Chris Brown: “Hate all you want, because I got a Grammy now!”

It was three years ago that Chris Brown severely beat his then girlfriend, Rihanna, before a Grammy party. According to the police report, Chris hit Rihanna repeatedly across the face and body, threatened to kill her and bit her on the ear and hand. We saw the photos of her face afterwards and it was frightening and sad. Rihanna told police that it was not the first time that Chris had beaten her. Chris did pay some minor consequences after pleading guilty to assault and was put on five years probation. From all accounts he has performed his community service well and on time, and has been praised by the judge presiding over his case. He’s also completed court-ordered domestic violence and anger management courses.

In interviews, Chris has been less than willing to take responsibility for his actions or to even talk about that night. He busted up a dressing room at Good Morning America last year after Robin Roberts asked him a question about the incident. Plus, he just comes across as a total a**hole. I know the kid is young at 22, but he’s behaved like a whiny bitch for years. He’s tweeted homophobic slurs on several occasions, once to a molestation victim. He regularly parks in handicapped parking spaces despite warnings, and he seems entirely unaware of how lucky he is to even be able to get paid to sing and perform. He complains constantly when anyone dares question him.

Chris has had a career comeback lately that has raised a lot of eyebrows. Many people were disgusted to see him both perform at the Grammys and win a Grammy for Best R&B Album, and Chris has a message to all of them: in your face, basically. The title of this story doesn’t capture how pissy he was about it, since he used all caps and added an expletive for effect:

Chris Brown is known for his violent temper, but on Tuesday, according to his Twitter account, his anger was aimed at his followers on the social networking site, rather than his ex-girlfriend.

The R&B singer’s official Twitter feed lashed out at critics who had slammed the Grammys for honoring him during Sunday’s awards show, and had bitter words for those bashing him.

“HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That’s the ultimate F**K OFF!” The tweets from Brown’s account said at the height of the rampage.

Earlier in the rant came: “Strange how we pick and choose who to hate! Let me ask u this. Our society is full of rappers (which I listen to) who have sold drugs (poisoning).

“But yet we glorify them and imitate everything they do. Then right before the worlds eyes a man shows how he can make a Big mistake and learn from it, but still has to deal with day to day hatred! You guys love to hate!!! But guess what???”

The tweets from Brown’s account were responding to a number of prior tweets from celebrities who didn’t believe he deserved to not only win a Grammy for F.A.M.E., but also to perform twice during the show.

[Radar Online]

So selling drugs in the past is equivalent to beating on women in Chris’ world. At least he deleted it, but he surely had some prompting. This is but a small sample of the kind of behavior that should have sunk this kid’s career years ago. He makes a lot of money for a lot of people so they’re going to continue to let it slide. Not everyone in the industry is a team Breezy apologetic, though. Miranda Lambert tweeted that she didn’t “get it. He beat on a girl.” Other celebrities, like Sherri Shepherd, Jack Osbourne and Wil Wheaton had similar sentiments. There were also some very good editorials about this, particularly Sasha Pasulka’s (formerly of Evil Beet) at Hello Giggles and Marlow Stern’s at The Daily Beast. These editorials and tweets were made before Chris tried to call his Grammy “the ultimate F*** off” to anyone that dared question his career.

Meanwhile people are showing Chris love on Twitter and basically writing that they’d take a beating for him anytime. Kaiser pointed me to analysis of this disturbing trend by Slate and Jezebel. I just don’t get it at all. How could anyone even joke about that?

Here’s Chris outside a recording studio on 2-10-12 and out shopping on 12-4-11. Credit: FameFlynet

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    • Tiffany says:

      All of his supporters will look like idiots when this fool goes back to jail in 2-5 years when he has yet another violent hissy fit. As he showed when he threw a chair through a window at Good Morning America, he doesn’t have control over his serious anger issues and resorts to violence when people make him mad.

      The thing is, when you commit a crime that is so serious, it will follow you whether you like it or not. His actions have broadcast to the world that he has a short temper, and people will forever be trying to bait him into another fit. You showed your weakness, and now people will use that against you.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        @Tiffany, “You showed your weakness, and now people will use that against you.”

        Truth! Every celebrity in the world has people who just don’t like them, even the ones who didn’t get arrested for beating the crap out of a woman. You don’t see all of them throwing chairs at windows either. Guess what Chris, some people didn’t like you even before you beat up Rihanna. “GASP!”

        His actions with regard to Rihanna showed weakness. It’s pure human nature at play here. Just like in poker, if you show your hand, and it’s weak you lose. Get over it, quite whining, and snuggle up to your Grammy AKA The Ultimate F.O.

  1. marni says:


    Thanks Chris, I shall continue to hate with your blessing.

  2. Eve says:

    I read it (on Laineygossip) he received a standing ovation at the Grammys.

    I hate people.

    P.S.: did you guys see the post on Dlisted showing some girls saying they’d love to be beaten by him? Check the link CB posted here (it shows even more crazy comments).

  3. Lee says:

    He’s just a waste of space. And people who enable him to remain in the public eye and richly reward him for his disgusting persona are no better. What is wrong with society?

  4. ChloeS says:


  5. Paula says:

    Him & Mike Vick are the most disgusting useless people in this world!

  6. OriginalTiffany says:

    Dude shows himself to STILL be an immature, whiny, bitter douchebag. What is wrong with young girls that they would invite a beating from doucheboy here?

    Whhil Whheaton, Cool Whhip. “Stewie Griffin”

    Which is all I can think about when I hear or read wil wheaton.

  7. Sisi says:

    He might think he’s a winner with that grammy and that it gives him all over approval, but its just an award about an album in a genre with hardly any competition and I still think he’s a loser in every single way.

    I saw a pic of the crowd at the grammy’s while he was performing and ONLY ONE person was standing, that was Kelly Rowland.

  8. Ent says:

    So? Even Milli Vanilli won a Grammy. And they didn’t even sing their own songs.

  9. eileen says:

    I followed Paris Jackson (MJ’s “daughter”) for a week on Twitter and seriously all she talks about is Chris Brown-she is obsessed with him. Its disturbing to see young girls say they would take a beating for him. WTF? Please oh please God let me raise my daughter with more commone sense than that…and my son to respect women. :(

  10. Celebasshat says:

    What a world we live in; where this pathetic,woman beater, little skunk( u know the way marijuana smells) get a pass. Ha! What a world

  11. DogBoy says:

    You referred to him as an “asshole” and “whiny bitch”. If you included “douche” it would have been a perfect assessment.

  12. constance says:


    A trophy, that gathers dust and likely can’t be sold given by people who don’t read the news, doesn’t change the fact that he is still a b#$&h a%^ punk who thinks it’s empowering to beat on women (stupid or not).

    I bet he abuses a lot of drugs to manage that permanent scowl and paranoid delusions of 6th grade Haters.

  13. Victoria says:

    Hope he can eat that Grammy, as I, and MANY others wouldn’t support this jerk by buying his music. His level of maturity leads me to think that another act of violence is in his future. Some people just don’t learn. Karma is a you-know-what…

  14. Blue says:

    He’s gross. I shouldlike him because he has talent, butttt he is a woman beater and a whiny immature bitch who seems to have little self control. So I don’t know how well those anger management classes worked. Also on some entertainment show they said he still had half his CS left to do.

    Those little girls talking about wanting a beating from him make me sick and sad. They have obviously never been in that type of situation or know anyone who was/is. There clearly needs to be more education on domestic violence.

    • Annie says:

      Obviously those girls are joking, but they are clearly idiots for even joking around about something like that.

    • Barbie2.0 says:

      Tell that to Rihanna the woman he abuse and now has forgiven him. Rihanna also said that she loves aggressive men. Plus most of her music is about violence. Plus Rihanna said it wasnt like he just beat her they had a big fight

      • Bluebear says:

        Wow, your an uneducated idiot. It is good PR to “forgive” him, as well as it helps her to work past the emotional issues that accompany being the victim of domestic violence. It doesn’t matter if you BEAT someone after an argument, it is NEVER OKAY, you redneck hick.

      • Smarty says:

        Forgiveness isn’t about the victim saying that it was okay for that to happen. Forgiveness is about having the decency to move on and accept that it happened.
        Rihanna may have forgave Chris, but the rest of the world didn’t. Plus Chris can’t seem to come to terms with what he did which shows that he can’t forgive
        Not defending this asshat either so don’t take that way (side eye to you Barbie)

    • Barbie2.0 says:

      You don’t get it 1 of my brother’s x didn’t stay with him bcuz he was not chocking her trust me I’ve met plenty of them

      • Jaded says:

        Time to get off this blog Barbie and go find yourself one where masochistic, screwed up women who worship violent dick-heads go to look for special “friends”.

      • Bluebear says:

        You mean she liked to be choked… during sex… because she knew he would NEVER harm her so she could SURRENDER to him and know that she was still safe in his hands? Not my thing personally, but I studied sex psychology and that is pretty common. It is the surrender to the hands of a person you know would NEVER harm you that is the turn on, not getting the crap kicked out of you while your begging for your life in a Lamborghini in the middle of LA. Your are a ridiculously undedicated and moronic.

      • gg says:

        Boy. I feel sorry for you Barbie. You are extremely delusional and can barely communicate English.

        Assuming of course English is supposed to be your first language.

  15. Anne says:

    I don’t care what some people say, but some crimes should never be forgiven. It should always hang over that person’s head and that person should always have to be repentant about their actions. Because the moment you “forgive yourself” and stop feeling repentant, that’s when you open up the possibility of committing the same crime all over again.

    • Annie says:

      Depends…if you have truely deeply changed as a person it is possible to “forgive yourself” and not make the same mistake again. Chris Brown however has made it clear that he’s the same violent, immature douchbag as always so no, he should not be forgiven at this point in time.

      • Flan says:

        If Chris Brown had spoken out more against domestic violence and started up a project against it (or went talking with victims etc), he might have been forgiven more.

        His attitude just shows he’s a spoiled brat with a violent streak.

      • Tiffany says:

        Well said Flan. He should have partnered with violence charities years ago. He should also be speaking out against the twitter followers that said he was worth being beat for.

      • MW says:

        @Flan – Yeah, you’ll have thought that’s how he would have dealt with his “mistake”‘ wouldn’t you? But no. Now he seems to be walking around with a chip on his shoulder, just looking for a reason to throw a hissy fit. He’s a big baby who thinks his behavior will make everyone fear him, or at least be uncomfortable around him, because he is a punk, and has that confused with “respect”. I wonder what his Mom thinks when he comes walking through the front door?

      • Jaye says:

        What Annie said. My biggest issue with Brown is that he’s takes little to no responsibility for his actions and has shown no remorse. Even when he issued his video apologies…it seemed like the gravity of what he’d done was beyond his grasp. Maybe it speaks to his level of maturity…maybe he’s a sociopath…I don’t know. But it’s surprising to me that he doesn’t get why people feel the way they feel about him. And it’s even more disturbing how quickly his temper flares when people ask even reasonable questions about what happened that night and it’s aftermath. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance, but only when they are willing to accept responsibility for what they’ve done and make SINCERE steps towards making sure it never happens again. I don’t think young Mr. Brown is there yet.

  16. katie says:

    you ever see that show on mtv2 called bully beat down? they put d!ck faces like chris brown in the cage with an mma fighter, and they always always lose after humiliating themselves. i wish chris brown was stupid enough to be on that show…

  17. Zelda says:

    “Strange how we pick and choose who to hate! Let me ask u this. Our society is full of rappers (which I listen to) who have sold drugs (poisoning).”

    I have wanted drugs in my life, Chris Brown. I have never actively sought a black eye.

    But thanks for playing. You win a “go f*ck yourself.”

  18. Toot says:

    Well, I’m not a Chris Brown fan since the Rihanna situation, but I think a past drug dealer is on the same level as a past woman beater. Both are lowest of the low, for me, who can destroy lives.

    As for the crap he said about winning a Grammy, he needs to shut up.

    • skipper says:

      agree. both are preying on the weak.

    • domesticdiva says:

      Omg i cant with you judgemental asses yes the BOY did wrong but he has a genuine talent and that should not be overlooked because of the mistakes he made AS A CHILD we live in a world where R. Kelly can pee in peoples kids and go platinum afterwords Woody QAllen can screw then mary his adopted step daughter and still have success in the film industry. But he’s not allowed to recievce recognition for his talent. and before you say anything yes i know all about domestic violence divorced my ex husband while i was 4 months pregnant with our first child because i refused to let my child see the cycle. But i also believe in forgiveness and redemption if Rihanna has forgiven him why should he have to answer to you?

      • Bluebear says:

        For the record, this “judgmental ass” doesn’t partake in Woody Allen movies because I find him repugnant. I don’t listen/purchase/support R Kelley because he disgusts me. Rihanna forgave him for herself, not for him. Carrying around anger and resentment only hurts the barer not the one it is in regards to. If your ex-husband were a singer/dancer/actor I wouldn’t support him either. It is not that I am “judging” him so to speak, it is more that my mind just won’t allow me to watch/hear him without feeling an overwhelming anger and I won’t do that to myself. I also don’t feel that it is right to teach a child (my own for starters) that beating/peeing/molesting a child or adult can be washed away with a good song or a decent movie. I am attempting, as best a mother can, to raise my child to know that her body is precious and sacred and that no one has the right to hurt or disrespect it without her permission (if she want’s to be peed on as a consenting adult that is her business). Chris Brown as well as the others mentioned no longer have the ability to entertain me but only to anger me.

      • Toot says:

        @ domesticdiva

        I don’t like R. Kelly either for the exact reason you sited. I know I may sound like I’m “judging”, but usually I mind my business and think people can do what they want as long as it doesn’t involve a child and no one is getting hurt.

        When either of those happens I become judgemental and usually write them off. Chris doesn’t have to answer to me, I think he just needs to learn to filter himself and just enjoy his comeback.

      • Ducky La Rue says:

        “AS A CHILD” – seriously? Just how old do you have to be to be an adult these days? Grow up and take some responsibility already. Ugh.

      • Tiffany says:

        Domesticdiva, two wrongs do not make a right. Just because someone other people got away with abusing women doesn’t mean that it is ok for Chris to do it. I think the R.Kelly situation is especially horrific, he is a predator of children. I would think most people that are not supporting Chris Brown feel the same way about these other creeps.

      • marisa says:

        this kid’s “talent” in NO WAY excuses his shitty, abusive, immature behavior. Using that as an argument is disgusting and ridiculous, and I’m not buying into it.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Sincere question: Can any of Chris Brown’s fans express a thought in an articulate manner, maybe use correct spelling/punctuation/grammar? Or are you guys REALLY that unintelligent?

      • Poison Ivy says:

        Speaking of R.Kelly, I just read he was up against Brown in the R’n'B category. WHAT THE F*CK!!! There is something terribly wrong with that Grammy commitee, seriously! It disgusts me that they are rewarding this pieces of trash with attention and appreciation.

      • Bluebear says:

        @theoriginalkitten: No, no they can’t. Intelligent people are aware of the predator that this guy is.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        There is a difference between being “judgmental” and having judgment.

        Posters here are commenting, or have formed opinions based upon a wealth of knowledge about Chris Brown, that we know is TRUE.

        These comments are based on truth, that is informed judgment not “being” judgmental. All people should use informed judgment to form their opinions.

  19. Dawn says:

    He is so disgusting and the people who buy his shit are even more disgusting. Those little girlz who were making those statements need to be brought into reality by visiting a woman’s shelter or simply talking to some who was once abused since they think it would be okay to be beat cuz they find the little wiener hot. It’s neither cute nor funny to say that “he could punch” you all night. Do they know how many women and children have been beaten to death by little jerks like him? How many cops have lost their lives because of jerks like him? Apparently they think getting punch is a sign of love. No so. I worked with a woman for 3 years who was always hiding black eyes, bruises and pure fear until one day she didn’t come to work. She and her 2 kids were found dead because she threatened to leave him. He could not kill himself even though that was his plan. At the end of the day he was nothing more than a coward. What a sick business the music world is and what how sick will society become until it straightens itself out?

  20. E-Train says:

    I’m sorry, but every time I see a picture of this jackass my mind jumps to the running of the bulls in Pamplona…maybe it’s the flaring nostrils? The rage? The nonsense?

    Remember him roaming the streets shirtless after the GMA chair-through-the-window debacle? Exactly.

    Now I’m just being mean to the bulls, so I’ll stop.

  21. TheOriginalKitten says:

    He just LOOKS like an angry bastard ya know? Always with that scowl on his face..

  22. nina says:

    he’s such an ahole. That’s what makes him so creepy, no remorse for trying to strangle and bash in the head of someone he loved. And that little entitled, surly pout that’s always plastered on his face is insufferable.

  23. Michelle says:

    For the ones who disagreed with having Chris perform, if they were in the audience, they should of walked out. That makes a bigger statement without the harsh words.

  24. bigchili says:

    I’ve never understood the “it’s okay because someone else is worse” rationale. He’s disgusting, and while he may be talented, I will never buy his music again and was disappointed in the grammys for having him perform.

  25. Strawberrygirl says:

    I have a friend who said I need to get over it when I said I was mad he got to perform and won a Grammy. I was like HE BEAT UP A GIRL! Why are people okay with this?!? He isn’t even remorseful! You know he would do it again. And it sounds like Rihanna is basically back with him. If that’s true, then she’s a complete fool especially when she has all the resources in the world to get out of the situatuion. I won’t feel any pity for her if he does it again.

  26. NotaBitterBetty says:

    He is the definition of the word LOSER. Through and through. This boy has no respect for anybody, least of all himself.

  27. L says:

    You know who else should be yelled about? Glenn Campbell (the country guy that Blake Shelton honored) That guy beat up on his wife Tanya Tucker for YEARS.

    So Miranda Lampert needs to call him out as well.

    • lw says:

      I thought exactly the same thing. I am no Chris Brown fan by any stretch of the imagination. But if anyone thinks he is the only woman-beater honored at the Grammys, they are sorely mistaken. Now that Glen is old and has Alzheimer’s, we are supposed to forget how he terrorized women. The bottom line is that these types of men don’t change. And they are enabled by women who will adore them no matter what. How often do you hear of adult men being Chris Brown supporters? It is all women and young girls. What that says about our celebrity culture is important.

      • Bluebear says:

        You are very right. It is mostly women, but when it is men it is that much more disgusting. My cousin’s bf is a HUGE fan. He is always telling me that I should forgive him and listen to his music. Her boyfriend is the sweetest, kindest, more caring 21year old and he would NEVER lay a hand on a woman. It baffles me!! I mean, shocks the pants off me every time! WHAT is he thinking?!?!?

  28. atorontogal says:

    He is a POS. He does have a point about other rappers though. He is the protege of Lil Wayne..plse forgive me for not knowing why he was in jail but I know that he was, plus he has that little tear drop tatt so what does that say about the people Chris is surrounded by. This little boy will end up in jail getting his ass pounded just like OJ…mark my words!

    • Kimbob says:

      @atorontogal, I was about to blog about your same point when I read your post.

      I’m trying to be objective, after reading this article. In such an effort, you know…Chris B. DOES have a good point about the rappers. Not only do they rap about drugs, and selling drugs, they rap about the glorification of violence and murder. They rap the “glories” of VIOLENCE AGAINST COPS, as well. They rap of violence IN GENERAL, and the glorification of thugness…that IS THE TRUTH…if one is objective about such, one cannot help but agree.

      Let me make it clear….I. DESPISE. CHRIS. BROWN!!! Cannot be more clear & consice about such. Despicably, men beating women has been around since cave dwellers. YES, it should be decried, YES, we should speak up against such every time it’s presented..I’m on board! However, I am more than a little dejected to have witnessed/read the tweets from the young women about “wanting” to be beat by Chris Brown. I read that yesterday & was sitting @ my computer w/the “zero look” (eyes wide open like zeroes, & mouth too).

      All I’m trying to say is that I’m not throwing in the towel…every time I get a chance to bash Chris B., & remind of his deplorable behavior, I WILL. However, it’s an unspeakable shame we have to deal w/looking at tweets from such screwed-up young females. As long as women like such exist…that’ll be how long we have to deal w/domestic violence….unfortunately, that is the truth.

      I’m glad CB reminded of his incident @ GMA. How that bastard (Chris B.) didn’t get ARRESTED ELUDES ME!!! I’ll NEVER understand why GMA didn’t press charges. He not only endangered people at GMA, but the public in general BELOW at ground level, w/the glass and everything else that fell to the ground….I. Don’t. Understand. As long as PEOPLE/INSTITUTIONS/BUSINESSES enable him…this is how long we’ll have to deal w/Chris B. But….we can’t give up…never give up your fight for what IS RIGHT…what IS JUST.

      As far as this douche’s Grammy? Prediction: Due to his douchetastic attitude and public tweets…I hope it’ll be HIS LAST GRAMMY.

      • Flan says:

        Those young women are clearly not the brightest of the bunch.

        But their sentiments can partly be explained by the glorification of rap culture without too many serious challenges to it. The only one of stature who dared to (mildly) parody it, was Madonna in her Music video.

      • Bluebear says:

        I can’t stand Chris Brown and refuse to listen to his music, watch any show he is in or idly sit by while other’s talk about how great he is. His very voice sickens me. Chris Brown is and those that continue to back him are just as much at fault for the perception that his actions have created. I don’t mean to say that Rihanna is obligated but literally mean forced, as in imposed upon her without her consent, into the being looked up to by the population as a “spokesperson” so to speak. Unfortunately that is what happens in Hollyweird. If you say you have a disease, suddenly your the spokesperson. I feel like the response of the nation is directly a result of the ignorance that has permeated our country for decades. When I say “Rihanna’s trivialization of what happened to her” I am talking about the release of a song that was without a doubt going to be linked to the abuse. I feel like the PR machine that handles hollywood (not the person per say but more the image that is sold all around the world that those record companies depend on for their paychecks) could have done something for her. Put off the song, the album, not made a music video to that particular track. She didn’t need to speak out at all, she could have gone on with her life. It is the perception of society that BDSM is the SAME as violent abuse and that perception has breed twits like these girls. Not Rihanna, but the hollywood machine and the PR wagon. Whether it is liked or not, the entertainment industry has a huge effect on the society surrounding it and that industry has pushed the image of Chris Brown as a good guy and Rihanna as a bad girl and they are profiting on it big time.

  29. Maria says:

    don’t you think he has hard, dead eyes? I remember when Rihanna was interviewed a while ago about the incident, she has mentioned how he changes when he is in a rage and his eyes become cold and distant… yikes…!… I think it is horrible that his behaviour was rewarded with not only one Grammy performance but TWO!.. sure he’s talented, but so are a thousand other young men…he is arrogant, unrepentant, and narcissistic…for some reason, I have this feeling that Rihanna and him ARE together…and his new girlfriend is somehow a beard…I don’t know, I could be way off, but I think the connection Rihanna and him have is continuing. I wonder how long until he does something again?..

  30. Tapioca says:

    “Strange how we pick and choose who to hate! Let me ask u this. Our society is full of rappers (which I listen to) who have sold drugs (poisoning).”

    That’ll be noted womens’ rights and anti-capitalism campaigner JAY-Z he’s tweeting about then!

    The tragedy is that Chris Brown is only reviled because the woman he abused was Rihanna, whereas if it had been some random girlfriend sadly no-one would have cared, because that’s the attitude the R&B/Rap scene promotes. He obviously hasn’t learned from it either judging by his behaviour.

    I’d almost equate him to Li-Lo – insanely he’s been given a second chance at a career, yet instead of being super-contrite and well-behaved he’s throwing it back in everyone’s face. Oh well, I don’t buy his music anyway!

  31. lucy2 says:

    All the trophies in the world won’t change what he is – an angry, stupid, violent, immature douche.

  32. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Wasn’t CB just hanging out with Rihanna – who knows what went on that day between them. If the situation was the other way around ie chick beats up dude – more likely than not, the chick would still be seen as the victim. I’m no CB fan but I’ve also experienced ladies doing nasty hateful things and get away with it due to their gender.

  33. JaisyMaisy says:

    That is one UGLY dude. Outside and especially INSIDE.

  34. Beck says:

    Actually, Sherri Shepherd said he should be given a second chance because he has learned from his mistakes. She went on to talk about his anger management classes, etc., how he was raised in a domestic abuse environment, and then became an abuser. (I watched portions of The View on Monday and Tuesday. I can’t recall what day she discussed him.)

    She also discussed the tweets from girls saying he could punch them in the face anytime as long as he kissed them afterward. (Sick!) She said that was disturbing but she didn’t address the fact that he and other people have glossed over his actions.

    He is so arrogant and disgusting. I also think he has the intelligence level of a 10 year old and that might be generous. I will not waste my time watching him perform or listening to his music. He is a mediocre talent at best anyway. How did he win a Grammy?

  35. Annie says:

    Given the opportunity to restart his career after such an aggregious act ….and this is the way he responds!! I’m all for 2nd chances when deserved.
    No humility , no grace has learned nothing and very much in everyone’s face about it.
    He will implode again, in the meantime the Grammys have lost some stature with this move.

  36. Princess says:

    So whats best for him to do? Die? So he can get forgiveness.

    • kc says:

      Actually, he is a total waste of space so I am inclined to agree with your suggestion. Really dont care how well anyone can sing; I’m more interested in whether or not they beat women within an inch of there lives. Sorry if I sound callous l, but after getting knivesheld to my throat and slammed against walls for three years, I am certain he will do itagain.

      And to the ten year Olds defending this monster, STAY IN SCHOOL AND LEARN TO SPELL

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, he can:
      1. Complete his community service.
      2. Donate generously to women’s support organizations.
      3. Apologize.
      4. Not throw tantrums on Good Morning America and send tweets like these latest ones that only show how his anger management issues are far from gone.
      5. Not show up at places like the GRAMMYS when he knows Rihanna is going to be there, for a few more years at least. Seriously, would it kill him to stay away?
      6. Not do that awful crotch-grabbing dance he does (unrelated, but seeing him do it is sickening.

  37. jess says:

    Everytime I hear or see chris brown I think of that picture of rhianna with her face all bruised and bloody.

    If he ever wants the haters to shut up he needs to shut up. Its hard for people to forgive someone when he acts like this. He comes off as if what happened was no big deal. I will never support this douche.

  38. Monie says:

    Damn how many times can he say sorry for what he did. Rihanna has forgiven him faster than you people. Does he have anger issues and impulse control problems..yes. I would have been upset too if I went on a show to promote my new album and all the host wanted to discuss was something I did 2 years ago. I wouldn’t have tried to break a window but I could understand his frustration. For all of you who say “he isn’t sorry” where is your proof of that? All I have seen his his apology and trying to get his life and career back on track. Abuse is never okay and he has been punished by the courts. If you all want a pound of flesh as well that’s up to you but I doubt he cares what you think. Last I checked, the Grammy’s were about industry achievement, not personal behavior. His album did well and produced several hits so he was awarded. Period.

    • Bluebear says:

      You must have missed this so I am going to do “jess” a favor and repost this for you:

      Everytime I hear or see chris brown I think of that picture of rhianna with her face all bruised and bloody.

      If he ever wants the haters to shut up he needs to shut up. Its hard for people to forgive someone when he acts like this. He comes off as if what happened was no big deal. I will never support this douche.

      Are you still confused?

      • Flan says:

        Well said, Bluebear.

        What pisses me off mostly about this whole thing is how quickly he is forgiven by certain Bigwigs and the message this sends to women. This while he still acts without remorse.

        The message these jerks (like Ken Ehrlich of the Grammys, who saw himself as a victim because they could not have him sing for a year or two) send is a big F*** You to all women who are abused and women in general.

  39. TXCinderella says:

    People probably would forgive him if he didn’t act like a smug a-hole and tweet stupid sh_t like that. It just fuels the fire and makes people realize what an entitled turd he is. He may be a Grammy winner, but that does not make him a good person who is truly remorseful for what he did to Rhianna. Let’s also not forget the chair throwing incident on GMA. He’s an immature twit that has learned nothing about how to act like a mature adult. He’s just a punk-ass piece of crap.

  40. Patrik Trimmer says:

    the kid made a mistake. he paid his debt to society. If you dislike him so much, don’t devote so much of your efforts and attention (writing blog posts and watching his appearances)to him.

    • Flan says:

      He’s not a ‘kid’, he’s 22.

      And blogging about it helps a lot since it made clear how many people do not agree with violent idiots like this.

    • PleaseICU says:

      Well, since I read elsewhere that he still has over half of his community service not yet completed…no, it seems as if he hasn’t even paid his debt to society.

      Have you read the police report of CB’s “mistake”? None of what he did that night was a “mistake.” It was intentional, relentless, and not the first time. That night was just the first time he got caught by someone who called the police and couldn’t be bought off or who was willing to cover/excuse his violence.

      Article about Police Report:

      Actual Police Report of CB’s “mistake”:

      If someone can read that police report and say what he did was just a “mistake” then…okay.

      IMO he’s a classic unrepentant abuser. And he doesn’t want to change. And why should he? He got a free pass essentially. Hell, somehow, over time, he’s somehow managed to be re-cast in the role of the victim in this entire situation.

      Except for some people on the internet, it seems like very few are/were even willing to say that his behavior was just flat wrong and inexcusable to begin with let alone that it was behavior so offensive and deplorable that it required much introspection and change on his part and should never be tolerated by him or anyone in the future.

  41. heylee says:

    Chris Brown is the epitome of all people that scare me in this world. A man who could have taken this entire experience as an opportunity to take some inventory and figure out “what had gone wrong in his life” that he got to the point of beating a woman that he loved. He has received so much negative backlash and what does he put forward but more negativity and petulance?! Like seriously, this is his view of the world three years after this incident and after all of the crap the media and public have put him through. He is sad and scarey and makes me sad. Take note people – this man has used this entire experience to validate his twisted view of the world and the Grammy has just sealed the deal, this man will never see the light.

  42. Cindy says:

    Well, Grammy voters, I hope you’re proud of yourselves. You’ve just taken “feeding the troll” to an epic level.

  43. BRE says:

    While I am not a Chris Brown fan at all, it seems odd that he is getting a lot of crap from others (celebrities included) when Charlie Sheen has done the same thing for YEARS and never gets snubbed by hollywood – I guess that is because of who is father is.

    • jen d. says:

      Thank you for bringing this up.

      I can’t stand Chris Brown, and I’m so happy that I haven’t read one post validating his behaviour, but we need to bring up other celebs who get away with this kind of behaviour. I mean, people tend to think that Charlie Sheen is a bit of a joke, but there have been numerous accusations of domestic abuse levelled against him. Granted there’s not the solid proof (like the photo of Rihanna), but when you have many different woman accusing him it’s awfully suspicious.

      I’m not saying we should end the vitriol against Chris Brown. Let’s keep it up, so that he never gets an article written about him that doesn’t reference it. But let’s dole some out to other deserving people as well!

  44. Veruca says:

    All right, who else is sick of wealthy, spoiled, famous bottom feeders?

  45. Adrien says:

    Has he ever apologized for what he’s done to Rihanna? I mean truly apologized? That Larry King interview where he was wearing a silly tie was more of a p.r. move than sincere repentance. He served his time, but what kind of sentencing was that? A slap on the wrist. He has manifested anger issues again and again, like that guesting on GMA where he threw a fit and now this arrogant tweet. He hasn’t changed. He’s complaining that people are reminding him of his shiz yet he has done a little or nothing to appease his critics.
    Chris Brown is lucky he still got supporters, even appearances on SNL and Grammy’s. Ike Turner became an outcast til his death and he’s talented.

  46. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    In no way am I defending Chris. But if any of these people gave or sang along with Glen Campbell, if you support Jay-Z or any other rapper who had no problem selling drugs to their own people for profit and then using that money to glorify it in songs/and or try to act like it wasn’t a big deal, if the people on here and in the audience love Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, then have a f—ing seat with the self-righteous act.

    What Chris Brown did was disgusting but he is right. We do pick and choose who we want to vilify and it goes way beyond the “R&B/Rap” genre, so stop with that too.

    Let’s talk about that Evil fucking Clive Davis who enabled and-according to many insiders-supplied Whitney with her drug connections for years. Let’s talk about how he claimed she would have wanted the party, where she was a few floors away from DEAD, to go on. Let’s talk about how she was trying to fight her way back but he basically chose Jennifer over her and told her that her time was up. Chaka was on Piers Morgan and confirmed so many things I thought were true.

    They are all disgusting because the majority of Hollyhell does vile and unspeakable things and hides away the pedophiles, rapists, drug suppliers, enablers. murderers, and etc. As long as you make them money it’s okay.

    • Toot says:

      I agree with your whole comment and I don’t like any of those people in your first paragraph.

      I also agreed with Chris about villanizing some and embracing other crappy people and he should have left it there, but Chris has no control and hasn’t figured out less said is better.

    • Flan says:

      Most people on here don’t like Polanski and Woody Allen. Lots of people here diss Jay-Z.

      So, sorry for you, but doubt many people here will have to take a ‘f—ing seat’.

      • TheOriginalVictoria says:

        If the comment doesn’t apply then let that shit fly.

        But i have seen a few people on here who have no problem with Woody Allen but are trying to drag CB through the mud.

        They are obviously having several seats because no one has come back with a rebuttal worthy of justification.

    • Yasmine says:

      My issue isn’t with the facts behind his statement, I agree with what you wrote. My issue is that he uses this statement to defer any responsibility for his actions. It’s like a 5 year old who is busted pointing to another kid and saying: But but but, he did something worse!!

  47. Ashley says:

    I will hate on him. No good singer without autotune/backing track. More worried about dancing than about his music. Nasty attitude and ungreatful spoiled child. Oh, and you hit, albeit untalennted, women.
    Chris Brown is like a spoiled six year old who got his legos taken away and is on a rampage, until his nana gave him a new set for christmas. Now he is entitled. Put me, an adult woman, alone in a room with him for three minutes. Id love to wipe that smug look off his face.

  48. Ashley says:

    And if he wanted people to forgive him for what he did, and attitude adjustment, and a real apology are in order, not the path he has chosen. Its called being humble

  49. Agnes says:

    this man is disgusting and it’s disgusting that we, as a society, condone his behavior and apparently reward him for it.

  50. TXCinderella says:

    It’s funny that he has to have a big goon by his side every minute a protect his stupid ass from harm. Is he afraid that some woman will try to beat him up? He needs an attitude adjustment (aka beat down).

  51. soulsister says:

    Give it time and he’ll be effing up again. What a scumbag.

  52. Sam says:

    he;s an embarassment to my home state of Virginia. We don’t claim him anymore. Hollywood can have him

  53. LizEJ says:

    There is a petition demanding an apology to domestic violence victims from the organizers of the Grammys. I think we should all sign:

  54. Really?? says:

    The racist undertones on the continuous attack on Chris Brown is what people should really be ashamed of. He should be “put back in his place” Miranda?? Away from you and the rest of white America, I suppose. Where is the outrage for Tommy Lee, Jack Nicholson,Sean Penn, Charlie F@#cking Sheen?? HELLO he held a knife to his wife’s throat among multiple other instances of domestic abuse, but we still threw him 2 million an episode and supported a world “comedy” tour. I could continue this long list of white men forever, and a lot of it would be news to a lot of you because they are not young black men. Chris Brown committed this crime 3 years ago (at the age of 19 ), apologized and continued living his life and making music. He does not owe it to you or to I to continuously speak about it. If the victim of this crime has forgiven him, then end of story. Maybe you could spread the hate a little more equally, instead of focusing it all on some kid who you have never and will never meet.

    • Annie says:

      As much as I don’t like Charlie Sheen, even Charlie doesn’t act like *quite* like such a nasty, smarmy, unrepentant spoiled a-hole as Chris Brown. It is not so much the crime he has committed, as the manner in which he has subsequently continued to conduct himself, that makes it impossible for many people such as me to consider forgiving him. It has nothing to do with his color.

      • Really says:

        All of these replies demonstrate my point exactly!! Chris Brown’s record of domestic violence stems from one account. Charlie Sheen’s record highlights MULTIPLE instances of this exact same behavior as a grown man in his 40′s – yet do you hear interviewers repeatedly asking him to apologize to his victims, the general public or to address anything about his violent past?? NEVER. As a result , he gets a pass and you don’t really mind him, you don’t associate him with domestic assault, even though he is the poster child for the issue. What a joke. This defies any rational logic, so yes friends I can only conclude that this has everything to do with color and your kidding yourself if you think it does not.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      You forgot Mel Gibson. What’s the argument here? People shouldn’t hate Chris Brown or people should hate all these other people too? Because I’m pretty sure that the majority of the posters here (including myself) despise the celebs you mentioned as well. Simply put: the post wasn’t about Charlie Sheen or Sean Penn-it was about Chris Brown so the comments are directed towards him.

      • Flan says:

        Exactly. Whenever they did something idiotic, they have been chewed out here plenty.

      • Sisi says:

        Exactly. Another commenter named Roman Polanski as a white guy who doesnt get criticism. I don’t remember ready ANY positive comments in threads about him – not a single one. Gibson also got a huge backlash on Celebitchy. So I dont understand the critique given here about picking on a person of color.

      • Barbie2.0 says:

        What? Were you watching the same tv/news that I was. Cuz Charlie sheen was outta his mind for months. Y’all were clapping for him and saying winning along with him. So yeah now I see it’s definitely a race thing

      • Flan says:

        You are right Sisi.

        I have seen people here go off on Polanski in topics that were not even about him. Made me like this site all the more.

      • Cerulean says:

        This is about the asswart named Chris Brown not other equally disgusting celebs who are coddled and self righteous. In this case there were photos to prove without a doubt he did this. Those images are horrifying. So I think it causes a bigger visceral reaction than just reading about an incident. Images are very powerful and this one is seared into my brain. I hear Chris Brown and immediately the photo of Rhianna’s bloody face pops into my mind.
        Same with Woody Allen. The images are there.

    • Lisa says:

      These men are as equally disgusting. Few people defended them when those crimes were new.

    • atorontogal says:

      I’m pretty sure this thread is not race related but about what an ass Chris Brown is. When they post about Charlie f*ckin Sheen then we will comment about what an ass he is. To bring race into this shows how narrow minded YOU are, because not one of these comments mentions his colour. Shame on you for bringing his behaviour down to us “white” folks being racist!

      • Really? says:

        Hi aTorontogal, Im a Vancouver gal, 32, not some silly teen standing by in idol worship of an R&B dude. I’m also someone who was as equally horrified by his actions three years ago as many of you were. Today though I’m someone who stands shocked at how the media has be unrelenting in their portrayal of him ever since.
        Let’s face it, the guy can do no right. Making the decision to not speak about that night, he is deemed unapologetic, defending himself in response to outspoken world wide hatred – deemed smug, angry and unrepentant, making music which was worthy of a Grammy – deemed completely unwarranted because he’s such a bad guy and bad guys obviously can’t sing and dance, apologizing publicly for his behavior and following through with his court ordered punishment – deemed completely unacceptable, not good enough and unbelievable.
        I can’t help but notice all of these other men I’ve mentioned, who have all dabbled in domestic violence often to a greater degree than Chris Brown, often while well out of their teens, not having to deal with any of this continual hatred and ongoing commentary about their abusive pasts. So I guess it has to be a coincidence that they are all, let’s say “non-minorities”. A quote from a NYT article from last year, titled ” The Disposable Woman” spoke to this, maybe you should give it a read. One of it’s most telling quotes: “The privilege afforded wealthy white men like Charlie Sheen may not be a particularly new point, but it’s an important one nonetheless”
        So no, I feel no shame for addressing something so evident and IMHO equally as deplorable.

      • Flan says:


        What you say is flat out untrue. These men got called out again and again, while their careers still suffer for it.

        If anything he got more of a pass. Some morons still buy his music, while Mel Gibson isn’t selling tickets any more.

        And why he “can’t do no right”?

        Because he isn’t doing it right. His idiotic Tweet shows he is still the same angry man who completely beat up a woman.

      • Cerulean says:

        Race has nothing to do with this. I am all for calling out racist remarks and undertones but this is about a man violently attacking a woman. If it were Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie I would feel the exact same. The reactions would be the same. Put in his place means he should not be winning awards and should be using his money to build some shelters for domestic violence victims. He could have brought attention to this issue and showed the world how wrong it is. Instead he makes it seem like its no biggie and what message does that send to others?
        He doesn’t get a free pass anymore than anyone else. To suggest racism is just unfair.

      • Jaye says:

        “smug” “angry” and “unrepentant”…based on Chris Brown’s OWN behavior, those are pretty fair characterizations. Have you had opportunity to read some of his Twitter comments? He does himself absolutely NO favors.

    • Flan says:

      It’s been because people were afraid to be thought racist that rappers have gotten away with lots more crap than if they had been white.

      20 years ago, could anyone imagine a white singer going on about bitches and selling drugs? He would have been ostracized.

    • leetruth says:

      @Really, couldn’t agree more. What does Miranda Lambert mean by put in his place? This continuous hate on Chris is racist – the stereotype of the angry black man is what the media wants to place on him. ENOUGH !

      • eileen says:

        Come ON! Racist? This guy has been nothing but a complete jacka@@ since the incident and has shown absolutely NO remorse for his behavior. He did what the courts made him do and gripped about it as well. People were angry about what he did and he lashed out at them over and over-how about accepting responsibility for his actions? I would expect no less from anyone no matter their color, job or gender.

      • Asli says:

        The ”continous hate for Chris Brown” is because HE BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF A GIRL! The backlash is not enough. When will you people get that? People defending Chris Brown and telling other people to ‘get over it’ are putting womens evolution back 200 years. Disgusting. And before you go on about Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Roman Polanski, you should know that this site and it’s commentators do NOT support (I can’t speak for everybody but the comments suggest most don’t support) any of those idiots.

        The racisme-card is you people’s (Chris-apologists) favourite card to play because if everyone has a valid point ”oh, they’re racist”. Just because we aren’t kissing Chris’s ass and begging him to beat us we’re racist? You are trying to make people feel ashamed by saying that we’re judging him by his skin color when no one but YOU has said anything about it. Get a grip (and a better argument).

      • PleaseICU says:

        Please. Miranda Lambert’s family took in domestic violence victims when she was growing up. She’s written songs about the damage and horrors of domestic abuse (and getting revenge on the abuser).

        I’m guessing the tongue bath she witnessed at the Grammys for CB, like he was the victim in this whole thing, and her first hand experiences with bruised and beaten up women taking shelter from their abusers in her family’s home over the years are what motivated her comments.

      • Jaye says:

        Oh, for heaven’s sake! This line of reasoning, in this instance, is apropos of nothing.

        I’m black, and while I don’t hate the man, he did an indefensible thing for which I believe he either isn’t or doesn’t know how to be truly remorseful for. He’s got to do more than just say “I’m sorry” because it means nothing if he doesn’t really GET what it is he’s “sorry” for. Or worse…he’s just NOT sorry at all.

    • Masque says:

      Sit your ignorant ass down and go back over this blog and read all the negative threads and comments about the douchebags of the entertainment industry. Every person you’ve named has been ripped to shreds on this site so quit acting like outrage over Chris Brown is based on racism. The reason Chris is being “picked on” is because this post is ABOUT Chris Brown. If it had been about Polanski or Sheen, the comments would be (and have been) aimed at them. Douchebaggery knows no skin color so quit with the false outrage.

      Secondly, Chris Brown is constantly a target because he hasn’t shown one teensy bit of remorse over what he did to Rihanna. All he has done is defend his actions and attitude. Every time he opens his mouth (or tweets) about this he attacks the world because he refuses to accept responsibility (and the consequences) of what he did. Clearly his anger management classes did no good.

      The very second he genuinely shows remorse and shows he has really changed, the majority of the money paying audience will be happy to let him move on. Until then, he can expect to catch hell everytime he blames someone else for his awful behavior.

      • Ruffian9 says:


        Thanks, Masque. I was going to respond, but you did it better than I could have.

      • Really? says:

        Masque ?? I’m not sure who you believe you are ripping to shreds, these are words – easily dismissed and discarded. You’re expressing one opinion and I’m expressing another. I see things differently than you do, that doesn’t make me ignorant, it doesn’t make you ignorant. Your tantrum towards me though is ironic though as you are here condemning Chris Brown for lashing out against people. I like that you turn around and do the same thing. I read comment after comment of people hurling explicit, threatening violence and feeling big behind their computer screens. I’m not convinced the majority of you are capable of holding even a mildly intelligent conversation. I appreciate your advice to read the comments on this post and others, but I think I’ll stick to forming my own opinions instead of following the heard and hating on people because I don’t have anything better to do.

      • Flan says:

        You seem quite passive-aggresive, Really?

        In your post that everyone responds to you talk about ‘the continuous attack’ and ‘outrage’ against Chris Brown. You should be able to understand that ‘ripping to shreds’ is not meant literally then too.

        Also, you say Masque throws a tantrum and call her out for calling you ignorant, but then state that ‘I’m not convinced the majority of you are capable of holding even a mildly intelligent conversation.’

        Nice try, but we see through you.

    • Bluebear says:

      OH HERE WE GO! Some moron is going to deter from the real issue by throwing race on the table. All whites hate him because he is black… RIGHT. And everyone cares so much because Rihanna is white???? Your an idiot, and a racist one at that. Your the one who is bashing whites, not the other way around. Don’t you just wish you knew my skin color. It would make it a lot easier to hate me for it wouldn’t it!?!

      • Really? says:

        In calling me racist, I suppose you assume that I am not white?? For the record, the racial undertones in the general story of Chris Brown has been visited before by the New York Times, Rosie O’Donnell and other non black media writers/personalities. I guess everyone is an idiot except for you.
        Oh and I could care less what race you are..why would that even begin to matter??

    • Kara Ann says:

      I think the initial replies to your post suggesting that we are racists takes care of the first part of what I wanted to say. Secondly, physical abuse is for the most part a Gender issue, not a race issue. Women of all races of faced domestic violence or known someone who has. First and foremost, we should, as a group, demand better treatment for ourselves and other women.
      I cannot tell you how wrong it is to make this issue about race. BTW, if you were going with that tack couldn’t you have easily have said that isn’t it a wonderful thing that women of all races are outraged at Brown’s treatment of Rihanna? I, for one, think that being female binds us together in a way that has nothing to do with our skin color.

      I do think that one reason Chris Brown will have a more difficult time gaining forgiveness, if he ever honestly seeks it which IMO he hasn’t b/c he avoids responsibility, is because he attacked an equally or more famous person. There was photographic evidence available immediately. I really believe if Brown had done the same thing to a non-famous person and/or there wasn’t photographic evidence then he it is possible the whole thing would have already been forgotten. BTW, even though this may be true, I find it an abhorrent thought. The only good thing that may come from the Chris Brown situation is that mothers can sit and talk to their daughters about this.

      • Flan says:

        You make some great points.

        The worst part, at least in my opinion, about this is not what Chris Brown tweets, but that he tweets this and still gets defended by fans and Grammys Bigwigs. It sends a very bad message.

        And you are right that it would not be such a big issue if Rihanna wasn’t famous. This kind of ties in with the Bigwigs message: “we famous people, especially men, are above you all, F*** You!”

  55. T.C. says:

    I don’t understand why he has so much anger. He is rich, famous, has millions of fans and escaped going to jail. He should be happy with his good fortune.

  56. Jen says:

    This is the guy who called his albume “F.A.M.E.” meaning “F*ck All My Enemies.” He quickly backtracked and said it meant something else, but I def. remember him saying that’s what it meant at first. He hasn’t changed. It’s up to us to not reward him and make him go away.

    • leetruth says:

      @Jen, HE IS GOING NOWHERE. He earned his grammy so live with it . I for one will buy his music. Before Whitney died, she was made the object of mockery for her drug addiction. Now everybody are crying crocodile tears. Same for Winehouse. People have problems they are trying to overcome; they don’t need to be hounded to death!

  57. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Um, nobody here is obligated to forgive Chris Brown. The people who are crying out in his defense-bitch PLEASE. Are we really supposed to feel SORRY for him now? For real?
    His merciless beating of Rihanna obviously hasn’t hurt his record sales, his ability to win a Grammy, his career, fame and fortune is all still intact so please stop with the “let’s-forgive-this-poor-soul” act.
    And before the Fassy card gets played (which it inevitably will). There is a BIG difference to me between someone getting issued a restraining order for an alleged incident (and in NO WAY am I implying that it DIDN’T happen-just saying it’s his word against hers) that happened 6 months prior and then having the restraining order rescinded by the victim herself is VERY VERY different than a beating in which we have images that prove it happened and a perpetrator who ADMITTED he did it.

    • Annie says:

      Exactly – all Chris’s fans whine about “why can’t people just forgive and give him a second chance?”. Can’t they see HE’S BEEN GIVEN ONE. In fact he’s not only been given a second chance, he’s been given a freakin FREE PASS – he’s essentially been able to carry on with his music career as if nothing happened except for the odd pesky question from interviewers. If he’d been given no second chance then nobody in the music industry would have had anything to do with his ass for the rest of his life.

    • Barbie2.0 says:

      America is a big fake ass country that’s what I conclude now. Y’all have to wait for when the person is dead to forgive and know how great of an artist the person is. Y’all did the same thing to MJ, y’all doing it now to Whitney when I remembered clearly all the nasty things y’all used to say about her and y’all gonna do the same thing to Chris

  58. Pedge says:

    My opinion on Chris Brown is “f–k Chris Brown”.

  59. Iggles says:

    I can’t stand this kid.

    He’s a psychopath and he WILL DO IT AGAIN! It’s a just a matter of time before he takes his temper out on someone else and seriously hurts them. I hope his next victim won’t have to die before these delusional stans see what a POS he really is!

    But I’m sure chris-loonies will find a way to justify it — I can hear it now: “He was provoked and setup! He’s not guilty!”

  60. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    I want to agree with this but I can’t in full.

    Rihanna is a moron who comes from an abusive background, who refuses to seek therapy. Whether she has forgiven him or not is irrelevant because I don’t think she had dealth with the issue in full. But that’s her business.

    Charlie Sheen owns his douchiness. He owns his bad behavior and doesn’t give a f-ck where as Chris Brown tried to act like he was remorseful when he clearly wasn’t. He has not really owned his behavior and expects the public to say it was “soo 2009.” Well, people aren’t going to do that until he starts acting like he really does understand the seriousness of the situation.

    He’s a bitchass. And that’s the worse thing you can be as a black man in this society.

    I have more sympathy for Mike Tyson who was lied on by that skank Robin Givens. Everyone assumed he was abusive because he was big black brute who was uneducated and only knew how to fight. He also went to jail for raping a woman I really believe he did not rape. I was so offended by that and the malicious attacks by the media and public much more than Chris Brown who constantly bitches about something he brought on himself.

  61. Nicole says:

    Please don’t attack me for my next comments….

    I too was disgusted to see Chris Brown on the Grammy’s, his attitude is appalling and he doesn’t seem to own or regret his actions. Just wanted to get that out of the way first, I’m in no way defending him.

    I’m just wondering how everyone can condemn him so much when Michael Fassbender, who this site LOVES, and is also receiving very similar recognition from his professional body, has been accused of very similar actions? Is it because there were photos of Rihanna’s face? Is it because the restraining order by his ex was dismissed? Because that COULD be similar to Rihanna forgiving Brown and not necessarily proof of Fassbender’s innocence. Or is just because far fewer people know about Fassbender?

    This is a legitimate question and not an attempt to defend Chris Brown or malign Michael Fassbender. Please don’t flame me, I love this site, I love reading the comments.

    • Zelda says:

      I’m with you, but in this site’s commentariat if the guy is hot and there are no pictures, he’s probably just being maligned by some “crazy bitch”. (See: Gabriel Aubry)

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      No attacking here-not to worry :)
      I posted upthread about the Fassbender incident mainly because I HATE hypocrisy and I try to check myself for stuff like that. The Fassbender incident-I don’t condone it but has it EVER been proven true? (honest question, not rhetorical) I googled the incident (which seems to have very few details reported) and from what I have read, he was accused of abuse by an ex-gf 6 months after the alleged incident occured (not blaming the victim here as it is common for victims to not report abuse as it is occuring) and she sought a restraining order and $20K for hospital bills. I don’t know the details-did she get the money? Was he convicted? The victim then asked for the restraining order to be removed. Again, not blaming her but it’s odd…it seems like an isolated incident of domestic arguing and issues between two people. This was not like CB/Rihanna where we had photographic evidence and a perpetrator who admitted to committing the abuse. The former incident is essentially her word versus his and the latter is something that 100% happened. I just like to give people the benefit of the doubt when the details of a case are murky. That being said, if Fassbender is accused again by another woman of abuse and he is charged, well then he is a complete douche he is worthy of contempt as well and sorry, but it’s not difficult for me to envision him having a bad temper. Soooo…yeah, if he is proven to be an abuser, dude will be dead to me too.

      • Nicole says:

        I think the photos are the real difference. It’s hard to forget seeing what he did to Rihanna’s face. While obviously you can imagine a broken nose, the proof of Brown’s violence was undeniable.

        Also, maybe the fact that both Brown and Rihanna were extremely famous at the time of the incident is the difference. While Fassbender was on the rise, he wasn’t Rihanna level famous at the time of the accusation so not much attention was paid to it, and he obviously doesn’t come across as poorly as Brown currently so it’s easy to forget/not pay attention to.

        I don’t know, it’s a bit concerning. You’re right, maybe he was falsely accused, that certainly happens too. But it seems crazy that people are so vehemently against Brown (as they really should be, again, not only because of his past actions but his continued arrogance and non regret) and not even question the potential Fassbender incident.

      • Cafeine says:

        So we have to wait for another woman (or the same one) file AGAIN, or maybe be found somewhere – beaten to a pulp like Rihanna was found…. and THEN believe.

    • Cerulean says:

      I think it boils down to not enough information. Anyone can level an accusation at someone but unless there is proof or a judgement against them then it’s not fair to assume its true. You need evidence.
      Like with Gabriel Aubry, he was ordered to go to anger mgmt, counseling and supervised visitation. It gives levity to the charges. But in Fassy’s case there is nothing to go on but a rescinded restraining order.

  62. J says:

    I hate him! But i see a duble standard here, when are you guys going to report on the beating MICHAEL FASSBENDER gave to his on/off girlfriend???

    He is hot and all but come on!

  63. Cathy says:

    As a recovering victim of domestic violence, I understand what he put Rihanna through. My ex put me through hell, both physically beating the crap out of me and psychological abuse as well. Like her I forgave him eventually, it’s all apart of my own personal healing process. I can never forget what he did. I still have nightmares and react badly at innocent gestures my husband makes. I will never allow that cycle of abuse to happen to me again. Let’s hope that all those young girls who said they are willing to let Chris Brown beat them never have to actually live through that. It’s something I wouldn’t wish on anybody.

  64. Ravensdaughter says:

    If the rumors about him and Rihanna are true, maybe she should go back in time and review those pictures.
    I’m a Buddhist, and here is what we are taught: Rihanna should forgive (for her sake-deal with her feelings), but SHOULD NOT forget. Except superficially (inevitably at events) she can associate with him, but otherwise, STAY AWAY FROM CHRIS!
    His anger shows he has no remorse, even if he jumped through the court-required hoops. Apples and oranges, i many ways.
    There are tons of people out there walking around about to explode-but they haven’t, at least not yet. And they still hurt people, emotionally, even if they never hit the radar of the legal system.
    Besides, he’s a douchebag! She can do better, although she has much work of her own to do!
    @ layla-petition signed and passed on at FB. does great work!

  65. dena says:

    I replied to his comment about the grammy and he got all c*nty with me. Then he deleted his last few tweets.

    He is such garbage.

  66. Bad Gal Addiction says:

    His Grammy is worth nothing, you can “buy” them if you want or somebody owns you a favor *side eye to Beyonce. Even his nomination in the R’n'B category is a effing joke – he makes autotuned pop/dance music.

    For me he will always be the obnoxious twatwaffle who beat the sh*t out of his girlfriend. No amnesty. NEVER!!!

    • Monie says:

      Grammy’s mean nothing huh? So side eye to Adele and any one else who has won, right? All were purchased and given to the undeserving.

      • Bad Gal Addiction says:

        I said HIS Grammy is worth nothing. Didn’t I? Cause in my opinion he doesn’t deserve it and I think his record company dropped some stacks to get him this award. He still has a poor reputation and they need every publicity they can get to polish up his image again. And Adele deserved all of her awards cause she actually can sing – live and without autotune!

        And it shows how immature and dumb he is to argument with “other artist have done bad/criminal stuff too…”. I wouldn’t have problems being in a room with a former drugdealer or taxdodger but I sure didn’t want to be locked somewhere with this ticking timebomb CB.

      • Zelda says:

        Um. Yeah. Pretty much.

        All showbiz awards shows are essentially commercials to sell more of the stuff in that business. It’s heavy on campaigning and influence. The people who vate ARE the people who stand to make money off the industry.

        So…no, they don’t really mean anything.

  67. TXCinderella says:

    If we are all haters, what does that make him with that tweet he put out? Loser!

  68. Aries_Mira says:

    So, we’re going to glorify those celebrities who have taken, over-dosed and sometimes died on illegal and/or legal drugs and throw him to the wolves? Don’t get me wrong, what he did was unforgivable – you do NOT hit people! But in a sense he’s right. We’re also choosing to support the careers of people who have sold drugs, done time, become raging alcoholics, etc. so how is this any different? You’re still choosing to support these people (to enable them if you will) by sending them the message: “Hey, it’s OK that you did _______________, because I’m supporting your lifestyle by buying your stuff anyways.”

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      This is the most nonsense argument I have ever read. Addiction is a DISEASE and no, I’m not going to hate/blame people who suffer from it. Sorry, is beating a woman a disease? Really? Apples and oranges so please just stop with this bullshit comparison. All I get from Chris Brown’s argument is that he is as shitty a person as a drug-dealing thug. Well I disagree, he’s shittier.

    • Flan says:

      To my knowledge I have never supported any of those people’s careers.

    • Sisi says:

      this thread is about Chris Brown, his actions and how the Grammy Association dealt with him so other celebs don’t really matter. But if you want a counterargument: check any thread about Lindsay Lohan and you can see how commenters respond to her behavior, DUIs, hitting the stroller, her entitledness, her addictions and the court rulings.People are outraged and disgusted. That’s just one example.

  69. BK says:

    The values in this country are pretty messed up when a man like that gets celebrated so soon after what he did, especially after showing no remorse and acting like an idiot on GMA.

    He’s an arrogant abuser who’s now only more emboldened because he got away with it.

    Frustrating to see this happen. Sincerely disappointing.

  70. Asli says:

    Chris Brown Police Report:Rihanna Police Report – Here is LAPD ‘s full report /affidavit on what really occurred between Chris Brown, 19, and Rihanna during the assault:

    “Christopher B and Robyn F have been involved in a dating relations for approx 1 and half year. On Sunday Feb 8 at 25 hours Brown was driving a vehicle with Robyn F as the front passenger on an unknown street in Los Angeles. Robyn F picked brown,s cellular phone and picked up a three-page text message from a woman Brown had had a previous relationship with.

    “A verbal argument ensued and Brown pulled a vehicle over in an unknown street. Reach over Robyn F with his right hand and open the car door and attempted to force her out. Brown was unable to force Robyn F out of the vehicle because she was wearing a seat belt. When he could not force her to exit he took his right hand and shoved her head against the passenger window of the vehcile causing an approx 1 inch raised circular contusion.

    “Robyn F turned to face Brown and punched her in the left eye with right hand. He then drove away in the vehicle and continued to punch her in the face with his right hand while steering the vehicle with his left hand. The assault caused Robyn F Osmouth to fill with blood and blood to splatter all over her clothing and the interior of the vehicle. Brown looked at Robyn F and stated “I am going to beat the s–t out of you when we get home! You wait and see!?

    “Robyn F picked her cellular phone and called her personal assistant Jennifer Rosales. Rosales did not answer the telephone but while her vm greeting was playing Robyn F pretended to talk to her and stated “I am on my way home. Make sure the cops are there when I get there? (this statement was made while greeting was playing and was not captured) after Robyn f faked the call, Brown and looked at her and stated, ‘You just did the stupidest thing ever! Now I really am going to kill you.’

    “Brown resumed punching Robyn F and she interlocked her fingers behind her head and brought her elbows forward to protect her face. She then bent over at the waist placing her elbows and face near her lap and in attempt to protect her face and head from the barrage of punches being levied by Brown. Brown continued to punch Robyn F on her left arm and hands, causing her to suffer a contusion on her left triceps that was approx 2 inches in diameter and numerous contusions on her left hand. Robyn f attempted to send another text message to other personal assistant Melissa Ford. Brown snatched the cellular telephone out of her hand and threw it out of the window to an unknown street. Brown continued driving and Robyn F observed his cellular phone in his lap. She picked up the cellular phone with her left hand, and before she could make a call, he placed her in a head lock with right hand and continued to drive the vehicle with his left hand.

    “Brown held Robyn F close to him and bit her on her left hear. She was able to feel the vehicle swerving from right to left as Brown sped away. He stopped the vehicle in front of [address] and Robyn F turned off the car removed the key from inignition and sat on it. Brown did not know what she did with the key and began punching her in the face and arms. Brown began applying pressure to Robyn F left and right carotid arteries causing her to be unable to breath. She began to lose consciousness. She reached up with her left hand and began to attempting to gauge his eyes in attempt to flee herself. Brown bit her left ring and middle fingers and released her. While brown continued to punch her she turned around a place her back to against the passenger door. She brought her knees to her chest and placed her feet against Brown,s body and began pushing him away.

    “Brown continued to punch her on legs and feet causing several contusions. Robyn F began screaming for help. And Brown exited the vehicle and walked away. A resident in the neighbor heard Robyn F,s plea for help and called 911, causing a police response. An investigation was conducted and Robyn F was issued a domestic violence protective order (EPO). Affiant conducted an interview with Melissa Ford who advised on Feb. 8 2009 at 2500 hours she received a phone call from Robyn F from an unknown telephone number later identified as the telephone number of Officer Chavez. Robyn F had advised Ford that she had been assaulted by Brown. At approx at 1 am Brown called Ford as nothing happened. Ford advised Brown that she had already talked to Robyn F and was aware of what happened. Ford had advised brown that the neighbors had called police and that they were with Robyn F. Brown had asked Ford if Robyn F had provided police with his name. And Ford advised him that she had. Brown hung up the telephone and did not call back.

    “On Feb. 8, Brown turned himself in and was given a copy of the EPO and advised to not contact Robyn.

    “On Feb. 17 Ford advised the affiant that she had received text messages from … a number that Ford recognized as belonging to Brown. In the text message Brown apologized for what he had done to Robyn F. and advised Ford he was going to get help.”

    His subsequent behaviour (GMA, the tweets ect.) just proves how much of a whiny little bitch he is. He is truly un-repentant. He has been given multiple second chances. I was horrified when I read the actual report because I’d only heard what had happened. Now about the Charlies Sheen-deal if he had acted like a NORMAL HUMAN BEING and actually used grammar and correct English instead of that stupid-ass Twitter-lingo, then yes, his point would be more accepted. The way he is acting is un-acceptable. And his hair color is fracking ugly.

    • Inari says:

      Okay… I hadn’t read that before. It is obviously a silly little mistake – he just flung his fist around and the poor little child couldn’t help that it kept on hitting her. Just loving little punches. Just a dumb mistake, you know!

      Yes, I’m being sarcastic. Mistake, my arse. Mistake is dropping a glass, taking a wrong turn, tossing and turning in your sleep so violently you accidentally punch someone sleeping next to you etc. Beating someone senseless isn’t.

    • Zelda says:

      Dude, Charlie Sheen shot one woman and locked another woman in a closet.

      He’s an equally big piece of shit.

      • Asli says:

        Yes, and believe me I hate him just as much, if not more than, Chris Brown. But this is a Chris Brown-post so I’m talking about him. If there is a Charlie Sheen-post I’ll be giving him just as much shit. My point about Sheen was that, while Chris was right, the way he went about it wasn’t. If he had conducted him well and stated his point well, instead of acting like an immature, arrogant baby then his point wouldn’t have gotten lost in the fact that he’s using that argument to defer his own responsiility for his actions (as Jasmine nicely stated)- Now give me a Charlie Sheen post and he’ll be getting as much shit as Chris is.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I wish I hadn’t read that. It gave me anxiety and made me nauseous.

      I agree, his words and actions both indicate he is still the same angry stunted little boy he was 3 years ago.

    • Lola6 says:

      Holy crap! What scum….and the rumors say they are secretly back together… isn’t she scared of him?

      • irishserra says:

        She probably is, but a woman who would accept this has problems beyond being scared. For whatever reasons unbeknownst to us, she has severe self-esteem issues which allow her to sincerely believe she could never do any better than Chris Brown and so she’s convinced herself that there’s an attachment (or “love”) there. Otherwise, she would have behaved differently and not waffled the way she did immediately following the incident.

        DV is horrid, but where you have insecure men or women who are too proud to admit that they’ve made a mistake in their choices and take a firm stand by refusing to put up with it and walking away with no drama, you will always have this behavior. If it happens again to this girl, she will not have my support or pity.

  71. Natasha says:

    The guy made a REALLY REALLY dumb mistake when he was 19 YEARS OLD. To try and say he isn’t allowed to learn, move on, and try to overcome his problems is absurd. I dont understand why people what other people who’ve made mistakes to pay for it THEIR ENTIRE LIFE. We’ve all made f–ked up choices in our lives. If random people were to keep bringing it up and essentially telling you that THAT’s the only thing you should be remembered for or that you cannot be known for anything other that that mistake you done…i HIGHLY doubt any of you would just sit there and be okay with it. What he did was –cked up, but he didnt murder anybody, he didnt go on a string of beaten up folks, catchin DUI’s, drug charges, etc. He was 19 years old, paid a substantial price, and now has tried to learn from it. Some of you need to really get over it and get off your high horses.

    • Asli says:

      What’s wrong with you? Calling what Chris Brown did a ”mistake” is the biggest pile of bull shit I have ever seen. Pushing someone by accident is a mistake. Punching some repeatedly in the face and on the body, bitting, scratching, choking is NOT a ”mistake”. What do you think? That his fists just slipped and hit Rihanna, that his hands cramped around her neck so he couldn’t stop choking her and that his jaw just closed down around her ear so that he couldn’t stop biting? You need to re-acces your values if you think that was a ”mistake”, or as CB puts it a ”mishap”. As for the move on part – he has not once shown that he is truly sorry for what he did. How long after he beat Rihanna to a pulp did he go on that skiing-trip? A week? A month? He is a disgusting, whiny little bitch and he will be remembered for this until the end of time. Deal with it.

    • Flan says:


      The problem is that he already has his second chance and instead of being contrite throws temper tantrums.

      There are 10 year olds who act more adult than he does.

    • endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

      Get a clue you McNugget. High horse? Why sould I get off if I’ve never hit another human being??

    • Coucou says:

      Really Natasha? Really? I suppose if we don’t get down off our high horses, you’ll come knock us off ‘em and kick us in the teeth or something? Sounds familiar…

      Chris didn’t make a mistake, he is a mistake, and that won’t change until he does.

  72. HappyJoyJoy says:

    He spelled “I punch women and I’ve beaten on my own mother” wrong.

  73. Palermo says:

    He has uncontrollable anger issues and I expect to read one day that he has killed somebody.

  74. Sassy says:

    He has talent? He’s such a whiny, entitled a$$hole.

  75. Mark says:

    Chris- Get off Twitter. Let it go and maybe everyone else will. You aren’t helping your cause, just fueling more hate against YOU.

    Get off Twitter, Do some good stuff for the community. Lay Low for a while. Make music! Chill the ‘F’ out.

    just my $.02

  76. Kaiser says:

    Whoever is reporting Team Breezy’s dumb commments, STOP. Refresh. They’ve already been deleted.

  77. Newtsgal says:

    3 words….

    And all the awards in the world will never change that!

  78. Ron says:

    I know I will catch hell for this. But other than being a halfway good dancer, I don’t think Chris Brown has any real talent. His Producers do. His songs could literally be anybody on the vocals. I heard the song Beautiful People for months before someone told me it was him. Musical artists should be easily identified by their sound. He has no original sound…sorry he doesn’t. Regarding forgiveness, it’s quite obvious he has not forgiven himself, not for beating Rhianna, but for damaging his own career Grammy or not.

    • Cerulean says:

      I don’t think he is talented at all. I remember several years ago after the VMAs Steven Tyler was criticizing the show and sued the example of “some kid lip synching and dancing” as the decline of talented performers on a dull awards show.
      I have never understood his appeal. Pre Rhianna attack and after.

  79. tar says:

    He’s his own worst enemy. If he just put his head down, acted humble and contrite about his win; publicly make amends vis a vis support for education regarding battered women and domestic abuse issues; and adopt an attitude of contrition, I think he could get beyond all this. He obviously has a load of industry support.
    But clearly his twitter rant proves otherwise, and this is why I can never be counted among his fanbase.
    I’m sorry Chris, you may have a boatload of talent … but you did what you did, and you are going to have to eat that shit for as long as it takes, because that is what adults have to do when they fuck up royally. So suck it up, buttercup.

  80. bamster says:

    Sore Winner. But whomever decides the Grammy winners is a part of this downslide into rewarding scumbags. Talent or no, celebs get rewarded for awful behavior and obviously there’s a market for this crap. Was his music really that worthy? I’ll never know or try to find out.

  81. SHump76 says:

    Chris Brown needs to SIT DOWN and STFU.
    He has nothing to complain about. He still has his record deal, his millions of dollars, and now his Grammy. he doesn’t get to dictate how people feel about what he did or how they talk about him. He made his own damned bed.

    Now, if she showed even the slightest bit of genuine remorse at ANY POINT since he beat that girl’s face in, he might get a better reception. But he hasn’t. And 98% of the music industry has stood behind his dumb ass. He should be grateful for the misguided support he has gotten, sickening as it is, not whining because people hate a woman beater.

  82. the original bellaluna says:

    Yet another shining example of how much he’s changed and matured in those 3 years. /sarcasm

  83. Jaded says:

    I’ve said this before, and I may get beat up about it, but he glorifies the absolute worst about rap/hip-hop culture. He’s the stereotypical blinged-out, tattooed, street-tough guy, who “don’t take no sh*t from nobody, especially b*tches”. His neighbours stated he was a nightmare to live near, partying and playing ear-splitting music all night long with absolutely no respect for anyone else. It’s all about him and if he wants to park in spaces reserved for the physically challenged in his customized Escalade then he’ll f*ckin’ well do it ‘cuz he’s da man, ain’t nobody gonna tell him what to do. No he doesn’t deserve a Grammy after he beat the living daylights out of his girlfriend. No he doesn’t deserve a Grammy when his music promotes such an awful stereotype. No he doesn’t deserve a Grammy when there are so many more well-deserving and truly talented musicians that don’t get recognized. When the Grammy executive get their collective heads out of their arses and realize their mistake, maybe then I’ll start watching the show again.

  84. Day says:

    I doubt most people would be upset with the Grammy had they not celebrated his return. He should have just been lucky to attend. You would have thought he was the victim. Like, he was wrongly convicted of a crime only to be exonerated later on. If you were not familiar with the case, that is exactly how you would have thought it went down. He is an arrogant childish fool. It won’t end well for him. He has too many yes people around filling his head with how great he is. It took years to watch OJ finally get what was coming to him. I hope it doesn’t take that long for this SOB to be thrown in jail.

  85. eileen says:

    WHY when there is a post written about a particular person and people get on to talk about that person -who the post is about…people try to justify the behavior by bring up other people who have behaved the same way and scold us for not talk about them? The post isn’t ABOUT them-get it? Just like when anyone wants to bash Angelina Jolie or Leann Rimes for their behavior people bring up the other one as justification? Seriously, focus on the dirtbad at hand…there will be plenty of posts to deal with the others. The reason I LIKE Celebitchy is because they don’t kiss celebs asses and call out bad behvior on ANYONE-even the ones they like.

    • Masque says:

      I asked that about attorneys and my boss (an attorney) said “if they can’t argue with facts then they’ll argue with bullshit.”

      The people who keep dragging the other entertainment assholes onto this thread can’t win an argument about Chris’s insufferable behavior so they babble some bullshit to try to deflect attention from the facts.

  86. robbie y says:

    I can’t really defend the haters parts. He needs to shut up, point blank. But yes drug dealing is the same domestic violence. Except it affects more people. The people on this blog saying otherwise are tying to justify the fact they use!

    • Mari says:

      I agree! In my country people die for dealing drugs and consuming them, and their families sometimes too. Dealing and trafficking to other countries. Even teens are re luted for this business, dealing and killing too. For me, drug dealing is as bad, no mstter what country they are in, it kills people and hurts families as violence.

  87. eileen says:

    Oh how I love MichaelK!!

    “Even if you took away the fact that Chris almost beat RiRi’s face off, he would still be a chair-hurling, window-breaking, tantrum-throwing, nutless bag whose brain stopped developing in the womb. Chris Brown hasn’t learned sh-t and he’s still a piece of sh-t. I know, that’s an insult to s-t. The next time you take a sh-t, please apologize to it on my behalf.”

  88. robbie y says:

    Barbie 2.0 you need to chill. You are not making any friends with the name calling. Make your point.

  89. iloveretro says:

    He might have won a Grammy, but he’s still a woman-bashing thug. One doesn’t cancel out the other. No matter how many awards he wins there is no obligation on anyone to forget the fact that he viciously beat and abused his girlfriend.

  90. LeeLoo says:

    He is a gross disgusting excuse for a human being. Considering most people who abuse women are narcissistic I am not surprised by his lack of humilty.

    It says a lot about our culture when we try to sweep under the rug a man who abuses women. He should he up there with Roman Polanski and Woody Allen. One thing I learned from my experience is that those domestic violence classes and probation do absolutely nothing for this type of person. He’s a bad man and will continue to terrorize women until the day he dies. He just may not be as overt about it as he used to be.

  91. Amanda G says:

    I see how it works… you brutalize a woman and you get rewarded for it over and over again! Number one album, successful singles, a GRAMMY, collaborations with other artists, a standing ovation after performances… Wow! What a great message we are sending. I don’t think I hate him as much as I hate the idiots who support him. It’s sick.

  92. vv says:

    A Grammy is nothing to get all hyped about. Anyone can get those these days! Hell I could go buy a box of Cracker Jacks right now and find me one, but I won’t….I’d hate to steal this guy’s thunder!


    PS. Pretty sure you need us (the haters included) more than we need you Chris Brown so remember that when you’re telling us all to f off.

  93. Maritza says:

    He definitely has anger issues and he should get anger management classes before he beats some other poor girl. Everyone knows a beater always returns to his old ways.

  94. Marianne says:

    And somehow having a grammy makes beating a girl ok??

    And if you want to prove you’re such a good guy who doesn’t have anger issues…might not be a good idea to send out rage filled tweets.

  95. Francesca says:

    This kid is acting like a thug and a punk. And shame on Sherri Shepard for supporting him as a flippin’ role model on her tv show!?? Role model for what not to do to your woman is the only thing he is remotely a model for. Unfortunately, he totally seems like the type to re offend; too angry and no shame. No hate to you CB but no love either. I wish you nothing, now go away.

  96. Jenna says:

    I’ve seen the weirdest “he should be a role model for changing his life” vibe going on dozens of sites lately, and I can’t help but keep thinking “Yeah. People can change. You can put being an abusive asshat behind you and make good. – BUT YOU HAVE TO OWN THE F*^% UPS FIRST!” The guy whined and whimpered and went on and on about how everyone was SO mean to him and he’s just a poor widdle thing who grew up in an abusive family, so what chance did he have? Please. I’ll stop being annoyed he’s breathing oxygen that better people could use when he grows the frak up and actually owns his – let’s not forget this, it’s not a private ‘sin’, it’s not a misstep, it’s a FELONY – owns it, admits it, and actively and openly works to make things right.

    Until then? I’m not listening to his music, I’m not buying his cd’s, I’ll turn off the crap when it’s on the radio, and loudly argue to keep what he is clear..

    He’s an abusive criminal that got a pass because he’s famous. He’s vile, venal, and in general simply a villain. Why folks want to wring their hands and yell he needs to be allowed to go on with his life confuses the heck out of me. This hater? Gonna keep hatin. Trash is trash.

  97. Zelda says:

    Oh, Barbie.

    I’m assuming you are a troll at this point. So it’s probably best to just not touch your posts.

    But in case you aren’t, I’m just going to leave this here:

    Now, judging by your spelling and grammar, it’s probably a little long/difficult/full of multi-syllabic words for you. So a quick summary:

    “…the domestic violence rearrest rate was almost 60 percent for arrested abusers over an average of five years.”

    And that’s just the satistics for their ARRESTS. Victims often don’t complain. So the repeat of actual abuse is higher than 60%, in reality.

    It’s not a little mistake and it’s not something people stop doing just cause they’re real, real sorry. Like rape and pedophelia, it is typically consistent and repeated behaviour, and should be treated with the same disdain.


    Abusers bad. They hit lots. No stop. Boo to boys who hit.

  98. Holden says:

    Chris Brown winning a Grammy just makes the Grammies look like the bullshit they are.

  99. Cafeine says:

    I can’t stand this guy and what he did to Rihanna.

    But you also happen to very often DROOL over Fassbender, who happened to have charges against him – abuse charges.

    You talked about this in a blog post, but considered the woman “crazy” because she later dropped the charges.That is what usually happens in these cases.

    Rihanna never charged Chris Brown, but guess what he did to her? Or was she “crazy”.

    See? Fassbender gets a pass because he’s hot, and nobody got to see bloody pictures of his girlfriend.

    • Omar says:

      Thank you! I feel like everybody just pretends that Fassbender didn’t beat up his girlfriend on 2 separate occasions. I know that he’s hot, but we should be fair.

      • Jaye says:

        Can we put the Fassbender issue to bed, already? His ex accused him of shoving her and dragging her while he drove off in his car. She filed a report 6 mos after the alleged incident, which by itself doesn’t mean anything, but when you consider that the case was investigated by police and couldn’t be substantiated not to mention the fact that the woman in question has levelled similar (false) accusations against at least 2 other men…well. I’m not saying she’s a liar, but she might be a liar.

        And are we REALLY trying to justify Brown’s behavior by vilifying Fassbender over unproven charges? Stop.

  100. RobN says:

    He’s still going to end up young, rich and either dead or in prison. Maybe both. What he does professionally until then couldn’t really matter less.

  101. Camille (The original) says:

    Chris Brown is a disgusting waste of human skin and talent and out of all of the celebs to ‘hate’ on, this guy ACTUALLY deserves people’s hatred and vitriol IMO.

  102. just_curious says:

    I’m NOT a Chris Brown fan and do NOT support abusers.

    I felt this needed to be said, before I ask the following questions:

    1) Is there also a petition regarding the Glen Campbell Lifetime Achievement Award & tribute?

    2) Does Miranda Lambert not consider what Glen Campbell did to Tanya Tucker equally deplorable? or does he get a pass because there was no photographic evidence and he’s now elderly? He (allegedly – no pics) knocked out two of Tanya Tucker’s front teeth, yet Miranda’s husband participated in his tribute as she cheered :-(

    Unfortunately, Chris B is not the first, nor will he be the last, abuser to receive accolades from Hollywood. For every one victim with photographic evidence, there are MULTIPLE victims without. Where do we draw the line, regarding who deserves to be “put in their place?”

    Again, I’m not a CB fan :-) Thanks.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      OMG! I totally forgot about Tanya Tucker. I was really young then. When was that 1980? I think Miranda is even younger. She may not even know.

      I don’t see Glen Campbell acting all ahole like, like Chris Brown but again, I BARELY remember. I have no clue if he ever repented. I don’t know if it was drug induced and he went to rehab. I remember Tanya had drug or alcohol issues – not sure if those were caused by Glen or pre-existing. I think that came out a little later so I remember it better. In other words… I want more details. I hate not remembering.

      Do you know where Tanya is now? Part of my memories are that she went from a cute little thing to a rough looking little thing.

      However, Karma has hit him big time now. He’s got Alzheimer’s and he KNOWS it. That’s gotta suck. I am kind of enjoying that now that I am getting flashbacks of the Tanya incident… bad I know. If I found out he is truly sorry and learned something I will take it back.

  103. ZenB!tch says:

    His music is not my thing but I have no problem with him WINNING a Grammy if his music is the best in that category. The Grammy is an award for what an artist creates. I can separate the art from the artist.

    I have a HUGE problem with him being asked to perform and showcased at the Awards show. Not *every* nominee performs.

    I believe our personal and professional lives are separate. Felons can be hired in some jobs.

    However, I do not believe a felon should be personally praised and show cased. This goes for all the rappers and athletes who have been arrested of serious crimes like oh rape and murder (or doggie abuse – yes I’m looking at YOU Michael Vick)

  104. ZenB!tch says:

    Jesus or God (depending on your beliefs) will forgive you IF you are truly repentant. The Catholics do this via Confession/Reconciliation. The Jews via Atonement on Yom Kippur. I’m drawing a blank on how Protestants do it but regardless of which group you belong to The Almighty knows if you are lying and He knows if you are truly sorry. Chris Brown doesn’t even appear sorry to the lowly human eye. If one day he is and behaves as such, he will be forgiven by us and the Almighty. Today is not that day.

  105. kris says:

    of course, getting a grammy for some song that you didn’t even write totally makes it cool that you beat up a woman….NOT. the real ultimate fuck off is the bad karma that will follow you around for the rest of your life. what goes around comes around, asshole.

  106. Rachel says:

    I completely agree with this post and I think brown should never have been allowed to perform on the Grammys. What he did was truly reprehensible.

    But what shocks me the most is how the writers of this site can defend someone like Michael Fassbender so vehemently. The guy has a history of abuse as well:

    but because you find him attractive, that doesn’t matter? He gets a free pass? That’s a very sad double standard, and one that I know will hamper my enjoyment of this site…Before this, I truly looked to Cb exclusively as a paragon of smart, intelligent celebrity commentary and I’m not sure I can anymore.

  107. Beatriz says:

    I understand that everyone deserves a second chance, but that second chance isn’t for free, you’ve got to earn it and I feel like Chris Brown hasn’t proven me that he is truly deserving of that chance. Sure, he has talent-that is not the question here. But it is clear that he has serious anger issues that he is not even willing to admit to (see his reaction on good morning america). Yes, everyone makes mistakes, but when you are not willing to own up to them you are also not willing to change, grow and evolve; better yourself. I get the feeling that he thinks the public has been too hard on him, that we should have forgiven him by now and the problem with that Grammy is that it serves as a form of validation, that everything is forgiven and he is just dandy, which of course, he isn’t (because again, I don’t see him working too much on himself). Oh and also; Pointing out the glorification of drug dealers in hip hop was an imbecile move, one action doesn’t justify the other.

  108. Peg says:

    I’ll just keep on hating. Along with his Grammy, he also has a record and time left on probation.

  109. Marca says:

    F**king idiot. Why are people like this rewarded for their behavior? The fact that he won a Grammy makes it seem like the world has forgiven him for beating up Rihanna, and that’s just wrong.

  110. Meanchick says:

    I think people who earn it, deserve a second chance. The behavior does not match up to me. My daughter is a fan. I sat her down and we had a LONG conversation about DV and I let her make her own decision. She likes his music, but I think the fear many of us have is that young girls will fall into the same situation R did. It’s bigger than CB, but his behavior will not allow us to forget what he did. Winning a Grammy doesn’t absolve you. It’s a trophy, not the blood of Jesus.

  111. Poison Ivy says:

    Could Chris Brown just forgive and let it go if somebody who was physically superior beat the crap out of him 3 years ago? Nah, he would still whine like a pussy ’cause that’s what he can do best. I would love to see this dude getting a dose of his own medicine…

  112. Cerulean says:

    One issue I have with Rhianna in this is that she didn’t do more to speak about DV. I think it’s because of industry pressure partly but her complete silence has allowed him to kind of get away with it. Sneaking to see him sends the complete wrong message to victims. That is my only real issue with her.

  113. Charlotte says:

    A douchebag is a douchebag is a douchebag…

  114. skuddles says:

    The upshot is I think Brown is a total whinyass juvenile loser who does not deserve this award or ANY award. The fact he got a standing O makes me sick. It’s not just because of his vicious assault on Rihanna, it’s every vile and unapologetic thing he’s said and done since as well. The guy is a menace and should be in jail, not handed accolades which, in his mind, vindicate him for all past behavior. The resulting arrogance will only lead to more atrocious acts. Frankly, I think his biggest issue is his homosexuality – he can’t come to terms with it so he’s full of self-loathing and rage, which he then projects onto women and the world in general. I’m just waiting for his next explosion, shouldn’t be long now…

  115. Leticia says:

    He has shown himself to be unintelligent, time and time again.

  116. Robbie says:

    I see a lot more violence in “Dick Prick” Brown’s life~ Don’t be surprised when he pulls a Robert Blake and kills a girlfriend one day. It’s gonna happen.

    This guy is such a douche bag. He hasn’t learned his lesson AT ALL.

    It makes me want to run him down with my car. And back up. Over and over.

  117. Omar says:

    I really like this site, but I can’t understand why Fassbender gets a pass for beating women and Chris Brown does not. And he assualted his girlfriend on two different occasions! I know that he’s handsome and the new “it” boy, but domestic violence is still domestic violence to me. No matter how cute the offender is.

  118. leetruth says:

    Barbie is just saying the truth and the level of hate against Chris is unjustified. By the way, why should Barbie be banned? This post should not be one sided with just anti- Chris people calling for his head.

  119. leetruth says:

    Barbie is entitled to her own opinion. If she is banned, then everybody on this must be banned too. Fed up with the hate on Chris.

  120. tali says:

    I know I’m late but I had to put in my two cents here. I’ve seen arguments for both sides and I REFUSE to change my opinions on not supporting Chris Brown in ANY of his endeavors as a musician/actor/ or anything else. It’s not about kicking him when he’s down or not letting the man move on from a ‘mistake’. To me- actions speak louder than words. This is a man (not a boy a grown a** man) who:

    1) Pulled over one on the side of a street in the middle of the night while fighting with his girlfriend and proceeded to punch her repeatedly in the face and then try to choke her. He could have killed her is what people don’t seem to understand!!!

    2) When Rihanna stated clearly that this wasn’t a one time incident and that this man had done this before and it was just his first time getting CAUGHT, went on Larry King and offered a half a** apology for a “mistake”

    3) Was let off lightly by our court system with a slap on the wrist because he’s a celebrity and has yet to fullfill his community service obligations.

    4) This is the person who went to a GMA interview and because the reporter asked him a question he didn’t like stormed off set and THREW a chair out the window displaying another example his short temper and abusive behavior.

    5) His immature tweets and attitude have shown us he hasn’t changed a bit

    But I’m supposed to forgive him and embrace him??? And this is coming from a former fan who had his album before he did this!

    This lack of remorse or ‘owning up’ is why I will never watch another Mel Gibson film, watch anything else with Charlie Sheen, support polanski,etc.

  121. Jessica says:

    Using a grammy to show how successful you are doesn’t save you from the fact that you did beat your girlfriend. Wow how pathetic.

  122. teehee says:

    Because all of his worth is based on external things.
    Sorry but his internal worth has to be earned with internal goodness, not external trophies.

  123. jilly says:

    All we have to do is put our money where our mouths are. Don’t buy his CDs, don’t listen to his music, don’t send a dime his way. The corporation behind him will get the message. I can’t stand this ig’nant a-hole.

  124. slymm says:

    Some of you have very serious issues, and your anger and hate towards CB is pathetic. He beat on a girl…duh! That was 3 yrs ago. Move on.

  125. osarieme says:

    Some of you are pathetic, and use your wicked hate and anger towards CB to deal with unreolved issues in your sad lives. I mean, who lives on such hate? CB beat up a woman 3yrs ago…3 years ago? Is he supposed to now dig a 6ft hole and bury himself in it? Is he not allowed to live and make a living through his music? Has he beat up on any other woman? I think you all should figure out what is causing you to hate him so much. You need therapy.

    • Kate says:

      In point of fact he’s still serving his sentence – 5 years probation. And that means he’s not rehabilitated yet.

      And no, I don’t think 3 years is a short time when someone has been that pathologically violent in an intimate relationship. And as the links show, yes, he has been violent since and he’s also lacked any sign of remorse. How can you forget and forgive when someone has absolutely no understanding that their actions were appalling in the first place?

    • Flan says:

      You seem to be at least as angry with us as we are with Chris Brown.

      Time to look for a therapist, hon.