ITW: Eva Mendes is in Thailand with Ryan Gosling because she’s crazy-jealous

A few weeks ago, The Mail claimed that Ryan Gosling was on vacation in South Africa, and that he went on a date with a German model. It was pretty much a balls-out fabricated story – Ryan hadn’t left Thailand, where he’s filming a movie, and by all accounts, he’s not fooling around on his girlfriend Eva Mendes. Eva’s rep even went around denying The Mail’s story, making sure that everyone knew that Ryan and Eva were still entwined. LaineyGossip keeps saying that Eva has been in Thailand for most of Ryan’s film shoot too – and I think she’s right. There haven’t been any photos of Eva at LAX lately, so I don’t think she’s been coming and going from Thailand. I think she flew to Thailand weeks ago, and she’s just camping out with her man.

Here’s what’s up for debate, however: just what is the deal with Ryan and Eva? Why this need to establish themselves as a couple? Is it true love, is it hot sex, or is it something else? Something sketchy involving Ryan needing to look like he can settle down with a woman for a substantial relationship, and Eva simply needing publicity? I don’t know. But here’s another theory, via In Touch Weekly, about why Eva is in Thailand:

Eva Mendes wants to hold onto Ryan Gosling so badly, a source says she’s chasing him to Thailand, where he’s filming a movie with beauty Yayaying.

“She’s insanely jealous.” And who can blame her? Ryan has a history of hooking up with costars, and Eva isn’t letting it happen again.

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

I could buy this. Ryan doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who is capable of staying focused on a girl if she’s not sitting right in front of him. And Eva probably is jealous, and keeping a watchful eye on her prize. I’m still not sure that Eva’s publicity team hasn’t been pushing all of these tabloid stories from the start too.

Oh, and Ted Casablanca now buys that Eva and Ryan are getting serious because they’ve kept it so low-key the past few months after the Disneyland-date-and-Paris-photo-op explosion at the beginning of their relationship. I’m still really skeptical.

Photos courtesy of BusyPartyBoy’s Twitter, Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. brin says:

    I will never get this one. She always looks cranky too.

  2. Danielle says:

    She always looked way more into him then he is of her, so I could buy this report.

    • Delouise says:

      Yeah these rumours could be true as there have been stories before calling her clingy and controlling. Plus to me she always came off as very opportunistic. So she probably is milking this as long as possible to get as much attention as she can out of it. Doesn’t seem to be working though, if she really can stay away from what’s left of her career that long. (IF she is really still in Bangkok – that twitpic is definitely not recently) What he gets out of it I have no idea – she is not really that hot or even interesting, more like ordinary and vapid. He should find somebody who is really cool and nice and is not just with him because he is so popular right now.

  3. lisa says:

    It never ever fails. I’m not a fan of Eva nor do I dislike her. But the pattern continues. Every time we see a man that some women find desirable they woman they choose is usually called names, her looks attacked and whatever else other women can come up with. The more desirable the man the more the woman is attacked.

    Obviously Eva has something that Ryan likes. She got him. And why there has to be some hidden agenda is beyond me.

    I don’t know much about either. I’m not all hot and bothered by Ryan so I guess I’m more neutral. She is very beautiful woman. I see why he would want her.

  4. Aiobhan says:

    I think I do buy this story a little. This is the most attention that anyone has paid to her in a long time.

  5. Gia says:

    I just can’t ‘see’ know? He’s too normal for her. He’s Canadian! She’s cray-cray!

  6. Marjalane says:

    This is another odd Hollywood pairing, but the facts are, he’s a huge man-whore hottie and she’s (at least) 7 years older than he is. She absolutely should be nervous about him straying. He will, and we’ll all be happier when he does. Eva’s gross. I’d much rather see him with Emma Stone or even his next co-star Mara Rooney.

  7. Leah says:

    In the first pic its like she peed in the bush and he was on lookout.

  8. cmc says:

    I don’t dislike either one, and I’m not suspicious about their relationship. They seem genuine to me.

    However, wtf? Who dresses this girl? She looks ridiculous in the few shots you posted. Really, really weird sense of style- looks like she’s trying really hard to look cute, but is totally off on colors, layering, proportions, and what is flattering on her body. Fail.

  9. kara says:

    I don’t know what to think about this relationship. I don’t think it’s a showmance, because if it was, they would have picked someone more relevent and hot right now. And he doesn’t need the help, his talent speaks for itself. I think he was just seduced by her, and now she’s holding onto him for as long as she can. She, on the other hand, needs all the help she can get. I think if Ryan was smart, he would move on from Eva. She is clearly an attention seeking celebrity and is using him to get more “buzz.” If he doesn’t, he will end up another tabloid staple, right beside Kim Kardashian, and I doubt he wants that bad image.

  10. pj says:

    Remember this is a guy who was said to have hooked up with Paris Hilton waaaay back, before Rachel. So his standards may not be very high to begin with.
    So he cheated on Rachel? If that’s true, he’s a douche.
    Rachel seems like such a sweet person, down to earth, and she’s beautiful too. She’s much better off with Michael Sheen, who is a class act also. I do not want her to get back with Ryan. She’s too good for him now.

  11. Gene Parmesan says:

    Well no one is offering her any roles. What a loser . she can stay in Thailand and end up in one of those fish whore houses with her trout lips.

  12. sandy says:

    Ryan seems like he’s too nice to be the one to break up with a girl… I think he’s waiting for a slip up on Eva’s part so it’ll give him a reason to bail :-P Or maybe, he’s just enjoying the attention from her until something better comes along. He seems like a deep person and you have to keep him in tuned mentally.. so.. the right girl may be hard to fine… Oh how I wish him and Rachel McAdams would get back together. They looked so great together.

    • anika says:

      I agree with your theory. Eva’s not exactly a “deep” person. I think she would get boring after a while. It seems the only things she likes to talk about are herself and how hot she is. She’s probably just keeping his bed warm until he finds someone else. I’m surprised they have lasted this long. It should also be noted that the photo Lainey posted of them at the bar was taken several weeks before March 9th. So she doesn’t know exactly about what’s going on either.

  13. Ellerey says:

    Some comments here are disgusting

  14. wunder says:

    This couple just doesn’t match. Something is off!

  15. NeoCleo says:

    These two look so wrong together.

  16. mary says:

    Ryan is a great actor, and excels in what he does. But his general character as a person has suffered a little because of this. If the stories of Eva being mean and rude are true, which I think they are (there’s too many to ignore it) then what does that say about him? Does he put up with it? And is he ok with her treating people like that? I’ve heard lots of positive first hand accounts of people meeting Ryan, and they always say he’s sweet and nothing short of a class act. I can’t understand why he’d want to be in the company of someone such as this. I’d hate to think his niceness is an act.

  17. pj says:

    I can’t wait until she goes nuts on him. Like completely snaps, screaming and hitting him in public or something. I hope they get it on film, cuz THAT’S entertainment!

  18. olivia says:

    It’s funny how at first Ryan was made out to be the obsessed, love sick one. Now it’s Eva’s turn. I never thought he looked very crazy about her. I think it looks like she’s more into him than he is into her. At least that’s what their body language says.

  19. Lady_Luck says:

    Ok, fair enough some of these stories might be motivated by jealousy. But there seems to be an awful lot of them – and quite specific in detail.

    Nobody likes a catty, bitchy woman with a perma-frown. Life is too short for blatant unpleasantness and rudeness. A smile doesn´t cost a penny. Eva needs to get over herself. The hate is not because she is with Gosling, but just because her aura spells out cray cray bitch and a half.

  20. mememe says:

    Not feeling this couple at all.

  21. yas says:

    Her personal style is really terrible. She looks like 70 year old woman in that last one – with the turban, the baggy clothes, and the terrible imitation of vintage bag.

    She’s a cute lady. She just needs to get it together.

  22. lola says:

    She must be pretty insecure to have to stay with him in thailand the entire shoot. His co-star Yayaying is very beautiful though. I think she’s more attractive than Eva.

    • French says:

      You’re right, I think and Lainey agrees…

      Ryan Gosling works a lot of late nights in Thailand shooting Only God Forgives. So while he spends the day sleeping, his girlfriend Eva Mendes, who’s been in Thailand with him since the end of January, hits up Starbucks for refreshments.

      Here she is on a coffee run. And then later she had a bouquet of flowers as they went out for dinner. Cute detail: Eva has been to set to see Ryan a few times. And every time she brings him flowers. My sources tell me that word among the crew is that she stayed so long in Thailand, through the duration of the shoot, without leaving, because she didn’t want Ryan getting distracted by costar Yayaying.

      • lola says:

        Yes! I knew it. She’s terrified he’ll cheat. And he will, eventually, given his reputation. Can’t wait to see that sh*t go down. Rachel managed to keep quiet about it and moved on. But Eva will probably go completely psycho on him. (That is, if the rumours of him cheating are true)

  23. hmm says:

    she seems SO OLD for him! what is she, like 40? he needs a hot young thing!

  24. girl says:

    haha! Eva is nuts. The thing is she is a part of this whole LA scenesters types who actually are LAZY CANT ACT somkes alot drinks alot of whisky TALENTLESS F***s… I believe she actually thinks she is larger than life…. go and look up Gift horse project Eva Mendes…apparently it’s a band for EX 90S ROCKSTARS and mid or late thirties+ B actors like the guy Dermont mulroney … she actually thinks she can sing. ITS COMICAL. Eva is crazy but she seems like she lives and thrives off of this type of negative attention… especially if she is clawing and abusing partners (???) what a freak. She is a litttle too cracked out for my taste.