Tom Cruise is playing the ‘full-court press’ to win over Suri: will it work?

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Here’s some photos of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise on an ice cream voyage in New York City yesterday after their recent trip to Katie’s hometown of Toledo, Ohio. I would be willing to bet that Katie hasn’t been back home since she met Tom, which means that this is probably Suri’s first trip there too. According to the Mail, the two girls flew commercial (also a first for Suri) as opposed to flying in a private jet and actually went through the entire security screening process as well. Reportedly, Suri loved the hell out of the trip once they got there and asked “Can I stay in Toledo?” Nice.

However, Katie’s quest to give her little girl normalacy and undo the damage of a spoiled, CO$ upbringing can only go so far before Tom will knock the progress down a few notches, and you know that’s been his plan ever since Katie filed for divorce. He agreed to giving Katie full custody of Suri with an eye towards the future, which would be filled with so many material advantages on his side that (in his mind) Suri would choose one day to live with him (and never ask for a paternity test, natch). I hope to hell that never happens, but it might if Tom keeps spoiling the hell out of Suri like he did during their latest mini-vacation in the Hamptons:

Suri Cruise

Tom Cruise launched a full-court press to win over his daughter, spoiling her rotten so daddy’s little girl remembers the lavish lifestyle he offers, according to published reports today.

From the moment Cruise reunited with Suri on July 17, in their first play date since Katie Holmes dropped her divorce bombshell, the 6-year-old reportedly got everything she could want and more.

–The Top Gun star addressed Suri only as “Precious” during a 90-minute pool party at the swanky Greenwich Hotel on July 17, according to Star magazine, claiming to have had a reporter at the dad-daughter playdate.

In one small example of Cruise’s doting nature, he reportedly asked Suri if she was thirsty and wanted a Pellegrino. Suri instead wanted a lemonade — no ice — but when the beverage arrived, she changed her mind and wanted a ginger ale. Cruise obliged.

–That Greenwich Hotel stay touched off a $170,000 spending spree of gifts that Cruise showered on Suri that week, Star reported

–Cruise whisked Suri by helicopter to Steven Spielberg’s sprawling Hampton’s mansion later on July 17, taking full advantage of the movie maker’s pool and private beach, In Touch magazine reported. The helicopter ride itself cost $6,200, the mag said.

“They had so much fun together,” a friend of Cruise said. “That child has Tom wrapped around her finger.” And the free-spending Cruise might be getting his way.

As Holmes and Suri were on a plane Monday — from Detroit to New York following a visit with the grandparents in Toledo — the little girl complained about cabin pressure. In Touch reported that screaming Suri told Holmes: “Mommy – never take me on a plane like this again. I want to go on daddy’s plane.”

With Cruise in free-spending mode, he might have more influence over Suri than Holmes would want, her pals said,

“Daddy won’t make you wait at an airport terminal,” a friend of Holmes said. “He doesn’t say ‘no’ but mom does. Who would you rather be with if you were 6?”

[From Page Six]

Did Suri really complain about “cabin pressure“? That seems like an odd statement from a 6-year-old, even a precocious one. I honestly think that In Touch’s version of events (with a screaming Suri protesting about the commercial plane ride) is a bit extreme, and in actuality, Suri probably enjoyed the new experience. She and Katie probably did the first-class thing anyway. Also, I think it’s very outrageous that Tom spent a couple hundred thousand dollars on what was essentially a two-day getaway, but it’s not like he’s going to stop doing that anytime soon.

Also, Tom calls Suri nothing but “Precious” now? So he’s like Gollum now. Gollum with Lifts. Now I have a new nickname for the unhinged, lift wearing midget. Win!

Tom Cruise

Nice guns, Gollum. Rowrr.

Tom Cruise

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. Happymom says:

    NYC to Detroit-I’m doubting there’s a true “first class” for the whopping 35 minute flight. I also think she’s been to Toledo many times-but yes, on a private plane. I also give a giant eye roll to her tantrum to insisting on taking her dad’s private plane. Is Tom going to go over the top and continue to spoil her? Of course. I think this will only become a true problem when she’s a teen and doesn’t get along with her mother and wants to go live with her father (and his creepy cult).

  2. Lem says:

    Unhinged is such a fabulous descriptor

    • stella says:

      Agreed. If he did spend that much money on her then he deserves to get supervised visits only.

  3. hmm says:

    again with the ice cream! another future diabetic of america! way to go mom of the year.

    • Miss T says:

      I see photos of them getting ice cream about once a week. I hardly think that’s excessive, especially during the summer. People are always just looking for excuses to criticize that woman.

      As for the article, I’d take it with a grain of salt. I hate when tabs focus on kids.

    • Mimi says:

      Are you for real? Would it make you feel better if it was a frozen yogurt/sorbet/gelato?

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      Ermagerd! Ice Cream!!! %-)

      Is that the best criticism you can come up with? At least she doesn’t take her to McDonalds, or let her get indoctrinated into a controlling cult!

    • carlino altoviti says:

      I ate “gelati” almost every day and never I was diabetic.

    • Hubbahun says:

      Hi Tom! I loved you in Alvin and the Chipmunks! :P

    • erika says:

      what were YOUR favorite memories of summer when you were six? ice cream? running through sprinklers? playing with friends? no school?

      which is worse? a jaunt to the ice cream shop?

      or? ‘Daddy Warbucks’ spoiling her rotten giving her the world on a $$$$ price tag.

      seems like ‘getting everything you want, indulging, excessive buying can get you a one way ticket to ADDICTION,

      Tom might be doing a grand job of shaping a ‘I need it now! it has to be big!’ syndrome.

      do you think an alcoholic or coke user can say “i’ve had a 4 ounce glass of wine from a $12.99 bottle..THAT’S it’

      daddy= tons of sh*t
      mommy= tons of love

  4. normades says:

    Now that we have “Rupsten gate” I don’t care about the Cruises anymore.

    Tommygirl needs to thank the celebrity gossip gods now.

  5. Lem says:

    IF he keeps at it whilst Katie raises the girl with some normalcy, values and morals it might all come out in the wash.
    Suri wouldn’t regret the lifestyle that Katie ‘kept her from’. By the time Suri’s grown she will have learned to see through Tom’s shenanigans.
    Does that make sense? I overslept and haven’t had coffee yet.

    • DEB says:

      Perfect sense.

    • Elizabeth says:

      As Suri gets used to her new normal life in NYC, she may find Tom’s behavior entertaining but not so big a draw. Tom keeps her in a bubble where only TC and Suri get to exist. It’ll be fun but she’ll want to get back to her friends and her regular life, IMO.

      • T.C. says:

        Katie will win in the end. Suri knows which patent spends everyday with her, gives her freedom. Money can’t buy love.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Agreed. Kids are extremely perceptive, and if Katie keeps up her good work Suri will eventually see the real truth in her father’s motives.

      Katie will have to be very constant and persistent, though.

  6. Shoes says:

    Tom took Suri to Spielberg’s place? I thought Spielberg (and especially Kate Capshaw) HATED Tom Cruise after all those WotW shenanigans.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      Right? I noticed that too.

      They got nothing, so now they are making sh*t up (or repeating whispers from Team Gollum). Because I am sure that there were tabloid reporters in the bushes taking notes on what was said and who ordered which beverage!

  7. DenG says:

    Wonder at what age he’ll quit carrying her around? 14?

  8. mary jane says:

    “However, Katie’s quest to give her little girl normalacy and undo the damage of a spoiled, CO$ upbringing can only go so far …”

    I know nothing about this cult but I assumed after reading others posts that the CO$ was devastating to children….all the Village Voice research and that whole SeaOrg thing.

    Now it’s a spoiled upbringing?

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      The CO$ has different levels of membership. The sea org members including the ones under 18 are basically slaves.
      Tom Cruise and Co. arent in that group. But they – like all other CO$ parents – are told never to say no to their children, that they are just small adults who can make their own choices and schedules. So many CO$ kids who aren’t in the sea org run wild with little rules or supervision.

      • mary jane says:

        OK thanks…got it. But I’m still not getting the worry for Suri when she’s with TC.

        It’s STILL just spoiling and it still means Suri (and I speak with reference to that child only) can have a rewarding relationship with her dad.

        HER dad.

        AND get what she can (love, intimacy, stuff!) from Katie as well.

        They are not mutually exclusive.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        It’s the classic “spoil the child to turn her against the other parent” ploy. People from all classes use it, and it is a messed up thing to do.

        Here, the stakes are even higher, because the Co$ has a history of alienating the children when there has been a divorce and one parent leaves the “church” as we saw with Nicole and Tom’s kids.

        It’s important for her to be able to have relationships with both parents, as you point out. The thing is, here, we’ve seen TC not play fair in the past. So everyone is watching.

      • gg says:

        mary jane, it’s not “just spoiling”, it’s her father using low tactics to turn Suri away from her mother, who has to instil the discipline she never got before. It’s him undoing Katie’s work trying to achieve a balance of some sort for her daughter who up until now has had nothing BUT “JUST SPOILING”, who has turned into a brat because of it.

        It’s unhealthy and Gollum knows it, he doesn’t care because it works towards his own ends, which is strangement from her mother EXACTLY LIKE HE DID TO NICOLE.

        He is truly a sociopath. He plots against Katie to the detriment of the child because it’s all about what he wants, not what’s best for Suri.

    • Tapioca says:

      It’s a spoiled upbringing if your parents are loaded and some of the “faces” of the cult! If they are regular people who’ve wasted tens of thousands of dollars being brainwashed into believing Earth’s volcanoes were used to destroy billions of frozen aliens then it’s scrubbing the floors of Gold Base for you…

  9. DEB says:

    I hate the way he looks directly into the paps’ cameras, as in “look at me an my daughter.” Ugh. I stopped buying People magazine for good after they featured “Tom’s Shattered World.” If I see a cover or a story I want to read from now on, I’ll go to the library and read it. I couldn’t stand him before but now he is just downright repulsive.

  10. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    I totally believe that’s Tom’s plan…spoiling Suri, making her feel extra-special while Katie tries to give her a normal life. Pretty sad that he has to rely on stuff like that to win her over but I think he’ll do whatever he has to just like he did with Nicole and his other two children.

    I suspect Suri has been spoiled beyond belief while Katie and Tom were married and she’s going to have some adjustments now and she probably isn’t going to like them even if they are good for her. Let’s face it, who wants to fly commercial if they can fly on a private plane? Even sitting in first class, which I’m sure they did, it’s hardly the same as a private luxury plane!

    I wonder how different things have really been since the separation. It seemed like Katie was on her own with Suri so much even before it happened, but I suspect the diminishing luxury perks that Katie is replacing with more normal things that a child experiences is having an impact.

    • mary jane says:

      Wait wait wait!!

      I thought we were all worried that Suri was going to be thrown into SeaOrg when she turned 6.

      But now that the divorce is finalized the concern here is that she will be SPOILED by her father?

      Girls, think!!….that’s going on in thousands of homes right now.

      The SeaOrg thing is creepy. But the spoiling-my-kid thing sounds like the usual for the children of divorce.

  11. nettie says:

    I’m probably reading too much into this but Tom Cruise disgusts me as a parent. What is going on here is such a manipulation. It’s obviously his intent to break another parent’s bond with their child. It really bothers me, sorry.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      I agree with you 100%. And for those who will say oh we don’t know what he is doing or saying, please just look at his record. He alienated his oldest two kids from their mother completely.

    • Relli says:

      Me too. It’s like he uses his children to validate himself and his actions. That’s sick and damaging on every level, I don’t care how much money you have.

    • Vesper says:

      Manipulation has always been Tom’s thing. Love bombing his partners at the beginning of the relationship. The constant phony smile pasted on his face for all the fans, and paps to see. Playing the loving husband and father in photo ops when in reality he is an absentee husband who left his wife to parent their daughter alone while he travelled around the world making movies.

      Now he is portraying the poor, shattered ex-husband who doesn’t understand how his wife could file for divorce. Not to worry, he only wants the best for his daughter which is why he “gave” Kate sole custody. Next, we will get to witness Tom, the wonderful, adoring father who extravagently spoils his daughter with material possessions, after all his love for Suri has no bounds, and she is (suddenly) his number one priority.

      Such a tool!

      • wilkiecollins says:

        And if he is such a caring father why wouldn’t he have flown his other children in to see their sister on his generous visitations, he has a private plane.

    • helen says:

      look like tabloids have the power to brainwash uneducated people like you. How do you know he is spoiling her to the detriment of Holmes?
      Why because he see her one f**king weekend every two weeks and brings her to Disneyland and offer her toys?

      You’re nuts, every dad do that with their daughters, bunch of imbecile,

  12. RHONYC says:

    man, she’s long! wtf is he carrying her? her legs nearly touch the ground!

    Rumple’s in for a shock…that kid’s gonna tower over him in 5,4,3,2… :lol:

  13. Chatcat says:

    Oh goody…now if we can have a JD thread today we’ll have a trifecta of celeb bad behavior to tackle at CB!

    Who would a thunk that tiny Tommy tyrant, stinky Johnny Deppsh*t and bitchface KStew would be the best entertainment of the summer! Movie studios must be pissed.

    • LAK says:

      Travolta is jumping for joy.

      No one is noticing his continued efforts to remind us of his heterosexual marriage!!!

      The pics from this particular tour of europe going on right now are vomit inducing.

  14. diana says:

    Fact: Suri had been papped much less when she was with TC, he at one point even carrying her to cover her face. She had almost constantly been papped when she was with Katie. So who has been courting press attention again?

    Whatever all of the posters may scream about scientolocology’s involvement or Katie having something against TC or TC’s doubtful paternity, I feel he’s been a responsible father, not coming out into the press, buying a house in NY, continuing Suri’s regular schedule when she was with him, not letting the divorce to drag for long etc..
    I always find TC to be a good father (evidence – his dramafree two children).

    But Katie’s having her day in the light. I only have an advice to Katie. If her team is leaking the stories how Suri has been transformed into a difficult child by her father’s indulgence, she should think twice. Because this label will stick on Suri and who knows what effect it may have on Suri in the future. Yes I find Katie selfish. Gasp.

    K, now St. Katie’s followers, you’re on.

    • Miss T says:

      So if Tom carries Suri, he’s being a good protective father? When Katie carries her she is told to put the child down, and let her walk. And Tom was photographed with Suri several times during the 2.5 days that he had her. I’m not saying that Katie is a saint, but all this talk about Tom being so much better than her is strange to me.

      • diana says:

        Miss T,
        First of all, I never said Tom’s better than Katie. As a distant onlooker, how can anyone answer such a personal question? But many posters have already declared Katie as a winner.
        I dont care if the child walks or a parent carries her. It is their discretion. Some posters above call TC a creep for smiling at the cameras while holding Suri. What do they expect him to do? To shout or act nervous and uncomfortable around paps? Way to make a little kid scared and insecure.
        And pls count the number of times she’s been papped with Katie. But you may argue that she is doing it for the sake of added protection as Scientos are serial killers or something.
        But all this negativity towards TC reminds me of witch hunt during medieval times. All mass hysteria with demonization of a person just because he belongs to a different faith. And that cult’s name has become so radioactive that a father is being judged as a ‘creep’, ‘controlling’ etc.. for just belonging to it.

      • Miss T says:

        Diana, you stated that Suri was papped less when she was with Tom. I was simply pointing out that she was photographed several times during the 2.5 days that she was with her father. (I can recall at least 4 times.)
        Of course Katie is photographed with Suri more than Tom; She is with Suri more. I simply don’t agree that Tom is more protective or private than Katie. That is all.

        I do agree that some of the hatred directed at Tom is OTT. (Although I think Katie gets plenty of criticism as well) Regardless, of what people think of him, he is Suri’s father and deserves to be part of her life.

      • olcranky says:

        “some posters above call TC a creep for smiling at the cameras while holding Suri. What do they expect him to do? To shout or act nervous and uncomfortable around paps? Way to make a little kid scared and insecure.”

        people expect Cruise to ignore the paps, not to smile like it’s a photo-op

    • mary jane says:

      Absolutely agree. Suri’s dad will always be her dad. Children are funny… they don’t like to be told HOW to feel for a parent when they are teens and young adults. TC will probably be absolutely concerned with that childs happiness for the rest of his life.

      I am shocked that so many posters here don’t “see” the position Suri will be in one day.

      Everyone wants to have TWO parents to love them and make them feel important.

      • diana says:

        Mary Jane, you sound like a mature mother who puts the interests of her child first.
        Sadly, I think many of the posters actually want Suri to grow up without TC, as if TC is the sole cause of human misery, as if he’s a demon fighting for Suri’s soul with St. Katie.
        I m not even a fan of TC, but feel bad for him for this constant beration. I guess people are projecting their abusive marriages and single motherhoods onto this situation.
        I feel like shaking them up and saying, ‘Listen, people. Katie’s not your friend next door. All these people belong to fkn Hollywood ffs’.

    • Elizabeth says:

      There a saying that the best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother (and respect her). I truly believe TC did everything he could to alienate Isabella and Connor from Nicole Kidman. I also believe he was a controlling little freak with Nicole and Katie. That’s not a good father – that’s someone with mental health issues. Emotional abuse is abuse just the same. Regardless of how I feel about Katie H., TC gives me the creeps. I’ve dealt with abusive husbands in my job in a law firm (lots of them) and he fits the description. He creeps me out.

      • mary jane says:

        Agreed. However, the difference here is that Nicole Kidman, by all accounts, was caught off-guard. No previous parenting problems with TC that she could have learned from OR predicted.

        Katie Holmes walked into this marriage having at her disposal the history of that previous marriage AND the knowlege that TC’s two children had very little to do with their mom.

        And she married him anyway. Even though her social network is far greater than mine here on a blog sitting in my home.

        Everyone knew what went down with TC and those kids. But KH was attracted to THAT kind of power.

      • MoxyLady007 says:


      • Miss T says:

        When Tom and Katie first started dating, Nicole still appeared to be part of her children’s lives. I remember seeing photos of them together, and both parents mentioned that they shared custody. It was over the past few years that the children seem to have become estranged from her. So I don’t think you can say that Katie knew exactly what she was getting into.

      • diana says:

        @ Miss T,
        Katie said in an interview that those kids call her ‘Mom’ whereas they call Nicole by her name. I remember many people accusing Katie of alienating them from Nicole.
        You can’t have it both ways – Katie knew what was going on with those kids.

      • moxylady007 says:

        Agreed @ Elizabeth not @ Maryjane

        I think its easy when getting into a new relationship to hear bad things about the previous partner, especially the previous partner as a mother, and believe them. I cant fault her for that. I dont think Katie thought, well he isolated his children from their mother. He seems like a great dad.

      • Miss T says:

        I mentioned that Nicole still appeared to have a relationship with her children when Tom and Katie FIRST got together. I didn’t say that the kids were not estranged from her at some point during Tom and katie’s marriage. And besides, Katie saying that the children call her “mom” did not automatically mean that they were estranged from Nicole at the time.There are plenty of people who consider both their step-parents and their “real parents” to be their parents. However, I do think that it Katie shouldn’t have mentioned that publicly, given the fact that her words could easily be misconstrued.

    • Bernice says:

      TC was at an exclusive hotel. He went swimming with his daughter at said hotel. There was a reporter present and thus I assume to have been invited, to report on this “swim party”. I think most hotels would have the right to ask reporters to leave their pools, which are for guests only, unless the guest has invited the reporter and then the hotel would view the reporter as the guest of a guest and thus allow them to be there.

      That seems to me to be “playing the media”. Then he makes a show of whisking Suri on a 6k heli ride to a private hoe, thus getting to trump the “I am keeping it private” while still being public and ensuring media attention.

      • diana says:

        @ Bernice,
        I dont know if that’s ttue. Why would a reporter go there without any pics or interview from TC, that too from Star?
        Tbh Idont believe that as I dont believe the sources reporting all those Suri’s complaints about the plane ot Tolodo.

    • diana says:

      @ Miss T,
      Then we are in perfect agreement. I dont believe Katie to be more protective and private either. That’s my point – we cannot pass judgement as outsiders.

      • Miss T says:

        O.k. Well your post seemed to imply that Katie was pimping suri out to the paps more so than tom. You certainly seemed to be passing judgment on Katie. (You even suggested that she’s leaking stories about Suri, when there’s no proof of that. Tabloids make stuff up.) Can we at least agree that they are equal in that regard? Although, I honestly don’t think that either of them are parading the child. I have no doubt that the paps are hounding them.

      • diana says:

        @ Miss T
        I am not judgemental towards Katie. I don’t know what happened in her marriage unlike many posters who appear to. I wish her well both for her sake as well as Suri’s. But I don’t like the fact that everyone is so judgemental of TC just because of his cult (see the tone of the article and many posters above). May be they are courting the press or not, we never can say with these tabloids. My point was that beatification of Katie and villainisation of TC particularly as parents is ridiculous. :) That’s all.

      • Anne de Vries says:

        But I don’t like the fact that everyone is so judgemental of TC just because of his cult

        Ehhh.. wait, what? Does not compute.

        The guy is knowingly, actively promoting and propagating the organisation that encouraged his children to break off contact with their mother. Even if he doesn’t know anything about the other abusive practices (and I have a hard time believing that) than that alone is enough for me to judge him like judgey judgeness.

        He drew his older children in and put them in the position to get alienated from their mother (if he didn’t do it himself, which I find hard to believe). In that light, what he is doing now with Suri is drawing some askance looks. How does he not deserve to be judged for his involvement with the cult?

      • gg says:

        Yes lets stop judging and resume concentrating on destroying the for-profit crime organization led by Gollum and his pals.

        Stop tax exemption for the cult of $cientology Now!

  15. ramona says:

    Look, her feet are bigger than Tom’s!

  16. Talie says:

    It doesn’t matter, she’ll always be more influenced by her primary caregiver. That’s just how it goes, and I’m willing to bet she prefers her mother’s company.

  17. carlino altoviti says:

    Let Suri go to school, find friends of her age, joining a kind of team and she never will leave her new house.

  18. lucy2 says:

    I’m doubting the screaming on the plane story – there has been so much focus on them for weeks now, if that kid acted that way on a commercial flight, someone on that plane would have posted something about it.

  19. femmefataleonamission says:

    I was a spoiled child from a divorce and my dad bought me everything. It doesn’t work for very long.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Agreed. Kids are smart – even young ones can see through this behavior. I didn’t always agree with my mother but I knew who did the “heavy lifting” after the divorce. It was her.

      • RHONYC says:

        @ Elizabeth

        for a divorced, single mom that’s nice to hear, tx. especially since there is no glory for us ‘heavy lifters’ & lil’ girls can act like the sun rises & sets on those motherfu–, *ahem*, i mean their dad’s head. ;-)

  20. Anon says:

    “Katie will win in the end. Suri knows which patent spends everyday with her, gives her freedom. Money can’t buy love.”

    Last time I checked the parents were divorcing and can equivocally state the even when parents no longer love each other; they can and do in many cases love their offspring. The end of a relationship is not the begining of a contest. There are no winners nor losers. I hope this child get to benefit from a healthy family environment from both parents.

    • Anne de Vries says:

      There are no winners nor losers

      Do you think Tom Cruise agrees?

    • gg says:

      Not a bloody chance in hell with him. Exhibit A: what he did to Nicole. If he were a decent parent he would’ve insisted the kids go stay with Nicole several times a year. He did not. He is not interested in balance, he just wants to treat his 5-year-old like an adult, per his cult’s rules. Which is wrong.

  21. Francesca says:

    The carrying thing has got to stop. Suri will be RIDICULED at school for that, not to mention her freaky father. Tom is such a self centered tyrant. He really is only thinking of himself if he lets his child’s every whim become indulged. Children CRAVE boundaries, psych 101.

  22. BamBam says:

    Hope this kiddo’s got a good heart, eventually she’s going to learn how to play these two if she hasn’t already!

  23. Sefa says:

    I do know she went home to Toledo at least once, the Christmas after they got together, I believe. My bff lived down the street from them at the time, and there were helicopters all over the place when apparently Tom stormed out of there with Katie in tow.

  24. TG says:

    Love this about gullum. My husband’s favorite movie is the Lord of the Rings Triligy and he and me now too are always whispering “My Precious” into our baby girl’s ear. I mean it is because of the movie but we still mean the sentiment. He also wispers the other things gullum says but I can’t think of them now. Too funny.

    Wish tom thumb and halle berry would disappear into a black hole somewhere. They are the most evil celebs I have read about in awhile. Must be the NPD they both have.

  25. cynicalsmirk says:

    Poor kid. Look at the background of that last picture. What a surreal, fucked-up way to try and grow up.

  26. Tanya says:

    I am so amazed at how STUPID Tom is that it’s beyond belief. Does he not want the BEST for his daughter?…it isn’t STUFF, she needs, it’s’s being raised to have proper social skills to be kind and practice empathy for other. How is putting her on private jets and not letting her learn how to properly behave going to do her any good in the long run?…. He is the epitome of bad parenting and Katie is gong to have to undo his ridiculous crap over and over..but as an above post did say, kids are perceptive and she is getting older..she may see through all this BS and become the most amazing young woman thanks to Katie and her parents. Poor thing, she didn’t ask for this..she is a product of her environment…and her troll dad carrying her around when she is about as big as he is is utterly ridiculous. (and yes, I do know the cameras must be disconcerting to her though… )

  27. ViloDeMenus says:

    I tell you in a year or so when Suri grows a few inches, he’s going to look pretty stupid dragging her feet and legs on the ground still carrying her around.

    Honestly it’s almost obscene at this point.

  28. skuddles says:

    I don’t believe people who blatantly spoil their children truly care about them. It’s just some way to assuage guilt, fob off the child’s demands and still come out looking like a hero – but without actually investing anything into their role as a parent, aside from money of course. Cruise is a creep for taking this tact – he’s putting his repugnant ego and desire to punish Katie ahead of what’s truly best for his daughter. Too bad Katie can’t divorce his ass again.

  29. wilkiecollins says:

    I’m sorry if someone all ready said this I am about to read the posts. Yeah right like someone wouldn’t have given a first hand account or a pic, that is nonsense.

  30. e.non says:

    he really is a malicious prick. i have no doubt that he’ll overwhelm that child with goodies, while doing everything he can to turn daughter against mother.

    he’s already done that to his 2 older children.

    • Smurfette says:

      I agree any father who would turn his kids against their own mother, and allow his fellow cult members to be around the kids and refer to their mom as a “psychopath” does not care about what is best for his children. That is not fatherly love – that is purely evil manipulation and selfishness. And if Tiny Tom is such a good father why are his older kids so under-educated? With his $$ they could be going to the best colleges. I can only hope history doesn’t repeat itself.