Eva Mendes wants Ryan Gosling to move in with her, but she won’t marry him

Well, this past weekend, The Mail and The Mirror reported that Ryan Gosling was in South Africa, “taking a break” from Eva Mendes. According to the reports, he was seen out with a German model. The story seemed sketchy in general, but added to the simple fact that Ryan seems pretty locked down in Bangkok while he films a movie… yeah, the report was BS. Eva’s rep ended up denying the story. I tend to think that Eva and her team are the ones pushing many of the tabloid stories about this relationship, and I took Eva’s denial as a confirmation of that. Eva is selling us something. And I wouldn’t put it past her to be the source for part (or all) of this story in Us Weekly:

Eva Mendes is in crazy, stupid love with Ryan Gosling – and is pushing him to take the next step!

“She’s ready to settle down,” a source says of the actress. “She doesn’t care about getting married, but she’d love it if Ryan moved in with her.”

To convince Ryan, Eva offered to babysit his beloved dog, George, while the actor films a movie in Bangkok.

“He was going to have his friends watch George, but changed his mind at the last minute. That’s a huge deal to him. He wouldn’t leave that dog with just anyone,” says the source.

And though Mendes doesn’t have the seal of approval from Gosling’s friends (“They think she’s too Hollywood for Ryan,” says another source), she can count on one person in her corner: “Ryan’s mom loves Eva,” insists the source. “And her opinion means a lot to him.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

From my understanding, Eva has been camped out with Ryan in Thailand for weeks and weeks, so God knows who is looking after poor hipster puppy George. As for the other details in this story – eh. Sure, I’ll believe that Eva doesn’t want to get married. She’s talked about that in interviews before. It might be a classic bait-and-switch, or maybe she just doesn’t care about the ring. Now, does Ryan’s mom love Eva? Would your mom love Eva? She just doesn’t seem like the mom-friendly type of girl. You know who is the mom-friendly type of girl? Me. I know, you’re surprised. But it’s the truth! I think Ryan’s mom would like me more.

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  1. Linn says:

    You know who else seems super mom-friendly? Rachel McAdams. Just saying, they were such a cute couple and if his mom has met her I’m pretty sure she doesn’t care much for Eva.

  2. normades says:

    She really doesn’t seem like a girl that mom’s would like.

  3. sarah says:

    She should just throw away those pants. Her body is amazing, she shouldn’t hide it under ugly pants

  4. Nessa says:

    Ugh. I hate this couple. Just can’t get behind this one. Please come to your senses, Ryan… ASAP!!!

  5. sarah says:

    Why do you think mums don’t like Eva? Because she’s obviously hot? (So is Rachel at some point, but she’s more of “cute” type). So does that mean that mums don’t want their sons to date hot women? No man should rely on mothers opinion in that matter

    • Linn says:

      I don’t think it’s because she’s hot. She seems like a bitch, a druggie and much older than him. I know my mom wouldn’t like me dating a guy like that, but I don’t think she’d disapprove of me dating someone hot :D

      • Zoe says:

        Well, it seems he likes older women, especially independent ones. Maybe he doesn’t see himself longterm with a very normal & nice girl. Ryan has a bad & pro-feminist side and it shows with the women he chooses. If he does settle down it’s not going to be with a girl next door, housewife type. Nothing wrong with those type of personalities but it seems he gets rid of them quickly. Women hate women live Eva. Gorgeous, has attitude, independent, doesn’t want to marry, and ‘older.’ Why do younger women get threatened by older women dating younger men? Insecurity is probably the best answer. He’s an adult and shouldn’t let his mother be his matchmaker.

      • lucy says:

        Yes, he seems to like older women and most of hollywood women are independant like michelle williams that has left her familly when she was 15 years old. The fact that he has chosen eva mendes only shows that he loves superficial women like george clooney does. And he seems to be a sexaddict, he talks a lot about it since he’s a kid, so he must has been attracted by her “sexappeal”. But I think that this relationship won’t last because she hasn’t got any kind of talent and intelligence, she ‘s not at his level and it can’t last for long. She’s too much hollywood for him !

      • Deloise says:

        I wouldn’t call a woman who has a reputation for sleeping herself to the top for attention independent!

    • Jay says:

      Even though, I don’t find her hot, I doubt her looks have anything to do with any mom- let alone Ryan’s mom- liking her.

      Here’s the thing, she comes off as a raging narcassist in interviews. I think CB has covered just how many times this dingbat brings up how “attractive” and “sexy” she is in relation to how she doesn’t want to be typecast (news to Mendes: she is typecast because she has nothing else to rely on- when you have zero talent and range, relying on your looks is your best bet).

      Also, she seems very controlling. I don’t know, maybe I’m in total hater-mode right now but there has never been a time where I wanted to root for her (even pre-Gosling boning era). I think she’s a terrible actress with very little personality who takes her clothes off in every other crappy film she does and then tries to defend herself as some sort of artsy-fartsy actress. She’s no Kate Winslet. When Winslet takes a clothes off, it isn’t perceived as pathetic or really even sensual. It’s part of the craft. When Mendes does it, it’s very typical and further sexualizes her.

      /end tangent.

      • lola says:

        I completely agree. She does seem very controlling.
        I read that years back, when she was supposedly dating Matt Damon or someone, she would show up to his meetings unannounced, and also follow him around to make sure he behaved. I can’t see Ryan putting up with this. I don’t know, maybe he likes to be controlled?

  6. Hahahaha says:

    Am I the only person that doesn’t believe they are even in a relationship?

  7. paola says:

    Those are some really unflattering trousers!!!! gosh they’re terrible!!!!!!! Having seen her in real life i can tell she is beyond gorgeous but she doesn’t look that good on pictures.. i never liked her until i met her and i was stunned by how gracious and beautiful she is, she has the best bone structure.
    anyway, back to the topic..i’d want him to move in with me too!!

    • Lizzy says:

      aw, that’s nice to hear. When did you meet her?

      • paola says:

        It was a couple of years ago, in Florence (Italy) i was running out of my office and i stumbled on her (also involontarily touched her breast oopsie) i ended up grabbing her white long skirt to avoid the pavement and when i realized who that was i was in horror, but she was so nice and she helped me getting up, she had people around her and they were all trying to see if i was fine and they were all collecting all my papers and i just remember saying sorry like a thousand times and she was laughing it off!! she was laughing!!!! after i grabbed her immaculate white dress! I was really impressed (and super embarassed). Her right boobie felt pretty real to me ( oopsies) and her smile was so bright and genuine, then she picked my bag from the pavement and she gave it to me smiling. i never said anything bad about her ever again. it’s karma bitches!!

    • Anna says:

      Nice to hear your good encounter with Eva Mendes. You are probably one of the only few as there are so many bad stories floating around.

      And I am not sure how much she loves her dog, or dogs in general. Shock collar anyone?

  8. Allie says:

    She’s so full of it. I’m sure she only wanted George for the photo op when Ryan left. And she’s probably only met his mother once.

    It’s sad when you can totally tell these stories come from her camp.

  9. Talie says:

    The only thing I believe about this story is that she wouldn’t mix well with his friends.

  10. Marjalane says:

    Yeah, I’m thinking Eva got her publicist out there fast after the “Ryan dating a German model” story came out. Even though Ryan has fallen out of favor as my imaginary boyfriend, I think he can do MUCH better than this bitchy man-jaw. Just to add to the Lainy conspiracy theory on being an arm of the Gosling/Mendes P.R. team- She sure was out and addament that they were still together, wasn’t she?! If you read her long enough, you can kind of pick out who she’s probably getting paid to take up for.

  11. LucyOriginal says:

    She reminds me of Elisabetta Canalis.

  12. maemay says:

    Dear Eva,

    Still pretending you don’t exist.

  13. Deloise says:

    Why would you talk about personal things to the tabloids if you were really serious about a relationship with that person ….. I sure would not like that at all!
    BTW, that recent pic of them together in that Thailand bar was taken a few weeks ago. The guy who tweeted the pic just the other day confirmed this on his twitter account. I wonder was Ms Lainey thinks about that.

  14. cmc says:

    I don’t get the Eva hate at *all*. Y’all act like he’s dating Lindsay Lohan, not a reasonable woman who happened to have substance abuse problems and went to rehab.

  15. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Kaiser I thought you hated Gos? Why you trying to upstage Eva in the Mom Department if you don’t even like the guy? Hmmm?
    This seems like the oddest couple on the planet. I mean really. He should date Michelle Williams or just a regular civilian.

    • cmc says:

      How is Eva Mendes not a regular civilian? Hmm…is it because she’s not a quiet, blonde white girl?

      I’m not suggesting you personally are racist, I just think it’s weird that something about Ryan Gosling’s public persona/overall celebrity makes people only see him with one type of girl. I have a theory that this is a real relationship basically because she’s so “wrong” for him. If he cared about publicity dating, he’d probably be spotted with Taylor Swift.

      • Nina says:

        ITA with everything you said CMC. I’m not a big fan of this pairing but i think it’s a real relationship. Ryan seems more into brunettes anyway(Sandra Bullock, Kat Dennings, Olivia Wilde, Angel Picard-Ami, Eva…)

      • Snow says:

        When you say you aren’t calling someone racist, it still ends up seeming like that crossed your mind once or twice.

        I’m half Latina and I was surprised by this coupling too. I think it’s because she’s always been known for being the Hot Girl in the movies. I think we would have been just as surprised had this been Scarlett Johansson.

  16. Anguishedcorn says:

    Is that picture of the woman in the orange pants Eva M? Wow. How unflattering, both the pants but her face and the look she has on. Looks like a different person.

  17. Gene Paremsan says:

    but why did she feel the need to deny the story though? if she knows its not true who gives an f’ ? i dont get her angle..so Kaiser ur theory seems on point.

  18. mel says:

    I’m not into the Gos anymore. Fame is showing his true colors. I don’t think he’s the sweet, down to earth guy he would like you to think he is. His PR team is doing an excellent job getting the world to go crazy for him. But I’ve always got some real douchebag vibes from him, but I ignored them because I desperately wanted to believe he was genuine. But that fact that he’s with the biggest b*tch in hollywood cements it for me. You’re only as good as the company you keep.

    • lucy says:

      I agree with you, the women he dates says a lot about the man he is. And I really don’t understand her, she’s been doing very vulgar pics during her “career” often with very vulgar poses (open legs) showing her nude body everywhere (red carpet of bad lieutenant showing her breast) and then she goes to david letterman show with a black dress trying to hide her knees ???!!?remenbering the time she wanted to be a nun ? I don’t think any mum would like a so vulgar women for his son. She seems to be at the same time exhibisionist and modest and puritan when it suits her.

  19. anne says:

    Ryan’s mom loves Eva?!! Another magazine (I think it was Life&Style from a few months ago) claimed she didn’t care for her. This whole thing reeks of something, I don’t know what it is. Isn’t US magazine a PR magazine?

  20. marie says:

    Wow, she has elephant legs and she’s even wearing heels!

  21. Maritza says:

    Every time I see Eva Mendez she reminds me of a young Raquel Welch. I don’t think this relationship will last. I’d like to see Ryan Gosling with Michelle Williams, they make a better match.

  22. mel says:

    This is a guy who credited himself as the reason Britney Spears became so sexualized. He dated a married woman for a while, there were rumours of past cocaine use, as well as a DUI. Years back, he even was involved with Paris Hilton. This is all stuff Ryan’s PR has swept under the rug. Him and Eva actually have alot in common. He ain’t perfect. I just wish he’d be himself, and stop trying to sell this fake “nice, wholesome guy” image.

    • lucy says:

      well, last year when he was in Toronto for the ides of march, I ‘m sure he was under drugs on the red carpet, when the fans shout” ryan it still isn’t over” his eyes looked like he was druged and he was speaking in a very odd way when he was answering the journalists.

      • S says:

        oh wow well i fell for it … what you are saying kind of makes sense cause i actually had that thought when he was at the blue valentine ny premiere & a few other occasions were he just does not look normal then again maybe thats how he looks when nervous.
        As for eva we don’t know the woman, we cant judge her thats unfair lets give her the benefit of the doubt, alot of people are just simply misunderstood. Does it matter if they are really together or not, who cares if it lasts or not, either way they could be enjoying their time together while fans are just burning up energy on it when it that has no effect on them what so ever just a time waster.
        Hes no angel, if he was then why would endearing women like Mc adams & Bullocks leave him, if he had people fooled or hes actually genuine that does not change the fact that Gosling is a great actor, i love all his movies & i look forward for more but thats just about it. Personally my admiration is definitely just fading away hes no different from the rest of them. i get that this industry is hypocritical but actors like the attention, love the recognition & want the awards, thats just human nature everybody wants to do well at their jobs. unless it wasn’t a career but a hobby thats how things go.

      • lucy says:

        sorry, it was drive red carpet at TIFF in october

  23. kara says:

    If he doesn’t want to become a tabloid staple, he should get rid of Mendes. She’s an attention seeking celebrity. If not, he might as well get used to joining the Kardashians on the grocery store shelf.

  24. Insertrandomname says:

    She’s too old for you bro!

  25. A says:

    There have been too many fabricated stories about these two it’s getting ridiculous.

    1. That twitter picture Lainey posted and used for her argument was taken weeks before the Daily Mail article. She also didn’t have anything nice to say about these two for months before they got together. I wonder why. This Lainey has next to zero creditability when it comes to Ryan Gosling items.

    2. US weekly basically in the same camp. Eva taken care of George the dog? Complete BS. George always stays with Ryan’s assistant, not his friends, when he’s out of town. Dig deeper, you will find out. They’re basically making a bunch of bullshit up.

  26. ebraca says:

    2nd photo: shadow or nip-slip on verge? And what’s up with Eva’s legs in the orange pants?

  27. T.C. says:

    I don’t get the Eva hate but adoration for Ryan. If she is selling her personal life out what does that make him for continuing to date her? Takes two to tangle.

  28. lucy says:

    these pics at père lachaise cimetery makes me think when I go for a walk with my grand mo ! They are a very odd couple , she at least looks like his mother. I don’t know , it’s in her look…

  29. Anna says:

    The movie is in trouble. Questionable cast for an auteur who hasn’t prove himself yet. They’re already trying to see it as a Gosling movie where in fact it’s not. A critical backlash is in the works if they continue with this PR stunt.

  30. Josie says:

    Isn’t the movie they did together supposed to be coming out soon? April or May, quite possibly at Cannes? I’m sure we’ll be hearing more and more stories, getting more set-up “candids”, rumors about marriage or pregnancy while they try to sell the movie. While I don’t believe their relationship is a PR stunt, I think Eva is trying to sell their relationship more then he is. It’s just a matter of, how long will put up with it? But, I don’t think he’s Mr. Innocent either. I call it 60% her side selling it, 40% his side selling it.

  31. pj says:

    I feel that Ryan Gosling from 2 or 3 years ago was a completely different person than present day Ryan. I never would have thought he would be involved in something like this. He used to be against all the Hollywood PR bullsh#t. I wonder why he changed? I mean, come on. Those photos from Paris look like they are posing for a winter clothing advertisement. They are probably a real couple, but they are both trying to sell this “fairy tale romance” to the public. Disappointing, as I remember the old Ryan would never participate in this type of crap.

  32. And says:

    The twit pic is over a month and a half old. The guy just posted it recently. I won’t get into it but that’s a fact. So Lainey’s use of it is moot. It’s not current. But when has Lainey ever been a reliable source? She’s an idiot. Wrong on sooo many counts. She just makes sh-t up.

  33. Toss says:

    Mendes is a typical talent-less gold-digger!

  34. paola says:

    she was super nice to me so… i don’t think she is a bad person. and she loves dogs so i always have respect for people who love animals!
    i have met a few celebrities during the years.. and she was by far the nicest one!