Alec Baldwin’s young girlfriend thinks he has anger management issues (LOL)

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin has been dating 28-year-old Hilaria Thomas for nearly a year. Alec is 54, by the way. Which makes this… kind of gross, except that I think Hilaria looks older than 28, so it’s not as gross as it could be, you know? Hilaria is a yoga instructor. Allegedly, that’s how they met – Alec does yoga…? Soon after they got together, Alec bought a little Manhattan lovenest near her studio, and he brings her to all of his events. Unfortunately, their relationship might be going south. For why? Because it’s taken Hilaria nearly a year to realize that Alec Baldwin has anger management issues. Shocking!

Alec Baldwin’s May-December romance with his sexy young yoga instructor girlfriend is on the rocks. The 54-year-old Baldwin’s legendary temper has severely strained his relationship with his 28-year-old live-in-love Hilaria Thomas, “and unless he can get his explosive anger under some kind of management, the relationship is doomed,” an insider told The Enquirer.

“Hilaria loves Alec, but she can’t stand his outbursts. She’s all about yoga and meditation and living stress-free, and Alec is a fiery hothead who reacts to everything the moment it happens. They’re still living under the same roof, but they’re going through a crisis. I’m afraid it’s not going to last.”

They began dating last May, and by August, Baldwin has sold his luxury Manhattan apartment and purchased a condo so that the Spanish-born beauty could be closer to her studio Yoga Vida.

“Ironically, Alec started practicing yoga to de-stress and mellow out,” said the source. “The couple can be having a perfectly wonderful day and then he’ll get a call about a problem on the show and KABOOM! He erupts like a volcano and their day is ruined. Hilaria says they’re trying to work out the kinks. Alex’s trying to keep his cool, but Hialria just doesn’t know how long she can live with a ticking time bomb.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

I would think that part of the joy of living with Alec Baldwin is seeing his daily rage-stroke at various inconsequential things, like being told to turn off his phone game, or seeing some clouds that are untidy. “DAMN YOU CLOUDS!!! DAMN YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL!” Remember when he had a hissy fit at the National Enquirer’s gossip columnist Mike Walker? Alec went out of his way to call Walker a “whore” and a “goat-footed, wheezy old queen.” Of course, there’s a not-so-funny side to Alec’s rage: when he turns it onto a loved one, like his daughter Ireland. Still… you know what you’re getting with Alec. Don’t pretend like he’s not some crazy, intemperate bastard who flies off the handle at anyone or anything. *shakes fist at cloud*

Also, if Alec does end up single again, he should ask Adele out. She’s got a huge crush on him. And they could be AMAZING together.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin

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  1. CTgirl says:


  2. brin says:

    Do you think she had a chat with “the rude little pig” yet?

  3. Tapioca says:

    Come on, it’s not April Fools Day until Sunday – there’s no way that woman is a day under 38!

    And I wonder how long she would have put up with his temper if he were a roadsweeper. Just sayin’…

    • HAHAHA says:

      and even if she is 38 there is still a “can-be-your-dad” age gap…eeewwww!

    • Meena says:

      I know!!!!!! What is with these chicks looking so much older!?!?

    • polk8dot says:

      Totally agree! I was screaming at my screen too, as it absolutely clear that is at least a decade older than she claims to be, maybe even more. She’s got that ‘maturity’ to her face and bocy that do not come until you’re near at just at that ’40’ hump.
      Plus, I wonder how good she is at her job, if:
      1. she cant mellow him out?
      2. she doesn’t realize that yoga by itself will never mellow him out, he needs serious bi-polar meds and an ‘anti-asshole’ vaccine.
      3. her own body looks like it could use some time in the yoga studio.

  4. Cherry says:

    Wait. Her name is ‘Hilaria’?

  5. Nanz says:

    I follow AB and HT on twitter (I know, I know). She seems tight with his daughter and, as a couple, they seem to get along. Of course, I have no idea what goes on behind closed Twitter doors, but they don’t seem like a couple in trouble.

  6. The Truth Fairy says:

    CB – FYI you wrote ALEX Baldwin a few times in your article.

    Alec must be impossible to live with. I can’t even imagine.

    Hilaria looks a bit like Bridget Moynahan in that top photo. It’s true she looks a lot older than 28.

  7. Ming says:

    Adele AND Alec Baldwin is a total YES !

    Any artists must-have is a soul torturing, cataclysmic relationship with an even more catastrophic partner to vitalize ones muse.

    I’m so into this win-win.

  8. salamanca says:

    He allways looks like crazy. But I love him in 30Rock.

  9. MitzieMartin says:

    AB makes me laugh so much on 30 Rock, I love him, plus he is very easy on the eye. She isn’t exactly a poster girl for yoga and meditation is she?

  10. Del says:

    Omg! He has anger issues? Shocking!…Not. O_o And why isn’t anyone wishing him dead like they’re doing Chris Brown? Since they’re both women beaters. Oh I know and I know you know too.

    • Carlotta Love says:

      Since when is he a woman beater?? Woman screamer, sure…

    • Tapioca says:

      A lot of people have selective memories when it comes to celebrities and some horrible crimes they committed:

      Click the link…

      • anon33 says:

        How exactly does that relate to Alec Baldwin?

        Also people aren’t wishing him dead like they do Chris Brown because there have not been pictures published of the effects of any beatdowns he laid upon a woman. Once I see BITE MARKS on a human being that were made by another human being, I pretty much tend to write off said second human being as a nutter and a piece of shit, but maybe that’s just me.

  11. marie says:

    it’s superficial Friday for me so.. he has the worst case of sausage fingers that I have ever seen. I try to watch 30 Rock but everytime he comes on screen I see a pig in a suit..

  12. Train says:

    That hair color of his in the last picture is nauseating. What the eff Baldwin? Rock the salt and pepper with pride, it’s hot.

  13. Lalolove says:

    Alec Baldwin’s girlfriend looks more like 38 than 28 but she is beautiful. Adele is practically the same age as Alec’s daughter. That would be really creepy.

  14. Jellybean says:

    In every picture I’ve ever seen of them together, she always has that weird pose with one eyebrow cocked up. I guess that’s her sexy-mysterious face.

  15. Darlene says:

    He used to be so hot.

  16. Ann says:

    He looks so old next to her! CREEPY!

  17. MrsBarneyStinson says:

    She seems to be in her late 30s, early 40s. Not 28, please.

    As for the age difference, why should it matter? I never really get that. It’s just a number.

  18. kristipistol says:

    If only he could live in character as Jack Donoughy, Jack is funny, Alec is a jerk.

  19. Megan says:

    My dad has the same issue. Never directed at us, but I still remember when a hot dog he ordered from dairy queen came with a bunch of chili or something on it and he got all red faced and threw it out the window! Kind of horrifying in the moment, but totally hilarious (hilaria?) later! These old catholic school guys are crazy!

    • Nev says:



    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

      Mine was like this too – the angry catholic – until he retired and started smokin da ganja which mellowed him out – maybe Alec needs to smoke some of the herb it might help him

  20. mememe says:

    Seems she didn’t get the memo.

  21. Jayna says:

    He is so in love with her that it is cute. She is good for him. I hope it works out. He is amazing on 30 Rock.

  22. Maya says:

    Wow, Hilaria looks like a younger version of my mom. That’s so weird.

  23. Anastasia says:

    I love Jack Donaghey, but all it took to kill my crush on Alec Baldwin was to follow him on twitter.

    It’s not his politics, either. I agree with him on that. It’s just this weird, I’m better than everyone, slightly narcissistic vibe I get off him.

    I finally unfollowed him. Never follow your heroes.

  24. wunder says:

    It’s clear that a LOT of people lie about their real ages. Probably 90% of the celebrities we see are trying to shave off 5-10 years.

    But this chick claiming to be only 28???? Yeah, riiiiiight.

  25. Alexis says:

    She’s supposed to be MY age?! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! Even my friends who are in their 30’s look younger than this chick.

    Also, crazy or not, I love Alec Baldwin. He’s hilarious.

  26. Moi says:

    Good luck to her. Opposites can attract, but seldom last because the differences keep chipping away at what you do have in common.

    Alex Baldwin is a piece of work and at his age, is pretty much set in his ways.

    • Lady D says:

      Erma Bombeck wrote a book in the 70’s called ‘Opposites attract, then rip each other apart’. As a kid that made more sense to me than the opposites attract line.

  27. TG says:

    I love Alex. He can do no wrong in my book. Yell as much as you want Alex I can take it. And that girl isn’t going anywhere. She knows where the money train is at and she isn’t getting off anytime soon at least not before she pops out a golden ticket. And I understand that voicemail to his daughter. I would think it can be very frustrating dealing with a parent who has been trying to alienate your daugahter from you for years and all that and it would be easy to take your anger out on your teenage brat. Not saying that is right but I think many people have been in that situation before and you don’t always think before you act.

    • Betsy says:

      Oh, I agree. And there is nothing wrong with having an anger orgasim now and then.

      • MacScore says:

        Oh thank god for that comment! I’m so fed up with all this mellow b.s. It can’t be healthy to repress anger, all the time; and let’s face it, sometimes people are real assholes and piss us off! I know I probably shouldn’t like AB as much as I do – but: Hunt for Red October (hot AB), Team America (puppet AB), Will & Grace (AB impersonating AB…) – he’s just too funny.

  28. Maria says:

    yes, usually by 30 you are who you are….and all I saw in the first photo..immediate reaction… two bad hair dye jobs.. hers is way too dark..his is just silly…be grey already and be done with it.

  29. Amelia says:

    He’s an Aries. In fact we have the same birthday. Aries men have tempers. He does have anger problems to the extreme, but she didn’t know that going in? Huh.

    • TG says:

      I don’t understand that so many people do not believe in religion but they belive in astrological signs. I bet for every angry Aries you can find a non-angry one and you can find plenty of angry people born under other signs of the zodiac.

  30. Cleo says:

    I doubt Adele sees him that way but Adele could totally deflate his rage balloon with a well-placed barb – she looks like that sort of thing comes naturally to her. I don’t think Alec Baldwin enraged would be an issue – who cares, right? It’s not like it’s directed at you or that he gets physical – he’s just emotional. So sit back in your recliner, have a limonata and wait it out so he can take you out.

  31. OGA says:

    The record needs to be set straight on a few points:
    *Hilaria was born in January 1984, so she is 28 years old. And she is in better shape than most 28-year-olds. In fact, she is in better shape than most 28-year-old yoga instructors.
    *She and Alec met in February of last year, not May. They met in a cafe. She is not his yoga teacher. He doesn’t really do much yoga.
    *He is an emotional guy, and this has occasionally gotten him into trouble. But she has known this for a long time, and there is no reason to think that this is threatening their relationship all of a sudden. The Enquirer has not provided a shred of evidence to that effect. (Of course not! It’s the Enquirer!)
    Furthermore, she is a fiery, passionate girl with a background in competitive Latin dance. In her yoga studio she has to find inner calm and help her students to do the same, but outside, she can give as good as she gets!
    *She has never claimed Spanish birth, Spanish citizenship, or Spanish blood.

  32. Tazina says:

    I don’t get the flack AB got for the comment to his daughter. Big deal. On occasion, we yell at and say worse things to our kids with no dire consequences resulting. He was a man dealing with parental alienation and he must have been incredibly frustrated with the constant run-around.

    I doubt he can alter his temper. It’s a part of him. This is how he vents. Hilaria isn’t going to jump off this gravy train anytime soon. She got the physical Alex nicely into shape. Now she can work on the mental Alex and tame the wild beast within him.

  33. Jaxx says:

    Don’t put my sweet, funny Adele with that mad man! Someone should clue her in to his sweating problem. I used to think he was sexy until I saw him in a sex scene and sweat poured off him like she was under the shower. Grossed me right out. And another movie where I actually saw him sweat through a sport coat until it was completely drenched.

    Yuk to the tenth power.

  34. Maria says:

    I know this might sound off, I heard this once and it has stuck with me..the hairier the man, the lower he is on the intelligence and emotional IQ scale….I guess lower down on the evolutionary scale is the humurous science on that fact….. he is that kind of hairy that is beyond repulsive…ugh…….

    • NYC_girl says:

      No, I don’t agree with that. My experience has been the more obsessive a man is about his grooming, the crazier he is. Especially if he shaves his chest.

  35. Guest says:

    People make fun of the age difference between George and Stacy, I think these two fall into the same category. The only difference is, I think Alec’s relationship is real and George’s relationship with Stacy is fake. At least you see Alec out and about with Hilaria, like on real dates.

  36. lalainnYc says:

    I bought a bunch of yoga classes through groupon a few months ago and Hilaria was one of the instructors. She was fantastic! Very calm and would walk over and help if there was a difficult pose.

    She’s much more beautiful and charming in person than in these photos. I was surprised to see that she was dating Alec B. It was all, my yoga teacher is dating Alec! Two degrees of separation is so funny and random.

  37. AnnaLeigh says:

    I’m going to have to delete that sweating comment in my head, Jaxx, because Alec is still so yummy to me.

  38. sup says:

    run hilaria run

  39. Gigohead says:

    I agree with Sup. Run! Alec will never ever change. He is called the Bloviter for a reason.

  40. Joey says:

    I’ve always loved him. Though I admit he seems like he has a crazy temper and he looks like a drinker….but not a nut in a Mel Gibson lunatic kind of way but in a (mostly) harmless funny kind of way. Just me?

    • Original Lucy says:

      He is EXACTLY like Mel Gibson…but nobody has had the forethought to tape Alec’s outbursts…hope Hilaria thinks to do that…how much fun would we all have on Celebitchy talking about that!

  41. Caroline says:

    Some people just look mature..
    When I was 17 I looked like 21..~.~ depends on your makeup, how you dress etc.
    Her face look like a 28-year old, albeit minus the botox

  42. Cleo says:

    Not only does that guy deserve true love, he was raised for it.

  43. Zelda says:

    I’ll buy that she’s 28– it’s just that hairdo that’s not doing her any favours. It’s very newscaster-y.

    But a yoga instructor has no need to lie about her age, anyway.

  44. crtb says:

    Some men mellow with age and the right woman. I can name 10 men who were hell on whells in their 20’s 30’s 40’s but settled down in thier 50’s. My father was one of them.

  45. Ann says:

    He proposed on the heels of this? Interesting timing.