Megan Fox’s trainer claims Fox just cannot put on weight normally


In recent photos of Megan Fox, I’ve noted time and time again how thin she looks. She’s always been a small girl – she seems like she’s naturally petite, and my guess is that she’s barely five foot three or so, probably a natural size two or zero. So she’s probably one of those women where even five pounds gained or lost makes a dramatic difference. Like with so many Hollywood women, I wish that Megan would realize how much better she looks with just a little extra weight – it softens her face, makes her plastic surgery look less noticeable and abrasive, and she doesn’t look too “painfully thin” in a bikini. Anyway, some of the most of recent sightings of Megan have been in her new ads for Armani, like this new commercial:

After that commercial came out, many, MANY people were talking about Megan’s slender body. So Hollywood Life did an interview with Megan’s trainer, who tries to explain it:

“Do I worry about Megan getting too skinny? Yeah!” exclaims Harley, who trains Megan and other celebrities like Robert Pattinson, Katy Perry and Amanda Seyfried.Megan Fox has been looking particularly thin lately, and 81% of you voted you were worried about how tiny she is getting. But her trainer Harley Pasternakassures the actress eats a lot and explains why she’s so skinny.

“Believe it or not she has this really fast metabolism,” explains Harley. “So her training is all about body toning and sculpting. With her its really about she’s eating enough of the rightthings. People thought ‘Oh she must be anorexic’ but she’s far from that!”

In fact, Harley reveals, Megan gets very upset when she hears people think she has an eating disorder, especially since she struggles to gain weight. “She gets frustrated at times because she’s like ‘I need to put on weight.’ So she actually weight-trains to keep on that lean muscle tissue.”

The 5 factor fitness trainer went on to explain the kind of training he does with Megan to make her stomach toned and muscular. “The key to Megan’s abs is first of all genetics,” Harley says. “The second is that we train her abs on all three planes. It’s not just about crunch, crunch, crunch. It’s about working her body up and down and side to side and rotation. We train all three of her rectus abdominis, her obliques and her corset muscle to make sure that her abs are not just tight and strong but small. The corset pulls it all in.”

[From Hollywood Life]

Are you tempted to believe him? Sure. Except that Megan has a history of opening her mouth and saying all kinds of dumb crap that contradicts her trainer. In 2008, she discussed her weight loss after the first Transformers: “I just stopped eating. I don’t eat very healthy anyway — I have a serious sugar tooth, so now [when I want to put on weight], I eat red-velvet cake before I go to bed every night, and if you eat meals later, you’ll put on weight faster, so I had dinner at 10 p.m.” And then in 2009, when she was asked about her alleged eating disorder, she told Rolling Stone: “If I did talk about it, I’d be taking on a role-model status, and I’d have to choose my words very carefully, and I’d have to make sure I reveal it in a specific way, and I don’t want to do it.”

So, basically, Megan sometimes starves herself and sometimes she binges, and she has a trainer who makes her exercise a lot, and we’re just supposed to believe all of this is natural, I guess.





Photos courtesy of Bauer-Griffin & Armani.

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  1. trollydolly says:

    Lovely looking woman, shame about the hideous tattoos. Really vulgar looking.

  2. Violet says:

    it’s too easy to google early pictures of megan fox, where she had a healthy body that i can’t believe her trainer/mouthpiece thinks we’re going to buy this stuff. or that we care enough.

  3. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    From what Megan has said about her own eating habits (and her hair falling out and stuff), I’m more inclined to believe she has an eating disorder.

    I’ve been on the other side- I played college ball and trained all the time and couldn’t put on muscle (like bulkier muscle) so I was a really ripped skinny person. That got me A LOT of hate from other teammates who kept thinking I had a problem. But I doubt Megan works that hard without a little help from her bad behaviors ha.

  4. TXCinderella says:

    Every guy I know thinks she is smoking hot, so what does that say about our countrys standards? They like the skinny chicks with the bolt-ons. Sad.

  5. CIdee says:

    I think she looks fabulous. Its not like her bones are sticking out ala the cast of Ally McBeal.

  6. Lauren says:

    She said last summer that she could go a week without eating! She is beautiful, wish she would stop lying & contradicting herself. Scar-Jo looks so much healthier than love her too.

  7. Jenna says:

    She was definitely bigger back on Hope and Faith and that terrible Lindsay Lohan movie. I doubt she’s just naturally that way.

  8. Gwen says:

    I think I’ve lost the ability to see what a “normal healthy body” looks like for women. Thank you Hollywood :(

  9. I’ve never seen a navel that looks that way. Weird.

  10. Granger says:

    Of course she “can’t” gain weight. She lives in Hollywood, where the “norm” is exercising two hours a day, six days a week, and surviving on a 1,400 calorie/day diet of steamed fish and naked salad.

    I’ll never forget reading an interview a few years ago with a well-known actress who impressed the interviewer because she was on time for her photo shoot. She had even — gasp! — skipped her daily breakfast of ONE BOILED EGG so she wouldn’t be late!!!

    It would have been funny if it weren’t so unbelievably sad.

  11. Theuth says:

    It’s easy to talk like that when most of the people doesn’t have a conscious idea on how the body works…really. So many confuse body type with methabolism, curvy with overweight, muscle with fat, and throw themselves into the hands of trainers and doctors who have NO references (or worse, try alone in the worst ways).
    I think Megan Fox is a petite girl, but she keeps her weight under strict control because her lower part is bigger than the top (hipbones, in contrast with a very thin chest and possibly small implants): she probably works out like crazy and eats small meals. IF she has a ED, maybe it’s bulimia, and her methabolism is wrecked because of this.

  12. malachais says:

    From my experience I have notice some people with high metabolisms tend to not eat so healthy, so this may be her issue. So maybe she went through a phase of not eating (due to depression, stress, etc), and lost a ton of weight.

  13. postaldog says:

    Or how about this: She spends an entire summer running her mouth and ends up being kicked out of the only profitable professional venture she’s been involved with? Her last couple of movies have tanked. And besides her heroin-chic Armani ads, she isn’t working. She might just be depressed about her career or lack of same and it is taking a toll on her physique.

    And covering her anorexic frame with white trash tattoos isn’t helping matters much.

  14. Addie says:

    Never understood why some compare her looks to Angelina, just cos they both have tattoos? She looks more like Evangeline Lily to me.

    @Gwen, I agree completely.

  15. tapioca says:

    She got famous playing the “hot girl” with the curvy body and now her career is in the toilet she’s either not eating from stress, or under the impression that by slimming down people will take her acting more seriously. To be honest, I miss the Megan Fox that had sexuality oozing out of her every pore; she was fun to make fun of!

  16. flourpot says:

    I looked just like her – minus the ripped abs – until I had a kid. Changed my metabolism and I finally got those hips I always wanted. Same with Megan. She probably eats poorly and she’s working out so she’s got no body fat to speak of. As for an eating disorder? Dunno – I’d think more of just unhealthy eating.

  17. baby says:

    i dunno, i think she looks really good here. altho don’t go by me i have plenty of food issues myself.

  18. viper says:

    The body she had in TF2 is the normal range, now though she is grossly under weight. Now its as if she weight 40 kilos which is beyond gross. I dont even know one single guy that likes this type of body on a woman. I still cannot believe this girl pulls this shit on people. She’s just a borderline liar.

  19. khaveman says:

    Hollywood has a way with messing with your mind. I think she looks beefier than Angie, aka Skeletor, so to me she’s fine. Someone who looks way to thin is Gisele.

  20. jc126 says:

    Huh. I’d sell a kidney to have a body like that.
    However, she’s uglied herself with those hideous tattoos. I had NO idea she was so short! I thought she was tall.
    She’s tiresome. She also claims to have been an “outcast” in high school. Sure.

  21. Tall swede says:

    Many hollywood women are short with short kind of stubby legs. And a long torso like Megan. She is pretty but she shouldn’t have done the plastic surgery.

  22. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I don’t believe her trainer. There’s a girl at my gym that really can’t gain weight. Her goal is to get up to 125. She’s 5’4″. I think last year she started at 90-95 & is now between 105-110. She eats high calorie but healthy & does alot of heavy weight training. She’s gotten alot stronger but she’s still skinny as hell (yes, I haz the jeallies) & she’s way skinnier than these pics of Megan.

  23. Dani says:

    I don’t know. I thought she was prettier before she tweaked her face. She used to be much rounder. Not heavy but not this thin. I wouldn’t go so far to say she isn’t beautiful because well that would just be stupid but I am not sure I buy the metabolism story. She has contradicted herself multiple times in the press.

  24. Susan says:

    Too bad her career bottomed out.

    I mean, I’d be pissed if the only publicity I could get revolved around a suspected ED and underwear modeling.

  25. Roma says:

    Well what is her trainer supposed to say? “Yah, Megan has a rampant ED due to the stress of being thin in this industry; I just do my best to prop up her bones with a little muscle”.

    I’m all about healthy fit. I just finished watching Dead Like Me and was shocked to watch the main chick melt away as the seasons went on.

  26. mln76 says:

    I have a really good friend who for years was underweight, she went to doctors, got Vitamin B shots every week etc etc. Everyone just assumed she was anorexic. It didn’t help that she is a 5 3 blonde who is very attractive. People who didn’t know her would give her looks and in restaurants the waitress would sneer at her for ordering a salad or ever said she wasn’t hungry in public.(I witness this myself) Finally she figured out that she has an allergy to wheat and she’s put on like 15 lbs and looks much better but is still extremely thin.
    I know most people in Hollywood are starving themselves but, there are sometimes hidden reasons behind their extreme thinness.

  27. BJ says:

    I am one of the few it seems who like Fox is naturally prone to being thin and lean. My parents are both very tall, my mother very lean (at 6′). I eat every few hours because I am hungry but I don’t seem to be able to put on even 5 lbs. But unlike Fox who admitted to perhaps binging or just ‘not eating’ I do think I’m just small in general. I hope in the future she has a healthier approach to eating.

  28. meg says:

    LOL @ Roma. If the trainer DID say that- I’d sign my fat behind up in a heartbeat, regardless of how much is cost! Honesty like that is rare!

  29. Call Me Al says:

    she’s thin but looks good. gwyneth is the one who looks like she’s starving and everyone on here was talking about how good she looked. ugh.

  30. original kate says:

    yes, it is really hard to put on weight when you either stop eating or throw up everything. durrrr!

  31. Gwenevere says:

    What is this nonsense people keep spouting on this site about people being ‘naturally’ or ‘unnaturally’ thin? Everyone is naturally supposed to be thin (also known as healthy, an no I am not talking about being as skinny as Megan is). Obesity is what is unnatural. The eating habits of the average North American are unnatural.

    Isn’t it amazing how everyone in Hollywood has a ‘naturally fast metabolism’ that allows them to eat ‘whatever they want’ and do only yoga for exercise? They are all complete liars. Many of them have eating disorders and many others use cocaine and other stimulants. To pretend they were born that way or do no work to look that way is a disservice to the average woman who has to work at being fit.

  32. rissa says:

    Her belly button is disgusting

  33. operagirl says:

    So, she’s . . . abbie something.

    Abbie Normal, I believe.

  34. jover says:

    There is nothing “lovely” about this uneducated illiterate ungrateful hack. She’s as nasty and empty on the inside as on the outside. Thankfully, she will soon be forgotten – is she delusional or does she realize even the fanboys now realize what a joke she is and have moved on.

  35. Valentine says:

    Do people ever get plastic surgery on belly buttons? It looks like it was altered to look like a vertical line.

  36. Solveig says:

    I believe what her trainer says, because I for one have the same problem.
    When she says that if she wants to lose weight she simply stop eating, probably she meant that she doesn’t need to exercise, so if she really struggles for gaining weight I believe that she doesn’t starve herself often.
    Finally eating without rules, doesn’t mean having eating disorders.
    You like to scream “anorexic” too much, I see.

    @malachais (12), I completely agree, when you are a person with high methabolism like me (and probably Megan), slightly differences on moods make huge difference on weight. And I too tend not to eat too healthy, although I’m vegetarian and because I don’t gain weight at all I don’t worry having a sweet tooth… this isn’t healthy, because not gaining weight doesn’t mean that (bad) cholesterol levels aren’t high.

    Ps: Megan looks thin, not anorexic. Giuliana from E! is anorexxic, Donatella Versace’s daughter is anorexic. Can you see the difference?

  37. Kim says:

    I was same way when young. I would eat and eat and never gain weight. My mother even took me to Dr thinking perhaps i had a tape worm or something.

    It was really hurtful when people assumed i had an eating disorder.

    Original Kate et all – bullying someone for being to thin is no different than bullying someone for being fat.

    I know alot of celebs say they have fast metabolism but are popping pills etc but you cant assume they are ALL doing that.

  38. jenna says:

    Honestly, I have the same problem keeping up a decent weight. I have to drink Ensure every day on top of my meals in order not to look emaciated. It can happem!

  39. Raven says:

    Kim@ The different between you and Megan Fox is that you eat and eat and never gain weight while she eat and eat stopped eating and uses the excuse that she don’t eat very healthy anyway so its ok, natural thin people don’t have to starve themselves for any period of time to stay or be that size.

  40. jayem says:

    Uh, Gwenevere, not everyone is supposed to be “thin”. People have different body shapes, along with other factors like height, metabolism, and genetics. Thin and healthy are not the same thing.

  41. S_____ says:

    I’m glad some of the skinnies weighed in. I won’t bother with my host of “I eat and I’m that thin” comments.
    I figure metabolic freaks like that who also have pretty faces just end up in Hollywood.

  42. rw says:

    i am a “metabolic freak” like her. i am 5’2″ and my weight varies from 95 to 105. it is hard for me to keep muscle on and people are always accusing me of having an eating disorder. my mom is the same way.
    it really is possible to be thin naturally. i eat when i’m hungry and stop eating when i’m full. i’m always shocked by the amount of controversy that causes.

  43. testington says:

    it is the classic Hollywood Hourglass figure formula. pear shaped girl + breast implant – 15 lbs = hourglass

    exact same as others like Kate Beckinsale. The breast implants give the illusion of a curvy figure and some body fat. But if you ignore the breasts you can tell she is way too skinny.

  44. Daniella says:

    So, she has celiac or some other type of malabsorption condition?? What is he talking about exactly?

  45. Newbie says:

    Yeah, she’s on the thin side. But she’s still got some muscle mass in her legs and her arms, so I think she’s still ok. And she’s still got an ass. I actually think she looks pretty good, with or without the surgery, she’s completely gorgeous. I don’t believe her trainer, though. She had a really bangin’ body at the start of her career, so we all know she’s capable of being heavier.
    I have to say that I agree with the trainer in theory, though. I can’t gain weight either. Since I met my husband over 15 years ago, I out-eat him whenever we sit down together. I snack all day and the only time I gained 10 pounds was when I was eating 1 pint of Ben & Gerry’s, every single night (I’m not kidding), when going through post partum after our daughter was born. I’m not saying this to be snotty. I’m assuming there’s probably something wrong with me, and that it will eventually even out. All I’m saying is that it’s more common than people think.

  46. Gabriela says:

    I am naturally that skinny, probably thinner. So yea, I guess I believe

  47. Isa says:

    I think that yes, she is a naturally slender girl. But that she obviously works hard for her body. If she wants to put on weight while maintaining the level of activity she will have to up her calorie intake.

    I know it’s def. possible to struggle to gain weight. But all her other comments make me wonder….

  48. Jay says:

    Oh, and Howard Stern, egotist of the nth degree, hates her. That makes you just want her dead even more.

  49. Mike says:

    @ postaldog:
    March 8th, 2011 at 9:40 am

    I laugh at these comments. People are acting like Megan Fox talked about Francis Ford Coppola. So now Michael Bay is one of the best and most powerful directors on the planet? Lest we forget, the fuckery that was “Transformers 2″, and the shit that came down on it. So now we have to take it all back because one of the stars, like Bruce Willis and Kate Beckinsale, isn’t gonna be an ass-kissing robot?

    And replacing Megan with one of those Victoria’s Secret supermodel with Mrs. Potato Head lips for “Transformers 3″? It’s gonna be deja vu all over again, and the fact that there’s such a thing as the threequel curse just furthers the fact that it’s gonna be just as embarrassing as the last one. Whenever we think about the “Transformers” franchise, it’ll be about the female stars.

    But, hey, the film might get Golden Globes in all categories, because Michael Bay is God. What do I know?

  50. honeyv says:

    Yeah I don’t believe anything. It’s a completely bullsh*t. They all say the same about celebs, like, they eat a lot but don’t put on weight, or eat only hamburgers but they stay healthy and fit… Give me a break..I mean, you can see she works out, but she’s more like anorexic type. And she said it herself, she starved. So my final thoughts: celebrities’ lifestyles are lies. They live different, they aren’t ordinary people. Even if they give “advices”, normal people can’t take them because they simply can’t afford their lifestyle. It’s that simple..

  51. Chloeeeee says:

    I know everyone hates her but I am one of those people who watched interviews that come off WAAAYYYYY different than when you read it. If anything, she was too comfortable. Some of the stupid shit she said was more like stupid shit you’d say to your friend but you shouldn’t say to an interviewer. Yet I still think there’s something likable about her. As for her appearance, anyone who says she didn’t get plastic surgery is on crack. She should have stopped a looong time ago but I still think she can get it back-even the career. Put on some weight, let the puffiness wear off from the injections, lay off them and let your poor face rest and get on track.

  52. Annie says:

    It’s always hard to gain weight on cocaine and adderall.

    There are some natural metabolic freaks but their skinny frames suit them and generally they’ve been rail thin since childhood.

  53. NicoleAM says:

    Sorry, I don’t think she looks anorexic. I’m a little over 5’4 and I weight about 100lbs. I have a very small appetite, always have. I would like to gain a good ten pounds so I’m actually taking a psychiatric med just for its weight gain side effect. Extreme, I know :O

  54. poodlemom says:

    I want to take her to Friendlies for a kid’s meal.

  55. me says:

    I love how the girl is starving herself to death but there’s people more concerned with her tattoo’s. Sorry old people but get with the times already, there’s nothing wrong with tattoos and everything wrong with being uptight and full of prejudice.

  56. lindsay says:

    who cares about beautiful rich assholes? obviously i do and so do you. shame on all of us.

  57. Mouse says:

    I think it’s funny and pathetic how obviously staged these photos are and that they came out the day after she was snapped looking high as hell in sweatpants and a ball cap.

  58. Sue says:

    keith133@ the interview I posted might be from 2008 but the link Roma post was from March 2011 about how she can’t put on weight even though she wants’ too yet she has a mostly raw and vegan food, with no dairy diet and according to her trainer she has “a really fast metabolism” and add that to her diet it not healthy.

    NicoleAM@ she and her tranier have both said she has a big appetite so she not the same as you and she also says how sometimes she does not eat.