Snooki crashes into her police escort in Italy, sends two cops to hospital

Unlike the time she was escorted off the boardwalk for being so drunk she couldn’t stand, Snooki was supposedly sober when she crashed her car so hard into a police escort car in Florence, Italy that the two officers had to be taken to the hospital on stretchers. At least that’s according to some reports.


TMZ doesn’t mention the cops needing to be hospitalized at all and are saying that “no one was injured.” It sounds much more serious than that, and like MTV brass are trying to play it down. People Magazine has the news that the cops were taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries. Radar’s story backs up that version of events, with the detail that the officers had to be transported on stretchers.

Reality got a little too real Monday for Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

She crashed into a police car in Florence, Italy, sending two officers to the hospital!

The MTV star was driving with Deena Cortese in the passenger seat and a member of the show’s production team in the back, when she struck the official vehicle, wedging her car between the police car and a wall.

And here’s the kicker — the car she hit was their official police escort!

The two officers in the car The Snookster hit were put on stretchers with their necks stabilized, and taken to Coreggi hospital, to be treated for bruises and possible whiplash.

Authorities were quick to say that alcohol was not involved, and has confirmed that the girls were not arrested as has been erroneously reported elsewhere.

Snooki and Deena were taken to a nearby police station to fill out an accident report.

[From Radar]

You wonder if anything will happen to Snooki and if this will affect filming of Jersey Shore in Italy, where that troop of entitled drunken brats aren’t wanted anyway. For one thing I doubt they’ll get a police escort again, and hopefully they’ll keep Snooki from driving. She was cited less than a year ago for not being able to walk straight and a bunch of geniuses at MTV are letting her drive in a foreign country.



Snooki is shown out in Italy on 5/25 (ugly boots and ridiculous dress with a pink leopard bow on her head), 5/26 (delivering pizza) and on 5/30/11 with Deena (furry Uggs). Radar Online has photos of the accident. Credit:

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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    Those furry UGGs were atrocious on Pamela Anderson 3 years (5 yrs?) ago, and they are still atrocious now. (And I actually LOVE UGGs. I have around 12 pairs!)

    And I’d love to sucker punch the idiot who thought it would be a good idea to let this twit drive. Especially in a foreign country. (On the up-swing, since she was driving a [presumably] smaller vehicle, maybe she could actually reach the pedals!)

    @ miagirl – Where are you in the Punch the Producer Promenade event? 😉

  2. Justaposter says:

    Dear Italy..

    I am sorry they are there.



  3. searching4grace says:

    Thank God the closest I’ve ever come to watching Jersey Shore is enjoying the Bones episode that mocked it.

    JustaPoster, can you add a P.S.? Something along the lines of….I’m sorry they’re there…but now that they are…can you keep them?

  4. Rio says:

    Might I ask why the Hell they’re even in Italy when a great deal of the cast aren’t even Italian? Snooki’s South American and at least two others are Irish. WTF?

  5. aenflex says:

    Dear Italian people:

    I too am sorry. These are sad representation, which sadly represent a greater group of Americans than perhaps we wish to admit.


  6. Jaded says:

    What is it about American society that glorifies trash like this? How is it that a mouthy, vile little moron can make more money than a teacher??? Maybe I’m just getting old and crusty but this is just WRONG.

  7. dorothy says:

    Well what did you expect when the hillbillys of New Jersey go to Italy?

    So mortified that Italy is having to experience what we do from these people. Sad that there is still people that watch that show.

  8. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Jaded – The lunatics have taken over the asylum. I just don’t know what else to say. (Besides “I don’t watch reality tv.”)

  9. Quest says:

    Those…boots…how many criters had to die for that shit on her feet

  10. almond says:

    Sadly, I don’t think it’s just the Americans. It’s a pandemic of cheap, third rate, pseudo-celebrities. Europe is no better, it’s just that it all seems to have started in the US. As for the teacher salaries, they’re in the toilet everywhere. It’s ironic that the people tasked with educating the future generation are payed with cheap change. *steps off the political highhorse*

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    @ almond – I can’t speak for Europe, or even any other state in “the union” but I can say this: California (and the federal gov’t) has a history of “balancing the budget” on the backs of the poor. Corporate welfare? SURE! Subsidies? SURE! Actually supporting programs that matter and make a difference in the lives of people everywhere? NO WAY! So SICK of the bi-artisan bullshit. Why not come together and try to run the country somewhere other than into the ground?


  12. anait says:

    In Italy people say: “Tutto il mondo è paese”. It means that the world is all the same, and the people living in it are of the same kind no matter the country a person comes from… man can find good, interesting, intelligent people as well as bad, stupid people everywhere. In Italy there are people who are the “italian version” of Snooki and friends, so their presence is… how can I say? “a touch of colour”? Italy can outlive them with ease, there are bigger problems to deal with.

  13. Skins says:

    They both look like they are packing on the pounds. Better be careful slobs, put on too much weight and MTV will get some thinner, hotter girls for the show (we can only hope)

  14. the original bellaluna says:

    @ anait – Yes, but are any country’s idiots glamorised like America’s idiots? A legitimate question; not just a smart-ass one.

  15. almond says:

    It gets me in a rage to see this kind of human garbage make obscene amounts of money, especially when there are so many financial problems in the cultural and educational sector. It boggles the mind that one can earn tens and hundreds of Ks with nothing but stupidity and unwarranted self-importance.

    The only way I can combat that is to avoid watching it, ever. Another small consolation is that these people aren’t smart or responsible enough to properly manage their new-found wealth. So, after their fifteen minutes are up, they will most likely end up broke. Small comfort, though.

  16. kiko says:

    dear italy,

    what can i say…if you guys need a hug or a shotgun let me know 😉

    lots of love

  17. TaylorB says:

    That furry boots with shorts look is idiotic, but this is Snookie so no big surprise there. The only thing that looks even worse are those giant bug sunglasses all the Hollywood types keep sporting, there are 5 people in the world who could pull those off 1) Jackie O. 2) Ali Macgraw 3) Sophia Loren 4) Tina Turner 5) a chick with a black eye.

  18. Solveig says:

    I think that the poison (nuclear poison) that the US Army has left behind in some of its former Nato bases here in Italy is something to be sorry of, not these useless douchebags.
    I read this news yesterday and the only thing that gets me indignant is that the City of Florence is spending people’s money to protect those clowns.

  19. original kate says:

    in that second photo snooki looks like a walrus sunning on a rock. she has the neck of a walrus. i know, that’s harsh…

    my apologies to walruses everywhere.

  20. Theuth says:

    THEY ARE IN FLORENCE!???! OH F*%$!!! I live near there O___O Lucky I still haven’t meet these idiots, I will probably stay FAR AWAY from the city till they are there…

    P.s.: just curious, but what kind of car they let them drive? Do they know how to use manual transmission (….pfff, they probably don’t)? And I can’t imagine some Americans used to large and organised roads able to drive in some of the streets here, expecially considering that nobody respects speed limits.

  21. Micki says:

    On the bright side:it’s cheaper to protect JS rather than protect the WHOLE Florence from THEM.

    I think the Italians are having laughing fits from their street style.With all the possibilities (I’d kill for)to buy hand-made italian shoes to wear UGGs …I’m speachless

  22. Solveig says:

    Here there’s a picture of the accident
    Unfortunately it seems I can’t find yesterday’s article with more pictures of the accident and those two lunatic inside the not-so-crashed car.

  23. Danny says:

    You know we are going to have Snooki and all her drama around for the next generation, right? This bunch is like a cold that won’t go away.

    I wonder what it’d take to have Italy keep them.

  24. NoFrank says:

    Is that Deena next to her in the picture with the boots? Because someone needs to tell her that the red hair bow and the bright red lipstick give her an…unfortunate look. Like an underage drag queen, if there is such a thing.

  25. KO says:

    i’ll be studying in florence in less than two weeks. they sure as hell better be gone.

  26. Peanut says:

    Everything about her is repulsive.

  27. LindaR says:

    There are so many ways to be fugly. Snooki has found them all.

  28. LBeees says:

    I have to say, way to go MTV. You found a woman against whom Snookie looks a LOT more attractive. Deena is five kinds of fug. (sorry kid)

  29. Amanda G says:

    I guess I’ll be the only one in this thread to admit that I watch the show. The first season was HILARIOUS. And not in a “we’re laughing with them” kind of way, but more of a “we’re laughing AT them” kind of way. I watch to make fun of them.

  30. Emese says:

    im sorry, who the hell are these people?

  31. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Dorothy, I’m from NJ and I’m proud to say that most of the Jersey shore idiots are NOT NJ citizens.

  32. Aquarius says:

    I second what MorticiansDoItDeader said. I was wondering if someone was going to come to the defense of real NJ residents. It drives me nuts that these idiots are on TV giving a bad name to the rest of us, (and to the entire country, for that matter, when it comes to representation abroad…)

  33. DSMR says:

    To Whom it May Concern:

    The copious use of Sodium Cloride aka “Salt” sprinkled upon the back of a “Snookie” and/or any other Jersey Shore member causes them to wither, shrivel and go away.


    New Jersey 🙂