diego, but honestly, I forget to put it on alot of the time, because the air is typically very cool here. So, even though it is sunny, I don’t feel hot, so therefore I forget to put on sunscreen. I always regret it later and hope that I don’t get skin cancer and vow to put sunscreen on the next time.

    Sometimes I DO put sunscreen on though, but I have to admit that when I put it on my face, I automatically get a weird taste in my mouth, like whatever chemicals are in the sunscreen, have quickly seeped into my skin, so that I am tasting them. I think to myself, “This CANNOT be good for me!”

  46. omgghg says:

    OMG different day new drama with her because so many obviously care about what she says, I mean if measely comments get brought up lol. Seriously I read her interview (im brazilian) and she did NOTTTT say this!!!!! they are forever messing her words up, lol. She said since she has an all natural product, she is waiting for an all natural SPF to use in it, not the unnatural kind! she did not say SPF in gerneal is poison! omfg quit buggin out about every little thing this woman says people!!! When will YOU stop believing the media, now that is dumb.

  47. JustBe says:

    I think that the increasingly rising rates of skin cancer (especially affecting populations where the culture encourages more activities out in the sun) offer a counterpoint to the theory that you don’t have to protect your skin against sun damage.

    Also, the most recent studies regarding Vitamin D have come out against the necessity for taking supplements and requiring high inputs of it daily.

    The complicated facts point in the direction that Vitamin D isn’t as essential as was once thought for good health, but most scientific studies continue to point to limited sun exposure or protecting your skin with hats and long-sleeved clothing. But, who wants to swim with a lot of obtrusive clothing. In that situation, a well-researched sunscreen would seem to be the best option.

    I’m a little worried about her son out in the sun with no trunks on and no sunscreen. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it would be to have a sunburned penis.

  48. gina says:

    as always its blown out of proportion with headlines such as ” gisele says spf is poison” “gisele says women should breastfeed” etc. OMG its getting ridiculous. If half of you would even take the time to read her actual words and the context around them instead of some gossip hungry headlines, you may find out; the media loves to misconstrue. She worked on her product for 2 years and probably learned about all what kind of unnatural ingredients were put into creams and she did not want that. She said she is waiting for a natural SPF and until then she doesn’t want the bad kind in her natrual product…wtf is so bad about that? If they took the time to actually say more of her interviews and not just half of it you would see. She said this is not even a cream to wear alone anyways and that you should whear an SPF as well, she just hasn’t found one for her product. NOTHING WRONG HERE PPL!

  49. crapola says:

    She is powerful! I mean if her words can be made a spectacle about time and time again! I find it hilarious! She really is a Superstar model I guess. I remember when Cindy,Linda,Claudia,Naomi and Kate (when models were popular) were always in the headlines for dumb sh*t as well. They even had to make public statements as I recall as does Gisele, lol. She will more and likely be on The Forbe’s Power List again, bc it seems like her web hits can’t be denied.

  50. geekylove says:

    to all of you who posted about sunscreen being toxic and all else…
    i don’t understand if there is actually difference in americas,but we differentiate “sunscreen” and “sunblock”: sunscreen prolongs the time you can spend in the sun, based on your skin’s natural ability to fight sunburns off. so no, it doesn’t stop vitamin d for entering your skin.
    sunblock completely blocks-and in europe, it is strongly recommended that only very small children and very fair-skinned people use it.
    my uncle is a doctor who deals with sun induced melanoma frequently, and let me say, his stories aren’t pretty.
    you deal with so much chemical stuff in everyday life-i’m all for being careful what you do with your body, ut let’s be real here..
    oh, and giselle is a cow.

  51. CT says:

    Well, cancer is natural afterall, isn’t it?

    The reason it unfortunately matters is because some people choose to look up to supposed intelligent celebrities and listen to their idiotic rantings.

  52. renai(jrt) says:

    I agree. an umbrella and just getting moderate sun with a hat on is the best way to go. I cant wear sunscreen on my face at all. burns my eyes and breaks my skin out.

  53. Runs with Scissors says:

    “I don’t know why I’m bothering, but I’ll concede that some commercial sunscreen contains ingredients that can be considered harmful and even toxic.

    Yeah, Gisele is a bitch, but this is a very real danger that people need to understand. The retinol in sunscreens will actually INCREASE your risk of skin cancer because it accelerates the sun’s affect on the skin. So if you are at risk and use a sunscreen with retinol (which most contain) you are actually more likely to get cancer sooner. Think about it, when precription retinols are given, the label says to AVOID the sun, yet they put it in sunscreen as an antiaging ingredient. The other ingredient to watch is oxybenzone, which is a hormone disrupter.

    Rather than trashing Gisele, we should ask why in the hell the FDA has allowed this to continue when they have known since 1978. It pisses me off that I’ve been pouring that crap on my kids for years thinking I was protecting them. People need to read labels and shop at health food stores for sunscreen and maybe demand that the FDA start acting like a consumer protection organization!”

    Agree with this and thanks to the other posters who commented with info!

  54. xoxo says:

    I was wondering when the next controversy would arise with her…seems like everytime she steps out of her house there is something new!! come on, the source is from a Brazilian youtube video, not the daily mail. How the daily mail translated a video in Portuguese word for word is beyond me. Gisele simply doesn’t want chemical SPF in her all natural product, and is still looking for an all natural one. The media is too funny sometimes!!!

  55. Paulina says:

    Oh you people are only making her paycheck increase. I follow her periodically and trust me she says many smart,clever, things; it’s just that don’t sell the mags or increase website traffic. Why is it that only negative things get so much attention???????!!!! If she were talking about cookies and cupcakes she would have 3 comments TOPS.

  56. Lafistacuff says:

    It’s obvious that Gisele is a health-oriented person. Look, I agree with her on the sunscreen issue. Like other posters have said here, yes, sunscreens can contain cancer-causing ingredients. Also, never mix it w/ vitamin A (retinol/Retin-A). The only point she missed is that there are all-natural alternatives (zinc, etc.). I use all-natural products and do not trust the same organization that allows aspartame in diet pop and other food products — the FDA.

  57. fizXgirl314 says:

    lotions don’t enter your blood stream.. it is unlikely you will be “poisoned” by anything you put on your skin… unless it’s acid *eyeroll*

  58. GeekChic says:

    Ugh, the “all-natural” thing drives me batty. Look, arsenic, cyanide, strychnine, ebola, cancer, dog shit, and strep throat are 100% “all-natural.” That doesn’t mean they are good. And indoor plumbing, mascara, acetaminophen, clothing, cars, computers, and epidurals are not “all-natural.” So does that mean they are bad? Of course everything is made of perfectly “all-natural” atoms anyway, but everyone seems to neglect that fact.

    My point is that just because a sunscreen contains synthetic ingredients doesn’t make it toxic, and a sunscreen that contains “all-natural” ingredients can very easily be toxic.

    Another point I feel I need to make is that most things that are applied to the skin are not absorbed through it. I am a physician by training, and an author of college anatomy and physiology textbooks by trade, so I know a couple of things about this. The epidermis provides a waterproof barrier that blocks the passage of multiple types of chemicals to the blood vessels in the underlying dermis (anything with polar or ionic bonds, for anyone who cares). This is why we can put triple antibiotics on our skin safely but can’t ingest those same antibiotics by mouth–the skin stops them from getting into the bloodstream. The same applies for the chemicals in sunscreen. They are by and large polar molecules that cannot pass through the epidermis. So applying sunscreen is not the same as drinking it. This is not to say we can’t be harmed by applying certain toxins to the skin–for example, all-natural mercury is absorbed through the skin quite easily.

    Seriously, don’t believe everything you read on the bloody internet. Read trusted sources, not people who are trying to sell you something or who are spinning wild conspiracy theories about Angelina Jolie and the Illuminati and government chem trails. The people who make sunscreen are not trying to kill you. They are trying to make money, and if they kill you and give you cancer then they are much less likely to make money. Certainly there are amoral corporations who sell untested, shoddy products. But ironically, most of these corporations are marketing “all-natural” dietary supplements and products, because they do not have to be proven to be safe OR effective in order to hit the shelves. Research DSHEA, the law that regulates (or rather establishes the lack of regulation of) dietary supplements and associated products.

    I rambled, sorry, the rabid spreading of misinformation about the science of medicine and the human body irritates me and makes me start to type uncontrollably.

  59. Jezi says:

    There are ways of putting out information without it coming across obnoxious and know-it-all-ish, unfortunatley, Gisele does not possess this quality. Even if what she says is true, she’s so in your face and pushy that it turns you off from wanting to hear what she has to say. Oh well!!

  60. RHONYC says:


    i smelly a ‘GOOP-y’ type website coming from this fish any day now.


    (yes, it just occurred to me to call her that as i was typing…

    ‘fish’ b/c she acts like her shit don’t stink.)

    boom! 😆

  61. Jackson says:

    Hi, I’m Gisele. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, hate me because I’m stupid.

  62. devilgirl says:

    And people care what she thinks because….????

  63. samihami says:

    I have very fair skin and burn easily, however, I am also extremely sensitive to chemicals (which seems to be getting worse as I get older). I cannot use sunscreens or sunblocks-too irritating. I find that if I wait until 5 pm to get in my pool I do not burn. I usually stay out there from 5-7pm during the summer so I know I’m getting plenty of sunshine (and vitamin D!) but I’m not burning, either.

  64. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    Both my parents have skin cancer. My father spent many, many years in the middle east, Guam, Grenada, Panama, etc. He had one very rare and very serious skin cancer on his face and then he also had your “run of the mill” type of melanoma (the kind you typically see). My mother had melanoma.

    I’ve already had 2 moles removed because they were precancerous and will probably have some more done in the near future (some of them are sketchy looking ha).

    Now, I used to LOATHE sunscreen. After I saw my dad’s face once they removed the cancer, I realized that I don’t want to risk it.

    SO…if I am going to be out in the sun for longer than 30-45 minutes (e.g., going swimming, on a boat, playing soccer), I will put sunscreen on. If I am just taking a run, or I am not out in the sun all day, I don’t put it on. Simple as that.

    The key is MODERATION. If you stay outside all day long, you should put some protection on. The problem is that people go WAY OVERBOARD with sunscreen. I mean, you only use a shotglass full of the stuff…it’s not that big of a deal!

  65. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    @GeekChic…I am now having a nerdy crush on you! hahaha. Love your post.

  66. mymy says:

    She is correct. Sorry folks. But your not aware I guess.It has turned out that kids that had no sun are showing up in doctors offices with bones that just crumble. And brittle thin teeth. You need natural vitamin D from the sun. People who get little in the early years have a high rate of auto immune disease. And sunblock is about as toxic as it gets. It causes cancer. That is why you are seeing kids that never got tan but wore lots of sunblock getting skin cancer. They are not even allowing doctors say to get 20 minutes a day. Wake up

  67. benny says:

    Somebody better slap some sense into her and/or her husband FAST. Most of the damage that causes skin cancer happens when you are young. Just think what she’s doing to that poor baby (who looks VERY fair to me).

    Not all sunscreens contain oxybenzone, but maybe this b*tch is too dumb to read labels?

    If you’re not going to use sunscreen, KEEP THAT FAIR BABY OUT OF THE SUN. That’s borderline child abuse.

  68. fizXgirl314 says:

    Thank you GeekChic… I can’t stand hysterical people who spread these asinine conspiracy theories… dumbasses… I guess they can go swim in an “all natural” lake and forgo proper modern day plumbing and chemically purifying their water and catch malaria… *eyeroll*

  69. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Can’t fix stupid!!

  70. Roma says:

    I had cancer when I was younger and though it was in my lady parts, I became really concerned about what I was putting on/in my body.

    And since I go on surf vacations sunscreen is one of them. I highly, highly recommend Soléo Natural Sunscreen. It’s not going to make up for the years I smoked, dabbled in drugs and baked myself in the sun but it’s a great start.

  71. Sassy says:

    Can’t stand this woman. And she only exposes herself to rays before 8 a.m.? Um, how can she even make that statement when she’s been photographed in a bikini out IN THE SUN after 8 a.m.? She’s an idiot.

  72. leslie says:

    Girl will only get mmm 2 Vogue covers, maybe a Harper bazaar cover, and another ad campaign after this, lol. People are gonna be clammin to “get her story”. So hate all you want, it ain’t hurtin her none. And besides I can’t use SPF either I break out. We need some natural non comedagenic poducts out there.

  73. Nicole says:

    I hope her kid pissed on her, oops forgot he’s potty trained. LOL

  74. LBees says:

    Well, she’s right. And you’re right. Commercial sunscreens have a ton of really bad chemicals that cause cancerous damage to skin cells. And pretty much everything over SPF 15-20 is a big fat lie (SPF 100? No such thing according to researchers!)

    She should use something like Badger Balm SPF sunscreen. It’s totally natural and smells really good (like lavender, my absolute FAVORITE herb).

    Shit, she has enough money and time to google this shit. I’m surprised she doesn’t just use a natural sunscreen like Badger instead of going bare skinned, so to speak.

  75. GatsbyGal says:

    Am I a bad person for hoping that her ~*magic baby*~ somehow grows up wrong? Like if he developed a coke problem at age 12, or had crazy severe autism, or became a serial killer or something? I’d just love for the ~*perfect mother*~ to explain why her kid turned out so wrong even though she did ~*everything the right way*~.

  76. irishserra says:

    @fizXgirl314: You’re kidding, right? There are chemicals that absolutely penetrate deeper and can get into the blood stream, including parabens.

  77. Craylola says:

    what is STUPID AND DUMB is people with no lives caring about what some Supermodel says!……

  78. ladydeniro says:

    Damn she still looks good though

  79. Cakes says:

    The amount of sun exposure you need for vitamin D production depends on your skin color. The lighter your skin you will only need a few minutes of unprotected sun exposure. People with VERY dark skin can go up to 20 or 30 minutes with out protection and be ok. I am very fair skinned and I typically get enough sunlight exposure just running errands that I dont use sunscreen every day. Plus most foods and drinks are fortified with vitamin D so having a deficiency is fairly rare.
    When I go to the beach I will slather on the SPF 50. I have had many bad burns in my childhood and teenage years that my skin has already aged a little. As far as the ingredient list I would rather risk minor problems using sunscreen than risk my life from melanoma.

  80. Cakes says:

    And just how “natural” are her breast implants and hair color??? GAH! What a moron.

  81. renai(jrt) says:

    Here’s the thing……its a free country, well that is until Obama is done with it. So if you want to wear the stuff or if you don’t its your choice…..and one should never tell someone else what to do unless you are their parent. Do your homework and make up your own mind

  82. Samsam says:

    As a redhead with some of the lightest and most sensitive skin you’ll probably ever see (literal giant blisters and scarring from sunburns even WITH Dr prescribed sunblock).. this bitch can go fuck herself on the free range horse she rode in on.

  83. a says:

    Ditto Cakes comment above… indeed I wondered about the amount of milk she was actually able to furnish her son as a result of her “natural” breast implants….

    If you live in a glass house, don’t cast stones!

  84. dorothy says:

    Sunscreen is poison? Skin cancer is deadly. Show a little responsibility and put some protection on that babys skin.

  85. Alarmjaguar says:

    Thanks, GeekChic! I’m with you on the misinformation makes me stabby thing

  86. Rita says:


    Magnificient post. I love reading comments from such a diverse group of wonderful ladies. I hope your patients sitting in your waiting room with a painfull rash don’t know your spending most your day on Celebitchy (lol).

  87. says:

    Wasn’t there a picture of her with Leo where she had white streaks on her cheeks from sunscreen? Am I making that up? I will never understand people who just bald-faced lie, knowing full-well there is physical evidence to the contrary-apparently this makes up about 98% of the celebrity world.

  88. irritated says:

    My husband who is an ER doctors has seen so many cases of severely sunburnt kids whose parents forgot to put sinscreen on them and let them play in the water and/or the sun. People should know that if the burns are svere enough, the ER staff as mandatory reporters have to conract social services. Excess sun exposure for your kids is neglegent parenting.

  89. L says:

    I’ve read a fair number of medical journals at my job, and from what I remember most of them say you need at MOST 10-20 minutes of sunlight a day for Vitamin D. Which you can get by doing errands and having the sun shine in your window. So all this fear about brittle bones and poor teeth is hogwash to me (unless of course, you don’t even let your kid get 10 minutes of sunlight and then you’ve got other issues.)

  90. Eve says:

    Dermatologists here in Brazil were outraged by her statements. They also said that the sunscreen doesn’t affect the production of vitamin D substantially — and that even before 8 a.m. it is dangerous to be exposed to the sun without any type of sunscreen.

    The irony of this all is that Bündchen was once the spokesperson for Nivea line of sunscreens and moisturizers for a long time.

  91. CB Rawks says:

    When they wanted to make Nicole Kidman look big-nosed and plain for The Hours, they made a latex mask of Gisele. Thanks for the Oscar, Gis!

    Also, go ahead Gis, don’t use sunscreen. I’m a big believer in thinning the herd.

  92. fizXgirl314 says:

    irishserra… I’ll refer you to geekchic… I’m not myself a medical doctor but I remember this from high school biology… skin is what is referred to as semi-permeable… which means it is very selective about what it allows in… all this paranoia is just ridiculous

    and lol at CB Rawks… so true 🙂

  93. Kim says:

    I dont think she means she doesnt use sunscreen – i think she is saying OTHER sunscreens/competitors to her new organic line are toxic BUT her new line is not.

    Basically she was doing a promo for her own line by bagging on other lines saying they are poison.

  94. please says:

    OMG, relax, once again she was misunderstood. The problem is that so far nobody seems to read her blog.

    BTW in an interview for GNT fashion she had already clarified what she meant but it seems that people love to twist what she says and turn into politics.

  95. CB Rawks says:

    “The problem is that so far nobody seems to read her blog.”

    Hehehehe Oh gee. I really feel like my life is missing something now, because I have not been reading her blog. 😀
    Imagine the treasure trove of information that must be on there.

  96. gamnit says:

    With many parts of the world erupting in chaos. With Obama continously attempting to “fundamentally transform America” I must ask why this is worthy of even the smallest bit of recognition? I see none.

  97. hairball says:

    “(unless of course, you don’t even let your kid get 10 minutes of sunlight and then you’ve got other issues.)”

    ha ha!!

  98. please says:

    I forgot to mention read her blog after this so called “chaos” erupted. She has made a statement if anyone cares to hear what she really has to say instead of some trash gossip…

  99. My2Cents says:

    What a fool! So all the Cancer Councils of the world are wrong?

    Here is Australia we have had “Slip Slop Slap” ingrained in us from childhood.
    “SLIP on a shirt SLAP on SUNSCREEN and SLAP on a hat”.

  100. hairball says:

    “Here’s the thing……its a free country, well that is until Obama is done with it.”

    These Obama comments on a site about sun tan lotion – do you really think you are changing anyone’s mind here?

    I seem to also remember phone companies going in with the government under Bush to illegally listen to U.S. citizens’ phone conversations. So give it a rest on your ‘freedom’ or at least educate yourself.

  101. Ruffian9 says:

    Let’s get a grip, folks. Listen to dermatologists, not models or online crackpot theorists. I myself use physical blocks (titanium dioxide, etc) on my face, regular, good quality sunblock (La Roche-Posay)on the rest of me. Every. Friggin. Day.

    ETA: Actually, all, just listen to GeekChic:
    (February 4th, 2011 at 3:46 pm)

  102. Grace says:

    @renai & gammit: This post has nothing to do with Obama. And this is not a political blog. If you want to discuss politics why don’t you go find a political blog to discuss your disagreement with Obama and stop making a fool of yourself here.

  103. MSat says:

    I’m a melanoma survivor too. I’ve had three very painful wide skin excision surgeries on my leg, back and side. These have left huge scars and I do not wear shorts anymore because of it. I am a fair skinned person who grew up in the 70s when there wasn’t SPF. Maybe there are risks associated with sunscreen, but compared to the pain and scars I’ve had to deal with, it’s a risk I am willing to take. I will have to be careful about my skin for the rest of my life and my carefree beach days are long gone. And because there are genetic factors with melanoma, I have religiously covered both my children in sunscreen since they were small. Neither of them have experienced a sunburn in their entire lives. I have a responsibility to them, to make sure they don’t end up like me.

    So if some dumb, rich supermodel wants to look like a piece of beef jerky later in life, that’s her choice. But her adorable baby should be protected from the sun, at least until he’s old enough to make up his own mind.

  104. icantbelievethis says:

    @GeekChic Excellent points! ‘All Natural’ does not = safe all the time. When you have chronic pain there is always someone pushing an ‘all natural’ cure and that always bothers me. I’m all for using natural methods to stay healthy but you have to do your research on chemical and ‘natural’ products.

    Gisele just doesn’t know how to make a point w/o come off as a know-it-all.

  105. Solveig says:

    As a person with very fair skin I avoid sun exposure and I avoid using commercial sunscreens because they give me some bad reactions. She’s not uncorrect, especially because she didn’t say that she doesn’t use sunscreen, but she said that she doesn’t use the synthetic ones.
    Every commercial lotion – shampoo, bath foam, deodorant – contains toxic ingredients, especially aluminium that is one of the most toxic minerals, almost as toxic as asbestos. Even skin care lotions for children are as toxic as adult’s one, and this is scary.
    I get that finding organic products is sometimes hard and they are also quite expensive, but I think that it’s worth the price.

  106. archiepelago says:

    Her left arm, shoulder and chest area look very sunburned in that top photo.

  107. Shay says:

    This is like the Elle McPherson ‘I tan safely’ comment. Models are usually dumb girls who don’t even finish their high school educations and even if they do, it’s a homeschooled type of education they have. Very basic, producing more ignorance and no critical thinking skills whatsoever.
    Not only is tanning dangerous and potentially lethal. It’s the number one ager or probably equal with smoking in the aging stakes.
    It’s unfortunate that dumb arsed models are allowed to reproduce.

  108. Harmony says:

    While Gisele was foolish for not clarifying her Point it’s hilarious that some of you are calling HER ignorant when you clearly haven’t done your research.

    Sunblock is good. Physical sunblock that is.
    Chemical sunscreen is far more common and VERY toxic.

  109. Dhavy says:

    For all the Goopy haters-I bet Paltrow sounds like a saint compared to this moron

    She’s Brazilian and they worship the sun so she can go ahead and take her head out of her a** soon. Her and her Justin Bieber lookalike husband are made for each other thinking they are the best thing since sliced bread

    Any sunscreen that provdes full spectrum coverage (both UVA/UVB) and contains zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone should be good for your skin

  110. Athena says:

    This woman needs to get a grip.

  111. jemshoes says:

    Slip Slop Slap, as @ My2Cents says. Protective measures such as sunscreen, sunblock, hats, long sleeved tops, etc need to be taken seriously in hot, sunny countries like Australia with high UVA and UVB – no matter what skin colour you were born with.

    Let’s not forget Gisele is a brand, with products to spruik and sell. I recently bought myself a rather snazzy pair of Gisele-branded thongs (the footwear, not the underwear!) on sale. When she makes grandiose statements like these, I must admit I get a silly sense of satisfaction knowing that I am literally walking on Gisele. 😀

  112. Chicoulina says:

    Wow!I’m shocked with how much hatred this women is getting in todays comments.
    I avoid sun so I don’t care about sun lotion.
    She has the best legs ever and
    #8 FYI the fact that she doesn’t have a waist is what makes her body recognizable and that she has very long legs!She is the BODY of the last decade in model world.
    I wish I had her body!I also love her hair,I think she’s gorgeous and deserves to be the best paid Top Model the last few years.
    Team Gisele!!

  113. Hakura says:

    @Jaded“I’m fair-skinned and have suffered some very bad burns in my life where I’ve actually blistered. Sunscreen has been my savior and with the number of safe, chemical-free products on the market, there’s no excuse for not using it on a baby.”

    I’m with you. I’ve always been very fair, & have also experienced many bad burns. (I also have a lot of ‘moles’, which I’ve always had & get from my mom). I couldn’t survive the summertime without sunblock, & even so, avoid being out in the sun as much as possible. I’d rather take vitamin supplements than take the risk of exposure.

    I concede that she has a valid message… but it’s incredibly irresponsible to be making public statements regarding a health issue she’s not educated in. She’s obviously an immensely conceited, judgmental person. Saying a woman who gains weight during pregnancy is treating her body like a ‘garbage disposal‘…

    Where does she get off? Just because she looks like a living coat rack doesn’t mean everyone needs to. You can feel strongly about something without putting others down.

  114. bored at work says:

    I hope some sunscreen company sues her for calling their product poison.

    She is absolutely allowed her own opinion but when she uses a public platform to make preachy, idiotic statements that are untrue and has a history of preachy comments that with her tone and choice of words seem to be aimed at attacking people who choose to live differently to the Giselle way. She comes across like she needs to be seen as superior – Too many years of having her arse kissed in the modelling world. She must have bought into all that praise and attention to be like this. Bitch needs to be dragged down a few notches. Lucky her if or someone in her family never has a melanoma or any form of skin cancer. But stating on the record that all sunscreen is poison is irresponsible. For some reason, people listen to this idiot so personally if she is going to promote herself as this mother earth figure, then she has an obligation to provide information that is accurate. Yes there are some crappy cheap sunscreens that have a million chemicals in them but there are more sunscreens (especially in the last decade) that are tested and approved to be UV resistant and helpful in the reduction of possible melanomas. You know, helpful protection for people who work outside or who enjoys being outdoors.

    How does Brady live with this arrogant nightmare? When he plays badly, does he come home and she preaches to him how he should have played and/or how she would have avoided injury?

    PSA for Giselle – shut up and stop the noise pollution that occurs when you open your mouth thinking that you know everything and must dictate what is or isn’t appropriate for the world. You’re a model – not an expert in the field with decades of experience. You have no credentials that provide you as a spokesperson for any cause or lifestyle.

    And as she is from Brazil, here is a bit from a report relating to skin cancer in Brazil which happens to be the number one cancer in that country from both men and women. Maybe no-one in her family has been diagnosed yet but the numbers aren’t on her side.

    “Brazil’s tropical climate and thousands of kilometres of beaches have contributed to building a nation of sun-worshippers with European descendants making up about 50% of the population. Tanning is particularly a problem for teenagers who are less likely to use sunscreen or other protective measures but whose habits today will have an impact on skin cancer incidence in later years. A study published in the American journal Photochemistry and Photobiology in 2005 revealed that 90% of high-school students surveyed in Porto Alegre, Brazil, were aware of the dangers of sun exposure and skin cancer, but thought that tanning improved their appearance so considered it was worth the risk. Less than 50% of them reported using sunscreen in summer and less than 3% used it in winter.

    According to the Instituto Nacional do Câncer (National Cancer Institute), skin cancer continues to be the most common type of cancer for both men and women in Brazil. According to data from the Ministry of Health, more than 7000 Brazilians had treatment or surgery for skin cancer within the public system in 2008. This number has more than doubled in 10 years, from 3000 in 1998, while the population increased only by about one fifth from 161 million to 190 million.”

    Giselle, these are called facts from scientific studies published by the World Health Organisation. If you are going to make comments, maybe you should consider doing your research first.

  115. Jack Ketch says:

    I’m afraid I do, Maggie. Twenty minutes a day is essential to health. Too much is detrimental, but sunshine on the skin is necessary. Google sunshine and vitamin D, you ass.

  116. lj says:

    Bottom line is- she is trying to sell her all natural skin product line- It’s a marketing strategy.

    And some consider her words biblical- The world according to Gisele…. Put it out there,recant or clarify, your name is out and everything Gisele hits the roof. So while everyone is in a uproar. GB is counting her millions.

    magazine covers here we come…..Her PR does an excellent job. She does this time and time again. I give her one thing, she knows how to make money and lots of it.

    Why do you think she is in Forbes list every year, own $20 mil mansions around the world?

    Be wise, use your own judgement, research, select what’s right for you, your skin type etc..

  117. Sally says:

    @GeekChic: As another geek chick, I salute you! The ‘all-natural’ mantra (along with some ‘organic’ mantras) infuriate me.

    In New Zealand the sun is very strong, and people with fair skin can burn in less than 20 minutes. There is a hole in the ozone layer and most people have to wear sunscreen to avoid getting burnt – and lots of people get burnt anyway. In fact, if one is really interested in keeping their skin nice sunscreen (or something similar) should be worn every day. And here you are really only at risk in not getting enough vitamin D if you never go outdoors (like my grandmother).

    A general increase in skin cancer in westernised nations shows that people are not getting the message that they need to protect their skin – to stay in the shade where possible, and to cover up and wear sunscreen in the sun. If shade is not an option, wearing sunscreen is MUCH more beneficial than not wearing any.. you just need to find one that suits you (and that you are happy using, synthetic ingredients or not).

  118. meemee says:

    1-She’s stupid 2-last time I checked women have curves…she doesn’t. She just looks like a teen boy with breast and it doesn’t look good at all.

  119. Jag says:

    Haven’t read the comments, just the article. Yes, most sunscreens contain toxic chemicals that can cause cancer. If a person is worried about that, then they can buy alternative sunscreens without said chemicals. What Bundchen obviously is ignorant about is that getting sunburned also increases the risk of skin cancer. Her redness, and her baby’s, should be of great concern to her. She’s trying to protect her baby by not using chemicals, but then lets him get sunburned? There is no reason for a non-third world country, modern day child to become sunburned, especially one born to a wealthy parent.

    People are supposed to get around 15 minutes of direct sunlight either three times a week or daily, depending upon which “expert” you believe, in order to maintain vitamin D levels. (Low vitamin D is becoming an epidemic in some areas, and without it, our bones are at great risk.) Other than that exposure, sunglasses and either sunscreen and/or coverage are best.

  120. Po says:

    You know this women is given a lot of power, just ignore her and she’ll go away.

  121. Majosha says:

    @GeekChic: Thank you many times over for your well informed post.

  122. Liana says:

    Here’s my issue: “I cannot put this poison on my skin,” Bundchen — who has appeared in ad campaigns for Nivea Sun products…

    She had no problem taking money from Nivea to appear in their ads for this “poison” before launching her own line. So she helped sell the very stuff she’s complaining about. THAT is hypocritical and THAT is my issue with her. Not that she thinks sunscreens are poison, but that she apparently had no problem with it until she launched her own product line.

    I used Alba or Badger mineral products because I don’t like all the chemicals in regular sun products.

  123. Patty says:

    she has a body like a skinny shrek

  124. jello says:

    I’m with Jack and the others. I did a research paper on sunscreen for a chemistry class, and that stuff is far, far from benign. Even “natural sun blocks” have chemicals which are absorbed by the skin and into your system. Studies prove over time they affect DNA and increase chances of cancer. Use a hat, the shade, and get SOME sun to prevent vitamin D deficiency, which is rampant in the population.

  125. jello says:

    Sorry my post got caught in the awaiting moderation feed before I finished…

    GeekChic is right, chemicals are not absorbed by the skin, but there is a chemical reaction that occurs from transforming the energy of the sun, and that chemical process has be proven, in certain studies, over time to affect DNA, and increase chances of cancer. I’m not saying never use sunscreen, or burn away under the sun rays, but we don’t yet know the long term effects of sunscreen use.

  126. original kate says:

    “she has a body like a skinny shrek”

    @ patty: thank you for that!

    sun is good for you – you need vitamin D. lots of us here in seattle take vitamin D supplements because there is no freaking sun 9 months out of the year. so yes, sun is good but you have to protect your skin. remember that hole in the ozone problem? yeah, it’s still here. which means you have to protect your skin. sunblock is essential, you can wear a shirt or a big hat, etc. i have a pretty japanese parasol i use in the summer to shade my head and shoulders because i am very fair.

    for the people saying sunblock is so toxic: do you wear makeup? dye your hair? wear nail polish, drive a car, get your clothes dry-cleaned, eat hotdogs, smoke cigarettes – in general, do you live in the 21st century at all?

    kind of a no-brainer. i’m not sure why this is so hotly debated.

  127. Gabriela says:

    I think it is terrible to call her “stupid” based on things that were clearily taken out of context, she is often misunderstood but she is really smart.

    And as for you jealous girls critizing her body, FYI, she is the highest paid model, based only on her body. Bummer, right?

  128. chaotic says:

    See this only shows she has some super star power for sure if her words are constantly being picked on. Otherwise no one would care what she talks about. lol

  129. bored at work says:

    I don’t think this is a marketing ploy. She is just holier than thou and has probably gotten away with it for years because no one cares in the past what a model said but now in the internet age, everyone knows what everyone says therefore she is held more accountable. Not to mention that she traded on her personal life with Brady to create an image of herself to sell her products. And those who talk about her counting her millions, her millions came from being a model, not through her organic skin care line (which she couldn’t get any stores to stock so she has to trade on being famous to sell them through her website) As a model you are not the creative force in the room. You are there to sell the designers product. It’s a job where someone makes you looks presentable, someone tells you what to wear, someone tells you how to pose and everyone tells you to shut up so they can take the picture or you can walk down a catwalk. Her businesses are not her sources of cash. They are still in the start up phase. And if she had so much money and everyone was buying her products, she would not be making stupid comments then issuing retractions. She wouldn’t; care if she loses possible customers. Isolating the public that she wants to buy her products (as she is pitching herself as the earth goddess version of Martha Stewart with skincare) isn’t going to get sales up.

  130. 2outOf5 says:

    I agree w/her somewhat. Lotions do enter your bloodstream…we can now take medicines in the form of patches & they are absorbed into our skin.

  131. Hakura says:

    @lj“Bottom line is- she is trying to sell her all natural skin product line- It’s a marketing strategy.”

    You’re probably totally right on that one. I didn’t even think about it, honestly. (I can’t help but wonder, now… if she also sells breast pumps & post-pregnancy herbal dietary supplements/programs. >.> )

    @Gabriela“And as for you jealous girls critizing her body, FYI, she is the highest paid model, based only on her body. Bummer, right?”

    I mean no offense to you, but I can’t stand comments like these, blaming any & all criticism of another woman on jealousy. Can no one generally dislike someone without it being related to her appearance?

    I dislike her because she’s incredibly conceited & judgmental, & I’m not just referencing this story. She makes ridiculous comments, & as a public figure, she has a lot of influence on others. It’s irresponsible to speak so carelessly on a subject regarding health. (Granted I’m sure lj is right, & she’s making these statements to draw attention to her new product line).

  132. me says:

    i do not know who this idiot is nor do i care but now i know where people got the theory that models don’t have brains!

  133. Juu says:

    I wonder how she makes so much money with this bizarre body of hers…

  134. Cheyenne says:

    @geekchic: Your post was very long but most enlightening and informative. Thanks for sharing.

  135. Cheyenne says:

    @me: Maybe because models say dumbass things like these?

    Carole Mallory: I learned I am not my cleavage.”

    Beverly Johnson: “Everyone should have enough money to get plastic surgery.”

    Kathy Ireland: “Because modeling is lucrative, I’m able to save up and be more particular about the acting roles I take.” (Kathy starred in “Alien From L.A.” and “Danger Island,” movies so bad you can’t even find them on video)

    Kim Alexis: “I would rather exercise than read a newspaper.”

    Tyra Banks: “I haven’t seen the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre. I haven’t seen anything. I don’t really care.”

    Beverly Johnson: “My husband was just OK looking. I was in labor and I said to him, ‘What if she’s ugly? You’re ugly.'”

    Linda Evangelista: “I don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day.”

    Paulina Porizkova: “When I model I’m pretty blank. You can’t think too much or it doesn’t work.”

    Christy Turlington: “I think, ‘If my butt’s not too big for them to be photographing it, then it shouldn’t be too big for me.'”

    Linda Evangelista: “I can do anything you want me to do so long as I don’t have to speak.”

  136. snarky_pup says:

    When will this she-male shut up? PS Her body looks horrible in these pics. Arms too skinny (not toned), very obvious implants that look like oranges stuffed in her chest, no waistline, a flat butt that looks a bit saggy, and no hips. Yuck.

  137. Matt says:

    Gisele is clearly a pontificating hypocrite and her statements are dangerous.

    here in Sydney the weather reached 45•c yesterday. The burn time is extremely quick even at daybreak. There are plenty of safe organic products you can use, there is no excuse for not protecting children from the sun.

  138. Rachum says:

    yah, cause I thought you all knew about that rule that says UV radiation isn’t allowed to cause DNA mutations before 8am and after 5pm. It’s like a nature law or something. Gisele told me.

  139. blondie says:

    Anyone got dibs on which major magazine Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue wants the first story? It doesn’t hurt her any. No publicity is bad publicity. This just shows how relevant she still is, unlike haters claiming she is a hasbeen. Wrong again. Hasbeens have to do something major to get publicity aka porn tape,drug scandal,etc..; A listers say one thing and its “news”. Don’t you know someone in the media loves to twist her words to sell their papers? obviously they’re doing a good job…

    and Rafeli’s or any other models obviously can say w/e offensive things they want and it doesn’t get one mention, lol.and yes If Gisele called any country “primitive” she would be bashed to no end. Admit it, you guys would be here so fast saying “how dare she” LOL.

  140. kitty says:

    finally someone who isn’t a product of a PR person telling the celeb what to say every second. KUDOS for being real Gisele! I see REAL is not what people want to see. Fakeness is more embraced. How sad!

  141. Dove says:

    People twist whatever this girl says just to hate on her. Compared to other supermodels’ dramas and BS, Gisele is a saint. Compared to Hollywood celebrities’ dramas and BS she’s an amateur. She has a right to say what she likes or doesn’t like to use on her skin. If you don’t like it, than ignore her.

  142. gfd says:

    This girls “so called” drama’s are beyond petty compared to most of what I see and hear when I open an US weekly or watch E News. Did she make a racial slur? NO. Did she say something homophobic? NO. Is she caught in a drug scandal ala Charlie Sheen? NO. come on, this is petty. Who gives a F what she says or doesn’t say! Everyone can have an opinion, just like everyone on the internet does!!!! Don’t read her articles or interviews then. I see her topics always have so many comments compared to alot of other celebs, so obviously the media knows she is a hot topic. That’s all they care about, thus embellishing in the worse way possible, to get attention. Saying Gisele loves chocolate chip cookies would probably cause some controversy at this point, lol. I mean it’s getting ridiculous.

  143. Abby says:

    Well it’s nice to see Gisele is still relevant after 15 years as a model! All the cares over her words only further proves it.

  144. Crash2GO2 says:

    There were a few very good responses here regarding the sunscreen issue. GeekChick was absolutely right: Your skin is there for a reason. It is a barrier for all sorts of things, and chemicals are one of them. And jello hit the nail on the head about the conversion of some of these chemicals by the sun into something that might very well cause skin cancer over time.

    Physical sunscreens are probably a better choice (cover up or use mineral sunscreens) and use some common sense. And yes, our bodies do need some natural sunlight on the skin in order to synthesize Vitamin D.

  145. conversation says:

    half of the things I read from the “haters” are far more offensive than anything she could ever say, so….contradictory much?

  146. conversation says:

    fabritcation of the idiotic media.

  147. ReallyRosie says:

    Her kid was potty trained at 6 months old, huh? I think he should be re-named Boba Fett and we should clone this super human for his impossible rate of developement and make an Army of Storm Troopers with his DNA. Suck on THAT Afghanistan!!!

  148. Gabriela says:

    Ok, you can hate on her as much as you want. Even though all you know about her comes from the manipulative media, especially this blog that is not only informative, but also explicits the opinions from the authors, which can be an influence as well.

    But there were girls hating on her body, and let’s be honest… If she got millions out of it, it can’t be that bad, can it? And yes, I think they are jealous. Wouldn’t you be? Making millions for just looking pretty? I’m jealous, but at least I admit it.

  149. MAMA KOWALSKA says:

    I wish her WEIGHT GAIN and WRINKLES!!!!

  150. Katie says:


  151. Camille says:

    Lordy. Imagine if we put Gisele, GOOP and Natalie Portman in a room together. Can you imagine the shite they would come up with. *shudder*

  152. Liana says:

    again, she’s right about the chemicals in non-mineral sunscreens. But she had no problem doing print ads for Nivea Sun. So, as long as they’re paying her, she’ll rep something she wouldn’t actually use herself? That’s my only problem with this whole debacle, the hypocrisy.

  153. Anonimah says:

    Giselle: Do you want to continuous being the famous number ONE? You are serving as a role MODEL for keeping consumption SHEEOPLE “dum-down”.Do not upset your masters and do not interfere with the disease industry by having your healthy ideas,OK? Keep your trap shut!

  154. Newbie says:

    1. Wow. I’ve learned some stuff about sunscreen today. I’m going to switch to an organic and/or mineral brand.
    2. I hate Gisele. Overrated elitist pig, IMO. I feel sorry for Tom Brady. Oh wait. I don’t.
    3. Hate to break it to you, but it’s totally believable that her baby could be potty-trained. My sister spent 3 years in Russia, and says most children there are potty-trained before they’re able to walk and talk. Damned if I know how they do it, but I’ve heard of such things in other countries.

  155. Snarky_Pup says:


    I knew a woman from Russia who told me that they chain or tie babies to the toilet to potty train them so early. Don’t know if that’s really true or not. I hope not…

  156. Lway says:

    This woman speaks out of her ass. Skin Cancer is a horrible thing. That poor little baby – hopefully daddy has more brains!

  157. Dana M says:

    I think she was misunderstood during translation. She said she prefers to buy Sunscreen at Whole Foods that don’t have most of the harmful chemicals. She also said that She has family members with skin cancer and does encourage people to wear sunscreen.

  158. Donna says:

    GatsbyGal (comment #76) you might want to get your head checked out, how can you wish such a thing on an innocent child, hate on Gisele is one thing . . . . . yes she is stupid and has a horse face . . . . . . but hating an innocent child is just wrong!

  159. pplshu says:

    Good for her! life is way too short to worry about what other people think. they will always have opinions, and they will always tear you down. Kudos to a woman who refuses to let people tear her down. No one’s opinion of you should supercede your own, ever.

  160. gbfdx says:

    Taller, blonder, richer than thou

  161. Gaghh says:

    You ever notice that all those who complain and start rumors are usuall…y homely, old , and overweight jealous people? Who cares if Gisele said it was poison or not.. it probably is.. most everything we eat drink and put into our bodies on the market is poison.

  162. ragdoll says:

    Is silicone not a poisonous chemical? Do all the cosmetic companies that Gisele shills for know that she believes their products are detrimental to the public health?

  163. “I don’t use anything synthetic”. Very good, even if we did not have some sunscreen that do not have chemicals and are proper even for kids.