Has Russell Brand fallen under the spell of Guru Singh, a possible scam artist?

There’s some part of me that realizes that Russell Brand is a womanizing cad at heart. Yet I’ve read his books, so I still feel for the guy after he’s successfully fought his demons of addiction and continues to struggle with them on an at-least daily basis. Yoga seems like a very good fit for Russell in theory, and I sort of speak from experience minus the addictions. Before I was a mother, I used to squeeze in at least an hour (sometimes two) of practice before heading off to work every morning. I wasn’t an expert by any means, but I was proud to have mastered the first few series of Ashtanga and had progressed to the third. There was nothing quite like accomplishing 100 sun salutations before the sun even rose, and it made me feel great inside and out. I really miss it but can’t manage that kind of practice any more and have swapped out yoga for gym runs.

Anyway, I can see why Russell has quickly become a yoga aficionado. He’s practiced for years, but ever since he left the Lonely in London scene and returned to California, Russell has fully immersed himself in the quasi-lifestyle and made twice daily trips to the studio where he practices. This week’s In Touch runs with Russell’s apparent yoga obsession and has spoken to a source that says Russell is under the spell of his yoga teacher, Guru Singh. If I had to judge by Russell’s increasingly flamboyent studio-bound attire (the Mail has compared the new look to Mike Myer’s Love Guru), this theory is not beyond the realm of possibility:

Uh-oh! Friends fear yoga devotee Russell Brand has become “addicted” to his mentor, Guru Singh. “Russell seems to be completely under his influence,” one friend tells In Touch. “From where to live, what to buy, even who to marry.” Or divorce?

[From In Touch, print edition, March 12, 2012]

So who is this Guru Singh? Outwardly, he’s a third-generation yogi and master of Kundalini Yoga who has been described as a “yogi, teacher, writer, composer-musician, shaman, ordained minister, healer and family man.” He’s based in Los Angeles and sometimes teaches in India and London as well, and he has a YouTube channel that includes a video where he’ll teach you to be a flower. It is understood that he’s very into pomp and circumstance, and followers who flock to his classes are known to wear turbans while they move through their asanas. It seems a bit excessive, right?

Quite possibly, Guru Singh is completely harmless if slightly overbearing. However, there might be a more sinister side to him according to a former student who says that he doesn’t personally speak to any of his students unless they also “happen to attend private sound therapy sessions at his house for $100 per session.” This particular student began to grow worried when her own devotion to his classes made her feel that she’d “even drink poison coolaide [sic]” to please Singh even though she admits that his White Tantric Yoga classes are a scam and only designed to sell videos and merchandise. Here are a few photos of Singh in his various Guru capacities.

Look at this dude posing next to the Dalai Lama like he’s the Gwyneth Paltrow of West Hollywood yoga instructors. Yogi famewhore or just an enlightened shaman?

Whatever the case, I’m sure that Russell’s devotion to Guru Singh is nowhere near as dangerous as falling into the Scientology trap would be (and you know they’ve probably tried to recruit him by now). So Russell’s probably spending a ton of money on “enlightenment,” but at least it doesn’t seem harmful unless he pulls a groin muscle or something. Quite simply, he’s the pervert yogi who drives a black Range Rover.

Meanwhile, Russell is still hooking up with fellow yogi Oriela, whose mom has spoken to Star magazine (thanks, mom!) about how much she adores Russell even though it sounds like they’ve never met:

Russell Brand is A-OK with his new flame’s mom! Katy Perry’s ex, 36, and artist Oriela Medellin Amieiro, 25, have yet to confirm that they’re dating. But her mother gives the romance a thumbs-up. “He looks like a nice guy,” Wanda Amieiro tells Star. The pair’s passion for yoga — they met in a Kundalini class — is promising. Wanda adds, “It’s a ‘feeling’ type of yoga. If he’s doing that, he’s a good person.” But he’s also playing the field. On Feb 22, Russell arrived at yoga class with another babe!

[From Star, print edition, March 12, 2012]

Again, another media outlet gets it wrong about Russell stepping out with “another babe.” Just like Fame Pictures misidentified Russell’s companion as well when it was merely Oriela without makeup. He seems semi-serious with this woman, but I doubt they’ll be walking down the aisle together. And of course her mother likes him, for Oriela is an aspiring (dreadful) actress and could really use Russell’s Hollywood connections.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN, and GuruSingh.com

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  1. Kimbob says:

    Oh my!!! His garb in these pics looks a little dainty for my tastes. Hell, it looks like things I’d like to wear…not a GUY. Oh well.

    Anyway, you compare anything to Scientology and it’ll come out looking great, huh? My opinion is this is all harmless.

  2. Aiobhan says:

    First, I have never seen it spelled coolaide. Always Koolaide or Koolaid. Sorry. Anyway I like Russell Brand as a stand up comedian and his interviews are funny at times. So I will give him a break even if he is a cad.

    Second,I am will wait and see if this guru is just a semi-harmless yogi with an odd message. Or he is a Jim Jones in training. You have to pay attention to the assistants not the face of the movement. If he has crazy assistants then we seriously need to watch out for this guy.

  3. Miranda says:

    “…Like he’s the Gwyneth Paltrow of West Hollywood yoga instructors.” I almost choked on my gum!! LMAO!! Awesome!

  4. lola says:

    Kundalini Yoga has reasons behind the white attire and covering of the head. You don’t have to drink any cool aid and aside from the OPTIONAL side class you mention i don’t really see the issue here.

    Kundalini does have a fair share of negative detractors, however, so expect that line of crap to come up next.

  5. shandi says:

    Instead of calling someone who is foreign to you a charlatan, get to know who you are dissing first. He happens to be of the Sikh faith which requires of all their followers to wear turbans, like the Jews wear those things on their heads. He is also a Kundalini yogi, the oldest and most esoteric of all yoga lineages. It is very beneficial as it works directly with the chakras. I am ashamed for you and your ignorance. This is what divides us as a people–intolerance.

    • Kar says:

      +1! I hate that people assume that he is into “pomp and circumstance” when he is simply dressing in religious clothing that most devout Sikhs wear in their own practice of religion and yoga etc.

      It’s the 5th largest organized religion in the world, so it’s absolutely ridiculous and completely telling exactly how “aware” (rather, unaware, oblivious, ignorant) people are when they make such comments.

  6. Una says:

    Russell has been involved with Hare Krishnas for many years and he’s well read so he’s not completely naive. Although I wouldn’t rule out him being drawn into a shady operator’s influence either. Russell also uses a hypnotist and a therapist, and various other holistic occupational therapists and personal trainers, and goes to AA meetings, so this thing in general is nothing new to him. And he practices TM. But that being said, he was always dependent on his friends, most of whom are living their lives in London and he’s probably using the yoga to break his cycle of womanizing. If he’s doing it twice a day, you can bet it’s to stave off that drive. If he starts handing over big lumps of money to this cult leader, then it’s dangerous, gets pulled off course from his work projects, or marries some shady lady involved in this, otherwise this is probably Russell’s way of totally cleansing all things Katy out of his life, including the part of him that was attracted to her. He has two new tattoos, one on his right wrist and something written down his left arm. Any photos that show what these say? The one on his wrist looks like a word in Sanskrit. So he’s taking starting fresh after being ‘married’ seriously.

    Sorry, are you saying that this woman in black in the picture is Oriela? No. Different girl entirely!!! My opinion about Oriela is that sure she’s getting attention but maybe she needs it. At least it’s not a girl that’s mortified at her name being in the papers. She’s attractive and well-intentioned, but she seems like she’d get annoying fast. I can’t stand these preachers that sell the commodification of poverty and disengagement. Just because it’s eastern doesn’t mean it’s not the same BS as Benny Hinn. I’m sure someone will call my comment ignorant, but the fact that he operates in LA says a lot about him.

    If all that helps Russell, that’s fine, but he should try to make his own decisions, getting too involved in this is a dead end. I think it might be true because he’s been looking a little spaced out lately. I think that Katy fiasco was really stressful for him. The main thing with Russell is he doesn’t like to be alone, and he does seem to find a new guru every few years like he’s looking for a father figure or something. I think if, in maybe three of four years from now when he sorts out who he wants to be, he finds a NON-actress/model/singer/show off and they have 3 or 4 kids, he’ll be happiest. I really don’t know how anyone can classify that Katy thing as a marriage.

    • Bette says:

      Una – I, too, would like to see what Russell’s new tattoo says (the one that’s on his left arm). I read somewhere that it’s “to remind him to be truthful at all times” but am curious to know exactly what it says.

      I still think it’s slightly strange that he’s now getting tattoos so freely — I remember when he said in 2007 or 2008 that he wasn’t interested in tattoos because he didn’t think there was anything he’d want permanently on his body. Then he got the one with KP, then the West Ham one, and now 2 more? I guess maybe it’s one of those things that once you do it, you get sort of an itch to have more? (Uh oh, don’t get addicted, Russell!)

  7. Una says:

    “Kundalini does have a fair share of negative detractors, however, so expect that line of crap to come up next.”

    That line of crap happens to be decades of very persuasive clinical research about the physical and neurological fallout that results from some of these methods. Sorry, but denying that there is a trail of evidence that some of these practices result in damage is very naive. Esoteric religions are esoteric for a reason and can’t be just sold to the masses like the latest Dr. Phil pop-pysch book.

    • CH says:

      Care to bolster your claims with a source or three? Because they’re a little hard to swallow.

      There’s no doubt that one can sustain physical injuries through yoga, same as any other physical activity. But “neurological fallout” ???

    • ol cranky says:

      are you referring to the overblown NYT article about the dangers of yoga and the minor hysteria it produced? yes, there are problems with some yoga teachers doing yoga instead of teaching the class and making sure the students are in proper alignment to avoid injury but that pretty much goes with any physical activity, especially when done as a form of exercise.

      Kundalini yoga is a blend of posture, pranayam, mantra, music focused on meditation and relaxation, which are healing in nature. I don’t see why you’re so sure it’s dangerous but, as a scientist who actually works in clinical research, I’d like to see your peer reviewed articles showing such physical and neurological fallout.

  8. Bette says:

    Just chiming in to agree with Una above – that girl pictured here is NOT Oriela. I don’t see where you’re getting that it’s just Oriela without makeup — they look entirely different. The girl in this pic doesn’t look Mexican and has a different body shape than Oriela. Not that it really matters who he’s been seeing, but just by looking at what’s online about Oriela, I think anyone with eyes should be able to tell this other girl is not her!

  9. Una says:

    Even if you don’t believe in the western medical studies, which are obviously biased even if some of their conclusions appear fair, you should read Gopi Krishna’s book which I think everyone doing this form of yoga should.

  10. Karen says:

    Yoga is supposed to teach people to be NON-JUDGEMENTAL. To a class, all of you! I hope that toque is the closest to turban as Russel ever gets- I like his hair.

  11. original sandy says:

    too much of anything is not good,everything in moderation, good luck with that Russell.