Amanda Bynes charged with two counts of hit and run, could get 1 year in jail

Finally, some progress in Amanda Bynes’ case. Amanda has been compared to Lindsay Lohan (which she of course doesn’t take favorably to) in that she’s earned a DUI, she’s continually denied responsibility and claimed to be sober, and she’s been involved in a string of car accidents since. Given our collective impression of the California legal system, which has been very lenient on Lindsay Lohan (but not Paris Hilton arguably, why was that?), none of us expected Bynes to get more than a slap on the wrist. That may change – possibly – now that she’s being charged with two counts of hit and run for two separate incidents in which she hit other cars and fled the scene. Of course she’s still driving at this point, so I would be satisfied if she got her license taken away. (Not that it would stop her from driving.) Here’s more, from TMZ:

Amanda Bynes has been charged with TWO counts of hit-and-run — after allegedly smashing into some car and fleeing the scene … twice.

If convicted on both counts, she faces up to a year in jail.

We broke the story … prosecutors recently reopened Bynes’ hit-and-run case from back in April because the actress was accused of yet another hit-and-run last month.

Now, the L.A. City Attorney has taken the next step — charging Bynes with two counts of misdemeanor hit-and-run, stemming from the two incidents.

As for the second alleged incident, we’re told the “smoking gun” for detectives was that the damage to the victim’s car matched the damage to Amanda’s.

She’s due in court September 27th.

Calls to Bynes’ reps weren’t immediately returned.

[From TMZ]

Driving is a privilege that you earn, not a right. Maybe they’ll take her license away, but I doubt she’ll face steeper consequences. And then maybe she’ll be busted driving on a suspended license, have to go before the same judge as Paris Hilton, and get sentenced to a month solid in jail, no take-backs, like Paris. Here’s hoping. By the way, that worked for Paris (sort-of) didn’t it? Wait, she got arrested for cocaine possession after that, so baby steps.

Update: Amanda’s driver’s license has been suspended by the DMV as a result of being charged with 2 counts of misdemeanor hit and run. Yay! Also, thanks for pointing out that she’s parked in a handicapped space in these photos of her with the scarf over her head. Of course she is.

This is Amanda thinking she’s invisible on 9-2-12. Credit: David Tonnessen, She’s also shown texting and driving after a night out partying on 4-12-12. That was less than a week after her DUI. She’s shown outside the police station on 4-6-12. Credit: FameFlynet. Event photo from 5-6-11. Credit:

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25 Responses to “Amanda Bynes charged with two counts of hit and run, could get 1 year in jail”

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  1. KellyinSeattle says:

    She thinks she’s such a superstar that she has to cover up? I think she wears that blanket/shawl over her head when she’s driving.

  2. lucy2 says:

    I can’t believe she still has a license.
    Can’t stand people with no regard for others safety or property.

  3. The Original Mia says:

    She isn’t going to go to jail any longer than any of the other starlets. She’ll probably be there for an hour or two, then back to the bars & driving.

    • cmc says:

      Yup, this. Other blogs are writing “unlike Lindsay, Amanda is going to face consequences!” Pffft. Lindsay gets charged with stuff all the time, too. Amanda will probably just get a slap on the taint and the phone number to Lindsay’s dealer from the whole ordeal.

  4. Dani says:

    She’s a disaster of all sorts but holy sh*t her legs are insane

    • Palefire says:

      I was thinking the same thing!!! Wish my legs were that nice!!! Hope she gets it together. She should go back to school and write comedy get her life in order. I thought she was a pretty funny girl. Shame she didn’t do something with Chelsea handler or comedy central.

      • sunshine says:

        OMG y’all consider her legs nice? Mine look just like that and I NEVER wear shorts or skirts because I think they’re hideous and cankley (and I live at the beach)! Wow…I feel a lot better about myself now, thanks! :D

      • Dani says:

        WHAT?! She has insane legs, muscular but not like grossly thin or too stiff. Jealous of you.

  5. sunshine says:

    Could….but won’t. Remember, getting punished for your crimes is something that only happens to us serfs, the rich and famous elites get away with anything and everything!

  6. Brown says:

    How’s she gonna drive with that blanket over her head???

    • ol cranky says:

      considering her driving without the blanket on her head, I’m not sure having a blanket over her head would make much of a difference

  7. Mikki says:

    Also worth pointing out, it looks like she’s parked in the wheelchair parking spot in that second pic with the head covering!

    • Kimlee says:

      Thanks for pointing that out she really is a piece of work. Sadly many young celebs feel they can park in a handicap parking with no regarded to the people that need those spaces or the law.

      Miley Cyrus was seen parking in a handicap spot a couple of months ago coming from her Pilates class. Both she and Amanda are just pathetic, being a celebrity does not give them he right to park were they want.

  8. bcgirl says:

    Well, at least she didn’t leave injured victims behind when she fled, like HALLE BERRY.

  9. Onyx XV says:

    I honestly do not know why this chick is famous, the only time I ever hear her name is when there’s a new report about her getting a DUI or committing a hit and run, but it sounds like she needs to do the old rehab shuffle.

  10. bettyrose says:

    I was just wondering about that recently too. Why is LiLo above the law but Paris Hilton – an actual blue blood – isn’t? I mean, she’s more above the law than most of us, but not as much as a Lohan.

    • Hautie says:

      I hate that I know this.

      But thank goodness… Paris Hilton is no where near being a blue blood. Nor has she ever been an “heiress”.

      To be a blue blood, you have to be a member of the aristocracy. Which Paris Hilton is not.

      And her grandfather…. has already publicly pledged/donated 97% of his personal wealth to charity.

      He has made it clear, that he feels that Paris has sullied the family name with her shenanigan’s. So no cash for any of them! ouch!

      So it explains why Paris has to hustle so hard. She is not inheriting anything from her grandfathers estate when he passes.

      • miriam says:

        I didn’t know grandpa Hilton felt that way, but can understand why. Paris is embarrassment personified.

  11. Hautie says:

    If Bynes sobers up long enough…. she needs to call the lawyer, Shawn Holley, that has kept Lohan out of prison.

    Keeping Lohan out of jail is the best PR, Shawn Holley could have ever ask for… I bet she no open appointments for the next 3 years.

  12. Kosmos says:

    You’re right, she IS parked right on top of a disabled zone, what a nitwit!! Please, suspend her license until she can get some driver’s education and training…she has no business being in a car right now, and she apparently has no respect for following rules. Gee, maybe they don’t apply to her? She needs to pay a fee, have her license suspended, stay on probation for a year at least, read and pass the driver’s ed written test, and get hands on driving skills and pass the driving test as well. After all of that, maybe they will let her drive again.

  13. Sunnyinseattle says:

    TMZ is reporting they DID suspend her license for one year. I am actually suprised they’ve done anything! YAY Entitled little snot. :-)

    • Izzy says:

      Finally, some consequences for a cracked-out starlet!

      Though, the fact that she actually faced consequences is, in my mind, just more proof that The Cracken and her crack-mom, White Oprah (what a joke!) must have some major dirt on a lot of powerful people. Blohan is like the Teflon Crackie.

  14. skeptical says:

    If bynes does go to jail.. I think that would be evidence that cracken is blackmailing someone and that’s how cracken stays free. Cracken should be in jail far longer than bynes. Compare the rap sheets.