Wendy Williams on Beyonce: “She’s giving birth to a frisbee or Stewie from Family Guy”

I know we’ve covered the Beyonce Baby Bump Conspiracy story quite a bit, but I thought Wendy Williams’ take on it was funny and I wanted to mention it. Yesterday Kaiser laid out her theories as to what was going on with Beyonce’s collapsible bump. She basically thinks Beyonce is actually pregnant, but that she’s padding her stomach for attention. I’m not sure whether Beyonce is pregnant or not, even taking into account the bikini photos. I’ve never seen a pregnant woman’s stomach fold over like that, and it didn’t look like fabric bunching to me, it looked like a pillow folding. Wendy Williams agreed, and on her show she had two pregnant staffers, one that was due in February like Beyonce, sit down to show that what happened to Beyonce’s stomach was not natural at all. She claimed on one hand that Beyonce was probably actually pregnant, but then seemed to suggest that she was faking it.

Wendy: When she sat down the baby bump squashed, crumpled and folded… she’s either giving birth to a frisbee or Stewie from Family Guy… What is that? Is that a baby bump? [When I was pregnant] I wouldn’t be able to sit like that.

[Shows Beyonce's bikini photo] Then I’m pregnant too… Girls come on, we all get this. I’m not saying that she’s not pregnant there… that proves absolutely nothing to me.

I would like to believe that Beyonce is really pregnant. I don’t like to believe that people play around with pregnancy. I’ve had so many miscarriages…

Here are some alleged conspiracy theories:
- The baby is helping Beyonce’s sagging recording career.
- Beyonce’s pregnancy is a way of keeping Jay-Z’s alleged mistress away
- The alleged woman over in Trinidad with [Jay's] alleged 10 year-old son, Beyonce is trying to keep up with her.
- How about this? This is the most disgusting one. Beyonce is going to use a surrogate so she can maintain her body.
- Here’s that is even more disgusting. They’re adopting, but they’re going to play it off like they gave birth.

Watch, it’s going to be an at home water birth there’s going to be three people there. Beyonce, Jay-Z and her mother…

Beyonce come on you’re not like that are you? You know how some of these celebrities can be though. Anything for attention.

I love how Wendy called those theories “disgusting” but then kind of cosigned them toward the end.

The Daily Beast has an article written by three female doctors who declare that by viewing the video in question, in their opinion as doctors not treating Beyonce, she “looks appropriately pregnant at this point.” They float the theory that a lot of you have mentioned that “Perhaps when she bent over, her dress simply became looser, giving the appearance that her belly was shifting.” That was a lot of loose fabric that didn’t seem to be in the dress when she was walking.




Beyonce on 9/22. (Credit: WENN.com)


Story via ONTD

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  1. Flan says:

    It would be so dumb if they really faked a pregnancy. Too many people would know about it and if it came out she lied, it would be the scandal of the decade.

    Padding, yeah, wouldn’t put it past her.

  2. aenflex says:

    the look on her face sums it all up. he knows and she knows he knows…

  3. aenflex says:

    if she doesnt do another bikini photo op here soon, than she’s gonna look mighty suspect, at the very least like she was padding herself.

  4. reg says:

    I don’t think she’s pregnant, she using a surrogate.

  5. maritan says:

    The look on her face in the third picture from that interview just says it all. This is too wierd…

  6. KatScorp says:

    I cracked up when I saw the cartoon pic; perfect ender to the article!

  7. Quest says:

    Nothing is wrong with being a new parent to be but to seek attention by faking how far gone you are is utterly ridiculous.

  8. Ben says:

    She DOES immediately give the interviewer an “Oh shit, I just got busted” look immediately after she sits, right? It’s even in the last pic I think.

  9. Talie says:

    She pads for attention, for sure. She wanted to make an impact at the VMAs and for some reason, she just keeps doing it.

  10. mln76 says:

    I think she’s going to have to spend her whole pregnancy in a bikini for the rumors to die down.

  11. Jackson says:

    Haha. From seeing the stills the other day I thought, eh, not a big deal. But after seeing the video a few times….yeah, something is off with that belly of hers. I like that WW isn’t afraid to bring this up and say she thinks it looks sketchy.

  12. EM says:

    You people are looney tunes. To me it looks like her dress is ruched in a certain way to allow for her baby bump. When she bent down, the dress didn’t fold, it HUNG strangely away from her baby bump. It’s simply the way the dress draped when she bent over.

    What’s it going to take for people to drop this? A demonstration? Haven’t any of you ever had a lose fitting dress drape strangely when yopu bend over?

  13. Dario says:

    Christ, who cares? Fake or real, it sure is giving her the attention she loves. And is she the first woman on the planet to fall pregnant? I really don’t get the sensation around all of this…and yet…here I am, reading and commenting…smh

  14. Quest says:

    @EM: Totally, for me to back off on this theory, I would need Beyonce to get pap in a bikini within the next week showing her real tummy size.

    After seeing all the variations in tummy size between the recent bikini photos, VMA and that interview, just call me looney if you wish.

  15. rose80 says:

    @ EM
    I think we are the only two who think this!

  16. Kimbob says:

    Beyonce is cold stone busted. Whether she’s really pregnant or whether it’s surrogate/adoption…we may never know.

    All I DO KNOW is that I’m satisfied from the demonstration w/the 2 pregnant women on Wendy’s show…Beyonce WAS wearing a prosthesis….SO OBVIOUS!

    Yeah, & that “I’m busted” look…priceless! I am not disappointed in Beyonce because she’s always struck me as the type of person who was not beneath such trickery. She just loves a drama-filled moment.

    Karma is such an equalizer.

  17. SkyNet says:

    I think that she’s probably pregnant and wanted to use the VMAs as her way of announcing it, but she wasn’t showing at all. Instead of padding her bump, she should have just announced it and said she isn’t that far a long. I think people would have understood that. She was only like 2 months pregnant during the VMAs. Most women don’t show until 4 or 5 months.

  18. kirksey says:

    its safe to say that there is no rational thought when it comes to beyonce stans. They will find any possible excuse to make her into a saint and the messiah.

    Wendy is not saying that she isn’t pregnant, she’s just presenting the rumor and the “facts” surrounding it. Let’s face it: both billboard & rolling stones have published articles about “4″ being beyonce’s worst selling album to date, it only charted the first 3 weeks before dropping out of the top 10. Even rihanna’s Loud album is still in the top 10 & it’s almost a year later. so technically her music career is sagging. The baby bump has boosted her itunes sales since she announced it.

    Next fact up: Jay has been saying in nearly every interview for the last couple of years that he wants to start a family, Beyonce always counters by saying she’s not ready and she works too hard on her body to get pregnant. If he couldn’t have a family with her, he was definitely going to find someone else.

    3rd fact, the dress was in no way “loose” as most people are trying to say because if you watch the beginning of the clip when she is walking it clearly clings to her hips/thighs/baby bump. There is no way that extra fabric only appears when a woman goes to sit. Worse still, how does her stomach disappear/fold over?

    There is no way that a woman goes from having a flat stomach at her concert to having an obvious bump just 2 wks later at an award show.

    I’m not saying she isn’t pregnant but something strange is definitely going on, she never seems to promote anything personal in her life until its time for an album to sell. With b’day, everyone had to celebrate her “25th” birthday. With I Am…Sasha Fierce we had to hear about her wedding. The minute 4 fails to produce any hits or notoriety she turns up pregnant. Now everything is my husband this, and we’ve been together for 10 yrs etc.

    Wendy said it best: when its time for her to give birth it will be at home with no doctors or nurses, just jay, bey and mama tina as the only witnesses.

  19. DeE says:

    If the look on her face was purely because the interviewer could have gotten a peak up her dress, she should start lengthening her dresses since all of her years in the spot light should have taught her that camera angles are all over the place and seating can be awkwardly low/high/unusual. The dress she had on in that case wasn’t nearly as short as many of the ones these females call “dresses”, but especially with the “bump”/ riding up factor etc., all of that should be kept in mind if they really cared about “modesty”. I even see it on the subway, and these women sit there with short dresses/skirts and don’t even bother keeping legs very closed. All that holding dress while seated so others can’t see privates and skin/butt plastered to a seat is just ridiculous and germy. Wear splits if you wanna show so much leg.

  20. Happy21 says:

    Well I’ve never been pregnant so am not an expert on baby bumps but I’ve had a ton of friends get pregnant and I will say, none of them were as tight and toned as Beyonce and none of them showed as fast as she allegedly has. Most of them were about halfway through the 2nd tri-mester when the bump really started to form.

    I have seen the bikini shot of Bey and she looks to be pregnant. It looks like she is pushing her belly out but she has a bit of a bump – not a huge bump like she’s sporting these days.

    It really does look like padding in her dress though. A pillow to be exact. I gotta ask why someone with her wealth couldn’t purchase more convincing padding?! Doesn’t make sense.

    I think she is pregnant and I think she’s padding (horribly) to make her bump look bigger than it is. That’s all there is to it.

  21. honeybunz says:

    Those doctors are idiots if they think its the dress!! Come on ppl whre is this loose fabricof the dress while shes walking!! Tha dress i fitted! Its not flowy its not ruffled its not loose theres not any damn room to fit anything else in that tight ass dress shes wearing the dress i literally hugging her damn mrs doubtfire belly!! You cant convince me that her dress is the cause of the stewie belly!! Why are wome being so gullibe! Are you that hypnotized by beyophomets powers?? We have all worn a fitted dress some of us have even been pregnant now raise your hands if in either case your dress has deflated like that whenever you sat down!! Its impossble!! IMPOSSIBLE!! Stop making excuses for this blonde lacefront wearing tart!! If the world truly believes this i have a paperba that flakes off and tears into gold!! **Disclaimer** some idiots will try to convince you its just the paper of the paperbag just cause its brown and can burn by fire but trust me its really gold!! **sideeye**

  22. Alejandro says:

    I bet she never expected things to turn out this way when she was stuffing her belly with memory foam before the vmas.
    I love how Wendy just puts it out there she knows whats up and what stars are capable of having been in the business for so many years. She’s not kissing her ass like all of these other reporters acting all indignant on Beyonce’s behalf. She knows what the Knowles are capable of.

  23. Jayna says:

    Something isn’t right. The way she grabbed it as it shifted and the look on her face. If she was faking a pregnancy, using a surrogate, I don’t believe she would be talking about her pregnancy so much. So I tend to believe she is pregnant but padded it that day. But why? I am so confused on this.

  24. Britt says:

    It’s Hollywood, so faking a pregnancy is not farfetched, and a plausible thing for Beyonce to do.

  25. SEF says:

    She is pregnant, but exaggerating the size for attention. It begs the question . . . how big is that bump going to be when she’s at full term??!!!

  26. Riana says:


    I think so too, lol. Beyonce was probably laying back imagining how various media groups would be on their knees kissing her bump and butt. Gushing about how she has finally had the chosen.

    Now everyone is looking at her with a side-eye and thinking she’s nuts as well as fake. Still the proof is in her quotes, pictures, and that, “Oh sh**” look on her face.

    Busted Beyonce!

  27. Callumna says:

    Hilarious! Wendy Williams is one of the last hold out Beyonce defenders on earth.

    Beyonce finally went too far. Used to like her myself, but then if Michael Jackson and Elvis could jump the shark a moderately talented around the way girl has a lot less farther to slide.

    I think it’s exaggerated and padded up for attention ho’ing too. And that she is being pathetic and tacky. For someone who hid her relationships for years, she’s now using a pregnancy to sell a clothing line, get mag covers, and bolster her album sales.

    It’s very D List.

  28. Kate says:

    SkyNet– Agreed. She should have handled it the way Gwen Stefani did with her first pregnancy, announcing at a concert that she wanted the crowd to scream so loud that ‘my baby can hear it.’ Done and done.

  29. TxGal says:

    The way I see it she is not pregnant.

    The other question if she was to be pregnant why fake the size of the pregnancy. A lot of women depending will have a small stomach even up to their 8 months and still have a normal pregnancy. So I do not understand why fake the size of the stomach.

  30. Miffits says:

    I agree with Kaiser, she’s pregnant but trying to make herself look more pregnant. Like it was pointed out in the Daily Beast article fitter people can look ‘less pregnant’ than they actually are due to strong ab muscles. And Beyonce had/has ridiculous abs.

    I had my baby last February, this time last year my bump wasn’t as big as Beyonce is trying to make hers look. And I’m sure as hell not fit.

  31. PAgirl says:

    What I want to know is, if Beyonce is padding her bump, why would she use something so budget that it would fold up like that as soon as she goes to sit down? Even though all the conspiracies are interesting, I just feel like she’d be more careful if she were padding. Like, use something that wouldn’t fold up… what if someone wanted to feel her stomach and could clearly feel it’s just a pillow?

  32. Blue says:

    People saying her dress bunched up, but she has her hand on her dress holding her belly the whole time. I think it’s the way she sits down and holds onto her stomach like it’s going to run away that makes me scratch my head. Also the look on her face. People are accepting the fact that she is preggo but padding and others just absolutely refuse St. Beyonce would do something like that. She probably is pregnant because she just seems so excited or she’s a better actress than she ever portrayed in her movies.

  33. Gigi says:

    wendy is my gurl but her son is 10 and she prob hasnt seen a rel preg person other than a celeb pic in years! ive personally knwn at least 10 people who have been preg in the past 2 years and 2 who are pregnant now snd boy does a bump show diff on diff women. also a lot of mat clothes are tailored to have more room in the belly area so the gapping u see is more than likely just fabric from the cut some shapes and materials will cling and show off a “bigger” bump than others but woman carry babies in diff positions some will be huge at 4 months and some women can go 9 months w. barley a bump showing! crazy but true i just cant wait 2 see the lil girl or guy!!

  34. Mella says:

    This is crazy! Why would she lie?! I don’t like that!

  35. honeybunz says:

    Lol just seen pics of beypoopy and shes wearing a big shirt **tho still looks smaller than she did in the interview** and she looks pissed at the world! Like someone ate the last leg out of the popeyes container!!

  36. anonymous says:

    Strange and crazy! I don’t believe she is pregnant. Look at the picture, even if you think the dress was loose fiiting why has the dress fallen half-way pass her knee, why did the dress not blow up-wards instead of downwards. Look at the photo something has fallen half pass her knees it has to be something heavy not something light like cloth. In all my years I have never seen anything like this happen to a pregnant woman that trasped on to a stage with such an enormous stomach that filled out a tight fitting maternity and then it turns into a flat shaped something that seems heavy that weighs down her dress half pass her legs!

  37. Nev says:

    reallllllllllllly confused….has anyone watched her actually walk to the seat????? There is alot of room in that dress, from the back….look at the whole tape when she walks onto the set?!!!!

  38. PicsOrItDidntHappen says:

    If its just “fabric” thats fitted to sit on her bump properly (like those bra tops from VS), wouldn’t it be easier to just show the dress? With its “specially fitted” folding fabric? Lolz. Im gonna google maternity dresses and see if I can find something like this.

    IMO though, shes padding to hype up the pregnancy. It really looks like more than just fabric folding going on. It reminds me of my memory foam pillow the way it springs back up once she sits down.

  39. Victoria says:

    Her son may be ten but Wendy has suffered a lot of miscarriages so I’m sure she’s quite familiar with it all around. However she did not claim that Beyonce’s bump should be exactly like every other woman but that there are certain things that are just fact FOR EVERY pregnant woman.

    I’m not going talking about the size of baby bumps specifically because with both of my sons I didn’t find out until I was four or five months that I was even pregnant. I did not show until the very end and my bump was really small but it was hard. And with the noticeable size of bum pad number 12 that Bey had on and in that dress, there is no way her bump should have looked ‘collapsable” as it were.

    Wendy called her out as Wendy is wont to do, bless her. I love it.

  40. AnnieC says:

    I don’t think it looks like Beyonce is pregnant – she doesn’t seem to have any other weight gain anywhere else, except her ‘belly’. Usually pregnant women gain weight in their faces, legs + bum! But no sign of any of that on her.

  41. Isa says:

    I totally defended her bump size in previous posts, but now I’m not sure. I do think she has padded her bump for attention, especially looking at the size of her walking in the purple dress and her bikini photos. I do not see how the dress could become more loose when she bent over. It looks so fitted.

    The woman in the red dress isn’t very large! Must be nice to be a tall pregnant woman.

  42. smh says:

    i do believe that she is pregnant because she’d never have allowed herself to gain even more weight otherwise. what happened is that probably people were right about her vma appearance: she did wear a fake bump to make the ending of the song more drastic. i mean 3-4 months pregnant doesn’t show like that and she hadn’t gained weight yet. so she had to go with that lie and since her tummy wasn’t that big yet, she had to wear larger faux bumps to make up for the lie (because it would have looked like her bump got smaller while she was getting larger) she’ll get rid of the fake bumps after the 6th month i guess.

  43. Jenn says:

    @DeE (i cant quite read it i am sorry), trust me there is no way in hell that Ian “Molly” Meldrum, the interviewer, is going to be looking up her skirt in any way shape or form…………..lol

  44. FashionQueen says:

    Pregnancy seems to increase the public’s positive impression of celebrities…that’s a good reason to lengthen the appearance of pregnancy. Also, isn’t she designing a maternity line or plans to? Is she wearing her own stuff or her mother’s?

  45. kell says:

    @kirksey: right on! I totally think something is up. I don’t NOT believe that she is pregnant but I think she is wearing a fake belly for the drama of it all. She is obviously looking to capitalize on this “pregnancy”. Funny how she and Jay has managed to stay out the lime light up to now, but this is front page news. Did you hear the one about the assistant being pregnant for her? Yea, it has been said. I don’t know if I believe that Beyonce is paying her assistant to have a baby. If there is any truth to B having a serrogant, and it is not to out of reach of an idea to me, I don’t think she would use her assistant. Too obvious. She would pay someone who is no where near the scene. Under the radar. A young girl who needs money from some far away land that does not know who she (B) is. A girl who does not speak any English. Hey! Maybe she sent her assistant away to take care of a girl like this until she is ready to give birth! I think I just cracked the case…Next?

  46. sandra says:

    If not fake, padded. You can see by her face that she knows she was busted. When they start the interview she’s very obviously uncomfortable looking. I bet Wendy is right – “private” birth.

  47. Bermuda Blues says:

    collapsing pillow for this famewhore

  48. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I’m grouchy so I won’t go in on Bey today, I will just say she is a beautiful women, lies and all :-)

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  50. Mr.Maverick says:

    I think that all this is just rumour mongering. Beyonce was obviously pregnant. She was playing with the public about the due date for privacy. I wouldn’t put it past someone like the Kardashians to pull a fake pregnancy, but Beyonce is too high profile to pull off this. Also, her bump was obvious during the Roseland shows, hidden by the piece of clothe. And, another angle of the same shot from the program shows how it was the clothe deflated, not her”bump”. Case closed, Haters gonna hate, but BIC is here, and The Carters are happy.