Ann Curry gets a measly job covering the Olympics, tries to ignore fake Matt Lauer

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I’ve never been a fan of Ann Curry. She comes across as humorless and dull, and I don’t think she was suited as a co-anchor for a morning talk show. That said, NBC did her wrong, and they did it very publicly by canning her unceremoniously, not even airing a nice clip reel featuring her best moments on The Today Show, and then making the announcement that she wasn’t suited for the job, basically. Matt Lauer is said to have been behind it, and to have made it a part of his contract negotiations that Ann would be let go. The very obvious body language between Ann and Matt on her sad last day seemed to confirm this.

Well NBC claimed that they weren’t really firing Ann and that they were giving her a hard news role that was more suited to her talents. She did contribute to the coverage of the Aurora tragedy, but it’s clear from how little we’ve seen her that her on-air duties have been massively scaled back. She was supposed to be covering the Olympics, and so far we’ve only seen her once. (I think she should have interviewed Lolo Jones, who clearly needed a shoulder to cry on, but of course Ann’s replacement Savannah Guthrie was given that gig.)

Ann was on The Today Show yesterday in a special segment in which she interviewed the chief photographer for Getty images, a 35 year-old Australian guy aptly named Adam Pretty. (That video is above.) This is the only Olympic assignment Ann has been given so far, and there are rumors that she’s been kept off the air. Ann’s one segment was actually really fascinating, in that the photographer for Getty shared his techniques and mindset in capturing some truly amazing moments at The Games. (Some of his photos are at this link.) People were more interested in what happened outside the interview, when Ann got introduced by Matt Lauer, seemed to take pains not to look at him, and kept her legs crossed the other way. Sources tell Radar that Ann wouldn’t look at Matt off stage either, which I believe.

Meanwhile we’re hearing more about what happened behind the scenes at Today. The print version of Ann’s interview with Ladies Home Journal, given before she was ousted at The Today Show, has come out. (We covered earlier excerpts, but these are new.) Ann told the magazine that she was basically instructed by Today producers to sex up her image (she didn’t use those words, but it’s implied) and she refused. She stuck to her guns when it came to her fashion and not dyeing her gray hair, and her bosses were not pleased. Here’s more:

Curry said Peacock Network officials didn’t like that she had grey hair, thought her wardrobe was frumpy and wanted her to wear “ridiculously high heels” during her time as an anchor with the TODAY show.

Curry said when she wore clogs and flats into the studio, it didn’t “go over very well with my bosses,” and in one instance, she was compared to breakfast cereal mascot Toucan Sam when wearing a colorful dress on the air.

As for the greying, Curry, 55, said, “I’ve got gray hair because I won’t dye it: I want to be about to honor my family by looking exactly as they did as they got older … I think showing some grey is authentic … true beauty is a face you have lived in.

“Of course I want to look my best: I eat right, exercise and use skin cream. I try to wear nice clothes. But I don’t want to change the fundamental parts of me, because it means changing who I am.”

[From Radar Online]

I still can’t believe she’s 55! Ann just wasn’t a good fit with The Today Show, but she got made into a scapegoat and fired when NBC should have worked on fixing the show instead of thinking replacing Ann would solve all their problems. Since Ann left, the ratings for The Today Show have remained low, something a source tells Radar makes Ann feel “completely vindicated.” They add that “She feels she was fired completely unfairly and wasn’t given a fair shot at the gig.” Ann wasn’t all of the problem by any means, but she wasn’t right for the job either.

Also, if NBC wasn’t going to give Ann enough work to do, why didn’t they just sever ties with her instead of making a bunch of promises about how her job would change and then giving her basically nothing to do? It’s probably because they didn’t want to give her a huge severance package, but it just makes them look shadier than they already do. NBC is definitely on my sh*t list, which sucks because I still love some of their shows. (Namely “Community” and “Parenthood,” which will both probably get thrown under the bus in the upcoming season.)

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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    Good for her! I wouldn’t acknowledge that sanctimonious prick, either.

    NBC really shot themselves in the peacock with the way they handled this mess.

    *psst* NBC! It’s NOT Ann. It’s the declining quality of the stories featured on the declining quality of the Today Show. It’s also the aforementioned sanctimonious prick, and how you handled Ann’s “transition” off the show. (And if you weren’t going to use her, you certainly have the money to pay her off, and you should.)

    Also, I find it hysterically funny that ratings have not only stayed low, but continue their decline. Schadenfreude much?

    • Hautie says:

      “Also, I find it hysterically funny that ratings have not only stayed low, but continue their decline. Schadenfreude much?”

      Yep. Karma came and bit Lauer right on his ass. And has not let go yet.

      I am still baffle why Curry’s appearance was being attacked. She has always wore cute clothes. She dressed her age. And looked professional.

      Yet, NBC wanted to basically have Curry dress like hooker. Stomping around in those gaudy platform hooker heels at 6AM.

      I love that she will not kiss Lauer’s ass. Good for her. He tossed her under the bus. And his show in still in the ratings crapper.

      If the Olympics had not been airing… he would be up sh*ts creek.

    • Izzy says:

      Bellaluna, I do believe this calls for a round of Karmakazes. *takes sip*

      It occurs to me that my posts on here almost make me sound like an alcoholic, which is funny because the CB board is really the only place I indulge other than one after-work drink on Fridays…

  2. Scorellini says:

    I think Ann is beautiful and good for her for outing her bosses like that. They totally deserve it. Also, why get all over Ann’s case about her hair? You’d think they’d be more worried about fixing Matt Lauer’s bald head first…

    • Rhea says:

      “You’d think they’d be more worried about fixing Matt Lauer’s bald head first…” —> LMAO 😀 😀

      ITA with you. If I look that good in 55 I would also refuse other people telling me what I should do with the way I’m dressing up and my damn gray hair.

    • Pix says:

      I agree. It really annoys me that women TV news anchors are held to ridiculous beauty standards. They are supposed to be youthful, with long legs, and perfectly colored hair.

      But men like Bob Costas and Al Michaels can go air with the worst dye job EVER. Have you seen the disgusting facial hair on NBC politcal director Chuck Todd?

      Matt Lauer is a creep. He looks like a creep and behaves like a creep. I stopped watching the Today Show because he is insufferable.

      • MediaMaven says:

        wait, that’s Bob Costas’ HAIR? I thought it was his beloved kitty-cat that he took everywhere with him.

    • Onyx XV says:

      Yeah, how ’bout that bald head?! He looks awful these days. If they tell the females they need to dye their gray hair, they should tell Matt to get some plugs!

  3. Diane* says:

    You beat me to it, lol Matt’s a baldy!

  4. Jovia says:

    I like Ann more and more (the more that details have come forth about how she was treated by NBC). And she does look great for 55! Thanks also for the links you provide, CB, such as the chief photog for Getty, here, and also for the photographer who does the Faces of Addiction series.

  5. corny says:

    the peacock has crapped on Matt’s shiny head, karma’s a bitch, isn’t it?
    I wasn’t a fan of Ann’s until she donated her beautiful hair to locks of love, I could see she was really geniune and no wonder she didn’t fit in with the horrible phonies on NBC

  6. bea says:

    This whole thing pisses me off. It’s sexist. I read the article yesterday in HuffPo that said she was canned bc of her “bright clothes and shoes”. Un-effing-believable. With her coloring, those are her colors. Her sartorial choices were always cutting edge. NBC just wants a boring beauty queen to sit next to that balding jerk.

    Ann is obvs a very intelligent and interesting person. Too much for their air-headed non-news program.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I love that Ann is keeping it real and staying true to herself.

    NBC just stinks. In addition to their terrible Today show(jeers to Matt Lauer), their Olympic coverage has been awful.

    • Izzy says:

      Hasn’t it though? NBC’s coverage of 2012 Olympics = EPIC FAIL. I mean, spoilers? Come on!

  8. mel says:

    I feel really bad for her and why is NBC trying to be like Fox News – sexing up their co-anchors…its insulting. BUT – I kind of do see where she is on TV – a morning talk show – a choice of profession she went into – so she should act the part and part of that is looking your best. Gray hair is not looking your best. Either or clogs…clogs look like crap – period.

    • mel says:

      **are** clogs.

    • wendy says:

      Mel, I agree with your points — while she has a right to be true to herself, I don’t think covering the grey is asking too much of her. It’s one thing if she was working in a behind the scenes job, making minimum wage, etc., but they are/were paying her millions.

      • Goofpuff says:

        Why should she cover her grey when none of the men do? Matt’s baldy head is more offensive. And why should she dress like a bimbo instead of a respected stylish journalist? Matt should dress better then. The double standards end when we as viewers stop being so sexist.

    • Str8Shooter says:

      Ah, but those bimbos at Faux News are not actually NEWS people. They are one step (and not a big one either) away from being on some crappy reality show. And no doubt Rupert Murdoch puts them on solely as eye candy for the rednecks.

  9. Anonny says:

    How sad that women with careers in TV are still held to a seriously outdated and double standard. In 2012.

    • Trashaddict says:

      How sad indeed. As an older parent I am surrounded by these younger and disciplined, toned uber-moms and somehow feel I am not living up to expectations in allowing myself to age naturally. The fashion designers conspire too: does one dress as young slut, Mother of the Bride, or like Divine in Pink Flamingos?
      Please is there some in-between choice?
      I think Ann Curry looks like a person who has character and feels alright in her skin. The world has so far to go.

  10. Jordan says:

    I think Ann will regret staying at NBC b/c they will try to ruin her career just to prove they were right. I hope not, I hope she continues to be vocal and call them out. She was pushed to the background during the Olympics so that Samantha would be mostly in the spotlight. Matt needs to go, I’m glad Ann ignored his stupid, fake self. But it’s a boy’s network and they will protect Matt even though he is obviously the weak link on the show.

  11. Gal says:

    I;m glad to watch the Today show again. I had watched it for 20+ years before Ann. Stopped watching on a regular basis while she was there. I still kept giving her a chance though. She just never did a good job IMO.

  12. Meg says:

    I’ve never been a huge fan of hers either, but let’s face it: they totally f-ed her over.

    Also, Matt Lauer is a cheating, rude, insufferable prick (my sis works at 30 rock…) and maybe HE needs to go! Everything he says just has this arrogance to it that makes it seem douche-y even when he’s talking about serious/sad stuff.

    I think Ann should give NBC the finger and walk away.

  13. jay says:

    Get rid of Matt, Savannah(who decided that?)& the Kelly show. All bimbos. Matt is so boring. And episodes like “Where is the world is Matt Lauer?”Really??? He must be s——someones d—. And Savannah-come on NBC – no wonder your ratings stink & r declining even more. And the Kelly show. Please . get that bimbo off the air. If there were flies in the studio, she’d catch them all. Duh!!!!She looks like a dyke in heels. I switched to HSN. The woman are beautiful & SMART.Knowledgeable. And actually give the news.I’ll watch anything compared to the today show, & @ one time it was my favorite.

  14. bagladey says:

    I luved how Ann snubbed Matt. She shot down that phony prick.

  15. Garrish Utley says:

    “Community” and “Parenthood,” which will both probably get thrown under the bus in the upcoming season.

    I certainly hope so. Those shows really blow big time. Unfortunately, their replacements are even worse.

    BTW, what’s with the Today Show repeating segments during the three hours? Does Der Schnozzle need to go on break then?

    • yangonthu says:

      I loved her interview and nice to see her on the show. I agree she should leave NBC, stand up Ann and walk away, you will be treated with respect elsewhere.

      You have done a wonderful job and your clothes and outfits were very cool and not boring. You are loved by so many because you are sincere and caring and professional, the best.

  16. Ginger says:

    Side note: My husband and I are both photographers and I’ve begun shooting sports along with him for a small media company so I absolutely loved this interview. The gossipy part was a bonus! I love that Ann hasn’t dyed her gray she looks great! My gray has completely taken over so I still color. I think she looks fantastic for 55 or any age really. I also don’t agree with “sexing” up your image as a woman…I don’t see men being held to this standard. I think if you want to go the sexy route it should be a personal decision not a demand.

  17. F5 says:

    She needs to stop whining. If she and her loved ones are healthy, she should STFU.
    She’s got $$ and connections, she can do whatever she wants, ffs. Just another narcissist. And yes, she’s totally dull.
    Doesn’t look a day younger than 54 to me 😀

  18. Boxy Lady says:

    I have seen her in person and she is gorgeous. And tiny! She in no way looks 55. And she is not that grey. If every man on TV news programs had to dye their hair to cover their grey, then sure Ann should too, but they don’t. I think Ann is trying to honor her late mother by embracing the Japanese culture’s high respect for aging and I can’t really fault her for that, especially when she’s trying to fight a double standard.

  19. erika says:

    classy, classy, classy lady.

    don’t watch am tv at all, but from this nbc crap i’ve heard, anne is classy.

  20. lola lola says:

    Ann Curry is horrible. I can’t stand the fake sincerity. I’m so glad she is gone. If she were dating the network head, she’d never gave gotten that job in the first place. Its an old trick but apparently it still works.

  21. JRenee says:

    She shouldn’t have to cave in to outdated sexist standards if this is true. Matt is just glib…Ann wasn’t a great fit but the way she was treated was awful. I’m glad she snubbed him!

  22. Max says:

    NBC’s Jim Bell and Steve Capus obviously value Matt Lauer and totally devalue Ann Curry. Why? Because Ann is Asian and not a member of the “NBC Good Ole Boys’Club.” Ann has principles, intelligence and competence. Matt fools around on the set with co-workers and cheats on his wife. Ann’s replacement, Savannah Guthrie, is absolutely the worst choice they could make,but based on Capus’ and Bell’s criteria, boring and bland “Snoozannah” is “the ultimate team player,” according to those two nitwits. So,what position on NBC’s team does Savannah-Snoozannah play in football lingo? Wide Receiver? Tight End? Is it her Trap? Her Snapping? Or is she just so damn good in a Huddle? For the average viewer, looking at Savannah Guthrie from her yawnful line of scrimage, NBC will soon learn “Snoozannah” has a nickel and dime offense that is sure to hand Good Morning America the season ending win!