Mother of Beyonce’s dad’s love child: he asked me to give the baby to Beyonce and Jay-Z

As we know there’s this big conspiracy that maybe Beyonce isn’t pregnant since her bump collapsed on TV and she seems to be either be busting out or looking non-pregnant from day to day. Well this latest story in Star Magazine is only going to fuel those “Beyonce is faking it” rumors – a lot. It’s Star Magazine, yes, but they got the known mother of Beyonce’s dad’s illegitimate baby to speak on the record. Alexsandra Wright had Mathew Knowles’ baby in February, 2010. She’s proven it with a paternity test and Mathew has been ordered to pay her for her child support and medical expenses. Well Wright told Star that Beyonce’s dad Mathew asked her to give up their baby to Beyonce and Jay-Z, who would raise it as their own. While Alexsandra never directly states that Beyonce and Jay-Z were going to pass off the baby as their own, Star says that was the plan. Alexsandra rejected that offer and vehemently insisted that she was going to raise the baby and wouldn’t accept any sum of money to hand him over. She thinks this whole plan was cooked up by Mathew alone to try and hide the baby, though, and that Beyonce and Jay-Z didn’t know about it.

Alexsandra Wright is speaking exclusively to Star about [Mathew Wright’s] bizarre plan to have [Beyonce], 30, raise their love child as her own.

“My first thought when he asked me if I would give up our child to Beyonce and Jay-Z was, ‘Are you out of your mind?'” says Alex, who delivered son Nixon Alexander Knowles Wright on Feb. 4, 2010, well after the 18-month affair had ended. “Nothing in the world, no amount of money, would make me give up my child. You can’t buy my child from me!

“Maybe Mathew thought money could buy anything,” adds Alex, who says she recorded her conversation with Mathew. “I don’t know why he suggested it…

“When he realized that it wasn’t going to happen, he offered me money to leave the Knowles name off the birth certificate…

“Which was a hands-down, absolutely no deal here. Ever…”

Alex says she is still struggling to make sense of Mathew’s scheme to pass off their son as Beyonce and Jay-Z’s child. “I don’t believe that Beyonce or anything else has a clue what was flying out of Mathew’s mouth… I don’t think it was anybody but Mathew.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, October 31, 2011]

Is it possible that this really happened, that Mathew asked Alex to give her baby to his famous daughter and her husband to raise as their own. It’s possible that this happened and that Beyonce is legitimately pregnant but is padding her stomach for effect and attention. (Or maybe she’s just wearing really loose clothing to accentuate it.) It’s also possible that there is some trickery happening here and that Beyonce is going to have a “home birth” (as Wendy Williams has suggested) and emerge with someone else’s baby. This is all too weird, and now that the mistress is coming out with this it’s seeming more likely to me that all is not as it seems.

Beyonce is shown yesterday in NY (Love potion shirt) and the day before (black outfit). Credit: Fame




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  1. madpoe says:

    lol that’s the milli vanilli bump y’all!

    Her dr should recommend 10 months (instead of the 9) bed rest – so we can get some rest from her.

  2. Quest says:

    *silence and pause*


    *sniff, sniff*

    LMAOROFL – Best story ever. Tell me Linnocent got sent to jail and it would make my week

  3. Asha Ali says:

    You forgot to mention that she taped the conversation and star mag plans to release it

  4. Kit says:

    I do think she’s really pregnant but just padding for attention. I think she wouldn’t be out and about so much if she wasn’t, it would be too risky IMO

  5. Lbeees says:

    If it’s true, what a charade!

  6. MellaYellow says:

    @Mad Poe lmao! She got enough hips to have a baby I can tell you that! lol

  7. lucy2 says:

    Mathew sounds like an awful person. It amazes me that people try to pull stuff like that.

  8. Relli says:

    YES CB! i saw this little blub on another site the other day, and thought gosh i hope this goes up in a post because this is juicy!

  9. mln76 says:

    Oooooooh now that’s some juicy news. This is the stuff that makes me wonder WTF is really going on but I still think she’s pregnant. This is why the tabs need to start paying attention to the African American stars some crazy shit goes down with our celebs and no one ever notices.

  10. Sam says:

    I don’t know why the baby bump thing is such a big deal to everyone. Maybe she just wants to have the baby as privately as possible an failed an attempt to throw people off as to when she was due. I think the conspiracies about it are kind of ridiculous. Maybe its not as huge a deal as people are making it. Maybe she wanted one little aspect of her life to remain a secret.

    • Mel says:

      Well cant be a secret if you show the world during a performance. Why do that if you want to have a secret. Be like Jessica Simpson, didnt nobody know she was prego right?? Trickery is in full effect.

  11. KJ says:

    I think she’s really pregnant (her belly was too distended in those white bikini pics to be a food baby or bloat, she looked like a newly showing preggers lady) but I also agree that the padding and exaggerating is for attention. Her bump probably isn’t that big, and wouldn’t be super noticeable if she was wearing a flowy top, but then who would talk about it if you couldn’t see it forever and always? They might as well stick a button on her shirt that said “with fetus.”

  12. A. says:

    Why you still suspect she’s not pregnant? In these pictures from Croatia where she was wearing white bikini she had visible baby bump…

  13. Tiffany says:

    I think her bump is totally real. My sister is pregnant, and her bump appears to change shape based on what she wears, and the angle of the picture. I think the deflation thing happened because her dress was tight over her bump, but shifted to that small place between your belly and tatas when she went to sit down.

    People are making way too much out of B’s bump!

  14. Pyewacket says:

    Wonder who they have asked to give them the baby “on the way”?

  15. CindyBman says:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave…

    No matter if she’s pregnant or not… why? Why go through all this? Even if she *is* preggers, she’s playing with the public by adding padding, removing padding…

    All she wants is attention… I am not a fan of Beyonce’s (nothing personal, I just don’t listen to her music) and I was appalled by the way she “announced” her pregnancy at the VMAs.

    As someone else mentioned (either here, BG, or D-Listed) — why would B and JayZ be soooo open and public about this pregnancy (I know you can’t hide the bump, but hopefully you know what I mean) when they didn’t let the world know they even got married — they kept it secret for a really long time.

    Whether she’s pregnant or not, something just doesn’t seem right.

  16. Shelb says:

    And this home wrecker can be believed why?

  17. yo mama says:

    Beyonce is not pregnant, a surrogate is having that baby! you can usually tell a woman is pregnant as nose feet face always swell a little and give it away.
    Beyonce works hard for that body, she would have gained more weight if pregnant, she is not naturally thin.

  18. Talie says:

    Another weird thing: I never remember Beyonce being photo’d this much by paparazzi. She is in NY all the time and is always under the radar. I know there is controversy, but she has the money to hide.

  19. NM9005 says:

    @10: Maybe she wanted one little aspect of her life to remain a secret.


    Riiiiiiight, that’s why she showed up last minute to an award show with a padded bump, stealing the light of the honored artist that night because have you heard: “BEYONCE IS PWEGNANT, SHE SO HAPWY!!!”

    And since the fake bump allegations, she’s been more seen on outings than before. She is loving this, she is eating it, she is rolling herself in all the magazines, licking them and screaming “attention, more attention, sweet stupid people, give me more attention!”
    Her album is sh* so this is the perfect diverge the attention to something else to make the brand stay alive. A baby is the perfect way to establish a new aspect of an image, you can be the biggest, selfish ass* on the planet, once you’re pregnant most fans will ignore the bad and fawn over baby. (Look at January Jones, people are milder now than in the past and definitely because they think Kutcher is the dad).

  20. brin says:


  21. MVD says:

    I always think it’s pathetic when a woman gives a kid the name of the man who never wanted to be the father…give the baby YOUR name for God’s sake, the “sperm donor” doesn’t deserve the honor…unless of course you’re a money-hungry skankadoodle.

  22. Mingy says:

    This is INSANE!

    I keep thinking of this video of her I saw on TMZ in September, shortly after the VMAs

    I tried to find it to share with yall 😉


  23. Alejandro says:

    Haha it’s going down. I was always on the she’s pregnant but just padding for attention whoring purposes but this puts a whole new spin on things.

  24. Jayna says:

    Who with any brains would believe this? Beyonce is so tight with her mother that she would never raise as her own her half-sister from an affair on her mom. It’s been obvious there was bad blood between her and dad for betraying her mom.

    Oops, never mind. I see where she says they probably never new of the crazy coming out of dad’s mouth.

  25. the original bellaluna says:

    It’s Jay’s French side-dish’s baby, I’m telling you.

  26. Meg says:

    not as much lingering press if they adopt or have a surrogate do it. they use having a baby for their career, which is odd because B and J seem to do just fine with just music. I think nicole kidman did this with daughter sunday, i don’t believe she was pregnant and got a flat tummy back just days after baby was born=not possible. you could see video of her on the red carpet sticking put her belly as far as she could. so sick. will a baby ruin their bodies, is that why they don’t get pregnant on their own, or it is Beyonce and nicole couldn’t get pregnant on their own?

  27. fabgrrl says:

    Okay, I’ve not really cared at all about the Beyonce pregnancy rumors before. But I will say that when I was pregnant for the first time, I was so excited about it that I started wearing maternity clothes long before I needed them, and I found myself standing in certain ways that emphasized my tummy. Maybe Beyonce is just really excited about her pregnancy and is wearing maternity clothes and are too big and therefore puffing out in weird ways?

  28. Jordan says:

    If there is a surrogate, I think it was by accident. Jay got someone pregnant…an oopsie…and they made a deal with the woman. But I’m still leaning towards Bey being really pregnant just padding for the attention whoring.

  29. Bopa says:

    Everyone has seen the bikini belly pics from Croatia. They don’t prove that she’s pregnant. I look like that after a large meal and puff my stomach out. People seem to mention it in every Bey blog post. There is no need for it to be mentioned we’ve all seen it and those who have made up their mind either way won’t change their mind by seeing those pics.

  30. Kimbob says:

    Now THIS is some good, juicy gossip I can wrap my lips around!!! To all of the bloggers that have their doubts about Beyonce’s pregnancy….I’m right there w/ya!!!

    Beyonce may be padding to be more dramatic…or it could be something even more sinister…and I’m watching all this Beyonce baby stuff LIKE A HAWK!

    Sorry, but that video, & the still frame shots from it…sorry…nobody’s pregnant belly FOLDS like that.

    And the “pregnant bikini” photos? Give me a break. That’s a full belly after a meal..& I believe she’s poking it out a bit for the cameras, too. There’s absolutely NO DEFINITION to her abdomen in those bikini shots that is telling of a pregnancy. Ain’t there. I’m not saying she’s pregnant, I’m not saying she’s not pregnant…but those bikini photos are evidence of absolutely nothing.

    Call me crazy all day long. I don’t care. Something’s not right here…that much I do know. I’m going to be “on board” w/this story till she allegedly gives birth…that’s for sure!

  31. MissVJJ says:

    You know Beyonce is LOVING all this attention!

  32. honeybunz says:

    Oh plz….that’s bs u better believe beyonce ad jay would have known abut it!! Do she want us to belive tha matthew would pror to even getting the gree light from jay n bey would buy her off for the baby and what just take the baby to bey n jay and say what?? Merry christmas!! What if the woulda said no**not likely** the what?? Would a bum be on the news claiming to have found a dead infant in a plastic bag inside a trashcan in the park?? Come on!! Bey n jay were in on it and probably planned on the fake pregnncy back then but sasha fierc picked up on sales so they rain checked until of course now!!!

  33. Listerino says:

    It seems to be the new thing to suspect people of not being really pregnant. First John Travolta’s wife and now Beyonce. Who’s next?
    We’re never going to know for sure because they don’t want us to know. I guess it’s kind of fun to speculate though.

  34. Whatamess! says:

    i think she is pregnant
    &this is “Star”magazine..since when are they believable?they didn’t even get beyonce’s father’s name right..they called him matthew “wright”

  35. hmm says:

    This article is so stupid. That kid is almost two years old so how is this relevant to Beyonce being pregnant now? And if Matthew Knowles was behind this mess then it’s his mess and not Beyonce’s. If I remember correctly he denied being the father to everyone including his family up until the paternity test, so how exactly does this fall on Beyonce? I mean, I know she’s a successful woman so she must be pushed off of her perch but these pregnancy conspiracy stories are really stupid. I just don’t want anyone to complain when she does the nude magazine cover proving that she’s pregnant because at this point that’s all that would satisfy the conspiracy theorists. It’s funny that reputable magazines and most websites ignored the Nicole Kidman’s faux pregnancy even when she showed up in skin tight white pants three days after giving birth but have no compunction about questioning Beyonce’s pregnancy.

  36. Lisa says:

    @ Yo Mama…

    THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! Sorry…I was watching a video of Bey from 10 years ago…girl was so thick SHE LOOKED LIKE A DIFFERENT PERSON! And Black women ESPECIALLY have the issue where our noses get wider along with our “ankles”, which magically turn into “cankles” no matter how small we are…

    And by nature…Bey, IS NOT A PETITE FLOWA!!!

  37. PandaBear says:

    i’m all for conspiracies but just so i’m clear — how does she pull off a one – and – a – half – year – old ? no pics for a few years and then we skip to the vague – aged toddler years? i mean honestly i couldn’t tell you if suri cruise were three or seven right now.

  38. the original bellaluna says:

    Kimbob – I’m telling you, it’s Jay’s baby with the French side-piece (in le jardin, avec le straying dong).

    Sorry, my inner “Clue” is showing. 😉

  39. ahoyhoy says:

    I agree with y’all that B would have a wider nose AND immediate water-weight in her hands, feet, and ankles.

    On ‘The Office’, Pam & Jim’s first baby was fake—and Pam’s entire body & face (except the bump) stayed her normal size.
    NOW Jenna Fischer is REALLY pregnant, and her whole body is BLOATED beyond recognition. She’s HUGE! So huge that as soon as I saw her I knew this was a REAL pregnancy.

    Look at Beyonce’s face & body: NO extra meat. THIS, along with her well-documented vanity, makes me very suspicious. If she doesn’t gain weight soon, we’ll all know.

  40. ahoyhoy says:

    hmm & pandabear —NO ONE is saying she would adopt that baby now…..This story just suggests she may be open to a secret adoption.

  41. LeeLoo says:

    I think it’s offensive to sit there and say Beyonce isn’t pregnant because her bump isn’t as profound. I do think she padded it on the day in question but I do think she is pregnant. Some women don’t show as much until the 3rd trimester. My bff was one of those girls and her sil and mil did nothing but torement her over the idea she was faking her pregnancy. She wasn’t, the baby was just high up. Then she exploded in her 3rd trimester. No, Beyonce shouldn’t have padded her bump. But I don’t like this ridicule, it can really hurt a woman in a sensitive state. I’m not necessarily talking about Beyonce but the idea that a bump needs to look a certain way by a certain time and the judgment she gets because of it.

  42. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @ahoyhoy: I put on 48lbs with my 1st, 52lbs with my 2nd and all of that was in my belly, except a little ankle swelling in my 9th month with my 2nd. I wore my size 8 jeans for months, just with a rubberband around the button to make room for my tummy. I have pics from torso up during pregnancy and noone can tell I was pregnant because my face looks exactly the same. Sticking with a high-protein and low sodium diet really helps. A friend of mine looked even sillier–she was TINY everywhere but a little tummy, and wound up having an almost 9lber. So, not everyone blows up when preggo.

  43. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @Kit I always figured she was pregnant but I believe she was also padding for that extra look and attention (MTV Awards) millions of people watching. But I have to say it could be my new anti-depressants but she actually looks nice and naturally pregnant here, but I will say this, who wear’s hills like that when pregnant?

  44. JaneWonderfalls says:

    About this story, I don’t believe Bey would ever raise her father’s love child, I highly doubt she would ever accept the child as her sibling. Beyonce is very close to her mother and she would never do that. She may do a lot of stupid stuff but I don’t believe she would have ever agreed to do that. How would that make her mother feel…She is reportedly not even on speaking terms with her father.

  45. e.non says:

    ugh … what a disgusting suggestion. kinda gives some insight into what a skeevey d-bag the old man is, doesn’t it.

  46. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “in le jardin, avec le straying dong”

    holy moly, that made me laugh out loud! Bravo, bellaluna!

  47. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    Beyonce could have saved herself from all the drama and bad press if she would just admit that she’s paying someone to have a baby for her. She could have made something up about having reproductive issues or something like that. I get that she’s vain doesn’t want to ruin her body! But, parading around wearing a prosthetic bump to help her album sales and to help promote her upcoming maternity line is desperate. The whole thing is just really bizarre to me!

  48. Brandymc1980 says:

    Iam currently 37 weeks pregnant with my fifth child. I saw the pictures of her in the bikini…that doesn’t look like baby, looks like she ate a huge cheeseburger. When you are that pregnant, from my experience, you look flabby, not pregnant yet.You only get the roundness after about 25-30 weeks. With it being her first pregnancy, she would not be showing like that yet. Mainly, with her being in as good of shape as she was before she was pregnant. I am not buying it.

  49. riri says:

    That story is so odd, that I don’t think anyone would make that up.

    I am now thinking either Beyonce and her husband cannot have a child for some reason, and Beyonce thinks that if they be honest about it, that would somehow taint her image as not perfect (in her mind…) or is too embarrassed to come out with that


    that they are even more mental case and thought her giving birth would harm her ability to perform and stop earning so much money, so they wanted to make sure someone else is going through the pregnancy and birth.
    That could even be her child that the surrogate is having.

    This story is becoming unbelievably big, odd and out of a soap opera.

  50. Whoa…This is getting to be soap opera crazy.I’ll be tuning back in for ‘As the Baby Bump Turns’

  51. Thea says:

    I dont think she is pregnant. She is a drama queen. She announced it at the MVA awards, padded all up and he acted all surprised? Why because she is pregnant or stole the show? I am anxious to see how this rolls out. Just because you have millions doesn’t mean you have any character.

  52. NM9005 says:

    At the rate the suspicions are going, girlfriend is going to have to release the video of the birth IN CLOSE-UP in order to be believed! And they still would say: trickery, they do it in films too =D.

    Oh B, if only you act like a normal person than none of this would have occured.
    Still think she’s pregnant though. People are mentioning the change in the nose etc…Well they are speaking from their own experience. No pregnancy is the same so what you’ve been through doesn’t apply for everybody. My neighbour popped her baby and I thought she was only 4 months along! There are people who barely have a bump and there are people who gradually get bigger and so on and so on. I don’t think B would be stupid enough to try and adopt or have a surrogate when the world is watching her every move. And she’s letting them, inviting them so no.

    Padding: yes, for extra attention in my opinion.

  53. autummleaves says:

    Matt Knowles is a rat for making such an offer to the mother of his illegitimate son. What scum.

    I’m in the camp of not Beyonce NOT being pregnant. Like others have posted, she’s been notoriously private about her marriage to Jay-z and her family issues, but NOW she’s shouting from the rooftops about her ‘pregnancy’. Yeah, right.

    Beyonce isn’t a petite woman that is naturally skinny. She has to work very hard to maintain her figure. She looks like a woman who stopped working out and started eating junk food to gain weight. Her pregnancy should show in her face, nose neck, and feet, and it’s not. Her body frame can handle the weight gain of pregnancy, which is why from her features, she’s not.

    Mariah, J.Lo, Nia Long, Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Jenna Fisher, and countless pregnant stars have that bloat that one can’t fake. Again, Beyonce is not naturally petite to carry the pregnancy all in her belly.

    And her belly fold fiasco, ’nuff said. And one can “glow” from makeup and certain body lotions to give the glowing look. She isn’t pregnant.

  54. Maritza says:

    I think she is just plain fat and she is planning to have a baby with a surrogate.

  55. DarkEmpress says:

    This is just stupid. If Beyonce couldnt have a child and wanted to fake a pregnancy, she would have simply not announced the pregnancy to the world and we would all be speculating, until her surprise here is the baby revelation!

  56. Girl says:

    How the hell are they going to pass off a baby that was born last year as the child of someone who is supposed to be just barely in their second trimester right now? This is just way too out there.

  57. Mink says:

    I don’t know whats going on. The whole situation is FISHY. Now I know no one thinks that bey and jay are going to try and pass this toddler off as their newborn but it does show that if this is true the dad is capable of anything. As for bey she IS an attention whore and apparently a theif so I am going to go with padding for attention but still preggers

  58. ogechi says:

    The love was delivered in 2010, how does that concern Beyonce’s pregnancy? I’m confused here.

  59. Bopa says:


    It’s not directly relevant but it gives some credence to the people suggesting that Bey has been trying to conceive but couldn’t or made it known that she had no intention to give birth. Therefore the possibility that this is a fake pregnancy that will produce a child from a surrogate or adoption.

    I’m not going to go out on a limb with this story. We all know that people sell stories to the tabs and maybe she said this just to get money. I’ll hold my own personal judgments until she produces proof.

  60. Callumna says:

    The idea they have no motive is farfetched. People do way less for millions of bucks than wear a pillow. Matthew Knowles has stolen money from Beyonce and had a kid by someone, he’s let us know what kind of person he is.

    Beyonce’s been trying to use the pregnancy to sell records and a House of Derrion line maternity line “inspired” (yes, copycatting again) by Victoria Beckham and Gisele.

    I’d love to see Wendy Williams interview her now.

  61. Forever says:

    Ok some of you clearly are not using your brain, had the woman agreed to give up her baby, bey would have had her fake bump 2 years ago or however long the boy is, nobody is suggesting she will pass off this grown child as this fake bump. This woman is the queen of fake all smoke and mirrors, she cannot or won’t conceive, how do you go from insanely private to her world look I’m pregnant pls… She should have kept quite let the world speculate then just before the surrogate delivers tweet something out.. Beyonce had shoot herself in the foot with the inconsistent bump size, once you reach a stage your bump does not shrink. One min she looks 6months then 3, then none. This bullshit works only in your mind and the mind of her stans. Or she could end all this once and for all just show us your bump. But she will never ever do that. As for Croatia ive never had a baby but I can pushy stomach out and look convincing so that excuses won’t work.

  62. Forever says:

    Sorry for typo

  63. Andie B says:

    I really thought she was preggers, but now I’m not so sure. Even before I started showing my face got a little puffy, and just got rounder as the weeks went by. Hers seems to be the same as usual. I’m interested to see what she looks like in January. Maybe she will be hiding away by then, and won’t be seen till March with her ‘newborn’.

  64. rania says:

    beydunce all for media attention
    career failed
    fake baby bumps
    prosthetic drama
    what lenght wouldnt u go to
    her life has been filleed with LIES

  65. G says:

    rania: Career failed? LMAO! I don’t know if she’s pregnant or not, don’t really care, but the one thing you cannot say about the Beyo is that her career has failed. That girl could buy you out of house and home with her shoe budget.

  66. anonymous says:

    Money cannot buy you a fake pregnancy, nor can it buy you love and your way out of death, but some uneducated people with money think so, Bey is not pregnant, maybe Bey thinks that with money and fame you can do anything, even fake the fact that pregnancy comes with a tremendous amount of hormonal changes that shows up in your face thus,changing your facial features. Not swollen feet or arms because that suggest a poor diet of too much salt. Facially you cannot get away, no matter who you are. I don’t see any in Bey’s face to match the size and date of her pregnancy it is just not logical.

  67. Mama Tina says:

    I don’t buy Beyonce. I think she is the most fake celeb of all of them. You know that people who seem to be perfect on any level are hiding the biggest dirt. She is always happy, shiny, pretty, blah blah blah. You know in real life it is not possible. You can’t be that way all the time.

  68. irishserra says:

    I’m not a fan of Beyonce’s music, she’s always come across to me as a little on the shallow side, but not unlike a lot of women I know… BUT, please… she’s a woman starting a family. Why does this facet of her life need to be picked apart as well?

    I think it makes perfect sense for her to be pregnant at this time, especially considering the recent decline in career success. Perhaps she just thought it was time to focus on something fresh and not self-absorbed. Maybe she will be a great mom.

  69. Alejandro says:

    @ Forever

    The story suggests what the Knowles camp are capable of that is what everybody is reacting to.

  70. Angel says:

    …uhm. Yeah. Okay.

    This whole —>conspiracy<— is just too weird.

  71. Geordie says:

    Sounds like the father (Knowles) didn’t think she was a good mother, or didn’t trust her with his child.
    If I were her I wouldn’t have told that story, makes us wonder if she’s a fit mother.

  72. Carolyn says:

    Bizarre. I wouldn’t pass off my father’s illegitimate child as my own either (not that this would happen!). I too think either they can’t conceive or Bey won’t risk losing her figure because she’s so selfobsessed. Would be nice to think it’s real though.