Henry Cavill is a babe magnet and Adrian Grenier is thrilled to be his wingman

To put things mildly, Henry Cavill is about to bust onto the mainstream scene in a huge way, which will meet with a very bittersweet reaction from fans who admired him from afar during his work on “The Tudors” and don’t exactly want to see him ogled by the masses. Still, Cavill deserves success and his humility allows him to simultaneously reveal that he was once called “Fat Cavill” while he presently refuses CGI abs and chooses to do it himself instead. So it comes as no surprise that Henry is very popular with the ladies during the ongoing filming of Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel reboot in Vancouver. In my mind, Cavill merely endures all of the attention while unwinding from a hard day’s work of flexing his muscles. He’s only trying to enjoy a few gin and tonics instead of looking for some tail, right?

Oddly enough, Star magazine has painted Cavill as a ladies man about town who is now flanked by the likes of overeager Adrian Grenier, whose IMDb profile confirms a very “Entourage”-heavy body of work and whose latest acting work is a film called True Bromance. Really, Henry?

Gorgeous British actor Henry Cavill, 28, is taking his role as Superman very seriously. The dashing Man of Steel star has become quite the superstud in Vancouver, Canada, where the film is being shot. “His spot is Pierre et Chinois,” an insider tells In Touch. “He goes all the time. As soon as he arrives, ladies start swarming around — he is never with fewer than five beautiful women!” His wingman? Entourage‘s Adrian Grenier. “The have become tight and have a lot of fun!” says the insider. “Henry is popular in Vancouver. He’s invited to lots of parties!”

[From Star, print edition, January 9, 2012]

This story seemed slightly off to me because Adrian’s got nothing to do with Man of Steel, and I couldn’t figure out why he would be so connected to Vancouver. However, it seems that he was blown away by the city’s beauty in early December while he was there to promote his latest producing project, Teenage Paparazzo, which probably means that he was only digging the chicks. Perhaps one evening, he ran into Cavill at the aforementioned Pierre et Chinois, and was only too happy to pick up the leftovers. That’s pretty believable.

Fortunately, Cavill fans can be comforted by a recent interview with Amy Adams, who plays Lois Lane in Man of Steel and (while promoting her role in The Muppets, declared that“Henry Cavill is very Kermitty! There is a humility to Henry and that’s one of the reasons his Superman is going to be so compelling.” Thank goodness for Amy Adams, and now we can forget all about Adrian Grenier once again.

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  1. Mich says:

    OMG! Cougar alert and it is me! What a lovely dish he is!! I’m going to press submit before I get too embarrassed.

    • Umm..no says:

      Move over honey…you aren’t the only cougar on the prowl! hahaha

      Grrrrooowwwllll…..I mean puuuurrrr….oh what a delicious man treat Henry is! YUM, YUM!

    • novaraen says:

      Ha…you go girl! Don’t be skeered!! I suppose I’m a cougar too and that man is HOTT with two T’s! Good lordy lordy…*fans self*

  2. Maya says:

    Henry Cavill for James Bond..
    What are they thinking with Daniel Craig?

  3. GoodCapon says:

    As a Henry fan I have to admit that he doesn’t look good as Clark Kent. Not every guy can pull the overly muscled look.

    But I’m still rooting for him. He makes watching The Tudors more bearable. (It’s not that bad, but JRM and Natalie Dormer overacts which ruins the show for me.)

  4. brin says:

    Yeah, he’s my secret guy, wish he didn’t go mainstream! Oh well, I believe he’s engaged, too!

  5. Eve says:

    I know Henry Cavill is technically very handsome but I swear he doesn’t do anything for me. But that’s not the point of my post, I just wanted to show — if anyone still thinks Adrien Grenier isn’t repulsive — this:


  6. Tapioca says:

    I thought Henry Cavill was engaged to some random Brit chick who recently got arrested for something LiLo-esque like drunk & disorderly or drunk driving?

    Then again, maybe he’s taking advantage of his new-found situation, ie. neck-deep in dumb blondes who will have sex with rich guys for free!

  7. Carolyn says:

    Henry be still my beating heart. I’d like to think he’s a nice person (as his character Charles was in The Tudors. Sigh). He totally deserves this new-found fame. He can totally act too. If I was his fiancee I’d be very nervous. Greiner is a douche…lose him.

    • My boyfriend worked on Immortals and I can confirm that Henry Cavill is charm and loveliness personified. He was apparently the only actor to get a genuine round of applause when he wrapped and was loved by everyone on set. He’s a proper English gent.

  8. Talie says:

    Wasn’t he engaged?

  9. Rubenesque says:

    He got engaged over the summer to a British show jumper, Ellen Whitaker. She’s attempting to make the 2012 Olympics. She was recently arrested for drunk driving after a charity ball.

    I’ve forgotten the entire periodic table of elements, yet some how I manage to remember this. *sigh*

  10. normades says:

    Teenage Paprazzo hasn’t come out yet? I saw it last year…

  11. kristipistol says:

    I’m a superman fan and haven’t been this excited about anything “superman” in a while, but whoa, I can’t wait for this one. He is smokin hot

  12. only1shmoo says:

    God, he’s so yummy that he must be fattening (I always say that about something good!). I don’t understand A.G.s logic, though. Picking up “leftovers” basically suggests that you know you’re less hot than your friend, and isn’t that an ego deflator?

  13. Mia says:

    I don’t know what it is about Henry Cavill. I know he is good looking and he has all the assets of a handsome guy but he just lacks charisma to me. It’s like he is handsome but not attractive. I feel like I SHOULD think he is hot but I’m not really feeling it lol. Anyone else feel the same way? He just lacks the je ne sais quoi/charm… Still think he would have made a good Bond though. But maybe his acting lacks the capacity to connect with the audience and that’s why I don’t feel the charm?

    • Sheena says:

      I know exactly what you mean – he’s good looking, but he’s so stiff and dull in interviews. He seems perfectly nice, but has no real personality.

  14. Mia says:

    *edited last comment

  15. Cammie says:

    Henry is HOT! but he is engaged to this British Showjumping named Ellen Whitaker…

    I hope to see Henry in other roles besides Superman, Greek hunk type roles..

  16. shawna says:


    loved him on The Tudors. Oh he makes me swoon!

  17. mercy says:

    I’m not surprised. He went to Australia to pick up on DiCaprio leftovers. At one time I wanted to like him. Early Entourage was not bad and I enjoyed the doc he did on finding his father. He seemed like a genuine hippie by Hwood standards. But he seems more like Vince now.

    • Adrian Grenier = CREEPY says:

      Adrian Grenier is such a dirty diseased looking s l u t. He just goes up to random gals and asks if he could take them home and screw their brains out. I wouldn’t go near this STD meatstick if he was the last man alive. It’s like life imitating art and now he really is Vincent Chase. So sad.

    • adrian = creepy says:

      Adrian Grenier is such a dirty diseased looking s l u t. He just goes up to random gals and asks if he could take them home and screw their brains out. I wouldn’t go near this STD meatstick if he was the last man alive. It’s like life imitating art and now he really is Vincent Chase. So sad.
      radaronline DOT com / exclusives / 2008 / 01 / adrian-grenier-pickup-lines-a-oneact-play.php

  18. mymy says:

    I watched every episode if the Tudors because of Henry.He is the best looking actor working today.He seems genuine and down to earth. I agree with the poster who said the extra muscles aren’t working for him. Looks steroid induced and very unnatural

  19. Me says:

    I agree with the steroid induced look thing but, ooooh #panting with lust# 😉

  20. RayA says:

    Isn’t he engaged to Ellen Whitaker?

  21. Gwen says:

    I really like Henry and I’m very hopeful that he’ll be a succes. He’s pretty, sexy (IMO) and seems like a really nice man too – well deserved 😀 I’m not very keen of his girlfriend though – wasn’t she accused of abusing her horses?

  22. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Love Hen loved JRM’s cray cray acting and love Natalie Dormer.

    I am a hardcore Cavillry Girl, and I am bias, but his body is hot whether lean or buff.

    However, I feel like no one can be the Supe better than Christopher Reeves or hell even Dean Caim. Christopher still is one of the most beautiful men to walk the face of the earth AND he was talented. I miss him.

  23. Amanda says:

    That Superman picture is hot!

  24. UKHels says:

    hmmm good looking but somehow not hot – a bit like Christopher Reeve funnily enough

  25. The Original Mia says:

    Henry is gorgeous, humble, nice, and engaged. Or so I thought. Even if he isn’t engaged anymore, he doesn’t give off douche vibes like Grenier. Doubt he’s out there whoring it up in Vancouver.

  26. Callumna says:

    Tastiest pic I’ve ever seen is that face shot.

    But scroll down and the bod shot with the fake ‘roid muscles makes me nauseous. As nasty as implants on a girl but those fraudulent muscles also deflate as fast as they appear.

    Then the sock in his drawers?

    I like that momma can lust over this secretly but I don’t want to take a child to see a comic superhero stuffing his pants.

    When’s Hollywood going to get appropriate again?

  27. Tueme says:

    Henry is just simply gorgeous, i’m sure he’ll be a great Superman! What I find extremely weird is the fact that he’s never been photographed with his girlfriend?

  28. Shibby says:

    2 words – three-way!