Halle Berry & Gabriel don’t make progress in court, need to take parenting classes

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry had another hearing in their custody case yesterday following a battery and child endangerment allegation against Aubry. Halle previously tried to block Gabriel from all contact with their nearly four year-old daughter, Nahla, until the investigation is complete. According to a new report on Radar, she’s now backed down slightly and is requesting supervised visitation. (I assumed that a previous supervised visitation order was still in place, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.) In an earlier court appearance for Halle and Gabriel, the judge put off making a decision until the sitting judge, who is familiar with this case, returned from vacation. Well the original judge is back now and according to TMZ he didn’t make a ruling yesterday and needs more time, and an additional hearing, to sort it all out. Child and Family Services has interviewed both Halle and Gabriel separately and together and is reportedly suggesting that Gabriel attend anger management classes, that Halle get counseling, and that both of them take parenting classes together. They’re also recommending counseling for Nahla. Here’s TMZ’s take on what happened, since their coverage is brief and they aren’t being fed details by Gabriel’s team like Radar.

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have been urged to get some serious counseling for the benefit of Nahla, but their marathon court hearing today was contentious and largely unproductive … law enforcement sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

We’ve learned the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services submitted more than a dozen recommendations to the judge, including mediation … in which a 3rd party would sit with Halle and Gabriel and try to figure out how they can peacefully raise their child. We’re told Halle was receptive but Gabriel wasn’t.

And our sources say … Halle agreed to continue her individual counseling, which will help her deal with what has become an impossible situation.

As for Gabriel, he’s agreed to counseling for his anger issues.

And, as we first reported, both parties agreed today to send 3-year-old Nahla to counseling.

We’re told the judge did not make any decision on the fate of the nanny, whom Gabriel wants fired.

And the judge hasn’t ruled on Halle’s request to keep Gabriel from Nahla until the child endangerment investigation runs its course.

Sources say Gabriel has objected to most of the recommendations and the judge is on the verge of holding a full hearing — similar to a trial — so he can firmly call the shots.

[From TMZ]

I’m firmly team Nahla as both of her parents seem unable to reach an amicable co-parenting agreement. I think that Halle vilifies her exes and that Gabriel is responding by lashing out and is playing right into her hands. Prior to this whole fiasco I would be on his side, but the details he’s been leaking to Radar make him sound like an a**hole who is definitely capable of pushing and screaming at the nanny. Incidentally, Radar is also reporting that Halle has been paying Gabriel’s legal fees, as is supposedly standard when one party in a custody agreement makes vastly more than the other.

Also, Halle and her new man, Oliver Martinez, staged some “happy family” beach photos over the weekend with Oliver kissing Nahla. Multiple agencies have these photos so you know they were prearranged to present an image of Halle as a more capable parent and of Oliver as some kind of would-be stepfather. This is how Halle uses the paparazzi that she professes to hate. How would Halle react if Gabriel did that to her? She was reportedly livid when he even dared to go on a date with Kim Kardashian. How petty she is. This is a J.Lo move, except J.Lo is much more publicly civil towards, and gracious about, her ex.

Halle has a cast on her foot, which is probably related to breaking it last September. She’s also wearing what looks to be an engagement ring, although she’s often worn a ring on that hand and reports vary as to whether it’s official. She hasn’t made an official announcement, and all we heard so far is a tweet from Oliver’s ex, Kylie Minogue, congratulating them.

Halle, Gabriel and Nahla are shown out at the beach in Malibu on 1-29-12. They’re also shown out at lunch on that same day. Gabriel and Nahla are shown out on 1-12-12. Credit: Fameflynet and WENN.com

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  1. Asli says:

    Finally! Something that will actually help the situation and Nahla happens.

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      Yes! I was hoping they’d be ordered to counseling, and co-parenting classes. There’s nothing wrong with all of them getting therapy. Halle and GA both need therapy, and they both need to learn to co-parent.

      I think GA is being stubborn because he thinks it makes him look like the bad guy, but he needs to think about Nahla, and just do it. Also, the wording in the article tells us that GA didn’t have previous court ordered supervised visitation.

      Those obvious “family” pics with Olivier are sickening, who is she kidding? Last week it was Disneyland, now the beach she needs to quit with that crap, it’s creepy. She does it purposely to piss GA off, poor Nahla.

    • DreamyK says:

      Can you imagine what Halle would do if Gabriel papped out a topless Nahla to kiss his girlfriend on the mouth? Halle had those pics taken on purpose over the weekend trying to anger Gabriel before the Monday hearing. What a loathsome goat she is.

      • Elizabeth says:

        ITA. It was such a bitchy move on her part. But she looks like someone who will do anything to “win” – as if taking a child away from a loving parent is a victory. I have trouble believing Aubry is worse than her. Halle just keeps ending up in bad relationships – but the only common factor is her. Poor Nahla.

  2. Bite me says:

    Does anyone else remember that pretentious statement Halle released when NAhla was first born about the paps and her daughter privacy . Anyway glad little Nahla will be receiving some counseling

    • originalone says:

      Oh, I remember that statement Bite me. Look at her now staging pictures of her daughter, with her new daddy-to-be.

      I hope I’m not the only one not falling for that ploy, and disgusted with her attitude.

      Yeah, Gabriel is playing in her hand. Imagine fighting constantly to getting some time with your daughter, while your ex’s new boyfriend is getting all the UNSUPERVISED time with her in the world.

      This must burn a whole in his heart. Halle is being a nasty, manipulative bitch with her daughter’s affections and future.

      • anon says:

        I agree. And that picture that would annoy me if I was in his shoes, my little girl, loved up by a boyfriend of my ex. Not siding with him, but I can understand his feelings. I would probably need anger management classes myself. I hope for Nahla that every thing turns out well for her. I am surprised by Halle and J-Lo introducing new people into their very young children’s lives so soon.

      • originalone says:

        And how messed-up the situation is truly, if you need to send a 3 year-old-toddler to counseling. Three years old!

        Might be mommy is messing with her and telling her that her daddy is Olivier?

        Just speculation on my part, those pictures on the beach pissed me off. We cannot state anymore that Halle is not a manipulative b*tch. Too bad, I wanted to give her some benefit in wanting to protect her daughter. Not so anymore.

      • Camille (The original) says:

        I agree with all of your comments. Really well said.

  3. I.want.shoes says:

    Good. These 2 need to get their act together and focus on the well-being of their kid.

  4. Catherine Paris says:

    I just hope that they work it out for the sake of their little girl. I feel so sad for her, I wish her parents would see what their anger towards one another is doing to her. I don’t think either one is making anything easy for the other.

  5. Cathy says:

    I’m glad the judge has the good thought of sending the little one to counseling. Shes the victim here, it’s ashame that her parents are behaving like jerks.

  6. ol cranky says:

    someone clarified (on one of the threads last week) that there wasn’t a court order for AUbrey to have supervised visits, he had previously agreed to having the nanny present “to keep the peace” with Berry but, some time later, made a request to change their custody agreement including removal of the nanny supervision requirement (I think he wanted to hire his own nanny). Judges don’t like to change an agreement that was initially entered into voluntarily and declined to alter their agreement.

    I hope the court forces the issue with co-parenting classes. They may have to get some of Aubrey’s anger management therapy done for him to be able to participate. I’ve seen people with the calmest demeanor become very angry when their interaction with their child/ren is restricted (or bizarre rules put in place) by the other parent.

    • Asli says:

      Agreed, I think it’s the frustrattion building and building and then when the cup flows over there’s nothing else but anger left.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        That’s very true. At the end of most relationships, there exists hurt and anger and resentment.

        When/if the other parent tries to restrict access to a child one has freely had access to all their little lives, that parent is likely to come out fighting like a bear.

    • originalone says:

      I remember that one Ol Cranky. Someone explained that the nanny actually, as per court agreement, is supposed to be present at all time, no matter the house, between 12 p.m. and leaves after Nahla falls asleep.

      That Halle wanted Gabriel only to get supervised visits, but the judge had opted for equal supervision for both parents.

      And coincidentally, the SAME judge wants both parents to attend co-parenting classes. And that the supervised visitations request for Gabriel would be refused after he completes anger management classes.

      Apparently Halle was very agreeable with everything the judge said yesterday.

      Would Halle schlep Olivier as well to those co-parenting classes too?

      • OXA says:

        I do not believe this crap painting Gabe as the bad guy and Hallucinator as a saint, all supposedly from a closed hearing.
        Gabe has been silent from day one so we did not discover that the nanny was orderd to be presesnt at BOTH homes until we read nannies trumped up complaint, which was compiled by an attorney. I wonder where an unemployed nanny(remembershe quit her job 2 days before she hired the attorney) gets the money to hire representation. Oh and is that the same nanny in the photos on the beach last Sunday.
        I believe this is all part of Halle’s master plan, just her like leaving the fathers name off her only child’s birth certificate.

  7. brin says:

    Definitely Team Nahla. Both Halle and Gabriel are not putting their child first. I think Halle stages these photo ops to get Gabriel to react. Very childish behavior.

    • Cirque28 says:

      Agreed. Oliver should be ashamed of himself for participating! I could see Halle telling Oliver (and herself) that the photo ops are simply to bolster her case. But the timing sure makes it look like a nasty little dig at Gabriel, designed to get right under his skin.

      Team Nahla.

  8. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    I understand that people can push you to your limits but ultimately you are responsible for your own actions. So I guess shooting down some of the judges recommemdations is all her fault too.

    Parenting classes is fine, counselling is fine. They both need help and learn how to cope with each other. They all hate the paps until they don’t which is why I have no remorse for wanting the dets on the life I helped them buy for themselves.

    Aubry is playing the game (vindicated again) but he is doing it all wrong. I need him to get his act together.

    And Halle needs to let her daddy issues go. Almost middle aged and still acting foolish.

    Team Nahla, Halle and Gabe because they are family no matter what and once they put their selfishness aside, they can focus on loving that little girl.

  9. Lisa says:

    That poor Baby…reading about this when she gets older…SIGH!!!

  10. Suze says:

    Get it the FU** together you two idiots.

    So much for the “We do everything with our child’s best interests at heart.”

  11. Dawn says:

    This is ugly and will get uglier before it ends and that is on Halle as well as Gabriel. The bottom line is Gabriel is Nahla’s father, nothing will EVER change that and Halle needs to come to grips with the fact. It appears Miss Halle wants one set of rules for herself and a completely other set for Gabriel and that should NOT happen. And you can’t always count on the courts to do the right thing either. I agree with Gabriel that the nanny that started all of this needs to be fired. And I wonder how Halle would react to a picture of Nahla kissing Gabriel’s girlfriend on the lips….I bet the explosion would be heard on the moon.

    • Asli says:

      Yeah, I find it weird that people are still upset that he went on a date with Kim K but Halle is reportedly marrying Martinez, he’s a serial cheater. Don’t get it.

    • Jaded says:

      Totally agree – Halle knows what buttons to push to get Gabriel to blow up, and I think he’s not smart enough to realize she’s doing it deliberately and manipulatively in order to paint him in the worst possible light. They must put their egos aside and work together on the best method of parenting their child so she doesn’t end up another Hollywood child casualty.

      • maemay says:

        Likewise, Gabriel is not angel either and used Kim K to get Halle to blow up, Gabe also goes to the press with stories about Halle, this guy is not a saint and neither is Halle. Moral of the story don’t set off a crazy person, he put this all in motion and is now paying the consequences.

      • TG says:

        Agree. I can’t stand Halle and I understand where Gabriel is coming from but he needs to think only of Nahla and stop playing into that idiot woman’s hands. Taking the high road is his only option not to get caught up in the hate and like Halle end up in another relationship with a loser.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        I agree with you about that “date” bringing out the crazy, but at least he didn’t have his daughter around Kim, and the press referring to them as a family, could you imagine?!?

        That guy Olivier is a creep for playing along with these games. Poor Nahla.

  12. lisa says:

    Just curious. In cases like this do the courts also look at the boyfriends or girlfriends of the parents. It seems that the parents can bring anyone else in the life of their child and that is never in question. Not saying anything bad about Oliver or any woman Gabe may date.

    but I just find it interesting that Oliver gets to play daddy to Gabe’s daughter and no one questions his character.

    This is just such a nasty situation. And one day this little girl will be fully aware of it.

    • anon says:

      Good question and good point. I think after the Woody Allen situation all new people should be looked at carefully. So the parents are scrutinized but their new partners aren’t. Hope someone has an answer to this.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I will respond with what my mom (a veteran family-law paralegal) told me when I divorced: The courts don’t care if he’s (she’s) fornicating with their new piece in front of the children while doing lines off the nightstand. It takes A LOT MORE than that to get sole legal custody and supervised visitation or a no contact order. Now, if the new piece was a child molester, that’s another story…

      And yes, we live in Cali.

      • anon says:

        Thank you for the answer. What a shame
        and how confusing for the children of these parents.

  13. Franny says:

    I think there are a lot of people who should take parenting classes.

    People should also take relationship classes, how not to drive like an asshat classes, and how to communicate like a normal person classes.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

      Lol 🙂 thanks for the chuckle.

    • originalone says:

      People should take parenting classes BEFORE having a child. I think more than enough children are effed-up because of their parents’ failure to take care of them, and put their needs first.

      To have to take your child to counseling before the age of 4… Let’s be honest, something had already terribly gone wrong to think that it is affecting a toddler.

    • IAMEROK says:

      Aww Franny you made my day with that comment..seriously..I’m still laughing! Thank you cuz I needed that laugh today! xo

  14. Adele says:

    Halle is so beautiful and stunning and she looks like a 20 yo! Olivier is so lucky!

  15. rose80 says:

    It says A LOT that Halle is receptive to all suggestions about counseling and Gabe is NOT. She obviously wants whats best for her daughter and is willing to meet with a counselor/mediator, but of course the only thing people will concentrate on is her poor taste in men.

    and please CB, any woman would flip her lid if the father of her child started dating a Kardashian, If I was a mother I wouldn’t want my child around that attention slore either. That little stunt shows you what type of personality that man has.

    Hopefully BOTH grow up and find common ground for their daughter.

    • Cerulean says:

      I would not want a Kat face trashian near my cat much less my child. He totally lost me after that. I think they both need to get it together. I have no idea what the truth is but I think neither of them are doing the right thing.
      I am glad that finally people are seeing that Gabe isn’t some innocent victim here. The only innocent is that darling little girl.

      • Dawn says:

        I agree with you I would NOT want that trash Kardashian near my kid either however that was a one or two times at the best date and she NEVER was near Nahla to begin with. As for this Oliver guy doesn’t he have kids too and doesn’t Gabriel have as much to say about who Halle brings around HIS daughter as Halle has to say about who he brings around her daughter? This kid is going to end up with big time daddy issues if this nonsense does not stop.

      • rose80 says:

        Thank you Cerulean,

        People, mostly women didn’t want to believe that beautiful Gabe wasn’t an A hole and that it was all Halle

    • ol cranky says:

      Actually, what this says about him (if true) is that he is so frustrated and feels so beaten down (the police state comment kinda said it all) that he’s in a siege mentality. That does not mean he’s not a good father or that his current level of anger is a sign he is somehow abusive. It’s actually pretty common for men who are good fathers but are facing constant and unnecessary barriers to their relationship with child/ren.

      He needs two things: #1 a good counselor to help him work through that anger and frustration (legitimate though it may be) and #2 some actual parity in the custody arrangements

    • OXA says:

      Being photpgraphed courtside at a Lakers game with Kim Kardashian hardly compares with moving a foreign lover into the home you share with your kid.

      • Kate says:

        Sorry, but what on earth is her lover’s nationality to do with anything?

      • Katherine says:

        It may very well mean that your ex will soon be taking your child out of the country regularly and possibly living far away from you so it’s impossible for you to see your child.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      No, it doesn’t. I says that Halle’s been there; done that twice before and knows how to work the system.

      CFS workers ACTUALLY TOLD ME “We tend to give primary physical custody to the most co-operative parent.”

      Now, I can understand that, but I was facing the man who nearly killed me less than 6 feet from my son’s crib. That is NOT what I needed to hear.

      And what a f*cking idiotic policy! Sure, give the kid to the charming sociopath who agrees with everything you say, FCS. GREAT JOB!

      • Asli says:

        People usually sound fake when they say this (normally sporting the head-tilt and pitchy voice) but I’m very happy you survived all that. And hopefully have your son 🙂

  16. mel says:

    This is what I call a Princess Diana tactic when you use the papparazzi to your advantange. I hate putting Halle in the same category as Princess Di. however, she did vow that the papparazzi would never take photos of her daughter to sell. Well will you looky here. Nahla is photoed almost daily and on top of that photo kissing her momma’s boyfriend. Now if the shoe was on the other foot, watch out cause she would acuse Gabe of being an unfit dad. She’s pathetic.

    • maemay says:

      She said she would not sale baby photos to the magazines.

      • Bite me says:

        Miss Halle said a lot more than that “I have long since come to terms with the fact that choosing a career as an actress has made me a public figure, but my baby has made no such choice, and unless and until she does, I will do everything I can … to keep her out of the public eye,” the statement read.

        Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,391485,00.html#ixzz1l383OjHe

      • Katherine says:

        I susect Halle’s eventual refusal to sell baby photos was due more to the fact that she was insulted no media was willing to pay much for them. Same with Nicole Kidman.

    • Noi says:

      how can you find fault with Halle when Gabe keeps getting photoed with her all the time hypocritical yes but draw it down the line both are wrong none has done right
      i never understand why you all are so biased towards her

  17. Hil50 says:

    The third picture nahla playing with martinez the woman next to them is THE NANNY. If you google them you will see a picture of halle, the nanny and nahla walking all happy. 🙁

  18. Sue says:

    So sad… If he is such a terrible person, why did you have a child with him Halle?

  19. Mugs says:

    poor baby needs a guardian ad litem, judge should order psych evals for all adults in her life especially her daddy issue having mama

  20. Julie says:

    Team G. The bitch failed to block him.

  21. lisa says:

    I’m surprised no-one is commenting on Martinez kissing/pecking Nahla on the lips.

    My parents do that which is fine, because they are my parents.

    But, letting your boyfriend do that?

    • TheOriginalVictoria says:

      I don’t think it’s appropriate if he just met her. It has only been a year. I didn’t see the photo initially because it didn’t load on my phone.

      Never been in that situation and never will be but I just asked my cousin and her who is in a Halle type sitch, minus the drama and her bf of four years is affectionate with her daughter now. Certainly not at first and he doesn’t give her baths and dress her and stuff (he says that’s father/stepfather territory and it crosses a line he’s not sure he would even step over as a stepdad), but he pecks her and vice versa.

      He said hugs are fine in the first year, but that type of affection is not appropriate in so short a time. Then again, he didn’t meet her children until year two sooo….

    • LeeLoo says:

      They’ve been dating for over a year. I don’t think it is grossly inappropriate. It’s probably good she has a good relationship with her mother’s partner.

  22. Skins says:

    Better run Oliver, before this spiteful, vindictive bitch turns on you.

  23. Dee Cee says:

    Judge ain’t no fool.. Ha! slammed back to your side of the net.. as well.. woman!

  24. mrsezc says:

    I used to like and respect her ..now I think she’s just a bitch!! If she didn’t want a father for her baby she should’ve picked some guy from a sperm bank and then the baby would be all hers!!
    So tired of this as I’m sure her ex is too .. someone trips it’s his fault, Nahla gets a bruise (as all kids do).. he beat her .. please!!! She needs to realize he’s her dad and back the f— off!!!! (IMHO)

  25. Rachel says:

    These people seem to av forgotten that once upon a time they were both what the other wanted. Even if its for dis tiny reason,let go of all d animousity cos it seems like dey can’t do it 4 deir daughter’s sake. Life is too short to bear grudges n believe me it does u no good at all. And if Halle is really happy,with her new man she wouldn’t give a fig about Gabriel spendin time with his own daughter. Its insane for cryin out loud!!

  26. koko says:

    Oh please everyone knows tmz is team halle. Go read all their coverage of the issue hey always paint Gabriel as the bad person that’s why he went to radar when halle leaked the abuse story and racist charge against him to tmz.

  27. Sam says:

    I’m glad that the court has recommended parenting classes/counselling for Gabriel and Halle, hope the judge makes them mandatory for them to attend them and they learn to get on with each other with any animousity aside for good…I’d rather see ’em get on for little Nahla’s sake as she should be their primary concern first and foremost in all of this drama…I think it would be heartbreaking for any parent to see their child spending lots of time with mom’s OH than they have! 🙁 …Halle and Gabe do it for your child, she deserves to have both mom and dad in her life! 🙂 …don’t get me started on TMZ, their coverage is too busy painting him as the evil dad, they don’t give two hoots about the fact there is a innocent child involved in this and that she needs dad as much as mom!…xx

    • Petunia says:

      Great wisdom. And if Halle hates the idea of Gabe being around the child, she should find a way to mentally keep herself busy/distracted while Nahla is gone. Other divorced people have learned to do it for the good of their children and so they also don’t go bonkers from all of the discord.

      And since she ends up hating all of her prior boyfriends, maybe she should consider having a kid with a sperm donor the next time. Then she wouldn’t have all of this jealous rage come up.

      And if Gabe is being violent, he SERIOUSLY needs to get it under control or not see his kid. It’s so completely wrong that it’s hard to understand how he could do it.

      So I hope the parenting classes help so that little girl can enjoy both parents. Both parents need to grow the f up.

  28. Petunia says:

    Team Nahla. Neither parent sounds like all that. I’m totally against him pushing and shoving the nanny, if he did (he claimed she tripped, which sounds like the excuse of an abuser.) And Halle plain out hates all of her ex-boyfriends. I think she’s trying to cut Gabrielle out of Nahla’s life. So I’m firmly Team Nahla. She’s got two parents who are buttholes.

  29. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Sad story but I just have to say-staged or not, these pics are ADORABLE, especially love the first one of Halle snuggling Nahla. So cute. Even if the photos are manipulation tactics, it’s still VERY clear that these THREE people love this little girl. They just need to put their personal stuff aside for her sake. Maturity doesn’t come easily to some people.

  30. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Boy ! Miss Halle got her guns spiked this time didn’t she……but don’t worry next month she will find something else to use against him in her campaign to get him out of HER daughters life…cause Halle don’t share with anybody….Hope the boyfriend is taking notes and keeping records cause this is what happens if you when you play house with Halle and heaven forbid if you have a child with her causee she will not share…..”Mine..Mine,,,Mine,,,Mine” is Halle’s motto she has absolutely no use or respect for men after she gets want she wants from them …..

    • LeeLoo says:

      I just don’t buy that Halle is that vindictive. I believe that both of Nahla’s parents love her they’ve just let their personal dislike and anger towards one another get in the way of doing what is best for Nahla.

  31. mymy says:

    Nahla will not benefit from counseling during this time. Way to young.
    Make no mistake counselors work for the courts and can be unduly influenced. It is all a game. And Gabriel better get ready.Nahla need her own court appointed attorney. Not paid for solely by Halle. Gabriel problem seems to be the less wealthy one.
    He needs to get a modeling gig pronto and fund an all out counter attack on Halle.
    Those photo’s with Olivier are so staged. How to upset the father. Have the child naked from the waist up with new boyfriend kissing him. I hope they come back to haunt this manipulative woman.
    Gabriel needs to stop trying to keep Halle calm by not being seen with a woman. Two can play and play he should. She will show her crazy like never before
    nahla is not her possession.

    • Noi says:

      really the bottom half of your comment is ew
      we know nothing of their relationship what makes you think this is aimed at gabe and not the court
      the child goes to the stable parent ans she has the all setup
      ll she has to do is seem like she’s trying to be amicable but he’s not and bam she get what she wants.


      he knows how to press her buttons to how do you know his not doing?

    • Msirene says:

      I agree with you, Mymy. It bothers me that after going to court to try to resolve matters, she would continue to try to offend him by doing things to bring attention that would be upsetting to her baby daddy.

      As far as a 3 yr old child being topless on the beach, that’s her decision but I would not let my little girl go topless. Children learn from what they live and setting good examples should start at a young age. Also, there are still very mean people and sometimes we trust someone that we shouldn’t. After all, didn’t she initially trust Gabe? She stated in Vogue Magazine that he was absolutely the right person to have a child with, and a wonderful father. From all the beautiful pic we see of this little girl and her daddy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him kiss her on the lips. And that’s her daddy!

      I sure hope that the counseling for these two helps and for the little girl as well, because she is probably going to be so confused. She probably already is. And no, I don’t hate halle, just very disappointed that she would chose someone to have a baby with and then try to ruin his reputation so she can move on. Pretty is as pretty does. Just my opinion!

  32. LeeLoo says:

    Both of them need to grow up and put their petty squabbles aside and start thinking about what’s best for Nahla. I’m glad the judge in this case had some sense.

    • Sam says:

      Absolutely, couldn’t agree more with you Leeloo…Resorting to game playing is petty and high school behaviour, neither should resort to that tactic, instead take the high road like an mature adult would in this situation…In the end it will acheive nothing, and hurt Nahla…xx

  33. NM6804 says:

    Sad smut…

  34. Msirene says:

    Olivier Martinez is not a very nice person at all, in that he is helping his mistress take digs at the little girl’s father. This carrying on is very disrespectful to Gabriel. He doesn’t have children from what I hear, so he doesn’t even know what a father feels like, and doesn’t care. I believe in Karma and I hope I’m around to witness all of this when it comes back and hit Olivier & halle square in the face. The pic of the little girl kissing her mother’s boyfriend on the mouth, with no shirt on says a lot about what kind of mother halle is. She’s promiscuous and is already teaching Gabe’s little girl to follow in her footsteps…. at such an early age. This child will need counseling for years to come. I’m glad the judge had sense enough to order it!

    • Noi says:

      your comment is filthy and i don’t care how much you hate a person do you really think of making a cute pic into child porn really.
      comments like this shouldn’t exist your not the 1st wont be the last but if you really stop and think would you really posted that. hate for a person you don’t know is crazy

    • anon33 says:


      This comment is offensive and disgusting. One wonders what sort of sick mind would even entertain a thought about “teaching a 3 year old promiscuity.”

    • LeeLoo says:

      It’s a beach. Young kids (boys and girls) run around without shirts all the time at the beach. The fact you would suggest this is promiscuous in anyway is disgusting.

      You know, I get that a lot of you don’t like Halle and even though I don’t understand all of the hate, I can at least respect that stance when there is sane reasoning behind it and simple snarky comments. What I hate is when it gets to the point of psychotic hatred for the woman.

      • TheOriginalVictoria says:

        I agree. I mean the kissing thing, I can go either way on that but she’s three and I have plenty of beach pictures with my dad and me on the beach and I’m just wearing a bottom. I mean, I understand there are creepos out there more than the average person and I know just how close to home it can hit.

        But every man that is with a child is not s pedophile. Sheesh. Olivier is a cheater and a douche, for fact, but let’s not throw a serious charge like that at any adult, especially the child’s mother unless we have proof. You can recover from being a douche, but not a pedophile.

        But she’s just

  35. mln76 says:

    I know I’m a gossip addict but does Halle really think its good PR to trot out a known philanderer on the beach with her young daughter?? Poor Nahla I hope one of those dumbasses can start being a decent parent.

  36. skuddles says:

    So glad to hear Halle has to seek counseling! It’s about freaking time. But how sad that a 3 year old child must receive counseling because of all the garbage she’s been subjected to in her short little life. I still do not believe Aubry shoved the nanny while she was holding Nahla – perhaps angry enough to shove her on her own but with his beloved child in her arms? That makes no sense… Clearly something happened but I don’t think that’s how it really went down. In any case, glad to hear they’re all getting help – just hope it does some actual good for the sake of the child.

  37. priestess says:

    Halle Berry has always been attracted to assholes and probaly will continue to be. Everybody has such an opinion about how she does this and that bottom line papparazi or not Halle OBVIOUSLY loves her daughter and anyone who differs is a pure hater. Just because Aubrey is white and supposedly good looking and stays quiet doesn’t mean he is not an asshole. Now that he HAS to have anger management classes people are making excuses for him! Please! spare me the court wouldn’t appoint it if it wasn’t warranted. I am happy to see Olivier being sweet to Nahla why not? They couldn’t stage it if they were not being stalked. Beautiful women have it the hardest everyone hates on them. Live your life Halle, Kim K, JLo and just let the fat ugly people covet and hate. It is what they do best!

    • TheOriginalVictoria says:

      I was with you until that last line. J. Lo and Kim k. are disgusting.

      And fat and ugly people aren’t the only ones who are haters.

  38. the original bellaluna says:

    They BOTH need parenting and anger management classes; Halle is just much more passive-aggressive in her approach.

    I think Gabriel is responding in anger from an insulted/hurt place, and isn’t thinking clearly right now.

    I think Halle is responding from a bitchy/vengeful place, and isn’t thinking at all.

    Either way, NEITHER OF THEM is thinking about what’s best for Nahla. I hope the judge DOES take the case, so what he says goes. Because these two need to stop already.

    • Little Darling says:

      I think Halle believed she would just “get” Nahla, hands down. I think Aubrey is being pushed and Halle is instigating, but she does have a tendency to pick losers with anger problems….BUT prior to the first argument over Africa (?) between these two, we never heard anything false about him. Only her…

  39. e.non says:

    my disgust with berry only grows.

    you’re supposed to have a sad because of (the prominently displayed) cast. ahh, poor sad halle — can’t go in the water and play. and notice the nahla love written all over it.

    feel bad for him; he just does not have the p.r. chops that she’s honed over several serious p.r. disasters.

  40. mymy says:

    well some people are not as evolved as you. And little girls should not be kissing any mama’s boyfriends on the lips. Halle is always photographed and she should not have her daughter topless. Not in this sick world NEVER. In her own pool and backyard fine.
    Oliver spent his youth womanizing and now he acts all into children. one needs to think f the bio father at all times and Not over step their boundaries. Period
    When done in this fashion it screams manipulation

    • Brigitte says:

      Weird. Little 3 year old girls and boys look exactly the same from the waist up for quite a while (til puberty). I don’t get how it is wrong or offensive for an undeveloped very young girl to be wearing only bottoms while AT THE BEACH, SWIMMING. What is there to see that is so shameful or wrong, she is a little girl with nothing up top yet.

  41. Tiffany27 says:

    My heart literally breaks for this little girl. I’m a 23 year old woman and I STILL remember my parents custody battle over me and my brother. I hope in the end everyone realizes nothing is more important than their daughter.

    • Little Darling says:

      And custody fights are usually ALWAYS about the parents issues with one another, hardly ever about the child’s welfare. Sorry to hear there is still pain.

  42. Little Darling says:

    My disgust in Halle is over the top now. I’ve been there, been in court dealt with an ex. She is classless, plain and simple. Aubrey is being pushed and pushed when everyone can see that he adores his daughter. That’s what it comes down to. I might yell at an intrusive nanny (GOD that would kill me in the midst of a divorce) but that doesn’t mean I would ever hurt my children. I’m glad they are all getting counseling, sad that Nahla has to, but those pictures threw me over the edge in their hypocrisy. Classless. Like Eddie and leAnn traipsing all around town with his kids prior to the divorce being finalized. Respect is clearly out the window, and we ALL know Halle would probably accuse him of sexual abuse, unstable parenting and a load of other things of Gabriel did that. We would all think he was trash too for doing that, and frankly, I’ve never seen him with anyone except for Nahla (and that nanny I suppose) when he’s with her. I would be unable to stop myself from unleashing TONS of Garden State Parkway on her if I were him. ( being from jersey that’s what my friends call my feisty side) it would drive me insane. The topless kissing staged photo op….trashy, classes, vindictive and made to irritate and enrage, and that is really low.

    The thing is,and I’m sure We all know this, is that I’m fairly certain Halle wanted a beautiful baby, got it and then tried to dispose of him entirely. She wasn’t anticipating that he would fight like this for his daughter, and all of the oil slicks she throws out behind her in the wake of this is unsettling. She’s really a piece of work and I hope they come to peace sooner than later. Fighting in court is time wasted as children need TWO parents, especially if both want to be a part of their child’s life. Just because she gave birth doesn’t mean ownership.

    Ugh. This makes me so sad.

  43. Kate says:

    Any parent who tries to remove the other parent from their kid’s life, unless that other parent is actively abusive, is a waste of oxygen. It’s depressing how many women think childbirth makes a little person their property – as a parent myself, they disgust me more than I can say. I can’t stand my mother in law, but you know what? My son worships her, and it’s right he should, because they have their own relationship and I just need to suck that up. It really appals me when women can’t manage that for their child’s other parent. I don’t care what the history is: if you’re a parent, you have to step up. That’s your job.

    My son adores his dad. They have the most amazing bond, and that bond helps my son feel good about who he is, and secure in the world. How Halle can justify trying to remove that from her child, I can’t begin to fathom. And how anyone can be puzzled about a parent who is being removed from their child’s life being angry… all I can say is, you can’t know anyone who’s been in that situation. It’s been described to me by a parent who has as like grief. The courts get there in the end, but it’s very slow. You can go months with restricted contact while things are sorted out – and that’s a long time, when a child is very small.

    Having said all that, maybe it’s a European thing, but seriously, people object to a toddler not wearing a shirt?! She’s a baby! Kids here run around naked on the beach and nobody turns a hair – it hadn’t even crossed my mind that she wasn’t totally appropriately dressed. Why on earth shouldn’t an innocent little girl go topless? She won’t get boobs for another decade, she’s just a tiny child. It’s completely innocent, and actually I feel sad that something so very natural is seen as dirty or sexualised. Can’t little kids have their innocence a bit longer than *three*?

  44. Katherine says:

    The only thing obvious with this custody case AND with Halle’s long sorid histgory is that Halle loves herself.

    Her behavior during various episodes such as those car accidents is symptomatic of a sociopath. She puts herself and her self-preservation first. And that means before Nahleh.

    I had not heard that Halle wanted to only put her name on the birth certificate. If that’s true then there was the warning of her future selfish behavior back then.

    Having a nanny present is not a formal court “supervised visit.” That was just an agreement between the parents and I have no idea why Gabriel would agree to that. I wouldn’t have. It now seems clear WHY Halle insisted on it because the nanny is proving to be Halle’s agent for all injtnets and purposes.

    Ordering anger management does not mean the judge believes that Gabriel is guilty of the accusations. Often such things are ordered “just in case” and often include how to handle volatile domestic situations. Any “counseling” for Nahleh at this age probably would involve mostly listening, observing and play therapy than anything else.

    Why would anyone assume that Gabriel is leaking anything to anyone? Also the fact that Halle is paying for Gabriel’s lawyer at this point – if she really is – is most likely because she is the party bringing this action and causing him to need a lawyer – not because she has more resources. Unless they have some prior agreement for this which I doubt.

    Halle’s behavior seems to me unforgivable but in keeping with her history. People often get away with behavior like hers for a long time and that often emboldens them to keep it up or notch it up a level. Hopefully sooner or later they are busted for it and the damage they cause is contained. Unfortunately for Nahleh there may already be lifelong damage.

    Sorry to say this but Halle should not be the primary or custodial parent. There is scant evidence to support that role for her – staged pictures that are so obvious in their venal intent they’re laughable are hardly proof of anything good let alone Halle’s “love” for her daughter.

  45. Steve says:

    This thread is about hatred. They had a long term relationship and it ended. Aubry’s anger could be why Halle left the relationship because she saw the signs.

  46. d says:

    it’s possible this is about G’s anger issues. but he seems to have kept a pretty good lid on it until this all came out, and so you’d think that if he was that good at it back then, he’d be playing a better game than he is now, which seems to be of a man pushed to his limits and getting very bad advice. or he’s desparate because he’s an angry man finally not getting his way? who knows. but then, it’s never been about the relationship being over, it’s about he as a father, or about a father’s right to have access to his child after the relationship has ended. THAT’S what he seems to have an issue with, and he’s got a right to. I think he could care less that the relationship ended or that halle’s trying to cut him out of her life. She’s can do that. But cutting their kid out of his life? No. Not unless there’s been criminal behaviour that will harm or threaten the child’s safety and none of that’s been proved.

  47. bohemelilene says:

    Halle has gone off the deep end. Radaronline reported that the family court judge ruled AGAINST Halle who wanted to stop Gabriel from seeing Nahla while the cps investigation is ongoing which makes me think the whole thing is a plot Halle and the nanny cooked up to try to get full custody of Nahla which didn’t work thank goodness. The judge said Gabriel was not a threat to his daughter.

    Halle’s doing a horrible thing trying to take this man out of his child’s life and I’m glad the judge is seeing right through her b.s. I’m definitely no longer a fan of hers, she is the new mommy dearest. Get yourself together for the sake of your child Halle Scary.

    #Team Nahla