Jessica Alba on her fashion sense: ‘I probably won’t ever wear booty shorts’

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba covers the February issue of InStyle in head-to-toe Dior. She’s still got the two-toned hair color going on from when she went ombre to reprise her Nancy role in Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For, but I don’t think the movie has even started shooting yet even though Jessica took the overprocessing plunge a few months ago. Of course, I’m getting a little bit carried away here from the point of this story, but casting news is still coming down from this movie, and Joseph Gordon Levitt has just signed on to play a lead role (Jimmy) that was once offered to Johnny Depp. Further, Josh Brolin has been hired to play Dwight, who was played by Clive Owen in the first movie. To be fair, the character has a completely different face in this part of the story. Weird, I know.

At any rate, Jessica is still playing a stripper in this sequel even though she’s sweet-talked Frank Miller into reframing the role as a burlesque dancer, but she won’t be taking anything off for sure. In fact, Jessica tells InStyle that — at no point in her future life — will she dress like a cheap tart. That means no “booty shorts,” but she does give some good lip service to shopping inexpensively at places like Target (where she is shown in this photo while preparing for Christmas). By the way, I kind of love that she shops at Target. Here are some excerpts:

Jessica Alba

She won’t dress like a tart: “I probably won’t ever wear booty shorts. I feel pretty confident about that. And I don’t like oversize shoulder pads, but I do appreciate a strong shoulder profile, like the ones [designer] Isabel Marant is doing.”

Tailoring is key: “Whether you shop at H&M, Topshop, Target, Forever 21, or buy high-end, if the piece doesn’t fit, it will be halfway there. So get your jackets nipped in at the waist and your pants hemmed at the perfect place. If you get your clothing tailored, you can look like a million bucks.”

Her style has changed: “In the past, I was into my uniform of leggings and a sweater. Now I’m willing to try bold prints, bright colours and different cuts. I feel confident about my ankles and feet – I’m not afraid to show them off with open-toe sandals. But there has to be a strap across the toes to look good.”

On her husband, Cash Warren: “On a weekend Cash might say, ‘Go get your nails done with a girlfriend. Haven is down for a nap and Honor and I will play. I know you work hard. You deserve some time for yourself. That, to me, is romantic. He’s saying, ‘You matter,’ and that I’m more than just the mother of the kids or the wife who goes out to events with him.”

[From InStyle]

Jessica seems pretty happy with her husband these days, and she’s really talking him up in this interview. I hope for her sake (and that of their two daughters, Honor and Haven) that she’s simply being effusive about her marriage and not, you know, embellishing details as a form of wishful thinking. Damn it, Heidi and Seal have made me cynical about nearly every celebrity couple in existence.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Photos courtesy of InStyle and WENN

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20 Responses to “Jessica Alba on her fashion sense: ‘I probably won’t ever wear booty shorts’”

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  1. Rhea says:

    “Whether you shop at H&M, Topshop, Target, Forever 21, or buy high-end, if the piece doesn’t fit, it will be halfway there.”
    —–> I have to agree with her on this. I know someone who have a good taste in choosing her clothes—even though she never shops a clothes for more than $20/$25 at most—and she always look like someone step out of a fashion magazine.

  2. nikolas_dmx says:

    This woman is simply amazing!

  3. DSS says:

    For someone who won’t wear booty shorts she doesn’t seem to have a problem with bikini clad ass up in the air photos of herself. Her baby looks absolutely nothing like either Mom or Dad. Kinda makes you wonder….

    • Cherry says:

      Yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing. I just saw ‘Into the blue’ last night and she’s basically walking around in her underwear during the entire movie. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course- she’s a hot chick who somehow made a career out of being a hot chick. Good for her. Just don’t start saying you would never wear skimpy clothes now.

    • ChocoChipDstryr says:

      “Her baby looks absolutely nothing like either Mom or Dad. Kinda makes you wonder….”

      Jessica and Cash have white mothers, I think they’re both blonde.

    • mimmi says:

      I took the booty shorts comment regards to her personal life. And to be valid in her present life.

      So something that happened ten years ago (in a film) shouldn’t be brought into this argument…?

    • wonderwoman21 says:

      Jessica Alba is biracial; Mexican & white. Genetics dictated that the baby looks more “white”. Same thing with my sisters baby; we’re Mexican & Anglo with complexions a little dark than Jessica Alba’s but her baby is a little adorable ginger because her European ancestry dictated that :)
      People are always asking why she’s so white.

      • DGO says:

        It’s more than the child being light skinned. That little girl doesn’t have any features like either of the parents. I wonder if the rumors of an open marriage are true. Her husband’s reportedly playing around anyway.

    • cv2 says:

      Kids with multi ethnic backgrounds are always like that. End up being gorgeous surprises.

      With the internet, how can you be so ignorant of something so basic? You sound like some inbred from Inner Nowhereistan seeing a tourist for the first time.

      Ever seen Robin Thicke’s kid?

      Anyway, gross talking about a baby like that. Really piggish.

      Kid’s adorable.

      Looks like he has her mouth and who knows, maybe dad’s everything else.

  4. Masque says:

    Totally agree with Alba on this one. As someone who grew up poor with a seamstress mother, it’s not the price that makes the outfit, it’s the fit that makes or breaks the look.

  5. NeNe says:

    Yeah, no booty shorts for her, but she has no problem getting down on all fours with her a** in the air in a bikini…. This chick needs to STFU, and disappear already… I’m done with this self absorbent chick.

    • mimmi says:

      What’s she supposed to wear in a beach? Burqa?

      Would’t call pap snap shots taken afar posing either.

  6. Justaposter says:

    You guys realize that photo was mostlikely her just turning over. Not like she posed like that. But whatever..

  7. hoya_chick says:

    I usually love her casual street wear! She almost always looks good. I understand what she is staying, but the quality of things at forever 21 and a lot of the stuff at h&m sucks. I never shop at forever 21 and only get basics from h&m. I wouldn’t take anything I bought from either store to a tailor. I do agree about having clothes fitted by a tailor though. And target is great, I love shopping there! What is she promoting? I am not understanding her being on the cover.

    That stuff about her husband sounds made up. Lol. I remember that they had a weird break up right before she got pregnant the first time. They got back together and bam! she’s pregnant and getting engaged. Her kids are homely. I always thought she’d have gorgeous kids but not really.

  8. Nessa says:

    Most boring celebrity ever. If she weren’t so stunningly beautiful, we would have nothing to talk about her…

  9. KellyinSeattle says:

    Good for her about the booty shorts; Courtney Stodden, take notes. Don’t care for her boots; I’ll be glad with the ankle/hoof boot era dies! Cute baby…

  10. Happy21 says:

    I’m liking her more and more these days. I still don’t really get why she is SO famous but she seems to have a pretty good head on her shoulders and seems to have her children in mind when making her decisions.

  11. Tazina says:

    How ridiculous saying the baby doesn’t look like either one of them. She looks like Jessica and you can see the resemblance between Haven and Honor.

  12. MatildaJo says:

    When was the last time she was in anything? She’s become well known because she shows up everywhere. She does dress well but the hypocritical booty short comment bugs me. The butt in the air shot was the ’2nd’ time it’s happened and it always gets press. Just a wannabe to me.