Jay-Z and Beyonce are taking a “trial separation” – rumor or true?

MediaTakeOut, not the most reliable source, is reporting that Beyonce and Jay-Z are separating after nearly two years of marriage. Beyonce went stag to the Grammy Awards and was seated next to her very dear sycophantic friend Gwyneth Paltrow. She was just seen on Saturday at an event with Jay-Z, though. According to MediaTakeOut, they’re arguing over whether to have kids and have decided to live on separate coasts for a while. If this is true, that won’t help.

MediaTakeOut.com just received some BLOCKBUSTER news . . . from a person close to Jay Z. Jay Z and Beyonce are taking what our snitch calls a “trial separation.”

According to our snitch the couple has been at odds for the last year. The insider explains,”The biggest thing [they argue about] is about kids, [Jay Z] wants them and Beyonce doesn’t. It’s all about her career, and she doesn’t want to slow down.”

Jigga is so animate about having kids, that MediaTakeOut.com learned he just ENTERED A LEASE to a Los Angeles mansion – without his wife!!! The insider claims, “For now [Jay Z's] going to be staying in LA. Beyonce will be in NY. . . The hope is that with the time apart, the couple will decide to either have kids, or go their separate ways.”

WOW. And we have SECONDARY confirmation of what our insider is claiming. According to multiple [CELEBRITY] guests on Saturday’s RocNation lunch, there was “definitely something wrong” between Jay Z and Beyonce. As one celeb puts it, “They didn’t even look each other in the eye.”

The staff here at MediaTakeOut.com are HUGE fans of Jay Z and Beyonce. We really hope Jigga changes his mind and works things out with wifey. . . .

[From MediaTakeOut]

I could see Jay-Z and Beyonce at odds over when and whether to start a family. He’s said it’s a priority, she’s either said it’s not or made some kind of hint that she’s trying and it’s not working yet. It’s hard to tell, but she’s probably not pregnant as US reported in October or she would be showing by now. If this is true, these two are going to keep it under wraps for as long as possible. As it is, this is MediaTakeOut so it could be complete crap.

Photos are from June, September and October of last year. Credit: WENN.com


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  1. ThatBoyLuke says:

    I think Jay-z can do so much better, sure he isn’t as attractive as her but he’s smart and seems like a nice guy while Beyonce is as dumb as they come and she’s always stealing songs/designs not to mention what a shady bitch she was in Destinys Child.
    I thought it was a commin rumour(?) that Jay Z has a thing for Rihanna anyway (which is supposedly what Beyonce’s song “Ring the alarm” was about).

  2. irishserra says:

    @ThatBoyLuke: Tell us how you really feel…

    Just kidding, I totally agree…

  3. Rita says:

    If this is true, I’m very surprised. I thought they were doing pretty good. After less than 2 years things are getting tippy? Marriage has become nothing but a lark for so many.

  4. TeeTee says:

    not beleiving anything MediaFAKEout says about this couple..

    doubt they’d have any insiders in this camp.

    they are the ones that keep anoucing she’s pregnant. LOL

  5. maya says:

    Sorry, this story needs a reliable source and Mediatakeout is NOT reliable. Mediatakeout has reported on numerous pregnancies on Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Khloe Kardashian, etc. and none of them were true.

  6. Fat Jenny says:


    Beyonce dumb?? Give me a break. She is multi-talented and an intelligent business woman. Plus, she seems like a sweet girl. I love how she handled the Taylor Swift incident. She loves to sing and perform, so having a baby right now will set her career back. She might want a family at a later time. Who knows.

  7. bagladey says:


  8. dread pirate cuervo says:

    So Jay-Z is “animate” about having kids? He’s a cartoon? Or he’s adamant? I’m not buying what you’re selling when you use words inappropriately.

  9. annaloo says:

    I doubt it.. These two were just Page Sixed meeting Gwyneth at Lure Fishbar in SoHo a few days ago. I think it’s safe to to say they are still a couple.

    Maybe Goop’s a bad influence on Beysus? SHE’S the one who seems to be having a trail separation. It’s legit to ask it of Goop, but I have my doubts on Beyonce being in separation territory…

  10. David says:

    He would be a fool to let her go.

  11. Jaana says:


  12. jover says:

    Sorry jenny but beyonce is dumb did she even graduate from high school Have you heard her in interviews not impressive; entertainers aren’t Oxford scholars but has she even read a book or does she even know what one is. SHe’s one of the most boring, monotonous, self-absorbed celebutards, and her music is generic pop that will be forgotten in 20 or 30 yrs. If she’s successful as a businesswomen, it’s because she has millions to hire people to make her look good. Sorry, jenny, that’s the reality, if she like most pop stars simply released her music and let it stand on its own, would we even know about her? But I’ll give her credit her marketing team is second to none.

  13. sassenach says:

    Sorry Jover, but I have seen Beyonce in person when she and Kelly went to Central Market here is Houston and she is stunning. She had on no makeup and was beautiful with a very small waist. She doesn’t need to pay millions to keep her that gorgeous.

    While I don’t like much of her music, she is very talented and keeps her nose clean.

  14. Naw, Bruh. I'm Good says:

    Ok – a rumor:
    1.) He has a secret Diana Ross/Berry Gordy Lovechild kid she knows about, pre-dates the marriage and has embraced (a la her pappy’s situation) so there is no rush for a family. Guess who the babymama is purportedly related to? Oh na na, what’s her name? ‘Splainsalot now don’t it?

    Ok – some facts:
    2.) He’s 40 dang years old. If he already has a kid and she’s not pressing the issue, why should he? He could have Anthony Quinn-y sperm swimming in that New York State of Body or stored at a New York State a Sperm Bank.
    3.) Lots of long-married Black hollyhood couples “take breaks.” Sometimes, it’s called working and the stress related to the job. Anybody read Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee’s book?
    4.) They both seem to be strong personalities. Can’t they both just not get along some time? How does that automatically equate to a separation?
    5.)Who took bets that it was all a business arrangement and wouldn’t last anyway? She upgraded him and he done went and decoded himself. Maybe the paperwork is about to expire and somebody isn’t re-upping the option or doesn’t like the points on the record-I-mean-marriage contract.

    I like them – alone and as a couple. I think they’re real and they’re just going thru normal black hollyhood marital stuff. Aren’t we starting to come up on those first few marital itchy years for them? Amongst my set, tho, I’m in the minority and folk think that last option above is the situation.

    God bless them, whatever the deal is. Long as they keep going to work and doin’ their jobs, I’m good.

  15. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    dont care about these two AT ALL. If you have to move to opposite coasts to “work it out” you might as well hang up your hat. Distance will not fix issues like this.

  16. ThatBoyLuke says:

    @Jenny Beyonce IS totally dumb, yes she’s a good singer and entertainer bit that’s it. Have you ever seen her sit and talk about something of any importance like Shakira, Madonna or even Gaga? no…
    Alls she talks about is what product she’s pimping out (in a completely boring media trained personality free way) and as for business she has practically nothing to do with it, it’s all taken care of by her father and she just watches the money roll in.

  17. malachais says:

    Mediatakeout is a joke, all they do is post outrageous crap that’s not even true. I don’t believe this for a minute and I don’t like Beyonce or Jay-Z.

  18. ghoulish_moose says:

    I’m surprised these two haven’t split up already. I always thought they were a mis-matched couple.

    Even if this story isn’t true, I forsee it on the horizon sometime soon anyway. They don’t strike me as a “till death us do part” kinda couple.

  19. harry says:

    shame, bey hot for days, just give her a baby dude and stop being a mamma’s boy. ps; try holding her hand more too ya big dummy

  20. Marjalane says:

    Don’t care if they break up. HATED Beyonce’s new “Barbie” look last night.

  21. DGO says:

    Anyone remember the footage from a few years back of Jay-Z slapping some woman backstage?

    Anyway, I can’t stand either of them. They’re both over-rated. That said, if Beyonce is ever going to have a biological baby, it better be soon. She’s not as young as she says she is.

  22. Kim says:

    Well I heard they were happy at the Interscope after party last night. MTO is the least reliable gossip site out there they are comparable to Star Magazine. Mary J Blige has been pregnant 10 times according to them.

  23. JenJen says:

    Maybe he didn’t want to be seen with Goopy and ruin his “street cred”.

  24. ghoulish_moose says:

    @harry – Its HIM that wants the baby, not HER.

  25. JustBe says:

    Beyonce doesn’t necessarily strike me as someone who is unintelligent, but I think she has been very controlled all her life. I think that every move in her career and most of her life has been managed by her parents and other people to the point where she was rarely challenged with having to think/learn for herself.

    At this point, there are probably at least a few hundred people whose livelihood is directly dependent on her popularity. Since she has no acting talent, that popularity is totally dependent on her music career. I think that her handlers are very weary of losing the coveted top stop (in terms of concert tickets/album sales) that she generates. The ‘House of Dereon’ clothing line would crash and burn without her appearing in the PR for the gaudy clothing. Her father’s influence/control within the music industry (you play this single, not that one) would dry up. Too many people are directly dependent on her remaining at her current peak (not that that’s really possible, everybody falls eventually).

    I think that she and JayZ are an interesting couple because they are so different. Jay seems like he’s always been in control of everything that remotely has to do with his image. He’s made some very smart moves, and some not so smart, but he seems like he was always the one with the final say. Outside of the basic details of her marriage, I don’t think Bey is able to make too many decisions regarding her life without the committee of handlers that have surrounded her for the past decade.

    I don’t know if their relationship is on the rocks, but I would imagine that at this point, the dynamic of the Beyonce machine is taking a toll on their relationship. I think the kid thing is a big part of it, but I would bet that the bigger reason is that she is split between wanting to be free to be in her marriage and following the same behavior she’s always done, letting her parents control her.

  26. im a hater says:

    we have seen this before brad and aniston, a man wants a family the woman only cares about her job… he leaves meets a woman who will give him what he wants, she will be single cos she lost the love of her life due to her selfish ways…

  27. guesty says:

    imma gonna go with rumor.

  28. JenJen says:

    #26- That’s right, just like Aniston, when you are so in love with yourself and your body, there’s no room for sacrifice and that is all you are left with.

  29. Angel says:

    @ #26 You are so right ! Agree 100%

  30. lisa says:

    I don’t know if this is true or not. You would think couples talk about having children at the beginning. And talk about when they want to start a family. as much as women think they can start whenever.. the truth is Nature is not so fair to women. Many find out that when they are finally ready the body and biology comes into play and they may not be able to have that baby. Looking at other women (especially celebrity women that seem to be popping babies left and right) just sets lots of women up for disappointment.

    Jay is getting older.. Some men want to be young enough to play with their children. So they should have known where the other stood. Babies whether to have them or not should NEVER be surprise discussion.

  31. Tamiko says:

    Thank you, whoever brought up the video of Jay-Z’s worthless ass assaulting a woman backstage!! I cannot STAND this woman-hating, unrepentant drug dealer or his vapid, dumb wife. If they split, maybe they’ll both go away. I blame Matthew Knowles. He’s the reason she’s constantly inflicted on me.

  32. nnn says:

    If it’s true, maybe the relationship runs its course …

    I mean Beyonce has been dating Jay Z since she turned 18. He was 31 already. So it would make sense that he wants children now, after being her man for more than a decade.

  33. Ms. Candie says:

    I don’t know can’t really say if that is true or not -
    I do agree that marriage is a full-time job witin itself and couples need to learn to balance the same way they do their actual jobs.

  34. devilgirl says:

    Meh, I doubt there is much to this story.

  35. Black Beauty says:

    @ Harry it’s not JayZ that doesn’t want kids it Beyonce get your facts straight or better yet more carefully. It’s sad before they got married she knew he wanted kids and he knew she wasn’t ready to have kids anytime soon. So my big question is why did they both get married if they didn’t agree on when to have children?????

  36. jb says:

    I don’t buy that he ready do a movie Will Smith and she be doing a movie later on with Cline Easterwood..

  37. Camille says:

    It sounds like another Brad and Jen story here (agree with #26 as well). I buy this. I don’t think Beyonce wants kids (not that there is anything wrong with that ;) ).

    @lisa: Great comment, well said, I agree.

  38. candy says:

    It seems to me that Beyonce was ready to throw in the towel when she was rushed into the marriage by Jay-Z. Her song ‘If I was a Boy’ was very telling and it was right after that song came out that the quickie wedding happened. Jay-Z is not one to lose so his impatience will be the doom of this partnership if he doesn’t back off.

  39. Boey Jellodonna says:

    They’ll both buy each other some sort of expensive baubles or luxury cars and everything will be peachy again because that’s what makes people like these two tick…buying things and spending money in the most ostentatious ways possible.

  40. Jeannified says:

    I believe it…

  41. sandip says:

    Don’t believe the story. I am sure that they talked about children before they got married. She has said she wants to be a mother like her mother and you need time to spend with your child and on the road does not allow that. The difference in Beyonce and Jen is, Bey is 30 Jen is 44, Jen was overweight when she was younger and works hard for her body. Bey does not work that hard on her body.

  42. tara says:

    There whole “relationship” is a business arrangement so this sounds like a lil pr becuz bleachy aka beyonce is preparing an album…..also lets not act like just becuz a “couple” is seen together and appear happy or fine that that means they are…..were jen n brad argiing or showing signs…were jess n nick….were ashely and that fallout guy?? So things arent always what they seem…..but personally i dont think these two will “divorce” until they can no longer profit from remaining “married” n e more…….

  43. B says:

    LOL, ditto re: DREAD’s comment. Journalism at its finest: “…so animate about having kids…”

    Animate/adamant, nice job writers at MediaTakeOut. Maybe it’s street slang or something. Either way it leads to no cred.

  44. Louise says:

    Isn’t Media Takeout the site that confirmed Beyonce was 100% pregnant at least 3 times? Nobody should post a story when the source is MTO.

  45. Sara says:

    I find it so funny to hear people call Beyonce dumb! She made about $87 million last year and about $85 million the year before. The years before that were about the same. So if you call her dumb, I would love to be that kind of dumb!

  46. truthzbetta says:

    Her weave is tryin’ to separate from her roots. Evidence: top pic, plain to see.

  47. HonestSally says:

    Could be crap? More like for sure it’s “do do,” and no I’m not a fan of theirs.

  48. MyKosmo says:

    I don’t know what either of them are really like outside of the media pics and blurbs; however, I go with Beyonce in that if she isn’t ready to have children, she should not have to. This is a subject they would have hopefully discussed prior to marriage, so I’m guessing that she’s interested in having a family later on. It’s easy for the man to say let’s have children because they don’t have to go through the childbirth issues, not to mention her life will drastically change while he can still be out moving around in the music world.

  49. Conando says:

    @ Sara, wtf does how much money she makes have to do with it? Just look at how much Britney makes.

  50. geekylove says:

    and #14:
    ok, i don’t get it. i’m from europe, so maye it’s a cultural thing…
    there are black marriages??? how are they opposed to other marriages?? you marry in a church of black stone?? in the blackest of the night??
    discrimination goes both ways. can you honestly tell me we’re separating social roles by skin color??!!
    i understand that some people may have different identities and therefore express their view on or way of living in some social roles differently, BUT WE ARE ALL LIVING IN WESTERN SOCIETY (yes, even if you are in arabic world), and institutions of that society are SAME for everyone(or should be) no matter skin color, parents, or whatever!

  51. vegemite says:

    To Candy@39-Beyonce doesnt write her songs,she just claims to.I think there have been a few quickly quashed lawsuits about copyright.Also,I’ve heard that one of the pre-requisites to Bey singing people’s songs is that they give her credit for ‘writing it’.
    To anyone who thinks she is 30,ps go on you tube and type in ‘beyonce is a fake’;there is a video of Kelly Rowland going “shhhh” when Matthew Knowles mentions her age.

  52. geekylove says:

    edit: not that i have anything against anyone. i don’t. and no offense to arabic world:iwas in tunisia, and i command people there for bringing revolution that half of the world still needs.

  53. whitedaisy says:

    I remember the video of Jay-Z striking that woman. He shoved her on her face so hard she went down to the ground.
    He is a misogynistic narcissist and I would be unsurprised to learn that he is emotionally abusive as well.

  54. frimzie says:

    hmmm… all is about kidssssssss , and that is one of the most important thing is a love live cus Bey & Jay are no longer getting younger . caring about your career more than the second most important thing in life will neva work for a marriage couples… Bey have to make that decision up… she should know that they are no more growing younger , they’ll neva be young forever…

  55. SYDNEY says:

    Just watch them it’s non of your business relationship or marriage it’s between two people only,I like those’s are giving them the support.bitches are one with no boyfriends like you.I love you guy God bless you.

  56. Tiffany says:

    I thought Jovah was her “handler”. I doubt they are splitting. They both love money too much, and profit off each other.

  57. Newbie says:

    PLEASE can some of you stop with the Jen/Brad shit? He did an interview last year during the media blitz for Inglorious Basterds where he said, upfront, that it was HE who didn’t want kids until he met Angelina. So quit laying it at Aniston’s door. And I’m sorry, but it ain’t the 50′s anymore. Women don’t have to have babies just because their husbands demand it.

  58. Alex says:

    They’ve only been married for ‘almost two years’ so why the f*ck would she want to rush into kids??? Why wouldn’t she want to take a few years to adjust to and enjoy being married first?

  59. tina E says:

    Everybody’s not into kids.Beys said it as nice as she can. She’s just not that into being someones mom. What’s wrong with that? She’s probably not that into the Illuminati ish either. I’m glad she’s standing up for herself and not giving into JZ’s bull ish. He’s already got a couple baby mama’s in his camp. Bey probably sees how he treats them, and their mothers and she doesn’t want that for herself. I think that’s why she stays super busy so she won’t have to see and deal with him. I applaud her for being a star in her own right and not bowing down to the likes of this has been drug dealer who got his start selling crack on the streets of NY.
    And yes I also saw the video where he slapped that woman down to the floor in S Africa. (It was snatched off the internet real quick) It was shortly after the C Brown, RiRi mess, and he was talking ish about C Brown. Now he’s sneakin around tryin to steal acts from other producers. He better know what he’s doing. And yes, I do think her dad set her up with this nothin, and now it’s backfiring on his(Matthew Knowles) nothin ass. Beys also seen what her mom has put up with all these years with Matthew. I say to Bey, count yo blessings, and yo losses and get on with yo life without any extra baggage.


  60. Nah, Bruh. I'm Good. says:

    @51 – Geekylove from Europe

    Happy African-American History Month:-)

    -It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.
    Audre Lorde -

    Thanks for your response and I welcome the opportunity to educate you a little on a woman that, had she not existed, there would be no Beyonce OR Jay-Z. Here’s what happened to her marriage and, while I get that you don’t understand it from your Eurocentric viewpoint, I can guarantee you from my American one that a lot of her situation had to do with her African-Americaness, too.


    Thanks Again, Happy Reading and I’m Still Good:-)

  61. kdstuart says:

    Come on people beyonce is in her 20s at a very good point in her career. Why would she stop now? To start a family!! Maybe in a few years gotta get it while your on top cause you will not always be there. Jay Z has been through these things she is still trying to do . She is a artest and a very intellegent one. I am sure she takes motherhood very serious and wants to do it properly not in the mist of her working . JAY should be patient after all these are things that should have been taken into consideration long ago. She is much younger then him and he has accomplished some of the things she wants to achieve. I don’t think anything controls her other then her desire for success. Her desire to be one of the best.

  62. Abby says:

    Okay, maybe my math is different from you guys, but didn’t they get married like 4/4/08? Which means that they have been married almost 3 years, not 2.

    I don’t really care for them, but strange things can get stuck in my head at times, like that. Apparently 4 is their lucky number, and maybe her birthday is on a 4th?

  63. Kacy Smith says:

    I wish Taylor an enchanted life. She is a talented lady.

  64. Itos says:

    lies, all are just fake lies and i know even if it were tru that this two will work it out………..

  65. angel says:

    I think people are wasting their time reacting to this story. It sounds so outrageously false, it’s almost funny. Who moves an entire coast away to work on a marriage? And given both of their egos, no sources around either of them would’ve gotten word to even leak this “scoop”. It’s about image first with Bey and Jay.. let’s be real! If it’s going to effect how they are SEEN by people, it’s not going to see the light of day!

    RUMOR! (and a bad one, at that!)