Is Kate Winslet hooking up with John Mayer?


Kate Winslet isn’t really my favorite person in the world, but I’ve been able to maintain some goodwill for her. I think she’s a talented actress, I think she’s smart and interesting, and I genuinely enjoy that her weight fluctuates through the years, like many (non-celebrity) women. What I don’t enjoy so much? I don’t like that she seems to be lying about the cosmetic work she’s done to her face. And I didn’t really care for her whirlwind post-divorce romance with that vague-looking male model. The whole thing seemed beneath her and like she was aiming at “revenge” on her ex, Sam Mendes, but a girl’s gotta have her fun, I guess.

But I draw the line at his. This will make me hate Kate. Star Magazine reports that Winslet has had some “secret” hookups with… JOHN MAYER. He’s a predator, you know, and he loves to get a girl right after she’s had some kind of major breakup. Emotional vulnerability is his aphrodisiac.

Kate Winslet is trying her best to keep her steamy new hookup under wraps. But the newly single Oscar winner, 35, has been secretly spending time with notorious ladies’ man John Mayer, 33, Star has learned!

“A few weeks ago, John was at a party in Manhattan when he ran into Kate. He really put the moves on her, and Kate eventually responded,” says an insider. “She’s just having fun – and she’s begging him not to blab.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Now, do I believe this? Ugh. I want to think that Winslet would never. She would never go there, right? RIGHT? She’s too smart for this, isn’t she? Why it might be happening though: Winslet has been coming across as… kind of vulnerable and kind of desperate. Also: lately, the tabloids have putting Mayer with every semi-available woman, like Sandra Bullock and Miley Cyrus. I don’t believe most of those alleged hookups… which doesn’t mean I’m giving Mayer any credit. At all. I think he just prefers to screw groupies and not even try for the celebrity women at this point.

To her credit – Winslet’s rep denied (to Gossip Cop) that Kate and John were happening, and even denied that they had ever met. Publicists and representatives lie all the time, of course, but I’d like to believe Winslet’s rep this time. Because the thought of John Mayer getting Winslet to talk to his David Duke dong in the third person, or the thought of Mayer boning Winslet while his music plays… Jesus. My biscuits just closed up shop.




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  1. brin says:

    That’s beyond a bizarre hook up, that doesn’t even make sense on any level.

  2. Blank says:

    As a good person, I hope this isn’t true. But the bad, gossip-hungry angel on my other shoulder wants it to be true.

  3. Eve says:

    I don’t like her. Can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s something about her that never convinced me.

    I don’t think she’s a bad actress just as I don’t think she’s *that* good…she’s not the kind that will stop me from seeing a movie but she’s also not that one who will make me want to see it.

    Regarding her personal life, I’m usually “meh” about her hook-ups but if this turns out to be true — which I think it won’t since it’s Star magazine and pretty much all women who are linked to him quickly denies the rumour because, at this point, being his girlfriend is almost an evidence of a girl’s insecurity and low self-esteem — what I really want to see is what Lainey (from Laineygossip) has to say about it, she annoyingly supports everything Winlest does and believes anything she says.

  4. mystified says:

    As an admirer of Kate’s, I sure hope it’s not true. I was sad that her marriage broke up. If she’s now hooked up with Mayer, that would make it triply sad — if no pathetic.

  5. Pix says:

    I am going to close this page and pretend I never read this nasty piece of gossip. Kate Winslet is by far my favorite actress and if this is true I will never be able to look at her the same again.
    Can someone put John Mayer in a cage — he’s starting to infect good people with his grossness.

  6. t says:

    Based on the rumors about his stinky fetish, emotional vulnerability AND laxatives are his aphrodisiac!

  7. Venus says:

    Oh NO! Is there no one in LA who is immune to the Douche-Dracula? He’s going to ruin my opinion of everyone out there if this keeps up. I cannot believe this of Kate. No! No! No!

    eta: btw, I actually saw Mayer a few years back on a trip to LA (it was way before the David Duke stupidity) — I was staying at The Standard and I guess he was — we saw him in the lounge there & it wasn’t crowded & although we (my friend who I was on the trip with & I) didn’t approach him or act all “fangirl” with him (because we are NOT fangirls of him) he was so waiting for us to come over to him — it was just creepy the way he was staring at us with like a smug, expectant look on his face. When we ignored him & continued on with our conversation, I swear to dog, he got all huffy, jumped up from his seat & walked right by us (but slowly, as if ready to stop if we spoke to him and/or to make *sure* we recognized him) and when we didn’t move, left in what I can only describe as a 3-year-old’s tantrum. It seemed he was disappointed & shocked that we didn’t want an autograph, picture, etc & I think pissed that we didn’t “recognize” him (we did, we just didn’t care). It is hard to describe if you didn’t see it — but trust me: TOTAL DOUCHEBAG. But my friend & I still laugh about it.

  8. Nanz says:

    No effing way. No.

  9. Rita says:

    This is as close to “inter-species” breeding as it gets. (Like a orangutan boning a giraffe)

  10. mln76 says:

    I am going to do my best not to believe or as Pix said even remember this. Winslet is too smart for that douche and of a much higher caliber than his exes.

  11. Cheyenne says:

    I couldn’t stand “Titanic” but she’s a decent actress. Coming from Star mag, I call bullshit on this story, especially after it’s been shot down by Gossipcop, which seems fairly reliable.

  12. Fay says:

    Eve: if you think Kate isn’t a good actress then I don’t want to know what you consider great.

    There is no actress today in her early 20′s that is nearly as good as Kate was at their age.

    Go watch Heavenly Creatures or Hamlet or Jude. She was amazing in all of them. Or when she played young Judi Dench in “Iris” .

  13. WYIJM says:

    She’d never sink that low.

  14. Ruby says:

    Come on now another JM alleged hook-up? Crap. Seriously. I don’t believe it. I like Kate, her movies are pretty good. I like Johns music too. I read on another site they have never met. Give this guy a break already. He’s not married he’s not pulling a Tiger Woods or Ryan Phillipe nor is he waving a machete like Sheen (honestly when I saw Sheen, no kidding I thought it was Gaddafi, but that’s another story). But John is laying low now leave him be. I hope he finds peace and love with someone who isn’t famous- that seems to be his problem famous hook-ups.

  15. Johnny Depp's Girl says:


    That sh!t isnt happening.

  16. Eve says:

    Eve: if you think Kate isn’t a good actress then I don’t want to know what you consider great.

    @ Fay:

    Did I mention anyone I like as an actress on the above post, comparing her to anyone? Did I also say everyone would have to agree with me? Do I care if you think the ones I like aren’t good? No, I didn’t. What I did was expressing my personal opinion and just like I disrespected no one who stated that they liked her, I wish I had my right to not find her acting great respected as well.

    It’s very childish of you to get so upset as to post something that suggests I know nothing about an actor’s acting or that my opinion isn’t valid.

    P.S.: Have seen all the movies you mentioned. Not impressed. Again, my opinion — you are free to disagree, not lecture me on what you think I should find great. And by the way, practice your reading comprehension skills a little more because I said I didn’t find her “*that* good”, not that she wasn’t good at all.

  17. Gwen says:

    Oh no Kate :( Just no.

  18. Quest says:

    For all of humanity sake …please, no, no, just don’t go there …no

  19. sasa says:

    Ever since someone pointed out how hairy her face is I can’t help looking at it.

  20. Fay says:

    I don’t care if you don’t like her, but to call her acting skills and films not good is surprising.

    Please, give me examples of good acting and film by actresses you think are good.

  21. cici says:

    if this is true, i guess it really IS the apocalypse. i also think john definitely has a way with the ladies… even the ones who should know better fall prey.

  22. Eve says:

    I don’t care if you don’t like her, but to call her acting skills and films not good is surprising.

    @ Fay:

    You cared enough to write a very rude post directed exclusively at me.

    Please, give me examples of good acting and film by actresses you think are good.

    The actresses I like are irrelevant here since this is a post about Kate Winslet. And it’s contradictory of you to ask that since you stated the following your post # 12: Eve: if you think Kate isn’t a good actress then I don’t want to know what you consider great.

    See? Your words. For the second time you’re being childish as you seem to refuse to accept I don’t find her acting *that* good when I don’t mind that you are a fan of hers — unlike you, I do respect others’s point of view even if I disagree with them.

    P.S.: Again you failed to notice I said nothing about the movies in which she was seen. Some are really good…I think they’d have been even better if there was somebody else playing the role, but she didn’t bother me to the point I didn’t like the movie.

  23. Isabel says:

    I’m not sure about this weird little side argument going on here, but regardless of what people think abour Kate as an actress or person, I think we can all agree that this hookup is ALL KINDS OF WRONG. I refuse to believe it on any level.

    I’m loving @Rita’s response about inter-species breeding. HA!!!!!!!!!

  24. Eve says:

    @ Isabel:

    Not weird. I just find incredibly annoying when I merely state an opinion and get confronted by outraged fans because they don’t accept anyone thinks differently than them. Kaiser herself talked briefly about her acting, so I didn’t think it was off topic for me to do the same.

  25. Marie says:

    I just don’t understand the whole John “I look like a pedophile” Mayer thing. I don’t care if you can lick the color right off my carpet that man looks like an asshole and when he opens his mouth, well it is confirmed.

  26. Amanda says:

    I’m surprised that a lot of people don’t like her. She’s one of the most down to earth people in this business – some of my friends have met her over the past few years, one just the other day because she came into a restaurant my friend works at, and everyone says the same thing. Beautiful skin, gorgeous in person, warm, down to earth. Everyone she works with says the same thing and that’s not a coincidence. To me she always seems like the little girl who wanted to be an actress so badly and her dream came true.

    This is one of the most random pieces of gossip I’ve ever heard. I don’t know why people are so vulnerable to believe it. Since when does a rubbish piece of gossip from Star magazine warrant an entire topic dedicated to it? She wasn’t even in New York ‘a few weeks ago’. She’s been filming in Paris for the past several weeks. Jodie Foster just gave an interview mentioning the film and she said how long they’ve been filming. Kate has her kids with her too. She’s been going back + forth between there and London. In fact she’s going to a charity dinner in London tomorrow. What do I think about this dating rumour? 1) It’s a lie. 2) John Mayer looks like an attention-craving douche, who knows if he himself boasted about seeing a beautiful, classy lady like Kate? 3) It doesn’t make sense. She just said in an interview that she’s fine on her own, she’s focusing on her kids + career. Then she’s randomly dating John Mayer of all people? 4) What has John Mayer been up to lately? Every time I hear about him, he’s supposedly dating someone who, in reality, has never met the guy. Does he need publicity? 5) Kate actually has fine taste in men – yes, she’s been divorced but those men came across as incredibly nice people, even Louis. I don’t even think her relationship with Louis was nearly as serious as everyone thought though, just a flirty little fling was all. Anyway, I think you’re using this gossip as another excuse to hate on Kate some more for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Speculation about whether she did something to her face and having fun with a male model in a relationship that wasn’t even meant to be serious are ridiculous reasons to dislike someone. She made choices. So do you. There are people who make much worse choices in life, choices that cost lives and wreck other lives. You should lighten up – Kate Winslet of all people shouldn’t make someone take time out of their day to hate on her. She’s a perfectly decent human being, good head on her shoulders. She’s not perfect though and part of why people have called her a hypocrite because of her weight for example is because they put her up on a pedestal where she can do no wrong because she’s different than ‘the rest of them’. I’m sorry, but I never heard Kate say that she’ll be the same size forever. Your body changes, your health changes, your opinions change over the years. She never gave into being a stick. Her weight fluctuates and that makes her even more ordinary – she’s not frantically trying to stay at a small size.

  27. Riley says:

    I will lose all respect for her if this is is true. He strikes me as the type that would hook up with a curvy lady (a size 6/8) but then make jokes about her to his friends. John: “Hey, hey, have you heard this one? Fat girls are like mopeds. They are fun to ride but you wouldn’t want your friends to see you on one.”

  28. Dirty Martini says:

    I. Will. Not. Believe. That. EVER.

    Queen Kate will never be dipped with the same stick as Jessica Simpson.


  29. mln76 says:

    I am glad Kate has her own set of ‘loons’ ready to defend her to the death. She can sic them on John if he tries to come near her :)

  30. Marjalane says:

    HA! This made my morning; I’ve always thought Kate Winslet was totally over hyped. She’s a good actress, but certainly not the best or most beautiful- IN MY OPINION- Good to see she’s no better than Jessica Simpson when it comes to picking random dong. It’ll be interesting to see if Mayer’s people make a half assed denial.

  31. Toe says:

    If I was Kate, i would hit it HARD like a freight train and leave whats rest for the vultures. She was in Titanic and didnt sink with the boat. This hookup will not blemish her at all.
    She is a strong woman, she can hit that and still be angelic for me.

  32. carrie says:

    please! she’s clever or ….NO!it’s only a stupid rumor

  33. Isa says:

    Noooooooooo Kate run, run!!!!

  34. Maritza says:

    I would picture her with someone like Liam Neeson but not John Mayer or Stuart Townsend!

  35. Miss Marie says:

    She has fallen in my book a while back when she started to alter her face. She seemed to have more depth and now, it appears, she is fake like the rest of the Hollywood set.

  36. guesty says:

    Nooooo! This has to be complete bs.

  37. Cookie says:

    I thought she was with that hot model guy? I don’t think this is true, it’s too random

  38. curmudgeon says:

    Damn girl. Take a pill. Its celebrity gossip. Its people you don’t know. They can handle it honestly. Its part of the game. I’m am sure you are more upset than she is. Now go focus on your stuff and let Kate handle hers. She is a big girl. (:

  39. LindyLou says:

    I thought JM was only into girls barely out of their teens?? Kate is way too old to be his type. Can’t see this happening and if it is true, I’ve totally lost any respect I had for her.

  40. Fuzzy Cat says:

    Blank that was great post! I feel the same way – John and Kate would make a gossiply fun couple.

  41. TaylorB says:

    Cheyenne, I am glad that I am not the only person who hated Titanic, first off I did go see it even though it violated my Celine Dion rule, second it felt like it went on forever I was so glad when the damn boat finally sank so we could leave. But I do like Winslet as an actress, The Reader, Heavenly Creatures, Revolutionary Road, Eternal Sunshine … etc. were very good.

    That being said, and pardon the all caps tantrum that is about to take place

    WHY WHY WHY WHY IN THE HOLY HELL DO WOMEN KEEP DATING THIS GUY????? Any woman who dares to tread into his petri dish of a crotch is bound for trouble. Honestly, when it is common knowledge that Jessica Simpson is too classy for a fella, he is the epitome of a dud.

    Pardon the rant.

  42. Kim123 says:

    Star GMAFB Are they the ones who said he was with that chef Giada?

  43. original kate says:

    mayer looks a bit like colonel sanders in that white suit; all he needs is the tie.

  44. lrm says:

    well, I think the model hook up was pure PR. her rep told her she needed to create the image of moving on, strong, with a hot man by your side.

    i wish she would have continued following her own instincts in life-they all sell out at some point.

    there are no actors/actresses I would go see a movie for. It has to be the film that i’m interested in. Not cate blanchell, not johnny depp, both of whom i love….still, i haven’t seen all of th eir movies and i won’t. Same with kate winslet. But I do think she’s a great actress and one of the more grounded, down to earth actors out there-which is all relative, of course.
    ps-eternal sunshine really did kick a*s. she was phenomenal, IMO

  45. NC native says:

    “Because the thought of John Mayer getting Winslet to talk to his David Duke dong in the third person, or the thought of Mayer boning Winslet while his music plays… Jesus. My biscuits just closed up shop.”

    I just about spit my water out when I read that! LMAO!!!!!

  46. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Ya’ll Slow your roll


  47. bappi says:

    I´ll never understand what is the appeal of John Mayer. He is disgusting and seems to be a first class idiot.
    I don´t even like Kate Winslet that much, but she is SO above this man, I hope this gossip is untrue

  48. Harley says:

    I love her. I think she’s fabulous. He is a dopey twat of the highest order. I don’t believe that this is true. Ugh. He annoys the shit out of me – such a pretentious, self centered assclown!

  49. gina says:

    He is so beautiful and talented and she is to .even if they do LET THEM BE.LET THEM BE HUMAN…you don’t own them they are nobody’s property.

  50. LP says:

    Well she is on the prowl…

  51. Angel says:

    She would never go there.

  52. Bee says:

    The word “d*ckmotized” must have been invented for whatever the hell John Mayer is doing to all of the women he gets. He must be a god in bed. That’s the only explanation.

  53. CB Rawks says:

    Nah, she’s way too smart for that.

  54. Newbie says:

    WHAT?!?! First of all, gossip cop is hardly a reliable source. They take denials from publicists who are known liars, and when they don’t have a publicist’s denial, they cite unnamed sources like any other gossip blog. Sheesh.
    How could she do this?!?! I ain’t saying she did, but come on! I hope she clears it up somehow. And I hope it’s believable.
    Finally, I don’t get how this guy is landing chicks. He’s incredibly nasty and ugly to boot.

  55. Jennifer says:

    Both are extremely talented. Have never been able to reconcile that John Mayer (the person) is the same person who writes such thoughtful lyrics.

  56. Anti-icon says:

    Your summation of Kate Winslet is the exact same as my opinion of her. Here’s what she does that I admire: she keeps her private life pretty locked down. And if she DID have a lovah, I bet she would tell him: I will NOT even acknowledge that we have ever met. (And she would most likely require the same from the dude.)

    So…..did they hook up? Probably. Mayer seems to have some “sexual situation” that overpowers all sense of logic. LOL

  57. Hakura says:

    I don’t know too much about Kate as an actress, but I always got the feeling she was too classy for idiots like John Mayer.

    I can’t even stand to look at him now, how the hell does he get so many women? No way in HELL would I get anywhere near him.

  58. harfang says:

    On the one hand this is shriveling my biscuits too, it’s horrifying. But Kate has never been particularly vulnerable. I can totally see her thinking, “What the hell, he looks good to me and I deserve to have a good time if I want.” If they start DATING, now… that will truly upset me.

  59. Mario says:

    Very Bad Idea!!!! Run Kate Run!!!

  60. Blehhhh says:

    That’s even nastier than Jakey and Swifty, or Gosling and Lively…that’s just eww,eww,eww nasty!!